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Erebi Seeking


1. Hunter

It was a typical pre-lunch Monday. Except that Jove had decided to not go to school and was still hiding in the bedroom. Hunter was sitting on the couch watching television with his leg propped up. Nothing was on television worth watching, but it beat sitting staring at the walls. Hunter was sure that would drive him batty. His sketchpad lay on the coffee table from where he had attempted to do a little drawing earlier, but his mind kept wandering to Jove, more specifically, Jove and his bruises. The sketch that was on top was a pair of bound hands, grasping at nothing, or everything, he was not sure which. Hunter just could not get the image out of his mind of his baby brother bound for the pleasure of another. It made him ill to think that he sent him out there to find such a man, and he was sure Jove was taking it poorly from his not wanting to go to school today, although Odessa called him in with a fever and headache. She did not even ask him to do extra chores, just told him to feel better. Hunter looked at the sketch again. Odessa was worried about him too.

The knock at the door startled him out of his thoughts. "Hang on!" he shouted, then began to maneuver himself off the couch.

Jove opened the bedroom door, "You need something?"

"Can you get the door?"

"Yeah, hang on." Jove came out of the bedroom a minute later with his book in one hand, pulling on a hooded sweatshirt before opening the door. "Oh hi Cliff. Hunter is on the couch." He let the man in and closed the door behind him, then excused himself to go back to 'his' room. The one he no longer occupied.

"Hey Cliff." Hunter greeted his lover. "What brings you out to this side of town?"

"Oh I thought I would come by and see how you were holding up. Still got that flat tire?"

Hunter tapped the cast. "About as flat as you can get, have a seat. Would you like anything to drink, I'm sure Jove wouldn't mind."

"You act as if I don't know my way around a kitchen." Cliff teased as he sat opposite of Hunter, "Why isn't he in school?"

"Home sick."

"Ah. He looked pretty well to me."

"Woke up this morning with a fever and headache, you know how the school is about those kinds of things. Send you to the nurse, asks a bunch of questions that are no one's business, try to give you innocs you don't need. Easier to stay home."

"Yes, I can see your point." He reached over and picked up the sketchbook. "Nice image, anyone I know?"

Hunter shrugged. "Just drawing what comes to mind."

"Feeling trapped again are you?"

"Just a little." Hunter was relieved at the direction of the questioning, anything but Jove.

"You know Vincent never meant for you to do this alone." Cliff said softly.

"I can't leave them."

"No one is asking you to leave them, Hunter, not completely, just honor your father's contract. I will not keep you from seeing other clients if that is what is bothering you, but the contract is to protect the girls."

"I know what it is, Cliff. I would have to live with you." Hunter looked away, then back again. "Not that I would mind that at all, but then who would look after these guys? Who would be home when Jove is sick or when Elaina gets home from school? Mama isn't going to be here to do it anymore. I promised." His shoulders were trembling from the emotion he was feeling. "I promised them, Cliff."

"I made him a promise too, Hunter." Cliff moved around the coffee table to kneel next to Hunter. "I promised him I would take care of you. Just you. You know I can enforce the contract until you are twenty-one." He cupped Hunter's face in his hands.

"I know."

"And you know your father contracted you so that you wouldn't have to deal with this pressure all by yourself."

Hunter nodded.

"Then let me help you." Cliff whispered as he kissed him gently on the lips. "Tell me what you need."

"I don't know." Hunter admitted. "Mama did everything until a few months ago, all I did was give her my money."

"Yes, Geraldine was a very capable woman, we all respect her very much. Do you have any money saved?"

"No, my account emptied out with last month's rent. I never kept much in reserve, Cliff; I just gave my money to mama. I asked Franko for emergency funds and he laughed at me. I don't know why, I've always been steady before I messed up my leg and the doc doesn't expect any permanent damage."

"So that leaves you all surviving on just Vincent's benefits."

Hunter nodded without meeting Cliff's eyes.

"My contract will pay rent and leave some left over for the other bills."

"But there will be no adult in the house. Odessa is trying to maintain her Hesti status to keep papa's benefits for as long as possible. I have to stay, and the contract is very clear."

"Cordell is old enough for his guild card."

"Mama isn't even dead yet." Hunter whispered. "He may be old enough, but he knows as well as I do how against she is of any of us following in papa's footsteps. It's bad enough I had to, to help out with the bills, but not Cody."

"Just to pay the bills?" Cliff asked softly.

Hunter blushed. "No, not just to pay the bills. It was difficult keeping up the facade for everyone. Especially mama." He lowered his voice, "You know as well as I do what we did was illegal. If we had been caught we would have both gone to jail."

