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Erebi Seeking

Thursday, continued:


8. Hunter

Hunter waited patiently for Cliff to arrive. He was dressed for their night out, but he did not understand exactly what was going on. All Cliff would tell him was to be ready at five and be dressed nice. He had ruined a good pair of slacks for this, so it had better be important.

Cliff arrived on time, punctual as usual. “You look wonderful.” He told Hunter.

“I do not.” Hunter grumbled, although he had fixed his dark brown curls in Cliff’s favorite style, and had on his best dress shirt and suit jacket. He still felt awkward.

“Yes you do.” Cliff leaned over and kissed him. “Tonight is going to be special.”

“You keep saying that, what is going on?”

“Oh I have something planned. I’ve had it planned for a very long time, but I wasn’t sure if you were ready. Now you are. Come along.” He helped Hunter get himself together to go down to the waiting car.

Rachel Bath sat at the table waiting for her husband. Their dinner reservations had been for 5:30 -- a bit early for her taste, but with their schedules any time they were able to work out to spend time together was agreeable. What she could not figure out was why the reservations had been for three. She was sure it was a mistake, but the maitre d said it was correct – reservations for three. Her drink arrived and, shortly after, she saw Cliff enter the restaurant with a handsome young man on crutches. Chills ran down her spine as she saw her husband lay a hand on him as he had done to her so many times. The familiarity between them was plain to see, this was the young man he had contracted. By the time they arrived at the table, Rachel was ready to order her second drink. She would need it to get through this evening.

Cliff held his chair and helped him get settled then turned to face her. “Rachel, I would like for you to meet Hunter. Hunter this is my wife, Rachel.” She watched the young man as Cliff introduced them formally. At least he had the decency to blush.

“I’m pleased to meet you, Mrs. Bath,” Hunter said, looking first at her then at Cliff, as if he was not sure what was expected of him.

“Oh, I’m sure.” She smiled and signaled to the waiter for another drink. It was going to be a long dinner. “I’ll bet you are just as surprised as I am to be at this table tonight.”

“Yes M’am.” He looked down at the table. Could he really be that insecure, she wondered? Cliff did not strike her as the type of man who would be attracted to any one less secure than he. She looked her husband over again.

“Cliff, was there something you wanted to happen by bringing us together like this?”

The waiter arrived before he could respond and Rachel ordered a second glass of wine.

“Why don’t we just get a bottle?” Cliff suggested.

The waiter looked at the three of them, “I need to see his identification.” He indicated Hunter. Hunter just nodded and pulled out his guild card. Any ganami was old enough to drink; it was one of the benefits.

“Do you mind if I see that?” Rachel asked, “I mean, since it’s out.”

“No, I don’t mind.” Hunter handed it over.


“Yes Mam.”

“So you joined the guild early.” She handed his card back to him.

“Yes Mam, when I was sixteen.”

“And how soon after that did you start fucking my husband?” Rachel asked bluntly when the waiter had left.

Hunter blinked, and looked at Cliff. “He was the first person I ever… he participated in my Cleansing, Mam.”

“Rachel that’s enough. You know the circumstances behind Hunter coming into my life.” Cliff spoke with some authority.

Rachel looked from Cliff to Hunter then back to Cliff, before asking sweetly, “I know the whole story, but does he?”

Cliff knew she would bring it up, but he had hoped she would not bring it up in a public place. Now he knew how wrong he had been. They might as well be having this dinner at home for all the pressure the public setting was putting on her manners. “No, he doesn’t.”

“Then maybe you should tell him, the boy has a right to know, does he not?”

“Of course he does, but I do not believe this is the appropriate time nor place for that discussion.”

“And when would be?” she blinked owlishly at him, “when he is squirming in bed under you? Or are you the one who likes to be buggered by this boy?”

The waiter chose that moment to arrive with the wine, which he offered to Cliff for approval. Once it was approved, three glasses were poured and the Baths picked theirs up and drained them. Hunter stared at his glass for a moment and then sipped it.

