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Fate, who really believes in it. Many people do, many people don't. Fate, sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, but who truly believes in it. The dictionary defines fate as;




something that unavoidably befalls a person; fortune; lot: It is always his fate to be left behind.


the universal principle or ultimate agency by which the order of things is presumably prescribed; the decreed cause of events; time: Fate decreed that they would never meet again.


that which is inevitably predetermined; destiny: Death is our ineluctable fate.


a prophetic declaration of what must be: The oracle pronounced their fate.


death, destruction, or ruin.


the Fates, Classical Mythology. the three goddesses of destiny, known to the Greeks as the Moerae and to the Romans as the Parcae.

verb (used with object)


to predetermine, as by the decree of fate; destine (used in the passive): a person who was fated to be the savior of the country.

But on one dark fateful night, fate did step in, and saved two peoples lives from being so horribly cut short. The fated train bridge ran across the river at it's widest and deepest place in the entire area. And while the water looked calm and smooth on the surface, the undercurrent assured that should anyone decide to jump in, that they would not be getting back out, and would more than likely be swept quickly out to sea, as a few people had already demonstrated. Nick and Sean both walked onto the bridge at the same time from opposite ends, with no light at all, not even the stars were out for them, they slowly made their way onto the bridge, and to the middle, where they would assuredly be swept downstream, quickly and efficiently.

“Ow, hey, what was that?” Two voices cried at the same time as they smacked right into each other.

“Ow, who are you?” They both asked again.

“What are you doing here?” They both asked again.

“Okay, let's try this one at a time. Sorry for running into you, I'm Nick.” Nick said before Sean could say anything else.

“I'm Sean. Sorry for running into you too. What are you doing out here so late at night?” Sean asked, sounding as if he had been crying.

“I'd rather not say.” Nick said, his tears no longer falling “What are you doing here?”

“I'd rather not say either.”

“We're both here to jump off, aren't we, what other reason would we have. You want to sit down and talk about it?”

“Sure, someone to actually talk to would be nice for a change.” Sean sighed.

“Come on, we can sit up against the railings and chat.” Nick said, and using his hands to feel where Sean was, grabbed onto him, and pulled him to the side, where they sat down.

“So as I said, I'm Nick, I'm eighteen, and I live on the rich side of the river. You?”

“I'm Sean, I'm eight, and I live on the poor side.”

“Well since you didn't deny it, I guess you are here to kill yourself too huh?” Nick asked, sounding depressed, the same way he'd sounded for the last six months.

“Yeah, I hate life, it's just not worth it.” Sean said, more tears coming now.

“Me too. It used to be better, but not any more. If you tell me your story, I'll tell you mine.”

“Okay, and then maybe we can jump together, I don't really want to die alone. My parents hate me, they say I'm the cause of all their problems. The social workers ain't no help, they just send me back. I have no one else that wants me. The kids all tease me, 'cause I'm skinny and ugly and stink real bad. I hate it when my parents beat me and yell at me, they call me really bad names I don't like.” Sean said through sobs of tears.

“That's so sad, and I don't blame you at all. I had a fight with my parents before we were to go on vacation six months ago, I told them I didn't want to go on some stupid vacation, to see some stupid museums, in some stupid old country no one cared about. I told them I would rather stay at home. They decided to let me, and they went. My mom, dad, two sisters, and two brothers all went, and they never came back. You probably heard about that airplane that went down due to an engine failure, and everyone aboard died, well my family was on that plane. I loved them a lot, and I really miss them all, but the worst part is, is what I said to them. I hate myself so bad, so the least I can do is kill myself, and go to hell. They say if you kill yourself, you can't get to heaven, but I don't even deserve that anyways. I have no one left, I have no friends, I have no family, I live in a huge house all by myself, and all I do is eat and sleep.”

“Wow, what was it like to have a family that loved you, or even liked you?” Sean asked soberly.

“Nice. I'm not very good looking, in fact I think I'm kinda ugly, but they all loved me anyways. We were all bigger though, but I was the biggest. We always did things together as often as we could, but the reason I fought with them, was because I felt like they were smothering me at times, not letting me be an adult. I mean I was turning eighteen. My eighteenth birthday was the day the police came and told me, but I already knew, because I saw it all on the news. What was it like having parents that hated you?”

“Horrible. They blame me for them being poor, they blame me because they are addicted to drugs and booze, it is all my fault that their lives suck so much. If I hadn't been born, then they would have been happy. They make me starve a lot of the time, while they eat food in front of me and tease me with it, sometimes for days. They beat me every morning when I wake up wet from peeing my mat, they yell at me all the time, they tell me I'm useless, and call me a little piece of shit all the time. I always smell like pee, because I only have one pair of clothes, and I'm not allowed to shower or clean my clothes. I have to bath myself in the river a ways upstream, where there's a bit of a runoff pond, and I do it with my clothes on to get them cleaner. Why wouldn't the social people help, I've called them for help, but they always tell me to stop complaining, that many kids are in far worse conditions. God I hope not. I just don't want to live any more. I'm ready to do it now, can we do it together, I just hope it's quick?”

“No, I don't really want to now. Why don't we go back to my house and sit and talk more, and maybe we can sit and talk for a while longer. I've liked talking to you. We can have something to eat, and you can even have a nice long hot bath.” Nick said, sounding probably happier than he had since he saw the news.

“I think I'd really like that, but if I don't die, they'll just send me back there, and I won't go back.”

“Who has to know where you are. Did you leave a note?”

“Yeah, I told them that I was solving all their problems, that I was jumping off the bridge.”

