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Chapter Six

My eyelids forced themselves open and I reached my arms up to wipe the sleep out of them. However I couldn't move my left arm as it was weighed down. I turned my head and saw the naked figure of the eleven year old boy who had given me my first sexual experience outside of my own hand. I looked at him and he looked younger than his age. While he was asleep, his features lost the tough guy image that he portrayed in front of everyone. Now, he reminded me of a little doll, albeit one who has managed to dribble a little pool onto my upper chest. I managed to free my left arm slightly and ran my hand softly over his smooth light brown skin, resting it frequently on his upraised bum cheeks. As tempting as it was to remain like this, I remembered that I was in his apartment, and despite his earlier assurances that his mother and her boyfriend would be out all day, I certainly didn't want to be caught naked by them in Daimon's bed!

"Dai, wake up," I said softly, giving the sleeping boy a slight nudge. I was going to whisper in his ear, but there was no chance of finding it amongst the many curls on the top of his head.
"Urg, no Dave, another ten minutes," he sleepily moaned at me, curling his arm tighter to my chest.
"Dai, come on mate, it's Andy and I'm naked here!" I said more urgently.

I saw his eyelids flutter open and I couldn't resist and I leaned over to kiss him. I could feel him smiling through my lips and hotched himself up and over the top of me so he was in position where he felt he could kiss me better. He returned his lips to mine and snuck his arms around my neck. Giving in for now, I allowed my own hands to roam his smooth back as we started a wrestling match between our tongues. I couldn't resist any longer as my hands, rubbing and caressing his back, circled slowly lower and lower before finally reaching his pert buttocks. I cupped each cheek in a hand and gently but firmly squeezed them, pulled Daimon tighter into me.

I was rewarded with a contented moan from the boy and he pressed his mouth harder to mine. I continued my massaging of his lower area and I felt his boy cock spring to full mast and press into my firm stomach. He began to hump against me and his little squeaks through his kisses became more insistent. I traced my fingers down his crack and discovered his little treasure cave. I took a gamble, not knowing if he would be okay with me touching him there, and ran my finger around and on top of it.

Daimon raised his head off mine, breaking the kiss and gazed into my eyes.

"Push your finger in Andy, please," he begged me.

Even as inexperienced as I am, I knew that it would hurt him if I did it with a dry finger, so I brought my finger away from his ass and went to suck it. Daimon grabbed my hand on the way past his body and with a delightfully seductive smile, sucked my finger into his mouth.

I had never dreamt that something as simple as having a finger sucked would be so sensual, so sexual, and my cock swelled to full length. Daimon was bobbing his head on my finger, as he did earlier on the banana in the park, before removing it with a string of saliva still attached from his mouth. He giggled as he wiped his mouth.

"Now put it inside me," he commanded me, and who was I to disobey the boy.

I reached back down and found his little hole again and with a slight push, my finger slid inside him to the knuckle.

"OH FUCK THAT'S GOOD!" Daimon purred, returning his head back to my chest, giving my torso small kisses.

I slid my finger further inside him, much to the young boy's delight, before pulling it almost out. In and out I probed, before finally pressing against something firm inside his chute. My first reaction that I'd pushed on some shit was replaced as soon as the moan of pleasure escaped from Daimon's lips.

"That's it Andy," he whispered. "Stroke my button."

His prostate!! Must be that spot that I've read about, the bit inside us that drives us wild. I gave it another stroke and was rewarded with the smaller boy bucking against me. He started to rub himself up and down my stomach, friction causing his dick to get even harder, and his groans louder. I was just holding my hand still, allowing Daimon to work his sexual appetite by his own thrusting actions. Every backwards motion of the boy's body was met by me curling my finger slightly to make sure I grazed his love spot inside him.

"Aaawwww fuck this is great," he squealed out, looking up into my eyes.

I saw his normal bright sparkly look replaced by a lustful expression. I leaned my head towards him and somehow we managed to twist our positions so that he was still fucking himself on my finger, while rubbing his cock on my stomach and we could join lips once more.

