Show Off Boys Road Trip

Exhibitionist Boy 3

(bb) This is a work of fiction. It is not based on actual events. Nothing here ever happened - not even close. This story contains sexual scenes involving one man over nineteen and two boys of thirteen or younger. You have been warned! Please support the Nifty Archive if you can. Comments to

As both boys, now more or less dressed, and I headed back to the library, I suggested we go to my apartment for a shower before heading to the Pines to meet Brent's dad. I figured that if I was going to be hanging around with young teen boys, I would need to have approval of some parental unit at some point, and it might as well be sooner rather than later. However, I doubted the meeting would go well if I was caught by any parent with two barely teenage boys with all of us smelling like used cum rags.

Rat had neglected to put either his boxers or his shirt back on, no doubt inspired by Brent's commando style. As I walked along behind the two boys again, I was able to perv not only Brent's perfect tanned bubble ass, with his white cargo shorts held on by wishful thinking as much as anything, but on Rat's paler, skinnier one. Rat was also showing a bit more skin than Brent did, thanks to the fact his back pocket was missing.

I told you, did I not? All skater boys are exhibitionists. Both boys were walking a little gingerly, Brent having been fucked twice recently, and Rat just having his cherry taken. Still, they kept looking over and grinning at each other, whispering and giggling. Every once in a while they'd both look back over their shoulders, as if to make sure I was still following. I had evidently become the designated packhorse and was loaded down with three shirts, two skateboards, and one pair of boxers. It was a role I was happy to play.

Each time they looked back, they would smile at me before they turned around and started whispering again. We passed an older couple out walking, who just looked at the two young studs carrying on and smiled. "Such a good older brother," I heard the woman tell the man. "But what those boys are wearing!" "You mean what they aren't wearing," he answered her. Brent and Rat heard that also, and the three of us started laughing and calling each other "bro" as we walked. I was incredibly happy, being with these two young studs. At the same time, I was cursing myself for wasted years of opportunity. I was not that much older than the boys were - - and it seemed that all I had needed to do not to be alone was just reach out and touch someone. Well, maybe reach out and rip their underwear off in the library.

There were a lot more skaters around the half-pipe when we passed it on the way to my car. One of them looked over at Rat and Brent and made a face. I thought I heard the word 'queers,' and started to turn back when another of the boys punched him in the arm and told him to stop being so jealous. He blushed like crazy, so I figured he was just acting out; blushing like that gave him away to all his friends.

"He's an asshat," Rat said. He hooked his thumbs into his waistband and shoved the back of his plaid shorts down, licked his thumb and pressed it against his butt before blowing the asshat a kiss and pulling them up again. The boy turned and stalked off angrily, but no one else seemed to be concerned. One of his friends followed and put a hand on his arm, but we did not stick around to watch the drama. "He wants it, but he won't admit it. It's no big deal," Rat concluded.

There is a lot of talk from some people about how kids cannot know if they are gay or not; and to tell the truth, I did not know if these two were. However, they were laughing and carrying on as all kids do, when they are with friends and having a good day. More than that, they were happy, and they made me feel like I belonged there with them - - as if I belonged to them. I thought to myself that the boys were happier with just being themselves than most people my age were.

"Aw, shit," I said as we came up on the parking lot. "I forgot my jacket is still in the Library," I told the two boys. "It's got my keys in it." "I'll get it," Rat yelled, whipping around. "Where is it at?" The sight of the pale, almost pure white V of his lower abdomen, almost meeting in front before disappearing into his pants, had my mouth open. I was drooling, again, and unable to answer.

"No, I will," Brent told me, stepping in front of the younger boy. "Anyway, I saw you put it down."

Rat stepped on the heels of Brent's shoes and tried to get in front again, both boys grinning as they grappled together in the library parking lot. I have to admit, I was enjoying the show. The kids lost their shoes and were only barely keeping dressed in sagging short pants. The mock battle ended abruptly when Brent got his hands in the hole where Rat's pocket used to be, and tugged down, hard.

Rat grabbed the belt loops to try to keep them up. The worn plaid material struggled bravely for a moment, but ultimately gave way with a ripping sound, separating from the waistband as Brent brought them down to the younger boy's ankles and danced backwards. Rat lunged at him, but missed, and ended up laughing on the ground, naked except for the ragged plaid wrapped around his feet. His slim, pale boy cock was straight up again, and he did not attempt to hide it.

"Be right back," Brent sang out, running off to the library, clad in nothing but the white cargoes that were staying on, I was certain, because they were in love with his fit young body as much as I was. I was sure the librarian was going to give him hell. I was just as sure either he would charm his way out of it, or her attempts at discipline would just roll off like water on a duck's back.

After all, if you are going to show off and even have sex in a public place, a little thing like complaints is hardly going to act as a deterrent.

Rat sat back against the side of the car, legs splayed out to the sides, the remains of his shorts draped over his knees. Without a sign of embarrassment, he began flipping his young boner back and forth, as he looked up at me, grinning.

"Like what you see?" He asked me.

"What do you think?" I replied.

"I dunno." He lifted his sac and pointed to his reddened boy hole, still dribbling some of the fluids I had infused him with earlier. "I know you liked this." He took his cocklet in a reverse grip and stroked it a time or two. A car drove by, and the boy on the passenger side leaned out the window to stare, eyes wide. He gave Rat two thumbs up as the car pulled out into traffic. Rat grinned and stroked harder. "So, do you like?" He asked.