"Your father was willing to put the contract into effect immediately if that happened."

"I know, but it still didn't make it any easier." Hunter looked at the picture he drew. "Not easier at all."

"How can I help you today, Hunter? I'm not above a little domestic work." Cliff said gently as he caressed his lover's shoulder.

"You doing dishes and laundry?"

"Yes, me doing dishes and laundry. Do you need the help or not?"

"Well I was going to get Jove to help with the laundry, but if you want to…" he leaned over and kissed his lover.

"I want to. Now where is it?"

"There is a hamper in my room, in the room where Jove is, you can ask him for it, and one in the bathroom. Jove can show you where the machines are."

"Sounds like a deal to me."

Hunter watched as Cliff got up and went down the hall to his room. It did not occur to him until after Cliff was inside that Jove's things were also in his room. He might have some explaining to do, or he might not. Maybe Cliff would not notice.

2. Cliff

Cliff gathered the dirty laundry from Hunter's room, pondering the sketch and Hunter's strange behavior. He knew Geraldine Ward was on her deathbed, everyone down at the guild house knew it. Many of them worried over Vincent's kids too, especially with them being so young still. Odessa, being the eldest, was just shy of twenty-one; and the others came about every two years after her, ending with Elaina who had just turned thirteen. It was not common knowledge the boys were contracted. Not even the boys knew it, only Vincent and the men involved, and maybe Geraldine. Cliff was sure Vincent would consult his wife on such matters. Each of the men had been instructed to wait until the boys had attempted to join the guild. Vincent had made it so that when their names were punched in, it would show up they were contracted, and who to contact. He did not have long to wait with Hunter, the boy had applied for his guild card on his sixteenth birthday. Cliff had been contacted, just like Vincent wanted, but instead of pulling the boy out of his home, he signed off on the paperwork, giving his consent for his contracted ganami to be on the streets.

He picked up one last pair of jeans that were tossed across the bed without considering that Hunter could not wear jeans with his cast on and carried the laundry out of the room. He knocked on Jove's room door.


"Hunter asked that you help me with the laundry, you got any in there?"

Jove opened the door and hauled out the hamper that was full of his sibling's laundry. "Just a second and I'll get Hunters…"

"I've already got it."

Jove looked down and saw his own clothes on top and blushed. "Oh ok, then there's just the bathroom hamper to get." He took off down the hall. Cliff watched him go and shook his head. That boy was acting strange, must be a stage all boys go through. He had begun sorting the laundry when Jove returned with the hamper from the bathroom.

"Thanks Jovanni, Hunter was telling me you weren't feeling well."

"No, Sir, had a bit of a headache this morning and you know how the nurses are at school these days. The slightest complaint is enough for a full physical."

"Gotten that bad has it?"

"Yeah, the closer you get to your legal Cleansing, the more they seem to want to make sure you are under Protection. Makes no sense to me."

"So you disagree with them wanting to make sure everyone is following the rules?"

"I disagree with the blatant disregard for privacy that all the adults in my life tend to share." Jove snapped as he turned on his heel and went back to 'his' room.

Cliff arched an eyebrow at that little display of temper. Then he smiled. Of course, Jiovanni was to go to William and William would encourage the boy's fire, and temper it with a fire of his own kind. Cliff would like to see when they first come face-to-face, Jiovanni and William. He wasn't sure if the boy was Erebi or not, but the type of training William offered would benefit any boy with spirit, and that Jiovanni had plenty of.

Cliff was still musing about the coming meeting as he emptied the pockets of the dark clothing, putting them into the washer. In one pocket, he found a receipt with a statement on it. At first, he thought it was an old one, then he looked at the date, it was yesterday. It showed there was over twenty thousand dollars in Hunter's account. He finished loading the machine, and turned it on. Then he took the receipt in to Hunter and handed it to him.

"You might want to hang on to this. I found it in your shirt from yesterday."

Hunter looked up confused then looked at the receipt. 'Mercy General Hospital - items purchased - 3 sodas - account remaining' and that is where he looked up. "This isn't right, I won't accept your money Cliff."

"That's not my money. I did come here today to pay you for services though…" he looked sheepish.

"What kind of services can I do like this?" Hunter hit the cast.

"Well I was going to propose a blow job, but Jiovanni is here…"

"We can use mama's room…" Hunter said softly.

"But Jiovanni…"

"Will understand." Hunter said. "I need this Cliff."

"What are you going to do about the receipt?"

"Deal with it later… after…" Hunter smiled.

"What do you think it is?"

"Either a mistake or Franko released the emergency funds like I asked. Either way I'm not going to worry about it right now… help me up… mama's room is that way."

