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Chapter Seven

We arrived at Harry and Dylan's within minutes of leaving our house. Fortunately the rain had stopped, but it was still very wet out and I could understand why their Mum wouldn't want her boys playing out in the muddy park. Daimon rang the bell and was enveloped into a hug by a big woman. When I say big, I mean big as well. You know the sort of woman that is either called motherly or battle-axe. I seriously hoped it was the former, and judging by the squirming figure of Daimon, it looked that way.

"So who are these two young men?" she asked Daimon.
"This is Andy and his brother Jack," the young boy answered. "They've just moved here and Andy is gonna join the rugby club."
"Well it's nice to meet you boys," she said. "Come on in, but please remove your trainers."

She ushered us inside and after kicking our wet footwear off and onto a rubber mat, Daimon led us through into the lounge where Harry, Dylan and Ryan were playing on a PS3. It looked like FIFA12, so I was sorted as I kicked everyone's butt at that game back in Leeds. Well, when I had friends that wanted to come round anyway!

Daimon jumped on top of Dylan, wrestling the controller away from him and Harry looked over at us. I introduced Jack to everyone and we sat there, each taking turns to play the game, drinking various flavoured fruit squash and munching on a huge plate of biscuits that Mrs Jenkins had brought in. If she ate like her two boys, I could see why she had a larger figure than the norm. At every opportunity when we were not involved in playing, I sat next to Daimon, allowing our knees to touch each other, my shoulder to brush up against his and my hand to rest on his upper leg. Daimon lapped up my attention with sly grins and made sure that his leg kept contact with mine.

"Shit!" Jack muttered as he watched Harry's centre forward blast in to take a unbeatable three nil lead with only seconds remaining and disgruntled, made way for my little cherub to take his place. I sat watching the two boys on the games console, but mainly watching Daimon.

Jack and Ryan started talking about their beloved Chelsea, which my only point of interest comes in the shapely arse of Fernando Torres!! Daimon and Harry were getting engrossed in the game of Fifa when Dylan nudged me and motioned for me to follow him out of the room. I followed him up the stairs and into the first door opposite, which to no surprise turned out to be his bedroom.

Of course I scoped it out, noticing posters of Evanescence and Muse, along with promotional posters from Prometheus and Twilight. His room was immaculate in terms of tidiness. I thought about joking to see whether he was a lad or a girl, but the serious look on his face sobered my mood.

"Sit down a sec please Andy," the older boy said motioning to the bed by the side of where he sat.
"Um, okay," I replied, taking a seat. "This looks a bit serious, what's up?"

I saw indecision flash across his face, before he seemed to straighten himself and opened his mouth.
"Did you and Dai do stuff at his?" he asked, stunning me into silence at his forwardness.

I guess the slow rising flush up my face gave him the answer.

"Look I didn't force him or anything," I said, defending myself. "If anything, he sort of jumped me."
"I guessed he would," Dylan replied, putting his hand on my knee. "Look, I'm not accusing you of anything, or threatening you or anything, but Dai is, well, complicated when it comes to things like that."
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"He is very sexually aware," Dylan told me. I had guessed as much as his knowledge far outstripped mine.
"Yeah, he certainly knows more than I do," I confessed.
"Just be careful with him, okay," Dylan warned me. "Not for his sake, but for yours."
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Don't think that cos he has done stuff with you that he's in love with you or anything," he replied. "I'm not entirely sure where he learnt what he knows, but I have my thoughts about it and they ain't pretty, but he seems happy so I don't say nothing."
"Who said anything bout love?" I said to him, a little quiver in my voice giving away the fact that I was falling fast and hard for the chocolate coloured angel.
"Andy, I've seen it happen before, and it happened to me," he said sadly. "Dai is a like a force of nature, a hurricane if you want. He blows into your life, spins you around in a whirlwind and then leaves you behind having ripped apart your foundations. He doesn't mean to, but he isn't aware how he affects other feelings."

We sat in silence for a few moments as I pondered on his words. Dylan leaned into me and put his arm around me, comforting me as I struggled to comprehend what he was telling me. Was I falling for Daimon? Yes I think I was as the boy had wormed his way through all my defences very easily and as much as I had promised to myself that I would not be so obviously out after all the problems I had experienced in Leeds, here I was not even thirty six hours after moving here and already half a dozen boys knew I was gay.

"Why wouldn't Daimon want to be my boyfriend?" I asked Dylan. "I mean, he practically jumped on me in the park earlier, and I really, really like him, and I think he likes me to."
"Yeah I can tell that he does like you Andy," Dylan replied, reassuring my fragile confidence, "but he will just be using you to get sex."
"Is there anything really wrong with that?" I blurted out before I could think.
"Not if you know what you're getting into, Andy," he told me. "But if you are expecting Daimon to be yours and only yours, you will get hurt."
"So what should I do?" I asked the older boy.
"It's up to you basically," he replied. "If you are just after a bit of fun, messing around and trying things out, then you couldn't find a more willing partner than Daimon. If it's a boyfriend you want then keep well away."

