Shower Time

Exhibitionist Boy 4

(Mbb) This is a work of fiction. It is not based on actual events. Nothing here ever happened - not even close. This story contains sexual scenes involving at least one man over nineteen and two boys of thirteen or younger. You have been warned! Please support the Nifty Archive if you can. Comments to

We finally arrived at my small apartment. Brent still buried in Paul's - - Rat's - - ass; but he was not stuck any longer. Rat just wanted him there, and Brent was happy enough that way. I know I would have been. Rat was turning into quite the bottom boy! I wondered about his statement earlier about liking to stick it in better. It that were true, then Brent and I had a budding young sex fiend on our hands.

Neither of us was likely to complain about that. In our world, young sex fiends were a good thing to have.

We had almost wrecked only once more, because the boys were too tired to keep up their previous level of activity. That let me concentrate on driving just a bit more, though I still kept looking over at the two contented pieces of eye candy beside me. There had almost been a couple of wrecks, though; as drivers of a delivery van and a semi had both come up beside us, and almost lost control as they realized that one naked boy was sitting on another ones lap, being casually jerked off by his friend.

Both drivers had looked sad as they exited the highway before we did. The semi driver blew us a long farewell on his rig's air horn. Both young show-off boys were grinning like Cheshire cats the entire time. My cock was straining so hard that I thought my pants would surely explode from the pressure. I wanted in on the action, big time, and lead-footed the gas pedal for the rest of the trip.

Once at the apartment, though, there was another small problem. Not only was Brent still in Rat, but both boys were naked, and Brent's much-abused clothes were in the trunk. I could get the clothes, but the only way they could get dressed - - much less disengaged - - was to get out of the car in the nude. I should not have been surprised, but still was when the boys simply opened the door in front of old Mr. Lafferty, the property owner, who was watering his day lilies, and slid out, before Rat slowly slid off Brent. Mr. Lafferty's mouth opened and his cigar hit the ground. He never noticed, as his eyes stayed on the two boys, and the white fluid slowly snaking its way down Rat's skinny, long legs.

Neither boy showed the least bit of concern - - in fact they were both grinning again - - but I turned a painful shade of red as the old man finally looked in my direction with a smirk as I hauled clothing out of the trunk.

"Just got back from The Pines, eh?" He said, rubbing himself through his Bermuda shorts. "It always puts the lead back in my pencil when I get a chance to go there!" He looked back at the house, and then lowered his voice. "Can't tell the wife that, though. Better get those boys inside quick." He winked.

I could not believe it. Though fit enough for his age - - he must have been near 40 - - he was saying he not only knew what the boys had been doing, but that he approved! He made The Pines sound like a red light district! This, actually, was good news as far as I was concerned. The vision of a camp full of Brents and Rats briefly blinded me. However, I could not picture Mr. Lafferty naked with boys, with his wife being as religious as I knew she was.

Actually, that is not true, I could picture it: The older man, still fit, surrounded by eager, willing young boys. Gray brindle bristles contrasting with smooth, hairless cherub faces, a man's dick inside a boy's ass, and a mature, sated, expression versus a blissful cat-like, self-satisfied smirk. Believe me; I knew why he could not tell her!

"Actually, Rat and I haven't been yet," I mumbled, shepherding the boys toward my door. Brent gave the man a huge smile and stroked his boy cock a couple of times while I fumbled with the keys. Rat just watched the both of them. Neither boy made any move to hide or cover.

"You need to go there soon. You'll like it," Mr. Lafferty waved as the door closed behind us.

No sooner had the door closed than Rat had a hold on my boner through my jeans, causing me to squawk in an undignified way.

"Look what I found!" He sang out. "You should see the look on your face," he smiled up at me.

"I can't see what you found, because you're hogging it," Brent complained, moving up behind me and reaching around to unfasten my jeans.

Rat pouted, but let go of my straining shaft long enough to undo my fly. Once he did, my pants hit my ankles and my cock nearly hit him in the eye as it sprang up and slapped me in the stomach. Beads of pre-cum struck him in the face.

"Wow," he said, his eyes round. "You stuck THAT up my ass?" I was not that big, but I guess I was a bit bigger than Brent was. I should have been as I was 7 years older.

"Mm-hmm," Brent answered him. He still had his hands around my waist, and now rested his head on my hip as he played with my sac with one hand, and encircled my shaft with the other. "He stuck THIS up both of us."

