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Andy Mann

Chapter Ten

I woke to a knocking on my door. I pulled my eyelids open and looked around at my clock. 7.30am. Urgh! Knowing it must be my Dad, I shouted for him to come in.

"Good morning sunshine," he said, entering my room, fully dressed in a suit and carrying a mug of tea, which he placed on my bedside table.
"Urg, yeah, whatever," was my muffled reply. Did I tell you I'm not a morning person?
"So I've got to go to work now Andy," he told me.
"Well I didn't think you got all suited up to do the housework!" I smirked back, earning me a light tap round the head. "Seriously though Dad is that a new suit cos it's sweet?"
"It is indeed," Dad replied. "I picked it up on Saturday while you were out playing rugby."

I sat up in bed, hotching myself so I was leaning against my headboard and reached over to get my tea. I took a sip and then looked at my Dad.

"No biscuits?" I joked. "Seriously, I need a new man servant!"
"Cheeky!" Dad responded. "Get Jack to do it!"
"Is he awake yet?" I asked, not hearing anything that sounded like the monster.
"No, he's still snoring away," Dad laughed. As much as my brother denies it, he has a slight snore which is actually quite cute. It's not a full on man snore like thunder, just a little throaty catch that I have recorded and copied onto my laptop for evidence and blackmail purposes.

Dad opened my curtains, which told me that he wanted me to do things today, rather than laze around in bed. He looked out the window and gave a little sigh.

"It's absolutely lashing down out there so you're going to be stuck inside today," he told me. Seeing my pout he added, "I don't want Jack going out in it as you know he is very susceptible to colds. I want him fit to go to school on Wednesday."
"Okay, I'll find something for us to do indoors," I told him, my motherly instincts coming to the fore. Besides, if Dad is gone most of the day, it means I can plan revenge for yesterday.
"Thanks, Andy," Dad said. "You know I don't like leaving him on his own."
"So where you working today?" I asked.
"I've a meeting with the new team in the City Centre, before going out to see a client in Wolverhampton," he replied.
"Yam Yam Country?" I giggled, taking the mickey out of the accent of the people who live there. For all those who have never heard anyone from the Black Country speak, Google it, you tube it, anything. Then I dare you to figure out what the hell they're saying!!
"It's not their fault that they talk like that," Dad grinned back at me. "Besides, you know that your brother picks up accents like no tomorrow so he's going to be talking like them in no time."

I sighed, knowing that to be the truth. For some reason, Dad and I kept our accents whereas Jack's disappeared and was replaced by the local dialect from wherever we had moved to. At least if he started speaking Brummie*, it would mean we haven't got to listen to the Yorkshire drawl that he picked up from Leeds.

"So I can count on you to keep your brother occupied and inside?" Dad asked.
"Yeah, you know you can," I replied. Hey I need to earn a few credits to get back from yesterday. "Is it okay if any of the lads come round though?"
"Course it is," Dad said. "Although," he paused.
"Although what?" I queried.
"If Daimon comes round, I don't want you doing sexual things in front of Jack," he warned me.
"Dad! You know I wouldn't," I flushed at the prospect of a) getting Daimon round to have more sex with and b) the thought of performing in front of my brother. YUK!

He leaned in, kissed me on the forehead, which I allow him to do when we're in private, and of course he ruffled my hair, which as I hadn't styled it yet, I let him off. I watched him leave my room and sat there drinking my tea, wondering what the heck I was going to do all day to keep my younger sibling busy.

I heard the Dad's car pull out and looked out the window. He wasn't kidding, it looked like the house was in a gigantic bathroom shower. I decided that a shower was in order for myself so headed into my bathroom and did the necessary duties. I got dressed and headed downstairs to sort out breakfast. Knowing Jack as I do, I made a proper full English breakfast, thinking that it may cut out the need for a cooked lunch and headed upstairs with both plates on a tray.

I bashed his closed bedroom door with my foot and yelled at him to open up. After some mumbling, a bleary blue eyed head appeared. His normally immaculate hair was all over the place.