We traded tongues for a few more moments before I felt his body start to shudder against mine and, with a squeak, Daimon dug his nails into my back as he climaxed against my body. I felt his dick twitch as his body tried to shoot and his pucker tightened against my penetrating digit.

"Shit shit shit, shhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt!!!!!!" he groaned out and flopped against my body once more.

He looked up at me with a cheeky grin and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks for that Andy that was superb!"
"You're thanking me??" I said incredulously. "I should be thanking you, I never dreamed it would feel like this."

He giggled and shifted position on top of me. His thigh bumped my hard on, and he looked down at it, looked up at me and smiled.

"Looks like we're not finished yet!" he grinned.

He kissed my left nipple, licking it and biting it slightly causing me to yelp. Still giggling, he trailed his tongue down the middle of my chest, giving my belly button a quick swipe and he grasped my cock with his hands. He pulled my foreskin back to uncover the head of my dick and swooped down and engulfed the exposed skin in his warm mouth. I gave a gasp of pleasure as he sealed his lips around my shaft and went to work. I put my hands forward and into his frizzy locks to grip his head and be part of the feelings he was creating.

I watched in amazement as Daimon worked his oral skills on my cock, kneading and massaging my balls, creating extra sensual delights. He used his tongue, constantly moving it around my shaft as he sucked and bobbed, milking my cock. I felt tingles begin to work their way through my balls and closed my eyes and dug my hands into the messed up bed clothes. I felt something else invade Daimon's mouth and squinted my eyes open to see him remove a finger from beside my cock.

"Um, Dai?" I stuttered.
The boy looked up at me, released my cock for a moment from his mouth and said, "Trust me."

I nodded and allowed him to continue and he resumed his bobbing and sucking. I felt his hands massage and tug on my balls slightly, not painfully, but I knew that my crown jewels were in someone's hands. Finally he teased a finger below my nutsack and pressed against my hole. I tensed up, and contemplated having a part of someone's body inside me for the first time. I spread my legs slightly further to allow Daimon better access and suddenly his finger penetrated me. I yelped in pain, my dick losing part of its steeliness, as my anus was invaded. Daimon gave me a look of apology and attacked my cock with a vengeance to make up for the pain. He slid his finger in and out of me, setting a rhythm and as I got used to the feeling, my dick returned to full mast and the feelings of an approaching geyser grew once more. I returned my hands to his head, and helped guide his motions.

Suddenly I began to see white spots and I felt my toes begin to curl underneath me. I gripped the bobbing head and squeaked out that I was going to spurt. I should have guessed that the little sex bomb wouldn't release my cock and he greedily drank my offerings. I slumped once again to the bed as he vacuum sucked the last few drops of my spunk out of my now deflating straw. He pulled his finger out of my bum hole, and I gazed dopily in wonder as he sucked his finger into his mouth, smiling as he tasted my insides on his digit. I felt a little grossed out by that, but he seemed to slurp it greedily.

My stomach chose the moment as that thought went through my mind to growl and remind me it had been several hours since breakfast. Remembering what food was in the fridge in the kitchen of the apartment, or lack of food should I have said, I turned to my little love monkey.

"Hey Daimon, I'm starving," I said.
The smile on his face faded as he must have thought that I was going to up and leave.
"Oh, okay, well I guess I'll see you later when we all meet back up," he replied in such a sad tone that it could make even the hardest hearted person feel bad. I didn't though because I knew exactly where I was trying to manoeuvre him.
"I'm gonna head back to mine and make us some lunch, do you like lamb?" I asked him.

I could see it take a few moments for my question to work its way through his fuzzy hair and into his brain. The smile returned to his face.
"You're gonna cook for me?" he queried, turning his nose up at me.
"Hey! I'm a good cook," I shot back. "I do most of the cooking in my family."
"Really? What about your folks?" He asked.
"Dad can't cook to save his life, and, well, Mum died a few years back," I told him.
He didn't say anything, rather just pulled me into a hug.
"Yeah I know how that feels," he empathised. "My old man got killed last a couple of years ago."
I hugged him back, wanting to know more, but afraid to ask and reopen wounds. He seemed to have gotten over his Dad dying, which made me wonder why I couldn't get over my Mum after nearly seven years.

