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Fantasy Football
Part 2 of 2
Will S


Please note:
The players and team in this story are completely fictional and have no known counterparts in reality.


The next week was one of frustration for both Jared and Garrett. They nodded at each other, and occasionally they'd be able to spend time together, but both realized there had to be a "reason" - an explanation that seemed acceptable to anyone who might be watching. It wouldn't do to have anyone getting suspicious. Understanding that, however, didn't make not being able to "do it", as Jared had taken to whispering, any less frustrating.

"Well, Jared," Garrett said one day, "you can do it by yourself, you know."

"I know that!" the boy said indignantly, sounding more expert than was perhaps warranted. He blushed then. "It just feels better when you do it." That made the quarterback smile. He was still trying to figure out a way for them to be together more. If Jared had been more of a waif, more of a "latch-key" type of kid, he could have more or less hung out at his place at will. But that would be awkward with Jared's parents exerting such excellent and loving parental oversight.

To make matters worse, time was running out. The team was getting ready to go on it's first trip - an exhibition game in San Diego. Then, a solution presented itself.

"We need a water boy," one of the linebackers said.

"A what?"

"You know - a kid to get us some water, whatever. Other teams got 'em. We need one, too.

"Yeah," said a nose tackle. "But aren't they usually a coach's kid? They were when I played for the Rams."

"'Cept Coach don' have no kids."

"Hey, Coach." The linebacker spoke to one of the lower echelon coaches, and he shrugged and said he'd look into it. He did. He spoke to the head coach about it during a break, and Coach Winthrop happened to be there, too. When everyone thought the idea of a water boy was reasonable (or didn't care), the next step was to find a kid. Coach Winthrop, when no one came up with an idea, thought of the kid he'd seen with Garrett a week ago. "He's around here all the time."

"Well, talk to Garrett, then, if he knows the kid," the head coach said in a tone that suggested this was one thing he didn't need to be bothered with.

Winthrop approached Garrett immediately. "So, what'd'you think?"

"I dunno," Garrett said coolly. "I've met his parents. I guess I could ask." Garrett's heart was suddenly pounding. "Where'd he stay when we're traveling?"

Winthrop shrugged. "Got me." The coach was a keen observer of his players. He didn't miss much. The truth was, he had a feeling about Garrett, so he gazed into his star quarterback's eyes and gave it a shot. "You know him, maybe he could stay with you. I know you don't go out much when we're on the road. How d'you feel about baby-sittin'?" He watched carefully for any reaction. There was only the slightest reaction, and he barely glimpsed it, but it was enough. Garrett's cheeks got just slightly flushed, and he shrugged. "Well...if it's okay with his folks...I suppose..."

That very afternoon after practice, Jared was asked to wait for Garrett in the field house.

"Jared," Garrett began, "think I could talk to your folks about something this afternoon?"

"Sure, I guess," Jared said, "What about?"

"Just a question. It's kind of a long shot, but...well...let's just wait.

"When will they be home?"

"Around six."

"Well...think it would be okay if we went to your house and waited."


Already, the wheels were turning in both of their heads.

And so barely forty minutes later Garrett was laying back on the sofa of the boy's parents, sucking the child off for all he was worth.

"Ohh, ohhh, ohhh" the boy moaned as Garrett worked him back and forth in his mouth. As he did, Jared reached down and took one of Garrett's hands and pushed it around his hip to his butt. "Do it. Please. Put your finger in me."

Garrett grinned. His little boy was desperate for some ass-play. "It may be a little harder without the slippery stuff."

Jared groaned, not in pleasure this time, but in frustration. "My mom has some hand cream," he said. "Would that work?"

"It might."

The boy was off in a flash, and what a delightful scene it was: a little bare-assed boy dashing off, nearly tripping over his shorts and undies that were caught around his knees. His hard, glistening, little cock bounced as he ran. Jared stopped, bent over to haul up his shorts, and his pert, little bottom seemed to hypnotize the man whose eyes were riveted to him. Jared was back in no time, squeezing the goo onto Garrett's finger.

What ensued was a short, but intense session of oral and anal love-making, Garrett pleasuring the boy with his single digit and his hot, wet tongue. As Garrett sensed the boy's responses ratcheting upward, he made sure to seek that special place deep inside the boy. Cries of utter ecstasy tore from the boy's mouth. There was a desperation in Jared's responses, whether from the days of self-imposed denial, or from the fact that they were doing "it" in his parents' home - with the prospects of getting caught not far from either's consciousness.

And then with the boy literally whimpering for that desperately sought release that he, after just three orgasms in his entire young life, knew was coming, Garrett felt the small, hot anus tighten firmly around his assaulting digit. A low groan tore from the boy's throat, he stiffened all over and Garrett felt Jared's three-inch spear throb to an impossible hardness, and a shudder spread from the center of the boy's sex out across his entire body, tightening every muscle and tendon in the boy's body. His fingers dug into the man's shoulders, and a long, hissing "ye-e-e-s-s-s-s-s" escaped from his sweet, red lips.

Jared collapsed then, oozing down into a puddle of spent boy. His was, of course, still a dry orgasm, but its intensity was profound. He lost all muscle-tone, and it seemed almost as if his bones had disappeared. Garrett cradled him in his arms and watched the wondrous transformation as the boy's pulsing tool began to lose it's firmness, then actually soften and shrink and finally come to lay against his hairless pubis, then roll in slow-motion, down over his slackening scrotum and the delicate, small treasures held inside. Slow, gentle breathing punctuated by an occasional deep sigh, signaled the boy's utter satisfaction, and if that wasn't enough then the slight, half-smile stretching the boy's lips was.

By 5:00, Garrett had pulled the boy's pants up and straightened out his t-shirt. He'd actually roused the boy enough to get him to put his mother's lotion back where it belonged. Then Jared took a special joy in showing his lover his bedroom. It was remarkably like Garrett's room when he was a boy - so much so it brought a tear to the quarterback's eye. He felt a strange, almost unexpected sense of awe at being invited into the boy's space. Sitting on Jared's small bed, he reached out and gently, but firmly took the boy's hand and drew him to him, pulling him in between his open legs, leaned in, and kissed him.

Quite naturally, as their tongues explored each other, Garrett felt the boy trying to press himself against him, and inevitably, he felt a soft lump of flesh pressing against his own tool begin to throb back to life. He reached down and squeezed the boy's genitals, easily cupping all of the principal items in one hand. At the same time, he lifted away, breaking their kiss. The boy looked up uncertainly.

"Not now, Jared, I'm sorry to say."


"Well, you're mom and dad will be home soon. We do need to be a little careful, can't forget that, ya' know."

"Yeah." The boy sounded as dejected as a boy could.

By 5:45 the boy's parents were home, and Garrett was eternally grateful he'd had the forethought to deny Jared any further play. Had he not, surely the early arrival of the boy's parents would have been "problematic".

"Can you give us a few minutes, Jared?" his lover asked.

"Run along," his mom said, and grudgingly the boy complied.

After about fifteen minutes, his dad called Jared back into the house. "Mr. Miller - Garrett - has something to ask you," his dad said.

"Well," Garrett began, "the team's been trying to find a boy to be on the sidelines to make sure everyone has water and stuff. Coach suggested you. Your parents are okay with this if you want to be our water-boy. It would mean every weekend you'd be tied up, and you'd probably miss some school, the days we're traveling. So...what-do-you say? Sound like something you'd like to do?"

Even before the quarterback had gotten half-way through his explanation, Jared was jumping up and down. "Yes!" he shouted. Then to his folks, "Can I! I really can! Really!"

There were smiles everywhere.

"When the team's traveling," his mom explained, "you'd be staying in Mr. Miller's room. And maybe once in a while, Dad and I might even get to travel, and so you could stay with us then."

Jared was only half-listening. He was in heaven. His heart was pounding. He wanted more than anything in this moment to leap into his lover's arms and squeeze him tightly and lather him with wet, hot, slurpy kisses. Instead, his simply looked over at him and beamed.

"Well," his dad said, "at least you can shake the man's hand and say thanks."

Jared blushed, and stepped to Garrett and offered his hand. With his back to his folks, Jared ran his tongue over his teeth, and, while shaking his hand, pressed his leg against Garrett's. Both understood the secret language of two lovers.

And so it was, one week later, Jared and his mom and dad were on a flight to San Diego. Incredible. On the plane with the team.

At dinner, after they'd checked in, Garrett ate with Jared and his parents and Riley Hendricks, Garrett's favorite receiver. For Jared, this was sort of old hat, but Jared's dad was as giddy as a school boy. After dinner, as they walked to the elevators to go up to their rooms, Jared said how exciting it was to be staying in a hotel. His mom and dad, exchanging a significant look, agreed. "We haven't been together in a hotel for a long time." Garrett didn't fail to notice the look. "Oh, Jared," Garrett said, "Could you go to the front desk and ask them for a newspaper? Just tell 'em it's for me - room 2310."

"Sure!" The boy was always anxious to please.

When he was gone, Garrett spoke to his parents. "You know...um...I've got another bed in my room...if...you know...you'd like to be alone tonight. Both Jared's parents understood exactly what he was suggesting. "Oh, we couldn't impose like that."

"You aren't. Really. He can come over whenever he wants. I mean, he'll be staying with me on other trips, anyway, so it's not like he'd be intruding. I'm just going over some plays, and seeing what's going on the sports pages." They looked at each other and shrugged. "Well..." Jared mother began, "if you're sure..."

"100 percent."

By now Jared was bounding up to them with the paper. "Jared honey," his mom said. "How'd you like to stay in Mr. Miller's room tonight?"

"Really!" The boy's eyes stretched wide, and he looked to Garrett.

"Really," the quarterback said. "Just get your stuff, then come knocking. I'll be there." He glanced up at the boy's parents. They wore a look of gratitude for this unexpected bonus.

At just a little before 9:00 then, Jared was just stepping through the door of his lover's room. His dad stood there, too, holding the boy's teddy bear and pillow. Jared carried a little bag for his toothbrush and toothpaste. The boy stepped in and his dad handed off the pillow and stuffed animal to the football star. Jared's dad smiled. Who'd have ever thought in a 1,000 years, he'd be doing that. It crossed his mind that you never really know what a celebrity is really like - unless you happen to have a one-in-a-million chance to see for himself. "G'night, J-man," his dad said, and winked at Garrett.

"I'll take good care of him," the quarterback said, and the door closed, and they were alone. They looked at each other for a moment, and then the boy literally leapt into the man's arms. "I sure hope you are gonna take good care of me. Really!"

"I sure plan to." Garrett grabbed him tightly, and held him close as Jared laid his head on the man's shoulder and sighed.

"I didn't think we'd get to do this," Jared whispered.

"But we did, sweetie. We did!"

"Yeah," Jared sighed.

Garrett's hand held the boy's butt.

"Let's do...stuff," Jared whispered. He only needed to ask once. Garrett walked to the king-sized bed and laid him down. Garrett straddled him, kneeling above him. He looked so vulnerable then. Garrett glanced quickly down at the boy's shorts. A swelling told him he was hard already. "Hurry," Jared sighed. Garrett smiled.

The man bent down and kissed the boy on the forehead, then his cheek, then his nose, then his lips, and lifted away after briefly tasting the sweetness of the boy's lips. As he parted, the boy tried to rise with him, keeping their mouths together, but the man held him down. A little whimper of frustration escaped from the boy's throat. Garrett licked his lips and leaned in again. The boy's red tongue darted out and wet his lips as well. When they kissed, the eleven-year-old pressed his lips hard against Garrett's. He was desperate for contact. They kissed once, twice, four times quickly, then broke, the boy gasping for air. Then they kissed again, this time, Garrett forcing his hot tongue between the boy's ready lips, in past the sharp edges of his small teeth, and into the boy's equally hot, wet mouth. The boy sucked hard, pulling the man's tongue into him, his tongue caressing and swirling over Garrett's. This contact was all the trigger needed to set the boy's body in motion underneath the man. Jared reached out and took the man's hand and pressed it onto the small mounded lump in his shorts. Garrett molded his hand over the gentle swelling and Jared moaned again. Now the boy reached down and began to unbutton his shorts. His desperate actions let the man know just how hungry he was. Finally, with his zip all the way down, Garrett helped him slip the wearisome clothing to his feet. In another moment, breaking away from their kisses, they got rid of the boy's t-shirt. Garrett pulled off Jared's shoes and socks, and he lifted away once again to gaze down upon the perfection of boyhood which lay underneath him.

