August 16th

I slowly came out of my hibernation this morning, feeling well rested and bright eyed. Noticing the clock said 7:52 and I groaned at how early it was. I lazily rolled out of bed and noticed a layer of dried cum on my chest. Remembering what happened last night, my morning wood quickly came back. I decided to take a quick swim. I slid on a pair of sweatpants and a wife beater and headed down to make some coffee and head into the pool.

Zeth was still lightly snoring in bed as I walked by his room, all twisted in the sheets, a line of drool sliding out of his mouth. The position he was in couldn't be comfortable! He was up on his knees, little butt stuck in the air while he sat on his ankles. His hands were laying flat on the bed pointing directly behind him and he was sleeping on his cheek, with his neck pressed against the bed. I chuckled at the site and decided to let him sleep. He had a long day yesterday, he needs the rest.

With strong coffee and a paper in hand, I was out to the back patio. My attention was nabbed by a story on the front page and I sat down to read, forgetting about my swim. The article wasn't that interesting but I did learn of corporate of scandals, airlines going into bankruptcy, the White Sox are on a winning streak, Fall TV Premiers are coming up in 2 weeks and that this government's administration is a joke. Nothing new, only different words. The weather was beautiful today, my swim will feel wonderful! Having just seen Zeth asleep, I quickly shed my sweatpants and wife beater and dove naked into the pool. The water was wonderful over my skin. I felt alive as I swam my daily 20 laps, not as much of a workout as I would like, but I'm sure Zeth will have me running around most of the day.

As I came to the end of my last lap, I grabbed the end of the pool and pulled myself out of the water. I was standing there dripping wet and naked when I noticed Zeth sitting in my chair on the patio. He still looked sleepy eyed, his hair was all disheveled, and he had my cup of coffee in his hands. I was startled into silence when I saw him. He took a sip of coffee and said. "Mornin'"

"Hey sport, how'd ya sleep?"

He shrugged and nodded at the same time. "You're naked." He took another sip of my coffee.

"Yes sir, I sure am. I am always naked when I swim. I don't think I even own a pair of swim trunks." It was then I was actually able to move. I went to the linen hamper by the pool, pulled out a large towel and wrapped myself in it. I sat on a chair opposite Zeth and just marveled at his beautiful young body.

"I don't know how to swim." Zeth seemed like he still wasn't 100% awake. Everything he said was very matter-of-factly, with no emotion to it.

"Don't worry about that, I'll teach you how swim! Then you can join me in the morning for my exercise."

All of a sudden his eyes lit up and he realized yet another joy of being here, he'd finally learn how to swim. "You can teach me? Is the water cold? Can we swim during the winter? Is the water deep? Can I swim naked too?" He rattled off the questions like he was a machine gun. I had never seen someone go from near comatose to hyper-energetic so quickly!

"HAHAHA" I laughed, "Yes, No, Yes, Yes, and only if you are comfortable. Yes, I can teach you. I`m sure it`ll be easy for you. No, the water isn't cold. I have it heated when to a constant temperature. Which means the next answer is yes also. Yes, the water is deep, but with me teaching you, there is nothing to worry about. And lastly, I swim naked all the time, so if you are comfortable being around me naked, yes you can swim naked here too, but ONLY here at the house. If you swim somewhere else, like at school, you have to wear swim trunks."

"Brilliant!" he exclaimed, going into silence once more as he finished my coffee. Zeth seemed to zone out again, but I had the feeling he was staring at my body. "I was watching you swim for a long time. Your bum is very tan and looks funny floating out of the water when you swim."

"You watched me for that long?"

"Aye, I heard you dive in and came right down. You were swimming back and forth so fast. I really want to learn how to do that." He finally raised his gaze off my torso and looked me in the eyes. "When can I learn? Can you teach me today?"

Chuckling a little I said, "It will take a while to learn, but if you want to start today, we can." He yipped with joy, quickly stood up and pulled off his briefs. The boy was standing completely naked in front of me now! His little boy cock started to get hard as soon as his underwear was off but I don't think he even noticed it. Looking at him standing there, my eyes were transfixed on his great little body, I wanted to touch and lick it all over. My cock was starting to stiffen under the towel when he yanked my attention back to the present.

