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Chapter Eight

Once Jack and I had cleared the table and loaded up the dishwasher after munching our way through umpteen popadoms, samosas, naan breads, along with the various curries and rice, we told Dad that we were going to go and watch a film in my room and then have a talk and sleep in. After I had first come out, Dad was concerned that I only wanted Jack to share my bed so I could use him to try sex, but after a long conversation between the two of us, I had set his mind at rest that nothing would happen between Jack and me unless it was Jack himself that initiated it. Now, instead of being worried about one type of stain in my bed, he was more concerned about crushed popcorn and spilt fruit juice!

Don't get me wrong, Jack is cute to look at. He's got a firm bod that will mature into a well built, muscular one if he keeps playing sport like me, and he does have cute eyes. However, he's my brother FFS! My STRAIGHT brother at that!! So like...no way!!! EEUUUWWW!!!

We hit the landing, split into our separate bedrooms to get changed for bed so it was out of the way and settle down. I had a cabinet with some drawers on one side of the bed, and a table with my lamp and alarm clock on the other, so I put our drinks and sweets in position and set about getting undressed.

Now, normally I sleep naked and hadn't thought about that before shedding my clothes into my dirty hamper and as Jack came bounding in through my bedroom door, he was presented with the sight of me, naked, bent over looking in my bottom drawer of clothes where I keep my shorts.

My head connected with the piece of wooden furniture as my shocked body shot forward having received a stinging slap across my bum cheeks.

"FUCK SAKE JACK!!!" I yelled at him, turning towards him and rubbing my newly forming bump on my forehead.
"Oops, sorry," Jack giggled out, his face showing his delight in catching me out.

I moved quickly and grabbed him and physically lifted him and threw him on my bed, landing myself on top of him. I dug my fingers into his armpits, knowing that this was his weakest point, and was rewarded with a squirming, laughing victim beneath me. However, my eagerness to punish my younger sibling was not well thought through because as he struggled to free himself beneath me, the friction started to cause me to bone up. I jumped up off him, not wanting to go down that line of sexual exploration, and hurried back to my drawer and quickly pulled on a baggy pair of board shorts.

"Ew did you get a hard on just then?" my overly insightful brother asked.
"Sort of," I confessed, before adding quickly, "but not because I fancy you or anything! It was just reacting to getting rubbed by your leg, breeder!"
"Yeah right, sure queenie!" he retorted, throwing a pillow at me. "Just make sure it stays inside your shorts okay!"

I grabbed my telly remote control, flicked off the lights and switched on the lamp so we had a small amount of light, and flicked on the planner on my satellite box. I tell you what, some people win invention of the year for rubbish things like the sliced loaf, the toaster, electricity and crap like that. Whoever invented Sky+ needs the Nobel Prize for everything! You can record two programmes at once without the need for a dvd, or video tape as my Dad says, you can pause live tv and watch programmes at anytime!

So after the discussion finally settled on Inception, we settled down to watch the film. Jack's decision was based purely on how good the film was. Mine obviously had slightly more insidious reasons, namely Leonardo diCapprio but more importantly Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Man I fancied him. If I could get Jack to watch Mysterious Skin with me, I'm sure I'd be able to turn him at least semi bi!!

We got to the end of the film, most of the way through the various flavoured popcorn, and on our second refill of drinks when Jack turned to me with his serious expression on his face. You know the one that's usually reserved for parents when they know you have done something wrong but can't quite figure out what it is!

"So spill!" he said simply.
"Look Jack, it's complicated ok," I started, only to be cut off by my impatient brother.
"Have you done sex with him yet?" Jack asked.

I really have to learn how to control my blushes because, like in Dylan's room, I felt my face grow hot and I knew Jack saw it, so lying was out of the question. I explained what had happened at the park, how Daimon had figured out I was gay, and what happened back at his apartment. I left out the gory details, just briefly describing the blow jobs as that, and leaving out the part about fingering each other's butt holes. Jack may be sympathetic to my homosexuality, but there was no need to explore those boundaries.

"I thought you fancied older guys?" he asked me suddenly, bringing me out of the memory of Daimon's bed.
"I did, um, I mean I do," I stammered out in reply, sub-consciously glancing up at Toby and Manu, wondering if I had cheated on them and how they would feel.
"So why are you doing stuff with a boy who is even younger than me?" he queried.

