Emergency Babysitter 2


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This was gonna be the next chapter in the continuing story about my grandson, his friends, and his Uncle, but something sexy happened on the way to writing that, a couple weeks ago, (so stay tuned to Nifty for that story. I am working on it!!) And I need to tell someone about this first, before I burst, and it has to do with me being an emergency babysitter again, this time for my neighbor down the hall (I live in an apartment complex.) She has three adorable boys she's raising by herself, their Dad having lost his battle with prostate cancer (Damn Prostate cancer!!!) almost two years ago. They are 11yo (almost 12yo) Matt, 9yo (almost 10yo) Mike, and 8yo Pete. They are all very friendly, well-behaved, very precocious, blonde haired, blue eyed boys (they take after their Dad). Very much BOYS! This is what happened:

I was sitting at the computer reading Nifty and beginning to work on another chapter of "Robby Magee" when there was a knock on my door. I got up and answered the door. It was Alex, one of my former YFs, and a fellow BL (Boy Lover), whom I had several intense discussions about being a BL over the past year and a half, before he accepted being one. He lived in one of the apartments upstairs on the top floor of the building. He had two younger very cute boys with him. Alex is 16 (almost 17) and the two boys whom I hadn't seen around here before looked to be about 12 (within both his and my AoA, (Age of Attraction)). They were both dirty blondes with dark gray eyes and were apparently brothers, because they looked very much alike but not not identical. Alex later comfirmed that they were twins though. Our building complex managment doesn't allow unaccompanied minors to use the pool (indoor) facilities, and Alex and a few other cute boys, (some are his current or former YFs and some are mine), know that they have a standing offer from me to be their "lifeguard" if they need one and want to go swimming and I'm at home and I usually am.

"Hey TC! Feel like going for a swim?"

"I think that's possible." Looking the two boys over I asked him "New young friends of yours, Alex?" He gave me that 'they're mine!' look and then grinned.

"Oh sorry TC. Yes they are. This is Jordan and that's Chuck." I knuckle bumped each of them and stepped back and waved them in.

"I don't think I've seen you guys before so you're new to the building?".

"Yeah. They just moved in this weekend. They're two doors down from me, TC, in the South end apartment. They're twins and 12."

"Oh nice view!" I said looking them both up and down, they blushed and then grinning at Alex. "Well hang here by the PC for a second while I get my suit and towel and go pee." and I headed into the bathroom and then the bedroom. I came back out about 3 minutes later. They were all looking at the computer screen Alex was sitting in my chair and had a boy on each shoulder. I could see they were reading the screen which had one of my stories, "Me and Robby Magee" up on it, which was what I had been looking at as I was going to start working on the next chapter.

I heard Alex tell them in a quiet voice. "See I told you he writes these stories. He is that DearOldDad." I had made very little noise coming out of the bathroom/bedroom and just stood at the end of the hallway watching and listening. Both boys reached down and adjusted their junk several times and I could see a tent forming in both their shorts, and they finally just left their hands on it. Both had nice tents in their crotches and the outline of cute boydicks could be seen in their tight shorts. Alex looked up to both of them waiting for the signal to go to the next screen he could see me there out of the corner of his vision. They both nodded at about the same time and Alex clicked to the next screen. After a few seconds I heard "Oh wow that's so hot!" "Do you think he really did that with those guys?"

"Probably. He was a very hot and very horny teenager (weren't we all?) once upon a time too you know. Just like you guys are becoming."

"Gee whiz! Thanks Alex." I muttered quietly behind them. They jumped because they hadn't heard or seen me come up behind them. "And yes some of those things actually happened but some of them were only happening in my head!"

"Which things that you were doing there (pointing at the screen) were real?" Jordan asked as he continued to shift and rub his dick.

"It is hard to tell now since it was so many many many years ago! And I'm so old!" I replied to him grinning. "But I had several JO buddies when I was that age. Robby was just one of them!" I stood watching them slowly JO and blushing quite cutely as they did so. Their breathing was getting ragged and heavier and they were beginnig to almost pant as they stroked a bit faster! "Robby's brothers were hot and sexy just like you guys are and they were noisy when they had their dry cums with lots of grunts and groans! And I love that! It really gets me heated up!" Even Alex was stroking his man/boy dick thru his shorts. "Do you guys squirt when you cum yet?" They were now so engrossed in their own good feelings that they just shook their heads negatively.