“Mrs. Bath, what Cliff and I do in the bedroom is frankly none of your business, unless of course you have the intention of joining us some time or another and I have not been informed.” He looked to Cliff for confirmation or denial. Cliff shrugged his shoulders. Hunter continued, “Furthermore, I do not care to know the reasons why Cliff was chosen for my Cleansing nor why he chose to contract me. I am sure his reasons are just as sound today as they were the day he signed his name to the paper, and if they are not, then I will not hold him to the terms of the contract. He knows my feelings on this, and I am sorry he has not conveyed my feelings to you.” Hunter then picked up his menu and studied it, indicating that as far as he was concerned the conversation was over. Once he decided on his dinner selection, he picked up his glass and drank. When he sat it down again, he was a little calmer and the glass was a little less full. He looked at Cliff, then at Rachel, who were both studying their menus, and not looking at each other.

“I assume this is not going how you wanted, is it Cliff?” he asked finally.

“Not completely,” Cliff smiled at him, “but you’ve not killed each other yet so there is hope we will survive this meal.” As if on cue, the waiter arrived to take their order. Once he was gone again, Rachel looked at Hunter and asked, “How do you think it should be going, Hunter?”

“I think we should be discussing our future, Mrs. Bath.”

“And what do you see as ‘our’ future.”

“I honestly do not know.” Hunter said then sipped his wine.

“I think what Hunter is trying to say, Rachel, is that he does not know what you and I have discussed. I thought you would like to be here when I told him of our decision.”

Rachel sighed – their decision – it was not much of a decision when it came down to it. The contract was quite clear and Cliff had agreed to it, with her full knowledge and consent. What irked her was the reason behind the contract – a debt should only go so far. It was not that they did not have the means to support the boy, or that Cliff did not have a genuine affection for him, but that he had not been given a choice about taking him. Vincent Ward had been very clear about that. She looked across the table at the ganami.

“We have decided it is time for you to honor your part of the contract. Cliff has been very lenient and more than understanding about your familial obligations, but this is a legal obligation that you must honor in full or you must release him of all responsibility to you and your family.” She stated her position bluntly, just as she had stated it to Cliff just a few days before. Make the ganami choose she told him. Let him decide if he wants you or not.

He looked at her, seemingly confused, then turned to Cliff. “Cliff, is this what you really mean?”

“It has to be, Hunter.”

“You know they need me.”

“You will still be able to go to them, I’m not asking you to not see your family ever. Only change where you sleep.”

“And who I sleep with…” Hunter looked at her. “Will you be enjoying my proximity, Mrs. Bath?”

Rachel smiled at him. “The contract allows for it.”

“Will my family be taken care of as stated in the contract?” he met her eyes across the table.

“Your father sold you for a very high price, Hunter. Yes, your family will be taken care of as stipulated in the contract. I do believe my husband has been keeping his obligations for several years now although you have not.” Rachel smiled at the ganami then at Cliff when he looked pole axed. While she was gloating, their first course arrived.

Hunter barely picked at his food. He wanted to be anywhere else but here. He could not believe Cliff was doing this to him. He had known that he was married, even about his children, but he never imagined that he would actually force him to the terms of the contract. And the way she was looking at him… she thought he would slink off, and maybe he should. Cut his losses and hobble out of here as fast as he could hail a cab. Then he thought of Jove and the trouble he was in, and his promises to both mama and papa about Elaina. He really did not have a choice here. He would do ask they asked.

Cliff smiled, “This weekend would be nice, but with your mother’s situation being so unstable…”

“By Sunday night – midnight – or the deal is off.” Rachel cut him off. She could not believe her ears; Cliff had always been too soft on this ganami. She watched, satisfied, as Hunter hung his head in defeat. “And you must come tonight to meet the girls. To give them time to adjust to you coming.”

“I want my duties to be defined specifically, Cliff. No surprises.” Hunter said. “I don’t think I can handle too many more surprises.”

“What? Like a schedule of when my husband will be visiting your quarters and when he will be in mine?” Rachel snapped, “Or what chores I expect of you around the house to help you pay your way?”

Hunter sighed and pushed his food around his plate. “I will not have any chores to help pay my way. My contract specifies what my one job is to be and if I recall it correctly, without amendment, it is between Cliff, my father, and myself. Therefore, Mrs. Bath, your part of this conversation is ended. Cliff, if you wish to renegotiate any part of the contract, you may contact Franko to set up a meeting. Otherwise, I want to go home. Now.”

Rachel looked at Hunter, then at Cliff, “Can he do that?”