I took a moment to figure that one out myself. Sure I had noticed boys before, I mean I am gay after all, but all my wank fodder fantasies had been about older guys. I mean, even the twink porn websites don't get me as hot as when I go on the ones that have guys in their thirties or forties, especially when they are doing stuff with twinks. It is very easy to imagine myself in the twink's role.

"Let me try to explain and don't interrupt me, okay," I said to Jack, giving him a look to say that I wasn't demeaning him, just that I needed to get to the end of what I wanted to say.

Receiving a nod, I started up.
"I do still fancy older guys, and want nothing more than to find one to love me, or at least make love to me. However, cos of what Mike did to me, no-one would even try to be a close enough friend that I could try anything with. Most boys, especially gay ones, have experimented with a friend by the age of thirteen and here I am, fourteen and a half and the only people ever to touch my dick are me, Dad and you when you guys had to help me pee when I broke my wrists."

Oh yeah, forgot to tell you about that I guess. A big part of why Dad was desperate to get a move away from Leeds was the escalation of the bullying that I had endured. I had been tripped by a couple of former friends who were buddies of Mike. Now normally that wouldn't have been too much of a problem for me, but this time, they did it too close to the stairwell and I couldn't stop myself from pitching forward. I tumbled over and over, down the stairs and hit the floor of the ground floor corridor with my hands in front of me. Both my wrists suffered breaks and I was in plaster for six weeks, unable to use my hands properly for the tricky jobs, like cutting up meat, opening door handles, or unzipping trousers and holding my dick when I needed relief. So they had come to my rescue and with no hint of annoyance or embarrassment on their parts, had helped me through those six weeks, washing me and taking care of my toilet needs.

"So when Daimon basically threw himself at me, and wanted me to do some stuff, I did." I finished explaining to my brother, who was sat with a sad expression on his face, obviously remembering my torrid last couple of terms in Leeds. I nudged him to bring him back to the present.
"But you said he started it all?" he asked. A nod from me allowed his continued question. "How does he know what to do? I mean he's only eleven, and I wouldn't know how to give you a blow job, but you said he was like a mega vacuum pump or something!"
"That's what me and Dylan were talking about when Harry interrupted us," I said. "He reckons he has an idea, but I don't know."

Jack looked at me, and with a giggle said, "you're gonna try again though aren't you? With Daimon I mean!"

The smile on my face must have answered his question. Suddenly he let out a big yawn, and I glanced at the clock on my table. It was a little after eleven pm, not too late for me, but I guess my little brother isn't used to staying up this late. I motioned for him to get under my duvet, and I reached over to switch off the lamp. As I did, he surprised me by raising his head off the pillow and pecked me on my cheek.

"Nite Andy," he said simply. "Love you bro."
"Love you too squirt," I said, choking up at his show of affection. I draped an arm over him and he turned on his side, facing away from me and snuggled back into me. We soon found the Land of Nod.

A sudden burst of bright sunshine shocked me awake. I heard a snort of laughter and squinting my eyes, I could see the outline of my Dad pulling my curtains apart.

"Urg! Dad! What time is it?" I asked, trying to get my arm from underneath the sleeping form of my younger brother.
"A little after ten, son," Dad replied. "Time to get up if you want to go to that African Centre."

I nudged Jack to wake him up and after sending him on his way to his own bathroom, I did the necessary morning routine and grabbed a pair of shorts, a black t-shirt and headed downstairs.

We had an easy breakfast of cereals and were out of the door into Dad's BMW. I had allowed Jack to call shotgun and I settled into the back seat, fishing my phone out of my pocket. I spotted that I had a text so opened it up to read it.

Hey Andy. Yesterday woz gr8. Don't forget to ring when ure back and we can do sum more. Daimon.

He had entered his number in my contacts as `sexyboi' and thinking about that had happened at his apartment, and the fact that he obviously wants a re-run, I felt myself grow to attention down below. This was bad news for me as the shorts I was wearing weren't particularly good at hiding things, such as prominent bulges! I quickly put my phone away and thought horrible thoughts in a desperate need to return to a normal state.

I looked out of the car window, watching the houses go by as we weaved our way through the maze of streets in the village until we hit the road that leads out and up to where the African Centre is located, just on the outskirts. Listening to Jack's pre-pubescent voice chatter away to Dad about how good the movie was last night was enough of a distraction and by the time we pulled into the car park, I was ready to simply enjoy the morning spending time with my Dad and brother.

