Skater Boys Show Off

Exhibitionist Boy 2

(M/bb) This is a work of fiction. It is not based on actual events. Nothing here ever happened ? not even close. This story contains sexual scenes involving one man over nineteen and two boys of thirteen or younger. You have been warned! Please support the Nifty Archive if you can. Comments to

I am convinced all skater boys are exhibitionists. I mean, first, they all want people to watch them and admire their skills. Then there is the hygiene. Think about it for a moment, and you will realize that while some of them may look rough, and more devils than the innocent angels all parents want their children to be, they are usually clean (at least before they're skating) and dressed to impress each other, even if not outsiders.

The most important factor is the clothes. They seem to show up wearing a lot of them, but they waste no time in losing most of them, showing off their slim young chests with full, ripe, mouth-watering nipples and their sagging cargo shorts showing off their boxers -- or as in Brent's case, the utter lack thereof. Brent was going to take me closer to these show offs than I would ever have gotten on my own.

I did not even stop to pick up my jacket on our way out of the library. We did see Sam on the way out. He was still wandering around with a dazed look on his face. I did not blame him; part of me felt the same way. He blushed furiously when he saw Brent dragging me out by the hand.

"Asshole," Brent muttered. "He didn't even say thanks!"

He had not bothered to button up his denim shirt, and his bare chest earned him a glare from the older woman behind the desk on the way out. I figured she would ream him for it the next time he came in, but he paid her no mind.

"Oh, yeah, thanks for that," I told him. "That was fucking hot!"

"The fucking was hot," he smirked back at me. "Next time don't go in so fast, though."

My mind was instantly overloaded by the sudden realization that I had just fucked this 13-year-old boy's ass, and he wanted me to do it again! Of course, we had been going that direction anyway, I hoped, but it was incredible hearing him say it aloud.

Some other bare-chested boys had already come out to the half pipe, some skating while others watched, waiting their turn with various degrees of impatience, catcalling and exchanging good natured insults. Brent pulled me over to one of the nearby benches.

"Sit here," he commanded, pulling off his shirt and dropping it on the ground, "and watch!" Like there was any doubt. I will have to admit, though, he had some serious competition. In my relatively short time as an adult-aged boy watcher, this is as close as I had gotten to such a collection of eye candy. Tall, short, skinny, fit, all different colors -- but all boys!

He moved to the side of one of those boys, maybe a year or so younger; at that age it is hard to tell. He was half a head shorter, and his brown hair was shorter than most of the other boys, cropped to just below his ears. His back was paler than his arms, making a ghost t-shirt, and wore patchwork brown plaid shorts with the back pocket torn off. Bright red boxers with a blue band poked through the hole where the pocket used to be and over the top of his shorts, which were hanging about halfway down on his ass.

"Kind of small, huh?" Brent asked, gesturing at the pipe jutting up from its island of hardtop.

"That's for sure!" the smaller boy. "They've got real skate park over in Carson, but I can't ever go there." He glanced back at me. "That your bro?"

"No," Brent told him. "That is Davey. He is my first friend here in town. I am Brent. I just moved here."

"Oh, cool, welcome to Glade. Where are you from? Where do you live? My name's Paul, but they call me Rat." Rat was chattering away a mile a minute. "That's because I used to have a rattail, but my fucking stepdad made cut it off. But I'm still Rat."

"Middle of nowhere, Montana. My dad just got a gig managing a place called The Pines."

"Isn't that the nudie place?" Rat asked with a grin. "So, you get to see all the naked bitches?"

"I get to see all the guys and girls," Brent told him. "I'm always horny, believe me." He thrust his pelvis out a couple times, as if he was fucking. His shorts slipped a bit, showing off the top of his tanned globes.

"Wicked!" Rat responded. I could not decide if Rat was ignoring the significance of what Brent had said about guys, or if it had just flown over his head. "I wish I could see that, but I don't even get to go to Carson."

"Maybe you can visit sometime." Brent looked back at me with a begging look. "Maybe Dave could give you a ride?"

To tell you the truth, I had been thinking the same thing. The idea of another hot threesome with Brent, this time with another boy instead of a man, was making my heart pound. I was not sure Rat would go for it, but I figured I could leave the seduction to Brent.

"Sure," I chirped. "I'm always at the library during the summer. I'd be glad to give you a ride out and back, any time."

"Awesome!" Rat tugged unselfconsciously at the boner that was beginning to tent the front of his shorts. "Bitches, here I come!"

He looked around at the line of boys waiting for the pipe to open up. It had not shortened by much while the boys had been talking. He was still tugging at himself, but no one was paying him any mind. Except me -- I wanted to jerk his shorts and boxers down and suck on his tender young boner. He noticed what he was doing and stopped after a final tug.

