Alright, here is all the legal stuff. This story is complete fiction. Everyone in it is fake. If you are to young to read this, or live in a place where you are not allowed to read this, then don't. If you find sexual situations between men and young boys, then definitely don't read this. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Email me at

I realize I should start writing down everything that's happened in the past few months. I want to be able to remember it when I'm old and gray, and if I ever get up the guts to tell someone what's happened I want them to believe it, I'm not even sure I believe it myself. Ever since 13yo Zeth came here my life has totally changed, that young boy is amazing! Last night when had his first wet orgasm... wait, I need to start at the beginning.

My name is Marc. When I was growing up, I was a little pudgy, short, and very uncoordinated, but now all that's changed. I spent a lot of time working on my body and now I'm right where I want to be. People say I'm very good looking but I don't see it. I'm very humble when it comes to my looks. I'm 26 years old, 6'2" and I weigh about 180lbs. I have brown hair, blue eyes and a thick 8 inch uncut dick. Thanks to all the working out, I have a 6-pac, and nicely shaped chest, legs and arms. live in a suburb of Seattle and have a great life.

About 5 years ago it was much different... living with my parents in rural Vermont, small town of 1200, and nothing going right. Being the ONLY gay guy living in that town I needed to get out, so I packed up all my stuff and moved to Seattle. I love this city! It was hard at first, it's not cheap here at all! I struggled for about 3 years until I met my ex-boyfriend. He was smart, he was funny, he was rich! He was also pretty old, with no family, I loved him `till the day he died, and he left everything to me.

With the money running out I realized I needed to do something or else I would lose everything I never worked for! So I started in the real estate game, I bought another house, sold it, then with that money bought three more houses sold them and now I'm completely self sustained. Thank gawd because there is no way I could ever work a 9-5 job again. Since my ex died, I haven't really dated, I realized that I'm not really the dating type, I didn't think I even had a sex drive... but all that changed.

My house is great, it's 2 floors of living space, with a full attic and cellar. 5 bedrooms, once is my master bedroom, one I use as a home office, two are guest bedrooms for family and friends, and the other is basically just storage. It has 4.5 bathrooms, a kitchen Emeril would kill for and a living room that holds a great party. It's all decorated contemporary/art-deco style with state of the art sound system, and flat screen TV's (hey, I like to live comfortably). The best part though is the enclosed backyard. And the pool! During the summer I love to lay in the pool on the sun chair nude, no tan lines for this man! I actually own 3 houses. One here in Seattle, one in Provo, UT (because of the skiing), and one in Florida (for my parents, no really!).


August 1st

Well, I finally did it. I've been trying to find a way to have a little fulfillment in my life, my self employment leaves me with a lot of down time and I've been bored out of my mind . Couple that with the fact that I've been feeling like I needed to have someone to be responsible for, and I am fulfilling a dream I've had since grade school. When I was a kid, I always wanted my parents to take in an exchange student so I'd have a friend, a brother, my age to share things with. That never happened, and when I got older, I figured it'd be nice to host the exchange student, I wouldn't be able to have that `brother' feel, but it'd be a `son' that'd I'd have and that would be great!

I made some contacts with the local school system and arranged to have a boy from England come live with me for an entire year. He'd go to school here, enjoying what life has to offer here in the United States for a while. The program was with a public school in Manchester England, the students families were generally not very wealthy and relied on grants and donations to send their children to the United States, where they normally would never have been able to go.

The boy's name is Zeth, he'll turn 14 a month after he arrives here (he arrives August 15th) we'll have about 2 weeks to get to know each other and do all the fun touristy stuff before the school year starts. I'm so excited, and quite nervous as well. I called Zeth's father to talk about the boy and get any other information I could. He's a very nice man and I could tell we'd get along well enough, he seemed excited for his son who had been asking for this as long as he could speak. Then the phone was handed over to Zeth, so was bright, cheery, incredibly polite. I found out he had a passion for Manchester United Soccer (FOOTBALL, damn I have to get that right), Star Wars comic books, action movies and Green Day. We chatted for about 15 minutes and I knew then that we were going to get along and have a good time while he was here.

I got off the phone and went to the biggest of the spare bedrooms to see what I could set up for my new house-guest, then off to Home Depot, Ikea, Borders, Sports Authority, and a comic book store. I have a lot of work to do in the next two weeks before Zeth arrives and I need to get moving on it.


August 14th

Well, Zeth comes in tomorrow and I think I'm finally ready for him to arrive. The past 14 days have been crazy busy! I painted his room, got new bedding, and (thanks to Ebay) found a few Manchester United posters to put on his wall. I talked to Zeth and his father a few times on the phone, and I know he doesn't have many clothes for this Seattle weather so I got him a rain jacket for when he gets here tomorrow, it's still pretty warm, but we're going to have to get him some better clothes once he gets here. Then I started on another of the guest bedrooms, the one next to my home office. I had been using it for storage, so I had to really hoe it out! I got a nice futon, a big computer, TV, DVD player, Xbox (I already have a PlayStation2), games for the computer, Xbox, and board games. In garage is his new mountain bike (that matches mine), roller blades, skateboard and soccer ball. Now all that's left is to stock the refrigerator and clean up the house. I think this kid will should be set for his time here... I just hope he's comfortable here.