Jared's face was flushed and his breaths were rapid and shallow. His chest rose and fell rapidly, his little nipples erect and a reddish copper. There was a hint of pectoral musculature, but beneath that, the boy's delightful slimness revealed a delicate ribcage. Below that, his tummy, firm and smooth. His little belly button was a swirl that would draw a tongue inward, and below that, the pad of pubic flesh that cushioned the base of the boy's rigid three-inch member. Beneath the boy's small, rigid tool, there was his tight sac with a shallow swelling that just hinted at what it contained. The boy's legs were thin, but strong, perfectly proportioned with the rest of his body. Two delightful feet and ten sweet little toes begged for a little nibble.

Now Jared reached up and grasped his lover's belt. "You, too."

Garrett smiled. He was only too happy to oblige. In practically no time, he was straddling the boy's nakedness with his own. His knees pressed against Jared's hips.

"Suck it, please...until I get the feeling," the boy begged, and how could the man could deny such a request. Garrett responded as urgently as the boy's need, and vacuumed the rigid little tool into his mouth. The boy gasped, shuddered, and then thrust his hips upward to drive even more of his boyhood into the man's hungry maw. Garrett swirled his tongue over every centimeter of the boy's tool, making the boy fairly groan with pleasure: "Ahh...ahh....ahhh..." His body stiffened, as nature impelled him to thrust into the man's hot mouth. Garrett, in the meantime, fondled, then squeezed the boy's tiny eggs, adding even more to the child's sensory overload. Then summoning all his will, Jared managed to speak. "Do you have the slippery stuff?"

Garrett knew, of course, what Jared was wanting. Garrett lifted away and went to his luggage and came back with the KY. Jared smiled and blushed softly. Garrett laid down on the bed and lifted Jared up over him with the boy's butt facing him. Jared kneeled over his chest, one knee on either side, the boy's feet tucked under Garrett's armpits. Then, with Jared's forearms leaning in the shallow valleys formed where is Garrett's legs met his belly, the boy leaned down and Garret felt a warm, soft breath on his penis. "Mm..." Garrett hummed, and the boy twisted back and grinned up at his lover.

"Make me have that feeling again," Jared whispered in a shy, tremulous voice. Garrett gasped the boy's perfect butt and eased it closer to his face. A thrill coursed through his body at the sight. Such sweetness. Such luscious, inviting boy bottom! Garrett swallowed hard. He, like the boy, was electrified at what they were about to share.

"I want to try something that will make you feel really good. Can I, Jared, honey?"

"What?" the boy asked, still looking back up along his lithe body to the man's hungry mouth.

"You'll see...just try to make your bottom relax. Will you do that for me?"

"Okay." Garrett could see the anticipation, the hunger, the excitement in the boy's sweet face.

Garrett pulled the boy's bottom even closer, and breathed in deeply, smelling the sweet, faintly musky odor of boy. He leaned in and kissed first one cheek, then the other. His eyes closed. He sighed, and Jared felt the warm breath on his butt. Garrett continued kissing, up and down, left and right, running his lips and tongue over the boy's bottom. Already it was having an effect. The boy was moaning softly and pressing his butt against the man's mouth. "Ohhh...." he sighed, but then the man parted the boy's cheeks, and unbelievably, the boy felt his lover's wet tongue dive into the opening. When it circled his tight little pucker, the boy could hardly contain himself. He'd never felt anything like that, and he stiffened all over and grunted. Garrett broke away now, and whispered, "Relax." Then his tongue was there again, this time, actually pressing on the boy's hole. "God," the boy mumbled and tried to open himself. Garrett felt the little pucker pulling in on itself, then winking open, and then finally, after several false starts, it really did open a little more, and sealing the wrinkle with his lips, Garrett pressed his tongue in through the boy's defenses. Jared squealed at the penetration, and Garrett felt the tiny anus clamp down on his tongue, but he pressed in more. The boy's anal ring was so strong that there was little he could do except press in a bit more, then pull out a little. The taste was earthy but not unpleasant. His lips caressed the boy's anus as if they were another set of lips - as indeed they were. The assault was driving the boy wild, and Garrett had to hold his firm bottom still, for fear of coming "unseated". After he had worked the tight little asshole for a few minutes, it was definitely looser. He was drooling copious amounts of saliva so it spilled down the boy's crack and onto his balls. From there, it dribbled onto the man's chest.

"Ohh, Garrett..." the boy moaned. "Help me..." he gurgled.

Garrett pulled back. "Help you what?" he asked.

The boy looked back, dazed. "What?"

"You said, help me."

The boy looked dumbfounded. "I did?"

Garrett smiled, and slowly the boy blushed. He was so stimulated he didn't even know what he was saying! "I...um...I guess I meant I wanted you to make the feeling come. It was so close."

"I know, sweetie," the man said. "Soon." Now he picked up the KY and coated his fingers with the clear, cool lube. Again he spread the boy's cheeks, and slowly brought his pointer finger to the mark. His heart pounded. This time, he'd be able to see the little anus react when his finger touched down, and sure enough, with first contact, the pucker pulled in quite on its own. The man pressed into the center of the bud with tiny circular movements and he felt the ring tighten. "Just relax, honey," he urged.

"I'm trying," the boy answered.

"I know you are. Good boy. I know you are." He continued his motion, pressing inward all the time. His own member swelled every time the promise of entry seemed closer, and then finally, it happened: the boy relaxed enough and the finger slipped in. "Ahhh!" the boy sucked in a breath and hissed through his clenched teeth. He quivered, trying to hold himself as still as possible. "Does it hurt?" the man asked.

"It's tight, that's all," the boy replied.

"Is it okay?"

"Yes," Jared breathed.

"You like that, huh?"

"Yeah," the eleven-year-old sighed.

"Tell me what you want me to do."

"Put it in more," the boy commanded, and Garrett did, and so began a slow dance toward what would be the most exquisite orgasm yet experienced by the young boy. In and out...in and out, sliding through that hot, slick smooth chute, each time teasing that hidden place, and causing the boy to shudder at the not uncomfortable pressure. Garrett felt a rigid little poker bumping against his chest and he knew the boy's slim cocklet was as hard as iron.

After five minutes of slow finger fucking, the boy could hardly stay still. Garrett thought about turning the boy around and sucking his throbbing little tool as well, but the child seemed to be so close to orgasm, that he wondered if maybe he should just keep doing what he was doing. He gazed down at the beautiful little anus. On the outstroke, it clung to his finger - even with the lube - and on the in stroke, it dipped in, still trying to resist the finger's movement, but Garrett had established a rhythm, and the boy's body clearly was responding.

The pucker had indeed loosened some, and Garrett's finger was doing what the boy wanted - but maybe not. "Garrett."

The man looked up away from that miraculous opening.

"Um...can you...do you think...I mean what if you put another finger in?" The expression on the boy's face was at once concerned and desperate and excited.

"Are you sure?" the man asked. "It might hurt a little."

That gave the boy pause, but only momentarily. "Can we try?"

"Of course," Garrett said, feeling a jolt of energy surge through him at the prospects. They shifted position then, Garrett laying the boy on his back and instructing him to pull his knees back to his shoulders, thus revealing the well-greased hole to his view. After all the fingering, it remained a bit open. And so began the slow process of inserting a second digit. Garrett shifted his gaze from the boy's hole to his face, looking for the slightest discomfort - and it was not long in coming. With two of his fingers overlapping, he pressed the tips into the boy's anus. It seemed tighter than ever. The color drained from Jared's face, and he stiffened, and a whimper slipped from his clenched mouth. Just the tips - to the end of the fingernails - were embedded in the firm tissue, but it was enough.

"It hurts, doesn't it?" The boy nodded. "We'll just wait." And they did. Garrett smiled reassuringly down at the boy, who pulled on his knees, keeping his folded legs hard against his chest. Why, Garrett wondered, would a boy want to do this? Why would he want to endure this pins-and-needles tightness? So he asked. "Why do you want to do this, honey?"

"Don't you want to?" the boy said, sounding almost hurt.

"Only if you do," the man replied.

"I do," the boy confirmed. "Because it will feel even better. I know it will. It will, won't it, Garrett?" The man smiled. "Yes," he said softly, "it sure will. But it's probably going to hurt a little first. Is that okay?"

"No pain, no gain," the boy said cheekily. "But it will feel good?" He seemed to need that assurance.

"Awesome," the man said.

The boy smiled then, sucked in a brave breath, and announced, "Then I'm ready."

Garrett reached down and stroked the boy's firm tummy and his chest, playing with his little nipples. His tummy tensed, and he looked expectant. Then Garrett moved down along the boy's leg, letting his hand drift gently down until the leg blended with his butt. There he stroked/petted the warm, velvety-smooth flesh. "It's really important now. Try, Jared, try to really relax down there. You know you can because you've done it before. You have to help me, honey. Okay?"

The boy nodded. Garrett stared at the boy's tight anus. How, he wondered, would it ever stretch. Maybe it would stretch to two fingers, but would it ever open enough to accept him? A tremor coursed through his body. The very thought of it made him shudder with excitement. Garrett was nothing if not patient. If he was too aggressive, too anxious, even with just his fingers, he'd tear the boy, and betray the trust the boy had placed in him. There might come a time when he'd have to cause the boy some more intense pain, but it would only be if the boy were ready and he himself wanted it. Garrett smiled. No pain, no gain. So, Jared, that's the way you want it, is it? Garrett understood - more than the boy - that this was part of the journey they were on. What they were doing now would help Jared prepare himself for something he probably couldn't even imagine yet. Garrett waited for a minute longer, then when he felt the tight ring loosen even the slightest, he eased his fingers in deeper. The boy winced, and any looseness Garrett might have felt disappeared, but he was in up to the first joint in both digits.

"It hurts," the boy huffed.

"I can stop," Garrett said softly.

"No...keep going. Um..." The boy panted. "Can...we rest a minute?"

"Of course we can, sweetie. For as long as it takes. We have all night."

With that, the boy looked up. He smiled then. "Yeah," he managed. "We do, don't we." His smile seemed to drive all the stress in his young face away for the moment. Now Garrett reached down and began to fondle the boy's erection. At his first touch, the little boy-sized penis jumped in his hand. Slowly, the man began to masturbate his young lover. Before long, he had a steady rhythm and the boy seemed to forget the pain in his backside. In fact, before long, the tightness eased, and Garrett again plunged in. This time he eased slowly with continuous pressure until he got to the second knuckles. Again the boy groaned. A tear welled up and spilled down, but he didn't cry out. "I know, sweetie, I know," Garrett soothed. "You such a brave boy. Such a good boy." He resumed jacking the boy off, and again that seemed to refocus the boy enough that his anus relaxed.

"Do it, Garrett," the boy pleaded with wide-open eyes. "It's looser, I think." And Garrett did, stretching him wide. His fingers were in to the hilt, and just one sob shattered the silence of the football star's hotel room.

"There, there, sweetheart. I'm all the way in. Now it will get better. I promise." Garrett had stopped masturbating the boy because as often happens with young novices, the pain of entry had caused the boy's erection to subside temporarily.

"What's wrong," Jared asked, and Garrett could see the worry on his face.

"Nothing, Jared. It's just that the pain makes your body sort of refocus its attention, that's all. We'll just wait a few minutes. Besides, I never get to feel you when your soft...so I kind of like this." Garrett smiled, and that seemed to please the boy, and he blushed. Garrett gently rolled the semi-erect inch-long tool between his thumb and finger, and almost immediately felt it begin to throb back to life. The man took this opportunity to ease his fingers out of the hot, slick chute, and prepare to plunge back in. The boy sucked in sharp, shallow breaths through his teeth. Slowly Garrett pushed back in. He watched the boy's face for any change - if the pain was worse, or better. After a couple of minutes of simply pressing against Jared's defenses, Garrett thought it seemed as if he were loosening up. Jared wasn't wincing every time a knuckle passed through his anal ring. He was still tender, but it seemed he was sensing the promise of something more. "You can go faster now," the boy said, as if reading Garrett's mind.

"You sure?"

"M-hm." Garrett smiled, then steadily began to increase the pressure, and the motion. Almost simultaneously, Jared's little cock stood up hard and proud. His asshole was definitely looser now, and the man's two fingers were making slurpy noises, as they moved in and out of the boy's spongy insides.