Kumaga was pretty cool, for what is mainly a garden centre. They had loads of different varieties of plants and bushes, which Dad was happily piling up on a trolley. There was a small aviary that had some parrots and other exotic birds which caught Jack's attention and he spent the next five minutes pouting in silence after Dad told him firmly, three times, that there was no way on earth that we were buying a parrot as a pet.

I was happy enough just wandering with them, listening to Dad outline his plans for the back garden, offering a piece of advice when the colours of the flowers that Dad was going to plant next to each other would clash horribly. You didn't have to be gay to know that green and violet would never go together!

Eventually we hit the food area, and I was surprised to see that not only was there a restaurant, but there was also a shop that specialised in African food. I just knew that I had to persuade Dad to let me get some Zebra steaks. Now don't have a go at me for wanting to try it. It should be similar to horse I'm guessing.

Dad parked the trolley in a waiting area, and we were shown to a table by a young black waiter. I'm not sure if it was a family run business, or if they only employed African looking people, but when I did take a few seconds to think about it, I couldn't recall seeing any white staff. Not that it mattered to me. I certainly didn't have any problem with people's colour. After all, I'm someone who has been discriminated against for my sexuality, so I'm hardly likely to be a bigot myself now am I!!

I studied the menu, while keeping half an eye on the waiter. He looked to be in his mid twenties and was extremely well built. I'm not talking in that department before your dirty minds get down low in the gutter! I couldn't see anything down there because of the waiter's apron that he was wearing. He was also very hunky looking. I tried to keep my eyes on my menu, but every time he walked anywhere near our table, my gaze was invariably drawn to his body.

"See anything you like, Andy?" I heard Dad ask.

I knew I was caught when I heard Jack snicker. I snapped my eyes away from the hunk and looked at Dad, the cursed slow flush colouring my face.

"Um, the spiced jerk wrap for a starter and the bison burger for main please," I stuttered out to try to divert attention from my hormones.
"Yeah, sure, that's what Dad meant!" Jack whispered to me as he leaned towards me, masking it by reaching for the starter menu, having forgotten about it earlier.
"Jack, unless you want to be looking at a blank tv screen for the rest of the week, you better be discussing your starter options," Dad warned my little sibling.
"Aw man!" Jack whined at getting caught. "I'll try that jerking thing that Andy wants."

I spurted my fruit juice over the table as Jack said that, coughing and spluttering as it went down my nose and the wrong hole. Of course the waiter just happened to be passing our table at my moment of embarrassment, but simply gave me a couple of slaps on my back to clear my air passages.

"Thank you, um, Sol," my Dad said, reading the waiter's name tag.
"That's okay sir, I am a qualified first aider as part of my coaching role," the young waiter, now known as Sol, told us.
"Coaching?" I asked. Surely my luck won't be that good.
"Yes, as well as playing for the Lions first team, I help coach one of the youth sides," Sol replied.
"Is that the team that you want to join Andy?" Jack asked me, setting me up I was sure for some ribbing once we got home.
"Yeah, Ian said that they are called the Lions," I told him, shooting him a look to try to shut him up before he embarrassed me.
"Really?" Sol asked. "How old are you? I'm the assistant coach of the Under 16's."

Oh fuck! The team I'm gonna join. This hunk of a guy is going to be one of my coaches. If he's in the changing rooms afterwards, I'm gonna have to get naked in front of him to take a shower.

"Um, yeah, I'm fourteen so Ian said I'll be a first year in the team," I replied.
"Ian Grayson?" Sol asked.
"Yeah, I met him Friday and yesterday we played some scratch rugby on the park," I answered.
"Well if Ian thinks you're good enough, then you must be," Sol said. "He's a good judge of player."
"Thanks," I said, beginning to feel a slow burn creep up my cheeks again from the praise.
"Well, I'll take your order into the kitchen," Sol said, and with a nod to my Dad, disappeared behind the counter.

I sipped slowly at my mixed fruit juice, savouring the flavour and trying to ignore the grin on Jack's face and the smile that my Dad was trying to unsuccessfully hide.

"What?" I demanded.
"Nothing, son," Dad said.
"Well, forget it and let's just talk about something else," I replied.

I suppose I should be grateful that my Dad is so understanding about me and my preferences. I mean, how many parents would accept that their underage teenage boy wants nothing more than to have some hot hunk bugger him senseless? While he did tolerate it, and my frequent internet visits to the various porn websites that I shouldn't really be allowed on to, I doubt his patience would stretch to me actually hooking up with a guy in real life.

