Endangered Species Chapter 13

Part A


All fears disappeared when I turned into the cul-de-sac. Dylan was there! Dylan was waiting for me! Dylan wanted to see me again!

I actually let out a whoop of joy inside the car when I saw him, then pulled up beside him, hoping he'd get straight in.

Something wasn't right though, something had upset him. His face was black with teenage annoyance.


I gave Rob a nod as his car pulled up. Looking around to check if anyone was watching I opened the door and slid in. "Mum is being a complete bitch!" I didn't offer any explanation, just sat there in a foul teenage mood, I had been having a strop most of the day and all my frustrations came out at once.


I love teenage boys because they are teenage boys; I don't just love them for their delicious teenage cocks, I love them for their moods as well. So utterly uninhibited. If a boy's in a foul mood then he's in a foul mood and he don't give a damn who knows it. Adults try to hide feelings, boys don't.

"Being a mother, is she?" I asked.


"She's being a fucking idiot!" I was outraged that Mum wouldn't let me do exactly what I wanted. It was so unfair! "I'm fucking thirteen not three!" I was letting out all my annoyance now, I knew Rob wouldn't tell me off for swearing or complaining about this, so kept ranting. "She treats me like an idiot and then tells me off when I get annoyed!"


There was no point in trying to jolly him out of his mood, he was enjoying being in a bad mood as only a teenager can.

"Mother's can be a bit like that," I agreed, "It's a bit of an adult disease really. Teachers can suffer from it as well. The 'I know best disease' it's called, and mothers can get really bad cases of it."


I wasn't in the mood for smiling and just sat in the seat stewing in my annoyance. "She's not fucking going away at the weekend!" The source of my annoyance came out, and I ran a hand through my hair. "Apparently she needs to be around to look after me," the tone of my voice made it clear that I thought I didn't need looking after. "I have to stay in Saturday night as well!" That had been my punishment for arguing with Mum that morning.


"Shit happens," I shrugged, "Probably far too much to hope for that she'd go away two weekends running. But nothing we can do about it apart from me kidnapping you, and I don't suppose that'd go down too well with her either. You want to just sit here and spit it all out, or would a milkshake be any help?"


I laughed despite myself. "Fucking wish you could kidnap me!" I gave Rob a grin, while it was clear I was still annoyed I couldn't help but lighten up a bit around him. "Yeah please," I wanted a milkshake and a snog more than anything.


"One strawberry nasty coming up," I grinned and headed out to the cinema, and then, with milkshake safely clutched in my beautiful boy's hand - and he was still beautiful even when he was in a black mood - I drove us up to our private snogging point.

"By the way, just in case you've forgotten, I love you." I thought it was safe to be a tiny bit lighthearted now he was sucking on his straw.


I gigged and lent into snog him. He tasted just as good as I remembered, a mixture of cigarettes, coffee and man which was unmistakably Rob, and I moaned in pleasure as his tongue explored my mouth. "Fucking love being your boy," I gave him a grin as we broke the kiss, "Your boy-slut!" I wanted to talk dirty, do things that mum wouldn't approve of, do it because I liked it but also because doing something that she wouldn't approve of, even if she didn't know about it, somehow felt rebellious.


"And I fucking love that you fucking love it." And I did, I really did. I loved it that my Dylan was okay with things, that any darkness of the night hadn't got to him; that he was still mine and wanted to be with me.

"No nasty thoughts?" I asked, "About the stuff we did, the things that were said? No worries?"

I felt sure that Dylan would tell me if there were any, and there were bound to be some.


I shrugged, "Not really," I knew I could be honest with Rob and that he wouldn't judge me. "Like I know people would say I shouldn't do this but I fucking love being your boy," I put my hand on his knee, giving him a shy grin. "Like I don't want to be caught out you know?" That had been my biggest concern, that someone would see us and catch us doing these things and get us in all sorts of shit.


"You and me both, love," I agreed with him, "And how fucking stupid is it that in some countries we could be in love openly, I could walk around with my arm round you and kiss you when you needed kissing. And I really do love it that you want to be my boy, I really, really do.

No worries about that? No, 'oh shit, does this mean I'm gay, stuff going on in your head?"


I shrugged, trying to show it didn't bother me. "Yeah a bit," I finally admitted, "like I don't want my mates to know I could be bent." That was the main concern, that I could be found out, be bullied and ostracised. Not that I might like doing stuff with boys.


"Okay, I suspected that there had to be a bit of that in there," I tapped his head, "Be well strange if there wasn't. Only important thing is that those thoughts don't stay bottled up in there; you get them and you tell me and we talk it through. I'm not having you get all uptight about something that a simple little chat can get rid of. Of course you don't want mates and such to know, nothing wrong with that."


"Like I don't want to be gay but I think I like cocks." I didn't quite know how to express it, not wanting to be thought of as a gay boy but wanting to do gay stuff, especially with Rob.


"You mean you don't want to be gay, or you don't want people to think you are or might be? Doesn't matter to me, cos I love you whatever flavour you come in, but it does matter to you, so let's get it out in the open and chat about it."


"Like I don't want people to think I'm all like camp and stupid." That was my main concern. To me and my friends being gay was an insult, it meant you were weak and not a proper boy. "But like what we do doesn't make me feel like that." I was beginning to realise our teen idea of a gay man might not be correct. You couldn't say Rob was weak or girly, and when I was with him I didn't feel that way.


"Hardly camp and girly, are you!" I stated, "The games we played were pretty fucking physical, nothing camp about them! You don't have to be camp just because you happen to be gay. Tom Daley is gay. Would you describe him as camp? I know you don't go much on rugby, but the guy all the players in the world think is the world's best ref is gay. What chance would a camp guy have of reffing an international rugby match? Guy who played for Wales, captained Wales, is gay. Think a camp wimp could do that? Tell you a little story about him in a bit if you want.

Being gay means you like cock not cunt. Being bi means you like both. I'm gay, gay for boys and I can still hold my own at club level in the second row."


I smiled at Rob, he always knew how to explain things in a way that made me feel better. "Yeah that's what I think," I enjoyed being with Rob because he never spoke to me like a child, "Like those Thebans boys you told me about weren't girly either." I leaned into Rob so we could snog again.


"Wouldn't have lasted very long if they were," I grinned when a very delicious strawberry milkshake snog was over, "Nor the Athenian one, the Corinthian one or the Spartan ones either. Look up Sparta on the internet, see how boys there were educated.

If you think you might be gay, then be gay, still be the same boy you are now. If you fancy cunt as well then opt for bi, still be the same boy. Happens to be the boy I love, but who cares about that."

I took the liberty of stealing another snog.


I moaned as we snogged more, I wanted this to last forever but knew it couldn't. "Mum wants me home early," I gave Rob a sad smile as we broke that kiss, "Says I was well lippy and need to learn to button it."


"I think your lips should be unbuttoned as often as possible ........ get a much better snog that way." I smiled and gave him a little peck on the end of his nose, sometimes he liked me treating him like the little boy he was.

"But best not give mother anything more to moan about, mothers can have an unfortunate habit of looking behind the obvious, and we don't want that."


I giggled as he kissed my nose. I liked that kind of stuff, that he didn't care about showing how much he liked me with little displays of affection. "Soz about this," I looked out of the window as we drove back, "Got to be home tomorrow and Wednesday as well."


"Mean I won't be able to see you after school?"


I nodded my head, "Yeah think so, she will be well mad if I'm late home and want to know where I've been. Can only come tonight cos she is working late."


"Irritating woman," I sighed, "Doesn't she realise she's interfering with her boy's love life? How inconsiderate is that!"

I drove for a bit before saying anything else. "It's a bummer, but there it is. Be loads of chances to see you and con a snog out of you."


I was getting into another mood, annoyed that I wouldn't be able to see Rob for the next few days. "Yeah she's being a prick," I crossed my arms in a grump, "Can message you though on my phone."


"That you can," I agreed, "Not like your being put in prison on the moon or anything."

I could sense another mood coming on Dylan and didn't want him going home black and grumpy, that would only get him grounded for longer.

"I don't think she's a prick," I joked, "Pricks can be a lot of fun,"


I laughed at that and gave Rob a smile. "Yeah, I guess," I ran a hand through my head, not wanting to admit I might have made things worse by being all moody and argumentative.


"You do one thing for me, and just carry on being a boy, the boy you are. I don't expect you to be perfect, don't want you to be perfect; what I want is for you to just be the boy you are cos that's the boy I'm in love with."


I laughed and gave Rob's leg a little squeeze. It was too risky to kiss him here near my home, someone might see and recognise me, or just see a boy kissing an older man and call the police. "Promise," I told Rob, getting my stuff to get out of the car.


"Good enough for me," I smiled at him, "And we can send each other kisses on the phone. But I warn you," I tried to look stern, "When I do get to see you again, my tongue is going right down your throat and into your stomach."

I blew him a hidden kiss as he got out of the car. He could see it, but no-one else was in with a chance.


I laughed and blew one back, turning around and walking home all the time wishing I was in Rob's car.


Two whole days without seeing Dylan, and two whole days thinking of nothing but Dylan. One day was enough, I couldn't manage two. On Wednesday I jumped in the car, headed to the station and caught a train to Paddington. From there it was a taxi to my friend's workshop, not a cheap taxi, his workshop wasn't next door to Paddington station.

I'd known Dave since we were at school together, he was a year older than me when he got his fourteen year old cock in my mouth and in my arse. He was still a year older than me now!

Dave ran a workshop doing stuff for theatres, properties and costumes mostly. Scenery was too large for him to handle. And Dave, like me, still had an affinity for cock, boy cock, though in Dave's case it was more boy bum than cock, and bums younger than the ones I liked.

My idea was simply to ask him to make up some stuff that Dylan could wear when, or if, we had the chance to play again. Good, horny, cock-hardening stuff.

"Nice looking bit of flesh," Dave commented when I showed him the photo I'd taken of Dylan when I started hunting him, "Bit young for you though, isn't he?" Dylan was and I agreed that he was, told Dave the story of his tracking, hunting, trapping and capture, and finished up with, "And the daft bit, Dave, is that I'm in love with him."

"Occupational hazard when you go hunting boys," Dave shrugged and poured me a stiff whisky to help me through what he thought was going to be a sob story. "Yeah," I agreed, and the dafter bit still is that he's in love with me."

"You lucky sod," Dave beamed and we had another whisky to celebrate. "You didn't come all the way to London just to tell me you've got a thirteen year old boyfriend," he said when that whisky was gone and glasses refilled, "What you after?"

So I told him: "He's a bit taken with Greek boys, so a costume of heroic Greek soldier boy, you know, helmet greaves, shield and nothing else." Dave nodded, getting the general idea. "Stuff for playing games, games that lead to boy getting cock up his arse, that what you want?"

That was exactly what I wanted and Dave had some great ideas. A chiton that hung on one shoulder, short and split up the sides; an Aztec ceremonial thing with headdress, the thing looking like gold and just long enough to reach Dylan's nipples; a Roman slave boy girdle, bit like a curtain tassel thing worn round the hips and a padded slave collar bearing the words `Property of Robertus Pervus'.

"When you want them by?" Dave wanted to know and was happy to know it wasn't a rush job and told me to expect a parcel in a couple of weeks' time.

That got me through most of Wednesday and then I had a message from Dylan saying he was grounded for Thursday as well and wouldn't be able to see me till Friday, so I had another day to worry about what he was thinking, how his brain was and how he was coping with the growing realisation that he may well end up wanting cock, not cunt.


Wednesday was PE day in school and I was showering after a muddy cross country run. I wasn't too keen on cross country and was glad to be washing all the mud and shit off my body. I was also glad that my school had installed individual shower cubicles in place of the big communal ones we used to have. Not only did it mean you could shower in peace but also meant no-one would see my bum. The marks had almost gone but there were still a few lines which I didn't want anyone seeing and asking about. I rubbed the water through my hair and was about to grab my towel when the door swung open. An older boy stood there, and I recognised him as the year 10 lad I thought had looked at my cock after footie trials. "Lock the door you fuckin' idiot," he spoke dismissively, but I was sure he was looking at me. It was the way his eyes seemed to go down my body, the way he hadn't closed the door as soon as opening it to find the shower in use, the way he had opened it at all after hearing running water in the cubicle.

I had immediately clamped my hands over my privates when the door opened, hiding my privates, and wasn't entirely sure what to do. You didn't talk to people in the years above you, and you definitely didn't tell them to fuck off unless you wanted to be battered, but he didn't seem to be leaving either.

Rob's words suddenly came into my head. Before meeting him I hadn't even considered that any boys in my school liked cock, but I was sure this one did. I reckoned he had opened the door on purpose, wanting to get a look at who was inside, and slowly I took my hands off my privates so he could take a look at everything.

His eyes went a bit wide when I did that. My heart was beating like crazy in my chest, I expected him to call me a faggot, to punch me or even worse tell his mates and for them to all laugh at me.

"Fucking idiot," he smiled as he said it and closed the door, and I shakily turned off the shower and towelled myself dry. I stayed in the cubicle for a while afterwards, hoping they would all leave the changing room and only dared head outside to get changed once I heard the door open and close.

He wasn't waiting for me in the changing room but he was waiting for me outside the door, leaning against the door with his arms crossed over his chest. He was taller than me, fifteen with short gelled brown hair. "You're Dylan right?" I nodded, wondering how he knew my name, looking anxiously round in case his mates were going to jump me.

"Jay," he introduced himself with a flick of his head, "Want to bunk off and go play fifa?" It was my turn for my eyes to go wide, I was pretty sure a year 10 lad wouldn't just want to play fifa with a boy from my year but nodded anyway.

"Yeah sure," I shrugged as if to say I didn't care either way, and we snuck round the back of the changing rooms and under the school's back fence. It was last period and a register wouldn't be taken again so we could probably get away with it. Even if someone noticed we could probably blag it and say we had been in the medical room.

Jay didn't live far from school and we walked to his house pretty much in silence. I wasn't sure what to say or really what to expect. I was pretty sure he wouldn't just want to play xbox and thought he was quite fit, but was also nervous, not really knowing what to say to an older boy.

I didn't need to worry though. As soon as we got in his house it was clear we weren't going to be doing much talking. As soon as we were through the door we had our lips locked together, like two horny animals needing release. He wasn't as good a kisser as Rob, but he was enthusiastic and we snogged wetly on his stairs and then on his single bed.

"Fuck yeh," he was moaning and I was moaning, lost in our mutual lust and need to swap spit. We must have snogged for a good half an hour before we finally broke it off and lay panting on his bed.

"Want me to suck your cock?" The words slipped out of my mouth and he laughed loudly. "You do that?" He sounded shocked, I was only two years younger than him but he obviously thought I was some immature little kid, and I gave him a pouty look.

"Suck it your fuckin' self if you want." He laughed at that and pulled his cock out. It was no way as big as Rob's though he did have a bush of pubes, and I didn't need much encouragement to slip it in my mouth and start sucking.

He didn't last as long as Rob either. I could feel his cock twitch then suddenly it spurted a little load in my mouth. Not as much spunk as Rob either, only a little dribbled out, and I wiped my face on with the back of my hand as I lay back on his bed.

"Done that much?" There was a bit of respect in his voice now, like I had surprised him, and I gave him a smirk. "Done plenty," I knew I couldn't tell him about Rob, but I liked being seen as his equal and we snogged a bit more. "Anyone know you're bent?" I shook my head, and he gave me a smirk. "Same at school for me." There was a warning there, a friendly one but still a warning and I nodded my head. "Course, ain't fucking stupid."

We did then play fifa for a bit before snogging some more. Jay had some weed but we couldn't smoke it because his mum would be home soon, but he showed it to me, showing off a bit as if to demonstrate how cool he was.

