Emergency Babysitter 1


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The other night my son called me. "Dad? Are you working tonite?" I have a third shift job.

"Well good evening to you too, Son." I chuckled. "Nope I'm not working tonite. We wouldn't be having this conversation if I was. You'd be talking to the machine instead."

"Sorry Dad. Good evening Dad. I've got a question for you. I need a favor."

"Okay. Let me connect you to the ATM department. One moment please... "

"No Dad it's not money just time. Shan's working extra hours tonite and my boss just called. They need me to work a couple hours on a rush job. Can you come over and stay with Trev until Shan or I get home?"

"Well your mother is working late tonite too so I have no car. Mine's in the shop. Brakes need working on. But if you bring Trev over here on your way in I guess we can find something to keep us occupied for a couple hours."

"Ummm.... Ok thanks Dad. Oh by the way his little buddy Jake from next door is here so is it alright if I bring him too? I was watching him for his mom too. She works with Shan. They are both working late."

"I suppose it's alright. Two of them can't do much more damage together. But you need to communicate all this to everybody so nobody gets surprised."

"Okay Dad I'll call Shan now and she can let Jenny know too. I'll pack up their jams and you can get them ready for bed. Ok?"

"Hang on a second it's Friday night so why don't the boys just spend the night we'll go out for breakfast in the morning and give them back to you sometime later in the morning?"

"Ummm. That sounds even better. Ok Dad. Later."

My grand son is 9 almost 10 and so is Jake so this shouldn't be too bad. They can pretty much entertain themselves until it's time to lay down to go to bed about 10. I can do that besides I like spending time spoiling my grandson and his buddy with some 1-on-1 quality time..

About 20 minutes later I heard the thundering hoof beats of my grandson and his buddy coming up my front porch steps and then the front door opening "Papa! We're here!" was yelled as they came through the door. He came over to me where I was standing in the kitchen doorway and wrapped his arms around me giving me a hug that took my breath away it was so hard!

"Hey TC!" from Jake and a quick squeeze from him too. "Is that popcorn I smell?"

"Yep. I just got done making it and was gonna drown it in butter and salt!"

"Is there any other way to fix it?" Trev says grinning widely. I turned around and went back into the kitchen picking up the small pot off the stove top.

"C'mon and help guys." They each grabbed a salt mill and began grinding sea salt. I started to slowly drizzle the two sticks of melted butter and we buttered and salted until there was no more butter. I picked up two big wooden spoons and began stirring the popcorn to get all the salt evenly distributed. The boys went over to the fridge, grabbed three Pepsi's, and we headed into the living room to settle in front of the TV. Then Trev sat down on my right side with Jake on my left. we all began to dig into the popcorn. I had put Nik up the TV and Spongebob was on so we watched that as the popcorn began to disappear. I like Spongebob and Patrick. I had a friend when I was growing up who reminds me of Patrick with his very short attention span, sort of smart, but absolutely no common sense. You could talk him into doing anything no matter how dangerous or dirty or naughty it might be. And we did a lot of those things with him and to him.

We finished off the popcorn and Spongebob ended. Trev then snuggled into me and so did Jake as the second Spongebob adventure started up. They both put their arms on my legs and around my waist on my back and were absentmindedly petting and patting my legs as they watched the screen. I put my arms across their shoulders and started patting and stroking their chests and we were all very comfortable. I leaned over to each of them and kissed and nuzzled the tops of their heads for a couple minutes. Out the corner of my vision I saw Jake reach down with his other hand and grab his junk and adjust it several times. Then he pulled his hand back up on his belly and I realized he had a tent in his shorts. Then he readjusted again and left his hand on his tent! Then Trev got into the act and started the same process on his tented shorts.

I watched this silent motioning until both boys gave a quiet sigh, a short moan, and a grunt of pleasure. I squeezed and hugged both of them and Jake looked up at me and sort of grinned shyly and started to pull his hand away from his shorts. I said to him "No that's OK Jake. What you're doing is something all boys do. It feels good doesn't it?" He nodded slightly and smiled again. "It's not hurting anybody and it feels so good. Probably your Mom told you not to do it. Right?" Another nod. "well that's mostly because she's a girl so she doesn't understand that boys like doing this kind of stuff just because it feels good. Has your Dad told you not to too?"