“We both know how fast this river goes, what are the odds they would have found our bodies?”

“They wouldn't have, they never found the last one that jumped off here.”

“Exactly. Here, take my hand and let's go home.” Nick said. It took a few seconds for them to find their hands, and then in the pitch black of the night, Nick wended there way.

The walk was long, especially in the dark, and trying to guide someone else up a path that could not be seen, but finally they made it to the road that was lit. Not one soul was around to see them at two am on a chilly morning, and even if they had, the likelihood of them being recognized, was slim to none. It took half an hour to make it to the road, and then a further ten minutes to make it to Nick's house. When they walked up to it, Sean was amazed. It was the largest house he had ever seen, and it would have easily held his entire house inside, and still have plenty of room for four or five more of them.

“Wow, your house is huge.” Sean said in awe.

“Yeah, it is, it's really horrible when you're all alone.” Nick said and opened the door. He hadn't bothered to lock it, he had not even taken keys, cards, or anything with him. He didn't even leave a note. No one would have noticed, possibly for months, maybe even years. In the six months since his family died, the only people to have come to the house was the lawyer to tell Nick that everything was his, and the grocery delivery person. The lawyer had come once, and the grocery delivery guy was once a week if he called.

“Would you like to have something to eat first, or would you like to go have a bath?” Nick asked when they walked in and they had both discarded their shoes by the door.

“Eat please, I haven't eaten in three days.”

“No wonder you're so skinny. I'll get us something to eat.” Nick said and led him to the kitchen.

Nick made up a plate of grilled cheese sandwiches and two cans of tinned soup, and set it all on the table. Sean just looked longingly at the food, but made not one tiny move to touch it. At first Nick wasn't sure what was happening, and then it dawned on him that Sean was probably made to sit at the table and stare at the food without moving, because that was exactly what he was doing. Nick decided that he would have to dish up the food, so he did it. He filled a bowl nearly to the brim with the tomato soup, put four sandwiches on a plate, opened a pack of crackers, and then slid the whole pile of food towards Sean. Sean just looked up in amazement and then back down to the food, and in such a timid fashion, reached for the crackers and put some into his soup without breaking them up. Then reaching for the spoon, just as timidly, like his hand, or worse, was about to be smacked, he broke the crackers apart in the soup and then started eating. As soon as Sean started eating, Nick dished himself some food as well, and then slowly ate as well. The only sounds to be heard for the next twenty minutes were the sounds of the boys eating. Maybe not so surprisingly, but little tiny Sean ate five of the sandwiches, and refilled his bowl again and ate it all as well. Nick only managed one and a half bowls of soup, and four sandwiches himself, but he was a big boy.

“Feel better?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, thanks. I think I ate too much though, I'm stuffed.”

“You ate more than I did, and I eat a lot. You might end up getting a tummy ache because of not getting to eat a lot, but oh well, you probably needed it.”

“I was really hungry, thanks.”

“Come on, I'll show you up to the bathroom, so that you can have a bath. I'll get you some of my brothers pajamas. He's six, but he's about the same size as you are. You said that you wet the bed right, I will add one of his pullups for you to wear as well, because he still wets the bed too. Or he did.” Nick said, a little sadly at the end when he realized he was talking like his little brother was still here.

“Thanks.” Sean said with a bit of a blush, but getting to wear real pajamas, and even something so that he did not wake up wet, sounded really nice.

Nick led Sean to the largest bathroom the young boy had ever even heard of. Sean was correct in thinking that his entire living room could easily fit inside the bathroom, and he could have fit his bed inside the tub. There were two toilets, although he was certain one wasn't actually a toilet, there were four sinks, and there was a shower that he was certain that all the kids from his class could fit into. Sean did gasp, but said nothing, and although Nick heard it, he made no response either. Nick just started the water as hot as he figured Sean would be able to stand it, then dumped a very healthy dose of his brother and sisters bubble bath in the water, and then hit the jets when the water was high enough. The foam started to rise, but with the water still running, the bubbles did not threaten to go ever the edge. Nick then ran from the room and came back only a minute later with a pair of one piece footed pajamas and a pullup diaper, and set them on the counter. He then grabbed a couple towels and set them on the shelf by the tub. Sean was still standing in the same spot, just turning his head every which way and looking at everything.

“Here you go. I'm going to go have a bath as well in my bathroom, you just stay in here as long as you want to, and enjoy the nice hot bath. I know you've never had one, so make sure and soak a good while before trying to clean yourself, so that you don't rub yourself raw. You'll probably want to wash your hair a couple times, it looks pretty gross.”

“I know, thank you so much. I'm really happy that we found each other.”

“Me too.” Nick said, and with tears in his eyes, he turned and left the room.

Nick went to his room and grabbed his own one piece pajamas and his own diaper, went to his bathroom, and started an even hotter bath for himself. He also added his own bubble bath to his bath and hit the jets, and then started to strip down to soak in his bath.

Sean finally started to undress, showing off all the bruises on his back, front, bum, legs, and arms, as well as showing off his gross yellowed underpants. His clothes hit the floor, and he hit the bath. By the time he made it into the water, the bubbles were threatening to spill over the edge, and the water was high enough for him, so he turned it off. Sean sighed deeply as he laid back in the very hot soothing water, and there he stayed for twenty minutes, not moving a muscle.

Every so often a sigh would escape his lips, but that was all the noise in that bathroom, other than the gentle whirring of the jets. The tub kept the the water hot by heating it as it went through the pumps, so Sean could lay there for hours if he wanted to, and the water would never get cold. It was so relaxing that he very nearly fell asleep, but when his head started slipping beneath the water, it woke him up. Sean actually laughed from this, probably the first time the young boy had ever laughed.

