Endangered Species Chapter 5


As Rob went upstairs I lay back on the sweaty bed sheets. My cock was still semi-hard and I stroked it, at first because it was still damp from his mouth then again because I liked the feeling of it wet and slick in my hand.

Wriggling on the bed clothes I closed my eyes and started to jerk myself. I had only just jizzed but the touch of my hand on my favourite toy made me want to jerk and I lay there playing with myself as my cock got rock hard.


I nearly dropped the tray when I went back down with the pizza and drink - two beers in case Dylan wanted to try one, and a coke and strawberry yoghurt drink if he didn't. I half- expected him to have his tee and boxers back on, that it was alright getting naked in the game, but the game was over now and modesty would make him cover up. The last thing I expected was for him to be not only still naked but to be wanking furiously! Obviously I didn't need to worry about him having any hang-up about the game, or indeed, about his cock!

"Some people just can't get enough," I teased, "But why not leave it for now and eat pizza. Then you can decide about how to have your next orgasm and what you want to do with the spunk."



I yelped as I heard Rob's voice and quickly rolled over trying to hide my stiffy with my hands. My face went bright red, and while he had seen me hard before there was something about being caught wanking that embarrassed me horribly and instantly killed my want for relief.

Still trying to hide my semi-hard cock I fished around on the floor for my discarded clothes. I squirmed into the pants which, while sweaty, were still wearable, but the tee shirt was another matter. It was drenched in sweat from all the thrashing about I had done during the game and I didn't really fancy trying to get the soaking shirt back on.

Still blushing I got off the bed just in the pants. The tight undies didn't really hide the fact that my cock was still quite hard and I tried to readjust it as I came over to share the pizza.

Grabbing the coke I took a long glug, I was thirstier than I had realised and drank more before burping loudly. "Why have you got two?" I asked Rob, gesturing at the beers.



"In case the beautiful, brave and daring boy I left down here wanted to try one," I said, straight-faced, "But he seems to have hidden somewhere."


I knew he was as embarrassed as hell by being caught wanking and I didn't want him to be embarrassed, didn't want him to think it was wrong for him to wank if he wanted to. I didn't want him to be so embarrassed that he rushed to cover himself up either, partly because I obviously liked seeing him naked and partly because it might spoil things for him if he felt he needed to be covered.


"If you see that beautiful boy anywhere, will you tell him for me that getting a glimpse of him wanking was about the sexiest thing I've ever seen, and that he can wank himself silly if he wants, I'm not going to mind in the least.  Since he isn't here, though, I suppose you'd better eat his pizza."


Time for a gamble, a risk; "And if you do see him, will you tell him I'd love to have a chat with him about things, cos I think he may have one or two things he'd like to talk about, things about, sort of here," I put a finger on his now soft cock, "And here," finger on his heart, "And here," touching his head with the last one. "Oh, and will you tell him that I think he's beautiful and wonderful as well?"



"Yeah I'll tell him," I giggled and sat down, still embarrassed to have been caught wanking but pleased that Rob hadn't just not been annoyed, but had liked what I had been doing.

I ate in silence for a few minutes, hungry from all the exertions of the game, and giving Rob a sly grin reached out for the beer. I was surprised that he was letting me drink and wanted him to think that I was grown up and cool, so took a swig from the bottle.

I had tried beer once before and hadn't liked the taste and hoped this time would be different. Unfortunately it wasn't and I wrinkled my nose in distaste at the gassy bitter taste in my mouth. I tried to take another drink but really didn't like it so reached  for the milkshake instead.

"That was a wicked game," I told Rob between mouthfuls of pizza, "How did you know how to throw someone in the air like that?"


"Glad you liked the game, I tried to make it fun for you, enough reality in it to make it worth playing. Bit of danger, bit of threat, bit of discomfort. Had to spank you fairly hard or it wouldn't have worked. Hope it wasn't too hard. As for picking you out of the air when you tried to jump me, well, I've played a bit of rugby in my time, so I guess it was like a little winger having the nerve to try and tackle me."


I wanted to cuddle him, I wanted to kiss him, but that wouldn't be right at the moment; he was still a bit distant, still embarrassed about being caught wanking.


