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August 15th

I was slowly coming out of sleep when I realized I was lying in an unfamiliar bed, on my back with someone snuggled up beside me, an arm draped over my chest, a leg entwined over my leg, and a head softly snoring on my shoulder. The recollection of what happened the night (morning) before began to come back to me. The copious amounts of alcohol, the great sex with Jamie, feeling my cock slide in and out of his smooth ass. That's when the headache hit, thanks to the sunlight coming through the window. My bladder was very full and he desperately needed to use the toilet. I slowly came out from under Jamie who didn't wake up, and headed to the bathroom. My hangover wasn't getting better, so I sat on the pot and began to relieve the pressure. I looked at how barren the apartment was, this kid had nothing, there was only a little toilet paper left, one dingy towel, and very dirty bathtub with no shower curtain. Laying on the floor was a large glossy covered book. I realized it was a year book from last year. "He must have just graduated" I thought to myself. Picking up the book I began to flip through it, and came upon a dog-eared page and noticed his picture on it. It was a set of class photos of the 9th grade, and his picture was right there! "HOLY SHIT, he really is only 15, maybe 16!" I really didn't need this, he was young, very young and I could get into a lot of trouble... as much as I was a boy lover, I had never done anything about it. I value my life to much. I needed to get out of there quick before he woke up. I quickly and quietly got off the toilet, and grabbed my clothes, Jamie was still sound asleep and since he only knew my first name I figured I was safe, I could get out of there and probably never see the kid again, especially with my new responsibilities that were flying in this afternoon. "DAMN!" I looked at my watch and it was already 11am. I need to get home, get showered and get to the airport fast! I quietly shut the door behind me and ran for my car.

I got home in record time, took a very quick shower, got dressed and jumped back in the Jeep to get to the airport. Traffic was heavy and took a while to get to the airport, by the time I got there it was five minutes after Zeth was supposed to land, I ran to the ticket counter to ask where to pick Zeth up and they told me the flight was 30 minutes late. "GOOD!" I thought, I would never forgive myself if he was stuck here waiting for me. Since Zeth was a minor, I was able to go through security to pick him up at the gate. I got through security easily enough and was at the gate just as the plane was pulling up. Watching all the passengers deplane I realized that I had NO idea what Zeth looked like. There were tons of people walking off the plane! An A340 will hold somewhere around 350 people and it looked like all of them were getting off before Zeth. Finally the last person walked out the jet way and still no sigh of Zeth. I went to one of the flight attendants and asked him.

"Zeth Tailorson is supposed to be on this plane... he's only 12 years old, but I didn't see him walk out of the jet way. Do you happen to know where he might be?"

"You must be Marc, Zeth is still coming out, he was a riot! One of the best kids I've ever had on my flight. Right now he's talking to the pilots about the airplane and sitting in the cockpit checking things out. We're not supposed to do this, but follow me and I'll take you in to see him there."

Grateful doesn't even come close to what I was feeling for this guy as followed him down the jet way and onto the huge jet. I was to the very front of the plane where I could see the back of a head to a 12 year old boy, and he was wearing a Pilots hat. I'm so glad I had remembered to bring my camera, I quickly got off a few shots of him from behind before he turned and saw me. His green eyes lit up the room when he smiled at me shyly.

"Hey Zeth, how ya doing?" I said, smiling. This kid is BEAUTIFUL! He's got dark blond hair, wonderful green eyes, an ample smile with a great row of white teeth, and dimples that drive me wild. From that first look I knew that we were going to get along fine. He had an inviting face showed warmth on it and would make me smile every time I looked at him.

"Marc?" he asked. I shook my head yes and he smiled even bigger. He quickly got out of the pilots chair and said "I'm sorry I didn't come right off the plane to meet you, I had a great opportunity to see the flight deck. It's amazing! Ya' know?"

"It sure is bud, this is one of the biggest planes I've ever been on!" Zeth climbed out of the chair, took of the pilots hat and gave it back saying "Thank you!"