So I always have my dreams of Toby, Ben and Manu from the Leicester Tigers, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and various other hotties from the celebrity world. I guess my tastes must definitely be getting younger, because ignoring the infatuation I have garnered about Daimon, my latest celebrity crush is definitely Niall Horan from the boy band One Direction. I could definitely have some fun with that blonde bombshell.

I am now seriously thinking about adding this guy, Sol, to my list of fantasies. I mean, he's hot! Ok, he's black, but as I said, I don't have a problem with that. Plus, if the supposed rumours are correct, and from everything I've seen online they are, man what it must feel like to get shagged by a cock like what they have!

"Earth to Andy," I heard my Dad say, bringing me once more back out of the sensual trance I had put myself in.
"Huh? Sorry, I sort of spaced out for a sec," I replied, trying once again to cover my loose tracks.
"I asked you what you had planned to do this afternoon," Dad told me.
"Oh, well Daimon asked me to ring him when we get back," I answered. "I think he wants to hang out a bit. Is that okay?"

Dad nodded before adding a question to Jack to see if he was going to go with me. I held my cringe as I knew Jack would know full well what I wanted to get up to with the younger, more experienced lad.

"Nah, I'm gonna go round Ryan's. He said he would go through school stuff with me so I'm up to speed for when term starts on Wednesday," Jack informed Dad, sounding extremely responsible for a change. He did ruin it by informing Dad that Ryan had also just got Fifa13 and he wanted to check it out, but Harry was away for the day visiting his gran and granddad.

Sol suddenly reappeared at our table with our starters. As I said, Jack and I both had gone for the spiced jerk beef wraps, with various dipping sauces such as sour cream and a really hot chilli one. Dad had gone for some type of African vegetable soup. It didn't take too long for us to finish the small starters and Sol was back, bringing us our main courses. He put the two plates holding steaks in front of Dad and Jack before returning with my burger. It was HUGE!!! I guess I hadn't read the menu properly as when it turned up, it consisted of a bun, two huge cuts of meat, tomato (which immediately got fished out and chucked onto my Dad's plate), salad and a creamy sauce that reminded me of blue cheese sauce but had a definite spicy kick to it. Sol laughed as my eyes widened at the size.

"Well if this young cub here wants to become a Lion, we need to get some meat on his bones, so I asked chef to put a little extra into the burger," Sol said to my Dad, while rubbing his hand on the back of my shoulders. He squeezed the top of my shoulders slightly, and I disguised my sigh at his touch by taking a bite out of the burger.
"Thank you very much Sol," Dad said. "There was no need for that."
"Well, I best get back to my other tables," Sol informed us, with what I thought what a hint of sadness in his voice. "I'll see you on Tuesday evening Andy."
"Huh? Why?" I asked, in between taking huge bites of the heavenly cooked meat of my burger.
"First training," the waiter come coach told me.
"But Ian said it wasn't until next weekend," I said.
"Head Coach Phil is ringing everyone on the team last night and today," Sol told me. "I guess because he doesn't know about you wanting to join, it's why you don't know."
"Oh, okay, cool," I said. "I'll talk to Ian cos I live just down the road from him so he can show me where we'll train."

He patted me a couple of times on the shoulder again, and I could feel strength in his hands and started to feel myself beginning to drift off into my fantasy world again, wondering what it would feel like to be naked with the muscular man and have his strong hands rubbing and caressing my body.

A swift kick from Jack brought me back to the real world once again, before Dad had noticed my mind wandering. I saw Jack's nose scrunched up as he realised what I had been thinking about as little Andy had popped up to attention.

I behaved myself for the rest of the meal, talking about the fact that I was now going to be training on Tuesday evening. All thoughts of sex had disappeared as I started to get excited about the prospect of playing rugby once again. With what happened in Leeds, I had to quit my team. They certainly weren't as accepting of gays as Ian and the rest of the lads were. I guess as Daimon is so blatantly out to them, and that Dylan has admitted being bisexual that they are more tolerant. Then there was Karl as well. Despite Daimon's comments in the park, I didn't know him at all but I definitely felt something wasn't quite right.

I pushed my plate away from me, having popped the last potato wedge into my mouth and slumped into my chair, something I know my Dad hates. However, I was well and truly stuffed. I even wanted to pop the button on my shorts but knew I would get into trouble if I did. I looked at Jack who was actually struggling to finish his steak. Dad was quite contently munching his way through his meal.