Cliff smiled. “Of course he can, dear, I told you, the contract has been negotiated and Hunter knows his rights. You cannot force him to do anything he does not wish to do other than live up to the terms as stated or terminate the contract. He’s agreed to live up to them. Now let it drop.” He turned to Hunter. “Do you really want to go?”

“Yes please. Just call me a cab, I should be fine.”

Cliff motioned for a waiter, and asked for his and Hunter’s dinner to be boxed. When they were ready, he helped Hunter up and they headed toward the entrance, leaving Rachel at the table alone with the bill, her dinner, and half a bottle of wine.

Hunter negotiated the tables with his crutches and cast more or less following Cliff, who carried the food and held the door open for him. He was fighting back tears and not looking where he was going as he navigated the first door and pivoted to wait for the second door to be opened when he tripped another person with his crutch.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” He managed to mumble as Cliff helped the young man up to his feet.

“Hunter, you really should watch were you are going,” came a familiar voice from behind him.

“Odessa? What are you doing here?” he looked at his sister confused.

“She’s with me, you have a problem with that?” the young man Cliff was helping up asked sharply.

“Problem? Maybe. Who are you?” Hunter demanded.

“Hunter, let’s not do this here. Not now.” Odessa reached for Sterling. “Come on Sterling, I do believe they were leaving.”

“Odessa, who is he?” Hunter asked a bit more politely.

“Well, since you are so insistent although the lady does not seem to wish to be bothered by you; I am her fiancé. Who are you?”

“I’m her guardian.” Hunter snapped. “And as far as I know, the girl does not have a fiancé.” He glared at Sterling then at Odessa. This had been one rough night.

“Manners, Hunter.” Cliff said very gently.

Hunter sighed and took a deep breath. Yes, manners, he did have them. He stuck out his hand, “I’m afraid my sister has not had the time to introduce us properly, I’m Hunter, and you are?”

“Sterling Coppel.” Sterling shook Hunter’s hand. “I am pleased to finally meet someone from her family.”

Hunter smiled guardedly. “And this is my kagaro, Cliff.”

Cliff nodded.

Sterling stuck out his hand to shake Cliff’s as well. “Always a pleasure, you know.”

Cliff shook the young man’s hand and smiled.

Odessa sighed. “Are you all done yet?”

“No Odessa, I’m not. When were you going to tell me about Sterling? On the night of your wedding?”

“If I thought I could get away with it, yes.” She replied.

“Please bring him by the house tomorrow so we can all get to know him.”

“Um, tomorrow is not good for me.” Sterling stated. “I have a prior engagement, Monday is good though. Monday’s are usually free.”

“A prior engagement?” Hunter asked.

Sterling nodded and blushed. Odessa sighed loudly.

“He’s ganami, like you, and like you, he has a few regular kagaro he sees.”

Hunter smiled. “Ganami, eh? We will have to talk then when you are free. Monday.”

Sterling nodded. “I’ll be there. Thank you Hunter.” He turned to Odessa and took her by the arm. “Come love, we have a celebration to make.”

Hunter watched them enter the restaurant, and then turned to Cliff. “Please tell me I’m doing the right thing.

“You are doing wonderfully, Hunter. Better than many young men your age would do. Much better.”

“Then why do I feel like everything is falling apart at the seams?” he asked as they exited the outer doors.

Cliff had no answer for him, and Hunter did not really expect one.

9. Jiovanni

Thursday night Jove paced in front of the Screaming Faery. Hunter had left before he had gotten home from school so he couldn’t get his card. Cody had taken Elaina to see mama, and Odessa had gone to a study group. Since he had been alone he went through some of Hunter’s ganami clothes, the ones he had not had a chance to look at before and he found an outfit that he liked that fit him fairly well. He hoped Micah liked it, but first he had to figure out how to get inside the club.

He inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly as he approached the head of the very long line. The line was always long on a Thursday night. He had the right to be here, he kept telling himself, Micah ordered him to come. He squeezed between two older ganami, one of which pushed back.

“Hey, get in the back and wait like everyone else.”

“You wait, I just need to get in.” Jove said indignantly.

“Hey you two break it up. Hunter get your behind in here, you are all ready being paged.” The young man at the desk said as he smiled at the other ganami who grumbled.

“Same room?”

“Where else?”

