"Good morning, how do you feel today?" Nick asked when he woke up, to find Sean laying there, just watching him with a warm smile on his face.

"I feel like a million dollars. I've never slept so well in my life. I was always so cold and uncomfortable, not to mention wet, but last night I was so warm and dry and cozy. This bed is so comfortable."

"I agree. Come on, let's go get some breakfast."

They got up and headed to the kitchen and just grabbed themselves some cereal and toast. They sat down across from each other and ate silently, smiling at each other. Neither boy was totally healed, Sean probably never would be, but they sure were a lot happier than they had been, Sean more than he had ever been before.

"Well, I guess the first thing that I should do is go grab all the mail and open and read it. Want to help?"

"Sure, why not."

Nick went and grabbed the nearly two foot high pile of mail that had accumulated, and they sat across from each other at the large dining room table and opened, read, and sorted it all.

"Nick, this one is from the lawyer guy, and he says that all the moneys have been transferred to your name, and that in cash in all your various bank accounts, you have a little over a hundred and fifty five million dollars. He includes all the bank statements as well. Did you know that you have like ten different banks in like six different countries? Why?"

"To diversify and protect. That way we never have to worry. My dad told me all that once. I had no idea that we had that much though. How much does it say that I have in the main Canadian account?"

"Um, just a sec................................Ah, here it is, just a second while I count all the zeros here............Okay, looks like about seventy million dollars. Holy crap! That's a lot of money!"

"Yes it is. Well, that makes it easy then, that should be more than enough to buy any size property that we want, and build almost anything that we want." Nick smiled. He knew that he could get lots more as well if they needed it, because he was certain that that was only what was in the banks, and that there would be even more hidden away in other places as well.

They continued on for a while yet. It was Nick that found the letter stating where all the rest of the money was, what it was doing, how it was doing, so on and so forth. There was roughly another two hundred million floating around in various stocks and bonds, and it looked like they had all done very well, at least most had. He also found the legal documents stating that he had been fully emancipated, and that he was a full adult in every sense of the word. There was an awful lot there, and it took them the better part of two hours to sort through it all. And even though they had a junk block on their mail, they still had almost half the pile as just junk.

"So, now that that is done, and we know that we can afford to do almost anything, where should we move?" Nick asked.

"I've heard that B.C. is very nice, and there are places there that are incredible for farming." Sean offered.

"Been there a couple times, beautiful province. I hate Ontario, so sure, BC it is then. Where in BC though is another question!"

"Let's look at stuff online. You will have to do that though, I know next to nothing about computers or the internet. I know a bit, but most of the time the other kids just pushed me away, and there were not enough computers for all of us at school."

"Okay, not a problem. I will teach you everything that you will ever need to know about computers. I can hack like you wouldn't believe. I have taken over five different computer programming courses."

So they went to Nick's computer and he got them online. They searched for almost an hour before they found an area that sounded awesome. It was in the central interior of the province, said to have beautiful summers, lighter than they were used to winters, decently populated, but not overly so, and it had some very nice farming areas, especially in the outlying areas. Their next stop on the internet was the local areas real estate pages, and they started searching for bare acreage. It took a while, but they found a parcel of land about a thousand acres, was bare, but treed, and had a creek running through it, power and gas at the road, and was about a half an hour drive to the nearest city. The Okanagan Lake was about a half an hour drive as well, and it was a very nice large lake, the page said the largest in the province.

"That looks like the place. What do you say to that?" Nick asked.

"I think it would be really nice. We'd never have to worry about the neighbors, that's for sure."

"Yeah, now I just have to call an architect and have him design a house for us. I think that the one that my mom and dad hired all the time will probably do something for us. I think he's even the one to have done this house for us, seeing as how he did all their work. Let me go make the call."

So Nick went to the office and found the number on his dads computer in there, and then made the call. Nick explained what it was that he was doing, and what it was that he wanted, and the architect said that he would be there in an hour or two. So Nick went and told Sean this, so they went and had lunch, went and got changed and dressed, because they had still been in their, by then very wet diapers, and their pajamas.

