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Eric's Day At The Race


Chapter 3

It was a long night as I fitfully tossed and turned. I spent most of the day preparing for the campout, going over to my parents house to get my camping gear. I went to a couple of sporting goods stores to get some last minute supplies and headed back to my place. I got out my gear and inspected it, realizing I hadn't used this stuff for 4 or 5 years. I opened up my tent and set it up, hoping everything still worked. As I stepped back to look at my handiwork, I thought, "Man , this tent is big." I didn't remember it being big when I was younger, but then again, I always had a few fellow scouts in there with me. I took the tent back down and put everything in my backpack and was ready to go.

It was a few minutes before 5, so I decided to get a move on. I drove the short distance to the K of C hall and saw a group of boys and their gear milling around. Robert was off to the side, his backpack having opened up and spilled his gear all over the ground. I walked up to him and started to help him clean up.

"Eric! This is going to be awesome!" he exclaimed!

"Yeah, I have to admit I'm pretty excited to go camping again, even if it is with a bunch of little kids," I teased.

"Hey," he said. "We're not little kids."

"Lighten up, dude," I laughed. "I'm just kidding. Chill."

He smiled that award winning smile. "Let me introduce you to Mr. Lathem." We walked over to a god awfully big man, with hands easily twice the size of mine. The hair on his arms was thick and black, his 6'5" frame massive. He had dark, dark blue eyes which instantly looked me up and down and appraised me. I felt like I was back in school, the teacher getting ready to scold me. He stuck out his big paw, "Don Lathem. You must be Eric. I'm indebted to you for coming, we had several leaders back out at the last minute. Look's like it's just you and me on this trip. You OK with that?" He rambled this all off in one long sentence, not pausing for a breath.

"Eric Dawes, and its no problem. I think Robert's told you, I'm a former Life scout...almost made Eagle but waited too long. I'm kinda looking to get back into scouts, maybe help some of the boys who are on the fence to make the final push and get their Eagle rank. Thanks for letting me come."

We talked back and forth for a few moments, I'm sure so that he could get comfortable with the level of experience I had. "We're going to Lofty Pines, which is a State recreation area. They have this rustic area that is perfect for us. Great big trees with lots of shade and a nice size lake that we'll have pretty much to ourselves. Just follow me and we'll get a move on," Mr. Lathem called out as he walked toward his van.

We threw a bunch of gear in the back of my truck and Robert and 3 of his buddies climbed in and started chatting, the way boys do. The drive took about 2 hours during which time I learned a few things about the kids in my truck.

Jeremy, Robert's best friend, was into video games and really loved a game called HALO. At 13, he was a year younger than Robert but taller. He had jet black hair that he kept in a buzz cut and had dark eyes. Jeremy was adorable, unmistakable all boy. Quick to laugh, his whole face beamed and made you want to just stare at him. Other than his head, not a hair on his body could be seen other than the light fuzz normally found on a 13 year old, which because it was dark colored was a little easier to see. He had on a tang-top and short shorts, his green boxers showing at the waist. He was sitting in the middle of the back seat, with his legs slightly elevated because of the transmission hump of my truck. As I looked back at him with my rear view mirror, I could just see up his shorts a little...

Dave had only been a member of the Troop for 2 months. He was 15 and looked to be kinda short for his age. His blond wavy hair was parted down the middle with the bangs long enough in the front to be in his hazel eyes most of the time. The beginnings of puberty were obvious, since a light covering of blond hair was apparent on his legs. His shorts were half way off his body with his red and white stripped boxers clearly showing. He was kind of quiet, listening to the banter going back and forth but not really participating.

Shawn was a very outgoing kid. Prior to starting the trip, he walked right up to me and stuck out his hand to introduce himself. He had a mop of curly brown hair on his head which covered his ears. He was wearing brightly colored Bermuda shorts which came down to his knees. He was 14, having just had his birthday the week before. He had his shirt tucked into the back of his shorts, so his very smooth chest was drawing my eyes like a beacon. He seemed to be an early developer, since his legs had a goodly amount of fuzz on them and I caught a glimpse of a few hairs under his arms.

The boys were talking back and forth, with Robert in the front seat next to me and his friends in the back. They laughed and teased each other excitedly talking about all the things there were to do at Lofty Pines. Shawn told us how great the lake was and how warm the water was and then in mid-sentence stopped speaking. It was kind of weird, all of a sudden the truck was quiet. "What?," I said, looking questioningly at Shawn.

"I forgot my friggin' swim suit," he moaned. "Dammit!" Then his face brightened. "I'll just go without one!" he exclaimed. Dave shot him a look and said, "Are you serious?" "You'd go without a suit on?"

