Endangered Species Chapter 4


"Now Dylan, are you sure you're going to be ok?"

"Yes mum!" We were sitting outside the cinema and mum was being annoying fussing that she couldn't see my friends and not wanting to leave me alone. Of course the reason she couldn't see my friends was that they weren't here, and wouldn't be here for at least another hour.

"Maybe I should come in and wait with you."


"Oh come on Dylan, I'm not that embarrassing."

"Yes you are, I'm not 11!" I rolled my eyes and made to get out of the car, there was no way she could come inside with me. Rob, or the dangerous perv as I thought of him, would know not to approach us but I still wouldn't be able to go with him with her watching.

"Well text me when you are inside, and text me when you get to your friend's house tonight. Promise?"

"Yes mum, promise. Love you."

"Love you too Dylan", I reluctantly let her kiss my cheek and got out of the car, picking up my backpack as I went. It contained my sleeping bag, trackies, undies, toothbrush and pj's, all the things a boy going on a sleepover would need.

It also contained the story of Boy Hero and his adventures trying to capture the Dangerous Perv, well hidden at the bottom. I had read that story twice the night before and once this morning in bed, pouring over every detail of Boy Hero's mission, kidnapping and eventual defeat of his enemy by turning him into a friend.

I loved that story as it was the sort of plot I liked, a clever and brave boy hero my age fighting an evil villain. Better still the kidnapping part, always one of my favourite bits of an adventure story, was really realistic. The boy hero wasn't just tied up in a silly way, he was bound tight and unable to move, his mouth gagged so he couldn't speak. Those ideas got me hard, (I had a good wank to the description of boy hero tied up with his mouth covered with silver tape), as did the 'tortures' the Dangerous Perv inflicted on the brave hero to make him reveal his secret. Of course he had to talk in the end, but Boy Hero had the last laugh using his Secret Weapon to turn the Dangerous Perv into Faithful Friend.

I had liked other things about the story, the way the Dangerous Perv talked to Boy Hero, the way he said things which sounded innocent but could be naughty, the way he touched the hero and talked about him 'polishing his secret weapon' as if he was talking about the hero's cock. Those things made me giggle and got me stiff, and I was pleased that Rob had taken so much time to write something I would enjoy. It proved he liked me, understood stuff about me and I stood in the cinema foyer in a state of excited expectation at what the next two days would bring.

I watched mum drive off through the glass window after I texted her and nervously ran a hand through my hair. I was wearing skinny fit jeans, a grey superdry hoodie and my orange Nike trainers. The weather had turned cold and I was bundled up in my down jacket, Boy Hero keeping a careful watch for the always cunning Dangerous Perv.


As I'd planned to set the weekend up as a game, at least to start with, I was going to 'play' kidnap Dylan. I couldn't grab him and bundle him into the boot of the Octavia outside the cinema, but the game would start as soon as he got in.


He was waiting outside the cinema, obviously impatient for me to arrive, and the moment I pulled up he was inside, slinging a loaded backpack onto the back seat.


I went straight into role as the Dangerous Perv before he realised I had those words printed large on my tee shirt.


"So," I said in what I hoped was a hard, wicked sounding voice, "The Boy Hero thinks to trap the Dangerous Perv. But he is himself outwitted by my cunning. Hold out your hands," I commanded.


He looked at me, puzzled why I was talking like that and then spotted my shirt and his face broke into a wicked grin. He did as I ordered him and held out his hands for me to fasten Velcro cuffs on.


"I will take you to my secret lair and there you will be made to wear these clothes so you cannot escape, though you will have no chance to escape as you will be bound hand and foot and tortured mercilessly."


I gave him the carrier bag with his tee shirt and boxers in and waited while he struggled to get them out of the bag. Although the game had started he couldn't stop himself from grinning and giggling a bit when he read what was on the boxers.


"Do not think you can escape me, Boy Hero," I said as I drove off, "Your fate is sealed. You will tell me all your secrets and reveal to me your secret weapon, for I have many ways to make you talk."



"You'll never get away with this Dangerous Perv!" I had meant to say it in a defiant voice like heroes used in the movies, though it came out as more of a giggle. This was a fun game and I grinned widely as Rob, with Dangerous Perv prints on his tee shirt so I was in no doubt who he now was, fastened Velcro cuffs around my wrists.

I twisted and struggled in them as we drove off exploring the contents of the bag and giggling at my own tee shirt and what was printed on the two pairs of boxer briefs. I reckoned that, given enough time, I could struggle my way out of the cuffs but for now I sat still and tried to give my 'captor' a hard stare by furrowing my eyebrows and wrinkling my nose.