"Come on," I said, nudging him. "Let's get dressed and go back mine."

After cleaning ourselves up and getting dressed again, he headed out of the front door of his apartment.

"Don't you need to leave a note where you're going?" I queried.
"Why?" Daimon asked, with a puzzled look on his face.
"Um, so your Mum knows where you'll be." I told him.
"Nah, as long as I'm back in time for bed, she's fine." He said with a shrug.

I was getting serious vibes of neglect coming from Daimon, but still, he seemed happy enough. I just filed the thought away, decided I'd ask Ian when I saw him next, and made up my mind to feed my little angel so he would be stuffed to bursting point.

As we got to the entrance door and opened it, we discovered that the sun had disappeared and dark clouds threatened above. A distinct chill had swept across the village and wind blew down the street. We walked out into the buffering air and headed towards the park. Daimon had pointed out that the quickest way back to mine was straight over the middle of the park, and down a cut through which I hadn't noticed previously.

We were just approaching the park when the first drops of rain splattered their way onto our clothes. We put our heads down and speeded up to a fast walk.

The park was now empty, and disappointingly I noticed that there seemed to be a fair amount of litter swirling around in the wind, almost like a mini tornado. The rain started to get heavier, larger drops now splattered against us, and an unspoken agreement passed between us and we started up into a semi-fast trot. We were about halfway across the park when suddenly the heavens opened. It was as though God had decided he wanted to take a shower, but instead of a normal shower head, he must have one of those fancy cubicles where the water spurts at you from all angles (or should that be angels??). That spurred us on into a sprint and we were just about to leave the grassy area, with me leading the way when I heard a shout from behind.


I slowed down and looked back over my shoulder to see Daimon sprawled on the grass. I stopped immediately, turned and ran back to him.

"Daimon, are you okay, what happened, are you hurt?" I managed to get all inside two seconds so it seemed!
"Yeah, I'm just dandy!" he whined. "These shite trainers have no grip on them and I slipped in a puddle. I'm soaked!"

I helped the sodden boy to his feet, and yup, he was well and truly wet to the bone. I could see a trickle of blood running down his arm from his left elbow, so I took hold of his hand and turned his arm towards me.

"You've nicked yourself on a stone or something," I told him. "Come on, let's get back to mine, we can clean up, and I'll put some antiseptic on this."
"Nah, it's okay Andy," he said. "I should just go home."
"Why?" I asked, puzzled at his sudden change of mind.
"Well look at me," he said, "I don't want to mess up your house."

He motioned to his mud covered shorts, legs and feet, and his water stained t shirt. I got a sense of lack of self-worth emanating again from him, and wondered what had happened to him to make him doubt that he was anything other than the fun loving great little lad that I had met just the day before.

"Come here," I said to him, and before he had a chance to react, I pulled him into a tight hug, transferring some of the grassy mess from his clothes onto mine.
"What you doing?" he squealed, trying to get out of my grip, only to make the mess on my clothes get worse. "You're filthy now as well!"

I released him and giggled. "I guess I am so now you'll have to come with me otherwise my Dad is gonna blame me on my own for getting everywhere messy!"
He flashed a smile at me and started a slow walk by the side of me. We were both completely soaked by this stage so there was no point running to try to avoid it. As we walked side by side, I put an arm over his shoulder. I don't know why I did it, but it just felt right. We talked about nothing in particular for the final few minutes as we finally walked up the driveway to the house. Maybe I was expecting some type of comment from Daimon about the house, but as we passed down the side so we could go in through the back door and keep the mess down to the kitchen, I realised that being friends with Ian, Daimon had probably been round his house so as they are virtually identical, so Ian told me, he must have guessed what our house is like.

I opened the back door, kicking my trainers off just inside the door. Daimon followed suit.

"Man I need to get out of these," I complained, pulling my sodden rugby shirt off my body. "DDDDDDDDDdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd! JJJJJJJJJJaaaaaaacccccccccccckkkk!" I shouted out, to see if anyone was home.