Cliff laughed and helped his lover up. It had been a while since they had enjoyed each other for fear of aggravating Hunter's injuries. Today there was no such fear.

3. Odessa

Odessa sat in the library waiting and trying to get mama out of her mind. Hunter should have gone to see her this morning, and Cody was supposed to be taking Elaina that evening to see her, too. So her visiting hours were covered, but that did not ease the guilt Odessa felt as she waited for her soon to be fiancé.

"Hey beautiful," Sterling whispered in her ear as he arrived behind her. "Got something for you."

"What?" she asked as he sat down.

"Well, remember that chemical you said you were looking for?" he teased.

"The cyanide?"

"That very thing. I got you some," he smirked, "so are you going to tell me what you need it for?"

"Rats," she said plainly.


"Yeah you mix it with peanut butter and they eat it and die."

"Why don't you just get rat poison?"

"This is faster, you don't have to go hunting down the rats or dealing with stinking walls," she said with all seriousness.

He laughed. "All right, well if you need more let me know."

"Thank you."


4. Geraldine

Mercy General Hospital was like any other hospital he had ever been in, stark with an underlying chemical scent. Finding her room had been easy, information had been glad to help, but now that he was up here, on the floor where they kept terminal patients, Cliff paused. It was difficult to think of Geraldine Ward as a terminal patient. The last time he had seen her had been just after Vincent's funeral and while she had been mourning, she had still been vibrant and full of life. He did not know what to expect when he opened the door, but terminal did not do her justice.

"Good morning Geraldine." Cliff spoke softly to the wasted form of the woman he had once known on the bed.

"Cliff? Cliff Bath is that you?" she peered in his general direction.

"Yes, Geraldine, it's me. What's going on with you?" He pulled one of the chairs over next to the bed and sat down.

"Brain tumor they say, eating away at my head from the inside. Soon I'll be helpless as a babe. Not far from it now." She smiled. "Did you come to talk to me about the boys?"

"I did." He admitted to her. He saw no sense in lying to a dying woman.

"Vincent told me he contracted the boys. I refused to let him contract the girls. I don't want them anywhere near the guild, not my girls. I've made them promise. Will you promise me too?"

"I can promise you I know nothing about any contracts for the girls, and that I can support your wish that they be allowed to make their own choices, but Geraldine, if the girls want to join the guild, I can do nothing to stop them."

"Remind them of their promise, it should be enough."

"I can do that." He agreed.

"Thank you, Cliff. Are you taking care of Hunter now?"

"I am, he is one hard-headed boy. He refuses to leave home so long as there is family to care for."

"He is like his papa -- family first, always -- family first, guild second, then the world. Did the club come for Cordell yet? He is old enough for his Cleansing."

"I do believe Chester said he wanted to wait until Cordell was at least seventeen, his clients prefer older boys, but with the way things are going," he looked around the room, "I believe he will make an exception of a few months. It is Jiovanni I am more concerned about, he is still several months away from the earliest date for his Cleansing, and there is no way that William can take him early unless Jiovanni requests him in a certain manner, and due to the laws, no one can tell Jiovanni the way to do it."

"Have you spoken to William?" Geraldine asked.

"Not for a year at least."

"Then maybe you should talk to him."

"Why, do you think… how would Jiovanni know?"

"Vincent wasn't so concerned with the legal system on his deathbed he spoke to Jiovanni for hours alone. Odessa too. Hunter and Cordell received their time alone, but not the same amount by far. I don't know what Vincent told Jiovanni, he always came out of the sick room a bit dazed and went straight to bed, to think on it, he said. The one he spent the least amount of time with was Elaina. I asked him about it and he said she was too unpredictable at this time, but her future was secure. It was after their papa died that Odessa declared she would remain under Hestia's Protection until further notice. She still is. A year later, Hunter joined the guild, as you well know. I do believe Vincent told him to do it. He just got up that morning of his birthday and left early to go to the guildhall before breakfast. By the time I found out what was going on, his classes at school had been changed and he was an official member with his Cleansing scheduled with you."

"Why do you think Cordell didn't go down to the guildhall on his last birthday?"

"He might have been told to go down on his seventeenth instead. I do not know. Or he might have been told to listen to Hunter."

"And Jiovanni?"

"He came to visit, and he was doing his best to hide bruises. Vincent was right about my baby, his blood burns. I do not know how he purges the burn yet, but he is handling the ache."

"But if he's hiding the bruises, then it's not good for his emotional development. He missed school yesterday claiming a headache. I wonder if he was still recovering from bruises."

"From what I saw, it's very possible. If he had not been wearing one of Hunter's old shirts, then he would have been picked up and sent to Juvie."