"I'll get you for this Dangerous Perv," I told him in the most serious voice I could muster


"Brave boast, Boy Hero," a Victorian melodrama villain now, "But I am the most dangerous of Dangerous Pervs and have you in my power now. Soon you will be in my secret lair, and from there is there no escape. Be silent now for you will sing loudly soon enough."


I drove out to my cottage, outside the town and completely isolated, a perfect place for the peace and quiet I needed for writing, and an ideal place to take a boy. The automatic garage doors opened and closed behind me. In the gloom of the garage I took off the Velcro cuffs.


"Game starts again in a bit," I told Dylan, "But first, any chance of that snog you offered me a few days ago?" 



I giggled and stayed silent, enjoying Rob's exaggerated villain, as we drove out of town. My cock was stiff in my skinny jeans and I fidgeted in the seat trying to get comfortable.

"Yeah course", as the cuffs came off and he asked for a snog I slipped into his arms. I was just over five foot so stood a good deal shorter than him, so had to stand up as high as I could on tip toes to make my mouth available. The man smells of aftershave and cigarettes were intoxicating and I gave a little moan as they filled my nostrils. He smelt so exotic and grown up, and I was a little embarrassed that in comparison I just smelt heavily of lynx deodorant.


His mouth was even better than the one that I remembered from a few days ago; his tongue  active but less frenzied this time, less abandoned passion and more controlled enjoyment. One thing that I was very sure of was that Dylan enjoyed kissing; I didn't know if he had kissed girls - I'd find that out later when Boy Hero was tortured and questioned by the Dangerous Perv - but when he kissed me he did it with total commitment, giving himself up totally to the joining of mouths.


No strawberry flavoured kiss this morning, I could taste that he had boiled egg for breakfast, but mostly he tasted of Dylan and that was the best flavour of all.


He'd been a bit heavy with the deodorant, but I could live with that; I wouldn't let him use any tomorrow so he'd smell of just boy then - something to look forward to.


Even through the outdoor clothing he still wore, his body felt young and slender, how much more wonderful was it going to feel later when I held him in my arms without any covering at all!


"Game rules," I told him, "First, when we get in, you change into the tee shirt and the 'Secret Weapon' boxers. That's your Boy Hero super hero uniform. Nothing else, no jeans. Second, when the Dangerous Perv tortures you he'll always give you a way out, a question you can answer to avoid that particular torture.

The questions will always be about something sexy and dirty, so you're still being tortured but by embarrassment instead of whatever it was he was going to do to you. That okay?"



I let out a little moan as he broke the kiss, running a hand through my hair as he did so. He tasted of cigarettes and a strange bitter flavour which I guessed was coffee, a heady adult taste that had my cock stiff in the confines of my skinny jeans.

"Yeah cool," I smirked at him, already planning how I was going to win this game. I was competitive, I liked to win whether it was footie, ps4 or school and was deciding how I would outsmart him. I was in his lair so at a disadvantage, but that would just make my eventual victory all the more satisfying.

I followed him into his house, kicking my trainers off in the hallway and looking around. It wasn't messy or anything but still somehow different from my own home. Where mum would have everything over tidy and smelling of scented diffusers or candles, the lack of all that stuff made his more manly, and I liked that it, was a place guys could hang out.

"Where do I get changed?" I asked, dumping my backpack in the hallway with my trainers.


My place was originally a farm worker's cottage perched on the edge of what amounted to a small cliff. It had been built there because it had been erected on a stone outcrop, the only lump of really solid ground around.


The original, single storey construction had been converted over time into what it now was, a split-level dwelling that wasn't luxurious, but was very comfortable and suitable for my needs. The original bit was now an entrance hall with two doors, one either side leading each into an en-suite bedroom, both the same size and both ready for use. I hoped that only one of them would be used this weekend!


Stairs led down to the living area, a big kitchen and a lounge that ran the entire width of the building, the outside wall being triple glazed glass and looking out over the farmland behind to the quite distant woods. More stairs down to my lair, the room where I worked. Like the lounge it had a glass wall with the same view, garden, farmland and woods.


What made it unique, made it my lair, was that it was where I worked. A desk with an iMac and a laptop, a comfortable leather reclining chair and an old, iron framed bed that I occasionally crashed on if I worked late. That bed had also been used, far more than once, to entertain a boy on or in, and it was where the Boy Hero would be tortured.


Several smallish statues were the only real decorative items, all copies of classical boy nudes, and from the window other, life sized statues graced the garden, copies of the same, and other, boy nudes.