"Why don't you go upstairs and have a shower?" I suggested when he swallowed the last bit of pizza and had his final burp from his coke, "I expect you need one after all that energy you spent trying to get free. And don't bother with a can full of deodorant cos I rather like the scent of boy. While you're showering have a think about all the things you want to say, all the things that are bothering you, all the things you want to do but think you shouldn't, all the things you think I may want to do but you don't think you'd want me to. When you've finished get dressed in what you want to get dressed in; your jeans and top if you want, or top and boxers, just boxers or nothing at all, whatever feels right for you, then come back down and we'll work out what we're gonna do for the rest of the day.

Bit of a big speech, sorry about that. One more thing, though, see if you can work out if you want to have a faithful friend." 


I took the empties and dirties up to the kitchen while Dylan headed on up for his shower and thoughts. It was a lot to ask of a thirteen year old boy, but Dylan was growing up fast.


"Ok cool," I made my way upstairs thinking about what Rob had said.

I wanted to do more stuff with him, be kissed and touched by him in ways I knew boys shouldn't enjoy but I guiltily knew I liked, but I was also scared by what those things might lead to. We had learnt about sex in school but I still didn't totally understand how it worked with men. I sorta knew they liked to put things up your bum, but the idea of that grossed me out and I couldn't understand how that was nice. I was fascinated by the idea, as I was anything naughty or dirty, but I was sure I didn't want to do that stuff yet.

Kissing and cuddling and wanking was another matter though. I wanted Rob to snog me more, to cuddle me in his big strong arms and, for some reason, play more rough and tumble games where he threw me around. I was also fascinated by all the boy statues he had around the house, and wanted him to see me naked and look at my body in that way he did.

All those thoughts were still going through my head when I came out of the shower room with a towel wrapped around me, and as I towelled my hair I wondered what to wear. I wanted to go down naked and get the thrill of being nude in front of him, but I was also feeling a bit shy after being caught wanking so opted for the next best thing and just put on the other tight pair of undies he had brought me. My hair was still a bit damp when I finished but I couldn't be bothered to dry it properly so headed back down.

Making my way back down the stairs I gave him a shy smile and sat down next to him. "Like if you want kiss and cuddle that's cool but I don't wanna do sex yet yeah?" I hoped he wouldn't be annoyed with me, and bit my lip in anticipation.



While Dylan was having his shower and, hopefully doing a bit of thinking, I changed out of my game kit, slipped on a blue tee and a pair of shorts. I left out the underwear bit, not because I thought that Dylan would be going for my cock, but if he did then I wanted him to be able to get at it without any difficulty, awkward fumbling could make him think again and 'should I be doing this?' were the last thoughts I wanted him to have.


There was a possibility he might be a bit surprised that my legs were as smooth as his, but years of gashes and grazes on the rugby field had taught me that smooth skin was best - especially when plasters were ripped off!


I sat waiting for him to come back down, smoking a cigarette and having a beer, wondering if, as I suspected he might, he'd have his jeans back on. It was a more than pleasant surprise when he appeared in just the other pair of boxers, at least the day hadn't been completely destroyed for him by that wanking episode.


His offer to kiss and cuddle was nothing short of an enormous relief, and when he said, what amounted to 'no sex just yet' I just reached out, grabbed him and pulled him in close.

"Kissing and cuddling you is great," I smiled at him, "I was a bit frightened you'd have got your full clothing on and wanted to be taken home. And definitely no more sex stuff till we've had a good chat about it, okay?" 


I giggled happily as Rob pulled me close into him. The now familiar smell of his aftershave and cigarettes filled my nostrils and I let out a little moan of pleasure.

"You can play with my cock and stuff," I told him quickly, anxious that he might think I didn't want my privates touched, "But, like, you know, I don't want a cock up my bum." I blushed bright red saying the last part, I want exactly sure how all that worked and felt more than a bit embarrassed saying the words.

"And I deffo don't wanna go home!" I laughed and snuggled into him a bit more, enjoying being so close. "Why do you have so many statues of boys? Don't people think you're a perv buying them?" I had been wondering about the statues since I had arrived and was fascinated by the poses and the fact that the boys were all nude.


I hugged him tight, the feel of his almost naked body not surprisingly making me hard, and his insistence that his cock was not a prohibited item completed the process. I was glad that the way I was holding him and the positions we were in meant that he didn't have my erection pushing against him. He'd shown no interest at all in my cock so far and, weird as it may seem considering I was a boy adorer, I didn't want him to know that he made me hard just by thinking about him and having him in my arms.