"Hi Tom, come on in." Nick greeted.

"Hi Nick, it was a bit of a surprise to hear from you. How have you been?"

"Not very good. The loss of my entire family sort of hit me hard, but I'm doing better. But as I told you earlier, I want to get out of here, I am selling everything and moving. So that brings us to you, I want you to design our house for us."

"Who's us?"

"That's a long and complicated story, but all you need to know is that her name is Shayna, for now, and that unofficially I am adopting her."

"Okay, I know not to ask too many questions with your family, so that's good enough for me. So let's go sit down and do this." Tom chuckled

They headed into the dining room, because that would give them the most room to spread out.

"So, what are you looking at for land, and what are you looking for?"

"This is a printout of the land, and we want a large house, a multi purpose heated barn to hold at least a hundred or more animals, a large heated workshop, and a huge heated garage, because I am taking all of dads cars with us. For the house we will want a nice big covered pool, a theatre, huge games room, awesome kitchen, huge master bedroom and bathroom, at least six other bedrooms, all with bathrooms. All bathrooms are to be four piece, or larger, with large jetted soaker tubs, large showers, with multiple heads, including steam. We will want a nice den, library, office combo, a nice sitting room, large dining room, and I would love a wrap around porch. I think the style of the house should be of a large farmhouse style. I don't want it too close to the road, we want to have a bit of a driveway, the barn should be fairly close to the house, and the garage should be next to the house. Am I forgetting anything Shayna, just tell Tom what you want as well, and it will get done?"

"Um, okay. Let's see. We should have both solar and wind generators, so that we do not have to use too much power from the grid, we should make everything as energy efficient as absolutely possible, the absolute best in building materials and techniques, all hardwood and tile floors, nice high ceilings, and maybe even vaulted ceilings where possible would be really nice. Lots of glass too, it's beautiful land, I think we should be able to see it. Oh and skylights, I've always wanted a house with skylights. Hey, what about an indoor mini golf, wouldn't that be so cool." Sean smiled brightly, excitedly.

"Okay, some of that is not my bag, but it will be notated as well, and then handed off to the designers and builders. I think I have everything though, let me just read it all back to you, and then I will take it all back to my office and get started. Once I start, it should only take me about a week or two to get it all done for you." Tom said, and then read the list back. The boys agreed with everything, so Tom took his leave and went to get started.

After Tom left, Nick called the real estate office that had the property, and told them that he wanted to purchase the land, but that he needed the most recent survey records, because Tom asked for them as well, if he could get them. Nick was told that this would not be a problem, but that he should have his real estate agent handle everything for him. Nick agreed with this, and made a call to a local Realtor, and she said that she would be there shortly. The real estate lady came, so they talked, and she agreed to do all the purchasing, but that it was to be a cash deal, so if they could deal, do so. She left only half an hour later with the deposit check, a full fifty percent down, and the number to Jim, so that all the legal matters could be dealt with easily.

"Well, we just bought a thousand acres clear across the country, do you think that that will be far enough away?" Nick grinned.

"Oh yeah. This is going to be awesome. How did we get so lucky to just bump into each other?"

"Fate I guess. Was never certain I believed in it before, but it seems the only thing that makes sense. I wonder if maybe we shouldn't have a therapist come and see us, because you have to admit, wanting to off ourselves does kinda scream help!" Nick smiled.

"I guess that sounds good to me too, but I don't think it would be needed to talk to anyone, because I already don't feel like killing myself anymore. I think you're all I need."

"I think you're all I need too. Can I hug you?"

"I'd really like that" Sean smiled warmly.

They hugged for quite a few minutes, and they both even cried healthy tears of happiness onto each others shoulders.

"Nick, how come my dinky gets hard every time we touch?" Sean asked bashfully.