Sean decided that he had soaked long enough and dunked his head under the water and started soaking his hair and face. Having to come up for air many times before he was satisfied that he was soaked as much as he could be. He dumped a huge amount of shampoo into his hands and started washing his hair, probably for the very first time. It took three times of washing it before Sean was satisfied that it was clean.

Next Sean grabbed a sponge on the edge of the tub and loaded it full of soap, and starting at his feet, he washed himself thoroughly. Underneath all the dirt, Sean could clearly see that his skin was actually a lot lighter than he thought it was. Although he had washed lots, he had always had cold water and no soap, so he had never truly gotten clean before. It took over half an hour for him to wash himself, but he was glad for the fact that Nick had told him to soak, because his skin did sort of feel weird, sort of like it was burning, but not bad. When he cleaned his little penis though, was possibly the worst. It now burned way more than anything else on his body, but he knew now that he was clean, and he loved that, so he pushed the little discomfort aside.

The bubbles had long since disappeared from the water, and the water was now a dark murky brown color, it really disgusted Sean. He wondered if he should drain and refill the tub, but then thought that the shower would be even better. So he found the button that turned the jets off, and they shut down, and then he found the plug with his feet, and pulled it out. He jumped from the tub and went into the shower stall and turned the tap on. The cold water shocked him, but not near so bad as the sock at having water sprayed at him from twelve different places. He set the water even hotter than the bath had been, and then soaked for a few minutes longer. He rewashed his hair, and then rinsed it out, put some conditioner in it, and then rinsed that out. Lastly he soaped his entire body again, gently, and then rinsed off. Sean wasn't sure which he preferred, the bath or the shower, but they both felt so nice.

Sean turned off the water and climbed out. He grabbed the towels and used the smaller one to dry his hair, and then wrapped it around his head like he had seen his mom do countless times after her showers. The other towel he used to dry himself off completely. He headed over to the sink where the pajamas were, picked up the pullup on the top of the pile, opened it up, and stepped into it. It felt weird and a good all at the same time, and it was quite comfortable. Next he grabbed the one piece pajamas and opened them up. It took him a few minutes to navigate his body into the awkward pajamas, but he did, and zipped them up. He rifled through the drawers until he found a brush, and then removed the towel from his head and brushed his hair. This was probably another first, he had always had to use his fingers to do this job. Even with all the cleaning, and the conditioner, it was still quite knotted up, so it took a while to brush his hair.

Looking into the mirror, Sean barely recognized himself. He looked so much better than he had ever looked before, and even though it was still wet, his hair looked about three or four shades lighter than he ever remembered it being.

Sean threw the towels in the hamper, after mopping up all the water from the floor, and then went to put his clothes in there as well, but then with satisfaction, tossed them in the trash instead. He then exited the bathroom, and then stopped, having no idea where to go. The hall went a long way both ways, and he had no idea which way they came up, plus he had no idea where Nick's room was.

“Nick, where are you?” Sean called out loudly enough that he hoped Nick would hear him.


Nick soaked in his hot bath for a good long time. He had not had a bath himself in days, and he knew that he stunk quite rank as well. He just was not able to make himself, he had lost all will to do anything, except eat and sleep for the last little while. So for an hour and a little bit he soaked and then washed completely. Nick also hopped from the bath to the shower to rinse off before drying off. He went and got into his diaper, but it was a tape on style, and then slipped into his one piece pajamas with practiced ease. Then grabbing his brush, Nick brushed his hair out. He saw himself in the mirror and noticed that he did not look quite as sullen as he had before. Of course he still hurt, that would never truly go away, but he was healing.

Nick knew that Sean would probably take a good while longer before he exited the bathroom, so he went to the play room and sat down and started playing his brother and sisters favorite video game on the TV in there. He was right next to the bathroom, so he knew that when Sean came out, he would probably hear him. He was so engrossed in moving the cute animated bobble headed characters around though, that he didn't notice the very small amount of sound that Sean had made when he exited the bathroom. Not until Sean called out, did he hear, and it in fact scared him enough to make him pee a little.

“Sorry Sean, I was just playing a game and didn't hear you come out. You look a lot better, how do you feel?”

“That's okay, I just didn't know where you were. I feel a lot better, thanks.”

“That's good. I think I'm getting tired though, so I am going to go to bed, you can have my brothers room, you'll like it. I'm right next door though, just in case you need anything at all.”


Nick showed Sean which room was his, then showed him the room that he could stay in, and then wished him goodnight. Nick went to his room and crawled into bed, turned off the light, and went right to sleep. The dreams still came, but this time they were more bearable for some reason, and he didn't wake up screaming like he more often than not did. Sean also went right to sleep after turning off the light and crawling into bed. And for the first night ever, he didn't wake up two or three times to find a warm dry space on his bed.


Sean woke up the next morning, or actually early afternoon, not entirely sure where he was, or why he felt so warm and cozy. Then he remembered what it was that he had set out to do early that morning, so figured that he had succeeded and was in heaven. But then he remembered the rest of the morning and what had happened. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked around, it was now light out, and he could see the bedroom that he clearly remembered going to bed in. He laid there for quite a bit longer, just luxuriating in the warmth and coziness that he felt.

