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The Englishman's China Minx




Baron Kempe Wallace admired the beautiful little Asian boy prostrated before him.

The Englishman had named this young boy "Peter", and the fine specimen was moaning in pleasure. Peter's groin and inner thighs were coated with dripping precum, all produced against the boy's better wishes throughout an entire afternoon of sexual engagement. Simply a tender nibble on the armpit, or a few kisses down the spine, were enough to bring the boy to near-orgasmic bliss.

Wallace slipped a finger inside of Peter, whose treacherous mouth cooed audibly in approval. Peter's well-tongued pink hole was slick and leaking with saliva, and the deeper penetration was welcome.

"Do you want me to fuck you," the gentleman asked, despite knowing there would again be no answer. Peter hadn't spoken a word since he was acquired from his family. But Wallace's ministrations ensured that what the boy lacked in words, he compensated with noise... Peter had quite the sensitive body.

How many times had this boy orgasmed to the slightest erotic touch? Wallace couldn't count on both hands and feet. While the boy couldn't produce a man's seed, he had an obvious case of 'female hysteria'.

The average White man's masculinity helped them to avoid this embarrassing condition. But this boy's smaller genitalia, slender effeminate physique, and capacity for repeated and intense climax were clearly related. The noble also believed that the boy's odd attempts to suppress each orgasm in protest were somehow working against him... making the poor lad cum with even less pause and repercussion.

"Surely we both see the inevitability," the smug Baron goaded. "You simply need to accept my superiority, for the sake of... politeness."

Wallace probed with his finger to find Peter's sweet spot, which was quite accessible and responsive. He was impressed to see that a few simple wiggles were enough to lull the boy into a very vulnerable state.

"You look like you'll be ready soon, so I'll be frank:  I can't wait to fuck you like I fuck your women."

Peter tensed at the insult, his adorable eyes shooting daggers at his captor. The glare softened when another finger entered his bottom. Wallace toyed with his indignant subject, stroking out some more globs of the nymphet's precum. He teasingly slicked Peter's sensitive nipples with the filmy nectar. 

"And ohh yes, I've already fucked all your sisters, believe me." Peter cringed at the harsh words. "Your precious, beautiful sisters, the shining jewels of your family. They were all young, all virgins, like you, and they'll all be bearing my children. But I left them behind and took you, the family's only boy, and you are indeed the perfect trophy."

Wallace wasn't sure how much the boy believed. But by now, the naked child already suffered more edging than a body could take, and the delirious sexual frustration was obvious. The slender body shivered and writhed with every touch... begging to be taken, but too prideful to ever ask.

After all, Peter was a boy taken from the seat of aristocratic wealth. He had grown up with an English servant, not an English master, and had likely never expected his fluent English to matter for the purposes it did now. And that was exactly why he chose Peter. For a man of the Baron's sophistication, it was a pleasure to slowly play with Peter's dignity. He was the cutest young boy Wallace had ever seen in the Orient, pampered delicately since birth. Yet despite that an artist could paint a lifetime of masterpieces from the boy's image, Peter's outsize beauty and pride belied the fact that his simmering, slender body was built to be ravaged by a superior man.

"Perhaps you're not ready to experience the size of a foreigner like me? A real man? With your upbringing, I doubt it... you grew up in a courtyard of women," Wallace taunted. "All those maids and mistresses and sisters and wives... but now you're at the mercy of me."

Wallace was only two fingers deep in the boy's tender virgin bum, and Peter was already glowing red from the nipples up. "You don't think it's true... but I'd wager your freedom that my manhood can make you scream louder than a common yellow whore."

He laughed at the boy's shocked and angry look. So predictable. Wallace knew that despite the youngster's pride, Peter's virginity was simply waiting on him to frame the proper gambit. A common man would resort to crude rape, but the Baron understood that this boy's reservations were just a farce. His nouveau-pauvre servant just needed something to prove as an excuse, a reason, a cover story for his bum to be skewered in the process. It was all quite easy.

"Don't you want your chance, boy?" Peter was silent, mulling his options.

