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Erebi Seeking

Friday 2


Cody walked down the hall. He could feel their eyes on him. He knew they were watching. It sickened him to know that they all knew his family's secrets, and it pissed him off that they were so cruel in their knowledge. Since when did it become a crime for someone to love? He still didn't understand what all was going on with Jove. Why he had just peeled his shirt off in gym without a thought to what his unnamed lover had done to his body. Cody shook his head yet again. It never ceased to amaze him. He had heard the calls all the way to his classroom.

"So what’s it like to have a slut for a brother?" Sam Collins asked as Cody stopped at his locker for his books.

"Shut up, Sam." Cody said with as little emotion in his voice as possible. "Jove's not a slut."

"He's in Juvie, only slut-boys end up in Juvie." Sam laughed, another boy laughed too. "He only had a little while longer to wait before he could have been legal."

"You don't understand." Cody told them, "none of you ganami understand. Dumb-fucks that you are."

"What did you call us?" Sam got up in Cody's face.

Cody just shook his head… "Nothing, Sam, only what I see.. dumbfuck." And with that he swung at him, landing a punch squarely in his gut. A fist fight ensued, to be pulled apart by two teachers, landing both Cody and Sam in the principal's office.

Sam was released with a stern warning when it was determined that he did not throw the first punch. Cody how ever was not going to get off that easily. The principal asked the secretary to contact someone in Cody's family.

The secretary knew that Cody's mother was in the hospital, no one had informed the school she had passed away yet, but called to their home hoping to catch Hunter there as he was old enough to handle Cody's problem. There was also an older sister who could come to take care of the situation. Neither were available. There was a fourth number, and a note that said to use it only in the case that neither Vincent nor Geraldine Ward were available. Well that was certainly the case. The secretary dialed the number.

It was a personal cell phone belonging to one Chester Wilcox. He listened to the problem with Cordell, and having already decided he was going to have to meet the boy this week, he told the secretary he would be there shortly to speak to the principal. He informed his secretary that he would be out of the office the rest of the day and requested that she prepare the team for a new arrival.

On the way out of the office, he stopped by his safe deposit box and picked up the one thing he would need to stake his claim on the boy. The signed contract between himself and Vincent. As he drove to the Southside school, Chester recalled the last meeting he had with his good friend. It was when he signed this contract. Vincent hadn't wanted anyone to know who he had contracted his boys to, only the three of them who had been at that meeting. He explained to each of them the qualities each boy had, and why he chose them for the job of raising that boy into manhood if he died, but only if the boy tried to join the Guild. Chester knew Hunter had joined the Guild, and he knew that Cliff hadn't held him to his contract, at least not in the manner that Vincent intended. But he did look after the boy and make sure he didn't get hurt. He had planned on waiting until Cordell made that decision for himself as well, or until he was a little older, but now with Geraldine's death, Chester felt he needed to move his time table up a little. He would bring the boy with him, and give him the choice of weather or not he honored it in full force or not. The boy may not know what he wants yet. The fact that he was acting out at school indicated he needed some strong guidance in his life if he were going to make anything of his life. At least Vincent were right in that regard. And if the boy turned out to want to no longer be under Hestia’s Protection, well there were plenty of people to choose from at the club.

Cordell sat in the hall outside the office when Chester arrived. He recognized the man as one of his father's old friends. He didn't know why he was there, but he assumed it had something to do with him. He hoped it wasn't what he thought it was. Hunter had mentioned something about Cliff, another one of dad's old friends having a contract on him, what if - Cordell shook the thought out of his head. No one, was going to make him bed with a man, no one.

The man introduced himself as Chester Wilcox and he sat down beside him as they waited for the principal to call them into his office again. Soon they were seated opposite the principal.

"May I ask what your interest is in Master Ward, Mister Wilcox?"

"I am his guardian." Chester told the principal rather frankly as he opened the contract to the relevant page and slid it across the desk. "According to the terms stated, he is my charge. I understand there has been some discipline problem?"

The principal read the document and then nodded. "Yes, Master Ward became involved in an altercation with another student."

"Was the altercation provoked?"

"That is irrelevant, the fact remains that he caused an altercation."

Chester turned to Cordell, "What happened, Cordell?"

Cordell wasn't sure what to do or to say, there was something going on here between the two of them that he thought he should stay out of. "They called Jove a slut, sir."