"Those two rooms are the bedrooms," I told him, "Use either of those, doesn't matter which, "Then, when you're changed, down both sets of stairs and you'll find yourself in my lair."


I ruffled his hair again, gave him a smile and licked my lips to show him how tasty he was, and left him to turn himself into Boy Hero.



I took the plastic bag into the bedroom on the left, lookin' at the small statues that decorated Rob's house as I did so. They all showed what I thought were boys my age or a bit older, sometimes doing sports like discus or wrestling and sometimes just standing looking thoughtful. What surprised me was that all the boys are nude, and I wondered how Rob got away with buying them without people thinking he was a Perv.

Closing the door I tossed my jacket on the bed and wriggled out of my hoodie. My tee shirt was next, tossed onto the other clothes and I pulled on the 'Boy Hero' tee shirt and looked at myself in the mirror. It was tighter than the tee shirts I normally wore and thinner, hugging my body rather than sitting loose on my frame. I quite liked the look and took a few moments to admire myself before pulling off my socks and squirming out of my jeans and finally my undies.

My cock was a bit stiff as I pulled on the pants with 'Boy Hero's Secret Weapon' printed on them. Again I admired myself in the mirror, adjusting my privates in the snug undies a bit as I did so. The pants were a bit tight but that felt good, and I was surprised how long my legs looked in this outfit.

Creeping out of the door I took a deep breath and stealthily snuck down the stairs. Each step seemed to make the staircase creak but I tried to be as quiet as I could in order to surprise my 'enemy' in his lair.


"Fuck! You look fantastic!" I breathed when Boy Hero finally made it down into my 'lair'.


The body hugging tee showed every outline that could shown, his ribs, the swell of his shoulders, the narrow boy's waist and both perky nipples. The stretch cotton boxer briefs, came, as I'd hoped, barely a quarter of the way down his thighs far enough down to keep his boy bits covered, but short enough to expose his long, lovely legs, and stretchy enough to make it very obvious where he kept his secret weapon!


I already knew they were smooth from the brief feel I'd had of them in the car that evening up by the hill fort, but this was the first time I'd really had a chance to look at them, and look I did! Long, smooth and slender, but with a curving hint of the muscle to come, the legs of a boy athlete, not a boy couch potato.


I gazed for longer than I should, completely out of the role of the Dangerous Perv, but utterly and completely in my own personality of Rob the boy admirer.


"Sorry about that," I grinned at him, "It was out of character, but you really do look fucking amazing!"


I picked up the mask I was going to wear as the Dangerous Perv, just an eye mask like a comic book villain.


"One more thing before we start. Obviously I've got to tie you up and stuff, and in a story you'd struggle and be overpowered. I hope it won't spoil things too much for you if you only pretend to struggle, cos if you struggle for real you could well end up with bruises and bumps that might be a bit difficult to explain away. Will that be okay with you? I want this to be fun for you, but I don't want you having to tell awkward lies tomorrow when your mum gets home."



I grinned at the compliment, watching him admire my body and enjoying the feeling being admired in that way gave me. He wanted me, not in a childish fancy-you way, but an adult way, and that gave me an obvious bulge in the tight boxer briefs.

"Oh I'm gonna struggle," I grinned at him, excited by the game. "Just cos you're old I'm not gonna make it easy."  I was used to rough and tumble with my mates and as long as I didn't go home with a black eye or missing teeth  my mum was unlikely to notice anything was out of the ordinary.


I watched him put on the last part of his outfit, trying to contain my excitement. The eye mask made him look a bit evil, and I giggled nervously to myself.

"Guess you think you've trapped me, yeah?" I took a step closer to him, looking up at his bulky frame. "But I've tricked you, I just let you kidnap me so you'd bring me back to your lair. Now I'm gonna get you!"

With that last part I jumped at him trying to bundle him over onto the bed. Me and my mates would bundle each other all the time, if you turned your back on someone, chances were they would jump on you and try and get you in a headlock which would turn into a laughing play fight.


He leapt at me, hoping I imagine, to push me onto the bed behind me, but he'd rather underestimated his opponent. I don't know about the story Dangerous Perv, but Rob the perv had played Second Row for over twenty years and was used to dealing with opponents somewhat larger and heavier than a seven stone, if that, thirteen year old boy.


I let him come at me, and when he was in mid-air for his bed-pushing jump and bundle, I simply caught him, one hand under his skinny buttocks, the other under his arm and round him. The look of shock on his face was priceless and the feel of his body in my arms was almost enough to make me want to stop the game there and then and simply ravish him, but play the game I had to.