"Well? How do I start Marc?" He stuck on hip to the side and put his hands on them, he looked odd standing there naked like that, with his prick now completely hard.

"Ok, lets get in the shallow end first, where you can stand up." I was still only half hard as I took the towel off, heading toward the water. I swear I heard him say `wow' when he saw my half inflated dick, but wasn't about to question him on it.

In the water, I got him used to the beginning processes of swimming. He was a quick learner so before long I had him treading water, doggy paddling and floating around. I even took him into the deep end at one point to get him used to not being able to touch the bottom. He was a confident kid, and loved the water. He was going to be a natural.

With us both being naked and touching so much my cock stayed hard the entire time we were in the pool, and from what I could see... his did too. I began to wonder if he was jacking off yet, having orgasms, or if he was even able to cum. "Marc, I'm hungry." I was instantly snapped out of my thoughts as my stomach rumbled. "Common, lets go inside. My skin looks like a raisin, like when I take a to long bath." He grabbed my arm and started pulling me towards the stairs. I was half out of the water by the time I realized he was going to see my very hard cock. I know that he's probably going to see it sometime anyway, and if I'm comfortable with it then maybe it'll make him more comfortable so I'll have him walking around naked as well.

With that decided, I stepped the rest of the way out of the pool, my cock pointing the way towards the house. Now it was Zeth's turn to stop, awe struck staring at my large uncut cock. "Bloody hell" he whispered under his breath. "Um, Marc?"


"Your willy is gigantic! Why does that happen?" He asked, not taking his eyes off my engorged member.

"Well, when you grow up, your dick starts to grow. It's part of going through puberty, and I've noticed you're starting puberty, so pretty soon your dick will get bigger."

"But why does it get hard like that? Mine does sometimes, usually whenever I am naked."

"Have you ever taken a sex education class?"

"No sir, you mean there is a class that teaches how to have, um, sex?"

"Ha ha, no, the class teaches you how babies are made, and all about the different parts of girls and boys bodies." He looked at me dumbfounded so I proceeded to explain the birds and the bees. With all the technicalities of the discussion, my cock deflated and I continued onto the kitchen, making us some breakfast and sitting down to eat. Zeth was a fountain of questions, he wanted to know everything. I tried to answer the questions as honestly as I could, not wanting to coddle him.

When he seemed to be out of questions I figured it was time for a change of subject. I wanted this information to sink in and give him time to digest it all. "SO, I have a few surprises for you today, we still have a lot of things to do, why don't you go get a shower and find some comfortable clothes and we'll head out."

I followed his bouncy bubble butt up the stairs and gazed longingly at him as he slipped into his bathroom and started his shower. I quickly went to mine, and after shooting a few hot jets of cum on the shower wall, I got dressed and met Zeth downstairs. He seemed to be exploring the house some more, enjoying how much space we had to live in.

"Okay Zeth, here's the plan. We're really going to need to get you some new clothes. And that's first on the list. Then we'll come back here and decide what to do from there. I have some idea on what I want to do with you the next few days, but I'll let you pick out what we're doing each day."

"I'm getting new clothes?"

"You sure are, if that's alright with you. When I was getting you ready for bed last night I noticed your pants were a little small, and your shirt has seen some better days. You didn't bring much with you, so we really need to get some clothes for all the crazy weather we have here."

"I've never had new clothes, we always went to the good-will store to get my clothes. Dad said we didn't have enough money for new clothes." He seemed a little embarrassed, uncomfortable that he had finally come clean about being from a poor family.

"Well today that ends. We're going to spend the rest of the morning shopping, and you're going to be the best dressed kid in the country. I promise you that!" I was herding him to the door to get our day started. By the time we got in the car it was 9:25 and I was ready to get the day started.

I hadn't really found out much about Zeth's home life, so I figured now would be a good time to find out. "You're dad works in a factory right, does he like it there?"