Garrett increased his action. He glanced up and the boy's eyes seemed unfocused, almost wandering - as if he were loosing consciousness. Drool spilled from the corner of his mouth. His little body lifted each time the man drove into him, and a gasp would tear from his mouth. With each of the man's deliberate thrusts, the boy's tummy tightened, showing his wonderful muscles. "Oh God," the boy groaned. "Harder!" Now Garrett ratcheted up his tempo, responding to the boy's suddenly discovered need. "Aghhh..." the boy muttered with each deep thrust, his head rolling to the side. Garrett reveled in the power he held over the boy - in the effect he was having on the child. The eleven-year-old was clearly on another plane of existence. And then he seemed to gulp in some air, and suddenly Jared's small body stiffened, and this time it stayed hard and rigid all over. Jared's little cocklet swelled and his hips thrust upward. His orgasm, massive and unchecked, hit hard and fast. His body shuddered as his anus quivered, tightening around Garrett's gooey fingers. And then, as he had in his previous climaxes, he seemed to collapse. Even his tight, little hole seemed to lose every bit of tension.

When the boy regained consciousness, he glanced up at Garrett. The man had pulled the boy up onto his body, and as Garrett breathed, the boy felt himself being lifted gently and then dropping. Dreamily, Jared reached back and unselfconsciously felt his own asshole. It was still loose, even a bit open. His finger dove right in. He sighed. "It was so awesome," he muttered to no one in particular. He pulled his finger out and lifted his hand so he could examine it. Again he sighed, and then seemed again to drift off to some private place. After a moment Garrett felt the boy's hand snake down between them and come to rest on his flaccid penis. Another sigh. Garrett reached up and fondled the boy's back and neck. With just one hand, he could almost encircle that delightful little neck. The boy snuggled more, and Garrett's hand drifted up and stroked the boy's silky smooth hair.

Now the boy seemed to grow even quieter. Garrett glanced down at him, and he seemed lost in thought.

"Did you like that?" Garrett asked softly.


"Did you like the feeling in your bottom - with the two fingers?"

"Yeah..." the boy breathed. "Awesome. Two fingers..." The boy's thoughts were left unspoken, but Garrett figured he knew exactly what the boy was thinking.

Now Jared rolled over and lowered himself slightly. He lifted his knees a little and reached between his legs and took hold of Garrett's penis. Now the eleven-year-old aimed the man's cock so its head nestled in the crack of the boy's bottom, and instantly the man began to harden. As he did, Jared stroked the throbbing tool up and down his crack and even over the still-slick hole. Garrett grabbed onto the boy and held his tightly.


"Yeah," the man answered, his voice cracking with nervous energy.

"Can you put something besides fingers up there?"

A shiver rippled through Garrett's body. "What do you have in mind?"

"I dunno..." the boy said dreamily. He fell silent, and Garrett could almost feel him trying to work something out. Finally, he spoke again. "What if you put your thing in me."

Garrett shook with nervous excitement. "Where'd you get an idea like that?" He felt the boy shrug.

"Dunno...but...well...you can, can't you?"

"Oh my God, Jared, my penis is pretty big. It might split you in two."

"Not if we're careful. Like with your fingers. It hurt at first, but then...then it was awesome, Garrett!" He looked up and grinned bashfully, and then looked away.

The man's penis had by now throbbed to hardness, and it pressed into the boy's crack. Garrett's heart was pounding.

"Is it too dirty...you know...for you to put it in back there?" the boy asked, apparently suddenly worried that perhaps his new-found desire was just too nasty for his lover to consider.

"Oh, no, honey," Garrett answered. "Not at all. It's just that this is a big step for two people to take."

"Why? I want to...don't you?"

"Oh, Jared, more than anything. It's the way a man and a boy make the most special kind of love. But we have to be so, so careful."

"Why?" the boy asked again in his innocence.

"Because I love you so much, and I could really, really hurt you, and that would make me feel terrible."

"I know it's going to hurt...at first anyway," Jared said suddenly sounding like a little expert in the ways of man-boy love.

"But if we don't prepare your bottom, then my penis could injure you. Sometimes boys get tears down there."

"You mean like bleeding?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I mean." That seemed to slow the boy down. "It's just that I'm so much bigger than your anus. If it tries to stretch too fast...well...then that's when problems develop. And sometimes, a boy even needs to see a doctor."

Jared swallowed. He felt as if he were getting too much information. Doctors! He knew what that would mean! His head was spinning. All he knew was that he wanted to feel the man inside him. He had to feel the man's thing inside him. He just had to! Somehow he knew it would feel even better than his fingers! "But I know you'll be careful." He gave the man's cock a squeeze.

Garrett smiled at him. "Jared, honey, I've dreamed about doing this with you. But I thought it would be months before we'd even talk about this...and now...you're asking if we can do it!" Garrett's cock flexed once, making the boy stiffen.

The boy smiled. "And I guess I know how you feel about doing it!" He smirked a coy little smile. Jared seemed to freeze for a moment, and Garrett could see he had another thought. Then suddenly Garrett felt the boy's buttocks tighten over his cock. The boy was flexing his bottom, intentionally trying to trap the man's penis. He looked into Garrett's eyes and blushed. "I know you love me...and I know it will hurt...but...can you get me ready? I know we won't be able to do it now. But when you think I'm ready, can we?"

Garrett did love the boy - loved him so much that his request was impossible to deny. "Of course," he whispered and leaned down and kissed the boy on his sweet, soft lips. The boy responded in kind, and several long minutes passed with Jared and Garrett exploring each other's bodies. At one point, Jared began humping against Garrett's groin. "Can we try something different?" Garrett asked.


"It's more for me, I guess, but I try to make you feel good, too."

"Sure," Jared said. Garrett instructed the boy to lube up his big penis. Feeling the boy's gel-coated fingers moving over his cock almost made him come. The boy was serious and focused about his work. His small hand ran up and down the man's tool, and he took delight in the response he was causing in the man.

"Okay," Garrett instructed, "now lay down on your side, bottom to my front. Garrett helped the boy position himself. He slipped a pillow under the boy's hip. Then Garrett pressed his rock-hard tool in between the boy's legs. Part of the man's penis nestled up between the boy's cheeks, the rest pressed against the boy's legs and scrotum. The tip of Garrett's cock poked out beyond the boy's tiny balls. "Okay, comfortable?" he asked.

The little boy nodded. "What are you going to do?"

"You'll see," Garrett answered. He slowly pulled back, drawing his penis back across the boy's ball sac and its contents and the boy's legs and buttocks. The boy shivered at the slick sensation "down there". Then the man thrust forward again. He felt the boy tweak the head of his penis as it poked out in the boy's front. Garrett ran his hand over the boy's exquisitely soft skin on his hip. It was velvety smooth, baby-soft, touching the child in this way made the man's whole body tingle. "Does that feel okay?" Garrett asked.

The boy squeezed his legs together, increasing the friction on the man's tool. "Yeah," the boy gasped. "Does this?" He reached down and again ran his fingers over the big glans that poked through his legs.

A tremor 6.9 on the Richter scale rumbled across Garrett's body. He groaned loudly. "God, yes." He pulled back and began a rhythmic thrusting back and forth. Each time he pushed forward, Jared would add his own special touch. Now the man found the boy's little golden spike, and he gave the boy some of his own medicine. A little four-year-old squeal came out of the eleven-year-old's throat, and he began his own humping action. Garrett smiled. The boy seemed quite happy being in the receiver role, allowing Garrett's big tool to "enter" him in this way. But that shouldn't be surprising; after all, it was the boy who practically demanded that Garrett fuck him in his ass. And the man would only be too happy to oblige when the boy was ready - which, he told himself, would be much sooner than he first imagined. He wished he'd brought his assortment of boy-sized toys. Those would help him stretch and get used to the feeling of something other than a finger or two in his bottom. The very thought made Garrett's penis jump, and that made the boy's small tool pulse as well. When Garrett shot his load, still humping the boy's smooth legs, his cum shot three feet into the air, then fell down splashing on the boy's tummy and chest.


It had been a delightful visit for the Daniels family. Garrett Miller had invited them to his home for a cookout and swim. Garrett genuinely liked Jared's parents, and they had a good time. If either of Jared's parents had looked at their son closely, they would have realized he seemed preoccupied during their visit, but they were too involved in having a good time themselves. By late afternoon, the time was fast approaching when they'd have to leave. Garrett had already announced that he had to watch some game video, and so the Daniels were prepared to move on at the appointed hour, but when it was time to go, Jared asked if he could stay and watch, too. After a little give and take, Garrett convinced the Daniels that it would be fine with him. He had something he had to do later on that night, and he'd drop Jared off on the way. No problem. No problem, indeed, and the game video, as it turned out, could wait.

"Assume the position, champ." Garrett patted the boy's glorious bottom.

Jared pulled his knees back to his chest, grinning all the time. "Look what I can do now." He reached down and with a look of concentration, gently pulled back his foreskin. The boy had to work at it carefully, but eventually, he managed to work the tight band of skin back down the shaft. Whereas each time before, it had caught at some point, this time is stretched all the way back, exposing a beautiful, shining, pink little head, about the size of the man's fingertip.

"Congratulations!" Garrett beamed. He leaned down and tongued the tasty little morsel, eliciting a pronounced squeal from the little boy. "A little sensitive, down there?"

The eleven-year-old blushed. "A little."

"It's beautiful, sweetie, just like the rest of you."

The boy's blush grew deeper. "Now I look like you," he said softly.

"We're twins?" Garrett said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Well...not exactly..." the boy responded.


"You're a little bigger," Jared answered.

"A little!"

"Well...a lot I guess. I wish I was bigger," Jared said, echoing the sentiment of probably every male on the planet.

"Just be patient. If you keep playing with it, maybe it'll stretch out...a regular Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill."

They both giggled like schoolboys at that, and then Jared reached up and spread his folded legs, exposing the place that had become so important to him over the past couple of weeks.

"How many this time?" Jared asked with a trembling voice. By "how many" Jared meant how many fingers was Garrett going to insert into his tight little bottom. In the few weeks since that first road trip, the boy had grown comfortable with two of the man's fingers. Even more remarkable, he'd even managed to gain some control over his anal muscles, so he could reduce the amount of discomfort he inevitably felt as the man pressed forward. But today, Garrett had a different agenda. He leaned down and tongued the boy's hole, sending a tremor through his whole body. Jared stiffened and held his breath, and a look of utter concentration flooded over him. He willed the tight little pucker to wink open invitingly. "Did it open?" he asked breathlessly.

"It did," Garrett answered, and he pressed his tongue deeper into the opening. The boy sucked in more breath. The man marveled at how much control the boy had mastered in just a short time. Never, he thought, had there been a child with such willpower, such determination, such a hunger for ass play. But there was no doubt. This boy wanted exactly that.

"Put your fingers in," the boy demanded.

"Not this time, young man," Garrett answered in a playful tone. He reached for the "slippery stuff" and something else.

"What's that?" the boy asked, looking down between his folded legs.

"It's called a dildo," the man replied.

"It's a fake thing!" the boy exclaimed, with a brazen smile spreading across his face.

Garrett grinned. As much as he'd tried to expand the boy's vocabulary, he was afraid with Jared, a penis would always be a "thing".

"Uh-huh," Garrett answered. He held it up between the boy's legs so he could examine it in detail.

"It's not as big as yours," the boy announced with a tone of disappointment.

"No, but remember, we're trying to get you ready. If I was going to use something the size of my penis...well...I guess I'd want to use the real thing." The boy's eyes widened and he smiled a big, toothy grin. The man anticipated his next comment, and headed him off. "And...no...I'm not going to fuck you now...at least not with my penis." Garrett smiled and his eyes flashed. "I think it's big enough, though," and he slipped it up against the boy's lips. The boy blushed. Quickly Jared opened his mouth and coated the tool with his saliva. His mouth was full, but not nearly so full as when he worked on his man's tool. Still, he worked his tongue over the rubber "thing", rolled his eyes up and gazed into the man's eyes, and grinned - as best he could with his mouth full of his first toy. The boy ran his tongue over the tool just as he'd learnt to do with his lover's thing. He marveled at how real in shape it was - right down to the slit at the top, but there was no way it could compare to the man's real cock. It didn't respond to his hot, wet, slurping caresses the way the man's "cock" did. (Jared reminded himself he needed to use other words than "thing".) Still it was strangely exciting.