Dylan's cold words shocked me a little as Daimon was supposed to be his friend, and I told him as much. Dylan turned me slightly, looked deep into my eyes before pulling me into a hug.

"Daimon is a friend, a very close friend and all of us would hurt anyone who tried to hurt him, but we know Dai, we know what his is like and I think that you could turn into a very good friend to us and, well, we look out for each other and I don't want to see you go through the same pain that I did." Dylan released me from the hug and lifted my chin that had sagged into my chest.

I gave him a weak smile and told him I would think about things. A loud knock on the door made the both of us jump as Harry opened it and a look of disappointment crossed his face when he saw the two of us standing apart from each other.

"What's up little bro," Dylan asked.
"Oh, I thought you two would be like making out or something," he replied, still downcast.
"Why would we be making out?" the older brother queried.
"Weeeeeeeell," Harry started, drawing out the first word before rushing on. "Andy said he was gay and I know you still like boys despite going out with Katie."
"And you thought you'd come rushing in to watch two hot boys making out?" Dylan queried. "Are you sure you're not gay yourself?"

With the speed I had seen earlier on the park, Dylan grabbed his younger brother and had him pinned on his bed. Harry was squirming to try to get out of his grip but the heavier boy held firm.

"Andy, grab his legs and take off his right sock," Dylan instructed me.

Guessing that he knew his brother's weak spots, and still slightly miffed that the younger boy would think that just because I'm gay that I would jump any boy going, I did as he said.

"Dyl, no please!!" Harry begged. "Andy, I'm sorry, I'll do anything just please don't do this."

I looked at Dylan, who simply nodded to me and, lying across his legs to trap them, I took off his right sock. I had to admit I was expecting smelly feet but the boy had obviously showered after our earlier exertions as all I could smell was a hint of mint shower gel. I looked at the boys wiggling toes and was tempted to do the "this little piggy" rhyme but held out. I also thought on how hot it would be to take them into my mouth and suck on them. I had seen plenty of pornos where guys did that and never got why they did, until now.

I was brought out of my thoughts by Dylan telling me to lightly run a finger down the sole of his brother's now unsocked foot. I did and was rewarded with squirms, body bucking and giggles. I traced my finger up and down and round in patterns and as the giggles got louder, I heard three sets of thunderous footsteps as Jack, Ryan and Daimon came pelting up the stairs and into the room.

"Watcha doing?" Ryan panted out.
"Torturing the pest," Dylan responded.
"Kewl!" Ryan replied and knelt on the floor at the end of the bed and removed Harry's other sock.

"Ry, no way mate!" Harry shouted out. "Come on you're my best mate!"
"And best mates help their best mates know when they have done something wrong!" the ginger haired boy giggled out.

He dug his fingers into the trapped boy's left sole as I continued working on my target and the volume of Harry's discomfort increased dramatically. I looked up and saw Daimon bent over, holding his stomach in laughter and Jack was grinning, getting used to the humour of the other boys.

"Dyl, man, I'm gonna piss your bed if you don't stop!" Harry yelled out suddenly.

I saw Dylan's grin turn evil as he looked at his trapped brother's now panicky face.

"As much as that would be fun little brother, I don't think I want a soaked bed tonight!" Dylan laughed out at him. "Let him go guys!"

Dylan released his hold on his brother, and I rolled off his legs. Harry gingerly rolled off the bed and struggled to get into a kneeling position. I could see a look of concentration on his face as he stood slowly, which suddenly turned to a look of horror.

"SHIT!" the brown haired boy exclaimed and we all saw a wet patch form at the front of his shorts.
"Here she squirts!!" Daimon giggled out, earning a look from Harry that I'm sure if he had any psychic powers would have hurt the fuzzy haired boy.

Harry bolted out of the room and we heard a door slam from outside in the landing. We looked at each other.

"Is he gonna be mad at us?" I heard Jack asked, a bit a worry having crept into his voice.
"Nah, don't worry Jack," Ryan said. "Whenever he gets too big for his boots, or too much of a pest, we find ways to bring him down a peg or two."
"Yeah and he can't hold it in when he gets tickled," Dylan finished. "He gets this done to him every other week or so, and then he's as good as gold for a while until he forgets and then it starts up again."
"Yeah and it's normally me he picks on first!" Daimon stated. "He's the one who came up with the mophead nickname!"

Daimon threw a pout onto his face, and despite the earlier warning from Dylan, I couldn't help myself and drew the smaller boy into a hug. His pout turned into a grin as he burrowed an arm around my waist. I heard Ryan giggle at this and glanced up to see a look of shock on my brother's face.