"Got it off a guy I know," he obviously liked the idea of being a cool older lad who knew a drug dealer and I gave him a grin. "What someone at school?" He laughed at that. "Nah, lad from the uni. I suck him off and he gives me some for free, gives me cash too sometimes." I gave him a look wondering if he was full of shit, did people really pay for sex stuff? I had heard about prostitutes but I had never expected someone to admit to doing something like that.

"Really?" He laughed and ducked under his bed and fished out a little bundle of notes. It wasn't a huge amount of money, but must have been sixty or seventy quid. "Got this in one night off some guys he knows," he ruffled my hair, trying to treat me like a little kid again, and I shrugged him off.

"Can't even buy decent footie boots with that," I tried to sound dismissive and it was his turn to laugh, and we snogged again.


"You reckon he was lying?" I was back in Rob's car on the Friday. I had told him all the gory details of my first taste of another lad's cock, making sure to ask him if I was now a proper boyslut.


"I certainly think you're on the way," I grinned, "But I do have a problem with you doing that and telling me about it. My cock's as hard as a fucking concrete fence post!" I hoped Dylan would take the hint as we were up at the hill fort. "That's the only problem, though. Hope you enjoyed it ........ and I hope you'll do it again."


"Yeah, like it weren't as good as sucking you but he's fun." I had snap chatted with Jay, we had shared cock pics, a bit of online flirting as we couldn't really chat at school. "You reckon he really gets cash for sucking cock?" I wasn't sure if Jay was a bullshitter, someone who just said stuff to impress people.


"Wouldn't be at all surprised," I said, as though boys going on the rent was an everyday thing, which, of course, it is. "Much more fun way of getting a bit of spending money than doing a paper round, if kids still do actually do paper rounds that is."


I didn't know anyone with a paper round, though I also didn't know anyone else who admitted to sucking cock for money. "But isn't it like dirty? Sucking people off for cash?"


"Dirty is what you want dirty to be," I tried to explain. "Perhaps if a boy goes on the rent for real, does what is wanted with anyone who's happy to pay, then you could call that dirty. But what if the boy is a lad who just can't live without cock, any cock, anyone's cock? There are boys like that, you know. Or what if the boy does it in order to live? He's on the streets and has to get money from somewhere. Is it worse, more 'dirty', if he rents out his mouth or his arse rather than steals what he needs to survive? Never, ever judge anyone without knowing the reality behind what they do."

I wasn't sure that I'd quite got across what I was trying to say to Dylan, so I had another go. "Which kid would you say was worse," I asked him, "The one who nicks an old lady's handbag hoping to find a few quid in it, or the one who picks up a few notes for sucking some bloke's cock?"


"I guess the kid who steals stuff," I could see what Rob meant but was still unsure about taking money for sex stuff. "But like you wouldn't like it if I did it would you? I mean it's like doing stuff with anyone just cos they give you money."


"No, I wouldn't like it if you did," I said, "And you don't need to. If you ever needed money that badly I'd give it to you without demanding your bum in return." He was still holding his milkshake so I couldn't cuddle him, but I did give him a finger stroke on his cheek to show I meant what I said.

"But, love," I pushed the point I was trying to make, "If those two kids, the one who stole and the one who sold his arse, were in your school and everyone knew about what they did, which one would get the shit kicked out of him for real?"


"The lad who got bummed," I smiled as Rob stroked my cheek, enjoying the feel of his hand on my face.


"And you know why?" Dylan managed to get his milkshake in one hand so that I could hold the other, "Because the ones doing the kicking, kicking the hardest, are kicking the shit out of him for doing something they know they haven't got the guts to do. They'd rather steal an old lady's pension than dare to do something that harmed nobody but would ruin their cred if anyone found out."


I nodded my head understanding what Rob meant. "Jay won't tell," I reassured him, in case he was worried about me, "No one thinks he's gay at school."


"I'm sure he won't," giving Dylan's hand a reassuring squeeze, "And I want you two to have loads of fun together, loads and loads of fun." I meant that, though partly because the thought of my Dylan having fun with a teen was about as erotic as thoughts come. "Don't be surprised if, when Jay's certain that you're safe, he let's on he knows one or two other kids who like cock as well, though. But I forbid you to do anything with any of them ........ if they're over sixteen," I added with a grin I knew Dylan would spot, dark though it was.


"Forbid me?" I was a bit surprised Rob was telling me what to do, he had never done anything like that before and I gave him a quizzical look.


"You're my boy, and I want my boy to get as much fun out of being a boy as he possibly can, but I don't want him doing anything that could put him in danger. Ninety-nine point nine percent of kids who go for cock go for it because they enjoy it, find it fun, older kids may take things a bit beyond just having simple fun, may know pervs who want to use a boy and throw him away, get his bum and move on to the next. Those are not my sort of perv, and I don't want you landing up in the hands of one of them. 'Forbid' may sound a bit strong, bit like something a parent would say, but I care about you and don't want you getting yourself hurt, especially hurt in there." I tapped his head, hoping he'd understand what I meant.


I smiled at Rob, though I was a bit disappointed to be told what to do. I knew what he was saying made sense, but my reaction to any rule was to work out how to break it. "I promise," I smiled unconvincingly.


"No promises," I squeezed his hand, "Cos we both know that you'll do whatever it is that you want to do," another hand squeeze, "And I don't want you any way other than the boy you are. All I ask is that, if something like that crops up, you'll think about what I said before you do it. But as many cocks under sixteen as you can get your mouth round," I sniggered and squeezed again.


I smiled at lent in to give him a snog. He tasted so good and I loved being with him, "I will Rob," I wanted to do what he said but part of me was always tempted by doing something I had been told was dangerous and wrong. It was why I was here after all!


"No," I grinned at him, "What you mean is that you'll try." I went back for another strawberry and boy flavoured snog before changing the subject.

"Now I want to know it all, every single detail about Jay's cock. When I wank tonight I want to be able to picture exactly what it was you had in that lovely mouth of yours."


I giggled, "It ain't as big as yours but he's got pubes which was weird to suck." It felt so naughty to be talking about my cock sucking adventures, which of course excited me hugely.


"Didn't go much on his pubes, then?" I grinned at my boy and gave his leg a squeeze. "Get in the way of enjoying his cock?"


"They were OK, preferred sucking your cock though." I lent in and gave Rob another lingering snog, "Might go round his house on Sunday when his mum and dad are out to suck some more." I was enjoying playing the boy-slut, getting hard talking like this.


"Oh, I see," I teased him, "You don't like his grotty cock as much as mine, but you can find time to go round his house to suck it when you can't find time for me."

I stroked his thigh through his school trousers, enjoying the feel of him even if it was cloth, not skin I was feeling.


"Course I'd rather come see you," I desperately wanted to stay round Rob's house again so we could kiss, wank, suck and have lots of kinky fun together. "Just can't get away from Mum, unless I can come after footie for an hour or two on Sunday."


"Only teasing, love," I smiled at him in the darkness and moving my hand a little higher up his slender thigh, "You and I need more than an hour or two to enjoy ourselves properly, and we don't want you running silly risks. You go round to Jay's and give his cock a good sucking."

I eased my hand a bit higher again. "One thing though, see if you can get a pic of his cock for me. I'd really love to get a look at what you're getting in your mouth."


I giggled, "Got one already." I pulled my phone out of my pocket and flicked it on. Jay and I had been snap chatting cock pics and dirty messages, and while snapchat deleted most after a few seconds there were lots of apps which would let you capture a picture permanently. I passed the phone over to Rob so he could see a few of the dirtier ones for himself. The first was Jay's face in close up, he was sucking on his finger like it was a cock and was captioned "want your spunk baby". The next was a pic taken in his bathroom, he had flopped his cock out of the top of his pants. The next was a close up of his cock, that was my favourite as it was captioned "suck this" with a load of middle finger and smiley face emoji next to it.


"You filthy, dirty, wicked boy," I chortled delightedly when Dylan showed me the pics on his phone, "You utterly depraved, delicious lovely boy!" My hand moved the last few inches up to his groin, "You naughty and very hard boy," I grinned as I felt him through his trousers. "Not a bad cock at all," I said as I inspected the last pic in detail, "Could do with a bit more foreskin to be perfect, though. Might be a bit of a problem getting a clip on that."


I giggled and then moaned as Rob felt me up. I loved his hands on my body and ground my hips up to hump his hand a bit.

"Goin' round his place again on Sunday, might get some more." I was tempted to try and take a pic of me sucking Jay, but I was also scared that it might be a bit too risky.


"You do that," I encouraged as I was trying to fumble his zip undone, "Go round there and suck him, I mean, And don't let him get away without sucking you either! If you get some pics then that'd be great, but the sucking's the important bit." I managed to get his zip down and got my fingers inside, trying to work my way into his boxers. "Wouldn't mind a mouthful or six of that cock myself," I grinned as I got one finger where it had to get.


I moaned loudly as Rob fumbled down my zip. My cock was rock hard in my school trousers and I wanted to spunk. "Yeah he's gonna suck me," Jay and I's chats had been quite explicit about what we would do to each other.


"Good, I want to think of you spunking in his mouth," I grinned, though I was a shade disappointed that Dylan had not picked up on my comment about fancying a suck on Jay's cock myself. "Only sucking, or do you think he's got something more in mind?" I asked.

"For fuck's sake, help me out here, I can't feel a fucking thing!" I cursed, unable to get at Dylan's cock properly.


I wriggled in the seat, trying to fish out my cock and eventually succeeding. It was difficult to do this in the car, and while it was exciting to have fun in this location I wished we were at Rob's house so we could do stuff more easily.

"Thought I was the only boy for you," I sounded a bit jealous and in truth was.


"You are," I said, wrapping my hand round his cock at last, "But that doesn't stop me from fancying another cock or two, any more than being my boy stops you from fancying the same. I'm dead jealous that Jay is going to have this lush prick in his mouth on Sunday and I'm not, but I'm dead chuffed for you at the same time that you're gonna sample a boy's cock. That make any sense to you?"

I teased his foreskin bud and very slowly moved the skin of his cock up and down, loving it rather than wanking it.


I moaned as Rob got to work on my cock. It felt so good and I bucked my lips trying to hump him like an excited dog. "Yeah," I still wanted Rob all to myself but got what he meant about other boys. I had started looking at other lads my age, wondering why it would be like to snog them, roll around together and have sexy fun. I still wanted Rob's cock most, but was getting to have cock on my mind all the time.


"Cock's fun, isn't it?" I said to Dylan as I worked his own lovely prick, "And do you know the best thing of all about being a boy and having a boyfriend?" I managed to get both his cock and his balls in my mouth, trying my best in the cramped conditions to make him feel good.


I moaned loudly as Rob got both my cock and balls in his mouth. It felt amazing and I screwed my eyes shut about to cum. "What's that?" I was panting and moaning, enjoying every second of being with my older lover.


I didn't answer for a couple of minutes because I knew Dylan wasn't far off and I had no intention of missing out on a mouthful from him. It wouldn't be a good idea for him to have spunk all over his school trousers either. I felt the pulse of his spunk moving up his shaft and then the little flood of his sweet, delicious cum on my tongue. That had to be swirled around in my mouth, savoured properly before I could speak again.

"Girlfriends are jealous creatures," I enlightened him, "Once they've got their claws in you they won't let you go. Oh, sure, they'll chuck you away without a second thought when they've had enough of you, or think they've spotted something they like more, but you're not allowed to even as much look at another girl while they've got you in their grip. Proper boyfriends aren't like that. They know cock is fun and they know that a boy is going to want to sample as many of them as he can get his mouth round and that's fine and okay cos it don't stop the boy from being a boyfriend, a very special boy. And," I said, still with his soft cock right by my mouth, "It's well horny when he tells you all about the cock he's found and had."


I moaned and then let out a loud cry as I unloaded in Rob's mouth. I reckoned I was spunking more now, producing more jizz which made me feel excited and more mature. "So if I got a boyfriend my age you would be cool with it?" I gave Rob a kiss as his head came up, letting him tongue me and get the taste of spunk in my mouth. That made me horny and I bent down to try and get at his cock.


"Might be a bit concerned if he was a boyfriend type of boyfriend," I undid my zip so Dylan could get at what he wanted, "A wank and suck mate type boyfriend is fine, even a bum chum if that's what you want, as long as you're still my special boy and tell me all about things."

I sighed as he fished me out and thought about sucking me, "After all," I grinned. "Went to a lot of hard work to get you, don't want you buggering off for someone younger too soon."


I couldn't say much as Rob's cock was now filling my mouth. It tasted so good and I moaned around it, licking it with my tongue then bobbing my head up and down the way I knew he liked. I wanted to reassure him that here was no way I would do that, that I loved him and wanted to be his boy forever but was too hungry for his cum to let his cock go just yet.


Young Dylan had turned into a quality cocksucker in a very short time, and I couldn't help smiling at the thought of how much fun Jay was going to get when Dylan really got going on him. I couldn't stop the wicked thought of watching the two at play either, nor the even more wicked one of a few hours of three way fun. I was thinking of spit roast Dylan when my spunk squirted.

I watched as Dylan savoured and swallowed my spunk, thinking how horny it is to see a boy do that, and, wickedly, how horny it would be to see Dylan swallow Jay's spunk, how even more horny it would be to have my cock deep in his arse when Jay swallowed his spunk.


Rob's cock twitched then spurted in my mouth and I sucked harder not wanting to let any escape. I loved the taste of his cum, loved the way it flooded my mouth and wanted to savour that experience to the fullest extent possible. "Love you," we snogged messily again on my way up, and I reluctantly tucked my cock back away as we broke the kiss.


"And cos you do," I hugged him, "How could I possibly object to you wanting to try boys' cocks as well? Want you to really enjoy being a boy cos you won't stay one for nearly long enough. Believe me, you turn into an ex-boy far too quickly."


The thought of being an ex-boy, and no-longer attractive to Rob made me a bit sad, and I was a bit quiet on the drive home. I knew it wouldn't happen for a few years, but the knowledge that I would one day be too old for Rob to fancy did weigh on my mind a little.


"Don't worry about it, my love," I said, a hand on Dylan's thigh again even though it meant driving one-handed, "Time passes quite slowly at your age, all you need to do is to make sure that you fill it with as much fun as you can get. You may not believe it, but even when you're as ancient as twenty or so we might still be close friends. I've even been best man a couple of times at the weddings of lads who were once my boyfriends."


I grinned and stole a final kiss before getting out of the car. I wanted to stay with Rob, have more fun with him but knew that was impossible.


I saw Dylan play football on Sunday morning, and one or two of the lads on his team were quite fit. So were a couple of the kids on the other team as well, and I hoped Dylan got a good look at what there was on offer in the showers. Now my boy had discovered cock he seemed to have forgotten about worrying that he might be gay and I hoped he find more boys than just Jay to play with.

Of course, that afternoon he'd be sucking and getting sucked and I wondered how far he and Jay would go. Would it be a just 'cock out' sucking, or would they do it properly and get naked for each other? Jay, having apparently done things several times before, might even introduce Dylan to the art of 69, and Dylan, knowing what it was like to have a finger or two in him, might suggest that Jay do that for him while they sucked.

Jay, of course, might well have arse in mind, and if he did, then so be it, I only hoped he'd do it carefully and not hurt Dylan and put him off the idea of being fucked by me. I wanted to be the one to pop his cherry, naturally enough, but if it got popped by Jay, well, that was life, those things happen.

Whatever went on, I wasn't worried that Dylan would have bad dreams about it, and when I saw him on Monday after school he'd be as eager for fun as always.


The showers after footie on Sunday were difficult to navigate. Being with Rob seemed to have flicked a switch in my head, and suddenly I couldn't help but notice boy's bodies, look at their faces to see if they were fit and imagine sucking on their cocks.