"Come on shrimp, let me in so we can eat," I told him and as we went over to his bed, I gave him the tray so he could sit up in bed with it, while I sat on the edge of the bed with my plate on my lap. We talked about nothing in general, just covering what we did yesterday after the African Centre, although I did leave out most of the gory details and told him nothing about Dave.

"So are you like in love with him now?" Jack asked me. I should of seen it coming I suppose but it still blindsided me.
"No, not love love," I said, now fully confident in my answer, unlike Saturday night. "Dai is really nice and really fun, but we both just like each other a lot."
"So you gonna fuck him?" Jack giggled out. "Ryan reckons that you will."
"WHAT?" I gasped out, nearly spraying my beans over him. "Why would Ryan say that?"
"Um, cos we were, like, maybe, um talking bout it," Jack stuttered out, looking down at his plate, avoiding my eye contact.
"Jack!" I started, wanting to get mad at him, but taking a moment to think. If Daimon is as obviously out to the guys as I think he is, and I didn't really push him off me when he kissed me in the park, then I suppose they are going to talk about what Dai and me would be doing if we are on our own. "Look Jack, I'm not mad ok, you just caught me off guard."
"Sorry," he replied, braving a look into my eyes. "So did you?"
"Oh for fuck's sake, I take it you aren't gonna leave it?" I moaned.
"Nope, spill, come on, did you do the dirty?" he asked.
"You don't ever tell anyone okay," I warned him and receiving a nod, I proceeded to skip over details but confirmed that we had done the deed.
"So doesn't it like hurt?" he asked.
"Jack, I'm not talking to you about anal sex," I told him. "You're not gay for a start off so you don't need to be doing anything with your bum except pooing!"
"Bet it did hurt," he teased, before going wide eyed. "Is that what Dad wanted to talk about last night?"
"Crap, you're too fucking smart you know!" I gave him a light shot on the arm. "Come on, get showered and dressed. We've gotta figure out what to do today."

I picked up the plates and headed out of the room, turning to remind Jack to wash his hair. As I turned, I saw him pull back his duvet revealing a completely naked form underneath. I couldn't help but stand and stare for a few moments, taking in the body of my brother. He was slim without being skinny, his stomach already showing signs of a rack of abs forming due to the exercise routine that we put together. His legs were firming up nicely but of course my eyes were drawn to his cock. He was completely hairless, naturally, and his prick looked to be around half the size of mine, maybe a little longer. What was surprising was that he was fully erect! I know that us boys wake up with piss boners, but Jack has been awake for around twenty minutes so shouldn't be suffering from that. I decided I'd looked long enough and turned away before I got caught.

I stumbled downstairs, putting the plates into the dishwasher, feeling guilty for staring at him like that. Doing stuff with Daimon is one thing, I mean he's completely gay and loves it, but Jack? He's straight. He's my brother. I didn't think of him like that at all did I! So why was my cock at full mast?

I needed to get rid of it before he came downstairs so I rushed into the toilet and dropped my jeans and briefs and spat on my hand a couple of times to get some slippiness. I stroked myself quickly, feeling and tugging my balls with my left hand. I thought about Daimon's body, his lovely smooth chocolate coloured skin and the feel of when he was sliding inside me. Then Dave as he sucked me off while fingering me. This was pushing me close to the edge when I heard Jack's singing as he came downstairs. My balls tightened as I began to feel my spunk rise through my tube and to my horror, the naked image of Jack flashed into my brain. I couldn't stop myself and I pumped myself, allowing shot after shot of my juice to splatter into the toilet.

"Oh fuck!" I whimpered, trying to be quiet so that my brother wouldn't know what I was doing. I grabbed some tissue and wiped myself, flushing the loo to get rid of the evidence. I opened the door and walked back into the kitchen to see a semi naked Jack looking for me, holding a bottle.

"There you are," he said, smiling at me. "Could you do my hair for me again?"
"Again already?" I asked. "We only did it a month ago."
"I know, but the roots are showing through!" he whined.

If I hadn't told you already, my brother's blondeness isn't natural. We both take after my Dad in hair colour, but ever since Mum died, he insists on bleaching it to match her colour. I guess it's his way of keeping her memory alive.

"Come on then," I said, letting him lead the way back to his bathroom.