"Does that mean I have authorisation for entry?" I grinned, referring to the printing on his boxers. "Cocks and bums are one of the things we need to talk about, not because I have any intention of trying to get you to do that, but because you need to understand why it happens, so that, if one day, you think you may want to try it, then you'll know what it's all about." I ruffled his still damp hair and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "I'm probably not making a lot of sense," I smiled, "But I'm more used to being a perv than a faithful friend who has no intention of doing anything to hurt a beautiful boy, or let anyone else hurt him either."


That was enough talking for a bit, the next few minutes were better spent with our tongues in each other's mouths and my hand wandering over the warm skin of his naked back. Dylan didn't hold back in his kissing; he wasn't madly frenzied, more slowly passionate and utterly adorable.


"The statues," I said softly in his ear, "Are all copies of famous sculptures, some of the originals come from ancient Greece and Rome, two or three thousand years old. The others are more modern, great art from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. You can get away with buying statues of naked boys if they're copies of famous art."



"Yeah your authorised," I giggled, "You can feel `em when ever."  I snuggled into him and moaned as his tongue went back in my mouth.

The next few minutes were lost in swirling tongues and the taste of cigarettes and, more faintly, beer. His tongue probed every corner of my mouth and I moaned in pleasure and ground my body against his in excitement, the feel of his hands on my back making my cock stiff in the confines of the boxers.

I groaned as the kiss ended but made no attempt to wriggle out of his grip. I wanted to be wrapped in his arms and he showed no interest in breaking the hug.

"Have you put your cock up someone's butt?" I giggled as I said it, enjoying saying naughty words out loud to an adult with no possibility of getting in trouble. "Isn't it gross?"  I couldn't imagine how anything to do with an arse was nice, or in truth how it even worked. "Where does it even go?"

While we had done sex education at school that has just dealt with how women has babies, and I was fascinated by the other, naughty side of it all.



I kept him snuggled in, and after just enjoying having him close, I moved him closer, arranging him so he was sitting on my lap, his bum on my thighs, so no part of him was actually in contact with my shorts concealed, very hard cock. I could see that he was hard in his boxers - one of the reasons for getting him in this position was so I could get a good view - and I could stroke his lovely, long, slender, wonderful thighs and feel their warm, boy smoothness against the shaved skin of mine.


He, a little tentatively, a little daringly, put one young arm round my back, touching the cotton of my tee lightly at first, almost hovering above it as though he didn't know if he should touch or not.  He'd had an arm round me before, when we were snogging, but that was different, the instinctive clinging on that comes when the brain is concentrating on a snog. This time it was because he wanted to feel me, have his hands on my body, and wasn't sure if that was a want he should have.


I had my left arm round his back, right round, round as far as having my hand on his upper arm, and slowly his head lowered until it was using my shoulder as a pillow and his damp mop of blonde hair was against my cheek. He'd taken my hint about deodorant and not used any, so the only scents in my nostrils were the ones of shampoo and damp boy hair, and if I shifted my head a bit, the wonderful smell of boy itself.


He wasn't pumping out pheromones at the moment; a few random ones oozed out to make sure that I didn't forget that he was a young adolescent boy with a body full of hormones, but they were semi-dormant for now. Just for now he was more interested in theory, theory underlined by a bit of physical contact that had sexual overtones, but distant ones, fascinating but not immediately threatening.


"It goes up your arse," I told him, "Goes in where the shit comes out. Your arse is dual purpose, just like your cock. And yes, I've shagged some boys and some boys have shagged me."



I let Rob rearrange me so I was perched on his knee, one arm wrapped around my shoulder and the other on my forearm. It was a nice feeling, safe and small next to his big powerful frame, and instinctively I nestled my head on his neck to get closer still. I felt like a puppy snuggled up to a bigger dog, and I stretched out my legs so Rob could get a better view of my legs. His own body was so different, big and manly, and I tentatively felt the muscles of his back through the thin tee shirt.

Playfully I stretched out my legs again. I knew he liked looking at my body, could see it in his eyes and face whenever I stripped out of my clothes and I in turn liked the feeling that gave me. It was exciting but also left me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside, he liked me because he thought I was special and I liked being liked in that way. I wanted to be like one of the boy statues for him, something he could look at and admire and shyly I removed my hand from his back and awkwardly, with a bit of help from Rob, pulled off the pants so I was sitting in his lap naked.