“Thank you.” Jove grinned and practically ran across the floor to the elevators.

The other ganami looked at the host, “What was that all about? He didn’t even check in.”

“Who Hunter? He’s a regular, dating one of the owners, and someone you really do not want to cross. Now, your guild card please.”

Jove paused just outside the door to catch his breath then he tried the knob, it was unlocked. He opened it and walked in only to be greeted by a fully clothed Micah who was sitting in the one chair in the room. Jove closed the door behind him and crossed over to kneel in front of his lover. “I’m sorry for deceiving you.”

“Why did you?” Micah reached out and caressed the boy’s cheek.

“Does it matter?” Jove looked over at him, hoping it didn’t, but knowing it did.


“It’s a long story.”

“We have all night, and no one will disturb us up here. In fact, the whole floor is secure.”

Jove sighed. “My father was killed when I was twelve, but when he was on his deathbed, he warned me that one day my blood would burn. He said it was very important that I not go seeking until I was at least within a month of my sixteenth birthday. However, shortly after my fifteenth birthday I learned what he meant by the burning. I didn’t think I would be able to stand it for a year. At first, the burnings were short but intense. I would go to the roof and stay there, but it seemed the more I tried to ignore them, the more frequent they became. I didn’t know what to do. If I told Hunter he would send me to the guild house, which papa didn’t want to happen until closer to my birthday, and mama didn’t want to happen at all. I couldn’t talk to mama, and the others were still under Hestia’s Protection. Papa had taken me through my primaries when I was eleven. He knew even then I was an erebi, and he told me.” Jove sighed. “I promised him I wouldn’t go seeking, but when Hunter broke his leg and mama got sick… it was too easy. I just took his card and came to Northside. I picked the club at random, and came inside. I trusted my instincts, and found you.”

“So I wasn’t your first time with a man, but your first time.” Micah asked clarifying.

“Yes. You were my Cleansing.” Jove chewed his lip.

“If I had known I could have made it much nicer.”

“It was perfect, Micah. Don’t ever think it wasn’t. I didn’t want you to know. It was mine, and I gave it to you, willingly.”

“Yes, you did that.” Micah smiled.

“So, you were seeking, but you didn’t declare yourself. To be officially seeking you must seek a Mulciber.”

“Not according to the law for a First Passage or Cleansing. Although it’s supposed to be negotiated prior to the date of bedding, we did negotiate prior to bedding, and came to terms we could both agree to. I acted as my own agent.”

“Are you allowed to do that?”

“No law against it.”

“How do you know all this?

“My papa was a negotiator for the guild. When I was very young I listened in a lot, as I grew, he never locked his library. Any of us were allowed to read his books. Odessa spent a lot of time in there as well. She’s studying law. I suggested to you on that first night that I liked it when you hurt me. You responded by hurting me. Only a Mulciber would do that. Most other men would shy off or suggest I keep that bit of information to myself. That is when I suspected you. I didn’t know for sure until you gave me the toys.”

“That long?” Micah said in disbelief. “I wasn’t sure about you until I gave you the toys. I mean I hoped, I dreamed, but I wasn’t sure.”

Jove smiled up at him. “If I asked you to, would you hurt me tonight?”


“I need to hurt, Micah.”

“I thought you might. But that doesn’t clear up why you lied to me. If you knew you were an erebi and you knew you were seeking, then why not just declare and save both of us all this heartache?”

“I promised papa, Micah.”

“But you broke your promise.”

“I know, and that is something I will have to deal with, but if I had openly declared I would have had to have gone to the guild… I don’t know what they would have done to me there, or who they would have made me go to. I’ve heard lots of stories about how erebus are treated. I don’t want to be treated like that. I’m not like that.”

“What do you mean?”

“I need the pain.” Jove looked up and smiled, “We both know that, but I don’t want to be punished, or to be treated like property. You do not treat me like your property, and you do not punish me, although you do hurt me when I need it, as much as I need.”

“There are some people who think you are my property. You’ve submitted to me publicly.”

“Do you think I’m your property?”

10. Micah

Micah looked at Jove and considered. Was he property, like so many other Mulcibers seemed to think, or was he a partner in a relationship they both found mutually satisfying? Finally, he shook his head. “I don’t think you are property,” he said, “but I do think there are some issues we need to work out before we can continue.”