At his parents house, he slept in the corner of the kitchen on the floor, just a single small mat for him to lay on, barely larger than the average crib mattress, with only a single small blanket to keep him warm. It was also nice and warm and cozy in the room itself, no drafts or anything. Again, so not like his parents house. It was cold and drafty in that kitchen in that rundown shack they called a home, because it certainly wasn't a house. It probably should have been condemned a few years ago.

Sean all of a sudden got the urge to pee, so regrettably started working his way out of the very comfortable bed and too the bathroom. When he got there, he tried, unsuccessfully, to undo his pajamas in order to go to the washroom, but for the life of him could not figure out how to undo them. The zipper seemed to be stuck. So hopping about, trying not to pee, and trying desperately to get his pajamas off so that he could pee, he lost the fight with his bladder, and started peeing anyways. He peed lots more into the already wet diaper, but amazingly it held it all. That did not stop Sean from breaking down into tears from the fear of the beating that he knew he was going to get for wetting like an animal.


Nick probably woke up no more than five to ten minutes after Sean had, and he too just laid in his bed and enjoyed the cozy feeling of his nice warm snug jammies, his nice soft and warm bed, and the feeling of actually wanting to live again. He didn't quite know what it was about Sean, but the young boy made him want to live again, gave a him a reason to live again. He laid there for the longest time just thinking, until he decided that he should probably get up and check on Sean. As he got up, he stretched and added more nice hot pee to his already very soggy diaper. All of a sudden though, he thought that he heard crying.

Nick went in search of the crying sound, and as he exited his bedroom, he heard that it was coming from the main bathroom, where he had told Sean to go if he needed to. He entered the bathroom quietly to see what the problem was, and found poor Sean curled into a ball on the floor, sobbing, saying please don't hit me.

"Shhh Sean, no one's going to hit you. Why are you crying." Nick bent down, wrapped his arms around the young boy, and asked softly.

"I-I-I-I c-c-c-couldn't g-g-g-get my j-j-j-jammies off, I p-p-p-peed my p-p-pants." Sean cried out.

"Why are you upset about that? It was an accident, it happens to the best of us. But really, why would you worry? You were still wearing a diaper right? So nothing else even got wet, so no big deal. Come on, uncurl yourself and give me a hug?"

"R-r-r-really, y-y-you're not u-u-upset?"

"No, not at all, why would I be?"

"Because I am a filthy animal." Sean said sadly.

"Why, because you peed your diaper?"

"Yeah, and b-b-b-because I pee my b-b-bed. My p-p-p-parents always beat me for t-t-t-that."

"That's horrible. You never have to worry about being hit here, I would never hit you, and I won't ever let you go back to your parents house. Besides, they think you're dead. You also seem to have a pretty bad stuttering problem. Just try and calm down, think about what you're going to say, and then say it slowly, that way you don't stutter so bad. Okay."

"O-o-okay, I'll t-t-try, thanks. I s-s-s-stutter lots when I get s-s-s-scared, I'll t-t-try that."

"There is no reason to be scared at all in this house. I'll tell you a secret though! When I woke up, and was standing there in my room and stretching, I purposely peed in my diaper too. I am a bed wetter too you see, and I peed on purpose in my diaper. I was already wearing one, so why not, it holds lots. And another secret, I sometimes wear them during the day. They're really comfortable." Nick smiled, for the first time in quite some time.

"Really! But you're not a baby?"

"No, of course I'm not, and neither are you, or a dirty animal, or anything like that for that matter."

"But only babies wear diapers and pee with no control, my parents said so." Sean said after a few moments in thought, thinking about how and what he was going to say, and doing much better.

"No, they're wrong, as they were obviously wrong about a lot of things. Why don't we go get some lunch, and we can talk more while we eat? And this time I want you to feel free to eat. Oh, and how does your tummy feel anyways?"

"Yeah, I bet you're right, but lunch sounds good. My tummy feels fine, a little sore, almost like when I pull a muscle."

"You probably stretched it out too much this morning. Don't eat too much today, and you'll probably be fine." Nick said, and then got up and started heading out of the bathroom, where they had still been sitting.

"Aren't we going to remove our diapers?"

"Nah, they'll hold up for a while longer, and besides, they're comfortable."

"Yeah, they kinda are." Sean admitted. He certainly had to admit it was a far cry better than waking up cold, wet, and miserable, that's for sure.

They went to the kitchen, and Nick got to work making them a good filling brunch, and then they sat down to eat, but this time Sean did grab his own food.

"So, what are we gonna do now?" Sean asked in between mouthfuls of food.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, everyone is gonna think I'm dead, but obviously I'm not. If anyone sees me, I'll just end up right back at my parents place, and I can't let that happen." Sean pointed out, showing that he was obviously a little smarter than the average eight year old.

"Oh, I see what you mean. Well, to tell you quite honestly, I doubt that anyone would even recognize you. You clean up pretty nice, and you look almost nothing like what you did when we met. The question is though, do you even think that your parents will tell the authorities when they found the note?"

"That's true, I hardly recognized myself, and I knew it was me. They probably won't tell the police, but it doesn't matter none, because I sent them a letter as well, and also the newspaper. I was so sick of them hitting me and yelling at me, I just wrote a really long letter to both, telling them what I was gonna do, what the social workers always said and did, what my parents did, everything. I even told them to make my parents look at my disgusting body if it was ever found."

"Oh, I hope that they all get in lots of trouble for that then, because they should. I guess for now, you just don't leave the house though, just to be safe. Maybe though we can get you a disguise, so that no one will recognize you at all. My parents lawyers were really good, I bet I could make them do something for us as well." Nick grinned.

"No, you can't tell anyone, they will send me back to my parents." Sean said fearfully.