Was I ever that oblivious to an audience when I was a boy? I wondered. Was I ever that open? I did not think so.

I jerked my eyes away from Rat's hidden boner and they locked back on Brent's not-so-hidden ass crack. I marveled again at the lack of shame he had; if his cargo shorts slipped any lower, he'd be showing his cute little boy dick to the world. I think his growing tent was the only thing keeping them up. Brent noticed me staring and gave me a huge grin.

Rat had been looking not at Brent's near nudity, but at the worn lime green skateboard he was carrying. "Looks like you use your board a lot," he said, not quite making it a question.

"Yeah? And...?" Brent answered cautiously.

"I can show you a better place to skate than this," Rat told him, searching out his discarded shirt from the pile near the bench. "If you want to, that is."

"Yeah!" Brent answered. "Let's go! We're not doing shit here anyway." He picked up his own shirt and handed it to me with another smile.

Rat and Brent headed off. I followed behind, my eyes glued to Brent's nearly non-existent tan line, and wondering what magic was keeping the cargo shorts up, they were so low on his ass...

I had a good idea where we were going. See, the thing about Montana is that it is flat. The thing about Glade is, it is in the mountains, and the downtown area and the skating part of the park are about the only flat areas.

I am sure that is why we have a naturist resort nearby; you can hide anything in the nooks and crannies of a mountain. The park had many nooks itself, with two or three campsites and several semi-private picnic shelters. Sure enough, Rat turned onto a trail that would take us to one of the shelters. As soon as we were out of sight of the main park, Brent looked back and gave me a wink. Then he sort-of twitched and his shorts hit his ankles!

He tripped and grabbed onto Rat to keep from falling, and stepped right out of his clothes, leaving him naked except for his shoes!

"Oh, no!" He exclaimed. "I'm sorry; I'm not used to wearing clothes, I guess I need a belt." He made no move to put his shorts back on, and he still had a boner. He also kept a hold of Rat's shoulders, leaning on the younger boy for support.

Rat gave a nervous giggle and just stared at him. "Dude, you're tanned all over," he exclaimed, "except for here." He started to reach for Brent's slender, pale young boy cock, but remembered I was there, and quickly glanced away, flushing.

"It's ok," I told him with what I hoped was a reassuring smile. I took his hand and guided it gently to Brent's cock. Rat took hold of it with a stunned look on his face as Brent moaned his approval. "But you're wrong; Brent has a couple other places where he's not tanned. You want to see?" I kept smiling, a real smile, watching Rat begin to tent up again, holding onto another young boy's smooth, hairless cock.

"Um, uh, yeah?." He stuttered. His board hit the ground and bounced, and he never noticed. The hand that had been holding the board was now tugging at his tented plaid shorts, rubbing up and down. With his other hand, he gave Brent's slender young cock a few tentative strokes, causing the 13-year-old to moan again and hold even tighter onto his new friend.

"Look," I told him, and knelt down to bend Brent's right leg up at the knee, stroking along the back of his thigh, the crease behind his knee, then his calf, his ankle, before taking off his sneaker and displaying the sole of his foot. Rat's eyes tracked my hands as Brent stood patiently, still holding tightly onto the other boy's shoulders.

"Oh, yea, his feet," the young skater boy said. "Not much sun, huh?" He seemed to be getting more comfortable with the idea that something special was getting ready to happen, less like a young colt that ready to bolt for freedom.

"Not much," I agreed, licking along the sole of the foot in my hands, tasting the dirt and sweat and making Brent giggle. I sucked gently on his toes and then let him put his foot back down.

He immediately used his toes to push down the heel of his other sneaker and kicked it off, standing there completely naked, on full display; content to let us do what we wanted with him. His cock was beginning to ooze precum, and he had a dreamy smile on his face.

"There's one more place that he's not tan," I told Rat. "Do you want to see it, too?" I had only seen it myself a little earlier, and it had surprised me then, though it only made sense if you thought about it.

I disengaged his hand from Brent's oozing cocklet as Rat nodded. Brent pouted, but when I put my hands on his hips and gently urged him to his knees beside on the trail, he came willingly, letting me turn him so he was on his knees facing away from Rat. With one hand on his lean, flat tummy and another between his shoulder blades, I silently urged Brent to bend over, but he already knew where this was going.

Brent spread his knees out on the trail and put his elbows and chest on the ground, resting his head on his forearms with his glorious, fit ass pointing up at Rat.

I gently took Rat's hands and guided them away from his tented shorts to Brent's perfect globes, and used them to spread Brent's deeply tanned ass cheeks apart, baring the lighter skin running from his perineum to the tip of his tailbone, with his puffy, recently fucked rosebud winking at us lewdly.