With so many boys getting showered and changed it was difficult not to get a raging hard-on, but somehow I managed to get out of the changing rooms with no-one spotting my stiffy and met up with Jay down an alley a few streets over from the playing fields.

Immediately he groped me up and snogged me, making me even harder and tent out my trackies. "Fucking cock-sucker," he ruffled my hair as we walked to his house, annoying me by treating me like that. Jay was only two years older than me but treated me like a little kid, part of the reason I liked Rob so much was that he didn't make me feel like a child and talked to me like an equal. With Jay it was different, he was year 10 and I was year 8, so in his eyes I as immature and he was the one to tell me what to do.

"Mum's gonna be back in like an hour so need to be quick," he flopped on to his bed and immediately fished his cock out of his trackies, gesturing for me to get sucking.

"Fuck you," I was annoyed by his whole attitude to me, his superior tone and the ruffling of my hair had been irritating enough, and his assumption that I would just suck him put me in a mood. Of course I wanted to suck him, but didn't want him to treat me like that.

"Don't be like that baby," he pulled me into a snog which I couldn't help but respond to, though quickly broke the kiss and tried to get my head down to his cock.

"You gotta take picture of me doing it," Jay laughed as I handed over my phone, "And I want a tenner for doing it." He didn't laugh at that and for a second I thought he would tell me to fuck off, but he went under his bed and fished out a note.

"Whatever queer-boy," he pushed my head down again and I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. My eyes screwed close and I heard the click click noise or camera phone pics being taken, and I grew even harder as I imagined showing them to Rob.

"Yeah that's fucking good," I couldn't hear more clicking but was too lost in the sensation of sucking to think about it. I loved having cock in my mouth, the fact that it was the cock of a fit boy from a few years above me in school made it all the better and I bobbed up and down hungrily until his cock twitched and his balls unloaded.

"You're a fucking good cock-sucker Dil," Jay pulled me up into a snog and I pulled out my own cock, hoping he would suck me back.

"No pics yeah," Jay nodded to my own phone which was lying further down the bed. He was holding his phone, something I was a bit surprised about but quickly forgot when he started sucking me. It felt amazing, and I excitedly bucked my hips forward then spunked loads in his mouth. I hadn't wanked that morning and my excitement meant I jizzed quickly, something I was a bit annoyed about as it meant I couldn't enjoy the sensation of Jay's mouth on my cock for long.

"You should come meet my mate, you'd make more than a fucking tenner." Jay pushed the note into my hand and I suddenly got a bit guilty about asking for it. I had been annoyed at the time and it had seemed like a way to get back at him, but now I was worried that he wouldn't like me anymore.

"Nah I'm good," Jay laughed at that and shrugged as if he didn't care either way, and he picked up his own phone and sent off a message before checking into what's app.

"Kid's coming round in a minute to buy some gear so don't say anything to him." I guessed gear meant some of the weed Jay kept stashed in his room and was surprised that he was selling drugs as well as smoking them. This all seemed impossibly dangerous, but I was hooked on the excitement of it all and nodded my head as he went downstairs to let the kid in.


When I got home after watching Dylan play football, or what he called football - the ball was the wrong shape for real football after all, I was in a seriously horny mood. I knew it was only a mere twenty-four hours before I saw Dylan again, had his cock in my hand or mouth while he recounted his afternoon adventures with Jay, but right now, at this moment he almost certainly had that fifteen year old kid's cock in his mouth and the thought of that was just horny, horny, horny.

I stripped out of my clothes getting naked as I always did at home, stuck some boy porn on the telly and settled down to a long, slow wank thinking of Dylan's mouth round fifteen year old cock.

Would my boy have plenty to tell me on Monday? I fucking hope so, I thought as I spunked.


The 'kid' turned out to be a lad my age called Ethan. He went to another local school so I didn't know him, but as soon as he walked into Jay's bedroom I knew I fancied him. Not, could tell he was fit or thought he might have a nice body, but properly fancied him. I wanted to snog his face off, roll around on a bed with him, suck his cock and, more surprisingly, hold hands with him.

"Alright," Ethan was about my height with a similar hair, cute face and slim physique. He was dressed in black skinny jeans, grey surf hoodie with a grey wool hat on the back of his head. He had a skateboard under his arm and flopped down on the bed next to me while Jay rooted around, getting the weed out of his hiding place. He had a small ear piercing and I stared at it a bit, wishing I could get a similar one.


"How much do you want?"

"Tenner's worth," Jay tutted at that, as if Ethan was wasting his time buying such a small amount but fished out what I later learned was called a `ten bag' and held it out.

"Is it cool if I pay you next week?" Jay's face made It clear that Ethan's plan wasn't cool in the slightest and I fidgeted, nervous that it was about to kick-off.

"Pay now you little arse bandit," Ethan gave Jay a scowl at being called that and gave me a shy look.

"What about if I... you know," his voice trailed off and Jay grinned widely, clearly enjoying Ethan's embarrassment.

"Dylan don't care, he's a proper little batty-boy," he nodded to me as if Ethan didn't have to be embarrassed, then pulled out his cock again.

My eyes went wide as Ethan got off the bed with a sigh and knelt down, taking Jay's cock in his mouth and sucking it. Jay clearly liked having an audience, and he took hold of the back of Ethan's head and thrust in and out a bit making him gag. The excitement clearly got to him and after only a few minutes he groaned loudly and spunked into the boy's mouth.

"Was fucking amazing," I gave a smile as I recounted the story. I had already handed over my phone so Rob could flick through the pictures of me sucking Jay's cock as we talked.

We were back in Rob's car at our usual spot, though so far we had just chatted.


"Fuck me!" I breathed as Dylan recounted events. He had his usual strawberry milkshake and we were, as always up in the dark by the hill fort. Naturally, I couldn't keep my hands off him, but as he was still sucking on the straw there wasn't much I could do. I did pull his shirt out though, and got my hand in under it to feel his gorgeous body and gently twiddle his nipples - not too much so he wouldn't drop his milkshake or spit it out all over me.

So what about this kid, Ethan?" I asked, did you get a go at his cock? Do you fancy him more than Jay? You reckon you might have a chance of getting him? Do stuff properly?


I giggled and gave Rob a sly grin. "That's the amazing part," I took my phone back and flipped on a video instead of the camera pictures. It showed me and Ethan snogging and went on for three and a half minutes.


"You do that at Jay's?" I asked, hand going down to undo Dylan's belt, top button and zip. "You do realise that you are now officially one horny little fucker."


I moaned and helped Rob get my belt and trousers unfastened. "Nah his house, went there after. You wanna know what happened?" I knew Rob would be dying to find out, and giggled knowing I was teasing him.


"Not until your trousers and pants are round your ankles and I've got your cock in my mouth," I didn't grin, I was feeling far too horny to grin, "Then you tell me all about it while I'm trying to suck out any spunk you might have left."


I was happy to oblige and wriggled and bucked my hips to allow my trousers and pants to slide free so Rob had total access to my cock.


Dylan's trousers and pants now where they should be I could get at him properly, and that meant getting at his legs as well. They had been denied to me for more than a week now so they received the treatment they deserved, a good licking and kissing before I got on with the main part of the exercise.

"Don't leave out one single detail," I told him, "Cos if you do I'm gonna stop before you spunk."

I went to work and realised even though we were cramped in the car, I could still get at Dylan's bum and tease his hole with a finger,


Jay had kicked us out as soon as Ethan had finished sucking him. He said it was because his parents would be home soon and he didn't want to explain who we were, but we both thought it had more to do with him getting what he wanted and having no further use for us. He didn't want to hang around with two year 8 boys, and having used us to empty his balls wanted to get on with playing Fifa online with his proper mates.

"He's a proper dick," Ethan was skateboarding alongside me as I rode my bike along the suburban back streets, trying to steal glances at him as we did so and not make it too obvious.

"Yeah his cock ain't that big either." That made Ethan laugh though he gave me a look as if to say how would you know, and I blushed a little.

"He's easy to get weed off though," Ethan explained that Jay was usually so desperate to get his cock sucked he would let Ethan off without paying or on the promise to pay 'next week'. Ethan then made sure that 'next week' never came and we both laughed at how clever we were, especially when I showed him the tenner and told him I had got it off Jay.

Ethan was cool as well as fit, I was at an age where I wouldn't be friends with just anyone but we had the same sense of humour and clicked as mates straight away.

"Wanna come round mine?" Ethan gestured at a house with his head and suggested we play Fifa which was my favourite ps4 game so I follows him inside.

"Dylan's here mum," Ethan shouted up the hallway as we entered, dumping his skateboard and kicking off his trainers. I followed suit and trailed him up the stairs.

"Don't come up yeah mum," Ethan's mum shouted something back a joke about coming upstairs to embarrass her darling son and he rolled his eyes in annoyance. It was the sort of thing my mum did when she tried to be funny and I shrugged my shoulders and gave him a grin as if to say I know your pain mate.

"She won't come up," he told me as he shut the door. His room was messy like mine, but covered in skateboarding and band posters rather than the footie ones I had on my walls. He turned on his ps4 and flopped on his bed chucking a controller at me, and for the next half hour or so we played Fifa like normal mates.

At first I sat on the edge of the end while he lay at the back on his pillows. I was winning as Barcelona against his Real Madrid, totally engrossed in what we were doing when I felt his foot stroke my back. At first I didn't dare turn around, but felt it again and froze. I really fancied Ethan, wanted to do stuff with him like I had done with Jay, but was too scared at first to make a move.

A third stroke and I put down the controller and turned. Ethan was grinning shyly and I smiled back, ran a hand through my hair and wriggled up the bed so my head was on the pillow next to him. My heart was pumping in my chest and for what felt like an eternity we lay there nose to nose looking at each other, then almost both together moved forward and locked lips.


"More, tell me more, I want to know it all," I came off Dylan's cock only long enough to repeat my demand, then went back to sucking him and seeing how much his hole would resist the probing of my un-lubed finger.

This Ethan sounded hot, I thought as I slurped and probed, the sort of boy I'd like my Dylan to hook up with. From the little Dylan had so far told me I imagined he might even be the sort of boy Dylan might let slip a secret or two to, and not worry that it would go any further.


I don't know how long I kissed Ethan for that first time. He tasted wonderful, and we wrapped our arms around each other and explored each other's mouths, slowly at first, nibbling at each other's lips then tonguing each other, slowly at first then more excitedly as we both realised how much the other also wanted it.

Our arms went round each other's bodies and we pulled one another close, he smelt soooo good, strongly of Lynx and a bit of body odour, and we started to roll around on his bed, him on top, then me on top, then both on our sides then me on top and him on top again.

It was a good job his mum wasn't like mine and liable to barge into his room whenever she wanted as we were both totally engrossed in our snogging to have heard her coming. If she had opened the door she would have seen her son and one of his mates snogging each other's faces off, rubbing their bodies against each other like two excited puppies and both obviously hard as a rock with their trackies and jeans tented and sporting damp patches. We were both totally lost in the moment, our moans only just drowned out by the Fifa pause music.

"Fuck," was all he could manage when we eventually broke the kiss, and I lay down on the pillow next to him panting and planted a little kiss on his nose.


"More," I slobbered out, my mouth still on his cock, "More! All of it!"


We lay there for a few minutes, exchanging little nibbles kisses, enjoying having our heads so close together. Eventually Ethan rolled over and went to fetch us two cans of coke, we were both thirsty and he didn't want his mum coming up to see if we wanted a drink.

"You kissed many boys?" I shook my head and told him just two, Jay and one other guy. He had kissed Jay and two older lads at the skatepark he went to, they knew he likes cock and were cool with it but none of his school mates knew.

"Don't tell right?" I giggled and kisses him again, "Course not", he smiled and our lips locked until he broke it and did a loud burp right in my face. That turned the snog into a bit of a wrestling match, and for the next few minutes we rolled around laughing, until the wrestling turned back into snogging and then, a bit shyly, reaching for each other's cock.


"One other guy?" I came off Dylan's cock long enough to ask this clearly, "You told him you had snogged a guy? Didn't he want to know more?"


"He asked but I said he wouldn't know him and he didn't ask any more." I got the feeling Ethan had been suspicious about how evasive I had been but hadn't dared tell him about Rob.


"Did you get the feeling this Ethan is safe?" I asked, "Someone you could share secrets with, talk about the stuff you like doing?"

I hoped Dylan would say he was, something in me knew how important it was for a boy to have a mate like that, a mate like I'd had as a boy.


"Yeah reckon so," I wriggled on Rob's finger, stimulating my bum hole and letting out a loud moan of pleasure. "We wanked each other off," my eyes were screwed shut as I moved up and down on Rob's digit, making my hole feel good.


"When you've wanked each other a few more times, sucked each other as well, if he still seems that way to you, seems as though he is a real mate, I won't mind if you tell him about us if you feel the need to."

I let him think about that as I finished sucking him for spunk, my finger just about inside his opening.


I moaned louder and, with a writhe and a wriggle, pumped out my spunk into Rob's mouth. I sat in the seat panting once we were done, my school trousers and pants still around my ankles as Rob sucked every drop from my softening cock.

"He wants to go skating tomorrow after school," I dropped that into the conversation casually, wondering if Rob would be annoyed.


"So already you find thirteen year old cock more appealing than mine," I grinned at him, "Of course you go skating with him tomorrow, but permission granted only if it ends up somehow with a bit of cock fun."

I gave him a little spunky snog to show I wasn't annoyed with him for wanting to be a boy.


I giggled and happily snogged Rob back. "I still love you yeah," I tried to reassure Rob, I wanted to be with him more than anything and was desperate for another weekend where we could have fun.


"Know you do, sweetie," I told him, "And I love you like no boy has ever been loved before. And cos I love you like that I want you to go and have the sort of fun a boy should have. That means skating as well as cock," I sniggered in his ear.


I laughed loudly at that. I wanted to snuggle into him, be cuddled up in his arms, but a glance at the clock told me that we couldn't do that today even if we could find space in the car.


"Jay I think you can dump or just use for cock if you feel in need. You're just cock to him anyway. Ethan, I get the feeling may be different. On Wednesday though, I expect all his cock details, mind. Now off you go to mum, smile and be happy. Oh, and by the way, love you," I grinned as he got out of the car.


"Love you to" I mouthed back before Rob drove off.

The local skatepark was just a series of wooden half-pipes and dipping concrete bowls with the occasional metal rail. In the summer it attracted quite a few kids but in the cold of November it was only those really into boarding who went there.

I had been skating before and had my own board, but was nowhere near as good as Ethan who was totally into it. He could do all sorts of flicks and tricks, and after a few pointers from him I could skate quite well round he concrete bowls enjoying feeling of riding round the curves. I was athletic and good at most sports and soon got the hang of balancing better, and for a while Ethan and I just skated until I fell off and we sat on top of the half-pipe, our hoods up against the cold, and shared a small spliff made from the weed he had got off Jay.

"You're getting better," Ethan casually draped an arm around my shoulders and I huddled into him a bit nervously. The older boys were also skating, but Ethan didn't seem to be concerned even when one approaches. He just bumped fists with the lad who must have been in his early twenties and gave him a puff of our joint.

"This is Dylan," I bumped fists with the guy who said his name was Tom before skating off.

"He just wanted to check you out," I looked at Ethan curiously and he explained that he had sucked Tom's cock a bunch of times and that a lot of kids here were cool if you were gay. I laughed, surprised at that and took another puff on the joint before locking lips and having a weed tasting snog.

Tom and his mate yelled that we should get a room but we ignored them giggling, and Ethan took a puff and blew the smoke into my open mouth so I could inhale it to.