Now the man pulled the dildo out of Jared's mouth. "You ready to try this?"

The boy nodded, no longer shy about displaying his newly freed desire. "Yeah," he sighed. "Slick me up, first, though."

"Your saliva's not enough?"

"I don't think so," the boy said suddenly sounding like the expert again. He prided himself on how much he'd learned about sex - gay sex, and ass play in particular - and he knew just how tight he was. He'd gotten better at opening himself, and - as Garrett continually reminded him - to relax, but there was no question how tight he was, and he knew the KY would make it better.

"I think there's another reason, isn't there," Garrett responded. The boy colored slightly. "I think you just want to feel my finger inside you." Bright red, now. Bingo!

"No." The boy offered a feeble protest.

"Yes," the man said, and tickled the boy's side mercilessly, eliciting a long bout of laughter.

"Cut it out! Cut it out! Stop. Garrett, stop!" The boy feigned anger, but the man continued.

"I'll teach you to lie to me!" The man continued to tickle.

"I'm not lying!"

"The truth..."

The boy tried to protest between gales of laughter, then finally, "I'm gonna pee! Stop!"

"Not in my bed, young man!"

"Then stop!" Jared squealed.

"Not 'til you tell the truth!" The tickling continued.

"I'm gonna!"

The naked man picked up the naked boy with one hand and carried him into the bathroom. He stepped into the tub. Garrett held the boy close against him so the boy's little cocklet was pressed between their bellies. "Now, the truth!" The tickling ratcheted up a notch.

"I'm gonna pee! REALLY!"

"The truth!" It was a game they had played once before. Jared didn't quite understand why Garrett seemed to enjoy it so much, but he did, and the boy was happy to play along.

"I..." The boy shuddered and Garrett felt his body change. "It's okay," Garrett whispered softly, and suddenly he was gently stroking the boy's side with one hand while holding him tight with the other, and then the boy couldn't hold it anymore, and he let his golden stream go. The man felt the warm syrupy fluid flow up between them. "There, there," he whispered in the boy's ear. "Let it all out, honey." It was weird, the boy thought, but somehow, he knew that was what his lover wanted.

When the boy had finished, Garrett dropped to his knees, took the boy's tool into his mouth, and sucked it hard. Jared gasped, and thrust his hips forward, embedding his small penis in the man's mouth. Garrett had carefully worked the boy's prepuce back off the tiny head and now he lightly swirled his tongue over the exposed - and very sensitive - pink knob. Jared gasped again and tried to pull back, but Garrett held him still. A shudder coursed through the boy, and he groaned aloud.

The man could see a combination of discomfort and pleasure flood across the boy's face.

"Where's the dildo thing?" Jared asked with a needy tone.

"Wait here," Garrett said, and stepped out of the tub, still slick with the boy's sweet-smelling urine, got the toy and the KY and returned. As he stepped back into the tub, he was slicking up the toy.

And then, holding up a finger with a glob of gel, he gestured to the boy to turn around. Jared fairly spun 'round on his heel, bent over slightly and grasped both cheeks and spread them, having become "expert" at such preparation in the weeks since he first played "back there" with his lover. His little pucker was little changed from their frequent ass play, though it might have been a bit more puffy than the first day Garrett had laid his eyes on it. Gingerly, the man lowered his finger to the spot. When he touched down, the boy seemed to settle, growing very still, expectant. Garrett wriggled his fingertip, finding the exact center of the boy's pucker, and then gently pushed in. The boy was ready, he was loose, as if his openness were an invitation in and of itself. He was so hot inside, and so soft. The spongy heat surrounded the man's finger, and once again, he longed to feel those same sensations surrounding his manhood. Soon enough, he told himself. He lubed the little anus, pressing his finger in and out several times. The boy sighed as the man slowly removed his finger.

Now Garrett drew the medium-sized dildo down the wide, shallow furrow made as the boy spread his cheeks. As it passed over the lubed-up pucker, the boy tensed, but then relaxed as the toy moved on past the hole. Then it headed back, this time settling in over the tiny opening. "Help me," Garrett urged, then pressed and wedged the toy until the boy could do exactly what the man requested. Jared leaned back and pushed "down there", opening himself even more. Garrett grinned and pressed the head of the rubber toy into the boy's anus. The toy's head lodged there, maybe halfway in. If Garrett hadn't been holding it in place, the boy's anal muscles would have squeezed it out, but that wasn't to be, and with the thing lodged in place, Jared breathed hard, sharp breaths in through his flared nostrils, and tremors shook his small, slender body. He panted like a little puppy who'd been playing hard. A little whimper escaped from the boy's mouth, and his anus continued to try to squeeze the intruder out.

"We'll just wait, 'til you're ready," Garrett said, leaning in and planting a kiss on the boy's butt.

"Okay," the boy hissed softly as his little hole continued to be assaulted by the swollen head of the toy. After a moment, Jared wiggled his bottom a little and tried to exert a bit of pressure on the thing that pressed into him. Again a soft grunt told both Garrett and Jared that he needed more patience.

"You can do it, honey," Garrett whispered, "but you need to just wait a little while. Don't try to push, you know...just try to relax - that's the best thing. Then it won't hurt so much." Garrett could see little tremors coursing through the boy's body. He leaned in and brushed his cheek over the boy's soft ass. It was sublime. Then they waited.

Before long, Garrett felt the pressure to keep the dildo out ease. "Try it now," the boy said in uncertain tones. The man grasped the toy firmly and pressed. Immediately, the boy stiffened, but the head of the thing had slipped in just enough more to get past the tight ring. A sharp little cry escaped from the eleven-year-old's mouth.

"There, there," Garrett whispered patting the boy's glorious, satiny smooth bottom. "It's past your anus. And that's the hardest part...see...I can even let go, and it'll stay in there. A full length mirror opposite them allowed Jared - when he twisted around - to see the dildo jutting obscenely out of his tight little hole. About five inches of the tool was still exposed. The anus seemed almost to cling to it, and Garrett knew almost any movement would cause the pins-and-needles sensations the boy had weathered to return.

"Put it in more," the sweet child commanded, and Garrett smiled. His young lover was truly a child dominated by his newly-discovered asshole. Only attention to that secret place could give him the satisfaction he craved. Garrett took hold of the toy again, and even that made the boy shiver - whether of pain or pleasure or both, the man couldn't be certain - spread out from the distended pucker.

"You're doing great," Garrett whispered. "So brave." Slowly and gently, Garrett eased the tool in until there was just the end showing. "There," Garrett said softly. "It's all the way in. How's it feel, sweetie?"

"It doesn't hurt...not so much, anyway...not now, at least."

"I'm glad. I don't want it to hurt."

"No pain, no gain," the boy smirked.

Garrett smacked Jared's sweet little butt with his hand.


"No pain, no gain," Garrett parroted back and leaned in and kissed the place he'd just spanked. The boy giggled, then: "It feels like really full inside."

"Does it feel good?"

The boy paused and after a while said uncertainly, "Yeah", but just the delay suggested otherwise.

"You'll get used to it," Garrett offered. "You'll see. It'll get better." The man grasped the toy and slowly pulled it from the boy's body. When the rubber head bumped up against the inside of the boy's anus, he stopped, then pushed slowly back in. Jared shuddered at the sensations coming from his bottom. Then Garrett was pulling out again, and the boy grunted, and thus began a slow, rhythmic fucking of the boy's tight ass. Each time he bring the toy out far enough so the head would bump up against the boy's anus, and each time the boy would utter a sharp grunting sound, as if he were working hard with each thrust.

"Better?" Garrett asked after a few minutes of slowly increasing action.

"Yes," the boy managed. He'd let go of his cheeks and was hanging onto the walls to keep himself still.

"Let's try this," Garrett said, and turned Jared around so his little rigid spike was throbbing just inches from the boy lover's lips. "Lean on my shoulders if you like," he said. "Spread those beautiful legs a little." The boy opened his legs, and Garrett reached under the boy's balls and grabbed the protruding toy again. It would be more awkward this way, but Garrett had other plans, too. Again he began his thrusting motion, and again the boy responded with loud grunts. Garrett glanced up and the boy had his head tilted up, his eyes closed, and each time the toy's head hit his anus, he'd shake as if an earthquake struck. Garrett smiled, and increased his action on the loosening anus and rectum.

The throbbing little penis was its own invitation to the man, and as he worked the boy's ass with the dildo, he leaned in and sucked the tasty morsel into his hungry mouth. The boy stiffened predictably, and Garrett felt the two small hands squeeze tighter onto his shoulders. Now the boy was getting attention from both the front and the back. Until now, Garrett had simply been driving the toy into the boy with only loosening the tight opening in mind. Now he adjusted the angle of the toy's path and after a few false tries, finally poked against the deep, hidden place that sets boys on fire. Jared squealed like a little piglet and stiffened, and groaned. Garrett felt fingernails digging into his shoulders. He sucked harder and began shoving the toy in and out as fast as he could. From the sounds coming from the child, Garrett knew it wouldn't be long. With his free hand, he tweaked the boy's balls, as he sucked down harder on the iron-hard little cocklet. He swirled his tongue over the exposed glans, and that apparently was all the trigger needed to put the eleven-year-old over the edge. Massive tremors shook not only the boy, but his lover as well, and suddenly the child's loose anal ring clamped down tightly, slowing the movement of the dildo. Then, as spasms shot out across the boy's body, powerful contractions pumped the rubber toy out of his body, though the man held it just before the head pop past the anal ring itself. Jared cried out loud - though later, he would deny it - and after going rigid for nearly a minute, began to relent, then virtually collapse onto Garrett. Gently, Garrett eased the toy out of the child's bottom, and then turned the boy, allowing him to melt down onto the man, and together, they lay in the tub.

Carefully, Garrett turned on the water, adjusting it to warm, and for a long, long time, they let the buoyancy of the water lift away all their cares. If, Garrett thought, his lover could open himself to the toy, then he was about as ready as he'd ever be, and the quarterback felt a tremor pass through his body. Soon he would be blended with the boy in a way only a handful of men and boys understand. Soon, he and his love would be one. The water washed up over the boy and the man under him. Garrett swept his hand over the soft, warm flesh of the boy's bottom, and slowly the boy stirred, then sighed, and then was still again.


Sometimes things just work out. Jared wasn't thinking that particularly, but that was the bottom-line. Teachers had a professional day, and so on Friday there was no school. That meant on he'd get to go with the team when it left early Friday morning. To "spare" his parents from having to get up early Friday morning, it was agreed he'd stay with Garrett at his home Thursday night.

Garrett made arrangements at a restaurant, and Jared and his parents met him for dinner. There was the predictable commotion at the restaurant entrance. Everyone's eyes were on Garrett. But there he was - Jared Daniels, eleven-years-old - right in the middle of it, right next to Garrett Miller, who, it seemed, 90 percent of America knew by sight. It made Jared smile. Then Garrett went to take care of some things and Jared and his mom waited for his dad to park the car. Then, while they were waiting, a couple of kids about his age came out of the restaurant. "I know him. He's with him," one of them said, nodding toward Jared.

"Nah, no he's not," the other one replied.

"Yeah, he is." Then, turning to Jared: "You're on the Raiders' sidelines during the game! Aren't you!"

Jared blushed and nodded.

"No way," the other one protested.

"No way what?"

Jared got a big smile on his face as the other two boys turned in the direction of the voice. Their mouths dropped. Standing not two feet from them was Garrett Miller. He turned to Jared. "You ready, Jared, Mrs. Daniels?"

"Yeah, Garrett."

"Well, our table's ready." Garrett put his hand on Jared's shoulder and together they headed for the exit. Now the two boys broke out of their trance.

"Hey," the began, chasing after Garrett and Jared. "Can we have your autograph?"

Garrett looked at them, then at Jared. "How about both of us?" He pulled out a trading card, and Jared's eyes popped when he saw it. It was Garrett and Jared at BigDawg Park, taken that day so many weeks ago now. Garrett handed a pen to Jared, and blushing, he signed both cards, then Garrett scrawled his signature across the top. Both boys were again speechless, and together, Jared and Garrett headed inside.

"First autograph, huh?" Garrett asked with a smile.

Jared beamed. "Yeah!"


"Cool! Where'd you get the picture?"

"The office had a bunch made up. Neat, huh."