We spent the next fifteen minutes putting the bleaching agent in and wrapping his head, before heating it slightly and leaving it. We went back downstairs and stuck on a DVD. It was my turn to choose so I put on the Blair Witch Project, a film that Jack hadn't seen. I told him it was a documentary, and with how the film starts he totally bought it.

Of course, by the end of the film, I had a brother wrapped around me, pillow in front of his face, screaming whenever anything untoward happened in the film, especially the ending which I won't spoil for you if you haven't seen it.

"That was scary!" he whimpered out as I led him back upstairs to wash out the bleach.
"Nah, if you want scary, I've got some good films that Dad doesn't know about!" I warned him.
"No thanks," he replied. "At least, not unless I can sleep in with you at night."

I had nearly got over my bad, bad thoughts about his body, but that had to bring junior Andy back into the world didn't it! I tried to distract myself by thinking about what we can do on such a filthy awful day like this, but one by one, everything was going to involved being alone with him.

"Come on, let's get this crap washed out, dry your hair and then see what we're gonna do for the rest of the day," I said, trying to drag my mind out the gutter.
"K," was the simple reply.

As we left the lounge to go back upstairs, the doorbell rang followed by several heavy knocks on the front door, startling us. We looked at each other, shrugging to say that we weren't expecting anyone. I told Jack to stay where he was and walked over to the door, putting the safety chain on and opening slightly to see who it was.

"Come on Andy, let us in!" a deep voice said. "It's pissing down!"

I undid the chain and opened up to see the three very soggy figures of Ian, Harry and Dylan. I stood aside to let them in and as they passed me, Harry and Dylan automatically kicked off their trainers. I looked at them in query.

"Habit I guess," Dylan replied. "Mum always makes us take our shoes off at the door, so we do it wherever we go."
"What the fuck you got on your head Jack?" Harry asked my younger sibling.

We explained the whole hair bleaching thing, much to the amusement of the younger of the two Jenkins boys. Jack grabbed Harry, who offered to help rinse the bleach out, a pretty simple job now the hard work had been done, and disappeared upstairs. I offered Dylan and Ian a drink, who accepted and we wandered into the kitchen to get it. Dylan had turned his nose up at the thought of no cola, but accepted a blackcurrant and apple squash none the same.

"Glad we've managed to catch you Andy," Ian started. "Coach rang yesterday to say we're starting training tomorrow evening. I've told him about you and he says to bring you along for a trail."
"Cool, though I know about training," I replied, pleased though that he mentioned it. "I bumped into Sol at Kumaga."
"Sol? He's a great laugh," Dylan said. "Hard as nails though and really makes us work."
"Good," I replied. "There's no point having a coach who goes easy on you. Is he a forwards or backs coach?"
"Backs, so he will be working with you," Ian replied.
"Cool," I said, my inner thoughts definitely warming up to the idea of spending time with the hunky waiter.

I saw Dylan nudge Ian, who in turn let a smirk cross his face.

"What?" I asked.
"Isn't Dai enough for you?" he asked, surprising me.
"Don't know what you mean?" I stuttered, my horrible body betraying me again with a red blush covering my face.
"Look Andy, it's cool if you're playing around with him," Ian said. "Besides, it might stop him from trying to get into Dylan's pants all the time!"
"HEY!" Dylan shot back. "One time I gave in and you keep going on about it."

The slender Jenkins boy threw a mock punch at Ian who easily avoided it and grabbed him in a shoulder hold. The stockier lad held firm as Dylan tried to free himself.

"You know that you half backs shouldn't mess around with us strong forwards," he mocked.
"Half back?" I asked.
"Yeah, Mr Muscles here is our fly half," Ian told me. "He's the one we all blame when kicks go astray."
"Not my fault if Patterson doesn't feed me the ball right," Dylan moaned.
"Patterson?" I queried.
"Neil Patterson, our scrum half," Ian answered. "Not a bad player."
"But full of himself," Dylan finished. "I can't stand him but he is the coach's pet so we have to put up with him."
"Coach's pet?" God am I sounding thick here?
"Neil's Dad is the Chairman of the Lions, they've had three generations play for the seniors, his brother plays for the under 18's and they're also about the richest people in the village," Dylan replied.
"Neil is, um, difficult at times," Ian said diplomatically. I suppose as captain, he can't slag off any of his team mates.
"Well as long as he plays well and doesn't upset me, I guess I'll get along with him," I said.
"Just one thing though," Dylan warned. "Don't mention that you're gay to him."
"Why? Will he jump my bone or something?" I giggled.