I'd have had to be careful about letting him down if it had been a minuscule winger I'd caught, the danger of a tip tackle was real, but this was not a rugby match, and the bed was behind me so I simply turned and let him go.


He bounced on the bed, too much in shock to react immediately and I was able to grab his wrists without a problem, pin them together in one hand and reach for the first of the 'toys' I'd laid out ready - a length of bondage rope with a noose ready prepared to slip over his wrists and pull tight.


He was wriggling and squirming now, his lovely legs kicking away like crazy, but he had no chance. The rest of the rope was wrapped round his skinny wrists, the end poked through the noose. Now for his legs. I restricted his movement by simply laying across him, grabbing first one ankle when it came within range and then the other when he foolishly tried to rescue the first by swinging his leg up.


I tied his ankles together in the same way as his wrists, let go of him and clambered off him and the bed, With wrists and ankles tied, all he could do was look shocked at how easily he'd been caught and tied up.


"Now you are at my mercy, Boy Hero," I said in my best Victorian Villain voice, "And now you will be tortured unless you tell me what I want to know."


He squeaked something that sounded like "Never," which was exactly what I'd hoped he'd squeak.


"I need to know about your Secret Weapon, Boy Hero. My spies tell me it is a devilish weapon, but it has to be looked after well and tested often if it is to work properly. If it is not so cared for it is liable to explode at night and without warning. When did you last test your Secret Weapon, Boy Hero? Tell me or your torture will begin. I will throw you over my knees and spank you with this," I held up a thin, wood spatula from the kitchen, "This is my special, evil, Boy Hero tear producer, and I am told that a Boy Hero's Secret Weapon loses its strength with each tear that falls from his eyes. Which is it to be? Tell me what I want to know, or suffer?"


I knew he was excited by the tying up, but had no idea how he'd react to the prospect of being spanked, so I'd given him an easy way out of that if he wanted.



"I'll never talk!" I squirmed in my bonds wriggling and twisting, trying to either slip the ropes over my wrists or ankles or get my fingers near enough the knots to unpick them.

Rob, or the Dangerous Perv as I now thought of him, had captured me embarrassingly easily. I couldn't quite believe he had just caught me and thrown me on the bed so easily, and it made me realise just how much bigger and stronger than me he was. Clearly if I was going to win this game I would have to use my brain instead of muscles.

"If you think that little thing will make me cry you must be a bigger idiot than you look!" Trussed up like this I couldn't rise off the bed to insult him so stuck my tongue out a bit instead. Despite my struggles I quite liked the feel of the rope on my wrists and ankles. It wasn't like normal rough rope, it was soft and smooth, though the knots the Dangerous Perv had made with it were more than tight enough to hold me.



So he was up for being spanked was he? That was great by me; spanking a boy is fun, I've even made one or two of them spunk just by spanking them, though with something more than a kitchen spatula! But that spatula could give a decent enough sting - I'd tested it on my own thigh when I was preparing this little game and I was willing to bet that a dozen, even with his boxers still in place, would be enough to get tears close.


I picked him up off the bed, carried him to my chair, sat down with him over my knee, and began to enjoy myself.


"Your torture can stop any time, Boy Hero, tell me what I need to know or suffer the consequences. When did you last test your weapon?"


The first smack of the spatula against my butt made me cry out, and I bit my lip promising myself that I wouldn't yelp again.

The Dangerous Perv had carried me squirming across the room and draped me over his lap, my head down by the floor and my bum sticking up as an inviting target. I twisted and squirmed some more but he had a good grip on me, and tied up as I was I couldn't do anything to stop the smacks raining down.

He didn't hit me with the spatula quickly after each smack, instead there would be a second or two before I felt his body move, heard the crack of wood against my bum then felt the sharp pain which was quickly followed by a burning soreness.

After the first smack I took the next few in silence, trying to tough it out, but by the sixth or seventh ( I quickly lost count) I was wriggling and squirming, yelping with each smack, and by the eighth or ninth I was kicking my bound legs and crying loudly each time the wood connected with my backside. I could feel my eyes moistening and as yet another smack left my right bum cheek feeling like it was on fire I let out a loud squeal and a tear ran down my face.



I half-expected that one smack would be enough and he'd tell me when he last had a wank, but Dylan was playing the game for real and held out, just, through half a dozen more, none of them gentle. Eight and nine had him squirming and squeaking and ten made him draw his breath in and hold it in an attempt to stop tears. I perhaps should have stopped then, but not only was he very close to tears, he was also very hard. I could feel his young bone poking at my thigh as he lay over my lap, and that alone was enough to earn him the full dozen.