"I don't know Sean, I mean Rhys, man that's gonna take some getting used to, but to tell you the truth, so does mine whenever you touch me too." Nick blushed as well.

"Yeah, well try being me, it's my name that's being changed."

"You really don't mind right? If you do, we can call Jim and he can do something else, maybe just change your last name."

"No, I really don't mind at all, it's just gonna take time. Right now though, it's really hard, because I have three names, but one I'm not allowed to use." Sean smiled warmly.

"Good, because I don't want this to be too hard on you, you've had it far worse than I have."

"No, you always had love and family here for you, and then had it ripped away. I never had that, I was always hated, it was all I knew, so I think it was hardest on you." Sean said honestly.

"Maybe, but it was hard on us both. Should we go back online and start picking out everything for our new house, so that we can give the list to the people who will build our awesome new house?"

"Okay, but I think I need a change first, I'm pretty wet, and I have to poop, but I don't want to do that in my diaper."

"I don't like pooping in my diaper too much either, but I have before, sometimes it's just easier when there is no bathroom nearby. I'd clean you up though. I should probably go to the bathroom as well, and then we can diaper and jammy each other." Nick smiled warmly.

They both went to Nick's bedroom and cleaned each other up, and then they both went to the bathroom. After they had both done their business, they met back in Nick's room, he had already gotten both of their pajamas and diapers set out, so they got each other ready for bed early. Once they were ready, they headed to the den again and sat at the computer and started searching for all sorts of things. They ended up doing that for the entire rest of the night, stopping to have a light dinner about half way through.

They found almost everything that they wanted for the house; from what windows they would use, to what kind of building components they wanted, even the insulation. They chose out all the very best kitchen appliances, the nicest bathroom fixtures, the very best in electronics for the entire house, all the games and accessories for the games room, and they even found a supplier that sold stuff for indoor mini golf. They chose all the light fixtures for the entire place, all the yard equipment and tractors that they would need, and they chose all the colors that they liked for everything. They found all the furniture and flooring. They were choosing new furniture for the entire house, because a lot of the furniture that they had was more modern, but they both felt that a farmhouse should be more rustic, more antique looking. They found some of the very best solar and wind generators to produce most of their power needs, they chose an awesome satellite system, the best house automation and alarm system there was, everything that they could think of. They also chose the top of the line heating and cooling system, complete with the highest end air purification and filtration system, as well as the best water purification system that they could find. Over the next week or so they would add more and more to the list, but for now that was enough.

By the time that they finished searching for the night, they were both very tired, and even though they were both already wet, they felt that they were good enough to last through the night. Nick had only the best and thickest diapers for night time, so they held up really well. This time, neither one even suggested it, they just went to bed and curled up together and slept, wrapped up around each other.

This morning Sean woke up first again, and he lay there for a while, just watching Nick sleep. He didn't quite understand his feelings. He thought that Nick was the most beautiful boy there was, even though maybe he was not the best looking. Sure he was a bit chubby, sure, maybe he had a big nose and a small dick, but Sean didn't care about any of that. He still didn't understand his feelings, but he was falling fast and far in love for his older savior. Problem was, Nick was also falling in love with his young savior as well, but he too didn't really understand his feelings any better. He was having the most difficult time with their massive age difference, and the fact that Sean was very much a minor. For almost half an hour Sean laid there watching his mentor sleep, and then slowly come awake.

"Good morning, were you watching me sleep again?"

"Yes, you're really cute when you sleep."

"Thanks. What should we do today?"

"I don't know. Why don't we just stay here today and work and play around the house."

"Okay. So, when should we leave to go to our new home?"

"I don't know. It's going to take a long time for the lawyer to get all my stuff organized, and it's going to take even longer to get the house done I bet, but I want to leave soon, so that I don't always have to wear a disguise."

"That's sorta what I was thinking too. I mean, who cares how long it takes us to get there, we could take a few weeks if we wanted to really."

"Yeah, but can I ask you a question?"