"We're all guys here," Shawn said. "We all have the same equipment, so what's the big deal...unless you're so small you don't want anyone else to see you, Dave!"

Dave blushed crimson red. "We'll see who has the small package and who doesn't," Dave promised.

This was getting interesting. My cock was already at full attention and I glanced over at Robert who returned my look. He looked down at my crotch and saw the bulge and smiled. I glanced over at him and saw he was bulging too, his hand giving himself a little squeeze. With the promise of fun to come, the conversation turned to more mundane things. The time went swiftly by and after a while it quieted down in the truck. Each boy had brought an iPod or CD player and was listening to the music, with their heads laid back and their eyes closed. I took the opportunity to adjust my rear view mirror. I adjusted it down so I could see Jeremy's shorts better. He had shifted around and put his left leg up on the transmission hump to get comfortable. The shorts were short and baggy and with his leg elevated, the angle was just right. I moved the mirror down just a little bit and could see right up his shorts! His green boxers must have bunched up because I very clearly saw his hairless balls nestled against his leg. They were about the size of grapes and hanging loosely. From my vantage point, I could see he had a couple of black pubes above his shaft which looked to be about an inch thick. I couldn't see his cock head, it was up higher than I could see but I was enjoying staring at his sack. I was alternating between watching the road ahead and staring at Jeremy's balls trying hard not to get into an accident. I could feel my cock leaking pre-cum, since I had had a hard-on for the last 30 minutes or so. Watching Jeremy's nut sack gently bounce as the truck rolled along the highway didn't help me much. We hit a bumpy patch of road and all of us were jolted a little. Each of the boys opened their eyes and glanced around, then returned to whatever world they were in. Jeremy had moved his leg up higher on the hump, causing his limp dick to fall to the left...right where I could see it. His cock was cut and looked to be about 3 inches long, the shaft skinny but the head plump with a well defined ridge around the head. His piss slit was tiny, I thought to myself that if he could shoot, it would go far. My earlier thoughts were confirmed now that I could see everything; he had maybe 10 little pubic hairs just above his shaft and the only reason I could even see them was because of the dark color. My cock was ready to explode. I wanted to whip it out right then and there but I was going to have to suffer. We hit another big bump and Jeremy moved his leg down, spoiling my view. All good things must come to an end, and its probably a good thing since I probably would have gotten into an accident staring more at Jeremy's cock and nuts more than the road ahead.

In no time, we were pulling through the gates of Lofty Pines State Park. We stopped at the ranger station and got our permit. We drove about a quarter mile and then pulled off the main road onto a dirt road barely wide enough for our vehicles. We drove another half mile or so and the road dead-ended right in the middle of a good sized field, with a beautiful crystal clear blue lake 400 yards distant. Tall pine trees surrounded the field with a fire pit off to one side, a full chord of wood neatly stacked next to it. The boys practically fell out of the truck as soon as I stopped. Mr. Lathem had a similar problem, with 8 or 9 boys jumping out of the side and back doors of the van before he even came to a stop. They all ran around tackling each other and whooping around. Mr. Lathem & I began unpacking the vehicles. We soon worked up a sweat, with the temperature hovering around 85 and the humidity somewhere around 75%. We both took our shirts off and soon the boys followed suit. Mr. Lathem yelled at everyone to quit screwing around and get the tents set up. He called Shawn over, who not surprisingly was the Senior Patrol Leader, and told him to get everyone organized. We soon had 7 or 8 tents set up and the dining fly set up and all the cookware arranged. It was 7:30pm and so we got a fire going to get started on dinner. After 45 minutes, we were all full on a hearty stew that had been prepared by Mr. Lathem's wife. The combination of the hot fire and high humidity made my body temp uncomfortably high. I called out to the boys, "How `bout a nice swim?" Wild cheers erupted from the group and my position as the "cool" new leader cemented in place. "Mr. Lathem, I can take them over if you want to just relax or come on over if you are hot too," I said. He looked at me with a grateful nod and said, "If you don't mind, some alone time would be great. I don't think I'll be getting much of that"