I saw a look flash between the two older boys, one that had me slightly concerned.

"Neil doesn't like gay people," Ian said. "Without going into personal details, stuff has happened to his family and they are totally down on any homosexuals."
"Oh, okay," I said. "I'll not say anything but you'll need to keep Dai under control then."
"He knows about Daimon, and takes every opportunity to make life difficult for him without actually coming out and bullying him," Dyl said. "If he does ever hurt him on purpose though, it doesn't matter to me who his Dad is."
"It won't come to that Dyl," Ian told him. "I've got him under control okay!"

I saw Dylan shrug his shoulders, but the way he set his face told me that he didn't fully believe our captain. Mentally I was already putting this Patterson guy in the `one to watch' category.

"So what were you gonna do today?" Ian asked me.
"Not much really," I replied. "Dad wants me to keep Jack inside cos he tends to catch colds quite easy, so we were just gonna watch DVDs or play games I guess."
"Mind if we stay?" Dylan asked. "Mum has got a cleaning head on today so me and Harry don't want to be anywhere near home at the mo."
"No worries, we can chill and if you want some lunch later, we've got food in," I offered.
"Cool," was Dylan's response.

Music started blaring from upstairs so we guessed that the two younger boys had decided to stay in my brother's room so we moved into the lounge and flicked through the movie channels, decided on Super 8. Now, me bad, I know, but come on, Joel Courtney is quite cute and the blonde haired lad, even though he looks a bit goofy, there is something sexy about him. We were just about finished when Ian announced he needed to go to the toilet, and after directions from me, left Dylan and myself in the lounge. I could tell that his eyes were on me so I turned to him, knowing he wanted to ask about yesterday.

"Yes me and Dai did it yesterday," I answered his unasked question. "I know what you said, and we talked about what we want, and we decided if we were having fun then there ain't a problem."
"Easy Andy," the older boy said, holding his hands up defensively. "I was just gonna ask if I could have a refill!"
"Yeah right!" I laughed, throwing a cushion at him, hitting him square in the face.
"Oh you didn't just do that!" he retorted.

He jumped off the sofa and tackled me from my chair. Despite me being a centre and him only being a fly half, the fact that he was a year older than me showed as he had me on the floor, facing forwards with him straddling my body just above my bum.

"So Mr Big Centre, you think you're the tough guy huh?" he quipped.
"Not when you're cheating," I retorted.
"Cheating?" he asked, puzzled. "How?"
"Cos you're sticking your boner into my back!" I said.

He shifted slightly, as if to check, and taking advantage, I flipped my body and had him pinned on his back before he realised what had happened.

"Liar!" he smiled at me.
"Hey, I gotta use every trick I can," I smirked back.

I held Dylan's arms by the wrists and grinned as he squirmed underneath me, trying to shift my body. I heard footsteps going upstairs and guessed that Ian was going to check in on the younger boys as we hadn't heard from them for about ninety minutes. I looked down at the older boy and realised how attractive he was. His brown eyes were a deep brown, almost black, and the shape of them was almost oval. His nose was almost perfect, not large or small, and certainly not crooked. His lips were stained slightly with the blackcurrant juice that we had been drinking.

I felt myself begin to grow hard in my jeans and unconsciously I found myself grind into Dylan. I looked at his face to see if I had crossed a line, but was just greeted with a slight smile. Dylan licked his lips and I took that as an opening. I leaned towards him and allowed my lips to touch his. Dylan kissed me back for a second or two before suddenly shaking his arms to try to free them of my grip.

Afraid that I had read this wrong, I released my grip on him and started to push myself up and off him.