I groaned as he expertly stroked me, the dreamy expression back on his face. He stuck out his tongue and took a long lick up the side of my cock. Somehow, he had moved to his knees in front of me without my realizing it, and at the top of his lick, went so far down on my cock that his nose hit my pubes. I expected him to gag, but Brent was an expert: his throat and tongue massaged my shaft all along its length. I reached for his head by reflex, but he was ready for that too, his hands catching mine while he continued to give me head.

I jumped as I felt other hands knead my back, just above my ass, then work their way down. Oh, shit! I had totally forgotten about Rat. He had not forgotten the lessons he had learned with Brent earlier, however. The 12-year-old's small hands worked their way lower, massaging and spreading my ass cheeks.

"You need to be lower," he whined. Well, I was taller, after all. Brent, eager to help his new sex friend, promptly stopped his tonsil massage. I whined in my turn, but he stood and drew me with him over to the couch. Rat followed, his hands still attached to my ass as if by magic.

At the couch, Brent sat down at the very edge, hooked his hand under his knees, and then rolled up onto his shoulders, his knees hitting the dark ends of his long, white-blond hair. His slim little boy cock and balls pointed toward his chest, and his hole winked at me. From this vantage point, I could see right up inside the sexy 13-year-old.

"Pool's open," He said with a cheeky grin, "Dive in!"

He did not have to tell me twice, drawn forward by the need to bury my spit-slickened cock inside the warm boy pussy in front of me, I leant over and took careful aim. At the same time, I remembered his earlier admonishment not to go in too fast. If I were going to be the kind of boylover that I wanted to be, I would have to learn not to plow the field too roughly, or too quickly: I wanted this to last.

Rat came up beside me and put one arm around my waist. As wide open as Brent's sweet bottom hole was, my shaft was still wider and thicker. Together, the three of us watched as the head of my cock slowly pushed into his anus, spreading the sphincter. It was agony not to ram past the tight ring of muscle, but the feeling of his opening grasping at my glans as it slowly penetrated him was exquisite.

Brent sighed as I finally sank all the way into him, and then just as slowly, I began withdrawing. I pulled out until his sphincter was just at the base of the cock head, and then eased in. Brent clamped down tight and gave me a little devil smile. I grinned right back at him, and continued my slow assault. He began rotating his hips a bit. This little boy felt incredible! I had never even considered slow fucking before, and my cock kept sending signals to my brain to hurry up and pound away, but the things Brent was doing would have been lost.

A sudden shock of cold at my asshole overcame my reserve, though. Rat had padded into the kitchen and brought back a cup of ice, and had run a piece down my crack. He giggled as I shouted and punched forward into Brent to get away from the wet and cold. Brent grunted, but reached out and grabbed my hips to keep me in him, then began gyrating again.

"I saw this online," Rat told us, bringing his cup of ice up to Brent. Brent grinned. I wondered if there was anything this boy was not willing to do. Fucking him was nothing like fucking Rat. Brent knew what he wanted, and was evidently used to getting it, also. Rat was still learning.

The ice that had left a trail of gooseflesh on my ass, Rat brought over Brent's nipples. Cold drops of melted ice from the heat of his hand dripped down on Brent's erect young nipples, causing them to harden even more. Rat, apparently following the actions that he had seen on the Internet, then cupped the ice in his hand and started rubbing it over Brent's tummy as he leaned forward and sucked and nibbled on the older boy's nipples. The effect on Brent, and my cock inside him, was amazing, as he writhed and his stomach muscles rippled with gooseflesh. It felt like those motions transferred directly to my cock!

I rolled Brent up and pressed into him as hard as I could, and trapped Rat and the melting ice with Brent's thighs. Rat squeaked, but kept nipping on the nipple in his mouth as my warm cum once again flooded inside the 13-year-old skater boy. Brent, his cock untouched, had his own trembling orgasm. Not surprisingly, he did not shoot this time, except for a small amount of thin, almost clear fluid. Even young people could not have sex all day long, it seemed, without needing to recharge.

I pulled out of Brent and rolled beside him to lay back on the couch with a contented sigh. Brent released Rat from his thigh trap and slid down onto the carpet, his arms splayed out and his head throw back on the cushions.

Rat, the only one of us still sporting an erection, lay down on his side on the couch, his head on my lap. One of his hands idly played with his toys as the other gently combed through Brent's long, sweat-dampened locks.

"Mmmm," Brent purred. "Keep doing that." Rat smiled and kept on.

Not for the first time that day, I wished I had a camera to hand, and made a note to myself to get one.