Two more, hard and both to the right cheek, a cheek that must by now feel to him as though it was on fire. Two loud cracks, followed by two loud gasps and two squirmings and twistings of his body and heaves and shudders that told me that if he wasn't actually crying he was only holding tears back by will power.


I stood him up, facing me and saw the glistening in his eyes. That spanking had hurt, really hurt, hurt more than he expected it to hurt, but he was still playing the game.


"So, Boy Hero, you are stronger than I expected I `villained' at him, "Lucky for you my Boy Hero Tear Maker has only twelve strokes in it. You have survived the Spiteful Spanking torture, let us see how you cope with the Fearful Feather."


I carried him to the bed, put him down face up and changed the ropes tying his feet together for ropes tying them apart, legs spread, one tied to each side of the iron bed frame. The first was easy enough, he was still too absorbed by his burning bum to try to escape, but he made a bit of a fight about the other ankle; he fought but no chance of success.


The same when I undid his wrists and tied them in turn to the iron bedhead so he lay, arms and legs spread and tied, ready for what was to come next.


I had a job not to take any notice of his cock which was pushing up and out the "RET WEA" part of the wording on his boxers.


"You did not tell me what I wanted to know when you suffered the Spiteful Spanking torture; let us see if you will be so brave under the torment of the Fearful Feather. But now you have two questions to answer. Not only do I need to know when you last tested your Secret Weapon, I need to know if you have ever kissed a girl, for kissing girls weakens Boy Heroes more than anything I know."



My struggles during the spanking had used up a lot of energy and I was only about to put up a token resistance as the Dangerous Perv re-tied me to the bed with my arms and legs spread wide. That's what I told myself anyway as my cock gave a little twitch as the final knot was tightened about my left wrists leaving me spread out on the bed.

My bum was sore and painful from the spanking. The worst punishment mum ever gave me was taking my phone away so I had never experienced anything like that before, and I was surprised to find that my cock was really stiff despite, and even because of, the soreness. The spatula had hurt but I had enjoyed being held over Rob's knee as he slapped my bum, even if it did now feel like it was on fire!

At the mention of a feather I bit my lip and squirmed a bit in anticipation. I guessed what this torture might be and hoped I was wrong. I was very, very ticklish and doubted I would be able to resist talking if that was what he had planned.


I showed Dylan the Fearful Feather and gloated villainously,


"This will make you talk Boy Hero, soon you will tell me all I need to know."


The 'Fearful Feather' was actually a feather duster, the sort you use to get cobwebs off ceilings. If Dylan was ticklish this would be worse for him that the spanking. Even if he could hang out and say nothing he must know that just resisting would not win him the game - somehow he had to bring his Secret Weapon into action, but he had to do that within the confines of the game.


"So, Boy Hero, will you speak now or suffer more?"


I bit my lip and squirmed frantically. The ropes however held tight and he knots were out of reach of my desperate fingers. I knew I had missed my chance to get free when I was re-tied and was annoyed at myself for being bested.

"I'll never talk!" I hoped I sounded more defiant than I felt.



"Oh, but you will, Boy Hero, soon you will sing sweeter than any canary," I gloated, waving the Fearsome Feather under his nose. "But so fearsome is this feather that a weak boy like you will say anything to escape from its agonising anguish. Do not mistake me for being a foolish Dangerous Perv; I know you will try to beguile me by saying things that are not true. Only when the Fearsome Feather has completed its dastardly deeds will you speak true, and till then you will not speak at all."


I showed him the gag I had made - in the story it was a simple strip of silver gaffer tape, but that would be a bit too painful to remove and probably leave a rash that would take two or three days to go away. Instead I had folded a length of cloth inside the silver tape so the sticky side would not be in contact with his skin, fastened round his head with Velcro.


I put it over his mouth, fastened up the Velcro, making sure I didn't get any of his hair caught up in it, and gloated at him again,  "Now let the ticklish torment begin."



I thrashed my head about as the gag was fastened around my mouth. The tape wasn't stuck to my face but the cloth and Velcro were surprisingly effective at muffling my voice and I could only make a "MMMMMMPPPHHH" sound as the feather touched my left foot.

As soon as it came into contact with my skin I was thrashing about, desperately trying to stop the tickling. My eyes were screwed shut and I was "mmmppphhhing" like crazy, half laughing and half begging him to stop.


One touch of the feather duster to a foot was enough to tell me that this was going to be a very effective form of torture, but the idea wasn't to leave him a gasping, choking wreck. I was going to tease his mind as well as his skin.