Jove nodded.

“You can not lie to me any more, no matter what the circumstances. I will not lie to you either.” Micah said, “and you can have no other commitments. Starting today, I am your Mulciber and you are my Erebi. You swore to me last night, everyone here knows it. On Sunday, you will meet my mentor and swear to me again in front of him. He will consider you my property. We will draw up a contract on Saturday and sign it on Sunday in front of my mentor, when that happens you will move in with me.”

“My family needs me.” Jove trembled.

“You have been seeking, Jove. This is to protect you and them. They will be provided for and so will you, but this way there will be no need for you to sneak around. You will have your own guild card, you will have better access to me at all times, and I can better tend to your particular needs while you are learning control.”

“I will not lie to you. I will meet your mentor, and I will sign the contract if it is fair, agreeing to abide by the terms within.” A tear escaped from Jove’s eye and he reached up to wipe it, but Micah beat him to it.

“Strip for me, Erebi.” Micah said softly.

Jove smiled and stood. “You want me to do it here or downstairs?”

“Eager to show who you belong to are you?”

Jove blushed.

“Here will do nicely,” Micah said and waited.

Jove turned his back to Micah and gyrated his hips a little before beginning to unbutton the barrowed shirt. He teased Micah with glimpses of his sides then spun to show his abs before turning again to peel the shirt off his shoulders, rolling first one then the other as he pulled the shirt down while looking over his shoulder and gyrating his hips. When he spun around again his hands were on the waistband of his pants, the top button was undone and his thumbs were inside, pulling it down slightly. He unhooked the second button and turned with his back to face Micah so he could bend over, arse up to undo his shoes. There was no easy way to undo shoes when he stripped he had figured out early on, best he could manage was to give a decent show while getting them off. A few bobs and a wiggle and he was in his socks. He ran his hands back up the inside of his legs to his crotch as he stood up, then turned to face Micah again. The third button gave way and the bulge in his underwear could be seen easily. Now, he let one side of the jeans slide down a little so the side strip of his thong could be seen, before pulling them back up and turning to unbutton the last two buttons and do the peek-a-boo with his backside before letting the jeans drop totally at his feet. Standing there in just his thong and socks, Jove did not feel very sexy, but he could tell Micah was turned on, and he was turned on by his ability to turn Micah on. Smiling he reached down and flipped off first one sock, then the other before gyrating his hips in slow circles as he turned in a tight circle. He heard Micah groan and he smiled as he slipped his thumbs under the sides of his thong and pulled them outward and downward. The material had barely touched his feet when Micah’s hands were on him. Jove melted into his arms; this was how it was supposed to be...

11. Jiovanni

Sometime later Jove found himself bound, gagged, tied to the chair, and being flogged. That this was a natural progression from sex did not surprise him, that he was getting horny again from it did. He arched his back as the flogger came down and hung his head trying to fight the erection he was sporting. Finally, there was no denying it. He came. Micah stopped flogging him.

“Pain brings you pleasure,” he whispered in his ear from behind.

Jove rested his head on the back brace of the chair and tried to catch his breath, he never knew what would come next when Micah was like this.

“Do you deny it?”

He shook his head. He did not deny it. He could not when the evidence was spread all over.

“Do you still need to hurt?”

Jove considered himself for a few moments. He felt the heat still, but the burn was subsiding. He did not really need to hurt anymore. Now he just wanted to. He nodded his head.

12. Micah

Micah watched Jove carefully for every sign William had told him about. He could feel the strength of his heat, and the burn was still on him. If he said he still needed to hurt he was not sure what he was going to do, except for one thing, and it was something he had never done alone before. He did not want Jove to be his first solo, not while he was in a burn, but if he had to, he would. Then he asked, and the erebi nodded. Micah’s stomach knotted up. He had watched William do this… he had practiced while William watched. He could do it. He untied Jove from the chair and led him over to the bed where he retied him: spread eagle, face up.

Micah then pulled the small roll out of the nightstand. Inside were his sterilized tools: a couple clamps, a razor, a few needles, and wire of various lengths and gauges. “I remember how much you liked this yesterday. This won’t be permanent like the ring is, but you should enjoy the pain.” He smiled at Jove who lay looking trusting up at him.