"What if I kinda want to keep the girls clothes, so that I can dress up still, I've kinda enjoyed it.......a lot." Sean smiled and blushed cutely.

"Then I will buy some as well, and we can dress up for each other."

"Wicked. So, when do we leave then?"

"I don't know. I should talk it over with Jim first I suppose, but we have a really awesome fifth wheel trailer that tows behind the truck you saw in the garage, so as soon as he says that we are good to go, we can head out in that. We can tour the country a bit on our way."

"That would be really cool, but what about my schoolwork?"

"Oh yeah. I wonder how hard it would be to register you for BC's home schooling system, because you can just do home schooling while we are gone, and maybe even stay doing it that way if you want."

"That would be awesome, let's check it out as soon as we get up. I loved school, but the other kids were always really mean to me, so I hated going most days, but it was certainly a lot better than staying home." Sean gushed.

"I bet that now that you are cleaned up, and rich beyond belief, you'd never be picked on again."

"Maybe, but I'd hate them trying to be friends with me for that reason more than anything. I'd rather have no friends than fake friends."

"Yeah, me too. That's what I hated about everyone knowing I had money. I knew most of them could not stand me, but they hung out with me anyways."

They laid in bed for a little while longer, just cuddling up to each other and chatting about nothing much, mostly about what they would do on their trip. Finally they both got up, both still in their pajamas, both showing obvious signs of being very wet, but they both wanted breakfast, so to the kitchen they first went.

After they finished breakfast, they went and changed each other, and put on a pair of loose shorts each, over a nice thick night diaper of course, and then headed to the computer to check into schooling options for Sean. They found out that they would need all of Sean's ID, and school records, if available. So armed with that information, Nick made a quick call to Jim.

"Good morning Jim, how's everything going so far?" Nick asked when Jim picked up.

"Great so far. The boards were all suitably shocked to hear that you were selling and moving, and the sales have been posted. Already there are at least three separate buyers lined up, looking at buying various portions of the business, and one of them has already asked what it would cost to buy the entire thing. I think that they are just one of those big giants from the States, hoping to snatch up whatever they can to increase their footprint. If possible, we will not sell to them, the job security of the employees would be out the window with one of them. As for how it's going on Sean's new identity, amazingly well. I have everything in the works already, and I expect it to all be done by the end of the week. It will be so damned airtight that it would take a full government audit to track it down, not that they would even bother with a child."

"That's great news, and I agree, let's try and keep the employees as safe as possible throughout this. I never even thought about them, to tell you the truth, but I should have. I know that no matter what, there is a large likelihood that people will be fazed out, but that can't be helped. As for Sean's new ID almost being done, that's awesome. That also brings up the main reason that I called today. We want to head out as soon as possible. We're going to take the truck and trailer and slowly work our way out west, take our time, tour the country, enjoy the scenery. But we also thought about Sean's schooling. We decided that he would be home schooled, and we went to the BC home schooling website, and it is real easy to apply, all we need is Sean's new ID faxed to them, and then he will be registered. It is all online courses, no books even needed at all, so we'd be all set. So as soon as you get us the new ID, I think that we will be heading out."

"Glad to hear that you are thinking about Sean's schooling, and that is a great idea, both the home schooling and the trip across the country. How are you going to deal with the house though?"

"I was thinking just have an auction company come in and take everything and auction it off. There are a few things that of course I will pack up and ship out, and of course all the cars will have to be transported, well except the limo, we won't really be needing that. We're going to buy all new stuff for the new house once it's built, so we really won't need much of anything."

"Okay, I can arrange for all of that once you leave, and if you leave what you want shipped, already packaged and waiting, I will send it once your new house is built."

"That would be awesome, thanks Jim. You'll have to come out once the new house is done of course. I should be going now, so talk to you later."

"Same here, I'll see you in a few days or so once all the papers have been finished up."

"Oh, what about the sales papers for the businesses and the house, you needed all the signatures, but I will have no idea where we will be at at any given time?"