"And is Jove a slut, Cordell?"

"No sir."

"So you were defending your brother's honor."

"Yes sir."

The principal interjected at this point, "Jovianni Ward was turned over to security just this morning for a violation of the morals and ethics code, whether Master Ward thinks he is a slut or not, the boy is no longer an innocent while Master Ward is, and this conversation should not be happening."

"Cordell, are you innocent?" Chester laid his hand on the contract and smiled at the boy.

"Not as innocent as everyone seems to think, Sir, seems I've gotten myself contracted."

The principal's eyebrows quirked up at this news. "And when were you going to share this piece of news, young man?"

"When I felt it was appropriate to share. To be honest with all the closed minded twits around here, I'm not surprised so many boys turn to the Guild as soon as they are able, at least there they have a sense of belonging."

Chester chuckled. "Yes, you are Vincent's son, and I will be glad to have you." He stuck out his hand for the boy to shake. Cordell shook it happily.

"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Wilcox." He told him quietly, "but just so you don't get any ideas, I'm not like Jove."

Chester laughed. "I wouldn't have expected anything else, Cordell, if you were like Jove, you would have a contract more suitable to boy like Jove. No, your father made the distinctions clear between you boys. So tell me, are you still under Hestia’s Protection?"

Cordell looked between Chester and the principal. "I don't think that is anyone's business, sir."

"Oh, no, it is my business, Cordell Ward." The principal said sadistically, "So you can go to Juvie too."

Chester looked at the principal and smiled. "I don't believe you will be having to worry about Cordell going to Juvie, see, with him being under contract, he is no longer eligible to go to Juvie for sexual misconduct. You could only send him to me. And I would be very happy to take care of any misconduct he has. But in this case, I believe the boy is right. Now is not the time nor the place. Cordell gather your things while I arrange for your academic transfer. My boys attend school over on Northside."

Cordell could not believe his luck, a Northside school. They had the best academic programs. He left the office to walk down to his locker to empty it, a very difficult thing for him to do. He had not been going to school here for very long, but still this was where he and Jove went, this was where Hunter went, and it was where Elaina would go. He took a few deep breaths and promised himself he wouldn't cry. He just would not. He also would not let Chester Wilcox touch him. He didn't care what his father said, the man had no right to his body. He did not want to be loose his virginity like this. Not to an old man like that. He envied Jove all the more now, taking his pick at a posh Northside club. He wished it had been him instead, but now he was contracted and there was little he could do but hold out for the length of the contract. If he knew his father he was sure it was fair enough to include he couldn't be forced. And that would have to be enough for him; he could not be forced. He held on to the idea as he carried his meager belongings back to the office. He would miss this place – these people. How would Jove know where he had gone when he got out of Juvie he wondered. And if he had a contract did that mean Jove had one too? He would have to ask Mr. Wilcox about it as soon as he could.

Chester was waiting for him outside the office with a bunch of papers in his hands. "I guess we should get a few things clear between us before we begin this journey." He started out saying as they walked out of the building. "First off, your father was my friend and I agreed to take care of you, and that is what I intend to do, to do that properly I truly need to know if you are a virgin."

Cordell decided he had sounded sincere, and he didn't feel like fighting but so much, besides it would make his refusal so much easier to bear if he were blunt and up front with the man. "Yes, I am."

Chester just nodded and pulled out his cell phone as they approached a (very nice) car in the parking lot. He unlocked the passenger door and opened it for Cordell, then walked around to let himself in. "You can put your things in the back." He said as the call connected. "Hello, Snitch, yes, make that room separate quarters." He laughed, "Yes a live one, I know, hard to believe."

Cordell did not know what to make of the conversation, but he put his things in the back then got in. He did not like it when people talked about him and he was sure he was being talked about. In a few minutes Chester slid in behind the wheel. "So, do you know how to drive?"

"No, they don't teach that over here."

"Well then we will just have to make sure it's in your class schedule. There are a few things we have to do, what do you want to do first. See your new home, your new school, or your new Guild?"

Cordell looked at him blankly. "So many things are changing."

"Things change, Cordell, your father wanted me to take care of you, remember? This is all part of taking care of you."

"Will someone be taking care of Jove?"

"Yes, someone is taking care of Jove."

"Will I get to see him again? We're…we've always been close."