With that I yelled, "grab your suits boys and lets go." I grabbed my suit and started walking toward the lake. The boys were yelling and screaming and running after me to catch up. Robert came up breathlessly beside me, panting from the 100 yard sprint he'd just made. Jeremy, Dave and Shawn were right behind him. All except Shawn had their suits in their hands. I watched as Dave and Shawn exchanged glances and I wondered how this was going to play out. There was a total of 14 boys, 10 boys in addition to the boys who came up with me. They ranged in age from about 11 years to the oldest who looked about 16. We arrived at the lake and off to the left, down a slight incline was a nice beach area. The lake was surrounded by pine and other trees, I didn't see a single building around the perimeter. It looked to be a completely private lake that was probably 3/4 of a mile wide and about a mile long with "our" beach sort of in the lower right hand corner of the kidney shaped lake. As we approached the beach, Shawn took off like a cannon shot, throwing his shirt, shoes, socks and pants into the air. He was the first to arrive at the water's edge standing there in his tan boxers. With a look back and a smirk on his face, he stepped out of his boxers and ran nude into the water, his butt bouncing as he ran. Everyone stopped dead in their tracks. Shawn, now in water just up to his belly button, looked at us and said, "Come on guys, who needs swim suits? The water's great, throw your clothes off and come on in...if you dare!" The gauntlet had been thrown down. I glanced over at Dave who was staring incredulously at Shawn. I don't think he ever thought Shawn would be so bold. As I glanced around, I noticed everyone was looking at me trying to gauge my reaction and see what they should do. Looking at them, I said, "Like the man said, the water's fine and there's no time like the present." Before anyone could say a word, I hooked my thumbs in my shorts, yanked them and my boxers down in one smooth motion, and ran into the water naked as the day I was born. After 5 or 6 steps it got deep enough, and I dove head first into the water. It was the perfect temperature and cooled me down immediately. I had hoped that the rest of the boys hadn't seen my raging wood as I took of my shorts, but I knew there was no way Shawn could have missed it. I looked over at him quickly and he returned my look with a look that told me he had seen my hard cock. I glanced back at the beach and saw that everyone was still standing there completely awestruck that one of their leaders was naked in the lake.

"Come on guys, the water's fine." I called out. I looked over at Robert and gave him the "lets go" look, and he quickly stripped off his remaining clothing and ran into the water as well, his pecker flopping up and down as he ran. That let go the floodgates, and the rest of the boys screaming loudly, stripped down to their birthday suits and ran in. From my position facing the water, my eyes were flooded with the site of 12 boys stripping down and running into the water. I moved my eyes like they were on a gimble, taking in all of the cocks that now filled my every view. The 11 year old boy's little dick (Billy) was barely the size of my thumb, with a nut sack so close to his body that all you could really see was the two little pea sized buttons that were his balls. His package was so small that when he ran, it didn't even move. On the other hand, the 16 year old, Peter, had a cock that was pretty impressive. It was a good 5 inches and swung back and forth just above two walnut sized balls hanging down in a low-riding sack. He had a patch of dark brown pubes above his shaft and he was uncut, making him the first uncut cock I had ever seen live and in person. I moved my eyes quickly around to catch all the other cocks and hurriedly mentally cataloged who had what and how big and so forth. It was all over pretty quickly and then there were bodies crashing and diving and splashing water. I swam a bit farther away into deeper water so I wouldn't get as splashed. The main body of kids was 20 or 30 feet away. I wasn't really paying too much attention when all of a sudden, Shawn was right next to me.

"Hey Mr. Dawes. How they hangin'?" he smirked. "Call me Eric...Mr. Dawes is my dad," I said. "And you should know how they're hangin' since you saw me running into the water!" I added.

"True, that. But there was something that wasn't hangin' at all...I see you were kinda wooded up when you ran into the water, Mr. Daw...I mean Eric!" Shawn quipped.

"Well, the sight of your bubble butt wagging for all to see sort of set me over the edge. Too bad I wasn't the first in, or I could have had a better view looking at the front of you when you ran in the water, instead of the back end," I jibed.

He laughed and turned on his back and floated on his back, his hands cupping his balls and dick so I couldn't see. "There you go!" he laughed. I could see a few of his brown pubes poking through his fingers. I put my hand near his armpits and tickled him a little. Before he could think, his hands flew up to stop me. In the moments before his torso went underwater, I glimpsed his 4 inch limp dick. His ball sack was drawn up tight because of the coolness of the water, but there was a smattering of short curly hair on his sack. Now that his hands were gone, I noticed the small but well grown patch of hair just above his dick...then it was gone, under water and out of sight.

"Hey," he laughed. "No fair."

"What's not fair," I chuckled back "You teasing me with your show or the fact that you're ticklish?" "Ok, Ok you win," he giggled and swam off toward the rest of the boys.