"I dare you to show me you're not just another Chinese slut on my cock," Wallace goaded. The man pumped his fingers a few times for good measure, earning some anal convulsions of pleasure. He withdrew his fingers and positioned his thick meat before Peter's entrance. "What do you say? Yes?"

Yes, the boy nodded. Spitefully. But also... a bit more eagerly than intended. Cursing his weakness, the child wondered why his body never failed to betray him.


Peter bit his lower lip as the head of his master's cock opened his pink hole. The entry was smooth, slicked by his own oozing precum. The warm sting faded with each inch of girthy, hard penis that passed. The Baron's hefty cock was now a third of the way inside.

"You're tighter than your peers," the Baron exhaled. His captive's slender Asian body looked even smaller in contrast to the large manhood marching in. "Boys like you were never meant for women."

Peter bristled at the Baron's speech. Exhaling with frustration, his big brown eyes were squeezed shut as if to fight off an unwanted pleasure. With every extra inch that slipped in, Peter's expression weakened. The emotion in his eyes morphed from a look of resolve, to a look of moaning concern, and ever closer to a look of defeat.

     Halfway through, a faint shiver of lust and fear ran down his young spine. Peter was afraid that he might actually lose control once the real sex began - not that he even had a real concept of sex to begin with. The boy had never seen sperm, had never masturbated, had never once imagined a man could make him feel so perverse and so pleasurably degraded until this smug white stranger entered his life.

     The cock inside of Peter firmly pushed deeper, making him exhale sharply and grab at the silk red sheets. He kept thinking the man would be finished, but it felt as though there was an infinite length of thick, burning cock still waiting to enter him. The boy bit his lip and was obviously overwhelmed by excitement. A man's cock was about to lead him into an entirely new chapter of his boyhood, and he had no idea how much dirty ecstasy and humiliation that the evil man had in store for him.

     Wallace took his time with this first penetration. He was slow, gentle, methodical. It was like watching a wooden switch slowly bend and splinter. And as if on cue, Peter finally cracked when Wallace bottomed out inside him, buried to the hilt.

"No... please, don't... I can't..."

The boy's English was flawless. In fact, his English was beautiful... and so was his begging. 

"Please please," he whimpered. Even Wallace was surprised to see such a genuine moment of resignation. He asked Peter if it hurt, and he replied no. 

"Then, if it doesn't hurt... I know it feels good. Don't you want me to fuck you? Why would you want me to stop?"

"You're... you're too big!" Peter cried out, almost sobbing. The child's writhing bum squeezed and spasmed against Wallace's cock, as though his body had any say in where it went. It was as though, only now, Peter realized that couldn't surrender himself to the Englishman. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I can't..."

"Oh? But you said you could take it," he taunted. "You know what this makes me... don't you? Our wager makes me your master." 

Peter groaned, and tried to push Wallace away with his legs. The man remained fully planted inside him, and didn't let him move an inch. The little boy was realizing what it meant to be dominated for real, and it must have been quite different from his imagination.

The thought of being fucked, truly fucked, and powerless... it frightened him, enough to accept his role as a slave. To show Peter the extent of his naivete was a precious moment. Wallace slowly withdrew his cock, enjoying the power he held over this once stubborn boy. 

"I guess I'll pull out then, would you like that? Slowly..." 

"Thank you, thank you," Peter whispered, defeated. He seemed grateful for the kindness, as though it were a great sign of respect. "Thank you... m... master."

Yet despite his touching courtesy, Wallace slid his cock back into Peter the moment he fully pulled out. 

"AhhnnnhhHHHHhhhh!! Please, please... please..."

Peter moaned pitifully at the man's betrayal. But Peter's body betrayed him more than Wallace ever could. His small Chinese member was hopelessly erect, oozing a river of precum.

"Ohh... you like this so much, don't you. You're panting like no other whore I've ever met."

Wallace savored the feeling of flesh dragging against flesh. The boy was tight, exceptionally tight. Pitiless, the baron fucked his boy to a symphony of anguished squealing pleasure, and soon Peter had no resistance left to offer whenever his hole was opened. The boy had no choice but to cry and enjoy Wallace's cock against his will. In fact, his body soon adopted a routine, and the rhythmic tightening of his hole was extremely pleasurable for his master.