"Yes, as soon as you're both settled you can see him. And Hunter and Odessa and Elaina too, for that matter. Can't let ourselves forget what this is all about now can we?" Chester reached over and patted Cordell on the thigh.

"Please don't touch me."

"Don't worry Cordell, I don't like boys like that. Your father seemed to think that maybe you would not either but he was not sure. I am just your guardian, not your lover. When you're ready for your Cleansing, we will discuss it."

Cordell could not believe his ears. Not his lover? Only his guardian? But Cliff was Hunter's lover as well as his guardian, it just didn't make sense.

"I thought that only ganami got Cleansings."

"You will be a ganami, you have to be to live in my house, but it's up to you if you want to exercise the rights and privileges of being a guild member. No one can or will force you. Your room will be yours and who you take there will be your business after your Cleansing. Until that time you will have separate and secure quarters."

"And if I want a Cleansing soon?"

"I can arrange one for you as soon as you wish, but I think you should take the time to get to know some people first before deciding on who you want to take to your room first. Some of our clients have interesting talents; some do not. Get to know people, no one will bite. At my house, no one is forced, you can politely decline even a kiss."

Cordell smiled for the first time in weeks. His mother may be dead and not yet buried, his brothers are who knows where, and he is heading toward a future of who knows what, but for the first time he felt like he was in charge, and it felt good to be in charge of your own destiny for once. Damn good. "Take me home." He said softly, and Chester did.

Jiovanni – of months earlier

Finding the correct numbered door was easy; opening it was not. The key fit, but Jove found he was having a hard time making himself turn the knob. Luckily, he did not have to; the knob turned from the inside and opened. A large male dressed only in a pair of loose jeans immediately had him in an embrace, kissing him in the hall. Jove did not want to think about what he was getting ready to do, it would make him too nervous, and he was nervous enough as it was.

"Thanks for coming up, Hunter, many find out who it is and don't bother."

Jove looked at him and did not see any reason why someone would not want to come up; the man was handsome and well muscled and his health card was clean. "Oh, and why would that be?" He finally managed to get out along with a passing fair smile as he entered the room in front of Micah. "I didn't see anything wrong with your health card, is there something you want to share with me before we begin?" Jove tried to sound mature and business like, but he was not sure what to say in a situation like this. He was barely sure what to do, and he was supposed to have been doing this for more than a year now. He watched as Micah retrieved the key from the keyhole and closed the door, and then locked it securely from the inside. "Um, they didn't say downstairs what you might want…"

"Well, of course I'd like to fuck, but most of you call boys will only suck, so that's just fine too." He smiled. Jove decided he liked it when Micah smiled.

"I'll let you fuck me. " Jove trembled slightly; he was so nervous and so excited at the prospect of this man touching him. It was going to happen, and soon.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes." His body quivered at the prospect. "If most won't… then it must be worth something to you."

"Yes…" Micah answered.

Jove was silent; he was not sure how to broach the subject of what he wanted in return for his virginity.

"So if I want it, I pay premium."

Jove nodded his head. "If you want it, you pay premium and you say nothing about what happens… between us."

"I think I can manage to keep silent. Do you not frequent the men's clubs?"

Jove shook his head. "I don't want my family to know."

"Then I'll keep my peace."

Jove looked at him and said in a very small voice, "And I'll not back out."

Jove opened the transaction with Hunter's code, and then Micah pulled out his wallet swiped his card in the reader, punching in a fair price.

"Excellent." Micah grinned and put his card away, "Now, undress for me."

Jove watched Micah as he sat on the edge of the king sized bed and blushed. He had never been fully nude with anyone who was not also a virgin, but after tonight he would no longer be a virgin and that caused him to blush again. He began by untucking the t-shirt and pulling it up, actually turning his back to Micah before pulling it over his head only to drop it on the floor, and then he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants with his back still to Micah.

"Face me Hunter, I want to see what I have bought." Came the gentle direction.

With his eyes downcast, Jove turned and kicked off his shoes. Then pushed his jeans down past his slender hips to slide off, showing his white underwear. His socks were next, leaving him standing in only his drawers. Then he looked up at Micah, his breathing a little labored already from just undressing for the man and knowing but not knowing what was to come, and he hooked his thumbs in his underwear and tugged them down, until they lay at a heap at his feet.