"Jordan sometimes gets a nice sweet clear drop or two that oozes out after he has his cum!" Alex indicated with a nod towards Jordan. He just grinned a sly/shy grin and kept on stroking. So they had only been in the building three days and he was already in their pants. Nice work Alex! But you're gonna have to share!

"Kewl! That's a really nice feeling isn't it Jordan?" I asked. Again he just nodded, grinned, and kept rubbing even faster. Then he reached up and pulled down the waistband to underneath his balls. As he did this Chucky saw him doing it and grabbed his too! And they were both standing there fisting their cute hairless dicks. Then Jordan took a deep gasping breath and slowed down and shortened his stroke!

"Oh GAWD! Alex!? I'm gonna cum! I've got the tingles behind my balls! Ungh! Here it cums! Ummmm! Yeah! OH! Yessss! UNGH!!" Then Jordan grunted piggy-like grunts "Ungh!" with each of the pulses of his orgasm! As soon as he started grunting Chuck started too! "Ungh! Ungh!" with each pulse of his own. They both had four pulses and then let out a heavy very satisfied sigh and stopped stroking/rubbing. Both of them had the self-satisfied smirk of a spent boy with their eyes closed. Both Alex and I were slowly rubbing our own dicks but neither of us was anywhere near to cumming. Both boys let their shorts go back up to their waists.

"I hope you didn't make a mess in your shorts, Jordy!" I said. Alex and I both reached up Jordans shorts legs, one in each leg. He was dry. "Nope no damage! You gotta be careful now that you dribble or drop cum, Jordan or else you gotta explain things like funny stains to your Mom! And cum stains look or smell like no other stain!" I could feel that he had a couple of very short, very soft pubes, and his very nice cut boydick was about 4.5-5 inches long. He just grinned a little more as I felt him up. Then I felt Alex's fingers coming up the other side.

"She already has seen some stains, I think anyway. I've made a mess a couple of times before when I was watching porn on the net. Or I was just laying on my bed and JO or Chuck was jacking me while I still had my pants on! If you two keep that up, I'm already starting to get hard again and then I'll have to cum again before we go swimming!" He said quite proudly. He wasn't kidding his cute hard-on was back already!

"We'd really like to see your 'mess', Jordy." I said arching my eyebrows. He bagan to reach down to his waistband again.

Right then there was a knock at the door. I stepped back and pulled my hand back. I called out "Hang on a sec I'm coming." I reached over and shrank the window on the PC instead. Then mumbling under my breath to the boys, "Well not quite yet actually, but at least I'm still semi-hard!" Grinning at them once more. Alex laughed out loud and the boys chuckled at the pun. Alex has been teaching them well. They were both shifting things around to make their still partial boners at least partly go away! "Put your tools away guys or at least out of sight!" I grinned at them. I walked over to the door looked thru the peep hole then opened the door.

"Hi Sue. What's happening?"

"Hi TC. I have a large favor to ask. My parents were involved in a car accident and I need to go to the hospital to check on them and make sure they're ok. Can you keep an eye on the boys while I do that? I shouldn't be more than two or three hours. The boys know you and will behave for you."

"Oh sure Sue I'm sure that'll be no problem. Is it alright if I take them over to the pool though? That's where we were just going out to do. You've got my phone number and I know CPR so I'll try to not let them get too waterlogged! <GRIN>"

"Oh yes that's OK. I'll go get them ready."

"Hang on a sec and we'll come and wrangle them along so you can get ready and go see your folks. And don't worry about how long you need to take. The boys and I will be ok so don't worry about them. Give me a call when you know how they are and we can let the boys know how Gram and Gramps are doing."

"OH Thank you TC! Matt's got a phone too, so make sure he takes it with him if you guys go anywhere. In fact let me give you money for pizza or something."