"Who's this guy you've sucked then?" I could tell Ethan was trying to work out if I was telling the truth, to see if I was full of shit, and I desperately wanted to tell him the truth so he wouldn't think I was a liar.

"Guy I met down McDonalds," I shrugged as if to say it was no big deal and Ethan laughed.

"You're such a fucking chav hanging out there," I punched him playfully and gave him a snog to show there were no hard feelings.

"So what's his name?" Ethan wouldn't let it rest and I shifted uncomfortably. Rob had made think about telling him after we had done more stuff. So far we had only snogged and while I'd would once we could trust each other I was nervous about betraying Rob's confidence.

"Called Rob, he gives me weed n stuff," I hoped Ethan would leave it at that, assume Rob was Jay's age, but if anything it just peaked his interest more.

"You can get us some?" Ethan had slagged Jay off loads as we chatted and I knew he wanted to find a different source of weed for us to smoke. A source we didn't have to pay for.

"Yeah maybe," I shrugged non-committedly and gave Ethan another long snog which had Tom and his mate yelling more.

I didn't care about that though. Ethan tastes amazing and our tongues seemed to instinctively know what the other liked, dancing and twisting around each other as our lips mashed together and leaving us both moaning and panting. I wanted to wank with him again, wank properly, not scared that his mum would come in and discover us but out in the open. We had been snapchatting pretty much non-stop since meeting, exchanging cock and body pics and ever more explicit messages.

"So we're boyfriends yeah?" Ethan nibbled my ear as we broke the kiss, we were holding hands now, our cold fingers intertwined.

"Yeah boyfriends," I nibbled and snogged him back, excited by the idea but worried about what Rob would say.


Wednesday after school, sitting in my car and checking my watch. I wasn't worried that Dylan wouldn't show, he'd have got a message to me if he was going to be unable to make it, but I checked my watch anyway.

And there he was, almost skipping round the corner and up to my car, a grin as wide as the Grand Canyon splitting his lovely boy face in half.

"Whoopee" He yelled as he hurled himself into the seat, slamming the door after him, "Get me to Starbucks, I need my strawberry fix, and have I got news for you!" he chortled.

"Get a record score on fifa or something?" I asked, grinning at his total thirteen year old boy exuberance, and loving him for just being all boy.


I laughed and gave Rob another. "Nah better than that, Ethan and me are boyfriends." I was happy about that, really happy, but also a bit worried Rob might be annoyed. He had said he would be cool with me having one my age but I was worried he might change his mind when he found out.

True trouble was Ethan and I couldn't keep our hands off each other. We were almost constantly snapchattin explicit pictures and dirty chat, as well and more lovey-dovey messages covered in smiley face, kissing lips and heart emoji.


"That is so cool," I grinned at him, a grin nearly as wide as the one still splitting his face, "Deserves to be celebrated by something more than a milkshake, but, sorry, I ain't got any champers with me." I squeezed his knee, all I could do while I was driving, but I hoped he got the message.


I was well relieved when Rob smiled. I had worried that he would be annoyed but instead he was happy for me. That made me like him even more and I smiled at him as he drove and put my hand on his knee. "Was worried you would be annoyed. I'm still your boy?" It was meant to come out as a statement but came out as a question. I was desperate for reassurance, needing to know nothing had changed.


"Even more of my boy," I reassured Dylan, "You've found a boy boyfriend, you're obviously total mad about him and you come to see me and tell me all about it. Bit of a giveaway that you don't exactly want me to piss off, don't you think? Now tell me all about him, tell me how deep down his throat you got your tongue; I want to know every detail about your new boyfriend," I squeezed his leg, "And I'd be well surprised if he didn't want to know the same about me. No way a boy who snogs like you do can get away with pretending he's never done it before."


I giggled and started regaling Rob with all the gory details of mine and Ethan's snogging session.

"He tastes fuckin amazing," my face was beams when I tried to tell Rob how tonguing him made me feel, "Uses loads of Lynx though so you wouldn't like that." I laughed to show Rob I was joking, though I had spent last night wanking to a snapchat with Ethan and imagining Rob tying us both up, spanking us together and doing all sorts of things as a threesome.


"Mmmm." I grunted, "Definitely prefer the smell and taste of boy to Lynx. Now what about the important stuff, what's his cock like?" I pulled up at the Drivethru so Dylan had to delay his answer while he ordered and paid.

"Cock," I said again when I drove off, "Don't care how madly you dote on him, I want to know about his cock. I'm a perv, remember."


I laughed and gave Rob a sly grin. "Only wanked him off," Ethan and I had only managed to have a mutual wank in his bedroom, each with a hand on the others cock and one eye on the door in case his mum came up the stairs.

"Same size as mine, but he's got a few more pubes. Prob cos he's got brown hair so they show," I was a bit touchy about my lack of pubes even though Rob liked it.

"Mum's going to be away all next weekend," I sucked on the straw of my drink and gave Rob a look.


"You going to want to spend that weekend with Ethan, then?" It was only half a tease because I had an idea that he might want to.

I did have some ideas forming in my dirty, boy addicted mind about some ways he could spend the weekend with Ethan and still be seeing me, but it was probably too soon to introduce the idea to him. OK Dylan knowing I was a perv, but probably best not to make it too obvious just how much of a perv I was.


"Kinda," I did want to see Ethan, he had suggested we go to a skateboarding event where we could stay overnight. I knew it was a bit mad but I wondered if we could tell our mums we were going to that but actually stay at Rob's.

"He keeps asking about you cos I said we smoked weed together." I gave Rob a shy smile, "I reckon I can trust him so can I tell him about you? He's sucked an older guy's cock." I didn't say that that the 'older guy' was actually a twenty something skater.


Somehow I knew I needed to set eyes on this Ethan. I'm usually pretty good about sussing out a boy's potential, and if Ethan had prospects I was all up for getting at him. Ethan and Dylan together promised lots of fun.


"Said I'd go skating on Saturday morning before the park fills up with kids," Ethan liked to skate early before the ramps were busy so we had agreed to meet at nine in the morning. This was practically the middle of the night but for my sexy boyfriend I was prepared to drag myself out of bed.


"Tell him as much as you want," I said, probably quicker than I should if I wanted it to look like I was thinking about it. "Praps he might be quite taken with some of the games we play."


I grinned, though I was nervous as well. What if Ethan freaked and told the police? I didn't think he would but it was always a possibility.


"Do you know if he thinks he's gay, or is he like you and just wants a bit of cock for fun?" I asked. "If he's gay, I wouldn't mind getting a look at him, check him out like."


"Nah he's gay, he told me so. Reckons he known he's gay since he was 11 and been sucking guys for like six months." I wasn't totally sure I believed all Ethan's stories, but he was confident in being gay and proud of it. He hadn't told his mum and dad or people at school, but some of his mates seemed to know as well as people he skated with.


A lot depended on Dylan's answer to that. If he thought it might be an idea for me to get a look at him then the next thing would be a 'meet, just for a chat' and after that ..... who knows?


I looked at Rob, biting my lip a bit. "Be so cool if like the three of us could do stuff, you reckon he might be up for it?"


"When you next seeing him?" I wanted to know, "Praps I could just be around, sort of thing, get a look at him."


"Tomorrow night down the skate park again, we planned to skate it again, smoke another joint and snog each other's face off."


A moment of panic shot through me, the idea of Dylan going home stoned was too horrible to contemplate. I was sure he said his mother was a doctor and any doctor would spot stoned boy a mile off.

"Watch the weed, love," I said as gently as I could, "Don't want your mum spotting you stoned. Snog his face off by all means though. Guess I won't get to see that bit, you won't be doing that in the park, will you."


"We only have like one spliff," I hadn't thought about mum and was a bit worried about Ethan thinking I was no fun if I didn't have a few puffs.

"Nah we snog down there," Ethan's skater friends seemed cool with us eating each other's faces, they would occasionally shout insults but no-one called us bad names or tried to batter us. "Less dangerous than at home," I shrugged when Rob look surprised.


"I don't tell you what you must and mustn't do, you know that, but please be careful, love."

I pulled into our place under the hill fort, and turned to face Dylan, popping on a serious face. "If you tell Ethan your mum's a doctor and you daren't go home with slitty eyes, he'll probably understand. Especially if you tell him that you might be able to set up a few weed smoking hours the weekend your mum's away."

I let him think that over for a bit then said again, "I don't tell you what you must and mustn't do, but are those fucking trousers gonna get round your ankles or what?"


I giggled and, with a bit of difficulty unbuttoned my school trousers and pulled them down to my ankles.

"You want my pants down too?" I was joking with Rob, giving him a little grin as I teased him a bit.


"Depends if you want your cock sucked or just want to sit there and let your legs get cold," I shrugged as though I didn't care which Dylan opted for. I was gagging to get his cock in my mouth, of course, and the little sod knew that, but we were well comfortable enough with each other to be able to do some teasing, and, in a way, that made what we did even more fun.


"Guess it wouldn't be fair to stop a Perv getting at my cock," I grinned and shimmied out of my undies, exposing my groin.

My cock was already semi hard and I had to stop it flicking up against my school jumper and leaving a pre-jizz stain on my clothes.


"I'm glad that you have at least learned that fit boys have cocks entirely for the purpose of letting pervs get at them," I kept my face straight while I said it, but giggled after, and made a 'Mmmmmm' when Dylan tugged his pants down to reveal his semi. I went down quickly, hoping to get it in my mouth before it completed its rise - I love it when a boy hardens in my mouth.

While I was getting my first taste of the day, I flipped open the glove box and took out a tube of lube. I'd come prepared this time, and Dylan was going to get a finger up his hole while he was being sucked.


I moaned as Rob took my cock into his mouth. It felt so good and I moaned again, not caring anymore about the noises I made as Rob sucked me. I loved these feelings and never wanted them to end. "Sooooo good," I moaned and writhed, bucking my hips a bit as I did so.


Dylan loved being sucked, he just loved it! So easy to understand that now he'd discovered how good it was he wanted to try as many mouths as he could.

I opened the tube, popped some lube on my middle finger and reached underneath him. He loved being sucked, but he loved it even more when he had a finger up inside him.


I groaned as I felt Rob's hand slide underneath me. I knew where he was going and wanted him to get there so raised up on my haunches to let him in. His finger found my hole and I moaned loudly, I was hungry to be filled down there, to have the warm wet feeling inside and I raised myself up more. "Yeah make me wet yeh," I was moaning, not entirely sure what I was saying but wanting to let Rob know how much I loved it.


My Dylan was a boy created for a perv to enjoy; didn't matter a toss if he thought he was a straight kid who just happened to find a bit of cock was fun, he was made for a perv like me, and, my finger twitched inside him as the thought came to my mind, for boys as well, boys who knew cocks were fun.

I gobbled him ravenously, and fingered him, searching for his 'spot'. Normally I'd take as long as possible over sucking a boy, but I wanted Dylan to spurt in a hurry. There was stuff that needed talking about and I couldn't do that with his cock in my mouth. This Ethan was a possibility, a chance to ease my Dylan a bit further along the road to wanting cock and only cock, to forget all about the supposed lure of cunt, to, and I thought of it that crudely, to make Dylan my bum boy, and probably Ethan's bum chum as well.


I let out a high pitched whine as Rob's fingers found the spot inside me that made my insides tingle like crazy. I bucked my hips forward, trying to hump Rob's mouth, and I felt my balls twitch then explode. Rob's fingers always did that to me, they seem to jump start my insides into spurting and I loved the hot wet feeling that it left me with once he was done.


Dylan spunked, he spunked big for a boy of thirteen, a lovely, sweet mouthful, not yet boy cream, but it seemed a little less like the skimmed milk of his first spunkings in my mouth, though they'd only been a couple of weeks ago.

I licked him clean, eased my finger out from his hole and gave him a tissue to clean his bum with.

"Lube marks on your pants might get mum asking questions," I grinned when he wondered why I wanted him to wipe his arse.


I moaned and wiped my bum hole, taking the opportunity to slip a finger inside and give it a last bit of finger fun. I had worked out how to do that during a late night wank session and was now fingering myself regularly. Screwing the tissue up I wriggled my pants and trousers up my legs. It was unlikely that anyone would see us but I thought it was best to not be half naked if they did.


I lit a fag while Dylan heaved his pants and trousers back up, and when he was ready I started on what I hoped might be the next step of converting him into a proper bum boy.

"You a bit keen on this Ethan then," I said in a nice way, encouraging him to tell all, "Sort of fancy him loads?"


"Yeah he's proper cool," I straightened my clothes as Rob lit a cigarette and smoked out of the window. "Like he's fun to hang around with as well, we have a good laugh and snog loads." Ethan shared my love of kissing, and we would spend as long as possible snogging each other's faces off.


"Kid you'd have as a mate, then, not just a kid with a cock like that Jay?" I slipped an arm round him so he'd get the idea I wasn't at all jealous, "And it don't bother you that he's gay?"


"Nah its cool, like he's gay but not camp." I lay my head on Rob's shoulder, enjoying being close to him. "Guess I like him more than a mate," I nestled into Rob, no longer worried he would be jealous. "Like we're boyfriends and I want to suck him and stuff, we've chatted about it loads and he wants to suck me but we just ain't had the chance."


"Chance will come, my lovely one," I gave him a little kiss on his cheek, Chance will come when you can really enjoy doing stuff with him, take my word for it." Hopefully I'd planted a seed in Dylan's mind, a seed that might grow into wondering just where that chance might come. "And you ain't bothered that, cos you're mates with a gay kid, peeps will start thinking that you're gay as well?" Being gay was something I wanted Dylan to really think about, to come to terms with and accept that he was really a boy for cock and cunts could go fuck themselves.


"I dunno," those thoughts had occurred to me and I was worried what my other mates would say when they met Ethan. Not everyone knew he was gay, but he was a skater kid, a different tribe to my footie mad mates, and I wondered if they would like him. "Like I don't care he's gay but other people..." My voice trailed off and I snuggled into Rob, wishing everyone could be cool like him. "But I really like Ethan and I don't care if people don't like him cos he's gay," I wanted to be loyal to my new mate.


"Just what you should think," I squeezed his shoulder, "If you like him, want him as a mate, a proper mate, and you'd want that even if you didn't want to eat his face and suck his cock cos you're a proper straight kid and never had a gay thought in your life, then be happy to have him as a mate and if anyone says things just tell them that they're uptight bigots and can go fuck themselves. And," a bigger hug and squeeze this time, "Proud of you for thinking like that."


I giggled and nestled into Rob's arm. "Me and him are boyfriends though.." My voice trailed off, I wasn't totally sure I was gay, didn't want to think of myself as that, but also knew that straight boys didn't have boyfriends and spend their free time snogging gay boys.


"I should hope so," I grinned along with another hug, "Wouldn't want to think you went around eating the face of any kid just cos he was a bit fit."


"Does that mean I'm gay?" I didn't look at Rob when I asked him he question, though I was curious. A little bit worried as well, but mainly because 'gay' was an insult to my existing gang of mates and I didn't want to fall out with them. The thought of cocks and having fun with them now excited me, and I was beginning to think that maybe I was.


"Might be," I shrugged as if that enormous thing for a boy was a matter of no importance whatsoever, "Might just like a bit of cock now and again. Don't matter a fuck, you're still Dylan, even if you are a straight Dylan with two boyfriends." I gave him a grin and yet another hug.


I smiled and nestled into Rob, feeling safe and warm in his arms. I wished Ethan could be here to, the three of us all cuddled up. I wanted to have hugs with Ethan as well as snog him, to snuggle up in bed with no clothes on and see his body. So far we had only seen each other's cocks flopped out of our pants and a quick feel up inside each other's hoody.