"Ganami school shirt?"

"Yes that's the one."

Cliff did some quick thinking. If the boy had been being paid as an Erebi, then that would explain the money in Hunter's account. However, he would have had to have gone out between ten and fifteen times. A non-contracted Erebi was rare, but they did happen. It just meant that Jiovanni had to negotiate each session before agreeing. Cliff's mind boggled. Had Vincent actually taught Jiovanni how to negotiate on his deathbed? Or did it just come natural to the boy?

While he was sitting, pondering one of the nurses came in to administer a medication. "I'm sorry sir, but this may make her sleepy."

Cliff nodded his understanding and sat with Geraldine discussing mundane things until she nodded off, then he slipped out of the room quietly. Hunter was right to be worried, and someone would have to sit down and talk to Odessa. Maybe he could get one of Chester's ladies to do it. He sighed as he exited the building and flipped open his phone. These were two calls he did not want to make. The first call was to his secretary, Lucy, to let her know he would be taking a bit longer than he anticipated, could she reschedule anything on his schedule with his apologies until after lunch.

5. Cliff

He drove home so he could have some privacy for the other two calls. His house, a modest two-story on a decent sized piece of land, was rather private, and that was the way he liked it. The gate opened for his car automatically, but most others would be stalled here until allowed to enter. The shrub and tree lined driveway curved to the left then back toward the right before going to the house, which could not be seen from the street even with a good pair of binoculars. The foliage took care of that, and he paid the gardener well to make sure it stayed that way.

Bailey met him at the door, as expected. "The Missus is out, Sir, and the girls are still at school."

"Good, good, I'll be in the study if anyone needs me."

Bailey nodded and closed the door as Cliff headed for his study. Once there, he opened his files and found the numbers he needed. There was a single knock before Bailey entered with tea service and a tray of sweets. A polite nod, a smile later, and he was gone again. Cliff chuckled. That young man was coming along rather well.

Cliff called Chester first, but he was not in. He left a message with his secretary concerning Cordell and Geraldine Ward's condition. He would know what to do and would set the proper things in motion from his end. Then he took a deep breath and called William.

"Chains of Prometheus, what's your pleasure?" a soft male voice answered the telephone.

"William Reed please."

"One moment." The phone clicked, went silent, clicked again and a new voice picked up.

"Mulciber Reed speaking."

"Hello William, Cliff Bath, calling concerning a young man you hold the contract for."

"I hold a lot of contracts, Cliff, care to be more specific."

"Jiovanni Ward."

"Ah, yes I do hold his contract."

"Do you mind if I inquire its status?"

"Just one moment."

Cliff was placed on hold and while he listened to the odd music, he wondered why William would have to look up the status of a contract that he should be familiar with if Jiovanni had gone to him recently as Geraldine had suggested. The phone clicked again.

"I have the contract right here, the boy in question will be sixteen next spirng. So the contract hasn't been opened yet."

"Is there any doubt the boy is an Erebi?"

"According to Vincent, the probability was high, 90th percentile when the contract was written. The boy hadn't experienced his first burning yet, and as far as I know he hasn't."

"How sure are you?"

"Every Mulciber in the state knows Jiovanni is mine. If he burns hot enough to go seeking, they would bring him to me for a proper breaking. Why do you ask?"

"Geraldine is terminally ill. I went to see her in the hospital today. She seems to think he has sought you out. She mentioned some bruising he was hiding and was concerned about his emotional health." Cliff held the phone away from his ear as loud swearing commenced. When it died down, he put the receiver back next to his ear.

"…hands on that boy. I should just go over there now and pick him up regardless of his age, regardless of the law, but I can't do a damn thing until his mother dies. Then I become his legal guardian, and I can punish him properly for fucking around underage."

"Erebi do it all the time from what I understand."

"Yes they do, but they are in training, and there is a proper protocol. They aren't just out on the streets picking up who knows what from who knows whom. It's a process. Damn it. That boy had so much potential, if he's ruined I'll kill the…"

Cliff moved the phone away from his ear again. When he moved it back there was silence. "William?"


"Jiovanni does not know about the contract."

"Excuse me?"

"Jiovanni has not been told he is under contract and is acting in good faith, what ever he is doing."

"Why was he not told?"

Cliff was glad to hear William sounded calmer, "When Vincent died, Geraldine did not want the boys to be influenced about whether or not to join the guild, so she didn't tell them. She thought Poseidon's Pleasure House had closed down."

"Chester's place? It's a legend. Why would she think that?"