"Oh don't worry about it. Come on guys lets go down and extract the boys and go dunk them in the pool!" I reached over and grabbed my phone from its charger, then my keys, picked up my suit and towel where I had dropped them, shooed them all out, closed, and locked the door. Sue was already halfway down to her door. When we got there, I saw the boys sitting on the couch watching good old SpongeBob. "Hey guys! This is Alex, Jordan, and Chuck. Guys this is Matt, Pete, and Mike. Us guys were going over to the pool. Go get your suits and towels Ok?"

"OK!" A chorus answered me. The thundering herd headed for the bedroom. It took them about 30 seconds to come thundering back. "Go give your Mom a kiss and Matt grab your phone." They all were headed back just as Sue was coming out. They all kissed MomMatt and Mike told her bye and to give Gram a kiss for them. Matt grabbed his phone unplugging its charger. They were ready. "Got your key Matt?" He nodded yes and Mike said me too so we headed out as Sue locked her door, she reminded her boys to behave and do as I say.

We all headed out the front door. Sue went to her car got in and started it and backed out. The boys waved as she pulled out. She tooted at them and disappeared around the end of the building. We headed over to the pool/rec/admin building and I waved my keycard thru the reader. It clicked and we went in headed for the mens/boys locker room. I walked over to the last alcove of eight lockers around a central bench. I told them to pick out a locker and get their clothes off and get naked so they could get a quick shower. Alex and I had picked out the two lockers on the far end of the alcove. We began by pulling our shirts off over our heads. After I got my shirt off and hanging in the locker, I looked up at the boys. They were just standing there looking at Alex and I and accross the bench at each other and back at us and blushing! "What you've never seen a grown man half naked before?" They blushed even brighter red but slowly turned towards the lockers started to unbutton shirts then sat down to remove sneakers and socks. Very slowly. I nudged Alex and told him very quietly "We've got some very shy boys here. At least with each other. That's so cute!" and whipered "And Hot!" I winked at him.

He nodded and said "Apparently. We'll have to fix that!"

I said more loudly "Come on guys lets not take all day here." Then Alex and I kicked off our crocs into our lockers and grabbed our shorts and pulled them down to our ankles and kicked them into the lockers. "Come on guys we've got to shower off before we swim." We grabbed our suits and towels and headed for the showers. The boys were all watching our swaying dicks as we passed by. Since Jordan and Chuck had just cum in my apartment they were just barely chubbed but not even semi-hard. So they just stood up pulling their shorts down to their ankles and stepping out of them kicked them into their lockers, grabbed suits and towels and headed to the showers which could now be heard running. When the other three saw that they were now alone they slowly dropped their shorts over semi-hard dicks, kicked them into lockers too, grabbed what they needed and slowly walked to the showers.

Mikey quietly said to Matt "I see your dickie is stiff again too." pointing at Matts boydick.

"Uh yeah. It gets that way a lot these days. Yours too?"

"Oh yeah! Mine does too. but it feels good too! Even better if I rub it like you do!"

Pete chimed in with "Mine does sometimes too. And it feels nice when that happens too. Even better when I rub it like this!" He demonstrated his words.

"I know but you can't tell Mom about that. I don't think she would understand." says Matt.

"I know how good it feels! And you are right about not telling Mom! Its a guy thing." says Mikey.!

Pete answered him quietly "I wish Dad were still here. He would understand about this."

I came out of the showers entry, turned right and walked right into them, and heard the last couple statements. "That's probably true guys. Most Moms don't understand because they're not guys and never had to deal with suddenly appearing hard-ons, and they don't want to see their little boys growing up either. But don't worry it happens to all guys as they grow older. We all get random boners, or stiffies, or hard ons, or what ever you want to call them. Me, not so much anymore but I've gotten old. (grinning) They're a very natural thing for young guys. I know it was hard losing your Dad but he would have understood about this cause he was a guy and a teenager once too. You know if you ever need to talk about anything to a guy, I'm usually home and you can always come and talk to me about anything. I won't laugh at you and I will try and help or at least explain things. Now go get rinsed off and come to the pool and we'll have some fun!."