SHIT! He doesn't know about Daimon and his history so what's he gonna think about me and a boy who is younger than he is? I flashed him our shared look that is a "we'll talk later" statement that we use. As we have become use to relying on each other as best friends, we have developed an unspoken vocabulary of looks that we use when there are things that we want to keep private when around others in public. Fortunately Jack took the hint on this one and with a "later or else" look, we started to head back downstairs.

Just as we walked out of Dylan's bedroom, we were rewarded with the sight of Harry's naked butt walking into his bedroom. Ryan let out a wolf whistle, which made the boy jump and instinctively turned around, and in the process of doing so, we all got a good look at his crown jewels. I guess that he must have been cleaning himself up as his dick was in the state of a nice looking semi hard on, and it looked like it was around five inches, just slightly smaller than mine but as he is a year younger than me, it is still pretty impressive!

We all got back into the lounge and decided to watch a DVD. Arguments rang out between the younger boys as the choices varied from Disney rubbish like Camp Rock through to such classics like The Goonies and Lucas. Personally I'd have been happy with Super 8, the original Alien or something like that but we eventually settled on The Goonies.

We crammed ourselves into the seats, with Dylan, Harry, Ryan and Jack squeezing onto the sofa and I plonked myself into the armchair, only to have Daimon jump on top of me and settle himself onto my lap. This could prove to be a problem if he is a wiggle bum as he was directly above my cock!

Dylan dimmed the lights and we sat for the next couple of hours watching the kids battle against the Fratellis in search of One Eyed Willy's treasure. My initial fears about Daimon were confirmed as he squirmed his way through the movie, and I knew exactly what he was up to, especially after he grabbed my hands and slipped one underneath his shirt so I could rub and caress his smooth belly, and the other hand, well you can guess where he put that one! Right inside his shorts!

By the end of the film, I was painfully pressed up against his backside and as Harry jumped up to turn the lights back on, I pushed Daimon off me and quickly tried to adjust myself so that my tent wasn't as visible as I am sure it would be.

I stood up after a few moments, and was greeted by a smirking Dylan who leaned towards me as if to whisper something into my ear. I bent towards him, wondering what it was he wanted to say, no doubt something about Daimon when a sharp pain erupted on the tip of my dick. The bastard had flicked the end of my hard on with his finger and I winced in pain.

"Thought I'd help you put that barge pole of yours down a little!" the older boy grinned at me.
"Thanks, I think," I gasped out through gritted teeth. "Do you think you can find another way next time?"
"Oh there's gonna be a next time is there?" he smirked.
"You know what I mean!" I giggled back, beginning to appreciate what he’d done, in making it not so obvious in front of the others.

Mrs Jenkins chose that moment to come into the front room and remind us all that it was getting late and we should head home. I looked at my watch and saw it was already half seven and sent Dad a quick text asking him what he wanted to do for tea.

We said our goodbyes to the two Jenkins boys and Ryan who was sleeping over, and headed out the door.

"So, you around tomorrow?" Daimon asked me, turning to head up the road in the opposite direction to Jack and myself.
"Don't think so cos we are doing something with Dad," I told him.

Seeing a disappointed look spread across his face, I wilted slightly.

"When we're back though, I'll give you a shout and we can get together, ok?" I told the young boy, bringing a smile back to his cute face.
“Cool, let me give you my number," he said. He grabbed my phone and quickly entered himself in my list of contacts.

We bumped fists and turned back towards home. I looked at my phone and saw Dad had replied with "grab us a takeaway", and we headed to the Indian restaurant I had seen on my initial exploration of the village.

Having ordered our food, we took a seat in the waiting area, with a diet coke each and the expected questioning began. I answered a couple of simple questions about the lads before Jack moved on to the subject of Daimon. This really wasn't the place I wanted to have this conversation.

"Look Jack, it's too public here," I whispered to him, as a couple sat down next to us on the sofa in the waiting area.
"You promised you'd tell me," Jack whined.
"I will," I told him. "After we've eaten, we'll tell Dad we're gonna go watch a movie in my room, and you can sleep in and we'll talk it through ok?"
"Sleep in?" Jack said, his eyebrows rising in surprise. "It's been a few months since we've done that."
"Well its overdue then isn't it," I countered. "You can tell me what you think about the move and stuff and you can ask me about the lads, and Dad won't be around so we can talk proper."
"And you promise to answer me truthfully?" my little brother asked.

I nodded my head.

"Even about Daimon and why you were feeling him up during the Goonies?" he whispered, having leaned in so the couple couldn't hear him.

Crap he saw that!

"Yeah, even about Daimon okay!" I replied, knowing that there was no way of avoiding the issue now.

The waiter called our name and I paid the man the money for the food and handed Jack the bag to carry. We headed back out onto Main Street and towards home for tea.

And towards the conversation I didn't want to have with my younger brother.

To be continued!!

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