I was really, really hard now, all this boy meat and bare chests and boyness causing me to all of a sudden really need to jack off. I had seen more cock in the last 10 minutes than since I was in High School, in gym class. I was horny as hell. I looked around trying to determine if pulling my pole would be noticeable. As I looked around, I noticed I couldn't see Robert anywhere. I looked more intently and after a few moments began to get worried. I was standing in water that was up to my nipples, when suddenly I felt a pair of hands firmly grasp each of my ankles. It startled me and as I was deciding what to do about it, I felt this incredible warmth surround my dick. I felt a nose hit the base of my pubes and the tip of my cock touch the back of a throat. Oh my God, what a feeling! The mouth came off, the feeling gone and Robert popped up from under the water with a smile from ear to ear.

"Are you lonely over here all by yourself? He asked. "Holy Shit Robert, that was great!" I said. "I need to get off so bad. How bout going back down and finishing?" I begged him.

"Sure," he grinned and dipped back down beneath the water. I felt the warmth encircle my shaft again. He began a slow in and out motion. I found myself slowly matching his motion. He came up for air and went right back down, using his tongue and darting it around while he sucked. I had been hard for the better part of 2-1/2 hours, so I knew it wasn't going to take long. He came up for air again and put my cock all the way down his throat, his hands around my ass cheeks. I was about to erupt, so I put my hand on his head and pulled him from the base of my cock up to the tip and then shoved his face all the way back down so that his lips were in my hairs, my cock down into his throat. It was too much and I felt the cum leave my nuts, my sack drawing almost painfully taut. I felt his throat contract and relax as he attempted to swallow my load. As I was pumping away, I saw some cum float to the surface my juice too much for him to take in. I pumped 5 or 6 loads and finally felt him starting to panic from lack of oxygen, I let go of his head and he came gasping to the surface. He took in great gulps of air but smiling up at me. He had little bits of cum in his hair where it had leaked out of his mouth and floated up. I reached over and pulled it out, cleaning my hands off in the lake.

"How was that," he asked

"Man, that was great. I sure needed to shoot...it was really building up.

Thanks bud," I said. "How's about I return the favor?"

He grinned and so I dove under water. His cock was rock hard and waiting. I took my tongue out and gently swirled around his head, poking the tip of my tongue near his piss slit. I moved down to his nut sack, taking both of them in my mouth and gently sucking. I sucked for a few moments until I needed air and came up quickly for a gulp. When I moved back underwater, Robert immediately grabbed my hair and pulled my head up to his cock. Apparently, he didn't want to wait any longer and I obliged by taking him in, my lips right at the base of his shaft. I grabbed onto one of his ass cheeks for support, but I put my index finger right up next to his asshole and gently began rubbing around the rim. As I sucked him, I swirled my tongue all around the shaft. Up for air again, but right back to it and I applied a bit more pressure to my finger and stuck it up his hole up to the first knuckle. I felt his ass muscles tense and his cock go harder still, so I actually blew out while sucking to expel the water from the lake from his cock. No way was I going to not have a good taste of him. Maintaining a good seal with my lips, I felt his cock start to spasm and hot jets of jizz exploded on the back of my mouth and throat. It was so sweet, not the bitter tasting juice you get from older guys. There's something about boy juice that is unique, raw even. Out of breath and with his dick going limp, I pulled off him and rose to the surface.

The large, satisfied grin told the whole story. As I stood near him, I gently cupped his balls and played with them.

"That was AWESOME!" he grinned.

"I think I loved that as much as you did," I replied.

"Ah, I don't think so!"

I looked over Robert's shoulder and saw Shawn swimming towards us. I wondered if he had seen us bobbing up and down. He had a funny grin on his face and all of a sudden I was a bit worried. Sucking a 14 year old's cock in front of a bunch of other boys was dangerous, but it was exciting too. Shawn swam up and said, "Hey guys, what's up?"

Robert replied, "Hey Shawn, not much...just talking to Eric here about what an ass you are!"

"Hey, I'll show you an ass." And with that, Shawn lifted his ass out of the water and pointed it at us. I reached over and gave it a hard swat, leaving a red mark on his cheek. "Ouch!" he cried. "That hurt."

"Oh, did I hurt the poor little boy," I asked? "Here, let me make it feel better." And I put my hand under the water and cupped his ass cheeks and rubbed it a little. I could see under the water that Shawn's 4 incher had grown to perhaps 5-1/2 or 6 inches. "Well, it looks like I'm not the only one who's got something else that's not hanging," I laughed.

Turning beet red, Shawn moved away a little. "Do you want me to make that feel better too?" I joked, trying to judge his reaction.

He looked at me with a little smirk on his face and said, "You don't have the balls for that."

I looked over at Robert, who was laughing his head off, and said "I'll show you what I have the balls for."

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