"Shit, I'm sorry Dyl," I apologised. "I just sort of.."
"Shut up and kiss me again," the older boy said, moving his hands to my back and pulling me back down to his body.

Our lips mashed back together and as we both opened our mouths, our tongues found each other. I sucked his into my mouth and moaned in delight as Dylan slipped his hands inside my shirt. He scraped his nails down my back, causing me to groan as I started to hump myself against him.

"Dyl, we can't," I gasped out, breaking our kiss and pulling myself off him.
"What? Why?" he asked, leaning up on his elbows, his tracksuit bottoms tented obscenely.
"Cos I was gonna cream myself for one," I giggled, "and I promised Dad no sex stuff where Jack can come in and see."
"Too late," the high pitched tone of Dylan's brother's voice piped up from the doorway.
"Aw man!" I groaned to myself, looking over at the three other boys watching us from the doorway.
"Ian, you said you would give us some time," Dylan complained to the eldest boy.
"Sorry Dyl, but Harry wanted to come back down," Ian grinned.
"Yeah, I guessed you'd make a play for him," the youngest Jenkins brother said, a big smile across his face. "I got to see you kiss a boy!"

Harry yelped as two cushions found their mark from the pair of us on the floor. I looked over at the open mouthed expression on my brother's face. I slumped back to the carpet, putting my arm across my eyes so I could avoid his look.

I heard movement and felt Dylan get up and suddenly felt a smaller body press into my side. I moved my arm and was surprised to see that Ian, Dylan and Harry had left the room and Jack had laid down beside me.

"Look bro, I know you're gay, and that you're gonna kiss boys," he started. "Dad is thick if he thinks that I don't know what it looks like cos we get shown that in the sex ed classes and the social development ones."
"It's different seeing it on screen to seeing it live though," I said softly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean you to see that."
"Hey, I thought it was kinda cool," he giggled. He shifted himself and was sat on top of me. "Watching you kiss another boy isn't going to change me, no matter what Dad thinks."
"I know, but I wouldn't want to watch a man and woman going at it, so I shouldn't do it in front of you," I reasoned.
"Why not?" he said. "As I said, I thought it was pretty hot."

Jack stunned me by quickly lowering his face to mine and before I could stop him, he kissed me firmly on the lips. I froze for a moment, opening my mouth to say something and found my brother's tongue poking nervously forward.

This is wrong, so wrong was the thought running through my mind and finally my arms got the message from my brain and I circled my arms around Jack, rolled to the side and gently pulled myself away from him. A look of disappointment flashed across Jack's face.

"Jack, this can't happen," I told him.
"Why not?" he pouted. "It can't be cos of my age cos you've fucked Daimon and he's younger than me!"
"No it's not your age," I started.
"Is it cos I'm ugly?" he said, a bit of sternness in his voice.
"Fuck no Jack," I said. "You're fucking gorgeous," I admitted.
"Then why?" he demanded.
"Cos you're my brother and we shouldn't do this," I told him.
"But you said it's okay for lads to mess about and, well, I haven't got a mate here yet to do this with," he pouted.

I could feel my determination begin to waver, but with a burst of self-control, I set my mind straight. I pulled him into me.

"Look bro, that's something we can talk about later, but for now, let's stay brothers eh?" I asked him.
"Oooohhhhkkkaaaayyyy," was the drawn out reply.

I released him and gave him a peck on the forehead. His stomach chose that point to make itself heard and brought a light hearted release to the moment as we both giggled.

"Come on, let's go get some lunch," I said to Jack, putting my arm around him and pulling him along into the kitchen.

As we walked in, three heads turned in our direction and silence fell across the room. Ian and Dylan had questioning looks on their faces while Harry had a broad grin. Jack pulled away from me and took a seat next to the buzzed haired thirteen year old.

"He says that we'll talk about it later," my brother said.
"Andy, don't let them pressure you into anything you don't want to, okay," Dylan told me. "I know that this one will stop at nothing to get his own way!"

He reached over and gave his sibling a sharp punch on his bicep. I winced, knowing that it will go dead extremely quickly.