Micah held out his hand and Jove took it, and stepped forward willingly leaving his virginity behind. "You're beautiful." Micah said and led Jove to the bathroom. "You need to get cleaned up, Hunter, it's one of my, um, pet peeves I guess you could call it. I like a clean fuck, understand?"

"All right." Jove nodded, not really understanding but not wanting to show his ignorance either. Together they went into the bathroom and Micah pulled out the enema kit and began filling the extra large bag with warm water.

Jove watched wide-eyed, unsure of what he should be doing. "You've never had one of these before?" Micah asked.

"Never." Jove responded, blushing.

"Well, I guess there's a first time for everything, huh?" Micah laughed, "Come here, and let me do it for you."

Jove watched as Micah hung the full water bag on the provided hook and attached a nozzle. He would have to learn to do this if things worked out as he hoped. Micah put some lubricant on the nozzle, and approached him with some lubricant on his finger.

"Kneel there, place your cheek on the rug, and try to relax."

Jove, for his part did as he was told, however when Micah touched him to grease him up a little Jove gasped. No one had ever touched him so personally before, much less a stranger, and then the rubber tubing entered his arse. He tried his best to relax and think of Hunter going through this all the time. This was what prostitutes did. Jove sighed. It was not so bad, just different. This is what his father did. Jove relaxed and let his body just feel.

"I'm going to turn on the water now, just let it happen and what ever you do, don't expel."

"All right." Jove did not understand exactly what he meant, but he was sure he was going to find out. The sudden surge of warmth into his bowels caught him by surprise, as did the first cramps. He said nothing though, only dug his fingernails into his palms and bit the inside of his lip. The cramps intensified and suddenly he had to go. That is when Micah's hand was on his back, stroking him gently.

"It's all right, not quite half the bag to go, you don't have to go to the bathroom yet, and the water needs to get further up inside. Let the enema do its work."

The cramping finally stopped and Jove was able to relax a little. Suddenly he had the intense need to piss.

"There the whole bag is in, when I pull out the tube, you have to hold your cheeks together and count to thirty, then you can sit on the toilet and expel it all then get in the shower and wash yourself well, understand?"

"I gotta pee."

"Hold it to the count of thirty, ready?" Micah slowly snaked the tube out and placed it in the tub. Jove felt something dripping from his arse, but tried to hold himself together as he counted. By twenty-two it was evident he wasn't going to make it to thirty so Micah helped him up and onto the toilet where he expelled for nearly ten minutes.

By the time he was done, Jove was quite embarrassed. There was no way there could be anything else inside of him, ever. He got in the shower like he had been told and washed, then he toweled off, finishing by wrapping one of the fluffy white towels around him and heading out to be made love to by Micah.

Jove emerged from the bathroom a short time later, freshly scrubbed and feeling a little embarrassed, but more determined than ever to go through with his deflowering. Micah was sitting on the edge of the bed again in his boxers with two glasses of wine on the nightstand. Jove was not sure, but he looked a little nervous too. "Everything all right?"

"Just fine, come here."

Jove managed a smile and held onto the towel. "Are you ready for me?"

"Absolutely ready for you." Micah said.

Jove moved over nearer to him until he was standing between his knees.

"Still playing shy I see." Micah smiled up at him. "I think I'm beginning to like it." He tugged playfully on the towel and Jove lost his grip on it. Standing still, Jove just looked at him, waiting to be told what to do next, Micah seemed to sense this and he patted is thigh. "Sit, Hunter."

Jove sat with both knees to the inside of Micah's thighs and Micah grinned. "Straddle it, both of them, actually, and you can touch me you know."

Jove swallowed and moved to straddle Micah's spread thighs as requested. He had to wrap his arms around the man's neck to keep from falling and Micah wrapped one arm around him. "Now this is more like it." he said and traced his fingers down Jove's butt crack to his bung.

When the greasy finger touched his anus, it took every bit of will power Jove could muster to stay put. He kept telling himself he was not being forced, he could leave at any time. But he didn't want to leave, he wanted to know what it felt like, why his father did this, why his brother did this, why he thought about this so much. Still, as the finger tried to enter him, Jove jumped, pressing his body against Micah's and Micah laughed. "You act as if no one has ever touched you before, Hunter, relax."

"I'm sorry." Jove whispered into his neck and tentively placed a kiss there. He tried to relax his sphincter to allow Micah entry.

"Yes, now that's more like it." Micah purred and began to explore the offered anal region again.