"Not sure, he comes home every night, sits in front of the telly, gets pissed on ale, then wars on about being passed up for a promotion a few years ago." He was very matter of fact when telling me his father was an alcoholic. "He's alright, but got a wicked temper so I usually stay away from him at night."

"What about your mom, what does she think?"

He was quiet for a long time, looking down at the floor. Then "Ma, she died about 5 years ago while having my brother. He died too the same day. That's when Da started getting pissed every night."

I was shocked! All the information I had gotten on Zeth had only mentioned his father, nothing even started to hint about his mother being dead! I knew the right words had to be said here, and I'm sorry didn't seem right after five years. I reached over and put him hand on his head, rubbing the back of his hair and resting my hand on his shoulder. "If you ever need to talk about it, I'm here for you. Okay bud? I'm sorry I didn't know before this."

He grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight looking at me. I could feel us getting closer emotionally. I now knew I would never let anything bad happen to him. He held my hand in silence the rest of the way to the mall. The poor kid hadn't had anyone to comfort him in five years, from the sounds of it. I knew he needed to hear and feel that he was loved so I kept my hand right where it was, squeezing it a little when I had to use both hands to steer into a parking spot.

"So, what store do you want to start in?" I asked as we walked into the mall. I didn't know what style he liked to wear, and the ill fitting blue utility pants with a very baggy t-shirt just were not giving me any clues.

"I'm not sure, I've never really been clothes shopping before." He was looking wide eyed at the size of the mall and all the choices we had inside.

"Then lets take a quick walk through, we'll look at all the stores and decide what to get once we get back to the beginning again." We took a right and passed all my favorite stores. A&F, AE, Hollister, Gap, Banana Republic, and Express for Men. He really got into abercrombie (A&F for kids), and PacSun. He really liked the sk8r boy, jock look... and he looked good in it. We went to about 10 stores in total, with most of my money going to those two. After 2 trips back to the Jeep to drop bags off we went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. He had never seen gourmet pizza before and fell in love with the BBQ Chicken. I had my usual Thai Chicken which he tried as well. And boy did he not like it at all.

Finally after 4 hours of shopping we had his new wardrobe set. 4 pair of shorts, 5 pair of jeans (which he couldn't believe he was actually going to be able to have denim jeans!), 8 short sleeved shirts, 10 long sleeved shirts, 2 jackets, and 4 pair of shoes. When we had gotten to the underwear topic, he had asked what kind I wear. I told him the truth, nothing, and he decided he was going to me just like me and go commando. I agreed but secretly put a few pair of briefs, and boxers in a bag. I knew that when I was his age I was getting hard 5 times every 10 minutes and needed something to hold it in and hide it.

There was one more place we needed to stop. "We have to make one more stop before we go home pal, there are a few things I couldn't get you the other day because I didn't know your size."

"Where we going? I don't think I need more clothes do I?"

"No, these aren't clothes per say, but something you still need if we're going to do some things the rest of the week." I refused to tell him anymore as we went to Sports Authority to get him some safety equipment.

When we walked in the store, Zeth made a beeline directly for the skateboards. "Like those?" I asked, hoping the one I got him would suit him well.

"They're a of fun, a friend of mine had one in my neighborhood. We used to play on it loads, I got pretty good at it! I can do olly and grind! I just wish I could ride a rail, that'd be brilliant!"

"That's a lot more than I can do. Last time I tried to get on one of those I fell on my ass and was sore for weeks! Common, lets get the stuff we need and get home."

He reluctantly tore himself away from the skateboards and followed me to the helmets and pads. I started getting him outfitted with elbow pads, knee pads, wrist pads and a good helmet when he finally asked what they were all for.

"Well, I got you a pair of roller blades sitting at home. This is so you don't get hurt when you and I go blading together."

"Really?" I shook my head "Marc, you're the best! I can't believe how much you've given me!" he then wrapped his arms around me for another loving bear hug. We finished picking out all the equipment and headed for home. It was finally time to show him the rest of the toys I got him.