I decided to call the maid service I usually use, hey I'm lazy when it comes to cleaning, and started lunch. When I finished my soup and sandwich the door bell was ringing and I let in Louisa, the woman who usually cleans for me. While she got started cleaning, I headed to the store and loaded up on all sorts of food. I spent more money that day on food then I have ever spent before, two shopping carts later I loaded it up into the Grand Cherokee and headed home.

Louisa was just finishing cleaning the kitchen and helped me unpack all the food and put it away, asking why I bought so much. I told her I was hosting an exchange student for the year and she brightened, as it turns out her son would be going to school with Zeth, and they were the same age. That's a relief, I'm glad Zeth would have someone to hang around with, Jose was a great kid who I'm sure they would get along like two peas in a pod.

I had met Jose once before, during the summer when Louisa brought him with her to clean, he sat in the living room and played my PS2 while she cleaned. He is a very cute 14 year old boy (2 months older than Zeth), a bit tall for his age at 5'6" and weighed about 100lbs. Jose had trademark Argentinean hair, very light brown, and hazel-green eyes that pierced my heart to look at, especially with those long eyelashes. His beautiful button nose wide mouth that always had an endearing and engaging smile on it; and light brown skin, perfectly smooth and unblemished, it made my cock twitch just to think of him.

"Louisa, that's wonderful!" I said, yet another worry lifting off my shoulders. "I totally forgot that Jose would probably be going to the same school. Zeth comes in tomorrow late afternoon, and I have a bunch of plans for the rest of the week, but what would ya think if I picked him up on Friday afternoon for lunch and some fun?"

"Oh, Mr. Marc, that would be great! My Jose don't have much friend, I sure he like to play with you and you new boy. He always talk about how he like you. Always saying you most fun man he ever meet." I was flattered and excited, I had fun talking to the boy when he was here, we were sitting close on the couch playing video games together. Our legs had been brushing up against each other always and that got me so hard just thinking of being able to touch more than just the little Latino boys legs.

"Then it's settled, I'll pick Jose up on Friday at 2. We'll spend the afternoon together and I'll drop him off that evening after dinner." I said. "I really hope they get along well, it'll be good for both of the boys to have a friend around here."

The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur of activity; Louisa finished cleaning, I put away all the groceries, then I finished making all the last minute arrangements and going through my To-Do list. I wanted everything to be perfect for Zeth when he got here.

I was getting a bit sleepy and decided to take a nap, but before I did I called my friends. Tonight was going to be my last night of non-responsibility and I wanted to go out to dance and have a few drinks. Most of my friends were excited about my new guest, and were happy to meet me at the T-Dance downtown at Neighbors (our usual bar). I quickly got naked and climbed into bed, but sleep wasn't going to happen, I had to much on my mind, mostly about Zeth. I was thinking about what the weeks activities were going to be, and happy to be having Jose with us on Friday. All of a sudden, a picture of Jose popped into my head, sitting on the couch, his hairless legs pressed against mine, his shorts high on his thigh. His hand had grabbed my upper leg every time he killed some Nazi's in "Brothers in Arms." My cock stiffened instantly. That boy drove me crazy! I wanted to see up his shorts, to see his hairless balls and I wondered what his 13 year old dick looked like. Was it still smooth and small, or was he starting to enlarge and grow some hair. I could imagine myself slowly taking off his shorts with his little boner sticking right into the air. I wanted slowly slide my hands over his smooth skin, watching his cock jump at my touch and I circled around the head of his dick. I was trying to imagine deeply breathing in his musky boy smell from his crotch, and licking his dick. I realized my hand was stroking my 8 inch uncut cock, squeezing it and dreaming about Jose's beautiful body. It didn't take long and I shot 7 thick ropes of milky white cum all over my chest. Being the cum lover that I am, I quickly scooped it up onto my fingers and swallowed it down my throat. I was asleep less then three minutes later.

I woke with a start as my cell phone was blaring next to me. I looked at the clock and it was 9:24pm! It was my friends, they were wondering where the fuck I was! After a quick shower and shave, I put on my favorite pair of jeans and a button-up T-shirt, jumped in the Jeep and headed to the club. We met up with my friends at the Honey Hole (which has THE BEST hot sandwiches EVER) and walked to Neighbors. The club is just down the block so it didn`t take us long to get there. The place was rockin'!