"Nope he just told me I shouldn't do it around Mom and do it when I'm alone or just around other boys I know who do it too!"

"Your dad is a wise man. He probably remembers what it was like when he was your age." Trev was massaging his tent too. "See Trev's doing it too and that's ok too! And it's cool too! If it feels good and isn't hurting anyone then it's okay to do it. Feels good doesn't it Trev?"

"Very good! Dad told me the same thing about not doing it around Mom or Gram and that it's okay to do it in bed at night or in the bathtub or shower. He said Moms don't like seeing guys do it because seeing guys doing that means they're growing up and they always want you to be their baby!" I told Mom and Dad that I'm old enough to take a shower or bath all by myself. I don't need to be supervised. Dad agreed and my mom just got this sad look on her face and started to say no but Dad said I was getting to be double digits in age and it's time to start taking responsibility for my self. He came in later while I was taking my bath to make sure I was cleaning my "boy parts" correctly and said he would demonstrate the proper way to wash myself on me and he did real well. I got a stiffy and kept washing for a while more just to make sure I got the good feelings. It sure felt good when he did it. Then he got up dried his hands and told me he wouldn't come in again like this unless I wanted him to and not without knocking first! That was so much fun! He knows Uncle Shawn and I shower together and he told me that's ok as long as nobody gets hurt from too much "playing" around. He told Uncle Shawn that too! Uncle Shawn got all red and smiled!" (So apparently my son knew or suspected their activities!)

"That's exactly what I told your Dad and his brothers (your uncles) when they were about your age and they were starting to have to adjust their 'junk' a lot! I also told them that 'playing' with their junk was something that was perfectly normal for all guys to do at their age and not to feel weird or guilty about it but you should do it in private, like at night in your bed or in the bathroom when you take a bath or shower. Its even ok to do it with other guys around who you know as long as they don't have a problem with doing it around them. Hey I can remember doing it in a 'fort' we made in the woods with as many as 5 or six of my friends at a time in the fort with me! It was a lot of fun!

"What's our 'Junk'?"

"Oh yeah that's one name the kids have for their penis and balls these days" When I saw the question mark look I asked "Well what do you call your stiff little friend down there?" pointing to Jake's hand moving his package.

"Weinie or dicky."

"Well I said the medical name for your weinie which is penis. Other names it might be called is dick or prick or cock or some little kids call it a peepee or willy or stiffy or boner. Because that's how your dick gets stiff or like a bone. <grin> But any way it sure feels good when you rub it or stroke it doesn't it?!"

They both nodded and muttered "yeah" but it was getting obvious they were getting the most intense sexy feelings as they were stroking and rubbing harder and faster! their faces showed just how much they were enjoying it! Both were flushed and breathing heavily almost panting. Both Jake and Trev reached under their shorts waistbands and had hands on dicks! "why don't you guys take your shorts down so you can have more room to play?" They both looked at me with a questioning look so I told them "We're all guys and I've seen what you've got before. Hmmmm? All right if you show me yours I'll show you mine." I put my hand on my tent in my shorts stroked it a couple times then reached up to my shorts waistband and started to pull them down. They slowly followed suit after me. They began to drop their shorts but when they saw my hard dick they stopped and stared! "See Jake mines hard and stiff! It got that way watching you guys rub yours. Haven't you ever seen a grown man's dick hard before? Trev has. I know he's seen mine and I think his Dad's too."

Trev says "yep and Uncle Shawn's when we've taken showers together!"

Jake says "Really? Did you play with him like we do when we take one together?"

"UH-huh<nodding>. Shawn's is smaller than Papa's and he's got less hair than Papa! And when I help him wash it a couple minutes more it gets bigger and spits out this thick clear pee and he groans and says it feels so good and not to stop washing until he says to! Then after he tells me to stop he rubs mine until I feel Like I have to pee real bad but it sure feels good and then I take his hand off before I do.!"

"You shouldn't stop then. You won't pee. You should just let him rub it a little more and it will feel even way better! In fact way better than anything else you've ever felt!"

"Really? I didn't want to pee on him."