I picked up a hand towel and had a quick rub over my head before turning to Daimon who was struggling to get his own t-shirt over the now tangled hair style. I held back a chuckle and went to help him out.

"What's up champ?" I heard my Dad say as he entered the kitchen. He couldn't stop his chuckles as he saw the pair of us doing our best drowned rat impressions.
"Hi Dad, this is Daimon, he plays rugby as well." I said as way of introduction.

I tugged hard at Daimon's shirt and it finally released its hold on his arms and I stumbled backwards into the counter. I saw Daimon look nervously at my Dad, and then down at the pooling water underneath the pair of us.

"Oh don't worry about that, son," Dad said. "Andy can mop it up later." Grr there he is calling lads "son" again!
"I'll do it sir, it's okay," Daimon offered immediately.
"No no son, it's okay, I was kidding," Dad chuckled out, reaching out to pat Daimon on the shoulder to reassure him. "Why don't you two go and dry up and I'll clean this up. Have you eaten yet Andy?"
"No Dad," I replied, shaking my head. "That's why we came back. I thought if the shopping has arrived, I can cook us all something."

Dad smiled at my thoughtfulness, but said, "Well it did arrive, I can't wait to see the bill! It took Jack nearly an hour to put it all away. However, we had a pizza earlier. I did ask him to save you some, but you know your brother and pizza."

And boy did I know Jack and Pizza. He would sooner do a Mr Creosote from that Monty Python film rather than admit defeat, even at an all you can eat buffet! But at least the shopping got here. I had been online a couple of days ago before we moved, putting in a big order of stuff that I knew we would need, but didn't want to bring with us. You know the type of thing. All the cleaning stuff that you need, as well as bottles of pop, squash, frozen food, some fresh meat. I decided Dad could definitely wait for his credit card statement as I spent nearly £150 on the site!!

"Hey Dad, is Jack here?" I asked. "I was wondering if Daimon could borrow some of his clothes while I wash these?"
"No it's okay Andy, honest," Daimon said, trying not to be conspicuous.
"Dai, it's either borrow some of Jack's clothes......or be naked!" I suggested.

Daimon's head shot straight from looking at the floor to me, then my Dad, then back to me.
"Um, I'll take the clothes," he giggled.

Dad chuckled as well and told me that yes my younger brother was indeed in his room, probably either gaming or IM'ing his friends from Leeds or London. I dragged Daimon through to the hallway, up the stairs and into my room. The younger boy looked around, spotted my wall of homage to the Tigers and nodding his approval, stood there.

"Um, look, why don't you use my shower and I'll go use the main one." I offered.
"Or you could join me in this one?" he teased, lowering his shorts to show me that his white briefs had turned see through.
"I don't think so," I said. "My family may not understand. I mean they're kewl with me being gay, as long as I'm not actually doing anything gay."

Daimon nodded his head in understanding.

"Look there are towels in there, shower gel and if you leave your clothes outside, I'll chuck them in the washer," I said, backing out the door.

I heard his now trademark giggle as I headed over to the lair of the worst creature in the history of creation. No not a vampire or a werewolf. Flesh eating aliens and brain hungry zombies had nothing on this spawn of the lower realms of your worst imagining. The straight twelve year old younger brother of a gay teenager!

I knocked a couple of times on the door and hearing a command to enter, I opened the door. I saw Jack with a headset on, looking at his monitor where I could see a familiar face of one his friends from when we lived in London.

"Hey Andy, the broadband is great here! I can Skype with Luke!" Jack bubbled enthusiastically. Then he giggled as he saw the state I was in.
"Look Jack, I need to borrow a t-shirt, some shorts and boxers and socks for Daimon," I told him.
"Who?" he asked.
"Daimon, he's one of the lads I've been playing rugby with. We got soaked coming back here and he's about your size, so please can I borrow some," I nearly begged.
"Let me think," he replied.

I sighed, knowing that it was going to cost me something. As much as we were buds, if there was any chance that we could extract a favour out of the other, we did.
"Look, I'll make you your favourite meal if you let me borrow," I offered. Hey, they say that the way to a guy's heart is through his stomach.