Shot after shot went down my throat, followed by enough whisky to seriously get me drunk. As I was out dancing, I saw a young guy dancing not to far away from me. He didn't have a wrist band on so I knew he was younger then 21 and I would have been surprised if he was over 18. He came over to me and started dancing close, my friends all eyed him up and realizing how cute he was moved away from us, winking. Jamie is just a little short, just as I like 'em, around 5`5" a perfect little trim body that didn't looked worked out, but very lean. His black hair and green eyes drove me crazy and I was grinding with him, his back pushed up against my chest. The song was hot, and the liquor was definitely having it's effects on me, I grew hard in my jeans. I knew he could feel it because he started rubbing and bumping his ass into my crotch as we danced, grabbing my hand and moving it around his waist so I could hold him tight.

We did very little talking, only dancing, and at the end of the night we were both covered in sweat. I swear I had blue balls thanks to this guy, my cock had been raging hard for about 3 hours and it really needed some relief. My friends found me as I was walking downstairs, giving me hugs and asking when they could meet Zeth. At those words, Jamie seemed to get a look on his face that was angry... but it quickly passed and I told him Zeth was a student from England coming to stay with me for a year.

I wasn't really in a sober state of mind, especially not enough to drive home not to mention how horny I was for this guy. I asked if he lived on Capitol Hill, and thankfully he did, just up the street on Boylston. We quickly made our way to his apartment, which was barren except for a bed and clothes all over the floor, he had moved here a few months ago from Cleveland and was still getting his life started. The door hadn't even shut all the way when our mouths were locked. Hands groping each other and pulling at our clothes. A line of shoes, shirts, socks, jeans and finally his underwear (I didn't wear any) lead to the bed where we collapsed in a fit of sexual hunger.

I pinned him down to the bed, holding his hands over his head and slowly kissing down his right arm to his armpit, which was nearly hairless. He obviously didn't wear deodorant that night because he had a sweet musky smell under his arms of a young man. I lapped up his armpits quickly moving on to his quarter-size nipples. He loved them to be bitten, every time I ran my teeth across them he moaned in pleasure. I licked my way down his body and noticed the guy hardly had any pubic hair. That drove me crazy! I am a serious boy lover and this kid looked like he was only 15 when he was naked. I quickly began smelling, licking and devouring his silky smooth balls, avoiding his cock to increase his pleasure.

Jamie threw me on my back and dove right for my cock, he seemed very inexperienced in the art of cock sucking, his teeth scraped and he obviously didn't know what to do with an uncircumcised dick. But he was so hot and young looking it made me feel like I was getting a blow job from a hot 15 year old. I told him to straddle my chest and start fucking my face, his cock was only about 6" but it was hard, smooth and beautiful. It easily slid into my mouth and he began to pound my face with all the vigor a young man can muster, his low hanging ball slapping my face and making a wet sound from the spit running out of my mouth. I could feel his legs begin to tense up and knew he was getting close. I started moaning with him, and soon he was shooting load after load of cum into my eager mouth, I swallowed it all, not letting any escape my throat.

As he was pulling his cock out of my mouth, he looked me in the eyes and whispered "Fuck me!" How could I say no to that? I pushed him over and made him get on his hands and knees. His ass was great! A well shaped bubble butt that would go on for ever. I spread his cheeks and looked in wonder at how smooth this boy was, hot a hair in his ass! I quickly dove my tongue into his waiting hole and he moaned loudly, pushing back so my tongue could go farther and farther in. After about 10 minutes of the best rim job I've ever given, I could feel his hand reaching through his legs and grabbing my dick, it was wet and slippery and made me hum with pleasure.

"Shove that fat cock inside me Marc" he moaned, his sweet pucker opening and contracting to the touch of my mouth. I quickly got on my knees behind him and aimed my cock for the hole, shoving it in. He cried out "OH YES!" as I sank my dick in and could feel his ass on my balls. DAMN this kid is hot! He took my whole dick at once in his very tight hole, and he couldn't get enough of it. I started piston fucking him. Slamming into him as my balls started to make the wet slapping noise against his ass. He was moaning loud and I pinned him down, shoving his face in the pillow as my cock was nailing his smooth hole. I flipped him over and grabbed his ankles forcing them apart from each other. His cock was hard again, pointing at his chin as he leaned his head back as far as it would go and made a loud "OOOOHH YEES!" I was getting close, I could feel it start in my balls. This was the first time I had sex in 3 months and it was amazing, just as I was about to hose his insides down with my load, I saw him shoot 4 thick ropes of cum across his chin, face and chest. His ass contracted around my dick and I couldn't hold it anymore, I unloaded about a gallon of cum inside his hungry ass. I collapsed on top of him kissing him deeply and fell asleep before I rolled off him.

So this is just the first chapter. I already have more written, Zeth will be in them, and there will definitely be more sexual encounters. I'd love to hear feedback, Email me at I hope you like the story so far and stay tuned, there is more cuming.