"You know boyfriends like to know stuff about each other," I moved my hand from round him to his leg so I could carry on smoking my fag, "Not nosey, like, just want to know as much about each other as they can, see how and where they fit together." What I was after was getting Dylan to ask me how much I thought it was okay for him to tell, and, of course, him telling things to Ethan was the first step into me being able to get another thirteen year old to play with.


"He's asked about you loads," I had been evasive about 'Rob' to Ethan, something which just made him more curious. I had mentioned that Rob and I had smoked weed together and we might be able to get more off him. That had made Ethan really curious, he didn't like Jay and wanted a new source of gear for us to smoke. Of course he also wanted to know what I was getting up to, and my half-answers were making him even more curious.


"And what have you told him? He's got to know something eventually if he's gonna have to share you with me, and if he's gay, I wouldn't mind betting he's thinking already that there's something you're not telling, and that something has to do with cock."


"I said me and you had smoked weed and you were older. I think he reckons your Tom's age but he asked me if we could get weed off you. Like what should I do if he wants to know more?" I was totally torn, wanting to tell Ethan the truth but not wanting to run the risk of being caught.


"In the end, you're the one who's going to decide what to say and, know what? I trust you completely. Get to know the lad a bit more, be sure in yourself that he's a real mate and not just a kid with a nice cock, then you can let slip a few things. Stuff like your weed supply is not a lad, you reckon he's a perv or you know he's a perv cos he wants your cock. Whatever you think it's right to say. And, by the way," I grinned at him, "You've only ever smoked a couple of joints at my place, I've never supplied you with any."


I nestled into him, realising what he meant. Rob would let me smoke weed at his house but wouldn't deal it out so me and my boyfriend could smoke it at home. I guessed that was sensible, but it did mean I would have to somehow introduce Ethan to Rob without him freaking if we wanted to get high together. "Gonna meet up with him tomorrow again then maybe have a sleepover on Sat," Mum was around and I couldn't get away though she wouldn't mind me having a mate over to stay. I was looking toward to that, hoping me and Ethan could sneak into bed together once she had gone to sleep.


"Good job I can't see you on Sunday then," I sniggered, "At least there's an outside chance you're balls will have filled up again by after school on Monday." I groped his groin, because it was Dylan's groin and it was there, even though there was nothing to feel because of his trousers and pants.

"I reckon a few questions are gonna be asked when the lights are out and you've sucked each other dry."


"I know," I wasn't sure how I was going to answer those questions and wanted to stay with Rob where everything was ok. But one look at the clock let me know that wasn't going to be possible. Mum would want me home soon, and I would have to go back to my normal life.


"Just remember, when it's question time, that you're both thirteen year old boys and are curious as fuck about stuff. You can bet Ethan's seen a bit of porn so no probs at all for you to be curious about what he thinks about stuff like getting tied up and spanked. When you know what he thinks about that sort of thing then you can tell him that you've tried it and it's a big, big turn on, or keep your mouth shut about it. Easy to do when it's two horny boys just being curious. Now you gotta give me a decent snog before I get you home."


I giggled and happily bent my head round so Rob could snog me. Our lips mashed together and our tongues danced, making me moan in the seat. I loved the taste of Rob, his cigarette tinged mouth seemed so mature and grown-up, totally different to Ethan's taste of chewing gum and milkshake.


"One thing you must not forget," I said when we'd finished eating the insides of each other's mouths, "I fucking love you like crazy."

I put the car in gear and drove us back to suburbia.


"I love you too, I'm still your boy." I gave Rob a cheeky little grin as I got out of his car, looking forward to telling him all about what I got up to with Ethan when I next saw him.


It was going to be a long weekend, as weekends were now because there was no Dylan around, but at least I'd get a long distance look at him and his new boyfriend at the skatepark on Saturday morning before they spent the rest of the day and night doing what boys do.

The skatepark was a bit awkward, hard to get close enough for anything like a decent look, but I had what I thought was a brilliant idea and went over to sit by it with a sketchbook in my hand. If anyone started having thoughts about a guy perving on the boys I'd show the sketch I was making, just of the facility, no boys in it at all. I'd just tell them that I wrote boys' adventure stories, which I did, and was making a sketch of a setting for a chapter in one of them.

Worked a dream, only one old dear wanted to see what I was drawing and when I told her she just said, "Oh, how nice," and wandered off.

Ethan, though I couldn't get a good look because of his winter clothing, pinged my gaydar straight off. About the same size and shape as Dylan, and, just as Dylan had when I first saw him, he had that 'I wank loads' aura around him. If I'd come across him before I spotted Dylan, I would certainly have hunted him.

"Good choice, Dylan," I smiled to myself, sneaked an unobserved by anyone else 'thumbs up' to my boy and headed back home to watch porn and wank.


The skatepark was empty on Saturday morning and Ethan and I could ride it uninterrupted which was sooo cool. It had been a great idea to come early, and I gave Ethan a smile as we came off our boards at the top of the ramp and settled down into a more sheltered corner out of the cold November wind. Rob had told me he might come and check out Ethan on Saturday morning and I had been worried at first, but Ethan had not twigged we were being watched and the idea that Rob was 'hunting' my boyfriend, as he liked to call it, had me amused and giggling.

"What's funny?" Ethan was rolling the last of our weed into a little spliff. Jay hadn't given us much and we had smoked it all over the course of the week. I let him take the first puff and then took a small drag myself, not wanting to smoke it too quickly as we would have no more once it was gone. The skatepark was cold and Ethan and I wriggled closer and then had a quick weed tasting snog, giggling as we did so. Our hoods were up but I put my hand on his chin as we kissed, and he nibbled my bottom lip then kissed my nose as we broke the snog.

"Fuck you taste good," I giggled and popped fruit pastel in my mouth, giving Ethan one as well. We chewed thoughtfully for a moment, enjoying sitting so close and holding hands.

"You still ok to stay tonight?" Ethan was supposed to be having a sleepover at my place, and I was looking forward to spending the whole night with my boyfriend.

"Yeah Mum don't mind," Ethan took another little drag and handed the joint to me to take a minuscule puff. "Your Mum don't mind?"

"Nah she don't mind mates staying, won't be up every five minutes disturbing us either." I gave Ethan a grin which he returned, and we snogged some more looking forward to what we would get up to.

"Want to 69?" I gave Ethan a look, making it obvious that I didn't know what that was, and he giggled a bit. "Where we suck each other's cocks at the same time?" I smirked, not quite understanding how that was possible but being well up for it. "Gotta teach you some new stuff," Ethan was laughing at my naivety and I gave him a playful punch. "Bet I've done stuff you ain't," he looked at me and gave me a look that said 'go on tell me' and I gave a little shrug as if to say doing sex stuff was no big deal.: "Been fingered loads," Ethan giggled at that and we snogged again, "Been tied up as well." I was worried at what he would say to that, but loved being tied up so much felt that I had to tell him.

"No way?!" Ethan's response was half a question half a dismissal of that, and I laughed, pleased to have done something he hadn't.

"Yeah, you into that?" Ethan took another drag on the spliff and giggled. "Dunno, never done it. Seen it in porno though." He hadn't laughed at me for doing that stuff which made me relieved, and I got up and dropped into the ramp and had a quick skate while he smoked some more of the joint.

"So who tied you up?" I came up to the top of the ramp and settled back down next to Ethan, getting as close as possible because it was cold and because I fancied him.

"My mate Rob," I tried to sound nonchalant and flicked my head to get my hair out of my face. I had it grow out from a mop into more of a skater boy haircut. I was beginning to copy Ethan's style as well. I now wore skinny jeans pulled right down to reveal my bum covered pants, a surf tee shirt and hoody.

"Guy you get weed off?" Ethan's voice perked up at the mention of Rob, he had been on at me to get more weed as he didn't want to go and see Jay again. Neither of us had much cash and neither of us wanted to give Jay a bj.

"He lets me smoke it round his place," I shrugged, and Ethan gave me a quizzical look. "He live local?"

"Nah have to drive there," Ethan gave me another look as if to say how come he's got his own house and car. I didn't really want to answer those questions so bent into Ethan for another taste of my boyfriend, something he was happy to give me.

"Fuck it's freezing," neither of us really wanted to go home where we would have to watch out for Mum, but a skatepark in November wasn't a place to hang out in for that long.


On impulse I picked up my phone and found the app Dylan had put on so we could chat in secret. I hadn't got round to using it before, but, missing the little sod, I sent."He looks yummy. Have too much fun"


My phone buzzed and I pulled it out of my pocket and smiled when I saw it was from Rob. The app had the ability to do video calling and a naughty idea came into my head. "You want say hi to Rob?" I grinned at Ethan, we could send a one way video message and I thought Rob might like to see a close up of Ethan's face. "Yeah sure!" Ethan was amused by the idea and huddled in close to me.

I quickly typed a message abc. "Wanna say hi on vid? "


Dylan's reply confused me for a bit, I hadn't worked out how to do the vid bit before, but sussed it easily enough and sent back "Say Hi to you any way you want."


I giggled, old people and phones didn't mix well - something I had learnt from Mum. I could set up the call my end, something I did with a few swipes and the screen suddenly filled with Ethan and I's faces in close up. It was a one way video so we couldn't see Rob.


"Fuck" I breathed when the screen showed close ups of the two boys. Ethan was lush! Not beautiful like my Dylan was beautiful, but then, I spose I'm a bit biased there, but he was a seriously cute boy, a boy worthy of any perv's bed!

"Can I say what I think or do I have to be careful?" I sent.


"Down at the skatepark so say what you fucking like!" I was enjoying being naughty and Ethan laughed at my swearing, took a drag on the remnants of the spliff and blew smoke at the screen.


"If that's Ethan, then he is fucking lush!" I typed "Good choice Dylan hehe" and, knowing it was perhaps too much too soon, I sent it.


Ethan laughed at that. "What the fuck?" He wasn't annoyed, just surprised and got right in and kissed the screen with his lips. "Thanks Rob!" He was laughing, and passed me the spliff. "When you gonna give us more weed Rob?" Ethan was clearly enjoying chatting to the unknown person who thought he was fit.


"Look blue the pair of you," I typed, "So anything to warm a boy like you up."

Again, risky as fuck, but what the hell.


I laughed and put my arm around Ethan. "Fuckin' freezing Rob," I took a drag on the spliff, showing off a bit and blew smoke to my side. Ethan was close and I nibbled his ear making him laugh then his face changed to one of alarm. I smiled again to let him know Rob was cool and our lips mashed together in a snog. I knew Rob would enjoy that, two boys kissing on the screen, and wanted to put on a show for him.


Watching the boys snog, and I knew Dylan was doing so I could see him and Ethan were really together, I thought fuck it, gone this far so let's fucking push it as far as it can go.

"Know somewhere warmer to do stuff like that." I sent.


"Going back to my house but Mum's in." I gave a shrug as Ethan took a drag on the spliff, blew the smoke into my open mouth then gave me another snog.


"Can't," I typed, "Even on this thing I can tell you've been on the weed. Your mum will go ape!"


"Shit," I realised that Rob was right, me and Ethan were obviously a bit stoned. "Gotta stay here then I guess," Ethan giggled and snogged me, indicating that he didn't mind that idea. Trouble is it looked like it was going to rain, the skatepark was already cold and I didn't fancy getting soaked as well.


"There's somewhere you can go that's safe, and you know where that is. Your choice," that bit was okay, but it was gonna have to be up to Dylan what he did about the rest of the message. "Really mean your choice like what we talked about. Can be just for a chat if you want."


"You want go to Rob's?" I asked Ethan and he gave a little shrug, going to another mate's house was normal though I got the feeling he was a bit suspicious as well. "Don't mind, you got weed we can smoke Rob?" Ethan laughed and I put an arm around him. "Dylan will suck your cock if you give us some weed." Ethan laughed at that and I gave him a little punch, though I was giggling as well.


"Only Dylan?" I sent back, then sent another one "For Dylan's eyes only: better let him know I'm a perv before I come and get you."

Part B

I held the phone close and immediately deleted the message to stop Ethan seeing it. "Rob's older than us, that cool?" Ethan looked really suspicious now, "How old are you Rob?" He gave me a look as well, and I blushed.


"Same as you times three."


It took Ethan a moment to work that out then he gasped. "What the fuck?" He looked at me in shock then a bit angry, "Like what the fuck mate?" He got up as if to leave but I pulled him back. "Rob's cool mate, he don't make me do anything I don't want to do like Jay does." Ethan gave me a slightly embarrassed look but was still clearly shocked at that. "Like just meet Rob, we don't have to go to his place if you don't want to."


"What you wanna do?" I sent, hoping like fuck I hadn't messed things up for Dylan.


Ethan was a still a bit freaked out so I gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "Come on, I've been there and he's cool. It's freezing here and we can do stuff we can't do at home." The seemed to swing it for Ethan and he nodded. "Can you pick us up?" I wanted Rob to come quick in case Ethan changed his mind.


"15 mins if you can survive that long. Turn heating up full and put the pretend log burner on in the lounge before I leave."

It seemed that Dylan had got his boyfriend to come, question was, what to do with them when they were here.


The video call clicked off and I looked at Ethan, for a minute or two we didn't say anything. I was scared he was angry, that he thought I was a freak, that he didn't want to be boyfriends any more. "Where did you meet him?" He asked eventually, and I told him the whole story. I didn't leave anything out, I didn't want to lie to him, and once I was done he gave me a look. "I dunno Dil, sounds well dodge." He kissed me and I slipped my tongue in his mouth, and for a moment we snogged, savouring each other's warm tongues in the cold. "Like if he ain't done anything I guess he's cool." Ethan was still suspicious, like I had been when I first met Rob, and I held his hand.


The two boys were like ice statues when I saw them except that they were stamping their feet in a futile effort to keep warm. As soon as I got in the car park I sounded the horn and they came across in a stumbling sort of run.

"Fuck, you two are frozen," I said, unnecessary because they knew they were.


We dumped our skateboards in the boot of Rob's car and slid into the back seat, me eagerly and Ethan more cautiously. "Hi Rob," I smiled and lent up to the front to give him a hug. Nothing too much, just something to let Ethan know he was cool and not a threat. Ethan was staring at Rob, obviously not quite sure how to react. All the warnings boys our age got about men like Rob were coming into his head, but I seemed so cool with him he didn't quite know what to do.


"Hi Dylan," I said, leaving out all the usual endearments, I thought it probably wasn't the time to tell him he was gorgeous, "Never seen the Eskimo version of you before. And you," I said into the driver mirror, "Must be Ethan. So hi Ethan. I'm Rob, though you can call me what you want and probably will." I drove off, wanting to get the two frozen kids somewhere decently warm as soon as possible.


Ethan smiled nervously and gave me a look as if to say you sure about this? I lent over and squeezed his hand, "Can we smoke a joint at your place Rob?" I want to reassure Ethan, let him know Rob was cool to hang out with.


"Depends what time I've got to get you home," I said in answer to Dylan's question about a joint, "Your mother spots you been on the weed you know she will go ape, and if you're stoned, as I'm damn sure you want to be, it'll be a whole fucking planet of apes descending on you, and if Ethan's stoned she ain't gonna be letting you see him again."


I giggled and Ethan gave a nervous laugh as well. "Said we'd be back later," I wanted to smoke more, the small amount of weed I'd had making me buzz. "Can we get milkshakes on the way?" Ethan also liked those, though he preferred chocolate while I liked strawberry.


"Milkshakes should be safe," I said, pretending to think about it, "I doubt you'll get grounded for smelling of milkshake." Not being a regular milkshake user I only knew the Starbucks I used with Dylan and that wasn't on the way to my place. "Any ideas as to where, Dylan, Starbucks is the other way to my place."


"Yeah Starbucks is cool," Ethan spoke for the first time, getting more daring as he warmed up. "So you some sort of pedo Rob?" He giggled when he said it, giving me a look.