I went on out and accross to the pool. Alex and his two boys were playing in one corner of the pool dunking each other and Alex was throwing them into the air and deeper water of the pool. Thet were splashing each other and having water fights with their hands making large waves to splash. Then the two boys would team up against Alex. They were wrestling and dunking to trying to get the others off their feet and dunked into the water. The three boys came into the pool room and cannonballed into the deeper end of the pool. Then they came looking for me and I was gonna get drowned if I wasn't careful so I reached out and grabbed Pete cause he was the smallest and lightest and thru him away from me to get dunked followed by Mike. I knew that wasn't gonna work with Matt so I just reached out with both hands caught his shoulders and his legs behind his knees with my good leg and dunked him into the water. When I saw all three coming back at me I held my hands up and said "I surrender!" They all grabbed me and I went under anyway. I came up sputtering and spitting out water. They were all laughing at me so I just went over to the pools edge and hoisted my ass up onto the deck, turning and sitting down with my legs still in the water.

I told them they could keep on trying to drown each other but I was gonna sit for a minute. They took off towards the middle of the pool splashing and dunking. I looked over at Alex and company. They were still splashing a bit but they were standing closer together and playing a bit of 'Grabass' and just feel me and I'll feel you. I watched for a couple minutes and suddenly Matt was right next to me in the water. He put his hand on my knee and asked me if he could go join Alex and his boys. He was watching them too. "That is entirely up to you. You know what they are doing don't you?" He nodded.

"Playing grabass and other stuff, right?" I raised my eyebrows in the classic Spock 'fascinating' expression. He knows what 'grabass' is! Then I nodded and told him he was right, most especially about the 'other stuff' part.

"Are you going to be ok with that? Somebody's hands will end up on your dick and/or butt and even playing with them." He nodded and said yes. "Well if it's ok with you and sure about it, then do what you want to do. If it turns out you don't like it or don't want to do something with any or all of them, it's ok to say 'no' or 'stop'. Alex knows that and he will understand. Ok?" He nodded again took two deep breaths and headed towads them underwater. I turned my head to check on Mike and Pete. They were still splashing and enjoying themselves. I turned back to the corner just in time to see Matt come up in the middle of them from between Alex's legs!! With his hands stretched out to Jordan's and Chuck's fronts and grabbing both their fronts just under water. That got their attention!

I heard "I want to play too." from Matt. I saw a couple heads nod and big sexy grins on the faces that nodded (both of the boys). Alex looked over at me and gave me the "WTF?!" arms up shrug. I just did the OK sign and then waved bye-bye to him. He grinned and repeated he OK sign and turned back to all three boys. I heard him ask Matt if he was sure he wanted to play and be played with. Matt nodded enthusistically. Alex told him "We'll have some fun then right guys?"

"Oh yeah! We can have a lot fun playing around in the water! And maybe other places too!" As Jordan reached forward to Matt's suit front underwater.

"That feels so nice Jordy!" They all got a little closer to each other. And then lots of hands going to all fronts but Matt was getting the most attention because he was new to them! I pulled my legs up and stood up and walked over to the lounge chair I had my towel on and dragged it closer to where my two boys were right next to the pool edge and sat down on it so I could watch both groups. As I was watching Alex and company, Mike and Pete popped up in the water in front of me.

"I see Matt went over to play with those guys." Mike said to me. "Can we go over too?"

I looked right at Mikey and down his body or what I could see of it, "You know what they're playing, right?"

He looked me in the eyes, blushed, and said quiely "yeah .... Matt calls it grabass." He reached down to his junk and adjusted it a few times. "And it looks like other 'stuff' too." blushing even deeper red. I could see Pete was making 'adjustments' too. He got that 'occupied' concentration look on his face as he continued to adjust himself under water.

"Yes well its the 'other stuff' I need to make sure about. If you go over there to 'play' with them You'll probably end up with somebody's hand on your dickie, you know? .... And they'll probably expect to find your hand on somebody elses dickie too? Is that ok with you or does it bother you?" He blushed again but looked up at me and said "It looks like a lot of fun and if it feels as good as when Matty and I play in he shower with each other then I don't think I'll have a problem with somebody helping me get those good feelings!"