"You're such a beautiful lie," Wallace taunted. "Your pride, your honor... all a delusion."

He drove his length firmly into Peter's receptive bum, and the boy cried out in pleasure. Wallace was going to fuck his little Chinese vixen until the sun came up, and his cock was just getting warmed up. But Wallace still wanted the pitifully stubborn boy to realize the truth of his nature.

"I loathe that you even deny who you really are, Peter... you know that a perverse little part of you wants to be like this forever, to be dominated by your superior... that's right, I am superior, as are all British men to you..."

Peter could say nothing - he was in the most vulnerable position of his life, and he had never been more at another person's mercy. Instead, he tried to suppress his moans. But instead of defiant silence Peter just sounded like an engine being wound up.

"Peter... you're enjoying this so much! And you don't want to show it, but we both know exactly why you like it. You know you were born to be a slut for English manhood, and everything you feel, everything I do to you is fulfilling that inner need."

Peter broke out with a shaking scream of pleasure, as if in agreement.

"You're a slut, and a slave, and a beautiful sexy little boy who was meant to be fucked by greater men like myself! You are a little Oriental slut!"

Peter clamped his eyes shut. He was on the cusp of orgasm - of failure - and Wallace knew it. Wallace had known it for a while, actually, and was simply choosing this moment to release his load in time with Peter's first anal orgasm.

"Peter, Peter, Peter, you are a boy to be fucked by White men, laughed at by your women, and ravaged like a whore... you are a slut! And when you cum right now, I want that to be the thought running through your head! For a Englishman like me, you are nothing more than a squealing, moaning girl!"


"Remember who you are," whispered Wallace, cruel in his glory.

Peter cried. His stomach was spattered with his cream, and a few daring droplets stained his chin. His sobs were peppered often with laughter, but those laughs were rickety boats of happiness that capsized eventually under more sobs of guilt, humiliation and confusion.

Wallace's member remained firmly inside of Peter's precious Chinese bum. It was fully broken in, the seed of white conquerors injected deep inside of it - a flag of victory planted snug inside the boy's very soul. No longer will Peter be able to hide from pleasure or deny his humiliating lust for Caucasian meat.

"Wo qiu ni... please..."

Peter felt an erection growing again inside him. Wallace simply kissed Peter along the tender spots on his neck and face. He was going to fuck the boy again, wanting to make sure Peter would never forget his first time.

But at the moment, Peter was focusing on how it felt to have big, heavy cock springing back into life... while already inside of his cum-filled passage.

Wallace looked down, admiring his own erection. His penis was as hard as ever, a pillar inside of Peter's hole. Wallace gently pressed into the awaiting crevice, and Peter rewarded his master with a beautiful pleasured scream.

There was no doubt Peter would be cumming non-stop for the remainder of the night. Wallace his hands against the boy's young body, teasing his responsive Oriental nipples. The boy squealed with the slightest touch. It was humiliating, a farce of his former dignified self. But for the moment Peter was too overwhelmed with pleasure to even regret his actions.

Victorious like he was in all conquests, Baron Wallace had broken a floodgate, and Peter was his to keep.








One of the best things Wallace did was in changing Peter's silly Chinese haircut to a trendy European style. The result was a success, making Peter even more of a sexual enticement. In fact, it so accentuated the stubborn boy's devilish pixie features that it was the reason Wallace named him after Peter Pan, the main character of a recent London play.

 It was well suited for Peter and framed his innocent features in just the right way. Peter received many compliments from the well-to-do white passersby, and they all showed pompous respect for Wallace's story - what a kind man, adopting such a lucky Oriental boy! Truly, the man was saving Peter from a dysfunctional and primitive culture.

But oh, how the boy moaned and wailed when his long, braided queue was cut. Peter didn't even have his hair partially shaved in the traditional manner; it appeared Peter's parents were waiting for his next birthday. But alas, even this symbolic boyhood transition would now occur on the Englishman's terms. It was a perverse thrill to fuck Peter in front of the mirror every morning, to make the boy watch his new sexy face moaning and wailing for entirely different reasons than fashion. 