Jove wasn’t sure what Micah was up to, until he referenced the ring. He let his body relax, Micah was going to give him pain. He felt the first sharp slice on his abdomen and he sucked air, then another on his thigh. They didn’t feel deep, more like scratches, but they hurt. A few later and he didn’t care anymore where they came, so long as they came.

Micah watched Jove carefully for adverse reactions, and was pleased to see that he was responding as he hoped he would, with an erection. The razor cuts were very shallow, barely breaking the skin just as William had taught him, but now it was time for something a bit more painful. He pulled out the first clamp and put it on Jove’s nipple, piercing it before the erebi had time to react. He pulled out a good-sized gauge wire and threaded it through the needle then bent it in a pretzel shape before doing the second one.

“Before you leave tonight I’ll take them out, Jove, that way we can do this again sometime.” He whispered in his lover’s ear.

Jove nodded.

“Do you want more pain?” Micah asked as he rubbed the flat of the razor along Jove’s penis.

Jove shuddered and nodded.

Micah cut him and continued to do so until he ejaculated.

It was well after midnight when Micah prepared Jove to go downstairs. He had several bandages on the worse of the cuts, although most of them had stopped bleeding shortly after they had been made. As promised Micah had removed the nipple piercings, they were sore, but had not bled.

“Micah, if I’m to come live with you, how will that affect your job?” Jove asked.

“It shouldn’t. You will be a properly registered ganami.”

“I will be a properly registered erebi. My guild card will look different. There will be no hiding what I am.” Jove reached up and stroked Micah’s face. “Your name will be on it as my Mulciber. How will that affect your job, your life?”

“I am what I am, just like you are what you are Jove. I cannot hide from it, nor can I run from it. There is no reason why I can not discipline you at home and teach the good little boys and girls at school.”

“Have you looked into the law?”


“You should, before we sign the contract. I’m almost certain it’s a conflict of some laws or codes.”

“Are you trying to get out of being my erebi?”

Jove grinned. “After this? No way. You hurt me so good.” He leaned up and kissed Micah. “I just don’t want you to get into trouble over me.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. Besides, I do not have to teach… I can always come here and become a not so silent partner.” He grinned at Jove.

“But you love teaching, you would give that up for me?”

“When I discovered I was Mulicuber material, I learned I would have to give up many things to go into training, and then when my training was complete, I may have to give up more to train others. You are the first erebi I’ve wanted to give it all up for.”

Jove smiled. “I don’t want to give up my dreams, Micah, not for anyone, and I won’t ask it of you.”

“You are my dream. If you do not believe me now you will when you see the contract and you meet my mentor. Now, you need to get home so you can go to school tomorrow.”

“So do you.”

“I can sleep here, I have extra clothes, but I think you might cause a scandal if you showed up in that outfit.”

Jove laughed. “Just a little one.”

They walked together to the elevator and Micah pushes a different button than the club floor. When it opens, they are in the office area of the club. He leads Jove by the hand through the various offices, Micah’s unbuttoned shirt flapping in the breeze created by several fans blowing. Several people stop and say something about the bite marks on his chest and who is the top. Jove blushes and Micah stammers out incoherent replies to many of them; people had never teased him like this before. When they reach the backdoor Jove stopped.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing that can’t be straightened out by stripping you nude.” Micah said.

“If that’s what you want.”

“No, it’s just that most of these folk do not understand our relationship. I should be allowing you to show off your markings. I want to, but I do not want to. I want to keep you all for myself. But they think that because I’m visibly marked and you are not that you are dominant to me.”

“Would it bother you if I were?”

Micah looked at Jove oddly. “You are an erebi… it would be extremely odd if you were, don’t you think?”

Jove just smiled, then he nodded. “I guess you’re right.”

“But it wouldn’t bother me.” Micah leaned down and kissed him. “I prefer ganami who know their own minds, not zombies who do as they are told.”

Jove giggled. “Well that’s good I guess.”

“Now, get yourself home and into bed before I drag you back upstairs in a total display of dominance.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And Jove…”

“Yes Sir?”

“Come back tonight.”

“I will if I can.”

“Remember what I said about other commitments?”

“This is family, Micah, my mother is very ill. There has been no one but you.” Jove pushed the door open and saw the cab waiting. He turned and waved to Micah before climbing in the back.

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