Rat was like a boy with a new video game, excited, wanting to play, but not quite sure what the rules were yet. His hands began kneading Brent's ass on his own volition, so I let go and watched. Both boy's breathes were becoming faster and more rapid.

It was so incredibly hot, to be with two young boys who were letting me guide them however I wanted, indulging in my fantasies; all but having sex with each other on a public trail, just barely out of sight of other people. The danger of being caught only added to the sexual excitement.

I noticed there was a large wet spot in the front of Rat's plaid shorts, and wondered if he had cum already. I had not been sure he was even old enough to cum until then, but it did not matter; he was young, I was sure from the distended shape of the plaid checks that he had already recharged if he had. And if he had not cum yet, I knew the perfect way for him to do it.

I reached out slowly and unfastened his shorts, and he let me, keeping his eyes on Brent, who was now leaning on one arm and slowly jerking himself off while Rat continued fondling his firm young ass. I tugged both his shorts and his bright red boxers down to his thighs, and was rewarded by seeing his cute, white little four-inch dick with its purple head smack wetly up against his belly. He had not cum yet after all, but there was a huge load of precum in his boxers.

"Have you ever fucked another boy, Rat?" I whispered, while I fondled his hairless little nut sack, rolling his little boy balls around in my fingers. Numbly, he shook his head.

"Fucking a boy is the best thing ever," I told him. "Watch this."

I licked the fingers of my free hand and gently inserted first my middle finger, then my index finger into Brent's hungry young hole. As Rat watched incredulously, I finger-fucked the 13-year-old skater, spreading my fingers a bit to loosen him up for Rat as Brent moaned loudly.

"Doesn't that hurt?" Rat whispered, his own 12-year-old cock twitching wildly, his hands still spreading Brent's ass cheeks apart for me.

"No," Brent moaned out. "Feels -- oh shit -- feels good."

"You want to fuck him?" I asked. Rat nodded, flushed. "Okay, let's wet you up then," I told him, pulling my fingers out of Brent with a plop. Brent rolled over on his back, still slowly jacking, as I leant forward and licked around Rat's head, before swallowing his shaft, lathering him with my tongue. As much as I wanted to make this last, I realized I did not have much time as I felt him twitch in my mouth.

"Put his knees over your shoulders," I instructed, as if I had not fucked my first boy -- Brent -- just hours ago.

"Okay, now lean forward. Get a little closer." Rat eagerly carried out my instructions. I guided his throbbing young cock to Brent's eager hole. "Now push in."

He did, and together we watched his young, 4-inch dick slide into Brent, who was looking up at us both with a dreamy smile on his face. "Pull out just a little and push in again," I told Rat. He did, exclaiming, "Oh, god, this is so fucking awesome!"

"Do it more," Brent urged him. "Do it faster!"

Rat complied eagerly, as I moved behind the fucking boy and finally was able to unzip my own pants. Freed, my cock knew just where it wanted to be. I gathered up some precum from the head of my cock and coated Rat's ass with it. He giggled, knowing what would come next, and as he sank into Brent once more, I straddled him and kept him from backing out again as I homed in on his pert virgin bud.

He threw his head back, eyes wide, as I sank into him, pushing him deeper into Brent. Brent had told me to go slow next time, and I would, later, but for now, I had been waiting patiently for too long. "Oh, shit," Rat gasped. "It's so ? big!"

"You ok?" I asked him, holding still by a supreme effort of will. He thought about it, and nodded. "It feels weird, though." I drew back, and then pressed into him again, slowly at first, but picking up speed. He was so tight on me that as I drew back, he also pulled out, so I was controlling the rhythm for all of us. It was like fucking both boys at once.

Brent shot first, coating himself and Rat with thin, watery boy cum. Rat was next, and he collapsed on top of Brent from the force of his release. Brent French kissed him as I continued to fuck his 12-year-old ass. I finally came, and rolled over onto my back, keeping Rat with me, staying inside him.. Brent laid his head on my chest and played idly with Rat's spent cock, which made only a half-hearted attempt to chub up again. For a while, we just laid there, a sweaty, cummy, happy mess, until my cock softened and slid out of Rat even though I still wanted to stay in him.

I drug Brent's cum-soaked wife beater from the library out my pocket and cleaned us all up, as best I could. Which was not very clean.

As Rat pulled up his boxers, he had a thoughtful look on his face.

"You know what?" He asked us. "Forget the bitches. But I still want to go to the nudist camp."

Afterword: This story was inspired by "Big Bro Helps Out", "Jimmy Shows Off", "Jeffie Shows Off" and all the "Show-Off Boy/Boy Loses His Clothes" stories in the Adult-Youth archive on Nifty. Please read them, and let the author(s) know you want more! (And no, I didn't write any of those.)