"Can we..." Jared raised his eyebrows. They'd had a great dinner, gotten settled in, the Daniels had said goodbye, and Garrett and Jared headed for Garrett's home. When they got there, Garrett had a few phone calls to make, and Jared headed for the bedroom. When Garrett got there, the boy was in just his new, white briefs. He'd gotten them just for Garrett. He had been waiting - impatiently - for Garrett's return, and now that he had returned, the boy was ready for some fun. For Garrett, there would be fun...but, this night there'd be more. This night their relationship would change. It would never be the same again. It would be a long night, one requiring patience and care, and Garrett wanted to be sure nothing went wrong. He gazed at the boy - at his wiry, muscled body, firm, smooth, hairless, except for his head, eyebrows, and the lightest down on his forearms and legs. The white briefs set off his body in a way colored boxers never could. Lifting up delightfully underneath the cotton was a little-boy erection. His lips were parted, his eyes bright, his chest rose and settled in quick, shallow breaths. The man steeled himself from leaping to the child and devouring him.

"Can we what?" Garrett asked coyly.

"You know..." the boy answered. "...do it. I had to wait all week. I need it!" he said cheekily.

"Well...we'll see," Garrett said, driving the child wild with frustration. He grinned.

"It's not funny! I didn't jerk off or anything. I bet you did, though."

"If I did, it'd be your fault!"

"My fault?" the boy fussed.

Garrett opened his arms and Jared ran to him and jumped into his arms. The boy wrapped his legs around the man's hips. Garrett encircled the small body and drew him close to him. "Oh, Jared, honey, I think about you all the time, and when I do...usually my body responds...and when that happens, there's nothing better than masturbating as I dream about you."

"I knew it!" Jared grumbled. The boy rubbed himself against the man's firm belly.

Garrett stroked the boy slowly, reaching up under his shirt, moving his hand over the smooth skin of his muscled back. His fingers danced over each knob of the boy's straight spine. "Except this week, I waited for you, sweetie."

Jared sighed and wriggled closer to him and wrapped his arms tighter around Garrett's neck. "I love you," the boy sighed.

"And I love you," the man whispered in the boy's ear. "You're a very special boy, Jared Daniels, and I want this to be a very day for you. It's going to be special for me, too."

Garrett felt the boy grow very still.

"Garrett?" the boy asked finally.

"Yes, Jared."

"Are...you going to do it tonight? Am I ready?"

Garrett leaned down and kissed the boy on his silky soft hair. He smelled the savory sweetness of boy oozing from him. "Do you think you're ready?"

The boy was silent for nearly a long time. "I think I am. I've been working on making it loose back there - you know, relaxing." There was an uncertainty to the boy's words, almost a fear, but also an unmistakable longing.

"I know you have, honey. You're doing awesome, too."

Again a silence fell over them. It was a silence that drew them closer.

"I want to feel you in me, Garrett. I want it so bad..." The boy was almost whimpering.

Garrett listened, waiting. It seemed there was more to come. "But..."

The boy shifted uneasily. "Why?" He lifted away and looked up into the man's eyes. "I mean I know it's gonna hurt, and it's so...weird...but it's like I need you inside me...down there. I want to feel you doing it to me like you do in my mouth...but...I don't know...it just seems so weird...but I think about it all the time."

Garrett pulled the lithe child's body to him and hugged tightly. "Oh Jared," he breathed. "It's not weird if it's the way we want to love each other. It's just the way we're made. It's not something we can always explain. It's who we are."

Garrett felt the boy stiffen.

"It's because I'm gay."

The man felt all the heaviness of his own realization of his sexuality those 15 years ago. He thought before answering, and chose his words carefully. "I'd love you even if you weren't gay." He felt the boy shift slightly. "If you weren't gay like me," Garrett added.

"But I am...like you, aren't I? I am gay," the sweet eleven-year-old whispered. He remained very still. Then Garrett felt a single tear on his chest.

He hugged the boy closer to him and let his hand drift down and sneak under his underpants. His hand cupped that warm, smooth, exquisite bottom. Jared sighed, then lay against Garrett unmoving. After a long while, the boy stirred. "I want you to do it, Garrett."

The man kissed him. "Then we will, my beautiful, sweet boy. Together, we'll make love and you'll give to me your virginity."

Jared let his legs unlock and he slid down off his lover's body. He stood about two feet from the man and stood there, his boyhood tenting his briefs invitingly.

"Did I tell you I like the change?" Jared looked momentarily confused. Garrett nodded toward the boy's underpants. "The new 'look'."

The boy blushed. "I got them for you." He reached out his hand.

"I know you did." Garrett took the boy's hand. It was electric, like the very first time their hands had touched. Jared began to lead his lover to the bed. "Jared," Garrett said, stopping the boy. Jared looked up. "We need to do something first."

"Okay," the boy said quietly. Garrett knelt and slipped his hands into the boy's underpants. He pulled them down and the little penis popped up at attention. Garrett leaned in and kissed it, while easing the white briefs down the boy's legs. Then he got up and went to his bureau and pulled out the KY, a length of thin tube, and a plastic bag filled with fluid.

"What's that for?" Jared asked with a blend of uncertainty and curiosity.

"The last step in getting you ready," Garrett answered. "This will sort of get you cleaned out. You know what an enema is?"

The boy shook his head. "Does it hurt?"

"No. Sometimes it's a little uncomfortable, but usually it's not. Like I said, it cleans out your insides--your colon."

They had, over the course of several weeks, discussed much about the boy's anatomy and sex. He understood what happened to his body and why it would respond as it did.

Garrett led the boy to the bed, spread a towel on the bed, then had him lay down on his side and pull his legs up. He got the tip of the tube covered in KY, then spread the boy's cheeks, and slipped it home. "You feel that going in?"

"Yeah," the boy said softly. Over the past several weeks, he'd felt things a lot bigger than that going into his hole, but even so, somehow the slippery little worm felt good as it slithered inside his bottom.

"Okay, now, the fluid." Garrett attached the bag of clear liquid. It began to drain into the boy.

"I can feel it," Jared said quietly. Slowly, the bag emptied. "Is it done?" he asked after a while.

"No, it's only about half gone."

"Garrett, I feel really full."

"I know sweetie, it needs some time to work. Try to hold it."

Garrett let a little more liquid flow into his boy, then he pinched the tube off.

"Now we just wait."

"How long?"

"You'll know. You get a cramp - like you really have to go." Garrett stroked the boy's naked hip, and followed the contours of his leg, then back up over his tummy and chest. He stroked the boy's arm, and then his face, and then he leaned in and kissed the boy from head to toe. "Jared honey, I love you so much." And then they just waited.

When four minutes had passed, Jared's brow wrinkled and he stiffened. "Garrett, I think I need to get to the bathroom...like now..."

"Okay." Garrett picked up the boy and carried him to the toilet. As Jared sat there, his little cocklet throbbing like a metronome, Garrett rubbed the boy's tummy. And then the first wave of cramps swept through the boy and he expelled a blast of waste. He panted, and leaned over. He reached for some tissue. "Wait," Garrett urged, and less than a minute later, another wave passed through him...and then a while later, another.

"There," Garrett said. "I think that's it. Do you need to pee? Try." After a moment of stillness, a dribble became honey stream, and when he was done, Jared shook his little penis to rid himself of the last droplets. "Good boy," Garrett offered. As the man sat on the edge of the tub, he leaned Jared over his legs, and lovingly wiped the boy's bottom. It felt so weird to Jared to have his lover doing this. It made him feel as if he were an infant, and yet, somehow it made him feel loved; it made him feel as though he had surrendered everything to his man. It was proof that his man would take care of his every need.

"There," Garrett said, as he patted the firm little butt. He spread the boy's cheeks with one hand and gazed on that revealed place. It was tight and smooth and pink. Garrett sighed. It would never quite look like that again - never quite so virginal. And so, it would be an angry red, or even a ghostly white, depending whole stretched it got, and then it would be swollen and sore and possibly even torn slightly, despite all their preparation and Garrett's desire to be gentle. The boy lifted up and looked into Garrett's eyes. It was as if he knew the moment had arrived. Garrett smiled. "Jared, are you ready?"

The lanky, naked boy sat on the toilet for a moment, then slowly nodded. He tried to speak but the words caught in his throat. "I am." Garrett opened his arms, and the boy scrambled to him, wrapping himself around him, and as one, they moved to the bed.

In one swipe of the arm, Garrett pulled the covers of the bed down and lay Jared down on the white sheet. The boy looked up at him as he did a striptease for just his young lover. With each article of clothing Garrett pulled off, the boy's cock pulsed harder. He lay on the bed with his left knee bent out, further exposing the boy's sex. His hairless body was set off nicely by the white sheet. Garrett, by now, was a naked as his lover. The differences in their bodies was almost shocking: the boy's cocklet no more than the thickness of a sharpie pen, the man's penis nearly as big around as the boy's wrist, or so it seemed. Both bodies were clearly male, though the boy's testicles were jelly-bean sized compared to the man's pendulous eggs that hung a good three inches between his legs. The man could hardly be called a bear. His blond hair was thick on his arms and legs, but except for a few curly hairs around his nipples, his chest was as bare as the child's. A trail of darker hair led from his navel down to a healthy-looking thick nest of much darker hair surrounding his cock. In contrast, the boy had only the softest, lightest down on his arms, and his legs were virtually hairless, as was his pubis.

In fact, once Jared had done what boys sometimes try when they're curious about the female body. Naked, in front of a mirror, he reached up from behind himself and pulled his little pee-pee and his balls back under him between his legs. He looked at himself in the mirror. That part of him which normally would announce his boyness, was suddenly eerily female. He quickly let go, allowing his genitals to pop back to were they belonged. He was surprised at the sudden relief he felt. Except for the smoothness of his pubis - that gentle swollen pad of tissue above his little penis - today there was nothing remotely feminine about him. He oozed sexy boy - 100 percent!

Garrett reached down and placed a folded bath towel under his bottom, and the tube of KY on the bed beside him. Jared saw this, and seemed to understand that there would be no turning back. His wish - his destiny - was about to be fulfilled. His heart pounded, and Garrett could actually see a strong, steady pulsing in the boy's chest. Below, his rigid cocklet ticked off the boy's heartbeat as well. Jared wet his lips. "Why'd you put the towel under me?"

"Because, honey," Garrett began, "sometimes it can get a little messy. I don't think it will tonight, but just to be safe."

"Are you going to do it now?" Jared asked, his voice trembling.

"If you want to."

He was silent for a moment, as if considering what his answer would mean. Then he nodded. "Yes."

Garrett climbed onto the bed. Pushing the boy's legs outward, he knelt between them. The man's penis was only inches from the boy's. Garrett leaned down and kissed the boy's forehead, and the boy trembled. He kissed the boy's cheeks, his cute, freckled nose, his eyes, and felt the boy's eyelashes flutter across his lips. He nuzzled the boy's head to the side and kissed his sweet little ear. Finally, he settled onto the boy's own lips, and the eleven-year-old was ready. His chest heaved when the man's lips first touched his own, and a little whimper tore from the boy's throat. The child's lips were soft and sweet. Garrett could smell/taste a faint chocolate flavor.

They kissed like that for a long time. Next to the attention given his bottom, the boy liked kissing second best. He liked the touching, the gentleness, feeling the man's breath enter his own body. He liked feeling the hot, wet tongue pressing into him, exploring, and extending his own tongue into the man's mouth. It made his whole body change, vibrate, tense, electrify. The kissing, coupled with the man's hands freely exploring every bit of him, made his breathing quicken, his body warm, his skin flush. It was as if he were on fire. Waves of...of what...of tightness...flooded over him. Fullness. A buried energy waiting for that moment when it would be released. And it was all centered in that little tool between his legs - or more accurately - now, jutting up just above his legs, pointing erect to his chin.

The boy broke their kiss just long enough to utter, "Do it...please."

Garrett's hands and mouth traversed the terrain of the boy's body, moving over low rising hillocks of pecs, toying mercilessly the nail-point nipples, inching downward over the plain of the boy's belly, swirling over the well of his cute belly button, drifting over hip and thigh, nibbling across the knee and savoring the sweet toes, then up the other side. The groaning urgings of the boy demanded the man direct his attention to the center of the boy's sex. And when the hot, wet tongue finally danced over the tiny balls, the boy squealed and stiffened and those small precursors to manhood pulled up tight into the boy's body until their were mere swellings that might be missed by any save his lover.