Instead of continuing with his foot I moved up and started on his left thigh, just tracing the feathers lightly over the front of his leg. His thighs looked perfectly smooth, felt perfectly smooth, but there was the faintest hint of fuzz, tiny, tiny hairs. I found myself hoping that it would take a long, long time for them to grow into real hairs - I loved his legs as they were, smooth to the touch, but now those tiny, tiny hairs were perfect for my needs. The lightest of touches on those hairs would tickle, not explosively like the tickling of his feet, but slowly, slowly building into an itch his mind would be screaming to have scratched.


Down the front of one thigh and up the front of the other, and I could tell from the way his eyes unscrunched that he was starting to think that this would be easy to resist. The outside of his legs next and then the insides of his thighs and that did provoke a twitch in his growing smugness. Time and time again and the sensations began to build. The smug look disappeared, his eyes began to scrunch up again and nice little moans started escaping from his gag.


I teased his thighs like that for ten whole minutes and I knew, at the end of that, if his hands were released he'd be trying to scratch the skin off his legs.


I undid the gag and asked him, "Anything to tell me, Boy Hero?"




I took a long deep breath as the gag came off, not because it had been choking me but because the tickling had left me too wracked with giggles to draw breath properly.

After the initial tickling it hadn't been too bad. The touch of the feather on my thighs and legs hadn't been quite as bad at first, though by the time my torturer had finished I was covered in sweat from the effort of fighting the ropes.

"I fired my secret weapon this morning," I mumbled in a low voice, remembering how I had wanked off excitedly in anticipation of my visit to Rob's house



"Ah ha," I said as a triumphant Dangerous Perv, "The great Boy Hero speaks at last. But does he speak true or does he hope to trick the Dangerous Perv and make him believe his Secret Weapon is in full working order?


I loved the thought that Dylan had wanked this morning before meeting me - he'd hopefully wanked to all sorts of naughty thoughts about the things we might get up to.


"True, Boy Hero, or do you try to trick me?" I gave his left foot, the sole of his left foot, a slow soft swipe of the duster.



"Ahhhh yes, yes, it's the truth!"  I squirmed like crazy as the sole of my foot was tickled. It was the one of the most sensitive parts of my body for ticklishness and I writhed around furiously try to escape the feather.


Of course I couldn't and I had to wait until my torture was over, laying there panting and covered in sweat as the Dangerous Perv stared down at me.


"I believe you, Boy Hero, but still I think you try to trick me into believing your Secret Weapon works. You have not told me if you have had the soggy, slobbering kiss of a girl, a kiss that robs a Boy Hero of all his Boy Hero strength and turn him into just another, ordinary boy. Have you had such a kiss?"


I wrinkled my nose and twisted in my bonds.  I didn't really want to tell that story as I found it very embarrassing so clamped my mouth closed.



"Ha!" Dangerous Perv exclaimed, "Boy Hero tries to be a hero still. There is only one antidote to the soggy, wet, slobbering kiss of a girl, and you, I think, do not know what it is. But I need to know how weak you are, so tell me what I want to know. Perhaps more Tickling Torture will aid your voice,"


I put the gag back in place, theatrically pulled up his tee as far as his armpits and began again with the duster. At first on his stomach, paying particular attention to his navel, then slowly upward, tracing feathers over his body until I reached his nipples. Those I teased with an evil laugh, watching how he squirmed as his nipples hardened, and squirmed even more when they were hard, the sensations, I knew travelling downwards to his cock which, inevitably, began to swell once more.




"MMMMPPPPPHHHH!" I thrashed about more than ever as the feather tickled my stomach.  The feeling of the duster on my belly button had me bouncing around like crazy and as it moved upwards the tickling only got worse.  I was practically crying with laughter behind the gag, my eyes scrunched closed.




The touch of the feather on my nipples brought a whole new set of sensations though.  It was ticklish but also seemed to send a jolt of electricity straight to my privates, and my cock suddenly got hard and I was moaning and laughing and crying behind the gag all at the same time.  My cock felt like it wanted to explode, and I squirmed around frantically, half wanting the torture to end and half wanting it to continue for ever.


I knew I couldn't give him too much nipple treatment, he was thirteen and thirteen year old boys have a tendency to spunk almost at random, and when his spunk spurted I wanted it to spurt in my mouth. I went back to his belly button and got him squirming again, once more pretending to ignore his very obvious erection.


When I reckoned he'd had about as much as he could take, I removed the gag again.


"Speak, Boy Hero," I declaimed.