"No, I told you that I would not allow that to happen, so I won't. My parents were really powerful business people, we owned almost every major business in this town, and many in the surrounding ones as well, also they own factories overseas and all sorts of other things. All that passed to me, and while it has mostly been the board running things, I still own it all. That means that my parents lawyers, are now my lawyers, and they will do for me almost anything I want them to do. My dad got away with a lot because of them. If I call them, and tell them to do this, they will get it done." Nick excitedly assured the scared boy. It was the first time in a long time that Nick had gotten excited about anything, and it would be the first time that he would talk to his lawyers since the one time they came to his house to explain that everything was now his outright, but would be run by the board until he finished school, which he still had not gone to do.

"But what if they tell the police?"

"They wouldn't, and besides, once the police read your little letter, I doubt very seriously that your parents will be in any shape to care for you, because they will be in prison."

"God, I hope so."

"I know so. And social services will more than likely get in real trouble as well, this won't look good on them at all."

"How do you know all this though?" Sean asked curiously.

"Well, my parents were really big business people right, so they knew tonnes of things, and they taught me everything that they knew, because I had to take over the business eventually. Unfortunately it's a lot sooner than they had planned. I also did really well in high school, and I took their pre business and pre law courses that they offered. My dad suggested the pre law course, because he says he learned a tonne about business, and what you can get away with, from those courses. So of course all that sort of thing was covered in there."

"Wow, that's neat. It must have been really nice to have parents that loved you, that wanted you to learn, because mine sure didn't. I do pretty good in elementary school, but I guess I can't really go back, I'll actually miss it, even though I hated the other kids there."

"I guess it was nice, I always had a loving family here, now I don't, so I never thought of it that way before. I sorta miss school too, but some of the kids made fun of me because I'm short and fat, and real smart."

"I don't think you're fat, I think you look cuddly." Sean said with a hint of a blush.

"Thanks, but I'm fat, there's no escaping that fact. I'm five feet four inches tall, and I weigh a little over two hundred pounds, so that definitely qualifies me as fat. I don't care though, it's the way I am, and if the other kids didn't like it, then I wasn't worried about them, because I had more money in my personal bank account at the time, than all of them did together. Now of course I could buy the entire town if I wanted to. I don't really care about the money either though."

"Wow, but I still don't really think you're fat. I'm really skinny though, you can see almost all my bones when I'm naked, it looks kinda gross."

"Yeah, you are a bit skinny, that's for sure, but we can get that changed right away. You're real cute though, much better looking than I am, especially after you got all cleaned up."

"I like how you look, I think you're real cute too."

"Thanks. Well, I think we're finished, we can leave the mess until later. We should go get changed and then I think that I will call the lawyer, to see what he can do."

"I'm still not so sure that's a good idea. Someone here could recognize me, and then what would we do. I really like you, and I want to stay here with you, otherwise I'll just kill myself, it's just not worth it, I can't be seen."

"True, you can't be seen, but I have some ideas about that, for now. We probably can't stay living in this area, that's for sure, because you could be recognized, and this house has too many memories in it, so maybe we should move. I'm going to call them though after we get changed, but don't worry, trust me. If somehow all goes wrong, we will both go down and jump together, because without you, I have nothing either, and it just wouldn't be worth it for me either. Deal!"

"Okay, I trust you. Let's go get changed then."

"Okay, lay down on your bed, I am going to go get a few things, I'll be right back. Close your eyes too, I want this to be a surprise, and don't worry." Nick said when they made it to Sean's bedroom.


Nick went to his little sisters room and grabbed a few things. She was only just a little bigger than Sean is, so almost all her clothes would fit Sean. He grabbed a pretty little pink frilly dress, some tights, one of his sisters play wigs, her jewelry and makeup, and some cute little shiny black shoes that he hoped would fit Sean. He also grabbed the wipes, cream, powder, and a clean diaper to diaper Sean again. He wasn't so certain how Sean would react to all this, but he certainly would not be recognizable. He went back to Sean's room and found him still laying on the bed, his thumb in his mouth, sucking away. Nick thought it was real cute, the little boy laying there, sucking his thumb, wearing cute little one piece pajamas with an obvious wet diaper bulge.

"Okay, I'm back with everything, and I'm not sure that you are going to like this all, but just let me finish first, and remember, don't open your eyes. Do you mind if I see you naked though?"

"Okay, I'll keep my eyes closed, and no, I don't mind. I have a tiny little dinky though, so don't laugh at me." Sean said shyly, quietly.

"I would never laugh at you, but you should see mine, it is really small too in comparison to some of the guys' at school."

Sean just smiled shyly, but didn't say anything further. Nick started by deftly undoing the pajamas that Sean was wearing and removing them, and then he started ripping the sides of the pullup, and taking that off. He admired the cute little penis and balls hidden beneath for a moment, and then took a baby wipe and started cleaning Sean off tenderly. He did see all the bruises on Sean's poor little body, but said nothing about it. Sean really was not so small as he seemed to think he was, he was about right for an eight year old boy, maybe just a bit bigger, but nowhere near as big as he would get, eventually. Sean grunted and smiled when Nick slid back his tight foreskin and cleaned the head of his little penis, and like most boys, this caused the little boy to go almost instantly hard. Nick just smiled. His brother was the exact same, always hard for every diaper change. Nick then proceeded to rub some of the sweet smelling cream into Sean's soft, smooth skin, and then slipped the diaper under his bum. Finally a healthy sprinkle of powder was added, and then the diaper was closed and taped.