Jack's eyes lit up at the prospect of food, and he told his cockney friend to wait for a few moments and hopped off his chair and threw open his wardrobe. He grabbed me a pastel yellow t-shirt. Yes I am sure he is straight! Even with taste in clothes like this! He rummaged in his chest of drawers and chucked me a pair of knee length cargo shorts. A final trip to the top drawer and he passed me a pair of white trainer socks and a pair of boxers.

"Really?" I asked, holding them up to display a cartoon picture of spiderman!
"It's that or Batman!" Jack countered.

I shrugged, and took the clothes and headed back to my room. I dropped them onto my bed, shouted into Daimon that the clothes were there, stripped off my wet clothes and headed to the "family" bathroom. I don't know why it's called that because I seriously doubt that any of the three of us will ever use it. I started the shower up, waited a few moments and stepped in. I could feel the warmth of the water take away the chill that had begun to settle into my flesh. I stood for a few seconds, luxuriating in the heat, before grabbing the soap and giving myself a quick once over. I jumped out the shower and towelled off. I looked around for my underwear but couldn't see them and remembered I'd left them in my room. I headed back and was greeted with the sight of Daimon bending over to pull up the spidey boxers.

"Cute!" I sniggered.

He whipped around so quick he nearly fell over.

"These are fun!" he said with a grin. He pulled on the shorts, unfortunately covering up his lower regions, and finally pulled the t-shirt over his now soggy mop of hair. I sniggered to myself as I remembered the other lads calling him mophead, and thought it very appropriate. However, it did seem to be something that he didn't like, so no way was I going to call him it. As Jack's pale yellow t-shirt settled on his body, the contrast between the colour of his skin and the material was a sight to behold.

I tore my eyes away from him, and walked to my chest of drawers, grabbed a pair of briefs and dropped my towel to slip them on. I was rewarded with a quiet wolf whistle from Daimon, and grinning to him, I strutted over to wardrobe and quickly pulled on a polo shirt and a pair of shorts. I quickly blow dried my hair and gelled it back to the spikey look. I turned back to see Daimon sat on the edge of my bed, watching me intently, with a towel across his lap.

"Sup?" I asked him.
"Could you maybe, like, dry my hair for me?" he asked softly.
"Are you sure?" I replied. "I mean, I don't know how to get it frizzy like."
"The frizz is natural, just that I can never get it dry proper if I do it myself," he told sadly. "My dad was the best at it, and Mum is ok, but don't do it no more."

I looked at him and saw that this was obviously important to him so I nodded, grabbed my chair and moved it in front of the mirror and patted it. Daimon jumped up and parked his butt on it. I took the towel out of his hands and began a slow, gentle rub of his locks. I saw a look of contentment spread across his features, returning the beauty back to his face.

After a few minutes of this, I picked up a brush and began to untangle some of the knots that had formed in his hair. I got a few yelps and whines from the boy, but hushed him and continued my work. When I was happy he was all sorted out, I put the brush down and using my hands, frizzed his hair, tickling his scalp as I did it. That brought a couple of giggles from Daimon before I heard my stomach growl to remind me why we had come back home.

"Come on, let's go get something to eat," I said to him.
"Okay, but you don't have to go do anything special," he replied. "A sandwich would be okay."
"Hmmm, we'll see," I told him, dragging the boy off the chair and out of my room.

We headed back downstairs and into the kitchen, which was once again vacant. I flicked the tv on with the remote and switched channels to Sky Sports News, so we could check what was happening in the world of sport. I grabbed a couple of glasses out of the cupboard, filled them with milk and gave Daimon one. He took a big gulp, belched, giggled and wiped the milk moustache off his upper lip.

I opened the fridge and was pleased to see everything that I had ordered had arrived.

I grabbed a couple of lamb steaks, some green string beans and carrots from the fridge. I quickly rinsed the vegetables under the cold tap while the kettle boiled up some water and popped them into a small saucepan to cook. I sliced off the small amount of fat from the steaks and heated some oil in the frying pan before placing the lamb in the pan. I cooked them for a couple of minutes to seal the meat before removing and putting them on a hot plate.