I gasped for air again, shaking my now sweaty hair.


"Yeah I kissed a girl," I mumbled, going a bit red from embarrassment. I hadn't particularly enjoyed it, everyone was always talking about how great snogging was but I had only started to enjoy it with Rob.


"Ha!" Dangerous Perv exclaimed in triumph, though Rob the perv wasn't sure if he liked that answer or not. "So, Boy Hero you are no real Boy Hero, just an ordinary boy pretending. You have not had the one antidote that exists to conquer a girl's kiss, and though your Secret Weapon is working it cannot fire shots that will harm me.


I will inflict but one more torture on you, the torture of Horrid Hunger and when that is done I will release you to wander in the world of ordinary boys once again."


I left him, went up to the kitchen and popped a large pizza in the oven on timer. I had a baby alarm thing rigged up there that would ping down in my 'lair' - I got it after wasting too many meals because I was working and didn't hear the 'ping' in the kitchen.


I grabbed a beer, then grabbed another one, and went back down to Dylan, I ignored him, opened my beer and lit a cigarette.


"No worthy enemy. pretend Boy Hero," I sneered, "You have lost this game. I do not even need to know where you hide your Secret Weapon or how you planned to use it to defeat me, The game is lost for you."


I puffed my fag and swigged my beer, hoping Dylan had some sort of plan in mind. I hoped I'd given him enough clues to be able to work something out.



My stomach growled as the smell of pizza wafted down the stairs.  I was usually hungry anyway, and after so much excitement and struggling I was extra peckish.


I watched Dangerous Perv standing over me and struggled again but it was still no good.  The knots remained tight and I was no nearer slipping loose.  If I was going to win this game I needed the Dangerous Perv to untie me, and that seemed unlikely given he wanted to torture me by not letting me eat.


Desperately I racked my brains for a plan.  I could beg him to untie me, but that would be super embarrassing. I could pretend I needed the toilet, but then he would just untie my hands, take me to the bathroom then re-tie me when I was done.


Then, suddenly, an idea came to me.


"Oh please Dangerous Perv," I put on an exaggerated upset voice, "I thought I was a hero but you were too strong and smart for me.  If you let me go I will tell you where my secret weapon is and how you can take its powers for yourself!"


"What use would I have for a Secret Weapon that has lost its power? It may work but has no special powers now. You are just an ordinary boy who likes to kiss girls."


I shook my head from side to side. "She kissed me, and because I didn't enjoy it she didn't take my powers from me."  I was a bit embarrassed to admit I hadn't enjoyed kissing a girl, all boys were supposed to like that stuff but I hadn't.


"Oh ho," Dangerous Perv said, "So perhaps your Secret Weapon still has the power to take my danger from me, or perhaps it still has some powers but too weak to have effect on a Dangerous Perv like me. If I thought you had taken the antidote to the kiss of girl from the lips of boy or man then I would torture you again. But I think you are now only an ordinary boy and harmless to me, Your Secret Weapon has no power to turn me from Dangerous Perv to Faithful Friend, but still I would like to know where it is hidden and how you thought to use it on me."

And if that didn't give him a clue how to use his cock nothing would!


I laughed loudly, suddenly getting what he had been hinting at.

"Well I suppose I've got to tell you now Dangerous Perv," I put on an exaggerated innocent voice, "My weapon is down there in my pants."

I nodded at my crotch where my undies are tented out and a little damp patch had appeared where the tip of my cock touched the fabric.

"I was goin to fire it into your mouth, but now I know that I am just a normal boy and no danger to you." I gave him a sly grin after the last part, wriggling as I did so.



"Is that how it works?" Dangerous Perv asked, "Boy Hero fires his Secret Weapon into the mouth of a Dangerous Perv and the Perv loses all his danger? And if you are not a proper Boy Hero any more because you have kissed a girl and not taken the antidote although you didn't like the kiss of girl, there may be some power left yet in your Weapon. Not enough to take my danger away but some of your power still to add to mine.


Reveal to me your Secret Weapon and show me how this works."


I untied both his hand and his feet and left the rest to him.



Trying to suppress a giggle I stretched my arms and legs, which were sore after my struggles while tied, and wriggled out of my boxers.

My stiff cock pinged up against my stomach and I had to resist the urge to play with it. Having it sucked would be much more fun but I still couldn't resist giving it a little stroke. Laying back I then wriggled out of my tee shirt and folded my hands behind my head to show that i wasn't planning anything. The tee shirt had been covered in sweat but I also wanted to show off my naked body to Rob. I got a thrill out of the way he looked at me, and thought he might like the sight of me totally nude.
"This is my secret weapon," I giggled as I waved my cock a little.