"Matty and me help wash each others privates even dickies when we take a shower together. So I don't have no problem either, TC. I've seen Matty and Mikey playing with each other at night when they think I'm asleep, but I'm awake and I can hear them and see them, which got a very surprised look from Mike. I know it feels so good to rub it when its stiff and hard. It makes me all tingly down here, and after awhile if I keep rubbing it. I usually keep rubbing until it feels like I gotta pee. Then I usually stop 'cause I don't wanna pee in the bed." He told me as he kept rubbing his junk. Then he gasped in a breath and breathed it back out. Then he stopped rubbing and pulled his hand out.

"You feel like that now?" He nodded. "Don't stop rubbing it now! Keep on rubbing it!" He looked up at me with that "Huh?" look on his face, then he put his hand back down there, but this time into his suit and picked up the jacking motion again. "I don't want to pee in my suit."

"Well you're in a pool so who's gonna know if you do? Haven't you ever peed in the pool before?" He nodded. "Then it doesn't matter if you do now or not, does it?" He shook his head and said nope. Then he looked down at his front and at Mikey's whose hand was now inside his suit flogging away watching Pete starting to get off! "Feels good doesn't it?" I asked both of them. They both nodded. "Well it will feel a hundred times better in about a minute or less if you keep on stroking like that, Pete! Won't it Mike?" Mike nodded as he started to get that glazed look in his eyes as his cum was starting to take hold of him! He was almost there!

"Oh yeah keep going Pete! Don't stop now! ... OH GOD!!! That feels so good TC! I'm ... gonna ... cum .... NOW!!!!" Mike told us. He stiffened up took a deep breath then let it out slowly sighing "Ohhhh yesssss!" I could see his pulse travel all over his taught body! Then I heard a squeak and a grunted "UNGH!" out of Pete as he had his first ever dry cum! He grunted a couple more times then slowly dropped down on his flat feet as did Mike. They had both been up on their tiptoes, or balls of their feet, while they were cumming.

"How was that Pete? was I right?" I asked as both of them just slowly layed back in the water.

"Oh wow! That was Awesome!" giving that sated slightly tired smirk that boys get after cumming. Then I heard an "OH WOW!!! ... AWESOME!!!" from the corner. I looked and saw both Matt and Jordy sinking back into the water. So they must have just cum too! Chuck was still flogging away at his dick!

"That was Matt. I've heard that sound before when he cums!" from Mike.

"Even when he has somebody elses hand helping him out?" I asked him grinning. He nodded grinning and blushing. "Sounds like he had fun then too. I guess we can go over and see if anyone still wants to 'play'." I slid into the pool again. As we were wading/swimming over Chuck stiffened and bent over further flogging in a blur! then he yipped/squeaked and was obviously cumming. His fist slowed way down but didn't stop for several more slow strokes. and just as we got there he grunted and tipped over into the pool. "Sounds like they all have had fun, Alex!"

"Apparently. I heard your guys too. How about we head to the steam room so we can play too, in a bit more private place?" I nodded and looked at all the boys inquiringly.

"If we go into the steam room we have less chance of being interupted in our 'play'. Nobody can sneak up on us without letting us know someone's there. Besides Alex and I are adults and if another adult sees us playing with you we could be in a lot of trouble. Ok with you guys if head back there?" They all nodded so we walked over to the stairs and got out heading for our towels. As we were headed out a mom and dad came in with their three kids two preteen boys and a little girl. The Dad nodded to me and smiled knowingly at me as he looked over the boys. "Ok guys last one in the steam room is a dummy." After we got out of the pool room I said "What if they had been 5 minutes earlier? They would have seen us playing or actually Alex and I watching you guys playing. That probably would have been very uncool. You saw them coming in but not hearing them come in. By the time we would have noticed them it would have been way too late. Although the two boys probably would have enjoyed coming in and playing with us."

We walked into the locker room. "Take your suits off and leave them by the lockers. just wrap your towels around your waist like a skirt." I said while pulling down my suit grabbing it and slapping it down with a soggy smack on the end of the bench and headed for the shower room. As had Alex. The entrance to the steam room was on the other side of the showers. I hung my towel on one of the hooks by the steam room door turned on a shower head an rinsed off the clorine from the pool. I looked around and the boys and Alex were walking in. They hung their towels and grabbed showers too. Alex and I were both still semi-hard because we had not gotten to cum in the pool like they had. The boysme in were a mixture of fully hard to totally limp. I stuck my head under the shower to get my hair and beard once more and shut my shower off. I headed for the steam room grabbing my towel on the way by. The rest followed me into the steam room.