I swore at Jack when I coudn't find the tube of quince paste that I knew had been delivered, finally finding it in a cupboard, instead of with the spices. I squirted around three tablespoons of the paste into the frying pan, added just under a cup of white wine and some black pepper to the mix. I heated it for a couple of minutes before adding the lamb back into the pan. I turned the meat so it cooked on each side before turning the heat off.

I strained the veg and served it on two plates. I sliced the lamb into small pieces and placed on top of the veg and quickly sliced some blue vein cheese into wedges and added them to the ensemble.

I put the plate in front of Daimon, who looked at me in awe.

"How did you learn to cook like that?" He asked.
"My Gran taught me some, after Mum died," I told him. "She came and stayed with us for a month afterwards to make sure we were okay, and eating okay and stuff. I asked her to show me and she did. The rest is all self-taught I guess."
"WOW!" He said. "Do you think, maybe, you could like teach me some stuff?"

Now let's see, I have been given an excuse to spend more time, alone probably, with a really, really hot and sexy boy who knows more about sex than I do! What should I answer??

"Sure, no problem," I answered (of course!). "We'll get together a few times a week if you want and I'll show you some recipes."

He cut a piece of lamb and put it in his mouth and chewed. A look of delight crossed his face.

"Man this is tasty, what is it again?" He asked.
"Lamb," I told him. "You must have tried lamb in the past?"
"Nah, don't think so," he said. "Normally we just have chicken or beef from the chinkie*, or a KFC or something."
"Well you have missed a treat my young padawan," I told him. "Chicken and beef are good meats, but for pure taste and flavour lamb is the best!"
"Padawan?" He queried, scrunching his nose up at me. "Are you like a Jedi freak or something?"
"Hey hey hey Star Wars rocks man!" I countered, defending my second favourite movie set of all time. "And besides, if you're going to be my apprentice, I need to call you something other than BOY!"
"Hmmm, okay I guess padawan isn't too bad," he grumbled. "As long as I get to play with your lightsabre!"

He said that just as he slipped a few string beans into his mouth, sucking on them and sliding them in and out. I blushed at the thought of what I think he was suggesting.

"Eat!" I commanded, and tucked in to my own plateful.

We sat there eating, and watching the latest headlines flash across the screen. I groaned when I saw the news that Ben Youngs had to have an operation on his injured shoulder, effectively ruling him out of the first two months of the new season. Daimon looked at the screen on hearing my exclamation, and giggled.

"Warriors are gonna whup you second game of the season mate," he predicted.
"Whatever!" I said, flipping a two finger salute at the boy. "Even missing Youngsie, we still have Mickey Young and Sam Harrison coming through. More than enough quality to beat you bunch of pansies!"

I saw out of the corner of my eye Daimon carefully put a couple of peas on the end of his fork. Surely he isn't planning? Oh yes he is!

"Don't even think about it buster!" I warned him.

Daimon flashed me a toothy smile and, with a look of innocence, put the fork into his mouth to eat the intended ammunition. We sat there, eating our meals, watching Sky Sports and talking in general about school. Daimon certainly had forthright opinions regarding some of the teachers at the school.

"Mr Gregson, who does PE, is great. He's the best one there. But Mr Harris, the Deputy Head is a right tosser. He'll punish you for no reason!" He told me.

And it went on, through the list of all the teachers he had from last year, and the ones he expected to have this year. During the conversation, Jack walked into the kitchen, dressed just in a pair of shorts.

"Hey!" he said as way of greeting to Daimon. "I'm Jack, the better brother in the family!"
"Daimon," said my guest, holding his fist out to bump knuckles.

I saw Daimon's eyes scan up and down my brother's naked upper body, and he licked his lips. I kicked him under the table to get his attention, and shook my head at him. He gave me a questioning look as if ask what he'd done wrong.

"So Jack, what's your plans for the afternoon?" I asked my little bro.
"Dunno," he said with a shrug.

Did I really want to do this? Well he's my brother and we watch out for each other so I will.