"How could I not?" I asked him in return.

"My butt's sore," he said, still wanking, changing the subject the way only boys can. He did not sound upset though. Actually, he giggled. "Part of me still feels like you're in there. It's weird."

"Part of me still wishes I were in there," I told him honestly.

"Yah, maybe later," He replied, "I think I like sticking it in better ..." He got a strange look on his face. "Here comes Brent. He's naked."

"What?" I turned around to see a brown, tanned, lithe body heading my way at a run, no shorts, no shoes, and no shame. My windbreaker and his shorts clutched in one hand, my keys jangled in the other. That was not the only thing jangling as he ran, either. He was more than half-erect again, his pale cocklet swaying in front of him as if it was scenting the air. On the steps of the library, a little old woman, her blue rinsed hair in a tight bun, shook one of his shoes at his retreating back. A group of kids on the lawn was clapping and catcalling. A few adults milling around looked mostly bemused I knew how they felt but I did notice most of their stares seemed to be admiring.

"What...?" I asked again as he came to a stop in front of me.

He started hopping on the hot blacktop.

"I'll tell you in the car," he said. "Which key is it?" (Remember, I still had my arms full. This is probably why Rat and I were just talking.)

I told him, and he opened the trunk, shoving both my load and his in beside the spare. Brent was still doing little hotfoot hops; he opened the driver's door and dove across to the passenger side.

"No fair," Rat complained.

"Can we both sit in front?" Brent wanted to know. "Please?"

I was not going to miss the chance to ride with two naked boys with boners sitting beside me. Well, I would rather have them lying beside me, or doing other things, but I would take what I could get.

"Scoot in," I told Rat. It was a tight fit; Rat and Brent squashed up together from knee to shoulder. Rat ignored his own boner to tug and pull at Brent's hard on, squeezing softly as he ran his hand up and down the older boy's shaft. Brent smiled happily and reached to reciprocate, but there was not enough room.

"Hey," he asked the younger boy. "Want to sit on my lap?"

Rat grinned and lifted his ass from the car seat. Brent slid under him, and as Rat sat back against him, I saw him angling his slender young cock upward Rat looked shocked at first, as the head of Brent's cock nudged against his puffy red opening, but grinned as he continued sitting back, and then began rocking back and forth.

We nearly went off the road several times, as the moans and site of two young boys fucking kept drawing my attention. Finally, I had to pull off on a side road and just watch. Brent was thrusting up as much as he could, but Rat was the one who was really in control. He actually was not only rocking on the other boy, but also grinding his ass down against the older boy's pubes, clenching and unclenching his ass cheeks to clamp down on Brent's dick. Meanwhile, both boys had their hands wrapped around Rat's boy boner. Rat had his head thrown back against Brent's shoulder, sweating, his teeth bared, but not in pain. Both boys were gasping for breath and panting, making little moaning sounds as they did their best to make their two separate bodies into one.

Rat came first, clutching Brent's hands to keep them from moving, and bore down for all he was worth onto the older boy's cock in his ass. His first shot hit the dash, but then he just dribbled, though his cocklet pulsed and throbbed quite a few times.

Brent for his part threw his arms around Rat's stomach and thrust up hard, lifting both of them off the seat for a long moment before slumping back against the headrest.

"I don't think I can get out," he said quietly after a minute.

"Just stay," Rat told him. "I like how full I feel with you in there."

"You'll be able to come out as soon as you relax a bit," I told Brent, hoping it was true. I imagined it would be awkward trying to explain to his father how he'd come to be so attached to Rat in my car. "Think about something else. What happened at the library?"

"Yea!" Rat challenged him. "Why were you running?"

"That's not going to get me relaxed," Brent muttered. Then he went on with the story, grinning.

"When I went into the library, there was nobody at the desk, so I just went right on in," he told us. "I knew where your jacket was, so I went to get it, but it wasn't there. So I started looking around the library, and that guy Sam had it. He said he was getting ready to turn it in at the desk. Anyway, I said I was with you and I would take you the jacket, so he gave it to me. We started to walk back to the door together, but I accidentally stepped on his shoes. He stepped on mine back, just playing like, but I lost one and tripped, and when I did, I lost the other one. Sam helped me back up, but my shorts were loose, and they slid down. Sam was staring at me like before, and I started to get hard."

"So you and Sam did it again?"

"No, damn it!" Brent sighed. "That's when the old lady found us; she snuck up on us with one of those carts full of books. I thought she was going to have a heart attack. She started yelling and turning colors, then she started throwing books at me!" He grinned, "I had to run for it. Sam tossed me your jacket and keys, and it was easier to take my shorts off than it was to put them on again."

Rat and I both burst out laughing. Brent made a small movement, then said, "See? I'm not relaxed at all!"

"Yea, I can tell," Rat told him, "Me, either." I watched incredulously as Rat's slim young boy cock twitched and started to rise once again. I was seriously amazed at how quickly these two boys could get ready to go again. And they did go again. I started to wonder if we would ever make it to my place, let alone meet up with Brent's dad at The Pines.

Afterword: This story was inspired by "Big Bro Helps Out", "Jimmy Shows Off", "Jeffie Shows Off" and all the "Show-Off Boy/Boy Loses His Clothes" stories in the Adult-Youth archive on Nifty. Please read them, and let the author(s) know you want more! (And no, I didn't write any of those.)