The Captain looked at me and smiled, saying "You've got a good kid here." and turning to Zeth "Take care Zeth, I hope you have a good year here."

"Cheers Captain!" and we walked out into the jet way. I turned to look him over, he was about 5'1" and must have been 95lbs, he had a nice build to him, not skinny, but filled out without anything but baby-fat still on him. He was wearing a pair of blue pants that looked to short on his legs, and maybe around his waist too, like they were a size or two small on him. His shirt was an oxford button-up that had seen better days but still looked good on him. He seemed shy, but walked with a confidence I wish I had had when I was his age.

"Well Zeth, I'm glad I finally get to meet you! How was the flight?" I smiled down at him and was happy to see that award winning smile gleaming back at me.

" It's was brilliant! It's the first time I've ever flown, and it was amazing. Marc, thank you loads for this, I never would have been able to do this without you." He was still smiling, but very serious, I began to wonder what kind of home life he had, but either way, we were going to have fun.

"Well buddy, you're in for a treat, we've got a bunch of stuff to do before school starts. How ya feeling after that long plane right?"

"Right exhausted! I've been up for hours, I was to busy looking out the window and talking to the workers on the plane to sleep. I was also really nervous and excited to meet you." he added shyly.

"Well pal, we're going to have a good time, but there's no going to be until bedtime tonight, or else the jetlag will really get you down for the next few days." I said, heading to customs and immigration to get his passport stamped. Then we headed down to get his bags from bag claim and started walking towards my Jeep. "So, I figured today we'd just kind of get you settled in the house, get a good dinner and relax. Tomorrow I have a bunch of stuff planned, I actually have a bunch of stuff planned for the entire week to get you used to Seattle."

"That's your car? Bloody hell!" Then he stopped himself, realizing he had just swore in front of me, his eyes wide and not a little scared. "Sorry Marc, I won't do it again." I kept quiet until we got in the car, then before starting the engine I turned to him. He seemed to realize he was in trouble from the remark.

"I'll tell you what. When we're together, just you and me, you can say whatever you want. Use the words that you like most. Fuck, shit, ass, bitch, bloody hell, if you know the word, you can use it. BUT when you're in school, or when there are other adults around, you have to curb the swearing. Deal?" He was shaking his head vigorously. My parents had done the same for me years ago, I thought I'd do the same for Zeth, adding one thing. "BUT there is one more part to this. You can never, and I mean NEVER use any words to hurt someone. I'm a very easy going guy, but I won't stand for anyone picking on someone else. No name calling, or harassment of any kind. Understand?"

"I was picked on loads at my school, and I know how much it hurts, so I'd never be able to do that to another bloke. No worries, Marc. Thanks for it."

On the drive home, we went through the city, it's about a 30 minute drive and Zeth was staring out the window, marveling at all the sights. He was amazed at the mountains, loved the pine trees, was surprised at the size of the building and the hills where people lived. He had never seen a real city, just London from afar, and Manchester, but nothing compared to Seattle. It was a perfect day, the air was clean, the water was beautiful and the air smelled sweet of flowers and grass. We pulled into my neighborhood, and Zeth was amazed at the size of the houses. He was really excited to see them. I pointed up the street.

"That's where we're going, welcome to your home for the next year bud."

"That blue house is YOUR'S?" he asked, surprised and excited at the same time.

"Nope," I said, "it's OURS, for the next year at least." Zeth just turned to me and smiled, his beautiful eyes sparkling and his dimples growing deeper.

I pulled in the three car garage and we got out, I had parked strategically so he wouldn't see all the stuff I had for him in the back near the wall. I picked up his bag, and walked him in. He was in heaven! I showed him around the downstairs, and then we walked up and I took him into his room. He got so excited when he saw a poster with his favorite football player from M.U. that he jumped on the bed and started bouncing around.