"Bit that way yourself, aren't you? Snogging a boy as young as Dylan?" I grinned into the mirror to show I wasn't the least bit offended, "Been through the correct definition of a pedo with Dylan, so he can explain it all to you. I prefer to think of myself as just an ordinary perv."

As Ethan had brought it up, might as well let him know the truth, I thought.


"Dylan's my age!" Ethan was laughing now, relaxed after seeing me be cool around Rob. He was still suspicious, but also obviously excited by what we were doing. "Bet you loved watching me and Dil snogging," I giggled at that and lent over to kiss him on the lips. We couldn't have a full on face eat as there was traffic about, but it was good to get my tongue in his mouth and taste him.


"Certainly did," I agreed, smiling into the mirror, "And with a bit of luck I'll get to see a live performance later. But don't you go getting any silly ideas about that nasty world out there, Ethan," I switched to serious mode for a moment, "If it knew what you and Dylan did and want to do they'd have you on the psychologist's couch and under the third degree before you had time for another wank."

I took a quick glance in the mirror and saw Ethan looked a bit stunned by that, but if the kid was gay he needed to understand some hard truths


Ethan sat back in the seat as we drove and I wasn't sure if he was having a sulk. He seemed a bit scared by what Rob had said, and as we approached the drive thru I was worried he would get out. "He's right babe," I usually only called Ethan that in snapchat and he looked a bit surprised to hear the word out loud, "If anyone finds out we're screwed. Like no more weed, no more skating, no more being boyfriends." Ethan gave a little nod and ordered a chocolate shake as I asked for a strawberry one.


"The world can be shit for lads like you," I tried to soften things a bit, reckoning I'd said something Ethan had never thought about, "Cos all, no, not true, not all, just most, of the so-called normal cunts who live in it don't understand and don't want to understand. You can't be gay until your sixteenth birthday, think about it before that and you're sick, you're ill and they'll do the damndest to make you better, even if it destroys you in the process. But it ain't all like that, it can be wonderful and beautiful and, more than anything else, it can be fun. Just have to be careful who knows you're having fun, that's all."


"Yeah guess," Ethan was coming out of his sulk as he sucked on his milkshake, he was a bit shaken by what Rob had said and I thought part of it was because he hadn't expected him to talk sense. I guessed he had expected Rob to try and charm us, flatter us, get us to do stuff we didn't want to. The idea that he would want us to be careful clearly surprised him. Smiling I reached out and we held hands as Rob drove, each sucking on our milkshake, occasionally offering the other a suck on the straw.


"Sorry about that, Ethan," I smiled in the mirror again, "Dylan'll tell you I get a bit uptight about stuff now and again, but I don't mean any harm, don't mean to scare you. Just want boys like you to be safe and have all the fun that boys should have."


"Have to do better than that to scare me," Ethan poked his tongue out, it was chocolate coloured form the shake and I giggled. I wanted to snog him, properly snog him and have fun, but we were still in traffic.


"Good lad," I smiled, "But got to warn you; Dylan there has got the biggest pair of balls I've ever come across on a boy, and you'll have to go some if you wanna hang onto him. Be worth trying, though," I grinned widely.


Ethan gave me a look and laughed, we were getting closer to Rob's house and I could tell he was getting excited. "Yeah he said you did some well kinky stuff," Ethan laughed and gave a look and I had a thought. "Can you tie us up Rob?" Ethan looked a bit nervous and I gave him a look as if to say you brave enough to do this shit?


"I wasn't referring to the ones that I'm sure you've already had some acquaintance with" I grinned again, "But to the metaphorical ones. Dylan's got guts, too much guts for his own good at times." I turned into the road that lead to my cottage, "As for games, let's get in, have a warm up and a chat and see what there's time for. May not be more than enough for you two to have a decent snog and get your mouths round other things, which is what you're both dying to do."

I turned into the long drive up to the cottage, flipped the remote for the garage doors to open, "Welcome to Perv's Lair," I said as I drove through the doors.


I giggled, I guessed Rob was right, if we were going to get back home we might not have time for loads of games and I wanted to have a proper full on snog with Ethan somewhere I didn't have to worry about being caught.

Ethan laughed, though he gave me a nervous look as we got out of the car. Heading in to the house I tried to act totally relaxed to reassure him. Kicking my trainers off in the hallway I headed down into the lounge and settled into Rob's well comfy sofa. Ethan settled down next to me, we were both still sucking on our milkshakes and I took the opportunity to snog him. He moaned as our tongues danced, he tasted of chocolate, smelt a bit of weed and I moaned back in pleasure at being so close to him.


"Don't mind me," I laughed as the boys went into full-on snogging mode, "Said I hoped I'd get a live performance."

I lit a fag and looked at them, two boys, so eager to get their tongues in each other's mouth that they hadn't even got round to shedding their winter, outdoor clothes. They would in a minute or two, with the heating up and the gas-fired pretend log stove going full blast it was a fair imitation of a sauna.

I wondered how long it would be before Ethan, when he'd finished snogging, would look out of the window and see Antinous standing there.


We both giggled and moved apart a bit, taking off our jackets. We kept our hoodies on, though we pulled the hoods down as our ears warmed up. Ethan was looking around the room, giggling a bit at the naked statues, and he gave Rob a look. "Can I have one of those?" He motioned to the fags, he was showing off, wanting to be seen as grown-up.


"Course you can," I tossed the packet and lighter to him, "About the only thing that's not allowed here is being straight."

I watched him light up and he lobbed the packet back. Ethan was, unlike Dylan, not unused to cigarettes and he smoked it without a hint of a cough.

"Didn't think to offer your boyfriend one?" I asked.


"He don't smoke fags," Ethan laughed blowing smoke in my direction knowing I didn't like it. "He just sucks their cocks!" Ethan laughed at his own joke and he playfully punched me back. "Tell Dylan he's gay though," Ethan kept telling me I was a gay-boy like him, I didn't want to admit it but was beginning to think I might be.


"Not my place to tell him that, and not yours either. Something he's got to work out and decide for himself, same as you've got to work out for yourself if you're comfortable being in a perv's lair."

I was not going to have Dylan pushed into thinking he might be something he may not be, not by me, not by a thirteen year old boy. I wanted him to be gay, but I wasn't going to force him into that. Show him the way and give him a shove or two, but not force him.


Ethan smoked more and put an arm around me to show there were no hard feelings. He smelled of tobacco and we had another quick snog, enjoying doing it in front of someone else, showing off so openly. "What pervy stuff you into then Rob?" Ethan's confidence was growing, and I looped an arm around his shoulders as we settled into the sofa.


"Nothing nasty. I freely admit that I like boys and that I like having fun with boys, and I get a lot of pleasure out of making boys feel good. Some like to be tied up, some like to be spanked, and some never go beyond wanting to be wanked. If a boy only wants his cock given a seeing to, well, that's okay with me. May be a bit of a waste of a boy, but that's the way it is."

I could have left it there, but it was too good a chance to miss, Ethan wanted to know stuff, so Ethan could tell stuff. "What about you, Ethan? What do you like doing? What do you want to try that you haven't had the chance of trying yet?"


Ethan looked a bit surprised at that. He took a little drag on his fag and gave me a shy look. "Want suck Dylan's cock, get him to suck me," We both giggled at that and had a good face eating snog, "Want to see what his bum hole is like too." We both laughed at that, another long snog, we were getting horny and hands started to explore each other's bodies, making their way through each other's hair, into hoodies, onto legs. "Being tied up sounds cool too, Dil says it's well hot." Ethan looked a bit embarrassed when he said that, and I quickly kissed his nose to let him know it was cool.


"Just see what his bum hole looks like?" I laughed, "Rather a polite way of putting what you really want, I suspect."

Ethan did have the grace to blush at that, confirming that he had hopes and dreams of fucking my boy. Well, why not? I wanted to so why shouldn't Ethan want to.

"If Dylan wants to tell you things he has a fancy for, then that's again, up to Dylan. I've got a pretty good idea of what some of them are, but I'm not giving away Dylan's secrets."

I hoped the look I gave Dylan said, loud and clear, 'Tell him the fuckin' lot. He's safe'.


"I want to suck you too babe," another long snog, more moaning. Ethan was getting horny and I could see his jeans tented and a bit damp. "Want to see you naked too," I blushed a little when I said that as did Ethan. It was taking being 'boyfriends' to the next level, seeing each other naked, going from snogging to the next level.


You and me both! I thought when Dylan said he wanted to see Ethan naked, a bit of live porn show by these two boys would be a wonderful way to pass the afternoon, but I restrained myself and said instead, "You lads want to use a bedroom? I can tell you want to do more than just snog."


I looked at Ethan and he looked at me. We were unsure what to do, we both wanted to have a full on snog-fest, and a bedroom sounded good, but part of me also wanted to do it in front of Rob. I could tell he liked watching, and I gave him a shy smile. "You can come too if you want Rob," Ethan gave me a look and I gave him a shy smile. He didn't object and we got up to go to the bedroom.


"Don't want to stop you doing anything you want to do. ANYTHING," I emphasised, and being two dirty minded boys I knew they'd cotton on to what I meant, "And if me having the privileged position of a spectator is going to get in the way of that, I'll find something to do in the study or the kitchen."


"Nah its cool," Ethan was clearly up for the idea as well, I could see his skinny jeans tented and knew he was as horny as me.


"In that case, gentlemen, up you go. You know which one to use, Dylan." I'd put a jar of lube out on the bedside cabinet ........ just in case it might be needed.


We both giggled and Ethan followed me up the stairs. I knew the way to the bedroom and our hands found each other as we went. I was taking my boyfriend to a bedroom and it felt amazing, we could do whatever we wanted with no mum to get in the way. I pulled my hoodie off when we got inside and Ethan's hands were on my body straight away. We pulled each other close, our lips locking together and we snogged like crazy, pausing a second for Ethan's hoody to come up over his head. We half fell on the bed, still wrapped up in each other's arms, rolling around like crazy in a horny frenzy.


There's only one thing that can get remotely close to being in love with a boy, and that is seeing two boys in love doing what boys have to do.

I followed them into my bedroom quietly, leaving the door open behind me, no need to shut it, no-one to keep out, and slipped into the wicker chair with its back to the window.

I could see the boys perfectly, but if they looked over at me they'd see only a silhouette, not be embarrassed by the way I was drooling at the sight of them.


Ethan's hands were up my shirt now, feeling my body as we tongued each other like crazy. He wasn't trying to grope or wank me, just explore what my body was like and I did the same to him. His skin was soft and warm and I was lost in his smell, a wriggle, a shimmy, a break of the snog for a moment and my tee shirt was off. His followed and we went back to rolling around, our chests exposed and warm as they were pushed together. "Fuck you're fit," Ethan nibbled my ear and I bit his nipple making him moan loudly. "Yeah fuk yeah" my hands were on his bum cheeks now, they felt so good and I squeezed them as we snogged.


I was hard watching them, hardly surprising, really! They seemed to have forgotten that I was there as they explored each other's top halves. Wickedly I hoped they would not stop there.


Ethan was biting my ear and I was eating his nipples. We were both moaning like crazy, lost in our lust and I attacked the buttons of his skinny jeans wanting them out of the way. He had the same idea and went for mine, a task made harder by our insistence at snogging full-on while we did so.


I got up quietly, they didn't even notice, and got out of my jeans. As always I wore nothing underneath, but I wasn't trying to give the boys a show, I just needed to get at my cock. Free of unwanted cloth, I sat back down and had a slow fondle as I watched.


My jeans came down to my knees and with a tug Ethan's did the same. The problem with skinny jeans is that they are a pain to get on and off and we had to break the snog to get free. I saw Rob naked and quickly got back on top of Ethan, snogging him again so he wouldn't notice and get distracted. We were just in pants now, both wearing snug boxer briefs, me Jack Wills grey and him CKs which were bright green.


Dylan saw me, but he ignored what he saw, snogged Ethan again so Ethan wouldn't see, and they stripped each other to their briefs. Thirteen year old boys wearing nothing but briefs are well worth looking at, but I wanted those briefs on the bedroom floor so I could see something even better to look at.


Our hands were in each other's briefs now, we were both moaning, fondling and wanting each other and I tugged at Ethan's undies wanting them gone. I felt mine pulled down and realised he wanted the same. They were soon free, tossed away and we rolled around naked, rubbing our bodies against each other and we snogged and moaned.


And there it was, two naked thirteen year old boys and I had to stop myself from jumping on them, just sit, observe and appreciate.

Dylan's naked body was something I was familiar with, but Ethan's wasn't so I ogled him more. Not quite as slender as Dylan, no fat, just a fractionally more solid build. His legs were long and lovely as a boy's legs should be, but with a shade more definition than Dylan's. Their cocks were similar, almost identical in size, perhaps a fraction more foreskin on Dylan, but Ethan had a lovely one as well. More hair on his, which was both a shame and erotic at the same time - there wasn't enough to spoil things, but there was enough to demonstrate beyond doubt that his cock was in full working order. His bum was fuller as well, cheeks looking as though they were more of a handful than Dylan's, a bum that begged to be rimmed and fucked. Who knows? Perhaps one day ............


We were in a frenzy now, hands on every part of each other, lips locked together and tongues trying to get down each other's throat. "69 yeah," Ethan managed to pant the words into my ear and I didn't understand until he broke the kiss wriggled underneath me and started sucking only my cock. His own cock was right in front of my face and I got the idea, sucking him as he sucked me, loving my first taste of Ethan's privates.

My cock was rock hard in his mouth and the warm wet feel of his sucking had my balls twitching. He sucked harder, getting right down on me and it was too much, my cock twitched and I flooded his mouth and he spurted into mine. It didn't feel like anywhere near as much spunk as Rob, but it was still a lot and I kept sucking wanting every drop.


I watched them spunk, spunk in each other's mouths and then eat that spunk. Somehow I didn't wank, possibly in surprise that they'd got there so quickly.


i kept sucking until I felt Ethan soften in my mouth, my own cock slipped free and we went back to snogging. We were less frenzied now, a slow happy, spunk tasting snog which was more loving than what had gone before. We were wrapped up in each other's arms, snuggled together, happy in our sweaty naked embrace.


My Dylan was gay, I had no doubts about that now. He was so utterly lost in the joy of what they were doing, so completely into it, I just couldn't imagine him being anything like that with a girl, however fit she might be. I was almost in tears, it was so wonderful watching them.


Eventually I had to break the snog, "love you" I mumbles into Ethan's ear. "Love you too," he giggled back and sat up, noticing Rob for the first time and blushing bright red. He clearly had forgotten anyone was watching and I smiled to let him know it was ok. "Like that?" I grinned at Rob.


"I think it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen," I said, and meant every word of it. I scrabbled for my jeans, fished out a handkerchief and had a good blow.

"One thing though, Master Ethan, I'm not sure that I appreciate you trying to steal my boyfriend from me, especially when there's no way I could even dream of competing with that." I said it with a smile and a twinkle, saying I wasn't really serious about the boyfriend stealing bit.


"I, I," Ethan began to protest and then realised Rob was joking. He ran a hand through his sweaty hair and gave me another kiss. He was staring at Rob now, looking him up and down openly, and I guessed he was thinking that he was fit. Giving Ethan a smile I got off the bed and went over to Rob, hugging him to show we were cool. Then slowly, giving Ethan a lingering look, I got down and took Rob's cock in my mouth.


"You don't have to, my love," I whispered when I'd finished gasping with surprise and pleasure when Dylan took me in his mouth, "You don't have to, I know you love me as well. This is a you and Ethan time, and, fuck knows, you won't get enough of those times."

I was ruffling his hair, eyes closed as he sucked me, and didn't stop sucking me.