I didn't say anything, too shy to speak for a moment, so nestled back into his neck where I felt safe and warm.

"Did the boys like getting shagged? Doesn't your cock get all gross if it goes up someone's arse" I was still curious about how it all worked, fascinated by the idea rather than wanting to do it myself.



Dylan snuggled a bit closer, a bit braver. His hand on my back was braver as well, no longer hovering but properly landed and feeling my back, not in the same way as I felt him, not so openly 'I want to feel every inch of you,' more shyly, more anxiously. Although it was only my back he had his hand on he knew his feel had something to do with sex, and he was reasonably comfortable now with me feeling him and looking at him in ways that were beyond any doubt full of sexual want and desire.


That was different, in his mind at least. He was a thirteen year old boy with more bouncing hormones than he could cope with, he knew instinctively that he was sexy, even if, up till a few days ago the only person who had any idea about that was himself. Now there was someone else, someone who made no secret of the fact that he thought he was sexy, and knowing that someone thought that made him glow all the way through in ways he didn't get anywhere near understanding.


So far he hadn't needed to understand, all he knew was that I found his body sexy, I found him sexy, and he was revelling in that knowledge. He liked me holding him, he liked me touching him 'down there', and he absolutely loved it when we snogged. Maybe a little bit of his brain wondered why he should be so happy kissing me when he hadn't liked it one little bit when he kissed a girl, but that wasn't going to stop him from snogging with me till his lips were puffy, red and a bit bruised, and, as far as snogging was concerned, he didn't give a fuck if he should be doing it or liking it because he loved it and ....... this was the bit he was just starting to realise, he needed it.


He shuffled about, his hand coming from my shoulder to tug at his boxers. He wanted them off, out of the way. He wanted me to be able to see him properly, and when they were on the floor he stretched out his legs, tensing his thigh muscles to make those legs look as good as they possibly could look, and he did that because he wanted me to look, see how delicious they were, and because he knew I liked looking at his legs and he did it so I could look.


He was up hard, but that didn't bother him, I could look at his hard cock now as much as I wanted, and that was also because he knew I liked looking at it, and because he liked me looking. His embarrassment at being caught wanking had faded away now, he was proud of his hard cock and chuffed to buggery that he had someone to admire it.


Curiosity was slowly overcoming shyness, his young teen desire to know more about sex a desire that needed to be satisfied and, at last, he had someone he could say things to, ask questions and not be thought of as a silly, dirty-minded little boy and not get fobbed off with vague answers or told that was not something a nice boy should be thinking about.


"Yes, they did. It's quite a complicated process, fucking a boy. Some men don't care about the complications, all they're interested in is having a fuck and they don't give a damn what the boy thinks about it or if it's good for him. If it's not done properly and carefully the first few times then it hurts, hurts bad, bad enough to rip a boy's arse open. But if it's done properly then it is the best feeling a boy will ever have.


Can be well gross if the boy hasn't got a clean arse, but the boys I fucked all had nice, clean arses because we'd talked about things loads before we went that far, and done more than talk as well." I grinned at him, letting him know he could get more details if he wanted.




I lay still in Rob's arms as he spoke. My bum was still a bit sore from the spanking he had given me, but that reminded me of the way he had held me so, filled me with a warm fuzzy glow. I was comfortable and warm in his arms, snug and happy, lulled by his voice and his explanation of things I found fascinating but was too scared to speak to other people about.

"Why does it feel good for the boy?" I liked jerking my cock and could imagine how making it spurt in someone's butt might feel good, but I couldn't get my head around how having something in your bum could feel good.

"And how do you clean your bum anyway?" I giggled when I asked that, enjoying asking an adult these things. "If shit comes out of it, it must be dirty right?" The phrase `done more than talk' also fascinated me. I guessed Rob wanted to do those things with me, whatever they were, and I was curious what they would be. I trusted him enough now not to think he would force me to do them if I didn't want to, but I wanted to know what they were.

I stretched my legs again and rearranged my stiff cock before wrapping my arm back around Rob. I was enjoying his smell, and let out a little moan of pleasure as I took a deep sniff of his neck.