"Because Chester didn't come after Cordell when he was sixteen, and Cordell has chosen not to join the guild as of yet, so no one told him he could be living there if he wanted to."

"Geraldine's terminal you said?"

"Yes, Hunter seems to think that she won't last out the month. I'd say more like a week. The nurses say soon. You might want to get a place ready for Jiovanni just in case. He has this thing for his privacy."

"Most Erebi do, believe it or not, especially after they have started their training. A lot of it is done publicly, so when they can get a few private moments, they cherish them. Soon, huh, I've got a room he can have until he asks for training."

"And if he's already begun training with someone?"

"Then that someone and I will have a little chat. Word was out that boy is mine; it has been out since the day the contract was signed. Every new Mulciber is told personally, and no Mulciber-in-training would dare begin training a boy without discussing the specifics with their mentor. I cannot think of any way he could have begun training without me knowing."

"Just remember it may not have been their fault. I have the feeling there is more going on in the Ward household than any of them are saying."

"I'll keep that in mind, Cliff. Thanks for calling. Keep me posted about Geraldine. Just tell the boy on the front phone it is an emergency if I'm not in. Give him the code, 'barbed cuffs'."

Cliff wrote it down, "I will, William. Thanks for taking my call. Wish it could have been on better circumstances."

"Well it's not like we walk in the same circles."

Cliff laughed with him. "No, it's not. Have a pleasant day." A few minutes later he was hanging up the phone, glad that conversation was over.


6. Jiovanni

A few minutes after ten found Jove pinning a numbered button to his shirt as he entered the Screaming Faery. The dance floor was busy, but not crowded like it usually was on Friday and Saturday nights when he would come in. He did not go over to the bar, but instead sat at one of the little tables near the door. He would not stay long if Micah was not in. The guy at the desk said he would page him. The music seemed a little less intense tonight; he strummed his fingers on the tabletop as he watched the dancers and the doors. On the third song, a familiar shape strode across the room in his direction. Jove looked up at him and smiled. Micah smiled back and beckoned him to come. Jove stood and went, meeting him near the edge of the dance floor.

“It’s a Wednesday.” Micah said.

Jove looked down and chewed his bottom lip. “I know. If you have other commitments,” he glanced at the door, “I can go.”

“You never come on Wednesdays.” Micah sounded a bit confused.

Jove looked up. “I need you, Micah.”

Micah caressed Jove’s cheek, “How do you need me, Hunter?”

“I need you to ease the burning, Sir.” Jove looked him in the eye. “Please.”

“Are you ready to continue with your training?”

Jove looked around, as if to say: Here? Now? And Micah nodded. He took a deep breath, “Yes, Sir.”

“Then come, dance with me.” Micah held out his hand and Jove took it. Together they entered the dance floor and Micah pulled him close although the song was an upbeat one. Their lips met and Jove did not care what happened next, his whole world filled with Micah.

His body found the rhythm of the music and of Micah, who kissed his lips and his neck, then whispered in his ear, “Unbutton your shirt for me.” Jove spun out of his grasp just a little and danced for Micah, unbuttoning his buttons beginning at his collar, and not forgetting his cuffs. Soon he wore the shirt loose around him and Micah pulled him back for more kisses. This time, Micah’s hands caressed his stomach. His thumbs hooked under his waistband and when he kissed his neck, he moved downward toward his nipples. Jove moaned softly as his shirt slipped off his shoulders and anyone who cared to see could watch as Micah bit his chest publicly marking him.

Jove ran his hands along Micah’s body, slowly, tentatively, as if he were unsure of what he were allowed to do. Micah neither encouraged nor discouraged him, instead he kissed back up Jove’s neck and whispered in his ear, “remove your pants.”

Jove looked at him as if he did not believe what he heard, but Micah pulled on the waistband and mouthed the word, now. Jove took a deep breath and stepped back, kicking off his left shoe as he did. His right followed as he swiveled his hips and undid the button of his jeans. He looked at the floor, not at the people. He was too embarrassed, he had nothing on under his jeans, but there was no way Micah could know that. He turned to face his lover as he unzipped allowing Micah to see his predicament. Micah just nodded and smiled. Jove slid the jeans down slowly over his hips, wiggling slightly until they were a puddle of material at his feet. Micah beckoned him forward. The open shirt provided scant privacy now as he stepped out of his jeans to go to his lover. Micah pressed their bodies together and claimed his lips again, then reached down to fondle him publicly.

Turning cherry red, Jove hid his face in Micah’s chest until Micah pulled him up for more kisses. “You are beautiful, Hunter,” he whispered as he pushed the shirt off Jove’s shoulders. “Let them see how you obey me. That you are mine.” The shirt was soon on the floor with the rest of his clothing, and applause rang out.