In moments, Jove felt pressure against his bung and he tried not to jump, instead he kissed Micah's neck and ear. Then he was sure there was something inside him. His breathing quickened and he had to close his eyes and remind himself that he was supposed to be an experienced prostitute who did this sort of thing all the time. With that in mind, he took a deep breath and buried his face against Micah's neck.

As his bung stretched around the constant invasion, Jove panted a little to keep from crying out, unshed tears welled up in his eyes and he was determined not to cry.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing. I'm sorry, please, do this." Jove said without raising his head.

"Are you sure you want to go through with this? You don't have to you know."

"I need to, Micah, please."

"All right, then, we will." Micah smiled, "But first, maybe you need to relax some?" Micah handed him a glass of wine.

Jove took the wine and smelled it. He had never had wine before. Then when Micah held his glass with one hand and still had a finger up his arse and he was trying to hold on and not to impale himself further, he looked at Micah and drank it all down. Micah smiled at him then sipped his own, and put the glasses back.

In the next moment, Micah's mouth was on his, Micah's tongue was invading his mouth, and it was all Jove could do to think to breathe. His back arched and Micah managed to get the second finger up him.

Jove groaned.

"That's right, little one." Micah cooed between kisses. "It feels good doesn't it?"

"Yes." Jove said and Micah was kissing him again. As the enhanced alcohol entered his system, Jove gradually became more bold and his hands trailed down Micah's back, he was sure he wouldn't fall, impaled as he was, and one hand trailed around to the front of the man whose lap he straddled. He could feel Micah's erection pressing him in the belly through the boxers; his own penis was still semi-flaccid. "What's this?" he asked with wide-eyed wonder.

"Something for you, later." Micah told him, "Right now I just want you to enjoy this, you are enjoying this aren't you?"

Jove did not answer, but he moaned as Micah took control of the lovemaking guiding him along the path he wanted to travel. Instinctively Jove began to buck a little, the pain of the invasion bringing him some pleasure, the perverseness of it caused his stomach to churn. He looked at Micah and smiled, his eyelids fluttering with Micah's thrusts and soft moans escaping his throat.

Jove felt Micah kissing his neck and he felt his hands under him. There was some gentle repositioning as Micah's boxers were lowered and Jove brought his feet up to the bed next to Micah's hips.

"Perfect, Hunter," Micah said as he positioned himself between his lover's legs, "Time for the real thing now…" Micah whispered then kissed Jove deeply.

"Please, I do…." Then Jove was being kissed, one hand was on his lower back, and the other was on his neck. Suddenly there was a tongue invading his mouth and trying to go down his throat although he had tried to protest at the last moment that he didn't want to do this, that he was a virgin, that he was Jiovanni, not Hunter. He could barely breathe and gravity took over. He was sliding downward onto something. He had been ready to confess it all to keep the pressure at his bung from entering him, instead he felt hot and full. Suddenly he realized he was no longer a virgin. He stopped fighting the kiss and wept.

"Am I hurting you?"

Jove could not answer. If he said yes, then then he would stop and all this would be for nothing. If he said no, he would be ripped in two. So, he just looked at the large man, tears in his eyes, his thighs trembling to keep from impaling himself further.

"I am hurting you." Micah started to lift him up.

"No, don't." Jove whispered. "It was just unexpected."

"Can you honestly say I'm not hurting you?"

Jove looked at him and shook his head, "But I can say I don't want you to stop." He blushed scarlet at his own boldness, and tried to regain some control over his body.

"Don't want me to stop, eh?"

Jove shook his head. He had wanted him to stop, had said it even or would have except for the kiss, but now that it was started, he didn't know how he felt - mostly mixed up inside. With that thought in mind, Jove leaned back a little, making Micah hold him as he wrapped his legs around the man's waist and allowed his weight to carry him down, impaling him fully on Micah's shaft. "Please, don't stop." Jove whispered against his lover's skin. They kissed the pain away although the tears came unbidden in the semi-darkness of the bedroom.

Jove closed his eyes and let himself just feel. This was indescribable as his body opened for Micah. It was hot, there was pain, he ached, and yet he wanted more. Shame washed over him again for the thought of wanting more. His body was doing strange things, and then there was a strange tickling on his balls. He opened his eyes and looked at Micah who was smiling. He wanted to ask, but he was sure what that tickling was -- Micah's pubic hair. He was all the way inside.