And then Garrett's mouth captured the spike which throbbed lewdly in the man's vision. Two-three years from now, and the boy's tool would be twice it's current size and oozing precum. But there was none of that now, just the boy's insatiable need, and so the man licked up the underside of the boy's penis, and sucked him greedily into his mouth.

The man's hands, now almost on sensory overload at having caressed nearly 90 percent of the boy's skin surface - silky, smooth, firm, sweet, pure, taut, alive, warm, soft, lifted from that body and found the lubricant. When a copious amount had been placed on his fingertips, the man released the boy's penis and grasped his legs. "Pull them up and out...open up to me, Jared...that's the way...Good boy." Garrett lifted away just long enough to see the boy's well-fingered hole. It was ripe for the picking, and the man - and the boy - both trembled at the knowledge that soon, the boy would no longer be a virgin.

Garrett lifted the boy's hips, bringing his bottom closer to his manhood. Jared sucked in a breath and held it, preparing himself for the onslaught he knew was coming. Garrett slipped his fingers down between them and touched down onto the boy's pucker. It winked at the first touch. "It's cold," Jared offered by way of explanation. He grew almost solemn, and Garrett felt the boy-anus open or at least soften. Beginning with the tiniest of circling pressure, the man began the task of preparing the anus and rectum. Then when he felt the muscled ring lose even more tension, he pressed in. The boy shook almost imperceptibly, then seemed almost to melt the further Garrett inserted his finger. He gently twisted the finger back and forth, coating the insides of the boy with lube. The boy's shallow breaths told the man he was ready. "Put two in," the boy commanded, and Garrett did. The boy's eyes drifted shut as the tightness awakened the nerves the lined his tight rim. When Garrett tried working three fingers into the boy's anus, Jared grunted a sound that Garrett now recognized as betraying his discomfort.

"You're pretty tight, Jared, honey," Garrett muttered. "We need to be patient. Just a little more." The man held his wedged fingers still. He felt the boy's muscle spasming, and each time a wave of pain flowed away from the boy's anus, and each time, the boy would tighten his body, and set his face stoically.

Finally the pain seemed to ease and the boy's grunts faded. "Am I ready?" he asked, the whispered words catching in his throat.

"Yes. Now, get me ready, Jared."

The boy looked into the man's eyes, then slowly reached for the KY. He squeezed a glob onto his fingers, then grasped the man's thick penis - the part of the man he'd come to know so well over the past weeks. At his first touch a shiver ran through the man, and the boy felt it pulse powerfully in his hand. His lover was making plenty of his own lubrication. It oozed out of the gaping slit at the end of the man's cock, but Jared knew the slicker the big penis was, the less pain there would be.

"Okay," the boy murmured, when he had covered the man's big penis with gel. He lay looking up at the man, waiting, feeling as if he were about to be sacrificed.

Garrett smiled at the boy trying to reassure, and then he repositioned himself to bring the head of his tool to the boy's puffy anus. When it touched, the boy gasped and held up his arms. Garrett lowered his body over the boy's, leaned down and kissed him. Jared wrapped his small arms around the man's body, and Garrett moved one arm underneath the boy's back. The other snaked down between them, past the boy's little spike, and sought out his own tool. He was as hard as he'd ever been; the prospects of taking his boy ensured that. He kissed the boy's nose and then whispered in his ear: "The first part is the hardest. I know you'll be a brave boy, but it you really want me to stop, tell me. Okay, my love?"

Garrett felt the boy nodding gently, then heard a whispered, "'kay."

"And Jared, being brave doesn't mean you can't cry."

"It's really gonna hurt, isn't it, Garrett."

"We've gotten you as ready as we can, but I'm going to be honest with you, Jared. It always hurts the first few times - at least until you get used to me being in you."

Jared open his eyes and smiled and mouthed the words, "in me" It made him tingle with anticipation. "I don't care if it hurts."

Garrett lowered his body a bit more onto the boy's body to hold him still. Then he swiveled just slightly his hips, and began the slow journey into the boy. It was only the gentlest of pressures, but it was a signal, and when Jared felt the head of his lover's penis press more firmly against his hole, the boy stiffened and sucked in a breath with a soft "ooohhh" and held it. Garrett felt so humbled to be the one taking this boy's virginity. He was such a special child. Never had the man been with a boy who was so hungry for sex, so anxious to please, so needy for the pleasures that only come when one gives his body to a lover. So pure, so innocent, so...so...sexy.

Garrett knew - knew from his own memories of his first time and knew, too, from previous boys he'd been with - how patient he'd have to be if he didn't want to tear the boy, so he just waited, feeling through his cockhead for any change in the tight pucker.

When Jared didn't feel the man pressing any farther into, he became worried. "Are you going to put it into me?" he asked in a halting voice.

Garrett drew his cockhead up and down the wide, shallow furrow between the boy's two stretched cheeks. "When you're ready, yes, Jared." Now when the man's penis pressed against the boy's opening. After a minute of anal spasming, the boy's muscled ring seemed to give way, and Garrett pressed in.

"Ahhh..." the boy gasped. His body stiffened suddenly as a thousand pins and needles stuck into his anus. He sucked in three or four halting breaths, and color drained from his face. The muscled ring of the boy's anus defied the boy's efforts to open himself; instead it worked to push to massive intruder from his body, but Garrett knew this would happen, and he resisted. In truth, just the tip of his penis had lodged in the boy's opening, just a half inch if that much.

Jared felt as if that part of him was on fire. Tears formed in his eyes - he couldn't help it. Suddenly he wasn't sure he could do this, and yet, he had to. He knew his lover was expecting it. He could see the hunger in the man's eyes. And he couldn't - wouldn't - give in to the pain. He wouldn't be a baby. But it hurt so bad. He set his face. He ratcheted in several sharp, shallow breaths. He wouldn't give in. He wouldn't let Garrett down.

"Oh, Jared, honey," Garrett whispered. "I'm so sorry..." He gazed at the pale-faced boy and remembered how it had been the first time his mentor had made love to him. It felt as though it was going to tear his tight hole in two. In fact, Garrett's man hadn't been as careful as he was being, and Garrett had bled. Jared might, too, but Garrett was trying so hard to be gentle.

Now, unbelievably, the boy reached up and grasped the man's hips, and pulled. "I...want...you," the boy's weak voice pleaded, "...inside...me."

Garrett leaned down again and kissed the boy on the forehead. "Sweetie, you'll have me...when you loosen up again. I know it hurts."

"Bad..." the boy murmured, droplets of sweat forming on his forehead. His anus had clamped down tight onto Garrett's penis. "It's so tight...I can't help it," the boy moaned.

"Shhh....shhhh..." Garrett tried to hush the boy. "I know, I know. You're being so brave," Garrett whispered. He stroked the boy's soft cheeks with the backs of his fingers and wiped away the tears. "I so sorry it hurts. We'll just wait."

Now the boy's face changed again. He could only be described as a frightened little boy. "Will it always be like this?" he managed.

"Oh, Jared. No, no, sweetheart," Garrett breathed. "No, your anus just needs to get used to me. It will get better...after the first few times. We just need to be patient."

"How much of it is in?"

"Can you feel?"

Jared reached down and the man felt the lightest, feathery touch as the boy's fingers danced along his penis to the coronal ridge, and then those same touches on his glans. Garrett couldn't help it - his cock pulsed, and again the boy winced.

"I'm sorry," Garrett said and leaned in and kissed away another hot, salty tear.

After a minute of both boy and man being very still, Jared offered, "It's only in a little bit."

"I know," Garrett said. "We just have to be patient. If we can be patient, you'll loosen up."

They waited, and after a minute of the boy's pucker spasming to squeeze the man out, it seemed to tire and give up a little. Garrett felt the boy loosen.

"It...doesn't hurt as much," the boy mumbled.

"I'm glad, honey. See, you've been able to relax back there. You are looser. But Jared, listen up, bud...when I put more in, it's gonna hurt again." Garrett felt the boy's arms tighten around his torso.

"I know."

"But when my head gets through, then it won't be so bad."

Jared nodded. "Are you going to put more of it in, now?"

Garrett smiled, grasped the boy's hips firmly, nodded, and pressed in more. Instantly, the pained look returned to the boy's face, and he grimaced and stiffened. "Awwuughhh." The cry tore from his throat. He had no control to stop it. But the man's cockhead had lodged so its rim was tightly clamped by the boy's anus. Garrett knew what he had to do. To stay here would only prolong the boy's pain. To press in, would momentarily make the pain worse, but then it would ease some. "I'm so sorry," he said, looking into the boy's watery eyes. Jared could see the resolve flow into the man, and suddenly he knew what was going to happen. He felt the man's grip tighten even more on his smooth, thin hips. The man leaned down and kissed the boy hard on his mouth, sucking his velvety, little tongue into his own mouth. And then the man thrust into him. Again the boy cried out, but with their mouths sealed, the cry was muffled. The boy thought he was being split in two. A fiery knife seemed to be shredding his hole. He was too traumatized to tell Garrett to pull out. And then, when the pain seemed at its worst, the man stopped. Garrett lifted away from him and Jared looked up at his man. Sweat had formed on the man's forehead. "There, Jared. My head's past your rim."

For a moment, Jared didn't know what that meant. Then he remembered what the man said. "It will get better now?" he asked weakly. Trembles coursed through the boy's body, emanating from his horribly stretched hole.

"Yes...at least a little. Let's rest for a while."

The boy nodded weakly. "Look, it's soft."

"I know," the man replied. Indeed, the boy's little tool was soft - not a surprise to the man. "Can you make it hard again?"

"I can try." Garrett grasped Jared's tiny cocklet between his fingers. It was soft - soft and fragile. As the man squeezed it between his fingertips, it flattened, nothing like the rigid, throbbing rod that usually jutted out from the boy's body at the peak of his sexual excitement. He diddled the tiny balls in the smooth sac the hung barely an inch down between the boy's thighs. They were like jellybeans, and Garrett imagined sucking on them and tasting their sweetness. Then his fingers moved back up to the boy's symbol of his sex, and grasped it. He gently twirled it in his grasp. Almost instantly, he felt it begin to change, to harden and lengthen.

"It's happening," the boy said breathlessly.

"M-hm," the man agreed. He continued playing with the boy-penis, and feeling the marvel of it's growth. After a longer time than usual, the little tool was it's full three inches, the skin stretched taut and glistening with a satiny glow. At the same time, the man realized that the boy's hole had loosened its strangle hold on his throbbing cock. Garrett had it on the tip of his tongue to tell the boy he was going to press in more, but he stopped. Each time he warned the boy, his anus had clamped down tight on the man. Now, with the boy focused on the sensations based in his little penis, Garrett pressed in. Instantly the boy seemed to grow even quieter, but Garrett had gained fully an inch before the inevitable clamping down of the boy's muscled ring.

Jared sucked in another breath and held it, trembling. Tears well-up, blurring the boy's eyes and flooded down his cheeks. "You're inside me," he whimpered.

"Yes, my sweet, I am," Garrett answered, and then gave another answer by pressing deeper into the boy. Jared moaned a low sort of growl. Now fully three inches of his cock was inside the child's rectum.

"I can feel it," the boy said. "I mean inside me. Not the sore part...I can feel it pressing into me--like in my tummy." Garrett could see the pain had dulled some. "Are you going to put it all in me?"

"We'll have to see, Jared. We have to go slow." Garrett drove his throbbing rod another fraction of an inch into the boy's hole.

Again, the boy gritted his teeth and grunted: "Arrgggghhh", and Garrett knew the child was still in pain. Jared's rectum was slick with his own juices and the grease Garrett had pressed into him. It was tight and firm and hot, and every few seconds, it seemed to spasm, squeezing Garrett's thick shaft even tighter. Garrett couldn't imagine anything else rivaling the sensation that seemed to pulse from his cock throughout his whole body, and it all came from the boy's slick tightness. He held the boy firmly by the hips and drove into him some more. Another inch, and he felt the head of his penis bump up against an organ deep inside the boy's body. Jared stiffened all over, and Garrett pressed in more. Now he felt something else: He was all the way in; his hair was crushed against the boy's perineum.

"I'm all the way in, Jared," he whispered in hot breaths into the boy's ear.

"Do it, then," the boy whimpered. "Make the hurt go away."

"Oh, Jared, my sweet," Garrett breathed. "I need to go slowly. Remember to relax. That's what will make it feel better." Little spasms continued to spread from the boy's tight sheath, transferring his energy to the man's.