"Wow ... Cool ...kewl ... neat" were the reactions from the guys. The room was about 20 by 30 feet with four rows of stadium style benches going up the side walls. The lights were quite dim but you could see well enough. All benches were cedar and the walls were paneled with cedar. It smelled heavenly and looked fantastic. I walked over to the thermostat for the heating unit. I looked over at the guys and asked "Wet or dry?" From the "Huh??" looks I got from the boys I knew I had to explain. "Do you want steam or sauna? Steam will fill the room with foggy steam. Sauna is just dry heat at about 120-130 degrees and we can only spend half an hour in here at that temperature". They still couldn't make up their minds so I decided for them. I pushed the dial over to steam and set the timer to 45 minutes. "We'll try steam first. Ok pick out a spot on a bench and get comfortable. I walked up the steps in the middle up to the top row so I could lean against the wall. Pete and Alex joined me on my my perch while the rest of the boys spread out below us.

Pete sat between me and Alex.Alex spread his towel out on the bench and sat back with a deep sigh. I had already done that so Pete did that too. We sat quietly for a few minutes then Jordy and Mat turned and layed on their backs on their bench and then relaxed idley adjusting their junk occationally. but then so were Alex and I by now. Our dicks were going from chubbed to firm to hard. Mine is about 5-5.5 inches long just a touch longer than Matt's. Alex on the other hand is about 7 inches and it was rapidly getting there now! Pete looked down at mine and Alex's. "how come yours isn't as big as Alex?" he asked quietly. That got a chuckle out of Alex.

"well that's a good question. His wasn't always that big. In fact I can remember when he was about Mikey's age it was about your size and he was always wanting it to get as big as mine!" Alex nodded and grinned. He began to rub his with a bit more attention groaning and grunting with the pleasure he was beginning to feel. I too began to stroke mine a bit more firmly. I've been this size since I was 14. Now I'm 60 and it still hasn't gotten any bigger. Most guys dicks begin to grow when they're about 12-13 and get to adult size at about 15-16. If you look at Matts Jordys or Mikes you can see they're starting to get bigger. Their balls are too and the ballsack is geting bigger and starting to drop as it gets bigger. Right guys?" I got nods from all three of them. Alex was getting a bit louder with his grunts and groans as he stroked harder and faster as he is listening to my 'lecture'. Looking at the other boys as they got harder too. Now Alex is getting to feeling real good with all the playing he's doing. You feel like you have to pee yet Alex?" He indicated no and told us not quite yet but would be soon. "You know what that feels like now Pete. Would you like to help Alex get to that feeling, Pete?"

"Can I do that Alex?"

"UNGH! ... Oh yes but only if you ... really want to ... do that."

"I really want to help. I know how good that feeling is!" Alex nodded and reached out for Pete's hand and showed him where to put it and how to slide it.

"OH!! ... that feels so good Pete! a litle tighter and faster please? OH YEAH! That's it! ... Much better!"

"It's much better when it's somebody else's hand that's doing it isn't it Alex?"

"<gasp> ... UNGH! ... Oh yeah it ... is! So much better!"

"Like this maybe Pete?" I reached down to his little nail and took his hand off and replaced it with my thumb and first two fingers and started to stroke it.

"Oh yeah ... its like when Matt plays with ... uhhhh ... mine in the shower! Feels so ... good!"

"Don't stop helping Alex and I won't stop helping you Pete." then there was a hand on mine! Matt had moved up to the bench below mine and reached to mine. "Oh GAWD!! Matty that feels so good! a little tighter Matt. Yeah that's it!" I grunted.

"Will both you guys squirt a lot?"

"Not as much as I used to when I was Alex's age but I haven't seen him squirt either, in a long time."