I watched Dylan tug down his boxers, my eyes glued to the bits that are designed for man's delight. I expected him to just pull them down a bit, perhaps as far as his knees, but he didn't stop there. Then I thought he'd stop at his ankles but he didn't, he kicked them completely off so I had an unrestricted view of almost all there was to see. His rucked up tee had dropped down to just cover his nipples, but not for long - he tugged and struggled that off as well and lay back, his arms behind his head, all of his wonderful young body on display. On display by his own choice, and my cock throbbed, both at the sight and because it was a sight Dylan had chosen to let me have.


This wasn't part of the game, he only needed to show me his cock to win the game, but he wanted me to see all of him; he wanted to be naked for me.


His young cock was solid, plastered against his stomach, and his hairless young body took my breath away.


"Fucking hell," I breathed, the game forgotten, "You are just absolutely fucking beautiful." 


A mischievous grin crossed my face as I saw Rob's reaction to my naked body.  His face changed a bit and I could see that he wanted to touch and feel me, maybe do more than that, and the excitement in his eyes both thrilled and scared me. I was naked in his house, he had already overpowered and tied me up once, and while I knew that had been a game I also knew that I would not be able to stop him doing whatever he wanted if he decided to play another sort of 'game'.

He called me beautiful again which surprised me. Girls were beautiful and boys are handsome, at least that's what I had always thought, but I didn't have any time to think on it further as he crossed to the bed.

Looking up at him I licked my lips nervously, resisting the urge to wank my hard cock myself in anticipation of what he was about to do.


I didn't want to go back into the game, I wanted to devour beautiful Dylan, taste every inch of his wonderful young body, but, if I was to do that at all, it would have to be later. In the game he had given me permission to suck his cock, nothing more.


One thing I've learned over twenty plus years of taking boys to bed is that you must never under-estimate a boy's innocence. Even if he is naked on your bed and told you to suck his cock, never make the mistake of thinking that is permission to do a lot more. Never over-estimate his innocence either, just sucking his cock may leave him feeling let down or rejected - he'd offered his naked body and all you'd done was suck his cock.


I had no idea what Dylan was thinking apart from the fact that he wanted me to see him naked and he wanted his cock sucked. I sucked his cock, time to work out other things after I'd eaten his spunk and we'd both eaten that pizza.


His delicious cock throbbed in my mouth and I could tell by Dylan's breathing that he was one happy boy. I couldn't stop myself from fondling his balls and stroking his thighs, but I convinced myself that was allowed by the game, not cheating or threatening in any way.


He was on too much of a high to hang onto his spunk for long, perhaps twenty sucks and tongue swirls round his cock head, and his weapon fired, destroying Dangerous Perv and turning him into Faithful Friend as Dylan knew it would.


He had, after all, had the antidote to the kiss of girl from the mouth of a man. His man.


I let out a loud cry as my cock spurted in Rob's mouth. The hot wet enclosure felt amazing around my privates and my eyes had been scrunched closed with pleasure.

It took me a few moments of panting before I could open them and I grinned up at Rob shyly. "So I guess I win Dangerous Perv," I giggled, knowing the game was now over but still wanting to be told I was victorious.

I had enjoyed the feeling of his hands on my thighs and the way he'd touched my balls, but no-one had ever touched me in those places before and I was a bit scared by what it might mean. I knew that men like Rob liked to touch boys and that touching could lead to other things, and while the idea of those things excited and intrigued me I also didn't totally understand them and was scared by what they might be and feel like.

"I can have the pizza cos I won, yeah?" I sat up in the bed rubbing my wrists, my stomach growling. I was always hungry and the smell of pizza was making my mouth water.


"Yeah, you won," I agreed with a goofy smile; that boy owned me now, though he didn't realise it. "But the Dangerous Perv doesn't know you won, that the shot of your weapon has turned him into Faithful Friend. He doesn't know yet that you've taken the antidote to kiss of girl and that the shots you fired have blasted all the danger out of him."


I didn't know if that was too subtle or too obvious for him, but I had to let him know that there was no danger here for him, that there was no way I'd do anything that might harm him.


"Stay where you are, I'll bring the pizza down and we can eat it sitting on the bed, where you destroyed the Dangerous Perv."


I left him to his triumph and went for the food, still in my mask.


I grinned, pleased that I had won the game and that game had been so much fun. I had enjoyed being tied up, being sucked and while my bum was a bit sore I had also enjoyed being spanked and tickled.