Elevator Action


Chapter 2

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Ratings - man / boy – Oral – Lude and lucidious act on a minor, Lude and lucidious acts by a minor.

Introduction to Characters

Don - 39

Lucas - 12

Repair Man - 2?

Landlord - 5?

Intro to chapter 2

From chapter 1

Lucas slumped back into a sitting-come slouching arrangement as his ankles flared out sideways. His body slid down as his back came to rest on the floor. The near comatose lad moaned in what sounded to be a sigh of utter relief with his boy legs aligning themselves to the rest of his body. Not knowing how much time we had alone before the deadened elevator worked itself back into existence, I waited a mere ten seconds before reaching out, grasping the yellow shirt before me and repositioning it above his waist. Lucas nor I returned his shorts to their upright position. With my drugged and drained companion laying before me sound asleep and exposed to my delight, I made myself comfortable in our temporary accommodation.

With my face hovering inches above the golden crotch of this gloriously beautiful child, I was shocked back into reality as Lucas spoke. “Dude, if your gonna blow me then do it”. My heart almost stopped, most definitely skipped a beat or two. “Its ok man, I had a few guys swallow me before. I like it, just don’t try stickin’ your thing in my ass.” Lucas spoke with a defiant score in his voice.

With the light starting to fade from the aged batteries, I knew time was not on my side. Holding out against desire was not an option anymore. I had been given the go-ahead to chow on a fantastic looking piece of boyhood and I was not about to pass on this opportunity. His boyhood was still flaccid and lay offset to the right side with his balls comfortably at rest in the thin skinned bag dangling lightly inches from my nose.

Accepting his offer, my tongue lightly stroked the limp shaft of his penis from base to tip and back again. Slowly I engulfed his boyhood and sucked it in. Lucas took a deep breath inhaling enough air to fill his chest as the pleasures of pre-teen sexual contact raced to his head. For me, a boys foreskin has always been a special treat. That little extra skin at the end of a pre-teens dicklet will forever be the most thrilling and sexually enticing desire. That and the overwhelming desire to eat it. Yes its true, I just cant help but to lightly chew on that little inch or so of boy skin. For some kids it is a great turn on for others it doesn’t bother them either way. But I have yet to find one that doesn’t like it at all.

Manipulating Lucas’ penis in my mouth took affect causing him to rise to the occasion. His little boy dick turned into a steel shaft as I bobbed up and down. Licking and suck from his dick to his balls, the boy was now breathing deeper and moaning. I enjoyed the faint boy smells as I ran my tongue around his nut sack. The skin was so thin and soft. His balls had started to drop and hung freely inside. I opened my mouth wide and licked the underside of his balls towards his hole. Lucas shifted his wait, indicating that area was out of bounds. Much to my displeasure, I accepted the motion. Returning the his very erect 3.5 inches of boy cock, licking and sucking. Lucas started to raise and lower his hips in tune with my sucking. Sensing a closeness to a pending orgasm I grabbed hold of his thin hips and helped him fuck my face.

His breathing now labored hard as his chest rose and fell. His flat abdomen dropped, his legs locked tight and toes curled. Lucas drove his crotch into my face and moaned a loud “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Sucking his dick as it flared and twitched in my mouth, he shot two watery sweet loads onto my tongue. Fresh sweet boy cum is a flavor to be savored, never swallowed fast.

Lucas sat up fast, moving at a speed I hadn’t thought possible from this boy. “Oh shit, I think I came.” His astonished voice sounded as he looked from his still hard dick to me.

mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm” I cooed and nodded my head in agreement as I still savored his juices in my mouth. My mind still awash with the joys of man/boy sex.

“I never done that before, let me see.” Lucas bounded to his knees, bringing his face close to mine. “Let me see.” He yelped, grabbing my lower jaw in his hands and prying my mouth open. Trying with child vigor to get a look at his now spent load. His finger popped in my mouth and scooped a small sample. Lucas looked over the his fresh boy cum on his fingers. “What’s it like?” his vacant words questioned, his attention still marred by the proud feelings from his first ejaculation.

I lifted my chin, letting his juices run down the back of my throat coating my taste buds. Just the knowledge of having a 12 year olds first cum in my mouth was causing me sexual overload. I licked my lips and told Lucas to go ahead and try it. It is the best taste in the world.

He licked his fingers, then stuck them in his mouth to get a good cleaning. Enjoying the taste, he smiled. “Hey, you swallowed it all, what if I wanted more?”

“Take it from the source”. I grabbed my throbbing cock through my pants as I made the lude suggestion. My six inches may not be the biggest man meat in the world, but right then it was the center of my attention. I need relief, of the sexual kind.