I slid my phone out of my pocket to send Daimon a quick text to say that we would be back at home in around half an hour. It would be sooner than that when we got back but I knew that Dad would want help shifting all the plants into the back garden. The great thing with the touch screen phones these days are that it doesn't take a lot of effort to use them. I had got very good at typing using one hand, especially when one my wrists had healed quicker than the other. I felt it vibrate within a minute after sending the message. I slyly read it, while Jack had distracted Dad by wanting to go to the bathroom, and was pleased to see the reply was simply to ask me to go round to his apartment again when I was back. Much better plan than having him round ours, because this did give us the opportunity to experiment some more!

As Jack reappeared at the table, Dad caught the attention of Sol and asked for the bill. My future coach gave it to my Dad, who motioned to pay by credit card and after typing his pin number into the card machine, we got up to leave. I nudged Dad to remind him to leave a tip. He can be forgetful about that sometimes. Dad dug his wallet out and slipped a twenty pound note onto the plate, which was a bit excessive, but then again, not really for Dad!

We loaded the car up with the host of plants, both full grown and those ready for planting and made it home fairly quickly. Jack and I both had our own agendas to attend to so the pair of us acted as the manual labour for Dad who supervised where he wanted to put the tubs. However, after ten minutes of moving the pots from one area to another and back again, Jack threw his toys out of the pram, told Dad in no uncertain terms that he could do the moving around himself and stormed off to get changed to go round to Ryan's.

"I suppose I have been a bit indecisive where I want them," Dad said with a sigh.
"A bit?" I chuckled out. "I've moved this bamboo plant four times!"

Dad sighed again, and with a wave of his hand, I was dismissed so I could make my own escape. I dashed upstairs to my bedroom, shed my clothes and quickly jumped into the shower. Hey! If I'm gonna be lucky and get some more sexy action from the little sex bomb that is Daimon, I need to be clean and fresh, not sweaty and smelly!

I had the quickest shower I think I ever have taken and after drying myself, I pulled on some clothes, not really noticing what they were. Normally I do take my time in selecting a good matching outfit to go out in, but the head on top of my shoulders simply wasn't doing the thinking at the moment. After taking my t-shirt back off so it would go on the correct way round, and making sure that this time, the socks actually matched, I hurtled down the stairs and out the front door, shouting a farewell to my Dad after I had shut the door.

I was halfway across the park when I realised I hadn't brought my keys with me. Oh well, Dad will still be up when I get back. I mean, I'm not gonna sleep over or anything am I? God there's a thought. I wonder if I could arrange a sleepover with him, then I could go sleep with him in my arms and we could do all sorts of stuff all night long!

I arrived at the blue entry door to the small set of apartments and keyed in the apartment number.

"Hello?" I heard a voice pipe out from the electronic box on the wall.
"Hey Dai, it's Andy," I panted out, trying to catch my breath.
"Cool, you've come. I'll buzz you in," the box replied, and with a buzzing noise in my ear, I pushed the door open and took the stairs two at a time.

I was just rounding the last stairwell when the fuzzy haired kid opened his front door, smiling his infectious grin. I beamed a smile back at him and in the process of rushing into his apartment, I swept him up into my arms and lifted him off the floor by a few inches. I pushed him onto the wall to hold him in place and brought our lips together. I heard him moan as he opened his mouth to allow our tongues to find each other. His hands were now roaming across my cotton covered back and he wrapped his legs around my waist to gain support for his body. I was already at full mast, having worked myself up into that state on the way over, and let a primal urge overtake me and I ground myself into him, crushing him against the wall. His kissing started to get more aggressive and he sucked my tongue into his mouth. I had both hands on his bum cheeks, supporting them, feeling them, groping them through the brief material of his boxer shorts.

Suddenly I felt Daimon's hand grip the hair on the back of my head, and with a gently tug, he pulled my head backwards breaking our kiss. A wide smile greeted my eyes as I gazed at him.

"Guess you missed me, huh?" the younger boy said.
"Um, yeah, sorry," I said, a bit embarrassed at my full out assault on his body.

I released my grip on his adorably soft bottom, but surprising he didn't slide down, instead keeping his legs wrapped firmly around my midsection.

"Uh uh," he started. "You can carry me to my room."
"Yes master, sir," I joking said. "Your every wish is my command!"