"Why don't you come and hang with us for the afternoon," I said. "I'll introduce you to the others. You'll be in the same year as Ryan so it would be good if you got along and knew someone before school starts."

God I'm turning into my Dad! I know that because the look that Jack gave me spoke volumes.

"Well I guess that would be kewl," he said.

We sat chatting for a few more moments when the theme tune to Ben 10 started blaring out of Daimon's pocket. He jumped up, took his phone out and answered it.

"Yo." he answered.
"Just round Andy's."
"Yeah we got soaked but Andy let me shower and borrow some of his brother's stuff."
"Yeah I have, Andy made me some fancy lamb dish."
"Okay, see you in a few. Oh is it okay for Andy's brother to come as well?"

He hit the end button and grinned at us.

"That was Dylan, we're all going round his cos his Mum won't let him and Harry come back out to the park. She's a complete neat freak!" Daimon announced to us.
"Kewl. Where's their house?" I asked.
"On Main Street. It's like got a big garden in the middle that everyone shares, but there are houses all around it," Daimon told us.

I looked at Jack, who was finishing off some orange juice that he had poured himself.

"Breeder, go get some clothes on and we'll go," I told him, using the nickname I'm not allowed to when Dad is around.
"Fuck you queenie," he replied, giving me the finger.

He started to head out the kitchen, then stumbled to a halt, turning back with a look of fear on his face.
"Shit, Andy, I didn't mean to call you that in front of..." he stammered out.
"It's okay bro," I soothed him. "Daimon knows about me."
"He does? Already?" Jack asked, shocked.
"Yeah, you know that gaydar thing we've talked about?" I asked him. Receiving a nod, I continued, "Well Daimon's is in fine working order!"
"Oh, kewl!" was my brother's simple reply and he took off upstairs to get finished dressing.

Daimon looked at him disappear and turned back to me.
"So he's okay with you being, you know?" he asked.
"What? A big brother? Yeah he's cool with that," I teased.

A thump was followed by a question.

"You think he'll be okay with me as well?" the young boy asked.
"Course he will," I told him. "As much as he gives me shit for being gay, he only does it when it's just us. Outside the house he has my back. He really is cool with guys who are gay."
"That's good, cos he is kinda cute," Daimon answered.

I shook my head at his comment.

"Dai, look, Jack is straight as any boy I know," I informed him. "Please don't try anything with him, cos he will reject you."
"Hey, I'm kidding," Daimon replied. "Gaydar remember! I know he's not even remotely interested."

Jack reappeared in the kitchen, now wearing a Chelsea top. I was going to inform my brother about the dangers of wearing a shirt like that in Birmingham but Daimon pipped up how cool it was to have a third Chelsea fan in their group, with Ryan being the other. I shook my head in mock disgust at the glory hunters and we grabbed our trainers, shouted to Dad to let him know where we were going and headed out the door to Harry and Dylan's.

To be continued!!

*Just in case not everywhere uses the same slang words as we do in wonderful Birmingham, England.
Chinkie (slang) - Chinese restaurant/take away

Ben Youngs is the Leicester Tigers (and England's) scrum half. He's also quite fit!

The full lunch receipe of Lamb with quince glaze.

600g of lamb. (steak is best, but backstrap or eye of loin is fine)
1 tablespoon of oil
3 tablespoons of quince paste
2/3 cup (5 1/2 fl oz) dry white wine
cracked black pepper

Trim the lamb of any fat or sinew. Heat oil in a frYing pan over high heat. Add lamb and cook for 1-2 minutes in each side or until well sealed and browned. Remove lam from the pan onto a plate. Reduce heat to medium and add quince paste, wine and pepper to pan and simmer for 2 minutes, or until glaze has thickened slightly. Simmer lamb in the glaze for an extra 1 minute on each side, or until lamb is cooked to your liking.

Slice lamb into large pieces and serve on a bed of rocket salad and steamed vegetables and wedges of a nutty, blue vein cheese.
Serves 4.

This is my first attempt at writing. Hope you enjoyed it. Andy.
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