"Don't worry you won't pee and as I said, it will give you the best feeling you've ever felt! Besides even if you did pee it would just wash off in the shower and also doesn't he get his pee on you?" They both finished pulling their shorts down and stepped out of them then sat back and started stroking again. "See it gives you more room to play with your dick! Feeling good already or even better?" Both their dicks were cut and about 3 inches long. very dark red and throbbing in time with their stroking. Their balls were tight up to the base of their dicks so they hadn't dropped yet, and they were absolutely hairless! very beautiful to see!!! I used my thumb and first two fingers to stroke my five inch cut cock. "I'm on the small side of normal, guys. Its not real thick either. We used to call it a "pencil-dick" when I would jack with my friends in the fort and other places when I was a preteen and tweener and teenager."

After just a couple minutes of stroking Jake says "It feels like I gotta pee TC real bad!"

"That's ok. You ain't gonna pee. Just keep rubbing it! You'll see!" Trev says "I can feel it in mine too! You sure I won't pee all over Gram'a couch?"

"Don't worry you won't. Just keep stroking!" He started stroking again! "<groan> Feels good!... Ungh!... Feels funny down under my dicky and balls! Ummmm! It .... feels .... funny ...I'm like gonna explode!" he was thrusting his hips up into his fingers! His hand was a blur "AWWWW! <pant gasp> OH YESSSSSS! So good! PaPa!? Feels so good!!!" I was watching his little dick as it got bigger and then began to throb as his orgasm took him and his little balls tried to pump out cum they couldn't make yet! He stiffened out arching his back and humping and pumping his fingers and hand. He had taken a deep breath. Now he yelled out as the waves of pleasure rolled thru him "AAAAWWWWSSSSOOOOMMMMEEEEE!!! .... Ungh! <grunt> ....AAAAHHHH! .... Feels so good!!" Then he grunted as each wave tore thru him!

I was beginning to jack my rod faster and was getting close!

Then Jake took a deep breath and let it out slowly as his hand became a blur!! He arched his back and shoved his dick up into his fingers and hand as he went thru his orgasm too! He was just like Trev and grunted as each wave hit him! He finally ended with a "WOW!!!! That felt so good!!!"

Seeing both of them get their cums sent me over the top! "Watch my dick guys! 'Cause I gonna get it too ...... NOW!! UNGH!! OH YYYEEESSSSSS!!!" I shot a huge gob of cum up onto my t-shirt! Then I pointed my dick up straighter and the next two jets went straight up and came back down onto my pubes followed by two more jets and then a couple oozed out onto my fingers and down into my pubes! "Oh wow guys!! That was so good!"

Jake was staring at my cum on my t-shirt. "What's that white stuff TC?"

"That's called semen or the kids call it cum spelled c-u-m. Cause that's when that stuff "comes" out. older boys and men make it shoot out when they have sex or they jack-off. You guys will do it too in another couple years. You're in 4th grade now. Next year you guys get 'sex education' class and you'll learn all about it."

"But it's not like Uncle Shawn's 'cum'. His is clear and real thin almost like pee. There's not much of it either."

"That's right but he's just 13 so he must have just started making it. You guys cum will be like that when you first start making it too. It'll get thicker and turn white as you guys get older. Rubbing and stroking your dick gets more fun and the feelings are more intense after you start squirting cum either clear or cloudy! At first it will be just a couple big drops then it'll get to be more of it as you get older. The one drawback is that after you start 'squirting' cum you have to cleanup the mess! That's why I like to do it in the shower cause it just washes down the drain."

Jake says "Look TC I'm stiff and hard again! Can I do it again?" While he is slowly stroking up and down with his fingers and thumb. "Can I get that feeling again?!"

"Yep you can. If it doesn't feel too sensitive when you stroke it like that you're ready to go again. That's one thing about being your age and not squirting cum yet is that you can do it over and over again with only about 30 seconds to a minute between jacking sessions. It's great! You may want to use some baby oil or hand lotion to lubricate your dick or it will get sore from all your pounding on it. I chuckled. I know that once you get that feeling you can't help wanting to do it more. I remember when I was 10 I did it 12 times in a row before it just wouldn't go again. My dick wouldn't get hard again. I thought I broke it! Trev you should be able to go again too if you want to."

"I'm gonna go get Gram's hand lotion first. I don't want it to get sore!" Then he headed for the bathroom and came back with the bottle. He sat down again and squirted some on his fingers, and started to rub it on his dick. Jake reached over, grabbed the bottle, and spread some on his boydick too. "Carefull it's cold, Jake, but now it feels nice!"