I looked towards the curtains, and could tell it was getting darker outside, though it was still hours until true dark.

"Ok," I announced, "time for that shower."

I got up and hauled the limp Brent to his feet. He took a sniff at his pits and made a face.

"About time," he said. "God, I reek!"

Both boys trooped after me as I led the way to my shower, stopping only to dump all our clothes into the washer. I put it on cold so it would not steal any of the hot water. Mr. Lafferty was a good landlord; the cold water for the washer wouldn't affect the shower much.

Rat was still playing with his boner, seemingly in no hurry to cum again. I recalled he had been doing the same thing at the park, even before his real-life sex-capades began. His little boy cock must have been by far his favorite toy.

The shower was not big, but there was room for all three of us as long as no one breathed too deeply. The showerhead was on a 6-foot hose, so it was easy enough for us to share. Rat was in between us, with Brent directing a pulsing stream of warm water over the younger boy, while I worked the shower gel into lather.

Beginning at Rat's shoulders, I massaged the lean, hard body, working the gel into his skin. His eyes were half lidded, his head tilted back as my hands found their way to his collarbone, then his chest, circling the brown areolas before sliding down to his bony hips, then inward along his 4-pack to meet just below his sternum. Brent followed along with the shower hose, rinsing away sweat, cum, and gel with the warm spray. Turning Rat gently around, I repeated the procedure on his back, kneading his shoulders and along the ridge of his spine. The young boy sighed and arched his back in pleasure.

This had the effect of thrusting his still-erect boyhood against Brent, who took it as an invitation. Abandoning his self-appointed duties as shower director, he knelt down and quickly engulfed the younger boy's dick and tight ball sac. I could see Brent's jaw and throat working. He let first one small nut, then the other slip out from his lips. Rat lay back weakly against me, eyes closed and fluttering, as Brent worked his cock over expertly.

I knelt behind him, hands on his hips to support him. The three of us made sort of a human triangle, now. While Brent continues sucking, I brought my face close to the V at the top of Rat's ass. I inhaled deeply, breathing in the mingled scents of sex, soap, and sweat, and a musty odor of pure boy. Shifting my grip to Rat's hard young ass cheeks, I spread them and probed at his rosy hole with my tongue. He groaned, and took hold of Brent's head, fucking the older boy's mouth as I tongued him.

If the boy had not been fucked so often, I doubt my tongue could have fought its way into him. As it was, I could taste Brent's cum mixed in with other flavors from deep inside the boy. This had to be the most awesome day ever!

I stood and replaced my tongue with my cock head. Rat looked back at me and grinned, not missing a beat in face-fucking Brent, who was now playing with Rat's small balls as he bobbed his head up and down.

"What, again?" he mock complained.

"Yep," I answered him, "It's your fault for being so damned sexy!"

He smiled at that. I met him moving forward on his backstroke, and sank into him easily. He was still incredibly tight, even though Brent had done a wonderful job of opening him up. He did not know the ass tricks that Brent did, but I figured he would learn those soon enough. For now, I let his humping control the pace and enjoyed the feeling, enveloped in his welcoming warmth.

When he came, he pulled his cocklet out of Brent's mouth and shot his cum onto his face and chest. Brent rubbed it in as if it was massage oil. Like before, Rat was ready to collapse from coming, and I guided the both of us to the floor of the tub shower.

I had intended slow fucking the boy as I had with Brent earlier, but Rat had other ideas. "Faster," he told me, "and harder!"

Aiming to please, I picked up the pace as much as the slippery shower floor allowed, turning us both onto our sides and wrapping my arms tightly across his taut stomach. Let me tell you, sliding around a wet shower tub floor while fucking certainly added an element to the experience. Brent has to jump out with the shower hose to keep from being knocked off his feet as we slid around with each thrust. Rat proved he was a true bottom boy by cackling and keeping up his stream of pleas to fuck him harder.

I did my best, but it was a while before I was able to cum inside the little skater boy.

Looking over the three of us, cum-covered once again, it seemed that being in the shower was doing little toward actually making us clean. The sky was a deep indigo outside the window. I wondered what Brent's father would say - - not to mention Rat's mom and step-dad - - to an overnight stay with some new friends.

Because at this rate, none of us would ever come clean.

Afterword: This story is inspired by "Big Bro Helps Out", "Jimmy Shows Off", "Jeffie Shows Off" and all the "Show-Off Boy/Boy Loses His Clothes" stories in the Adult-Youth archive on Nifty. Please read them, and let the author(s) know you want more!