Lucas was still very aroused, his boy dick still hard and pointing out. He said a quick “OK, I never done it before but I want to taste yours now.” The pre teen dropped to his knees, faced directly in front of my crotch. It seemed he was the perfect height for the job. My hands wasted no time, my mind never had second thoughts. I dropped my zipper and fished out my aching meat. Leaking pre-cum, my wet cock head drooled as it slapped Lucas across his nose. The boy let out a childish giggle as his hands reached up taking hold of my manhood. Lucas didn’t say another word, his mouth opened and he took the head and two inches of my cock in his warm mouth. We moaned in tune with each other as he sucked me. The feeling was already there, I was about to cum inside this pretty boys mouth. Since it was his intention to get a taste of my juices, there was no real need for me to warn him of the impending onslaught to his throat. Lucas sucked me hard and fast, his hands worked my cock up and down with a fevered pitch and speed. As my balls grew tight I grabbed hold of Lucas’ head. Not to force him to take more, simply out of pleasure and a desire to touch him more. My cock throbbed as my nuts pushed my sperm and my cocked pumped four jets into the young boys suckling mouth.

Lucas leaned back letting my cock slip from between his lips. He swallowed my cum, taking his first taste of man juice. He smiled his appreciation, still unable to voice his feelings. The past few minutes had brought a lot of change to this wonderful little boy. He had his first cum and tasted it, given his first blow job and eaten his first load of sperm. The angelic boy sat on his haunches contemplating the many first’s and new feelings. His shorts still at his knees exposing his still very hard cocklet, with a look of complete satisfaction on his face as he continued to stare at my semi erect penis hanging out from my jeans.

A strong, loud knock rang into the elevator car setting both of us uneasy. “We’ll have you out of there in 2 minutes, stand back from the door please.” Was shouted from the other side. Quickly I stuffed my cock back inside its confines as Lucas sprang to his feet tugging his shorts and boxers up at the same time. He still sported a very prominent piece of wood, but his long green shirt did a fair job of concealing it from the untrained boy-watcher eye. We stepped back from the door as I held Lucas in a protective fashion. We were now lovers, more than simple acquaintances or strangers riding in an elevator car. We had shared a moment that would last in both our memories forever.

The doors separated a few inches with the sound of scrapping metal on metal. Then a few more inches and a face appeared. “Sorry, is everyone ok?” the almost welcome voice of an Elevator Repair man queried us. We could see the car had dropped most of the way to the next floor. The doors opened now to half way. I climbed out, turned gestured for Lucas to come to me. I held the precious little man as he clambered down from the elevator car into my arms. Lucas had picked up my small box and handed it to me.

A door to our left, leading from the stairway opened and a short fat man waddled over to us. He introduced himself to me as the landlord. Lucas backed up, placing a little more distance between himself and the landlord. This guy didn’t look tough, quite the opposite. He was a look-a-like for Mr. Potato Head, complete with the silly little black hat. Lucas took my hand and the landlord turned to the repair man. They spoke in terms of money and time. Lucas quietly thanked me for all we shared and said he would like to see me again soon. My cute sexy new friend told me his apartment number and suggested I come over any Saturday morning. His mother works from 6am to 6pm at her second job in the supermarket. With a big hug I told Lucas this Saturday would be fine for me. I even offered to stop by a fast-food place and bring over breakfast for us.

Lucas sauntered off, leaving by the stairs. He had little trust in the abilities of the second elevator to take him safely to the lobby. Seeing the little sex star disappear into the stairwell brought me a feeling of loneliness. I missed Lucas already. I had a crush starting, how schoolboy I thought to myself, then realizing, he is a schoolboy.

The fat sloppily dressed Landlord turned to me “Sorry man, shit happens.” He gruffed the words lifting his shoulders in a ‘what can I do’ manner. “Do you know that kid,” his eyes pointed to the now closed stairwell door.

“Yes, Lucas is a friend.” I informed the elderly man. Getting my mind back on the problem of the elevator, I asked him why it seems the damn thing breaks down so much and why isn’t there a phone in it. I told him how unsafe it is for an apartment building not to have some kind of emergency bell…... I fired a few hash words in his general direction. He seemed to take them all fairly well, but had not answered one question to this point.

“The freakin kids pull the phones out, they press the bell so hard it stays on for hours. Look at the thing. No one takes care of them.” My questions were being answered in the order asked, but in a much more pleasant manner then they were asked. Then he said something that floored me. “There is a camera hidden in the ceiling, I record everything and know who does what.” Shit, I was caught on camera…… my heart skipped yet another beat today.

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