Micah did not say a word to explain, he just picked Jove up and carried him to the elevators. Someone else picked up his clothing and brought it over, an older gentleman. “I didn’t think he was going to let the pants go, Micah. Very nice showing, you’ve done nice work with your boy.”

“Thank you, he’s been a pleasure to train. I’m very proud of him.”

“Oh?” The gentleman held up the clothing, “so maybe I should hold on to these?”

Micah laughed then looked at the blushing boy in his arms. “Yes, hold on to them, he will be down to get them later, much later.”

Jove buried his face in Micah’s neck. He had agreed to the training, he just did not realize it would be so… embarrassing.

7. Micah

Micah carried his prize upstairs. It had happened better than he had hoped, although he had hoped for a Friday night. However, it was clear now that Hunter was his. He took a couple deep breaths, there could be no going back, and he did not want to. For the first time in his life, he was perfectly content with a lover and he had tried out his share. He fumbled for the key at the room, but he did not put Hunter down, he did not want to until he could lay him on the bed. Micah smiled. He may even break a few of his own rules tonight.

Hunter looked up at him expectantly as he laid him on the blanket, but he did not say a word. “I want you.” Micah told him. Hunter moved to get off the bed. Micah stopped him. “I want you now, just like that.” And he lowered his head to his lover’s groin. Hunter watched. Micah had never done this to him before. Then Micah stood up and stripped for Hunter as Hunter had done so many times for him keeping eye contact with his lover the whole time. “Do you still need me?” he asked when he was fully nude.

“Yes, Sir.” Hunter said softly.

“Good.” Micah said as he climbed on the bed, covering Hunter with his body. “Because I still want you.”

8. Jiovanni

Their lips met, and there was the sound of the lube leaving the tube. Then Jove could only feel as Micah plunged home in one deft stroke. His body arched up and his legs clamped around Micah’s body pulling him in further as Micah’s tongue wrestled with his own. From empty to fully possessed in a matter of seconds, he moaned in pleasure. Then Micah began to move and he had no option but to move with him. Clinging to him as his world narrowed to one of sensation. His blood reached a fevered pitch as he neared his climax, but Micah’s hand was there, pinching his cockhead, whispering the words, “not yet” as he grunted his own climax into his bowels. Jove cried out in frustration. Micah stroked his abs and spoke soothingly. “Soon baby, soon, I have a present for you.” He reached over and punched some numbers on the phone. Then when Jove felt his orgasm building again Micah bent over and bit his cockhead. “Not yet, I said.” Jove groaned.

Time was all out of proportion for Jove, it could have been hours, but it was most likely minutes later that a man entered the room. “This your boy?”

“It is.”

“Son, do you understand what is happening?” he asked Jove.

Jove just looked at Micah, “Thy will.”

“Ah yes, he sounds very much as if he’s given up quite a few rights. So what do you desire for him, Micah?”

“I want him to wear this.” He handed the man a small jewel box.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, he’s mine.”

“He’s one lucky young man.” The man said as he opened the box and then opened the box he brought with him. Latex gloves, alcohol swabs, antiseptic solutions -- all lined up in a row. He put on the gloves, and then prepared the other things he would need. In a short period of time, he stood between Jove’s knees. “This will sting a bit, but it shouldn’t hurt too badly.” He grasped Jove’s penis with one hand and retracted the foreskin slightly to swab it down well. Then he picked up the needle. In one deft stroke it was done. The jewelry threaded through with no problems and locked into place. “How was that?” he asked looking up at the young man.

He seemed to be holding his breath as Micah was twisting his nipple. When Micah let go, the young man ejaculated. “I told you it would be worth the wait.” Micah told him with a kiss.

The older man shook his head. Yes, the boy had given up much, but gained much in return, even if he didn’t know it yet.

Jove looked up glazed eyed. “Do it again.”

“Do what again?” Micah asked him.

“What ever he did.” Jove smiled. “Hurt good.”

“Ah, we will talk about that later, but for now you only get one.” Micah kissed him again. “But if you are very, very good, you may have another.” He looked up at Tanza then. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I can see what you said is true. We’ll talk later.”

Micah nodded, then turned back to his lover. Tanza let himself out.

9. Jiovanni

Micah made love to Hunter again, this time taking his time. He was careful not to bruise him too badly, but he was visibly marked front and back when it was time for him to go.

“My clothes are downstairs.” Hunter said softly.

“Yes, and you must collect them.”

“Like this?” Jove looked down at himself, he was covered in fresh bruises, was sporting a silver ring, and had bite marks all over.