I was too horny to stop, Rob's cock tasted good and there was no way I was letting it go. Ethan was watching open mouthed, wanking himself a bit as I sucked and I beckoned for him to come over.


"Oh Dylan, my lovely, beautiful. wonderful Dylan," I moaned as he sucked me, forgetting all about Ethan, forgetting I was giving away secrets, and I probably wouldn't have cared anyway. "My lovely Dylan," I moaned again.


I sucked harder, bobbing up and down. I heard something behind me and knew Ethan had come close. I could tell he was wanking, feel his body close to mine and I stroked his leg trying to get him closer still.


"Oh my love, my wonderful, beautiful love, my Dylan," I was just moaning stupidly now, as Dylan worked magic on me. He'd sucked me before but never like this, this wasn't sucking a cock because he liked sucking cock, it was sucking a cock he loved and I could feel the difference.


I could feel Ethan wanking beside me and I knew there was no chance he was going to tell. He loved this as much as I did, and I sucked harder, bobbing my head up and down. Sucking Rob was totally different to sucking Ethan, his cock felt huge in comparison and it filled my mouth, but that somehow just made it more exciting.


"Soon my love, soon," I moaned, ruffling Dylan's hair and stroking his ears as though he was a dog.


I moaned and sucked harder, Ethan was wanking now, I could hear his panting, but I was too busy sucking Rob to look around.


"Oh fuck, oh fuck, love," I gasped as spunk shot up my shaft, and, still utterly oblivious of Ethan, "Eat it my love, eat it aaaaalllllllll." The last word was a mixture of groan, gasp and yell.


My mouth was properly flooded this time, Rob's thick manly sperm filling me up in a way Ethan's jizz couldn't. I could feel it dribbling down my chin but sucked harder, trying to get as much as possible down my neck and I felt something wet and warm hit the side of my face. I realised Ethan had got too excited and jazzed on me, and while I was a little annoyed I was also turned on by the idea.


"Oh shit!" I muttered when I came down a bit and saw Ethan a few feet away, his cock dripping the last of a shooting, "I'm sorry, I forgot you were here. I'm so sorry, you must be embarrassed as fuck. And Dylan. I think I was moaning all sorts of stuff I shouldn't have moaned." I'd forgotten in the shock of seeing Ethan there, that Dylan had just given his best ever blow job.


(Ethan) I stood there blinking, not quite believing what I had just seen. Dylan had just gone down on a guy old enough to be his dad, sucked the biggest cock I had ever seen in real life like his life depended on it, and I had just spunked all over the side of his face. "It's cool," I panted and realised it was. That was possibly the hottest thing I had ever seen, my boyfriend sucking an older guy's cock like a proper pro, and I looked at him with a sly grin. He had seemed so naive when we met, but clearly there was more to him than he let on! As he got up we held each other and had a long spunky snog. I could taste Rob's cum in Dylan's mouth and tongued him hard trying to get a bit for myself.

Dylan and I snogged for a few minutes, running our hands over each other's naked bodies. It felt so hot to be nude with him, to feel his warm skin next to mine and I nibbled on his ear as we broke the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck and snuggling into his back as he turned to face Rob.

"Tie us up please Rob," I didn't disagree with Dylan, liked the idea of doing something he found horny and nibbled his ear some more.


"You know where to go," I said to Dylan, wondering why this request for being tied up seemed so natural, "Study's the best place."

This was way beyond, I'd hoped to get the boys here for a talk ..... this was all something more than a talk!


I followed Dylan downstairs. This was his fantasy more than mine but I still found the idea of being tied by Rob exciting. It was kind of scary but I trusted him not to hurt us. Dylan went into the study, and I realised we were still naked. "Don't we need to get like dressed?" Dylan laughed and shook his head and I laughed as well. Dylan clearly wasn't the good boy I thought he was when I met him.

Once in the study Dylan turned to Rob grinning. "He's got to catch us before he ties us up," he was laughing clearly enjoying the game and his enthusiasm was infectious. "Like when he says go we rush him yeah," Dylan whispered in my ear and I giggled, thinking it a good plan.

I found the necessary ropes, I was going to need twice the usual with two boys to deal with, and, I have to admit that I took my time laying them out on the bed in the study, because I wanted to feast my eyes on Ethan. Well, why not? I hadn't seen his flesh before and I like new boy flesh.


I giggled as Rob looked me up and down. He was sizing me up and I liked that he found me attractive. He gave me a lingering look and I took hold of Dylan's face and snogged him deeply, my hand on his cock. "Like that?" I was giggling now, enjoying teasing him and being with my boyfriend.


"Get your naughty, dirty gay hands off my poor, innocent boyfriend!" I mock snarled, my signal that the game was ready to start.


Dylan and I both laughed and had a lingering snog to tease Rob more. As Rob told us the game was on we both looked at each other giggling then, with a slight nod of our heads, launched ourselves at Rob trying to bundle him over.


It was too easy. They tried coming at me, not as a close pair, but one from 10 o-clock and one from 2. Dylan had learned a little from his first time, but still thought, stupidly, that being as there were two of them, they'd have no trouble, Ethan was just all rush and bluster, and as he launched himself I did a hip sway, put out my right arm and simply caught him, lifted him off his feet and held him.

That almost distracted my concentration from Dylan, because holding a naked thirteen year old boy is very distracting, but I got my eyes back on Dylan in time, took a step forward with my left foot. ducked a bit so my arm went in low, round his groin so he had no balance and I lifted him and parked him over my left shoulder. One naked boy in each arm and both wriggling and leg thrashing and yelling dirty words.


I cried out as Rob scooped me up and slammed me over his shoulder. My body smacked against his and the wind went out of me for a moment, and when I recovered I found myself draped over Rob's shoulder my groin in his shoulder and my face pressed into his back. I struggled wildly but he was strong, much stronger than me, and I looked over and saw Dylan held in the same position. "Let me go! Let me fucking go!" I was laughing hard, still struggling but enjoying the rough and tumble of the game.


"Certainly," I said to Ethan's demands to be let go, when I've got you nicely trussed up."

I moved towards the bed with two naked boys. spun round in a circle and dumped Dylan down on the bed.

Ethan I held onto, and with the position he was in. his ankles were the obvious starting point. The ropes were already looped and with a free hand now Dylan was still bouncing on the bed. I picked one up, got hold of one madly thrashing leg, gripped it and got the other, slipping the noose round his feet and ankles and pulling it tight enough to hold him.

He wasn't going anywhere now, so it was a simple matter to dump him on the bed, grab his wrists and complete the task.

I say simple, but it was made a bit more awkward by Dylan leaping at me and trying to stop me from trussing up Ethan.

Dylan was even easier, he committed suicide, running across the room and launching himself at me with a wild yell of "Geronimo!"

He landed on my chest and allowed himself to be captured and tied. I had the distinct feeling he was eager to see where the game went next.

I dumped him on the bed beside Ethan and helped myself to a fag.


(Ethan) I was laughing like crazy by the time Dylan was dumped on the bed next to me. I could see why he liked this game, the rough and tumble bit with Rob was great fun but the feeling of being trussed up was amazing. Your arms and legs were stuck together and you could only wriggle around, something that usually made your cock hard as it jiggled about. As Rob got a fag Dylan and I wriggled close to each other and tried to undo each other's knots with our teeth, of course we could'nt get any purchase on the ropes but it was fun to try.


There was time to extend the game a bit so I went into evil foreign agents roles.

"Vot do ve do vith these boys, Professor, You vant zem for your experiments?


I could hear Rob's funny voice and laughed even harder, I could tell Ethan was enjoying the game and that made me happy.


"Ja," I said in another voice, "Zeez boys I think are boy who like eack ozzer. Them ve vill tir togzzer and zee vot happens.


I wasn't sure what Rob was saying but his funny voice was making me laugh. "HELP! HELP!" I yelled out loud, sure no-one would hear, giggling as I did so.


"Zere iz no help for you here boy, "You are in the hands of the agents of the Perv Republic and ve have vays of making you spunk."


I was wriggling like crazy, Dylan actually got his teeth around one of the knots and I felt it loosen a bit though we were both laughing far too hard to do much.


"How shall ve make zem spunk, professor, face to face or bum to bum?"


I was laughing too much to loosen Ethan's bonds with my teeth. I didn't want to get free anyway, enjoying being tied up like this and seeing Ethan trussed up as well. Bum to Bum sounded interesting and I gave Rob a curious look.


"If ve do zem face to face their little fingers may get at each ozzers cocks and ve vill no zee zem spunk. Bum to bum it must be."


I was giggling now, my hysterics having subsided a bit. I thrashed around trying to get free but the ropes were too tight.


"Bum to bum it must be zen. But how vill ve make zem spunk?

Bum to bum, yes, but zey have finger and I zink it vill not be long before zey start to feel each ozzers bum, and zoon zey vill vant to get a finger in ze crack hehehehe," I finished with an evil laugh.


I giggled and wriggled around, sticking my tongue out at Rob. I wriggle up to Dylan we gave each other a quick snog, horny from the game.


A simple matter to pick the boys up, put them on their feet back to back making sure their hands could indeed get a good feel of each other's bums, and then loop rope around their chests and thighs. The advantage of the bum to bum position was that I had an uninterrupted view of cocks, and the boys had been given the freedom to do a bit of crack fingering which, in normal circumstances, they might not have got around to for a while.


I giggled as Rob bound Dylan and I back to back. We were both wriggling and it took us a moment to make sure we were balanced, and we stood still panting to get our breath back. After a moment or two I heard Dylan giggle and felt his fingers explore my bum crack. His wrists were bound together behind him but that meant his fingers in the perfect place for my crack, and with a bit of wriggling he got them into my crack searching for my bum hole. "Oooh," I moaned, wriggling to try and get at him in return.


"You zee, professor, now zey find ze cracks and zoon zey vill find ze holes and zen .....zen ve vill see zeir cocks stand up"


I wriggled more, my fingers exploring Dylan's crack. It was awkward to do this with our hands bound but somehow that made it more exciting. Dylan's fingers found my hole and pressed it experimentally and I let out a loud moan. I had managed to get one of my own fingers up there but apart from that it was unexplored.


I could see from the boys' faces, the little noises they made, that they'd got the idea and were making some attempts to finger each other. Good.

I moved round to face Ethan, lit another fag and concentrated on his cock. He knew well enough what I was looking at, and my stare, probably combined with Dylan's exploring finger, produced a slow rise. I allowed a little smile onto my face as he rose, licked my lips in a way that meant only one thing, and then moved round to face Dylan. He was, not unsurprisingly being the boy he was, was already fully upstanding and I couldn't resist treating myself to a feel. He grinned at me, as I knew he would and I had another, very wicked, very evil idea. I got a tube of lube out of my desk drawer - I keep the stuff handy everywhere in case a boy comes calling, and went back to Dylan, whispering, very softly in his ear.

Can you ease your hand out a bit, love?" and when he did I squeezed some lube on his fingers, "Now try again," I mouthed at him, and he grinned even wider at me and slid his hand back to Ethan's bum.

Back to look at Ethan again, I wanted to see his eyes widen if Dylan's lubed finger managed to make an entrance.


I wriggled in the ropes but managed to get my bound hands out a little. Rob squeezed a dollop of the cold lube on my fingers and I went straight back to Ethan's crack. It was difficult to get my bound hands into his crack and even when I did it was still hard to get them near his hole. I wanted to explore him, get my fingers up his hole and see if I made him wet the way Rob made me wet. Ethan was moaning and wriggling, his skin warm against my back and I explored his crack moaning myself.

He was smooth down there, my fingers warm in the embrace of his bum cheeks and I ran my hands up and down until my digits brushed his hole. That made him squirm and moan like crazy and I knew he wanted this, rubbed it again and heard him moan louder then tickled his hole until the end of one of my fingers slipped in.


Ethan's eyes went wide and a little gasp escaped his lips, his cock jerked and his body writhed a little. I smiled in pleasure at the sight and in pleasure as well that my Dylan was fingering his first hole.

I felt a strange sense of pride as well because I had made this possible for him. He would have discovered it for himself at some time, of course, maybe later tonight, but I'd made it possible for him to do without any anxieties that he may be going too far, doing something that Ethan allowed but didn't want. Tied and in the game as they now were, no worries like that could spoil things for him, he could enjoy the delight of fingering Ethan's hole in total safety.


I moaned and writhed as Dylan teased my hole. Ha finger probed around, his bound hands trying to get in and I screwed my eyes close.

"Yeah yeah"

Dylan wriggled more and suddenly his finger was in me. It was the same size as my own finger which had been up there a few times but it felt so different. Now I wasn't in control of how it moved, where it went or what it touched, and that made the experience even more exciting.

"Oh yeah yeah," I was panting now, my cock rock hard and sticking out.


I watched the pleasure Dylan was giving Ethan with his finger etch itself on Ethan's face, his eyes screwed shut, his breath in little gasps. His delicious cock was solid and twitching, jerking even as Dylan fingered him.

Even if Dylan found his spot, massaged his prostate, I doubted if the boy would spunk, boys his age rarely spunk from prostate massage alone, but what a sight it would be if he did!

'Go for it Dylan,' I was wishing, 'Pound that spot, make him spunk!'

I got the chair from my desk, dragged it across so I could sit and observe the effects Dylan's finger were having on Ethan. It was obvious that my Dylan had at least one finger well inside, and judging by the boy's screwed shut eyes and the biting of his lips, Dylan's finger or fingers were doing a good job in there. Had Ethan's hands been free he'd have been wanking furiously, but he could do no more than move his hips, fuck nothing but air with his solid, thirteen year old cock, and push his arse back on the finger inside him.

I lit another cigarette and watched with pleasure and some amusement Ethan's efforts to achieve a climax. I could easily have assisted those efforts but Ethan had not asked me to touch his cock, and even when I'd grabbed him and held him for tying I'd been careful to avoid the temptation of groping him. Partly because I have a firm rule that I never feel a boy where he does not wish to be felt, and Ethan, I knew, though he was happy enough now to be naked for me to look at, even enjoyed the blatant looks of assessment and approval I had given him, was not yet ready to be touched. He felt no embarrassment at me staring at his solid cock, watching him being fingered, observing his efforts to will his spunk to shoot; he would even not object at this moment if I wanked him or sucked him, but his mind was not yet at the point where he could bring himself to ask a perv to do that.

He needed to understand that pervs like me are safe, we will take our pleasure from a boy eagerly enough, but only when the boy wants that, when it will be a pleasure for him, not just for a spunking, but for many more spunkings afterwards.

Ethan was not at that point yet, he had some thinking to do before he was; thinking about the events of today, deciding if he wanted a man as Dylan wanted and needed a man, or whether, for a while at least, he was 'boys only'.


"Oooh yeah, yeah, yeah!" Dylan's finger made its ways inside me and I wriggled like crazy. I wanted to get his fingers properly up me, but the ropes binding us together restricted our movements. I had to make do with pushing my bum back, trying to force his finger further up and I let out a high pitched whine of frustration.


`Come on Dylan' I urged mentally, 'finger that hole deep. Wiggle about in there, find his spot and punish it!


Ethan was wriggling like crazy now. That made getting my fingers in his bum hole more difficult but also more exciting and I let out a loud moan as my finger got a bit further in. My cock was sticking straight out at ninety degrees but with my hands tied I couldn't do anything about it.


Ethan's eyes screwed up even more and he bit his lips again; Dylan had obviously got inside and Ethan equally obviously loved the fact that he had!

Work that finger! I silently urged again. This was a totally boy thing and I wasn't going to conduct it for them.

I'd given the boys a chance to do a bit of exploring, be a bit adventurous, do things they both wanted to do but might feel they didn't know each other well enough yet to take the risk of doing, but could do, tied together in this game without bothering their minds about it.