"Well you'll ... see in a ... minute cause I'm so close ... now! don't stop Pete but slow down a little cause I'm cumming .... NOW!!!" Pete was holding his dick almost straght up vertical. The first shot went up almost three feet and came down just above his pubes with a 'splat' sound that even I could hear! "OH GAWD!!! That's sssooo good Pete!! UNGH!! Here's the .... next one!!!" This one ended up right between his two nipples! "UNGH!!" That was just up into his pubes! Two more grunts "UNGH!" those just dribbled/oozed down over Alex's dark purple/red dick and over Pete's hand. Pete didn't pull away he just slowed down his stroke more. Alex had two more oozes/dribbles and he reached Petes hand and held it still while his dick just faintly throbbed once more! Then it began to get soft. "Oh yesss that was so good!" then Pete removed his hand looking at the cum on the back. He was breathing very raggedly as I stroked his boy nail. He closed his eyes, tipped his head back, took a deep breath, and squeaked and grunted his own cums!

"OH YEAH!!! ... I did it ... again!" A couple more grunts and he was done! Watching these two go thru their cums pushed me over into mine as Matty had not stopped working my dick.

"Oh yes Matty don't stop just slow down! Here it cums ... NOW!!!" I groaned out then grunted as each shot came out! "UNGH!" Since I was still sitting against the wall my first two shots went straight out onto Matty's chest and began to run down towards his belly. My cum is very thin and almost clear like it was when I was Matty's age. (Cums with old age I guess.) My next three cums just oozed out onto Matty's hand. I stopped his stroking but he just held my prick tightly until he felt it start to shrink, gave it one more soft stroke then he took his hand and looked at my cum. He wiped his hand on his chest with the rest of my cum. I pulled him up on the bench next to me and began stroking his fully bloated boydick very fast!

In about 20 seconds he shouted out "I'm CUMMING!" He grunted thru five pulses. After each of the last two I felt a clear drop of boy honey ooze out the piss slit as I jacked him!

"All right Matty! You had cum at the end! You're becoming a young man guy! See?!?!" I held up my hand for him to see the slick spot. Then from down below I heard Jordy.

"Me two Matt. I just had a big drop with each cum shot!"

Then more grunts an groans from both Mike and Chuck who were sitting facing each other on their bench stradling it and stroking each other off as they came together! We watched them shudder and shake thru them with heads thrown back eyes closed gasping and panting!

After a couple minutes of heavy breathing returning to normal I stood up and said "Well guys Alex, Matt, Pete and I are messy and we need a quick show... Oh my! Hello guys." In the doorway the two boys who came in when we were leaving the pool room were standing with wide open eyes, open mouths, and hands in their suits and pumping on their dicks!!! I guess someone had finally oiled the door and refitted it into the frame because they had made no noise when they opened it or at least none that I had heard. If they hadn't been there very long they wouldn't have been doing that yet. "Come on in guys don't worry we're not mad just suprised. Did you enjoy what you were watching?"

"Oh yes veddy much! But I didn't get my tinglys yet! And so not my brother too." He looked down at his brother who nodded yes. Ah well in for a penny...

"Well come on in and get comfortable on one of the benches."

"We can come up to you! isz OK?" His accent was so cute. Apparently they were one of the Ukranian/Russian families that had moved into the complex in the last six months or so.

"Oh is very ok." I smiled and waved to them to come up. "Hello boys. I am TC and the other bigger boy is Alex. This is Pete, and Matt, and those three are Mike, Jordy, and Chuck." They each nodded as I said their name.

"Oh is neat! My name isz also Alexei. Alexei Ivanovich. This is bruther Ivan (he pronounces it E-von)" That settles that: Russian!

"Welcome Alexei Ivanovich and Ivan Ivanovich!" I reached forward to each of them and gave a bear hug and kissed both cheeks of each (not all four chheeks yet) in their tradtional way.

"You are Russian?" Alexei asked.

"No but I have several friends who are so I have learned a few things. A couple of those friends live or lived here in this complex. So take down your swim suits, sit or lay down on the bench and be comfortable." Besides I wanted to see their developments or lack thereof. Alex and his brother were black haired and dark grey eyes. Alex was about 4'11". Ivan just a bit shorter at about 4'9". "How old are you guys?" Alex stopped in mid-strip of his shorts to answer me and then just let them drop to his feet.