"How come you put a diaper on me?" Sean asked curiously, but did not fight it, even though he had very clearly known what was happening.

"Because I wanted to, and you're really cute diapered. I will be wearing one as well, and maybe you can help me get dressed as well. Now, no more questions until I finish, okay."

Sean just nodded, but he did have a hint of a smile on his face. He was enjoying this, he loved all the attention, so he would gladly do anything for the boy that he was starting to love more than life itself.

Nick grabbed the tights next, and started easing them on Sean's skinny legs, working them until they were all the way up, and their frilly bum was covering his thick diaper. Next he put the shoes on, and had Sean stand up. Sean did so, making sure to keep his eyes closed. He had been certain what had just been put on him were tights, like girls sometimes wore, but he didn't say anything. Nick grabbed the dress next and slipped it over Sean's head, and then got it properly situated and secured. Sean was starting to look really pretty.

The makeup was next, and Nick, using skills that had been well taught, made Sean look just like a cute little girl, making it look as if he were not even wearing any makeup though, just adding the extra color and highlights. The jewelry was added next, just a cute little necklace and a bracelet, and then the wig was put on and attached properly.

"There you go, now no one will ever recognize you. Go ahead and open your eyes and look in the mirror." Nick grinned. He thought that he had done an excellent job, you could not even tell that Sean was a boy.

"Wow, you made me look just like a girl, I hardly recognize me at all. This is kinda neat too, I like the clothes, they make me look real pretty. A lot of the boys at school always told me I looked like a girl, and was probably a fag too. Not even sure what that means though."

"You are real pretty like this, but you make a very cute boy too. I don't think that you looked like a girl before, well, maybe a bit, but not much. As for fag, it's a hateful word used to describe someone who is gay."

"What's gay? Some of the boys told me that too, that I looked gay."

"Oh, well gay is when you love other boys. You know how when you're older that you're supposed to love and have sex with girls, if you are a boy, well being gay means that you love boys in that way, want to have sex with them." Nick said while blushing.

"Oh, and sex is when my dinky gets all hard and I want to play with it?" Sean blushed cutely.

"Yes, but when you have sex, you do it with someone else. Gay boys like to play with other boys, they dream of other boys, want to see their penises hard and touch them, and do other things too." Nick said, even more blush on his cheeks.

"Oh, then I'm gay then, because I only ever dream of playing with other boys. Is that bad like the boys at school made it sound?" Sean asked curiously.

"No, it's not bad, but my dad said that that is normal, most boys think girls are yucky at your age. I thought the same thing when I was your age, but it never went away for me, so I am gay." Nick admitted.


"Yeah, well most of the time I don't think so. I just want to be normal. Well, I am going to go call my lawyers and have them come over." Nick said, and then went to the office, somewhere he had not been for quite some time.

He quickly made the call, telling his head lawyer that he needed to see him as soon as possible, that it was very important. He said that he would be able to make it in about an hour. So for the next hour and a half that it took for Nick's lawyer to make it there, he and Sean sat around and talked more, mostly about nothing, but lots about being gay, because Sean wanted to know everything.

"Hi Jim, come on in." Nick greeted when he opened the door.

"Thanks Nick. It's been a while since we've talked, sorry, I would have stopped by, but we have been so busy running everything now that your parents are gone. So how have you been?"

"That's okay, but I've not been so good lately, pretty depressed, and I actually almost killed myself last night." Nick said honestly.

"Oh Nick, I wish you would have called, or went to see someone. I will get the best person in town to help you out though, okay. I know that none of this has been easy on you, but I had no idea that it was that bad. I hope you didn't call me here to ask me to do your will though?"

"No no, nothing like that. For now I think I'm over that, I've found a new lease on life, for a while, and that is why you are here. Come on, let's go sit in the den and you can meet my new lease on life, and I will tell you everything."

"Okay, lead the way." Jim said in confusion.

"Jim, this is Sean, but right now I think we are going to call him Shayna."

"Hi Sean, I mean Shayna." Jim said, sticking his hand out to shake, but Sean just kind of sat there and fearfully looked at the extended hand, and then Jim slowly removed it and sat down.

"Once you've heard our stories, you will understand that more." Nick answered the questioning glance.

"Okay, you may as well start, because honestly, you have me more than a little confused." Jim said.

"Well, it's like this. I went out last night, or rather early this morning, to kill myself. I was just going to jump off the train bridge, it seems to have worked well for the last few people, and I figured that it would be relatively quick and painless. Obviously that never happened. Half way onto the bridge I actually managed to bump into Sean here, and guess what he was out there to do at the exact same time. You of course know the reason why I was out there, I'm sure you're smart enough that I don't have to tell you all that."

"Yes, I know exactly why you were out there. Please continue though, I want to see where I fit in this story."

"Well, that reason would be Sean here. You see Sean was also out there to kill himself, but for a very different reason. He was being horribly abused by his parents, they blamed him for their being poor, they blamed him for their drinking and drug habits, they hated him. They beat him, they verbally abused him, they mentally abused him, it was horrible. Social services were of no help either, they just told him to stop complaining, and sent him back to his parents. The problem is of course that he left not only a suicide note, but mailed the police and the papers a letter, stating all of this. So officially Sean is dead now, and honestly, we'd rather keep him that way. What can you do to help out?"

"Oh shit. Well, um, I don't know. I don't deal with these types of situations normally, but if I had to guess, I would say that we could figure out a way to maybe doctor some records, make your little brother all of a sudden alive again, give Sean his name, adjust the birth dates, things like that, but what if someone recognizes him?"