And, if things worked out as they seemed to be doing, they'd both have no problems when it came to bed time tonight, and just might go a bit further still. I really wanted to be the one to pop Dylan's cherry, but I had a feeling that Ethan might just beat me to it, and, I almost surprised myself by thinking it, I wouldn't in the least bit upset if he did!

It'd be a lot easier for Dylan if Ethan's was the first cock to go in him, and I was happy that it might be. Better for a boy like Dylan, still not quite sure about the way he was swinging, to be fucked first by another boy and a boy of his own age - that way he could always rationalise it in his mind later, if he finally decided on cunt instead of cock, that it was just a 'boy' thing and nothing more. He wouldn't be able to do that if the first cock inside him was a perv's cock.

Easier fit, as well, I grinned to myself as I watched Ethan's delicious thirteen year old cock throbbing with lust, wouldn't stretch Dylan anywhere near as much as mine would and it would make it easier for me as well, when my turn came.


I bounced back, eager for more of Dylan inside me. I was an enthusiastic fingerer of my hole but the feeling of someone else up there was amazing and I was panting and moaning like crazy. I wanted more of Dylan inside me, but tied like this that was going to be hard.

"Please untie us!" I was begging now, giving Rob a pleading look wanting to get free so Dylan could really get at me.


"No chance," I shrugged, "Far too much fun watching you like this, seeing you wriggle around trying to get more of Dylan's finger up your bum. No way am I going to miss out on entertainment like this. It's pure perv's delight."


I moaned in frustration and screwed my eyes shut. I wanted Dylan inside, like all his fingers, maybe his cock, everything.

"Please Rob!" I panted and gave him a pained expression hoping he would take pity on me.

"Please, I'll suck your cock!" The words sort of slipped out of my mouth and I was a bit worried Dil would be upset, but if he was he showed no sign of it and just fingered me more.


"Sorry," I grinned, "I don't take bribes, and anyway, you belong to Dylan, not me. Not right to go round offering to suck some perv's cock just because your boyfriend can't get enough finger in for you."

The offer was tempting, fuck me, was it tempting! but Ethan had to go away from here untouched by me, he had to know for sure that I was really safe. Sure, I liked boys, but I wanted him to understand that I didn't just use boys.

I wanted Ethan's mouth on my cock, I wanted my mouth on his, I wanted to fuck him till his brains were on the floor, but not now, not yet. He had to want that too, really want it, and, even more importantly, Dylan had to want me to fuck Ethan as well and that meant I had to fuck Dylan first. I didn't think he'd ever forgive me if I got into Ethan's arse before his.


I wasn't bothered that Ethan had offered to suck Rob's cock. I knew he had sucked Jay and a couple of older lads at the skatepark off for weed and knew this was just his way of getting what he wanted. I was still a bit nervous about doing stuff with guys where as he was more comfortable with his sexuality. In fact he saw giving blowjobs as the perfect way to get what he wanted, he got to suck a cock (something he was always hungry for) and got weed or stuff off his skater mates as well.

I suddenly realised that made Ethan a bit of a slut, and was a bit jealous of him for it. I had quite liked getting one over on Jay by sucking him and getting a tenner and thought that maybe I might do that again. I wanted to be a slut-boy like Rob had described, and thrust my finger in a bit harder as the dirty thoughts went round my head. With a wriggle I managed to get another finger near Ethan's hole and with a bit more wriggling got that one in as well.


Ethan's eyes suddenly screwed up even tighter and a long moan escaped from his lips.

Dylan had obviously managed to get in a bit deeper and Ethan clearly more than just loved having something up his hole! That boy was going to be one magic fuck, no doubt about that!

And if my plans worked out, he was going to get fucked tonight and my Dylan would be the one doing the honours.

"Finger him deep, Dylan, work on that arse! Let's see if he's a proper gay boy and spunks just from having his arse seen to."

Dirty talk, I was sure, would make my Dylan work even harder on Ethan's hole.


"Yeah I'm a proper gay boy," I was moaning loudly now, gyrating my hips to get Dylan's fingers as deep as possible into me. I loved Rob's dirty talk and wanted to hear him say naughty words.

"Finger me more Dil, do it hard!" I was surprised when that slipped out of my mouth but meant every word of it, and articulating my thoughts made me bolder.

"Want you to bum me babe, bum me hard!"


That was what I was wanting to hear, Ethan begging for cock inside him. He wasn't going to get it now, but I was sure now that Dylan would have his first ever fuck tonight. Again, I'd wanted that first fuck to be in my arse, but, hell, Ethan was going to give him lots of fun, and I had no regrets or jealousy.

"Finger him hard, Dylan," I called, "I want to see his gay boy spunk spurt."


My own cock twitched and got even harder as Ethan shouted out the stuff about wanting me to bum him. Despite not being sure if I was gay or not I really wanted that, in fact if we hadn't been tied in place I would have probably jumped on him and stuck my cock up his bum hole there and then.

"Let me bum him Rob!!" I was pleading as I fingered him, wanting to get more than my middle and smaller digit up inside my boyfriend.


I got out my chair and walked round the tied and naked boys. Dylan's lovely cock was sticking straight out, barely four inches, but what luscious inches they were.

I cupped his smooth balls and fondled them, imagining what that was doing to a rampantly horny thirteen year old boy with a finger or two in his thirteen year old boyfriend's arse.

"Get him open, love, get him longing for this lovely cock of yours, and then tonight, fuck his fucking brains out."

Dylan's face contorted with need and my fondling of his balls made his fingers work even harder.


I writhed and moaned, thrusting my hips forward to try and hump Rob's hand as I finger Ethan's hole harder and harder. The rougher I got the more he seemed to enjoy it and I was getting really horny.

"Yeah bum, me bum me", I could hear him moaning as I fingered him and the dirty words made my cock even stiffer.

"Yeah fuck me hard," I hadn't meant to join in but the words seemed to just skip out of my mouth. "Wanna be bummed hard and suck your cock."


I knew my Dylan liked what I'd done to his bum before, that he'd almost asked me to bum him, was surprised that I hadn't, and now he was saying again that he wanted cock in him, and saying it loud and clear.


My cock twitched and jumped like crazy as Dylan shouted that he wants to be bummed and suck cocks. It was so exciting to hear my normally shy boyfriend shout all that dirty stuff and I was more than happy to help him do that stuff.

Dylan's fingers were digging around in my bum like crazy. They seemed to make my insides warm and wet, and just when I thought it could get no better they found a special place that seemed to make my whole body tingle and then explode.

I screwed my eyes closed and let out a loud high pitched cry as my cock twitched and fired across the room.


I saw Ethan's body jerk which meant Dylan had found the spot, and I nipped back round the other side to watch Ethan's spunk spurt.

And what a lovely spurting it was, the kid's cock, untouched, jerked and the spunk shot from it, three good shots and a dribble. Lovely to watch.


I screwed my eyes shut as my cock pumped out a load of jizz. Usually I jizzed into my wank sock or bed clothes so my spunk flying across the room was a novel experience.

"Fuck so good dude," I opened my eyes groggily to find Rob grinning at me and Dylan still fingering my bum. I didn't tell him to stop, instead giving Rob a sheepish grin.

"Soz for spunking all over your house," I giggled as I said it, amused by what had happened.


"Not the first kid to spunk on my carpet," I grinned at Ethan, a knackered but very happy Ethan. I thought that, if he hadn't been tied to Dylan he might have sagged to the floor, he was that knackered by his first prostate spunking.

"Fucking lovely spunking to watch though," I smiled at him and went round to Dylan again.

He obviously had his fingers still up inside his young boyfriend, and his cock was still sticking out at ninety degrees.

"Better do something about that," I grinned, "Boy who's just finger bummed the spunk out of his boyfriend must have his own sucked out. It's a perv law."

I went on my knees, took Dylan's cock in my mouth and waited for it to squirt - he was too far gone in lust to need sucking and almost the moment I got my mouth round him, he squirted.


I let out a loud moan and jizzed in Rob's mouth. I was so hot and horny from being tied up with Ethan and making him spurt by fingering his bum hole to last long.

As he final drops of cum left my cock I opened my eyes and gave Rob a tired smile. "Can we stay here tonight?"


"No, you can't my love, so don't tempt me. Nothing a perv like me would like more than to have two lovely boys fucking each other's brains out all night long and get to sneak an odd look or two at what's going on. But your mum's expecting you in about an hour and far too risky for a change in plans now."

I untied the boys and both staggered to the sofa and flopped into it.

"Have fun, but don't give mums any cause to be suspicious."


I was disappointed but knew Rob was right. I wanted to stay here, smoke weed, drink booze and bum my boyfriend without any worries but knew mum would be too suspicious if we tried to change plans now.

Ethan and I settled on having a sweaty snog instead. As we broke the kiss he whispered something in my ear which made me giggle like crazy.

"Ethan thinks we should say thank you for letting us come over to play," my giggles spread to Ethan as I put on my best good boy voice and gave Rob a sweet look. Still sniggering we got off the sofa and knelt down in front of Rob's still hard cock.

Giving him one last look I took it in my mouth and bobbed up and down on it a few times, before letting it pop out. Ethan then quickly got it in his mouth and bobbed up and down while I kissed the shaved bit where his pubes should have been. As Ethan let the cock go I replaced him, as he licked at Rob's balls giggling as he did so.


"Oh, fuck, boys," I sighed as they used their mouths on me, "Oh, fucking amazing!"

I didn't try to stop them - what perv would? but I did tell them that it wasn't necessary, that I'd had loads of fun just watching them have fun.


I gave Dylan a quick snog as we swapped cock sucking duties. He went back to work on Rob's cock and I licked at his balls, enjoying the sweaty taste and manly smell.


"Careful, boys," I warned them, "You both know what a cock does when it's sucked."


We were both far too horny to care about what might happen. In fact we were both eager to make Rob spurt and giggled as we both tried to get a taste at once.


"Warned you," I hissed and grabbed their heads, trying to get both their mouths on my cock as my spunk rose from my balls. They had about half a mouth each at the business end of my cock when it fired. Some went in but more ended up around their mouths and on their cheeks. Didn't seem to bother them at all. They ate what went in and simply licked the rest off each other, giggling like crazy all the time. They managed to stop giggling for long enough to have a spunk sharing snog, flung themselves on the sofa, looked at me and burst into giggles again.

"Fuck," I panted, "You pair of horny little buggers." Then I giggled as well.


Ethan and I had a good long spunky snog after Rob shot. It felt so good to be naked here with him, covered in spunk and tasting my boyfriend's tongue in my mouth. I was pretty sure I was gay now, no longer worried by the idea but actually quite keen on it.


"Hot, horny, fucking bastards," I grinned at them. "You," I said pointing at Ethan, "Are one of the most delicious bits of boyflesh I've set my eyes on. Not as lush as Dylan, of course, but you got a gorgeous body, a very suckable cock and a bum that cries out to get fucked. I'm amazed no perv's got at you yet, but when the proper hunting season comes, after about Easter, pervs are gonna be seriously hunting you, and finding you's gonna be no problem for them cos you're fucking sending out homing signals non-fucking stop!"

I tossed him a fag and lighter, and wondered what he'd make of that!


I laughed at Rob's dirty comments but was a bit flattered too. I had never thought older men would be attracted to me and found I quite liked the idea. Taking a cigarette I lit it and started to smoke. I offered one to Dylan who surprised me by having a few puffs, though he wasn't really enjoying it.


"No messing kid," I made sure he got what I was telling him, "If I'd come across you before I fell in love, with that kid you've nicked from me, my cock would have been up your arse ages ago, so if you've not got a fancy to sample a perv, keep your eyes peeled cos sure as fuck they're gonna be hunting you.


I was a bit worried by that idea, that older men might want to hunt and hurt me and looked over at Dylan. He seemed totally cool around Rob and I was impressed and a bit jealous. "Is that how you met Dil?"


"Spotted him in the middle of a herd, younger stuff than I normally go for, but he stood out as something special. Normally I'd look at kids your age and mark one or two down as possible prey to hunt in a few month's time, but there was something about Dylan that made me want to track him and hunt him right away."

I knew Dylan wouldn't mind me saying this, he was still more than just a bit chuffed that I thought he was worth hunting. "Hunted him down, discovered he's a boy with huge balls and a love of adventure, and tried to catch him. He caught me first though." I smiled at my Dylan and blew him a kiss.


I giggled and blew Rob a kiss back. I wasn't enjoying the fag, had only smoked it to impress Ethan, so put it out and gave him a snog instead. "Yeah I'm Rob's slut-boy," I giggled and so did Ethan.


"So you," I said to Ethan, "Have got to be a bit decent about things and let me share him a bit."


I giggled and gave Dil a lingering snog. "You ain't gonna share him with other guys are you? Like Jay knows this guy who gets him to suck cocks for cash. He pretends to like it but don't." Dylan looked at me surprised, I hadn't told him that about Jay but knew now he would keep the secret.


"I'm more than willing to let Dylan get as much cock as he wants, provided that cock is no more than a year or two older than his. That's boy fun and I believe boys should have fun. Lots of fun. But no way am I gonna share him with another perv, no way at all!"


"That's cool," I gave Dil another lingering snog and he put his arm around me.


I got out of my chair and went to my desk, opened a drawer and took two healthy buds from my stash, popped them in a bag along with a couple of packets of king-size skins.

"Sorry you couldn't get stoned," I said to the boys, "Hope this'll make up for that. But no smoking it when there's any chance of Dylan's mum spotting he's stoned. Okay?"


"Thanks Rob!" Ethan took a smell of the weed and was obviously impressed. I wasn't totally sure how to tell if the stuff was good, or even real, so was cool for him to keep and hide it.


Rob's weed was much better than Jay's and I grinned our thanks. "Of course, no way will we get caught."


"Something else you mustn't get caught doing," I tossed the tube of lube over to them, "Got a feeling you might find a use for this later, but remember, lube marks on sheets are a bit of a giveaway."


I giggled and gave Ethan another kiss. Time was moving on and, as much as I didn't want to, i knew we would have to go back home soon.


I got the boys upstairs and dressed, put them in the car and drove them to near Dylan's house. Even after all that had gone on they still couldn't leave each other alone on the way back, and I couldn't help feeling just a little jealous ..... nice jealous though.

"If I hear that you two spent more than 30 seconds asleep in bed tonight," I smiled at them as they got out of the car, "I am going to be seriously not pleased."

It had been an amazing and completely unexpected three or four hours and I knew, as I drove home, that the boys had a momentous and fun-filled night ahead of them. They'd snog, suck and, hopefully, have their first fucks, and, being the boys they both were, I didn't doubt for a second that they'd find a way to sneak out sometime in the early hours and get utterly and completely stoned.

They both had a lot of thinking and talking to do - they'd both learned loads about each other and about themselves and they'd want to talk about what they'd learned together. Ethan was bound to be wondering why it was, if I thought he was so tasty and fuckable, that I hadn't laid a finger on him anywhere interesting, that I hadn't behaved like he'd been conditioned to believe pervs behaved.

Dylan would recall some of the things he'd said, and, as he'd probably had his cock in Ethan by the time they talked, be working out that he wasn't exactly straight and trying to work out how he felt about that.

All in all, those boys were going to have an interesting night and I looked forward with a perv's anticipation to Monday, and Dylan telling me all.

Meanwhile I had work to do, the idea of a story to sketch out, a story that would feature those two boys as the central characters; a boys' adventure story but a soft porn story as well. A sort of cross between 'Lord of the Flies' and 'Jungle Book'; no nudity or overt sex but acres of thigh and boy chest on display and enough leaders for the mind to imagine the things that boys do with boys and men do with boys as well.


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