"What we can do is I can draw up a document that says that you have authorized me to sell everything under your name, and I can take care of it all for you. Basically I would be signing for you. Of course this can be a dangerous thing if you do not trust the person that you have doing it for you, but the way I will have it done will be safe. I will make sure that it states very clearly that any and all checks written are in your name. There are also a number of things I already have done that you can sign for right away. I will also bring at least two other attorneys, ones I do not work with, to witness, just to make it even more legally binding. That way there would be no way on Earth that I could run away with your money, not that I would anyways." Jim chuckled.

"Thanks, I appreciate all that, but I do trust you, because my dad trusted you more than anyone else, and he did not trust many people at all, especially when it came to money."

"He and I were the same there, I trust very few people, and even fewer still when it comes to money, because mass amounts of money can make people do bad things. And even though I trust myself, I still would not want to be solely in charge of that much of someone else's money, and it is more legal this way."

"Well, thanks again, and see you in a few days, do what you can, and we will sign it all later."

"Will do, see you later."

"Good news, he's almost done with your new ID Se....Rhys, it should only be a few days more, and he's going to work out something so that I don't have to worry about signing all the papers."

"That's really cool. So, I guess that means that the main thing that we should be doing today is going through the entire house and seeing what you want to keep, and what you want to sell."

"Yes, I think that that sounds like a great idea as well."

So, for the next several hours the two of them went through the entire house and sorted through everything that they wanted to keep. All of Nick's sisters' nicest dresses and shoes were kept, all of their costume and real jewelry was kept, all their wigs, and all their tights. In Rhys' room, they kept only a few small things, mostly his prized possessions, same as they had also kept from Nick's sisters' rooms, same as his other brothers room as well. They also kept all his parents jewelry, a few of their prized possessions, and his parents stash of sex toys that Nick knew nothing about, but sure liked the looks of. He had no idea his parents were so kinky. They found every family photo album that there was, took every family photo from the walls and other various places they were displayed, and those were all of course kept. There were also some very nice paintings that they would keep as well, because they would look very nice in their new house once it was done. All the DVD movies were kept, and all the family movies were found and boxed up as well. Most of Nick and Rhys' clothes were going to be kept as well, because Sean could just wear all of Rhys' old clothes, because they fit him pretty well, for now, but they would need them, so of course they could not be packed up.

"Well, that was a lot of work. I had no idea that we had this much stuff. I'm getting really hungry, so should we go get some lunch?" Nick asked, they had worked through lunch by a full hour at least.

"Sure, that sounds great to me. I could also seriously use a diaper change too, I'm getting very wet."

"Yeah, me too."

They went and had lunch, and then went for a much needed diaper change. For the rest of the day they wandered around the house, checking every last little nook and cranny to make certain that they had not forgotten something important. They found a few things, but not many. Before too long it was dinner time, and then bath and bed time.

"Well, I think that we have worked long and hard, and we should probably go have our baths and then head to bed." Nick suggested.

"That sounds like a plan, but can we have a bath together? We'll both fit easily in these tubs." Sean asked hopefully.

"No, we better not Se......Rhys, for now I think that we should bath by ourselves, and if you really stopped and thought about it, you would know the reason as well."

"I think I know what you are getting at, but what if I don't care, what if I want us to touch each other and play with each other?"

"We can't Rhys, you know that, so let's just go have our baths, please don't ask again, because I might say yes, but we both know that we can't do that!" Nick said sadly.

"I know." Sean said, and then they each headed to their own bathrooms.

They did not take their diapers or pajamas with them, they would diaper and jammy each other afterwards. They both liked that too much to give up, but they both knew where that would eventually lead them, even if Sean didn't quite understand it all. He had seen all the sex ed videos, and had heard it all told in school, to know enough of what was happening, but he wanted it too.

Both boys ran equally hot baths, both dumping in large amounts of sweet smelling bubble bath, they both stripped down, and then slipped into the nice hot water, hitting the jets at the same time.