Slowly, Garrett began to pull back. He glanced down at the boy's eyes. They were set as if withdrawing was as painful as thrusting deeply into the boy's pure body.

"Don't," Jared mumbled.

"It really hurts, doesn't it," Garrett asked trying to be understanding, even though his senses were being driven wild like they'd never been before. At any moment, he feared the boy's body would tighten around him just once too often and drive him over the edge and he'd plunge into the boy like a wild man.

"No," the boy replied. "I mean it does, but don't take him out. It feels full when he's in all the way. I like it."

Garrett leaned into the boy, so he could hear a whisper. "I wasn't going to take it out, I was just seeing if you were ready?"

"Ready for what?"

"To make love to you - for real...to fuck your bottom good." Garrett smiled at the boy.

This seemed to focus the boy, and his eyes opened wide. He swallowed hard. "O-o-kay," he stammered.

Garrett grasped the boy's legs and pushed them back even more against the boy's chest. The effect of this was to raise the boy's bottom more and hold him firmly on the bed. Then Garrett slowly began to work his thick tool back into the boy's tight chute. Soft whimpers escaped from Jared's mouth as he felt the thing assaulting him. He slapped his hands down on the bed and grabbed handfuls of sheet. His tummy was taut and hard, as was every other muscle in his body. The tendons in his neck looked ready to pop. His eyes closed, and then, when Garrett had again "bottomed" out, Jared opened his eyes wide and stared at his lover. Then almost immediately, Garrett began to pull back again. Then in again. Each time, Garrett changed direction, the boy would shudder, as if a wave of cool wind had blown over him. Each time, Garrett could feel the boy's rim and chute spasm momentarily tighter.

With each thrust, Garrett could feel his orgasm building - moving closer and closer. It was taking all his will power to move slowly and deliberately in and out of the boy's hot hole, and yet, he knew if he didn't he could really injure the child. He eased out, and shoved back in. And suddenly the boy's insides felt different. Yes, he was looser. Finally, he was loosening.

Now Garrett pulled back again. He lifted the boy's hips and repositioned himself. He shoved back in and the boy screamed - not in pain; it was something else. Garrett smiled. Until this thrust, he had worked to avoid hitting the child's prostate. Now he had aimed for it. Each time, moving in or out, his swollen head would bump into it. "Oh God," Jared muttered, slashing his head back and forth. "Oh God." His eyes rolled up into his head. "Harder," he mumbled, barely coherent.

"Really, my love, you want it harder?"

"Harder," the boy repeated.

"Alright, Jared. If it's too much, tell me." Garrett's skin was glistening with sweat as was Jared's. Both were quickly rising to that moment of inevitability, when there'd be no turning away from the orgasm was soon to assault them both. Garrett gripped the boy even more firmly, and began to quicken the pace. "O-o-o-h-h-h," the boy cried as the man's thick tool shoved into him. Nothing could stop the man now.

Jared had surrendered completely - given himself totally. He lay completely passively, letting the man do what he needed to do. For some reason this is what made the boy feel the most sensation as the man drove into him, and then pulled out. Each time Garrett drove into the boy, Jared would cry out in a kind of gargled grunt, each time the sound ratcheting higher. Beads of covered his body. His skin seemed clammy, and the color drained from it, except for that little spike between his legs (or more accurately now hovering, steel-hard, above his tummy). Each thrust of Garrett's penis, propelled by a hardened body of muscle, drove hard into the boy, each thrust rocking the child, jerking his whole body. "O-o-o-h-h f-f-f-u-c-k-!" the boy moaned between gritted teeth. "Fuck me," he urged, but Garrett needed no urging. He was giving the boy his all, and the boy was doing likewise. With each assault, the boy would try to meet the thrust, lifting his body, trying to make the man pound into him even deeper.

Garrett didn't think he could last another minute. The boy's hole was sending jolts of energy into the massive tool that was penetrating him again and again. "No-o-o-o...." the boy moaned, and then he seemed to freeze. "It's happening!" he squealed, and then his body seemed to be caught in a seizure of massive sexual release, and a series of tremors tore through him, and he screamed. It was heartrending in a way, tears flooded down his cheeks, he had a wild look in his eyes, and his wail was almost a kind of explosion of nearly twelve years of pent-up, repressed sexual release. Finally - when the masturbation and fellatio and hours of cuddling couldn't provide what he needed - this final assault on his virginity did. When the tremors eased and then ceased, his body crumpled back onto the bed. He was as loose as he'd ever been, and between his natural juices and the lube Garrett had plied to his hole, a yellowish-white froth had built up around the boy's anus and the man's penis. Garrett was still rock hard, and the little boy's penis was still throbbing. Now Garrett grasped the little tool in one hand and the other he slipped under the boy's bottom. He wasn't done. Slowly, though with rapidly increasing speed, Garrett began to jack the boy off for all he was worth. At the same time, he began to piston in and out of the loosened hole driven now by a need to bring himself to fulfillment - to reach that one-time-only orgasm with a sweet, innocent, virgin-boy. He was not to be denied, now, and again, with each deep, long thrust, he attacked the boy's immature prostate - and again, the results were no less dramatic. The boy, who had drifted off, not seemed momentarily confused, dazed, as his body began to respond in spite of itself. He had not expected this, and in his exhausted, post-orgasmic state, he seemed unable to control himself. He was totally relaxed, but Garrett wasn't. In a series of quick, hard thrusts, he'd brought himself to the brink of release. Just maybe a half dozen more strokes, and he'd find that explosion of energy he needed so desperately. But then the boy seemed to once again come to life. His entire body seemed to spasm, with every muscle flexing, but especially in his rectum. Somehow he'd discovered a way to contract that part of his body which surrounded the man's penis - to tighten it until the chute was putting Garrett's tool into sensory overload. Garrett continued to jack the boy's tiny penis until his arm ached. Suddenly the boy was again wracked by tremors. In just seconds, really, he was experiencing another orgasm, this one impossibly more violent than the first. Now the boy's rectum and anus again clamped down on the man's aching cock, and that was just enough - coupled with the man's own thrusts - to bring on the man's own orgasmic high. His thick penis swelled even more, and his balls pulled up until they almost disappeared into his body, and then it hit - one massive jolt of semen, shooting deep into the boy's insides, and then another, and other. Even Jared felt it, his eyes suddenly opening wide and his mouth dropping open. His grunts were timed with each life-wrenching explosion of cum as his lover shot again and again into the boy.

In this moment, with each giving to the other, they were truly one, truly joined in a way neither had been before. The energy that flowed between them had made their hearts beat as one, their spirits blended, and their breaths fed one soul. Now, still buried deep in the boy, Garrett collapsed down onto Jared, and the boy let his legs unfold and wrap around the man's waist, as if to claim ownership, as if to say, you're not going anywhere without me. One last pulse of ejaculation sent one last wave through the boy and then it was over. Garrett managed to lift his head and kiss the boy on his lips, and then roll over, still joined the child, and then there they lay.

How long he'd been asleep, Garrett didn't know, but slowly he became aware of a soft whimpering sound. Carefully, he rolled over. Jared was rolled into a classic foetal position, his two hands holding the two smooth, perfect cheeks of his bottom together. Garrett reached out and drew the tight knot of boy flesh onto him.

"No," Jared snuffled, "I'm dirty."

"Wha...?" Garrett began. "No, honey, you're not dirty. You could never be dirty."

"I am...stuff is coming out of me...it'll get on you." Now a sob tore from the boy's chest. "It hurts."

Garrett hugged him tight. "Oh, Jared, sweetie, I know it does, I know. And the stuff that's coming out?" Garrett stroked the child's back, feeling the cool, unblemished skin, the muscles, and each bump of his spine. "That's my cum...mostly...some lube...and some of your own butt juice. It's all kind of normal after what we did."

"But my bottom's still open."

"I know it is, but it will tighten up again. Remember, we stretched it quite a bit."

"It hurts, Garrett."

The boy's lover leaned over him and kissed him firmly on his mouth. "I know it does, Jared. It will for a while. And when we do it again, it'll hurt again."

"Will it always hurt?"

"No, my love. It will always be tight at first, but your body will learn to loosen up more quickly. But it won't hurt the way it does now...not after the first few times."

"But Garrett, I think there's blood in the stuff that's coming out."

"There probably is. Remember I said very often boy's get little tears back there. But they will heal."

Garrett's fingers burrowed into the knot formed by the boy's body and his bent up legs. Eventually he found the boy's penis and little balls. Slowly, he began fondling them, and slowly Jared began to open himself to the man's exploring fingers. He sighed, and gently reached out and grasped the man's torso.

"Do you want to do it again?"

The way he said it made Garrett believe he was asking a much bigger question than just doing it again. "Do you mean ever, Jared? If that's what you mean, then the answer is, Yes! I want to do it as often as you want me to. It felt so awesome being inside you like that. I came so hard."

"Yeah," breathed the boy. I could even feel it hitting against my insides. It made me orgasm again.

"It certainly did," Garrett said with a smile. "Did it feel good?"

"Mm," the boy replied. "After the hurt. It didn't go away exactly, but I just sort of got past it. And then...my God, Garrett, it was so awesome! So Awesome!"

Garrett grinned. "It sure seemed like it."

Now the boy grew more subdued, and tears welled up again.

"Tell me what's the matter, Jared, honey."



"Are you...I mean...are you really...can we...are we...still..." The boy was almost incoherent, but suddenly Garrett understood, and he was overwhelmed with sadness.

"Jared, look at me." The boy did. "Listen...listen carefully." Jared gazed into his lover's eyes. "I love you. The only thing that's going to change now is that I'm going to want to be with you even more. Maybe it's hard for you to understand, but there's nothing in my life more important than being with you. Nothing. If you went away, I don't know what I'd do. I want you to be with me - like we are tonight - more than anything."

The little boy blinked tears away from his eyes. "I love you," he whispered, and then Garrett had tears in his eyes, too.

"So do I, my love," Garrett answered. As they lay there, Garrett felt a small hand on his soft dick, and almost instantly, it throbbed back to life.

"I want you to put it in me again," the boy said.

"Oh, Jared, sweetie, I'm not sure..."

"Please...I need to feel you inside me again."

"Are you sure?"

Jared nodded, and shifting position, lifted himself so he was crouching/kneeling over the man's now rock-hard penis. Slowly he lowered himself down until the massive glans hit the boy's ultra-tender anus. Jared took a breath and held it, and Garrett could feel the boy willing himself to relax, and slowly, almost magically, the boy opened and, wincing, spitted himself on the man's thick tool. Garrett gasped as a thousand pleasure sensors were triggered all over his body, but centered in his rock-hard cock.

Tremors filled the boy and droplets of sweat seemed to break out from pores all over his body. "Help me," he said breathlessly. Garrett reached out and grasped the boy's hips and the boy leaned down and locked his hands into the man's wrists. Now the boy - with help from his man - lifted himself until he felt the rim of the man's head bump his own bruised rim. He shuddered. Garrett could see a wave of pain flood over the boy. Slowly, they began the primeval ritual of pistoning in and out of the boy's bottom. Again the boy's groans filled the room, and he thrust his head back like a wild animal about to roar his triumph. Faster and faster they moved. As he bucked up and down, the man could feel the crisis building. "Oh...oh...oh," he groaned with each thrust.

"Cum," the boy commanded, and the man felt the boy's anus clamp down tighter. That was when he also felt his body respond, his balls pull up tighter, his thick cock swell even more. Then he felt a small hand squeezing his balls, and still ramming his young lover, he felt the crisis approaching. He seized, and at the same time, he felt the boy's body go rigid. They'd orgasmed at the same time, again blast after blast of hot, gooey cum shot from the man's slit and splashed against the boy's insides, and the boy gasped as he felt the proof of the response he'd caused in the man.

Slowly the boy lowered himself, the man drew up his knees, and the boy leaned back against him, resting, still impaled, still feeling the man's wiry hair pressing against his bottom. He sighed a great sigh and then rested.

With the man softening, Jared leaned over and snuggled against his lover's chest. Garrett stroked the boy's hair, lifting his head, leaning down and kissing the sweet, corn-silk hair again and again. Jared kept his legs laced around the man's and slowly they both felt Garrett's cock slipping out of the twelve-year-old's bottom. The boy worked to hold the softened penis inside him, but failed.

"I going to get you messy, too," the boy said in a strained whisper.