Peter's English haircut was now, instead, a symbol of regression.  It represented Peter's foray into a new type of boyhood - one where he would fulfill the role of feminine submission to his Western owner's masculine cock. Wallace knew this, and intended for Peter to be the feminine Yin to his masculine Yang. Peter would be soft, yielding and wet before his aggressive, fast, and hard counterpart.

But it was most satisfying to see Peter's endless resistance to this new fate. Wallace had the life experience to know he was not and would never be solely responsible for the boy's sexual degeneration.

Just look at him! The boy was delicate, big eyed, button nosed, beautiful. A slender, tight, born-for-breeding slut.

Even if Peter had come of age on his own, he would still be a slim horny twink who ached for cock behind those layers of cultural repression. Wallace was simply dragging out the slutty Asian vixen hiding within Peter all along, no matter how much the pretty little lad denied it.





~Weeks Later~


"Wot d'you know," blurted a small boy from the suite door.  "You must be the 'special item' Baron Wallace is having me babysit. Calls you Peter, doesn't he?"

Peter nodded, affirming his name. Wallace had tied him up in red silk rope that morning and left him exposed in the room.

The English boy ogled the bound oriental's naked body for a few seconds. The newcomer untied the Asian beauty but motioned him onto his knees with a pointing gesture.

"Ni gan!"

Peter was insulted to take orders from another boy, and he pushed the scrappy kid away. But he was startled to be grappled onto the ground, helpless on his back with Tom's deceptively strong body pinning him down.

It wasn fair! Peter was taught martial arts! His trained body was flexible and tight, capable of the most graceful wushu techniques. But this English ruffian was in full control over him, simply by being stronger!

"Ni fang wo zhou!"

Peter was defiant. He swept his legs out from the White boy's side, lifting them over his head and performing a nimble rolling backflip that broke him free. Peter's young "babysitter" was impressed, laughing riotously.

"Bloody hell, you're like a... a cute Oriental monkey!"

A monkey?! What an insult! Ready to show this foreign devil who was boss, Peter ran in for an advanced wushu butterfly kick. But just as Peter's smooth skinny legs were dancing through the air, his tow-headed enemy stepped towards him and pushed his back.


Peter's butterfly kick was ruined, and he landed hard on his butt. It made him look quite stupid. The two boys tussled on the floor, but the younger British lad was simply stronger. He could grab Peter's arms and no amount of struggling would break the boy free. The backflip trick wouldn't work more than once, either.

Once Peter was finally out of energy, the victorious Englishboy grabbed the back of Peter's hair and used another arm to pin him against the ground. Peter's face was red, and he was panting heavily.

"I can see why the Baron tied you up!" the lad jeered. "No hard feelings though! Me name's Thomas."

Thomas tied Peter's wrists behind his back with the soft rope. Peter looked away, still feeling the sting of Thomas' laughter.

"Don't fight me again now! The Baron told me we could play, and I bloody hell don't want to hurt you. You're so pretty and delicate."

 After making sure the knot was solid, he bent down to the captive China boy's naked body. He grinned. Thomas was proud that he was stronger, that he put his exotic pet his proper place.

"I got meself a nickname too, but I'll tell you after you get t'know me better, if you understand the parlance."

After lifting Peter onto his feet, Tom reached down and devilishly unsheathed the foreskin of Peter's small, straining dick. A practiced finger massaged Peter's precum against his cockhead, coaxing a surprised gasp of pleasure. It aroused Peter, unknowingly, to be seduced by the same strong hands that overpowered him.

"Mmhh..." Peter moaned again when Thomas quickly found the sensitive patches along his glans. This kid was good...

"Told you we're getting t'know each other," he winked. Thomas leaned in to kiss his captive's sensitive body, seeking new erogenous spots to explore.

Peter's rigid Chinese cocklet was already drooling and about to cum, but he didn't want to give anyone the satisfaction. Peter tried to shy away from Tom's advances, but his new friend wasn't having any of it.

Tom slapped Peter's bum so hard it put a tear in his eye, and the Chinese boy learned his lesson. Tom inspected and pared down his playtoy's body as thoroughly as he pleased, eventually rising up to speak.