“Exactly like that, unless you want to add paddle marks to it.”

“Are you coming with me?”

“I don’t need to, they know you are mine.”

He looked horrified.

“You will be fine. You will come back tomorrow night.”

“I will.”

“Then more people will see you belong to me.”


“Maybe. Now go get dressed. I still have to pay you.” He began to punch the now familiar numbers into the box on the wall, and waited for his lover to finish the process. Jove keyed in Hunter’s code and stood there for a moment wondering what all the little numbers on the screen meant. Hunter had never explained that part. “You’re not going to get your clothes any faster that way.”

“Yes, Sir.” Jove sighed and headed for the door.


Jove turned to look at him. “Yes, Sir.”

“Do you still need me?”

Jove blushed. His blood no longer burned like it had. “No Sir, but I still want you.”

“Good. Come again tomorrow and we will play.”

“Yes, Sir.” Jove smiled happily as he slipped out the door to head downstairs to get his clothing. He wasn’t sure what to expect when the elevator doors opened. He took a couple deep breaths, sucked in his bottom lip and squared back his shoulders. He would not be ashamed. His penis stood at half-mast with the little silver ring shining brightly, gleaming in the lights of the club. Several men whistled and others made comments Jove could barely hear as he looked around for the man with his clothing. He was sitting near the bar, the clothing on the table, chatting with another older gentleman. Jove took a deep breath and headed over.

“Excuse me, Sirs.” Jove said straightaway, “Micah sent me for my clothing.”

“Ah, yes, Micah’s new boy. I had heard he was in training, didn’t quite believe it though. But here you are.” He smiled. “I see he’s made a commitment to you, I hope you are intelligent enough to know what that means, coming from him.”

“Yes, Sir.” Jove replied, although he did not, it was none of these people’s business.

The second gentleman hadn’t taken his eyes off Jove. “What is your name son?”

“Hunter, Sir.” Jove replied after a long pause as he was beginning to become uncomfortable with the interrogation he was undergoing in the nude.

“And Micah loves you?”

“He loves me well.” Jove replied immediately along with a full body blush.

“And do you love him?”

Jove nodded.

The first man looked at the second and nodded. The second man continued to speak, “Then you will have to make this decision for my grandson. What he is doing with you will ruin his career if he is found out, and the display that went on tonight was… unacceptable. I am told it was tasteful and appropriate for your relationship, but for this… hobby of his… this dalliance of his with you… must end. And you must be man enough to end it. If it is money you need, I can pay you to walk away.”

“I can’t.”

The first man spoke, “Has he asked to contract you yet?”

Jove didn’t answer.

“But it’s not been done yet, has it?”

Jove shook his head.

“If he does, it will ruin him, and you too.” The second man spoke again, “I have your name, and I can get the rest of the information I need from the desk. You disappear from Micah’s life by next week and there will be a bonus in your account.”

“It will hurt him.” Jove whispered.

“Micah is a big boy, he will adjust.” The man who identified himself as Micah’s grandfather said as the other man handed over Jove’s clothes.

“Think about it Hunter.” He said.

Jove nodded and headed to a quiet corner to dress.

10. John Paul O’Malley

“Do you think he will leave Micah alone?” John Paul O’Malley asked of his good friend Jeremiah Mackenzie.

“I don’t know John, this one has gotten further than any other with my grandson, usually he just beds them and moves on to the next one. I really don’t see what is so special about this youngster.”

“You didn’t see their dance earlier.”

“And I’m glad I didn’t. I don’t mind dancing, but stripping a youngster to his skin in public to show your dominance over them, I just don’t understand it.” Jerry shook his head.

“The youngster had to want to be stripped, it’s not like Micah is the only one involved here. He looks like an intelligent young man.”

“He looked like a well used whore.”

“He had just come from your grandson’s bed to collect his clothing. Micah did that to him intentionally so everyone would know he was his in every way. It’s how it’s done, Jerry. The young man did not object, I suspect when you see Micah in the next day or two, he will be sporting his own love marks.”

“He’s my only heir, John. He should be wed by now.” Jerry complained.

“I think if you would leave him alone he would be in a solid relationship then he could focus more on finding a suitable wife.”

“I don’t understand.”

John reached over and patted his friend’s hand. Of course he didn’t understand, he had been raised in a very conservative family. Micah was the first to branch out, and it caused his friend much grief. “It will all work out. Hunter will do the right thing.” John just hoped it was the right thing for Micah too. Money can be a huge influence on many a ganami.

11. Micah

Once Hunter had left the room, Micah sat on the bed and pondered the enormity of what he had just done. A public declaration of his dominance over Hunter then ringing him all in one evening, William was going to flip over this. He picked up the phone and dialed out.