"We thought of that too, hence the disguise, this way we can go out today, and not have to worry. I figure that we will have to move, and at least a ways away from here."

"Well, that would certainly work, for sure, but what about the businesses?"

"I don't know. I know mom and dad wanted me to take over for them, and they groomed me to do so, taught me everything that they knew, I took all the best courses to do so, was going to take business courses in university and all that, but I'm not so sure I really want to."

"Then what though?"

"I don't know. I know that if we were to sell the entire business, and all the subsidiaries, that it would sell in around the five billion mark, but if we can sell it piece by piece, then we can make almost another billion on top of that. Not like I care one way or the other really, whats the difference between five and six billion dollars, and officially I cannot even have the money yet anyways, because all the papers say I have to be nineteen first." Nick said calmly, but Sean gasped quite loudly.

"That's true, however you obviously were not really in the mood to listen when I came and talked to you right after the accident, because I told you that I would have the papers pushed through to make you a full adult. You had already finished school with top honors, all your relatives were gone, so I knew that it would not have been difficult to do. I also sent you the papers saying that you were fully emancipated, didn't you get them?"

"Probably, but to tell you quite honestly, I have not opened any mail at all. I knew that you guys always took care of all the bills, so I just never opened anything. So everything is officially mine then?"

"Yes, and you really should have opened the things that I sent you, there were other important things in there, but luckily they were not for the business, and did not need immediate attention. We can worry about that later though. It would be a real shame to sell off all your families businesses like that though, your great grandfather worked long and hard to start this business, and then when your father took over the company, after your grandfather did so well, he did even better. It was at most a billion dollar business when he took over, and now it is minimum five times that, it really is your company. Are you really sure that you want to do that?"

"I know that it was my families blood, sweat, and tears that went into building it, but it is not me. My dad always told me that I had to grow a backbone to run a business, and I know that I am not strong or ruthless enough for it. So sell it all. Sell the house, all the businesses, everything, get the most that you can possibly get for it all, and as quick as possible. Also do everything in your power to make Sean into Rhys as quickly and quietly as you can."

"You're the boss Nick, so I will get it done. I will need to draw up a whole shit load of papers to get it all done, and you will be signing for at least a week, but I'll do it. It will likely take me a month to do it, but I will do it. I will sell the house last, so that you can stay living here until the rest is done. Are you absolutely certain though? That this is what you want?"

"Yes, I think so. I can't really see myself running a business, at least not this young, no one would take me seriously, and I really want to get out of here now, especially since I met Sean, oh, I guess Rhys now, we're gonna have to get used to that Sean."

"I don't care what my name is, just as long as I get to live with you." He smiled warmly.

"Okay Nick, I will get started on everything right away. I will start with Sean first, because I think that that is the most important thing for now. I have done a lot of illegal things over the years for your dad, gotten him out of probably even more situations, but I think creating a whole new person will certainly be the jewel in my crown of shady dealings." Jim grinned. He loved a challenge, and didn't care if it was illegal or immoral. That was the reason he was hired to begin with.

"Thanks Jim, I know that that is what you live for. You hate the government as much as, or more than my dad did, and you enjoy doing things right under their noses. If I need anything else, I will call you, and if you need anything, just call me as well."

"That I do, thanks. For sure call me, and I will call you as well. So, what do you think that you are going to do, where are you going to move?"

"I have no idea really. I've always wanted to live on a farm or something, but Sean, I mean Rhys and I will talk it over and decide together, because this is as much his decision as it is mine. I figure that we will move somewhere far away, out in the open country somewhere, I don't want to be around so many people anymore. This city is too big for me I think."

"Sounds nice, in a rustic sort of way. Couldn't drag my sorry ass out of the cities though, I love it here." Jim grinned.

"Yeah, but you just enjoy the near steady supply of hot and horny men that there are here."

"Now how did you know about that?"

"Easy, I'm gay and I knew that you were as well. That and I heard mom and dad talking about it one night, laughing, saying that you had had three dates one particular week, that they were all with different guys, and you slammed all of them each night. I knew what they were talking about of course." Nick grinned back this time.

"Yeah, your dad knew all about my exploits, he always called me a slut. You know, it might have actually hurt, if it weren't so damned true. At least I don't charge." Jim grinned back again.

"Yeah, he happened to laugh about that too. Well, I'm sure that you have a shit load of work to do now, and I would really appreciate it if you could get it all done as soon as possible. The sooner the better."

"I bet he did, and you bet I will. Make sure to keep in touch, and remember, even when you move away, I am still your personal lawyer, no matter where you move, as long as it's still in this country, I will fly anywhere for you."

"Thanks, I appreciate that. With the amount of money I know that you have made from my dad though, I would certainly hope so. You must be a multi millionaire by now, I know dad treated you the best of all his employees."

"That he did. Well kid, I will see you soon." Jim said, and grabbed Nick in a tight hug.

"See ya." Nick said, and Jim showed his way out, while Nick and Sean just stayed there.

"So, what do you think of everything that you heard?" Nick asked, wanting to know what Sean thought.

"I understood everything you said, if that's what you mean!"

"Well, that's good, but that was not what I was referring to. What do you think of being my undead brother, having your name changed to Rhys, moving far away from here, just what do you think? You haven't hardly said a word. It will seem strange to me though, treating you as my little brother. I really loved him, and I miss him terribly, but if you agree with it all, then maybe you can sort of bring him back to life a bit. You two do look a bit alike, except he was a bit chubbier."