Nick's dick was painfully hard when he stripped out of his soggy diaper, and even though he knew that it would not be enough this time, he took matters into his own hand, and stroked himself long and slow, sensuously attempting to release the pressure build up. In his mind, he saw Sean's hands doing the stroking, saw his mouth sucking him, even saw his very cute little boy bum taking his small girth all the way inside with ease. Nick knew he was small, but he was not quite as small as he thought he was, he had just read too many stories on the internet, people claiming to have twelve inch long, six inch around weapons of mass invasion tucked away in their pants, and that this was a perfectly natural thing. He was in fact about five and a half inches hard, and four to four and a half inches around. So only slightly smaller than the average, but not by that much. His first orgasm was quick to cum, and he sprayed a nice healthy load of boy cream on his chest and stomach. That was one thing that Nick had always been very proud of, he could shoot one hell of a load, easily measuring two tablespoons full. Today though was even more than that, but in all fairness, it had been more than a few days since he had last relieved the back pressure. So, instead of stopping, Nick continued right on stroking as if nothing had happened, and managed to have his very first rapid fire three cums in a row, because he came a further two times before he was drained.

Once Nick's balls were less tense, he got down to giving himself a good scrubbing, top to toe, and then laid back and relaxed for a bit. Once he felt that it was time to get out, he pulled the plug and hopped in the shower to rinse off and give his hair the second wash and conditioning. Once he was satisfied that he was all clean, Nick dried off and headed to his room to wait for Sean.


Sean had slipped into his bath, after removing his equally soggy diaper, and he too was painfully hard. He had of course gotten many erections, he had even played with it a bit, well sort of. He had never had an orgasm, he had never really truly played with himself, and he wasn't really even sure how to do it, because the sex ed teacher never went over that, even if one of the braver boys had asked. She had just gone bright red and explained that that was something that each boy and girl had to figure out on their own, because there were too many techniques to show.

Sean looked at his bright red little prong sticking proudly out of the water, all three and a half inches of it, maybe an inch and a half around, it was pulsing madly, and he was mesmerized by it. Slowly his hand crept down to it, he tickled it slightly and groaned from the incredible feelings it caused, then he pulled back his overly tight foreskin all the way, moaning slightly in pain from this. If anything his little dick head looked even more angry. His little dick was even more hard than he had ever seen or felt it before, and now every little tiny touch felt incredible. Grasping his hard little member with his index and middle finger on one side, and his thumb on the other, Sean started slowly stroking himself slowly. The sensations that such a simple thing caused in his body were so intense, that he lost track of what else he was doing, mainly attempting to keep his head above water. It actually took a full second for the realization to sink in that he was in fact under water, and taking in a lung full of water, and yet his hand never left his dick.

Coming up and coughing out all the water, and gasping for breath, Sean actually laughed, and yet he did not stop stroking himself. Now that he was a little more used to it, he started stroking himself even more, and he knew that something great was happening. His sex ed teacher had not fully explained to the kids what happened during an orgasm, but then again it was a group of grade three students, she had not figured that they needed to know all those nasty details, in fact she did not agree with teaching them that young, but what she did not know, was that a good portion of them had already had the most mind bending orgasms, many of them at the hands or mouths of their best friends. Sean's body started to tense up, he was starting to vibrate, he wanted to quit, because he was afraid something was wrong, but he didn't want to quit, because it felt so damned good. He figured that if he was doing damage, and would probably die from it, then going out with this many good feelings was a darn good way to go.

And then it happened. Sean's very first orgasm hit him so hard, that he managed to pass out. So under the water again he went. A second or so later, and another lung full of water that he was coughing out, he laughed. Yet again though, he still had his hard little member firmly in his fingers, and he was still stroking.

"Wow, what the fuck was that?" He gasped, actually swearing for the very first time in his entire life, but for a damn good reason.