With that I negotiated my way through the hallway, past some boxes and Daimon's coat that had been left on the floor. I tried to concentrate on where I was going, but Daimon having gotten his transport, had returned to trying to engage my tongue and mouth. For once I managed to squirm my mouth out of his reach so I could see where I was going, and he settled for reaching up and started to nibble on my left ear. I gave a little yelp as he bit down on my lobe, before I could feel him giggle and suddenly his tongue was inside my ear canal. I shivered at the feeling and nearly lost my grip on him.

Reaching the edge of his bed, I threw him onto it and looked down at the boy. He landed on his back and promptly spread his legs and arms so he was in a typical star jump pose. However, this star had an extra point as Dai's cute little dick was pushing upwards trying to escape the confines of the Spider web design on the front of the boxers.

"Are those Jack's?" I asked him.
"Yeah, I really like them," he replied with a giggle. "They're really soft as well."
"That's cos of the fabric conditioner I use," I started to explain, before kicking myself mentally. I'm not here to talk domestic chores. I'm here to get some more action from Daimon if he's willing to give me some, and by the look of lust growing in his eyes, he is!

I laid down on the bed next to him and he quickly rolled himself back on top of me, his hands grabbing mine and holding them slightly above my head as he leaned in towards me again to kiss me. Daimon certainly liked kissing, and if I could kiss half as good as he could, I would be doing it a lot more!

We traded tongues for a few minutes before the younger boy pulled back off me and sat upright, resting his bum directly on top of my straining boner.

"MMmmm, seems like someone is happy to see me," he giggled out. "Maybe I should say hello."

He scooted himself around on me, and with hands that seemed far too experienced for his years, he had my shorts unbuttoned, pulled down and was fishing my hard on out of my briefs. I groaned as his hand came in contact with my love stick, the moans increasing in volume as his tongue licked around the now exposed head as he pulled back on my foreskin.

"Oh God Dai, that's so fucking good!" I moaned out in encouragement.

The only response I got was for both lips that had been locked to mine only moment earlier suck themselves around my cock. If this is hell, then who wants heaven I thought to myself as Daimon started the bobbing motions that fellatio is all about. As I had been in a state of arousal for the last fifteen minutes, I tried desperately to find something to take my attention off of the warm feelings that the chocolate boy was giving me. The only thing I could focus on was the cute little butt, right in front of me. I reached out and put him hands on the cotton covered cheeks. I started to squeeze and push the fleshy globes but something kept nagging in my head that something wasn't right.

I heard Daimon growl as I actually felt myself start to lose my boner. WTF?? Then it hit me. The object of my sexual desire, so prominent in my vision was covered up in my brother's boxer shorts.

"I need you naked Dai," I told him. "I can't do this while you are wearing Jack's clothes."
"Really?" he asked me in surprise. "Why?"
"I can't do sex stuff and think of my brother," I replied.
"What? You mean you and him have never done anything?" Dai questioned.

I shook my head, slightly in disgust.

"No way, I couldn't have sex with my brother," I said to him. "It's like, not right is it!"
"I thought if you fancied me, then you would have at least done something with Jack," Dai said, sitting on my lower regions once more, looking at me. "I mean he is nearly as cute as I am!"

We both giggled, me at his self confidence, him at trying to test my resolve about my sibling. Finally with a shrug, he peeled his t-shirt off above his head, before lifting himself off me to remove the offending boxer shorts.

I stared at his naked form, his boner pointing straight up at me. I motioned him to come forward and I opened my mouth as he pressed his cock head against my lips. I formed an o with my mouth and moved my hands to his wonderful bum cheeks once again as I encouraged him to fuck my mouth. Again, I had seen this online and wanted to try it, but the thought of having a bloke's eight or nine inches ramming down my throat scared me. I figured that although Daimon knows a lot more than me, he is still smaller than me so I could get him to show me what to do. This was another rung on the ladder of my sexual learning and I was really enjoying it.

By the squeaks coming out of Daimon's mouth, so was he. The boy wove his hands into my hair and gripped my head, to allow him to fully control the face fuck he was giving me. I continued my massage of his bum and occasionally let my fingers trail down his crack and over his pucker. Each time I did, Dai moaned a little louder and suddenly his bucking motions sped up. He was bashing himself against my face as he fucked my mouth with abandon. I felt his cocklet start to pulsate and he thrust hard twice more into my willing mouth and then with a shout, grabbed my head tighter and pushed one last time into me, held himself there for a few moments before flopping backwards.

I looked down at the boy, whose look of contentment showed that I must have done at least a half decent job. A sheen of perspiration covered his body.