“Chains of Persesus, name your pain.” A sultry male voice purred on the other end of the line.

“Mulciber Reed, by the blood we’ve shared.”

“One moment please.” A click and dead silence indicated the phone call was being transferred from the club to William’s private line.

“Speak,” came his voice a moment later.

“Mulciber Mackenzie checking in, Sir. I just sent my erebi home, ringed.”

“So he publicly acknowledged you.”

“Yes, Sir, stripped on the dance floor under direction.”

“Any hesitation?”

“None, Sir.”

“Excellent. Now that he is ringed I’d like to meet this young man. What did you say his name was again?”

“Hunter, Sir.”

“That’s good. I’m looking for a young erebi right now. Boy by the name of Jiovanni, if you come across him let me know, he’s mine, understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Why don’t I come see your boy Sunday night. I would come sooner, but I seem to be all booked up.”

“Well you can’t help you are very popular, I was lucky to have been able to train under you. Sunday will be fine.”

“You were very lucky, but then again, I like you Micah. I’m glad you finally found a boy. See you on Sunday around nine.” And the line went dead. Micah stared at it for a moment then put it on the receiver before heading to the shower.

Once he was dressed, Micah headed back downstairs to the office area where he sought out Tanza. A few of the technicians hooted at him as he entered the area. “Hey Micah, we got it on tape for you. Once we saw what was going on, fixed one of the security cameras on the two of you.”

“You didn’t.” Micah blushed.

“Yep we did. Look.” Up on one screen, was Hunter dancing with him, nude as the day he was born. Micah watched as the tape came to an end and looped back around to Hunter fully dressed and it started over again. “Thought we would all share in your major accomplishment. Congrats!”

Micah blushed and headed for Tanza’s office. Tanza looked up as he entered.

“Well how does it feel?”

“Rather strange. I spoke to William, he wants to meet with him Sunday night. There are some things I don’t understand though.”

“What’s that, Micah?”

“Well, like why his own guild didn’t pick up on his erebic tendencies, I’m sure they’ve shown up before now. You saw how he reacted to being ringed.”

“Yes, I did notice that. I have ringed quite a few young men in my day, not too many of them have asked to be ringed again immediately following the process. I’ve seen them cry, beg for it to stop, even cum like he did, which is rare enough as it is, but most don’t want to do it again. How does he like sex?”

Micah laughed. “The rougher the better, and he always comes back for more. I have to know when to stop, because it seems like he doesn’t know when to say no.”

“He may not.” Tanza said. “He’s from Southside right?”

“Yes, his card has Franko listed as his guildmaster.”

“I’ll see what I can find out.”

“Thanks, Tanza. I need to get to bed or I’m never going to make it to work in the morning.”

“You’ll be fine, you’re still young.”

“Not as young as I used to be.”

“Better get used to it, if you are going to take on that boy full time.”

Micah looked at him strange, as if the thought had not occurred to him. Then he smiled. “That’s a wonderful idea.” Then he walked out of the office humming softly to himself as he headed back to the elevators. Hunter was still dancing on the screen.

12. Hunter

Hunter sat on the couch waiting not so patiently for Jove to come home. He had noticed his card missing shortly after Jove ‘stepped out for some fresh air’. That had been hours ago. If the boy was just going to go out and get fucked and come home, he should have been home by now. If he had a pre-arranged meeting, he should have said something. He should not be doing anything on a school night. Hunter flipped through the television’s channels again. When he heard the key in the door, he flicked the set off. “Where have you been?”

“Pucks.” Jove told him and handed him two hundred dollars.

“From now on you tell me when you go out, and where you are going, I don’t want the police to be the ones who tell me first, understand?” Hunter pocketed the money. Pucks was a blue-collar bar about three miles from their apartment. “And don’t go to the same place twice. You don’t want people to recognize you.”

“I know Hunter. It’s ok, I know.” Jove sighed. “Can I just go to bed now?”

“Yeah, get some sleep, you will go to school tomorrow.”

“I have to. I have debate. I needed to release some tension, that’s all. You sleeping in here?”

“Yeah, I’m still not into sharing a bed yet, you know?”

“You should take mama’s room.”

“It’s mama’s room.”

“Mama’s not coming home. At least give it to the others, it is bigger. Then we can have our own.”

“I’ll think on it. Now get some sleep.” Hunter told him.

“Night.” Jove said, and turned to head down the hall. Hunter watched his baby brother, all grown up now, yet not. He wondered what mama would think and shuddered. She would not like it one bit. Again, he wondered if he had done the right thing, and hoped he had.

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