"I am 11 and a half Ivan is 10." (I'm not going to keep trying to reduce his accent to writing. just imagine its still ther when he or his brother speak.) He sat down on the bench then swivelled on his butt and pick up his shorts and folded them up and put them under his head as he lay down on his back with his feet towards me giving me a very close look at his boy parts. Ivan did the same but his feet were next to Alexei's feet. God! What a beautiful sight! Alexei's beautiful 3.5" uncut dick was still chubbed but not hard. Ivan's was a totally uncut and soft 2".

"You are both very nice looking! Very cute!" They both smiled, blushed, and reached for their boycocks! They began to rub and adjust their grips and both got hard quickly. "Is your Dad gonna come looking for you guys if you're away too long?"

"No Momma wanted to go back to our apartment because our sister is sleepy and needs to get her nap but Ivan and me wanted to stay longer and play. So Dad told us to see if we could find you. If not come on back up to the apartment. Well bless his heart! I had seen him in and around the pool before and I was usually there with my 'kids' (different ones at different times.) He must have figured they'd be ok with me. "But we heard you guys in here so we found you." he says grinning at me and continues to stroke his dick. The foreskin has now completely retracted. I looked over at Ivan and his was too. Ivan's boidick had grown to about 3". Quite respectable for his age. Alexei's hadn't got much longer (about 4") but a good deal thicker. He had his entire fist comfortably wrapped around it. Ivan was using the universal little boy grip of thumb and two fingers. The three boys from down below had come up to the bench below our new friends and all five of our boys were getting into action again. Even Alex had started to slowly stroke/tickle his cock sort of absentmindedly. I was too for that matter. So Alex and I were enjoying a veritable feast for the eyes.Both Alexei and Ivan were now making those soft groaning moans and grunts as they moved along the path to extreme self pleasure.

"Do you guys 'help' each other take your baths or showers?"

"Ummm ... yes! and sometimes Papa too. He likes to 'help' and be 'helped' too! He's like you and Alex as he can shoot that creamy sticky stuff from his dick. Both Ivan and I have helped him do that many times, sometimes even together on him! I can make drops of the clear sticky stuff sometimes but not everytime I do this! Ivan doesn't yet at all."

"That's ok he will soon won't you Ivan?" He said yes in this most angelic voice and grinned at me. Then they both went back to their tasks at hand and it was obvious they were getting close to cumming from their sounds and motions. They were both beginning to fuck their own fists and fingers and their backs were arching up from the benches. and thrusting their hips up too. Alexei stiffened up, took a deep breath, and began to mutter things in his native tongue as his climax took him! I recognized an "Oh God or some similar prayer to some Diety. and watched the throbs and pulses course thru him! He was enchanting to watch and I heard from the bench beside me on both sides both Pete and Matt get hit by teirs. Then little Ivan started his cum and did much the same as his brother including the mumbled incantations to their Gods as the climax waves ripped thru him. The other three boys chimed in on the end of his cum with their own chorus of of gasps and grunts and groans. Sitting up and watching and listening to all of this sent Alex off the deep end again and he managed to give Pete a cum shower as he had leaned forward to watch Alex and even play a bit with his balls! I wasn't quite there yet so I just slowed down and watched these angels cum back down to Earth.

"See I made drops this time!" Alexei pointed proudly. Then a "Me Too!!" from Matt and Jordy! And then even Mike added his own affirmation. He indeed had made a single clear drop of boy honey!

"Good job Mike! You too are growing up! Well guys as I said earlier we all need a shower before we go back to our apartments especially those of us with cum on our bodies. If you don't wash you're gonna get very stinky. That's one of the downsides of squirting when you cum. It has it's own smell and a very peculiarly bad smell if it stays on your body and dries there. That's why it's important when you get to this stage you take a shower or bath every day because you will be cumming at least once a day if not more! Isn't that right Matt, Jordy, or Alexei? (They all blushed.) Besides its fun to do it in the shower and it just washes down the drain."

"TC you're still hard you want us to help you finish before we shower?!!!" asked Alexei.

"Hmmmm? You boys can if you want to I guess. I was going to finish jacking in the shower."

"WE can still help you there too. Cum on lets go take a shower guys!" says Matt.

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