"Well, I really don't care too much what we do, as long as I get away from here, and I get to stay with you. I would really like to live on a farm though, I really like animals. I don't mind my name being changed at all, my name just reminds me of my parents." Sean answered.

"Cool. Then that's what we'll do. I wonder how much money I have in my bank accounts right now, and if we can actually start with some of the purchasing right now. It would be wicked to own a nice big hobby farm. I don't care if it produces money or not, I have enough for us to last a few lifetimes. We will never have to worry about money at all, even if we spent stupidly for a long time."

"Neat. Did you really say that your businesses will sell for five to six billion dollars?"

"Yes, like I said, we will never have to worry about money, ever. And once you become my brother, half of it will be yours as well."

"No way, I can't take it."

"Yes, you can. Come on, for the first time in a long time, I want to go out and do something fun."

"What do you want to do?"

"I don't know. We could go to the games place and play games all day or something like that!"

"That would be cool, but dressed like this?"

"Yeah, maybe we should put a more simple dress and shoes on you." Nick said, looking at the fancy, but very pretty dress.

"Can I tell you a secret, and you have to promise not to laugh at me?"

"Sure, I would never laugh at you."

"I sorta like being dressed up as a girl, and I sorta like wearing this diaper. It's really nice."

"Cool. I used to dress up as a girl too, I really liked it, and I really like the diapers as well."

"Do you have any dresses to fit you now?"

"No, besides, I have an adams apple, so you can tell that I am a boy right away, because it's quite large. Girls of course don't have them. Come on, let's go to my sisters room and get you a different dress, and then I will go and put on different pants, so that my diaper does not show as much."

"Oh." Sean nodded in understanding.

The boys went and did that. Sean/ Rhys/ Shayna ended up in a more simple dress and shoes, but the diaper and tights all stayed the same. Nick changed his pants to a little less revealing ones, and then grabbed a bag and packed them a diaper bag of sorts.

"So, while we are out, you are Shayna, remember, it's very important, because we don't want anyone to ask questions. That would be a very bad thing." Nick smiled.

"For sure. I hope I can remember that, but I probably will."

They both smiled at each other and then headed out to the garage to pick a vehicle to drive into town in. When they walked in, poor Sean had no idea what to think. There were ten cars of various sorts in there. There was a large Humvee, not the new flashy ones, but the original army ones, flat green and ugly as sin, but would go anywhere, an awesome Lotus 72D, a huge Dodge Ram 3500 mega cab pickup truck, there was an antique 50's era car, a limousine, and a few other ones as well.

"So, what one should we take?" Nick grinned.

"Why do you have so many cars?"

"My dad liked them, so bought them. My favorite one to drive though has to be the Lotus, man that thing handles like you wouldn't believe. Parking it anywhere though that is not secured is a risky thing at best. Dad already had to replace that car once because it was stolen. I hate the Humvee, it's just too damned big for the city, but it's great to get out in the country. The truck is nice, but again, it's really big, both are impossible to park in the city. So, I would suggest either the Mustang or the Vette."

"Wow, I'd love to ride in the Lotus one day, it's a beautiful car. Some of the boys at school nearly got hard over that very same car, and I had to agree with them, it was very nice, but the real one is even better yet. They'd just die if they knew I got to ride in one. I say we take the Mustang then, I like them too. I hate how loud most of the Vettes are though."

"Trust me, it's loud, but so is the Mustang. My dad really liked the big muscle cars, and both of those have been worked on, he's actually raced them both. He did. Man, I'm still not used to that." Nick choked.

"I know that neither one of us can truly heal the other of the hurts that we have had, but you know what, I really don't feel so bad around you, and I will be here for you too. Let's go and have fun, because I've never done that before." Sean said, trying to break the tension.

"Thanks, and I feel so much better around you as well. Let's go."

They hopped in the car and Nick started it up. The sheer power of the car startled Sean so bad he actually added more pee to his diaper, but he smiled and laughed. Nick opened the door and backed them out, and then pointed them towards town.

They got to the games center half an hour later and went in. They stayed there and played for almost four hours. They were both in danger of leaking, they were both starving, because they completely missed dinner, but they had had a blast. They went to a family washroom, and then changed each others diapers. Sean had to be told what to do in order to change Nick's diaper, but he did real well. He did blush when he saw the older boy naked, but he wondered why he had no hair, because he knew that he should.

"Why don't you have any hair above your dinky Nick?"

"Because I remove it all. Because I wear diapers, it makes it less itchy and smelly without it."

"Oh, then I will do that too when I get some as well."

"That will be a few years I'm sure, and maybe by then you won't want or need to wear diapers. Come on, let's go out for a late dinner, and then we really should go home and go to bed. I'm getting tired."

"Me too, but I'm way more hungry."

"Me too. How is your stomach feeling anyways?"

"Good, it doesn't hurt anymore."

"That's good."

They headed out and found a nice restaurant nearby, and went there. They each had a nice meal, and then headed back home, or to what was to be their home only for a short while.

"Nick, do you think that I can sleep with you tonight?"

"Sure you can, why?"

"Just because I want to be close to you when we sleep."

"Okay, not a problem. Let me grab everything, and then we can diaper and jammy each other."


Nick was back only a few minutes later from grabbing all the needed supplies from Sean's room. This time he grabbed an actual diaper, instead of a pullup like he had given to Sean the previous night. Nick made quick work of undressing, diapering, and then redressing Sean, and then Sean returned the favor.

They both climbed into bed and curled up together, and before too long, they were both out like lights. Both having possibly the nicest sleep that they had had, at least in a long time.