"Aw for fucks sake Dyl," Harry yelped. "What you do that for?"
"Cos I know what you're like," Dylan responded. "Jack is barely old enough to start messing around and he doesn't need a raving nympho like you to push him along."
"Unless it's you he's messing around with," I added, getting a shocked look on Harry's face.
"Wha?" he stammered.
"Well, you keep wanting to catch Dylan kissing boys, and now you are extremely interested in my brother's sexual learning," I said. "So I was thinking why don't you be the one to show him the ropes?"
"Bu bu bu but I'm not gay?" Harry stuttered.
"I'm not either," Jack piped up. "But it would be nice to have a close mate who could help me learn what I'm supposed to do."
"Yeah Harry, you keep saying that you want to be captain of the under 14's," Ian added. "So it's about time you took showed leadership and responsibility."

I couldn't help but smirk at the deer in the headlight look that came onto the younger boy's face. I walked over to him and gave him a hug.

"Don't worry Harry," I whispered to him. "I'm sure that Jack won't have a bigger dick than you."

That brought a smile back to his face as he tried to thump me but his arm was still dead from the earlier shot by Dylan.

"Anyway, Jack's stomach was rumbling so I thought about making some lunch," I announced.
"I wondered if we were gonna starve," Dylan giggled out.
"Yeah, the only reason we came round is that Daimon raved about the lamb you cooked for him," Ian added.
"Where is Daimon?" Jack asked.
"He's gone out for the day with his Mum's boyfriend Dave," Ian replied.

I saw Dylan's expression turn dark so to take his mind off I asked if everyone was okay with chicken and ginger. Getting a round of affirmatives, I rummaged through the cupboards and in short order cooked up chicken breast poached in a ginger broth, served with snake beans. I saw Harry and Dylan poke at it to begin with before taking their first taste. As soon as the murmurs of satisfaction started, I concentrated on eating my own.

"Fucking hell Andy, this is great," Ian complimented in between mouthfuls.
"Yeah, Andy does most of the cooking since Mum died," Jack said proudly.
"I'm surprised you're not overweight if all your meals are like this," Dylan said.
"No way, he keeps doing healthy stuff," my brother replied.

I just shrugged and finished my plate. Once everyone had, Jack and Harry cleared away and loaded the dishwasher, starting it up.

"It's stopped raining," Ian announced, looking outside through the conservatory windows.
"Cool, let's go to the park," Harry shouted.

I looked outside and although Ian was correct in that it was no longer raining, it still looked cold and damp.

"You guys go ahead, but we're going to stay in as we still have stuff to unpack from the move," I told them.
"Oh come on Andy, that can wait," Jack whined.
"No it can't Jack, we need to get everything done before we start school," I replied. "Besides it's still too cold and damp outside."
"No it's not, let's go and have some fun with them," he said.
"No Jack, we're not," I answered, putting my foot down with him. "Sorry guys but you go ahead, we've got stuff that needs doing."
"Um, okay," Ian said, getting the drift that I didn't want Jack to go out.
"Come on Andy, let Jack come out and play," Harry joined Jack's whining.
"No, sorry Harry, another time." I said firmly.
"Come on Harry, let's go," Jack said, taking the younger Jenkins brother by the arm and heading into the hallway.
"Where are you going?" I asked.
"Out to play," he answered.
"No you're not," I told him, grabbing his arm. "You're staying in."
"Says who?" my brother asked with a rebellious tone in his voice.
"Me! I'm in charge when Dad isn't here," I replied. "Guys, go please."
"Fuck this, you're not Mum you know!" Jack spat at me, pulling his arm out of my grip and ran off upstairs.

I watched him go, and turned to the others. I know I'm not Mum, but I feel like I have to be at times. I do virtually all the housework, cooking, I look after Jack and have little time left for me, which is why I love playing rugby as it's an outlet for me. Harry was stood in the doorway, looking back and forth between Ian and Dylan not knowing what to do. I turned away from them as I felt a tear leak out of my eye and I didn't want them to see me crying. I heard whispering behind me, and thought to myself that if they wanted to have a giggle at me then they may not be the friends that I thought they were going to be.

"Um, see you tomorrow Andy," Dylan said.
"Yeah, training, tomorrow, see ya," I heard Harry say as he was ushered out of the door.