"As soon as I found out you were coming here I arranged the room, painted it, got some posters and set it all up for you. I also got a raincoat for you, that's hanging in the closet. We'll probably have to get you some new clothes, but we can do that later tonight or tomorrow. The weather here is a bit different then you're used to. Common with me, I have something else to show you." I led him into the spare bedroom I put the computer in. "This room is yours also, it's going to be your study room. I got you a computer, and desk to do your homework on. When you're done with homework, there's also a TV here with cable, and an Xbox to play with. Downstairs hooked up to the big TV is a PS2 you can use whenever you want also."

"Marc, this is great! I've always wanted to play Xbox, my da always said they were to expensive to get."

"Well, you can use this as much as you want. That is if we have anytime, haha, we'll have a lot to do the next few weeks. I have a few more surprises though." The look he gave me begged for more information, but I just said "You'll have to wait and see what they are." Lets get you settled in.

I sent him back downstairs to get his bad and waited in his room, opening the closet to start getting organized. When he returned, we put what little clothes he had away, got a few books and comic books out of his backpack he carried on the plane and set those in the study room. At the bottom of the large bag he had a little stuffed tiger, it had obviously seen better days, he must have been carrying it with him for years. He looked a little embarrassed when I pulled it out, but I told him not to worry, I still had my teddy bear from when I was his age. He smiled and went on unpacking and organizing his room. By the time we were done unpacking I realized that we hadn't eaten yet and it was already almost 5pm. As soon as that thought hit me, my stomach growled and Zeth looked up hearing it. We both laughed hard at how loud the noise was.

"What do ya say we get something to eat?"

"That'd be brilliant! I'm famished, but I didn't even know I was until I heard your stomach."

"Well, what would you like to eat pal?" I asked, figuring he'd want some traditional American food like Pizza, Hot Dogs, Fried Chicken etc.

"A real cheeseburger, with all the toppings." He had an excited gleam in his eye, completely ready to eat the American cuisine he had see on TV for year.

We got back in the Jeep yet again and headed for Dicks on Capitol Hill, the best burger joint in the world. He was surprised with the outdoor aspect of the place, really enjoying the fact that he was able to eat outside, standing up. I had brought him up here because the topic that I'm gay has to come up some time, and I wanted to see what happened when he saw such an eclectic group of people, gay, straight or otherwise. I noticed him looking at all the people but he never said anything. When two boys in their early 20s walked by holding hands he just stared as they walked down the street, and didn't say anything to me.

"So do you like the burgers, Zeth?" I asked after a while.

"They're brilliant, Marc! So much better then we have a home." He was quiet for a few more seconds then added "Can we go back to your house? I have a wee headache."

"Sure thing, are you alright?"

"No worries, but my head is starting to get bad."

"I've got some medicine at home, we'll get you feeling better then relax in front of the TV."

He smiled and we headed home. Zeth was very quiet the whole way home, not looking out the window but laying his head on the armrest with his eyes closed. I made sure I parked away from all the out-door toys so he wouldn't see, not that it mattered he seemed to be in a lot of pain as he got out of the car.

"Why don't you go lay on the couch, I'll grab the aspirin and meet you in there." He didn't say anything to me, just made his way into the living room and plopped on the couch. I heard the TV turn on, and the unmistakable sound of The Disney Channel. Grabbing the aspirin and a glass of water I walked into the living room and found Zeth laying on the couch.

"Here ya go, swallow these two pills. You'll start to feel better soon, I promise" He stood up to take the drugs, tipped his head back and took a swig of the water. As soon as they were swallowed, Zeth wrapped his arms around me, grabbing me in a bear hug.

"Thank you Marc. I can't actually believe I'm actually in the United States, and you have to be the coolest bloke in the world!" My heart melted, I picked him up and held him close, he was hugging my neck and had his legs around my waist. His head was laying on my shoulder and it was like he had never been held before, it was very comfortable for him and he made no move to let go of me, so I just sat on the couch with him. He moved out of the way so he could watch TV, and ended up laying on the couch with his head in my lap. I had one hand over his back holding onto him and my other hand was running through is medium length hair.