When we were coming down the street, I opened the garage door, but instead of pulling into my regular spot, I kept the Jeep out in the driveway, leaving a perfect view of Zeth's new toys. He started looking around as soon as we got into the driveway, wondering why I wasn't pulling in all the way. "Your blades are right over there, with a few more things I thought you'd enjoy."

"Bloody hell!" he said, jumping out and running into the garage. He was jumping up and down with excitement, running around in circles not knowing what to play with first. Then he saw the skateboard. "This is all for me?"

"Sure it is, I'm going to make sure we have fun while you're here."

"Wow, Marc, this is the best skateboard ever made! This is the one that Tony Hawk uses in the X-games! It's brilliant!" He was holding the board like it was made of crystal and about to break.

"Well don't just stare at it, put on your new gear and go ride! I'm going to take all the clothes into the house and get all the laundry started. I'll be back out in a few minutes." He ran back to the Jeep, threw open the door and quickly got all of his new equipment on in record time. He was on the skateboard rolling down the street before I even had half of the clothes bags in my hands.

I was inside for about 45 minutes. I got the first two loads of laundry started, and got changed for some out-door activities, and went outside to call Zeth back so he could get changed.

"We have a few options for the rest of the day. We could go to Snoqualmie Falls and hike down the waterfalls, which will take the rest of the day. Or we could get on our bikes and ride up to Volunteer Park, or take one of the bike trails around here. Or we could go to the Seattle Center, where all the museums are. Or we could go down to Pikes Market, walk around there and check out BellTown. There's also a lot of good hiking and bike trails out on Mt. Rainer, but I think that'd take a whole day. We can do all of that stuff over the next few days, since we still have two weeks before school starts."

"Lets just take a bike ride around here today, on these paths. I really want to ride my board some more today too. We can do the other stuff later this week."

"Then you better go get changed. Those clothes you're don't fit you well enough to be on a bike all day."

I led him into the house and up the stairs into his bedroom. I had put all his clothes in the laundry except what I thought he'd need today. "I know you want to be like me and go without underwear all the time, but I definitely put some on before I exercise, and I'd suggest you do it too!"

"Ok, but I didn't get any at the mall." He looked at his feet, sad he didn't take my advice.

"Don't worry about that. I got you some, I knew you'd need some at one point or another." I pulled a pair of briefs out from under the shorts and held the up for him. "Common, lets get you dressed so we can get out of the house."

"Why do we have to wear underwear when we exercise and other times?" I was helping him out of his clothes when he asked. His arms lifted above his head, and my cock started to jump as I saw the soft skin around his nipples and underarms, with just those few light hairs in them. He was just standing there, obviously willing to have me totally undress him. I unbuttoned his pants and slowly slid them over his thin young thighs, releasing his soft boy dick.

"Well, when we go out on our bikes or when we're running or blading or doing any exercise, our balls..." with that I lightly grabbed his two tight hairless nuts in my fingers and rubbed them a little, eliciting a small groan from him. "become very loose and start flopping around, hitting the side of our leg, or the seat of the bike. That really hurts after all the exercise we get, so instead we wear underwear to keep it all snug in there." Then I cupped my hand over his cock and balls, holding them tight to show him with my hand what the underwear would do. I was in heaven, holding this kids pre-teen package, which was becoming very hard very quickly.

Zeth blushed, "Sorry" he said looking down at the ground, embarrassed about getting a hard-on in front of me.

"About this?" I asked, playfully pulling his dick down so it would bounce back up and hit him in the stomach. "Don't worry about it bud, it happens all the time. Mine is like that right now too. It's completely natural." I got his underwear and held them open so he could step in. "Lets get going, it`s a beautiful day and I`m ready to get on my bike."

Getting him dressed went quickly and we were outside riding down the street on our bikes in a matter of minutes. The ride was beautiful, it was an easy trail around here, not to many hills for us to climb, but we had still taken it easy. We went about 20 miles in the three and a half our ride, and turned back onto our street as the sun was setting behind the Olympia Mountains to the west. We had stopped at a little strip mall not to far from my house for a Snickers bar and bottle of water on the way back, and there was a Blockbuster there so we picked up a movie. The workout and left both of our stomachs rumbling for some dinner.

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