I heard it close and suddenly my body was encircled by strong arms from behind. I looked up over my shoulder to see the concerned face of Ian.

"You okay?" he asked.
"I know I'm not Mum, but I have to do everything to keep this family going and I get nothing in return," I garbled out as tears began to fall in earnest down my cheeks.
"I would say I know, but I don't," Ian said, turning me around, pulling me back into his body.
"It's just that I feel like I do everything for everyone but no-one ever does anything for me," I sobbed into his chest. "Then when I'm just doing what I'm told by Dad, Jack hates me for it."

I felt Ian's hands rub my back as he tried to calm me down. I didn't want to move, I was just liking the attention that I was getting for a change. I did know that I wasn't getting turned on by this, which I wouldn't have thought possible when I first saw Ian, but I was now seeing the qualities in him that must be why he is captain of the team, and not the coach's pet.

"Come on, why don't you go for a lie down?" he asked me. "Maybe a bit of a nap will help."
"I can't," I moaned. "If I go sleep, Jack will sneak out."
"No he won't," Ian replied. "I'll stay and make sure he doesn't."
"Really?" I asked.
"Sure, come on, go and have a nap," he told me, taking my hand and pulling me up the stairs. He pushed me into my room.
"What?" I asked, as he stood in the doorway.
"Get into bed and have a rest," he told me.
"Well, close the door," I said to him. "Unless you're gonna perv over my body?"
"Sorry mate, wrong sex!" he giggled out, seemingly a little happier that I wasn't as down as I was a few minutes earlier.

I saw the door close and quickly took off my jeans and shirt and climbed into bed. I guess that the fallout with Jack and my mini breakdown must have worn me out as I couldn't even remember putting my head on the pillow.

I felt a body slide into my bed with me. Arms wormed their way around my naked chest as I enjoyed the warm feeling of a second body in my bed. I let my own hands travel down the smaller body that had got under my duvet. I felt a tight cotton t-shirt and briefs. Daimon! I wondered how he had managed to sneak into my room when he was supposed to be away with Dave, getting his little bum filled by Dave's thick trouser snake, but hey, who was I to complain.

I rolled onto my back, pulling the boy on top of me. My lips found his, my mouth opened to push my tongue against his and he responded with a high pitched moan. I traced my hands down his back, trying to graze my fingernails through the material covering his skin and suddenly, I felt them rest on his bum cheeks. I pulled them into me, causing the small body on top of me to hump into me.

I heard my little sexpot groan as I slipped my hands inside the briefs and I felt his smooth bum cheeks. I knew that he liked his hole being played with and teased so I let my fingers slide up and down his crevice. I felt his humping intensify and little whimpers escaped his mouth as he broke the kiss. He started to shudder as his climax hit him which started to push me over the edge myself. My dick had been rubbing against the inside of my own briefs and as I started to cream the inside of them, I positioned a finger over his little pucker and pushed it inwards.

"Aaaww Andy, that hurts," Jack squealed out.

I opened my eyes to see the bleached blonde head of my brother staring down at me, his blue eyes stretched wide as the intrusion of my digit inside him.

To be continued!!

Oops, looks like Jack has pulled a fast one on me here!! Hope you enjoyed it. Andy.

*Brummie -- slang for the accent of the residents of Birmingham.

Chicken poached in ginger broth
4 chicken breast fillets
300g (10 oz) snake beans, halved

For ginger broth
2 tablespoons shredded ginger
4 spring onions, chopped
1 star anise
2 tablespoons soy sauce
4 cups (32 fl oz) chicken stock

To make the ginger broth, place the shredded ginger, spring onions, star anise, soy sauce and chicken stock in a deep frying pan or wok over medium-high heat and allow to simmer for 3 minutes.
Add the chicken breasts to the frying pan and simmer slowly for 6 minutes each side. Remove the chicken from the pan and set aside. Place the snake beans into the broth and cook for 4 minutes or until tender.
To serve, place the broth and snake beans into shallow bowls. Slice the chicken breast into 3 pieces and place on top of the snake beans. Serve immediately.
Serves 4.

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