"That was so cool Andy," Daimon enthused at me. "Your mouth is awesome, bud."
"Thanks Dai," I replied. "I'm still sort of learning here."
"Well you're learning fast," the younger boy told me. "So you ready for the next lesson?"

I nodded, wondering where he was going to take me next. He scrambled round on his bed to the drawer of his table. He span back round holding a tube with the letters KY clearly visible. He handed me the tube.

"Put some on your fingers and work it into me," he commanded me, turning once more and took my cock into his mouth while giving me full access to his butt.

Did he really mean he wanted me to, you know, actually fuck him?

"Um, Dai, I'm not sure about this?" I told him. Was I fucking crazy? This sexy little boy is offering me his bum and I'm questioning it!
"Andy, I want you to do this okay, I really like it," he reassured me.

He went back down on my cock, and I made up my mind and squeezed some of the gel onto my index finger. I spread his cute little tan coloured cheeks with my left hand and started to spread the lube around his hole. Something caught my attention as I did and I could see that the area around his hole was discoloured slightly, as if it was bruised. Not really knowing anything different I gave a mental shrug and I got some more lube on my finger and with a deep breath pushed it inside the boy.

I was rewarded with a moan that sent vibrations through my dick that still had his lips firmly planted around it. I slid my finger in and out of his tight hole. I couldn't believe how it gripped my digit as it invaded his most private space. I did this for around a minute before Daimon paused his oral application on my cock to tell me to add a second finger. I gelled two up and returned to my stretching of his boy chute. His moans continued. I remember about his little hard spot inside his tunnel and tried to find it again. I twisted my fingers as I pushed them in and grazed something which caused a louder groan from the boy. That was the spot I thought, so I made sure to touch it each time I pushed in and pulled out.

"Fucking hell I need you in me now!" Dai almost shouted at me.

He turned to face me, and holding my dick upright underneath him, he guided himself to perch over the top of my body. He looked me full in the face, let a huge grin spread across his face and spoke.

"You ready to fuck me?" he asked.

I nodded and he lowered himself down. I felt my cock head press up against his hole and it gave way slightly, as if it wanted to suck my dick inside his body. Then there was resistance and I started to worry that I wouldn't fit inside the small boy. When I started to say as much, he just smiled at me, told me not to worry and said I was a little nervous and needed to take charge.

I started to wonder what he meant until he got off the top of me and told me to stand up. He got onto the bed, lying on his back and rolled his body upwards so that he was holding his ankles by his head. His bum hole was now clearly on display for all and sundry to see.

"Fuck me now Andy," he told me. "Put your cock inside me and fuck me."
"Whatever you want Dai," I said.

I got on my knees in position by the boy's body and guided my cock to his waiting hole. I held my dick with one hand, and the other hand placed on his hip to hold me from falling on top of him, I gave a small push forward. My cock began its brief battle with Daimon's anal muscle that only wanted to expel stuff and suddenly I felt myself slide inwards. The feelings that my dick felt were something that will live with me for the rest of my life.

"Aw fuck I love that," Dai groaned.

Words were beyond me at that point as I eased the rest of my six inches inside his cute little hole. I quickly found my pubic bone resting against his small ball sack. I looked down at the boy who was letting me lose my virginity and he had a contented smile on his face. I pulled back, drawing my cock almost out of him, nearly going too far but stopped as I felt the corona of my dick almost escape his tunnel. I pushed it back into him, trying to angle so that I could try to hit his love spot. After all, I had read that this was supposed to be as enjoyable for the bottom as well as the top.

I continued to pump into him and felt him release his legs and wrap them around my waist. His feet locked around my own bum cheeks and as I thrust back and forth, he began to move his body in the opposite direction. As I pushed into him, he tightened his foot grip, pulling me further and harder into him. I soon got used to the additional force and picked up a rhythm which had the pair of us moaning in pleasure. I felt my ardour start to rise and I began thrusting harder and harder into the boy as my urge to spunk grew.

A sudden thought that Daimon might not want me to shoot inside he came to mind and I garbled out the message that I was going to cum but he just locked his legs tighter around me. I felt my cock swell and with a shout, I threw my head back and thrust deep inside him as my balls let loose with a pulse of my boy juice. One shot, two, three, a fourth. I was in bliss. I continued to push myself into him and heard a growl from him and with bleary eyes saws his cock begin to throb and I felt his bum squeeze hard against my cock. That sent me back over the edge as a fifth and six shot left my cock before I felt a last dribble and I collapsed forward onto him.