"How do you feel?" Micah asked while stroking Jove's erect penis.

"I feel split in two." Jove whispered as he bucked up a little into Micah's hand, and his bung pulled against Micah's cock. His eyes widened at the odd feelings.

"And you should." Micah smiled at him, "You know I'm not a small man."

"I can tell." Jove blushed. "I can feel you here." He pressed at his naval.

Micah nodded. "That's about right, I'm inside you to there, how does that make you feel?"

"Full." Jove giggled. "Very full of you." He said huskily and kissed Micah's neck then he sucked gently at Micah's lower lip. Micah's tongue invaded Jove's mouth like a force and his whole body responded to it. Then Micah laid back, so that Jove had to straddle his hips and began to fuck him, never pulling fully out, but pressing firmly in until Jove gasped. Eventually they rolled, and Micah lost his boxers totally. With Jove keeping his legs wrapped around his lover, it was difficult for them to kiss, and Jove had decided he liked the kissing. It became obvious to him that Micah liked the kissing too when Micah unwrapped Jove's legs and pressed them upwards. This way he could lean down and kiss him. He lay under his lover on an emotional roller coaster trying to determine what felt the best. Jove soon discovered Micah not only had access to his lips, but his neck and chest and soon bore love bites around both nipples. With each bite, Jove cried out in pleasure and his sphincter tightened around Micah trying to pull him deeper. His entire body was aflame and he wanted more. He writhed in pleasure and his body responded. With a little cry, Jove came, his liquid spurts of cum splattering across Micah's belly as well as his own as they fucked.

He clung to Micah; giving his lover some love bites of his own as the fire in his blood lay quenched for the first time in weeks.

"Are you all right?" Micah asked


"Want me to stop?"

"Never." Jove smiled and brought one hand shyly to his own nipple to pull on it a bit.

"Ah, so that's how it is, eh?"

Jove nodded.

Micah lowered his mouth to the other nipple and bit.

Jove gasped but did not move to stop him. Instead, he wrapped his arms around his own thighs. Jove felt empty as Micah withdrew completely from him, then the impact of being impaled. His eyelids flickered and he smiled, but he did not object. Micah grunted and did it again, all in one smooth stroke. Jove could only feel. Lost in a world of sensation there was nothing he could do but feel: the stinging bruises of his nipples; the rapidly cooling cum on his stomach; the hot fullness of his rectum; how he stretched, burned, and ached; and then the sudden surge of heat even further into his bowels. It was almost more than he could bear as he wrapped his legs around Micah again and his arms too, clinging to him as the only thing solid in his universe of feelings. His mouth found a nipple and he suckled it, moaning softly, his sphincter spasming in rhythm to his heartbeat.

Micah rolled over, taking Jove with him, and they lay there for a very long time.

"Hunter." There was no response. Micah touched him on the head and Jove looked up. "Let me kiss you."

"All right." His voice was slightly sleepy, but he moved up so he could be kissed and he accepted the invasion of Micah's tongue into his mouth without hesitation now.

"Thank you, sweetling." Micah told him huskily, still caressing his back.

Jove blushed, "No, I should be thanking you. Although, it hurt more than I thought it would, but not so much it didn't feel good."

Micah nodded and stroked his little lover's back. "I didn't want to hurt you."

"I know." Jove said and nipped at the nipple by his mouth. "But if I asked you to, would you?" he did not look at Micah when he asked this question, but he trembled in anticipation.

"Hunter, do you know what you are asking?" Micah asked him gently.

"I… I don't know, but I know it felt better when it hurt some." He still did not look at Micah, even as his hand reached between them. Jove shuddered when Micah pinched his nipple and sucked in air, moaning softly.

"Like that?" Micah asked.

"Yes." Jove answered in a small, breathy voice.

Micah pinched and twisted it again hard. Jove felt a stirring in his groin, the pain excited him in a way he could not explain.

"Do it again." Jove murmured against his skin.

"All right." And he did.

About halfway through Jove was in his state of bliss his whole body one nerve; so that no matter what part Micah touched, kissed, or bit, he stayed on the edge of orgasm. And for his part, Micah touched, kissed, or bit every part of him and enjoyed watching the whore writhe under him. When he shouted out his climax this time, Jove sighed, and snuggled up against him. Micah was content to let him lay there for a while before getting him up and dressed. It was later than he cared to think about already.

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