"I wonder if that was what the guys were talking about, cumming?" He asked himself, and then decided that it had to be, because they had said it felt better than anything, and that sure as hell felt better than anything that the had ever dreamed possible.

Sean continued to maul his little guy, stroking himself even more, wanting those feelings over and over again, and so he did. Three more times, a total of four times Sean came, his entire body was aching, it was vibrating, he was seeing stars, and he was certain that he was about to die, but what a way to go.

"Oh my god, that feels so good." Sean sighed a few moments later.

It took quite a while for Sean's very first orgasms to release his body, so that he could continue doing what it was that he was in there to do. He started washing himself down, giving himself a nice cleaning. Once cleaned, Sean also laid back in relaxed in the hot soothing water for a bit, and then hopped into the shower to rinse off and give his hair another washing, then conditioned it as well. He felt so amazingly good that after the dried off, he nearly floated to the bedroom. Making it there only seconds after Nick had gotten there.

"Hi, it looks like you had a good bath, you look nice and relaxed, you're almost glowing." Nick commented.

He really had no clue that Sean just out came him, and that was the reason that the boy looked more relaxed and was glowing. He did kind of suspect though the reason why when Sean blushed even more yet, making the normal blush that the hot water causes look like nothing.

"Um, I don't look like I'm dying right?"

"No, you look a lot more alive in fact." Nick said in confusion.

"Oh, I thought that I was hurting myself, I was so tense, my whole body was shaking, I was seeing funny colors, and then it felt like my whole body exploded."

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you had an orgasm. Were you playing with your penis?"

"Yeah, four times in a row I had those feelings. I didn't hurt myself, did I?"

"Holy shit, you had four orgasms in a row, no wonder you look so relaxed, I only managed three. No, of course you're not going to die. You just had an orgasm, possibly the best feeling there is."

"I know it felt really good, but I thought that it was bad, because it almost hurt as well. I couldn't stop, even though I almost drowned." Sean admitted.

"Excuse me, what do you mean you almost drowned?"

"Well, at first when I started playing with my dinky, it felt so good I slipped under the water and breathed in a bunch of water, and then the first time the feelings hit me, I went under again and breathed in water." Sean blushed furiously.

"That's the funniest thing I think I've ever heard." Nick laughed.

"I didn't think so, well actually I did, I actually laughed too." Sean admitted with a shy smile.

"Go ahead and lay down and I'll get you diapered and jammied, you horny little boy." Nick grinned.

"What's horny?" Sean asked, but laid down as he was requested.

"It means that you want to play with yourself or others, a lot." Nick blushed as well.

"Oh, then I guess maybe I am."

A few minutes later they traded places and Sean diapered Nick. Once they were both snug in their one piece footed pajamas, Nick treated Sean to a good blow job. With a hairdryer. He dried and styled the young boys hair, and then Sean had Nick sit down, so that he could repay the favor. They both enjoyed this a great deal. Once their hair was nice and dry, they laid down in bed, and curled into each other, then fell fast asleep.

This morning Nick was the first to wake up, so he paid Sean back for the previous two mornings. He laid there, all snug and cozy, watching Sean sleep. He really did think that the little boy was beautiful, and he knew that he was falling further and further in love, and he knew that he was powerless to stop it, yet knew he had to. He knew that they could not keep moving towards sex, because he knew that in some strange way they were, and it seemed to be mutual, yet he could not figure out how that was. Sean woke up a little while later, and then they laid and talked for a bit, before they hopped out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make and eat breakfast.

The next couple days pretty much went in the same way, not much really happening any. They did go out one afternoon, and Sean picked out some nice girly clothes for Nick to wear. Of course Sean was dressed as Shayna, in the pretty pink dress Nick had put on him that first time. They had fun looking around at all the girls clothes and picking a few things out. If anyone thought it odd that a late teen boy was picking out girls clothes in his size, none of them said anything. Then again, in a large enough city, you sometimes saw the strangest things, so maybe they were just used to it. They also went and bought a few other things, a few new wigs, and of course some food.