"Yeah it sure does!!! .... Ummmm! I'm getting that funny feeling behind my balls again already! Uh .... That feels so good!" Watching these two cuties I started to get hard again. I slowly stroked it with my fist as it got harder. "Hey look Trev TC's is hard again! Ungh! <grunt> Sure feels good don't it TC? Want some lotion so it doesn't get sore TC?"

"Um sure Jake." He had a lot on his hand so he just reached over and put his hand around my dick and stroked it a couple times to spread the lotion! "Oh God that feels so good when you jack it for me!! Please don't stop! Trev knows what I mean when Uncle Shawn jacks yours right Trev?"

"Yep He says it always feels better when somebody else is stroking your dick like what you're doing and what we do in the shower!" So I reached down to Jakes little nail and used two fingers and my thumb to grab his boy dick and stroke it! Then I reached down and grabbed Trevs too. All three of us were now stroking somebody else's dick and it felt so good. We were going faster and harder now and getting to the edge again. "There's that gotta pee feeling again Papa! But it feels so good <grunt>!"

"Me too" He grunted. "TC! Here mine goes again! AAAAHHHH! YYYEEESSS! OOOHHH!" He grunted each time I felt his dick throb!

Trev grunted in time with his spasms too as he arched his back and so did Jake! Jake slowed down on my dick while he came but then after he came back down to Earth he sped up and gripped me tighter and set me off!

"Here it cums again guys watch!" I started grunting just like they did with each throb of my dick! All I could manage this time was an oozing dribble for each cum shot though.

"TC how come it didn't squirt this time? It feels sticky and slippery!"

"Whew! let me catch my breath a second .... not much came out because I had just cum a few minutes ago. That also happens when you start making cum you squirt less each time you cum a couple or three times in a row because your balls haven't had time to make much more cum. But it still feels real good when you do cum! Yep that's how cum feels doesn't it Trev? You've had Shawns on your fingers before!"

"Yep Papa. It feels sorta slimey and it smells funny too."

"Have you ever tasted it?" He looked sort of embarrassed and slightly nodded his head. "I know it was sort of sweet and salty at the same time but it didn't taste bad did it?" He shook his head. "So Jake you want to try a taste of mine?" He looked up at me and then lifted his fingers up to his mouth and stuck out his tongue and licked just a little.

"Hmmm It's salty but it really doesn't taste like anything."

"It's more salty because I'm older. Well this has been fun but all of a sudden I'm tired so why don't we take a quick shower and head for bed?" We got up grabbed our clothes and trooped into the bathroom. I started the shower and adjusted the temp. Then we got in. I grabbed the bar of soap and started to soap my chest and then Trev's back and then turned to Jakes back. Then I started massaging both backs getting moans and groans and purring from them.

"Feels good Papa!" Trev purred.

"Feels great TC!"

"Oh I forgot to tell you guys that soap makes a pretty good lube just like hand lotion but even better is hair conditioner! Try that with Shawn next time Trev."

He looked up at me a second or so and then said "Is it ok to tell him about what you've taught us?" I nodded. "Then our next shower together is gonna be a whole lot of fun!!! Especially when I let him make me cum instead of pulling away!!"

"you can even tell him you learned it from me. Did you and Shawn agree that everything you do in the shower is private just between you and him?"

"Yep, but I think Dad kinda knows too and maybe Shawn's best buddy Joey. When Joey's at our house after school they spend time behind Shawn's closed door and now I think I know what they do then because Shawn always needs a shower right after Joey goes home! Sometimes he only cums a drop or two when we do that."

"Sounds about right. Do you hear strange noises coming from his room when they're in there together?"

"Sometimes. So that's what they're doin'? Maybe I can play with them next time?"

"Probably but be careful how you let them know you want to play and make sure they want you to join them. Don't force them to do anything. Let them make up their own minds on whether they want you to join them or not. Now let's get you guys finished up and cleaned up, dried off and into bed, and get some sleep. I'm tired and want to get to bed too."

"Ok Papa."

We soaped up, cleaned up, rinsed off, and dried off with a minimum of playing and headed for bed.

More to cum...

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