I've spent more than twenty years enjoying the physical company of boys and indulging in all the delights they have to offer, but young Dylan was different. Perhaps that was something to do with him being so sexy and so innocent at the same time, perhaps it was that he'd got to me in a way very few other boys had done. Whatever it was, I knew I loved having his naked body in my arms and I knew he liked having it there too.


He stretched out his long, slender legs, as much for the pleasure of just stretching them as the pleasure he got from the delight he knew he was giving me in making them good for me to look at. His hand did an instinctive move to his hardness and gripped it before I moved my hand across and took his away.


"That's mine to play with," I whisper grinned in his ear and he gave a little snigger of complicit agreement as I closed my hand round his young joy. I didn't wank him, just fondled him, teased his foreskin and played with his balls and the bit between balls and thigh, and had another taste of the inside of his mouth while I did that.


"Time for a bit of a biology lesson," I said softly when the snog finished. "You know when you wank, just before you spunk you get a sort of tingly feeling in there somewhere," I circled the pit of his stomach, "Then your balls start to churn and your spunk shoots out. That's because in there is a little gland thing called the prostate and it's the sort of loading device for your balls. If you think of your cock as a torpedo tube, then you wanking it sends a message down to the ball loading department to make ready a shot for firing, So the prostate send a torpedo to the magazine of the balls and then it's fired and you spunk. Now imagine that the 'one load only' switch on the prostate is turned off and instead of sending one torpedo to be fired it just keeps sending them one after another.

Now that little prostate switch is hidden up in your arse so when a cock goes up there it keeps banging on that switch till it gets turned off, and the problem is that every time it gets banged it just feels sexier and sexier."


It was a pretty unscientific explanation, but I thought it would get the idea across well enough.


"Now, if a cock can get up there and do that, so can a finger, and when a boy has that little button touched while he's being sucked he gives the man who's sucking him the biggest mouthful he could get."


I gave his legs a stroking while I was telling him this, not to assist his understanding but because his legs were too good to leave untouched.

"Now, you know that when you have a good piss you get a feeling that's a tiny bit like the feeling you get when you spunk. Well, it's the same with your arse. It feels good to have a good shit, but just like when you piss, it's only a fraction of the feeling you get when you're fucked. And as for the dirty bit, well your arse has got a 'shit lock' on it, a bit like an airlock on a submarine or a space craft. If it didn't then every time you farted you'd blow out shit as well. So what happens is a load of shit is let in through the first door and then it closes before the outer one opens, so if you wipe your arse properly there's no shit left behind the first door. Washing it helps as well," I grinned at him, "And washing it is essential if you want someone to kiss you there." 


I groaned as Rob took his tongue from my mouth. One hand was fondling my privates, his other wrapped around my body or feeling my legs, and I knew this was what adults would call being touched up. Boys my age were supposed to hate this but I knew I loved it and wanted it to not just continue but go further.

My head went back to his neck as he continued to fondle me. I liked that he had decided my privates were his to play with, the idea exciting me in the same way the thought of being tied up did, and I instinctively thrust my crotch up a bit as his hand strayed to my cock.

"You can't kiss someone's bum hole?" I giggled, thinking Rob was joking but curious all the same. The world he had introduced me to was new and exciting, and the idea that there was a switch inside me that would make a feeling even better than spurting fascinated me. I found it hard to imagine any better feeling than having your cock spurt but believed Rob when he told me it was possible.

I guessed what he was suggesting when he mentioned a boy giving a man a big mouthful of jizz if the button was pressed when he was being sucked and gave him a shy smile. "If you want to suck my cock and press my button that's cool," I nuzzles his neck, wanting to make him happy and experience the feelings he was describing.


"We'll make that one of the things that must happen before I have to take my boy home, then," I said, hoping he didn't miss the 'my boy' bit. I gave his legs another stroking and his cock and balls an extra fondling, and a great big hug to let him know how much I appreciated his offer. That didn't seem to be enough so I had another, long taste of the inside of his mouth to underline it.


"We could go upstairs," I suggested, "There's a really comfortable couch in the lounge and a 60" telly. I've got some sex education vids that might explain things a bit better for you."


I waited till he groaned at the thought of anything 'educational', and then whispered, "You could say they were porn vids, but I didn't think I should say that to a nice boy like you."


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