 "Looks like it's true after all, that oriental boys really haven't got much down there. Your privates can't be bigger than me own cock when it's soft."

Moaning reluctantly, Peter closed his eyes as his neck was nibbled by the younger boy.

"Sure are some'n pretty though," the smaller boy sighed wistfully into Peter's ear.  "I fancy you're a royal class shag..."

Tom's hot breath compounded the sensations that sent goosebumps tingling throughout Peter's small slender body. What a gem this young Oriental was. The boy had the looks of a model rounded out by his adorable, fuckable features.

"Guess you should know my nickname by now," the white lad spoke. He pulled down his shabby trousers with excitement, and stood proudly with his erection.

"They call me Long Tom!"

Peter gulped audibly; it was partly out of fear at the sight of the youngster's enormous cock, and partly due to the fact that his mouth was watering with anticipation. Peter was shocked by his own response.

   How did he become like this? How could he of all people be reduced to a primed, exotic slut for the pleasure of wealthy Englishmen and their arrogant, domineering sons? His family was powerful! Rich, connected and elite. He was being groomed to succeed the most influential men in the Imperial circle, but now this new grooming would lead him to nothing more than raunchy, degrading, mind-blowing sex...

     Mmmmh... sex.

     Little Peter breathed in the scent of childhood virility as Tom's cock smeared its precum across his Asian lips. His subconscious mind was so excited for what was next that his drooling mouth was already wet and ready for service. This couldn't be happening. It's as if he was trained to enjoy this by Wallace.

     No! Peter's new masters may own his body, but they couldn't own his mind. He knew that no matter what disgusting pleasures they subjected his small horny body to - or what carnal delights they forced him to provide - that his mind would always be his. Peter knew for certain that he was a dignified, upright Chinese boy who would never yield his mind to the unceasing assault on his pride, sexuality and innocence. Or at least... he was pretty certain.

     "Oh, yes... damn, your mouth is so wet. I can't wait to fuck you every morning, either. "

Was this really him now, salivating at the mere sight or smell of their large, thick European cocks?  He suckled Tom's overgrown cock and realized that he had never laid eyes on a white penis that did not soon enter him in some way, using him and owning him, each of the proud foreign cocks inevitably cumming inside of his small body. It was disgusting, humiliating to even think of how thoroughly his pride had been raped by these alien people. 

     It was here that Peter realized how far down the food chain he really was. Here was this slim, freckled English boy who was shorter and younger than him, but was already able to muscle him down and sported a cock with over twice the length and girth of his own.

     How many times does Tom plan to fuck him, Peter wondered? How loudly will he scream every time? How many times more times will he be spanked and wrapped in lacey red rope, feverishly accepting to be an oriental bride?

     "Ahnnnhh! Oh fffuuckk, you're so fucking sweet," Tom moaned.

     Tom grabbed Peter's slim arms and held them above his head, leaving his naked Chinese torso splayed helplessly between them. Tom smiled at his lover, and decided he loved nothing more than to see Peter naked and exposed.

     "I always want to see you like this. No way to fight back, no way to hide from me or tell me there's anything I can't do. Just completely open... I can do whatever I want to you."

     Peter wanted to look away in shame, but he knew Tom would hate that. Tom liked to see the humiliation and weakness in his eyes, and it made Peter feel even more hopeless knowing that he was giving Long Tom exactly what he was looking for.

     It was times like these where Peter didn't just feel as though he were a slave with two masters - but rather that he was simply a slave twice over. He realized that Tom was just a child, a little boy like him who couldn't yet compare to a large nobleman like Wallace. And yet this kid this was the great "Long Tom" whom he now services as a maiden slut.

     "Shine me up, Peter," Tom ordered, a satisfied grin on his face. "I know you'll like my cock real wet when I fuck you."

     Peter was of noble blood, and all his Chinese peers regarded him with envy. Yet this English street urchin was already worth more as a boy than he would ever be. He wasn't getting fucked by some miniature alpha male - Tom was simply a pretty-faced kid like him from England, and comparatively that was enough to make Peter his complete subservient bitch.





The voyage home, by sea...

Next time!







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