The next thing I know it's an hour later, I had fallen asleep and Zeth was snoring, still laying on my thigh. I carefully tried to stand up without waking him, but that didn't work to well. He sat up, very groggy and still looking exhausted. "Want me to carry you upstairs bud?" I asked, knowing he was ready to climb into bed. He didn't say anything to me, just held up his arms for me to pick him up.

When we got to his room, I laid him on one side of the bed so I could pull back the sheets so I could slide him under the covers. That's when I noticed he still had his shoes, and all of his clothes on. He was completely asleep as I pulled off his shoes. Getting a closer look I realized how old his clothes really were. He had holes in his socks, his pants were definitely to short on him, and he looked like his waist was going to rip the button right off his pants. The shirt that had looked to be in good condition was far from it, the ends tattered and frayed. We definitely had to go shopping tomorrow, I need to get this boy some new clothes! My cock started to inflate when I realized I was going to have to strip this beautiful boy for bed. I slid his socks off his feet, wondering at how developed his toes were at his age, he had some of the sexiest feet I have ever seen, the second toe just as long as the big toe, and the rest gradually smaller. They were soft to the touch although he flinched from being tickled.

Unbuttoned his shirt I opened it up as I went down his torso. My cock was beginning to pulse in my jeans as I pulled his shirt opened and looked at the silky smooth skin and his slim waist. Pulling him into a sitting position without waking him up, I pulled off his shirt and laid him back down. One of his arms was above his head, showing me an armpit that was framed between the beginnings of a muscled chest and back. The few hairs he did have in his pits were blond and wavered in the open air of the bedroom.

My cock was making a wet spot in my jeans as I had to wedge my fingers under the waist band in order to undo and unzip his pants. I let out a long slow breath as I spread the flaps open and started to scoot them from under his ass... He was wearing white and blue stripped bikini briefs! They were so HOT on him! His thighs were milky white with not a hair on them, his calves seemed overly muscled for a kid nearly 13 years old, I slid my hands over them, loving the touch of his smooth skin. The underwear seemed to fit well, and I didn't want him to freak out if he woke up naked, so I kept the underwear on. I couldn't go without a peak though. I double checked to make sure he was asleep and I lifted the elastic of his briefs to look inside. His 2 inch soft cock was uncut nestled in a pair of loose hanging balls. He had a very small tuft of light brown hair just forming above his dick, which seemed to grow as soon as the air hit it. I couldn't believe my eyes as the head started to poke out from the foreskin, it's gaping piss slit looking me square in the eye.

All of my restraint went out the window, I bent my head down and sniffed his musky boy scent. I could smell hours worth of sweat between his legs. My mouth was so close to his now hard 4 inch dick I stuck my tongue out and licked it. The taste of his cock skin made my heart stop and my cock throb. I wanted more, oh so much more, but I didn't dare. I put his briefs back down to his skin, making them tent with the boys hard dick pointing straight up.

I picked Zeth up and moved him into the sheets, covered him up and kissed him on the forehead. He was sleeping so soundly he didn't notice a thing. I went back to my room and took off my shirt and jeans, climbing into bed. My cock was aching to be stroked! I had pre-cum streaming down my dick, making it glisten with wetness. I spit on my hand to lube it up and grabbed my pole, pounding it up and down. I was stroking to hard and fast I could soon feel my orgasm rushing into my balls and up my cock. I exploded, the first thick rope of cum hit my chin, dripping down onto my neck, the second, third and fourth hit my chest between my nipples and the last four shots soaked my stomach. I could feel the ripples of my cum swell up my spine for the second time in 24 hours. I looked down and carefully picked up all the cum I could and licked it off my fingers. I was soon finishing all the cum from my body. I rolled over and feel asleep immediately... To be continued.

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