I found his mouth and kissed him hard. I locked one arm around his back and the second hand into his hair and pulled him into me. He wrapped his arms around my body and we kissed.

Finally pulling apart, I reached out to stroke his face and was rewarded with his smile again. He reached out with his hand took mine, kissed it and held it by his chest.

"So Andy," he started. "You don't really love me do you?"
"WHAT?" I exclaimed. "Are you freaking crazy?"

I turned my head to look at him.

"You're fucking gorgeous Dai," I told him. "You've got a well fit body, and you know loads bout sex and stuff. Why would you think I don't fancy you? I've just made love to you!"
"I can tell things about people," he said. "I don't know how I do it, but I can sort of tell what guys want."
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"Well you know Dylan said I have that gaydar thing?" he queried. I nodded my head. "Well, it's not quite like that. I can tell what you really want."

I reached out to touch his cheek again, but he pulled away.

"So what do I really want?" I asked the boy.
"You fancy men really don't you," he said, not as a question, but as a statement.
"Well, yeah, kind of I guess," I replied.
"It's okay you know, to fancy men," he said, leaning forward to kiss me. "I do. It's why I know you don't love me, and why I know you will be fine with me not being in love with you."
"I really do like you Dai," I said, trying to sort my feelings out.
"And I really like you Andy," Dai countered. "You're really fit, and are gonna make someone a great lover, and if I can help teach you, and maybe keep you as someone who doesn't mind messing around with each other, that would be excellent."

My stomach chose that point, of all times, to make itself heard. I guess what they say about sex making you hungry must be true after the burger I had eaten just a bit ago. I looked at the small radio alarm clock on Daimon's table and was shocked to see we had been at it for nearly three and a half hours.

"I heard your tummy growl," he giggled out, suddenly turning back into the eleven year old boy he was supposed to be. "Come on, let's go grab some food."
"Okay," I said, fearing for the selection that would be presented. After all, yesterday the cupboards were bare.

We got off his bed and he grabbed my hand to lead me into the kitchen.

"Um, Dai, shouldn't we put some clothes on?" I asked.
"Why?" he replied.

Yeah, why indeed Andy? I mean, we've just spent god know how long exploring each other's naked bodies, so why put clothes on to go and eat? Just as we were about to walk into the hallway, Dai turned to me and held out his arms.

"Carry me slave, you've worn me out!" he giggled.
"Yes oh great mighty master," I laughed, playing along.

I got down on my knee and allowed him to clamber onto my back, his now flaccid dick rubbing against my back. He directed me to the kitchen, and clipped my side as if I was a horse. Again, with the boy giggling on my back, I pretended to be a horse and made the stupid neighing noises and pretended to trot as a horse would do. I think I did a really bad impression of The Knights of the Round table in that other Monty Python film were they pretend to ride a horse but are actually just running with a servant clapping some coconut shells together.

We trotted into the kitchen, and I could hear the telly announcing the result of the latest grand prix. I didn't realise that Daimon had left it on and nudged him to tell him this as he passed me a plate with three slices of pizza on it. It was warm pizza and I wondered how he had kept it warm without it going hard or burning.

"Let's go sit down and eat," Dai said and we turned to take a seat in the front room.

"So you guys have finally surfaced for food have you?" a deep male voice asked.

I nearly dropped my plate in shock as I saw a bald headed bloke looking at me as we walked into the lounge area. He was sat on the sofa, a dark blue shirt unbuttoned showing a slightly hairy and muscular chest and blue jeans. His feet were up resting on the coffee table, and with a beer in his hand, he motioned for us to take a seat.

Daimon sat right next to him and patted the seat next to him for me to sit.

"Where's Mom?" the young boy asked.
"She's passed out on the bed," the older man replied, reaching over to take a piece of the pizza from Daimon's plate.
"Oh Andy, soz dude, this is Dave," Daimon said. "Dave this is Andy, my new mate I told you about this morning."
"Nice to see you Andy," Dave said.

I nervously gave a greeting in response and could feel the man's eyes travelling over my naked body.

"So, did you two boys have some good fun in there?" Dave asked. "It certainly sounded like you gave Dai here a good fucking, Andy."

I gulped and looked around for a possible escape route as my worst fears came crashing in on me. I had been caught having sex with the younger boy by Daimon's step dad, or whatever he was.

Surely the beating or the phone call to the police would soon follow.

To be continued!!

Hope you enjoyed it. Andy.
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