"It's like a gift to me from you," Garrett said. "A sign of our love. Don't try to keep it inside you. Just let it come out. Everything will be okay, my love. Everything. Just rest."

In just a matter of minutes, long slow breaths signaled the boy was asleep.

When they awoke, the sun was beginning to rise.

"Hey, sleepy head," Garrett whispered.

The boy stirred, then stretched, looking like a puppy awaking from a nap after a day of hard play. "How are you?"

The boy smiled. "Good," he said dreamily.


"I've gotta pee," the boy said, but when he started to rise, he winced. Clearly, he was still sore back there.

"Let's have a look," Garrett said. The boy lay back and pulled his knees to his chest, opening himself for inspection. What Garrett saw caused him to tremble. The boy's pucker was swollen and an angry reddish-purple black. It still gaped open a bit, and there was, when Garrett leaned in for a closer look, a tiny fissure a bit further inside.

"Wait," Garrett said, and went to the bathroom, returning with a tube of ointment. "This will make you feel better down there." He placed some on his finger and gently inserted it between the puffy lips of the boy's anus. Even that made the boy wince.

"It's cool," he said. "Feels good."

"I'm glad," said the man. "Come on, time to shower."

"Look at you," Jared said, pointing the man's erection. The hair at the base of his penis was matted with a thick, crusty yellowish goo. "Nasty."

"That came out of you."

"Yeah, but most of came out of you, first."

Their time together in the shower was heavenly, and by the time the limo was there to take them to the airport, both looked clean and fresh. Only someone watching closely would notice that the youngster walked with the slightest hitch, as if he'd perhaps pulled a hamstring.

"I love you," he whispered to Garrett just as the limo appeared.

"I love you," Garrett answered.

They made love one more time that weekend - the night before Garrett went on to spur his team to victory. During the week, Jared and Garrett only got to see each other once, then there was only time for a quick suck - satisfying, but not what they'd hoped for. In some ways, it was probably a good thing. It gave the boy a chance to heal before the next road trip. The team was traveling again the next weekend, and again Jared and Garrett were able to make wild, passionate love.

"I like it when you're in me all the way," the little boy said, his anus stretched to the maximum.

"Mm. Me, too."

"It doesn't hurt as much this time. I think I'm getting better a stretching."

"I think so, too. Jared, you feel sooo good."

"Mm. Garrett, do it now. Hard, 'kay?"

"Okay, lover-boy." Jared grinned up at the man who towered over him and he sighed when the man pulled back to begin a glorious round of fucking.

"Aaaahhhrrhhgggghh..." the boy growled when his orgasm finally hit. It was amazing to see how his body transformed, responding to the stimulation the man was giving it. It was utterly satisfying to both the boy and the man, and when they were both done, they slept, entwined in each other's arms.


It was a month later that Garrett had the Daniels family over for another cookout. "Jared, honey," his mom said. "That water sure looks inviting." The boy gave his mom a look, and then headed off to the pool. He swam out to a raft and was now floating on it, being drawn around the pool by the gentle currents.

Mr. Daniels was the one who brought the subject up. "He's like a different boy."

"He's a great boy," Garrett said.

"No, well...yes, he certainly is, we agree," Mrs. Daniels said, "but what Bill means, I think, is that he seems to happy, so confident. He really is different..." They eyed Garrett closely and waited.

The quarterback could feel the warning bells go off. Something wasn't quite right about what they were saying. "Maybe traveling with the team has given him something..."

"Oh, that's been an incredible experience, for sure," Sue Daniels said, "but there's something else."

"We've never mentioned this before..." Bill Daniels said.

"...to anyone..." his wife added.

"...but we've been quite concerned about Jared. We even went to a counselor about him. Jared never mentioned that?"

"No," Garrett said warily. "Why? What was the problem?"

"Well, it wasn't exactly a problem," Sue began. "For sometime, we've noticed that Jared was...well...not exactly like other boys. I mean he's all boy...loves sports...all that...but there's also a different side to him...gentler, and - I don't know - he reacted to..." She glanced at her husband. "...to 'sexy' males almost the way a girl would. Do you understand?"

"I'm not sure," Garrett said...except he was pretty sure he knew exactly what he meant.

"Well, we were concerned he was gay," Bill made it perfectly clear what they meant, less there be any doubt.

"Bill...Sue...he's so young...maybe too young to know...and...well...I guess I need to say it's not the end of the world." His heart was pounding now, and he hoped they wouldn't see how nervous he was.

"We know that, Garrett," Sue was saying. "The counselor really helped with that, too. He might be too young, but we don't think so. And even if he couldn't put a name to it, we think - at some level - he knows he's not like other boys. But if our boy is gay, then we're okay with that."

Bill added, "We just wanted to be sure he was okay with it, too."

They all seemed to need a break from the intensity of the conversation, and they all gazed out at Jared drifting in the pool.

"I think the difference is, he seems to have come to terms with who he is," Mrs. Daniels added after a long pause.

"He's a great kid, Sue. I love him." Garrett stiffened. Of all the things he could have said, that probably was the worst.

Both Daniels studied him, and then Sue said, "I'm sure you do, Garrett." She looked uneasily at her husband.

"This is not easy for us, Garrett, but we need to say this," Bill Daniels added.

Garrett felt as if ten linemen had just piled on top of him. He waited.

"The other day, I started into his room and he was using a dildo. He didn't know I was home, and he didn't see me. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked. But I had presence of mind enough to back out and not make a scene." Jared's mom was clearly uncomfortable. "But there's more. I mean my first thought was, where'd he get that? Then I realized how much he was enjoying it - laying there, legs opened wide, driving that big thing in and out of his bottom."

"Sue..." Garrett interrupted. "...some boys just want to explore..." He was horrified. He knew exactly where the tool had come from. Much against his better judgment he'd relented to the boy's pleadings. "Okay," he'd said, "but you have to be very, very careful." Now, the consequences of not being careful were about to rain down on them.

"Oh, Jared was doing much more than exploring, Garrett, really. But we want you to understand. There's more. As I leaned up against the wall outside his room, I could hear him actually moaning..." Sue's cheeks reddened - and so did Garrett's. "...and he was saying something." She glanced over at her husband again. Both seemed agitated, and Garrett knew why, but he was helpless to stop the steamroller that was careening down the hill.

Bill took up the story, "Jared was saying..." He glanced first at Garrett, then at his wife. "...do it harder...harder...Garrett, fuck me good...cum inside me so I can feel it again..."

Garrett thought his heart had stopped beating. His head spun and he couldn't breathe. "Mr. and Mrs. Daniels..." he heard himself saying, but there it stopped. He didn't know what to say. He knew he should lie, but he couldn't. He couldn't lie about a love that was so precious to him - and to Jared. And he knew Sue had heard their son perfectly. He'd said exactly those same words not five days ago to him.

"Don't," Bill said. "Please don't deny it."

Sue Daniels had tears in her eyes. "We know you are having sex with our son."

Garrett cast a glance at Jared. The boy was leaning up on his elbows, looking over at them. Then Garrett looked back at the boy's parents, then dropped his head down. Everything was ruined. Everything. "I'm...I'm...so..."

"Sorry?" Bill Daniels said.

Garrett was quiet.

It was Sue Daniels who spoke next, and her tone was not what Garrett expected. "Garrett, remember how this conversation started."

Garrett looked up at her. He was confused. He didn't remember anything except the last minute.

Then Bill spoke: "We said our son seemed happier than he's ever been...more confident, more...together."

Sue added, "The counselor thinks so, too."

Garrett brain was swirling. Nothing was making sense. "I...I...don't understand." He looked back at Jared, and he knew he'd never be with the boy he loved again. But Jared had gotten out of the pool. He had a worried look on his face, and dripping wet, he was heading for them - for Garrett. No, thought Garrett, please, no.

Now Jared was standing right next to him. "What's wrong?" the boy asked, suddenly becoming upset himself. He didn't wait for an answer. He scrambled up into Garrett's lap and hugged him tightly.

"Jared..." Garrett's intention was to sit him down and try to feign aloofness, but he knew it was doomed from the start. "It's okay," he managed finally. "It'll be alright." He doubted that, but right now his priority was protecting his young lover.

Now Jared looked at his parents, then back at Garrett, and suddenly he understood. "Garrett," he said softly, taking his lover's face in his small hands. "My mom and dad know...you know...about us loving each other."

Garrett shot a look toward the boy's parents. Why weren't they jumping up and snatching the boy from his clutches. Why wasn't the boy's father threatening to pound him to a pulp?

"Garrett," Jared's father began, "I won't pretend this is easy for us, but we have one priority..."

"...And that's our son," Sue Daniels added. "And Bill's right. Almost every fiber of my being wanted to say this was wrong, and you ought to end up in jail for a long, long time."

Now Jared turned to his parents. "No!" he shouted. "You said! He can't go to jail! Then I'll go, too!"

"Jared," Garrett said softly. "Shhh. It'll be alright."

"No, it won't. I won't let them."

"Jared," his dad said sharply. "Garrett's right. It will be okay. And nobody's going to jail." Then he spoke to Garrett. "We had a few pretty heavy-duty sessions with our counselor, but I think we've come to understand that Jared is different to most boys. We've accepted the fact that he's probably gay...now...though it's not easy. And we're trying to understand that he truly is in love with you. And it's pretty obvious that you're in love with him."

"I am," Garrett said quietly. "I've been in love with him from almost the first moment I saw him sitting up in those bleachers. I can't tell you why. I don't know. It's just that I knew my life would never be complete without him. We've learned to be with each other one small step at a time...and with each step, we've come to know just how great our love is for each other."

"He makes me feel like I could do anything!" Jared exclaimed. "He makes me feel awesome! When I'm with Garrett, I'm special...and not just because he's a football hero...but because...he's...my hero." The small boy blushed a bright red, and turned and threw himself against Garrett, and Garrett wrapped his arms around the boy and hugged him tightly. Tears spilled out of Garrett's eyes. "I treat Jared with the utmost care and respect, Mr. and Mrs. Daniels."

Sue answered, "I know you do, Garrett. We've seen that from the first time we met you. Jared's father and I just need to get used to this, that's all. It's such a societal taboo."

"But we're trying, Garrett," Bill Daniels said. "We certainly can't deny what being with you has meant for our son. We know what other gay children have had to endure. But somehow, with you, I don't think that's ever going to be an issue, is it?"

"No, it's not. I will do everything I can to protect him."

"We believe you," Sue said.

"Can I stay with Garrett tonight!" Jared's enthusiasm was not damped in the slightest by the heavy conversation the adults had just struggled through. He had heard one thing: it was okay, and that meant he could have what he wanted most of all.

His parents shot a look at each other. "I guess, sweetie, that's up to Garrett."

Jared twisted around and gazed into Garrett's eyes. "Can I?!"

"Of course you can, my love."

"Oh, thank you!"

"It's your parents you should be thanking, I think," Garrett said softly to his lover.

"Thanks, Mom! Thanks, Daddy!"

"It's okay, Jared," his father replied. Garrett could see this was a struggle for them both, but they were willing to try to understand the needs of their son.

With a dripping wet boy clinging to him, Garrett spoke to the boy's parents. "I know this is difficult for you. And your love for your son is remarkable. I'm not sure any other parents could be as understanding. I want you to know that you can talk to me about anything. If there's anything that concerns you...anything that you see developing that you have questions about...anything at all...just call me. I don't care when, just call...and we'll get together and talk. I love Jared, and he loves me, but I know he loves you, too, and so...we're all in this together. And with all the love that's floating around here, we'll find a way to make it work. I believe that 100 percent."

"So do I, Garrett," Jared's mom responded.

Not long after that, Bill and Sue Daniels kissed their son goodbye, and left for home. And not much longer after that, Garrett and Jared were snuggled in their bed, beginning the first tentative explorations of each other's bodies, for another night of lovemaking.

It would be the first of hundreds of such nights. And it would be a night such as this a year and a half from now when Jared shot his own seed for the first time, with Garrett catching the sweet virginal cum in his hungry mouth. He would tease the boy about how big he'd gotten, and big his penis had grown, and how much downy soft hair had sprouted around the boy's five inch penis, and big his balls were.

Their favorite thing to do - truthfully - was simply to hold one another. They'd do that and whisper to each other about how special the love was that they shared. Their love had all the qualities of one extraordinary fantasy. Except for each one, it was as real as the first day they caught each other in their glances.