It was Friday morning, three days later, that they received a call from Jim, saying that he would be there in less than an hour.

"Hi.....girls, I'd ask why you were dressed as girls today, but being gay myself, I know the reason. You both look pretty though. Are you nice and thickly diapered under those dresses and tights, because if you're not, then you really should be, it's the only way." Jim grinned.

"Yes, we are. I didn't know that you were like that too, we think it's fun." Nick answered.

"Oh boy, if I told you some of the stories of what I am into, it would make more than your toenails curl. So, let's go sit down then shall we, we have a bunch of things to go over."

"Awesome." Both boys said, and they headed to the dining room.

"So, as I'm sure you've both guessed by now, I have Sean's new identity all worked out, and it as fully legal as it could possibly be. I have a new birth certificate, a social insurance number, a health card, hell, I even got you a library card. I managed to even make up some perfectly passable school records, that will even show up in the schools records here. You went to the same elementary school as Rhys would have went to, had he not have been at the private school, and you received all A's. How does that sound boys?"

"That's awesome, and I did get all A's." Sean said.

"That's really great, now it will be no problem at all to get Sea......Rhys all entered into school."

"Still having a hard time with that huh? Well, I'm sure it will get easier. From now on, just think of Sean as being dead, because officially he is. They even said it in the papers. Boy are the police and the higher government officials ever pissed off. That letter that you wrote Rhys, well, let's just say that it is going to be causing some very serious changes to be made. And your ex parents, they will never hurt another child, ever, and I will see to that. I have told everyone that I am taking this case myself, because I read all about it and am just sick that such a thing could happen to such a poor unfortunate boy. At the minimum, to the social services office, I am asking for the people directly involved in your case to step down or face prosecution that will be seeking jail time, and the parents, I am asking for minimum ten years each in prison, and a life long probation. I've even bashed the school for never saying anything about the abuse that they had to have clearly seen."

"Wow, really! We don't get the paper, and I never watch the news, so we had no idea." Nick said.

"I know, and that's why I'm telling you all this. It's a real hornets nest out there right now though, everyone is pointing fingers and blaming everyone else, everyone is claiming that there is not enough people to properly watch everything, the teachers are claiming that you were so small and kept so quiet that they barely ever knew you were there, and with over forty children in the one class, how could they be expected to pay that close of attention. I actually have to somewhat agree with that, but still. It's just a classic case of no one really caring enough to do their jobs right."

"In all fairness, they were right, I stayed in the shadows as much as possible, easier than being in the light and being beaten up and made fun of."

"Trust me, I know all about that, because I was you at one point as well, just my family was not quite so horrible to me as yours was to you, but close. I also never tried to kill myself, but I did think of it quite a lot. Now, onto the rest of the business. We managed to find buyers for all of the businesses. We wrote into all the contracts that the employees were to be fairly treated in the changeovers, and that they were to limit the amount of layoffs as much as humanly possible, if any were needed at all. For the fifteen businesses we have ten buyers, and the total sales will be just a little over five and a half billion dollars. The one large buyer tried to really push to buy, but I shut them down totally, I did not like their business practices in the least. So that means that all we have left is the house and everything in it. I will get the Realtor to come in and appraise it for sale right away, and then call the auction house and arrange all that as well."

"You know what, don't. I think that we're gonna do something else with the house. Somehow I doubt that you were even gonna send me a bill for any of this, but you deserve something, and don't say anything, I know what you are about to say. I am going to sign the house and all its possessions over to you, and I will do so in a way that you won't have to pay a penny in income taxes, it is just a gift. Call it a compensation for all the years of hard work that you have done for our company, because officially this now means that you are out of a job as well, but we still own the law firm that you work out of, and you can get new clients as well."

"No Nick, I can't take it, it's too much."

"I thought I already told you that you were not allowed to say anything on that matter. This house and property, and everything in it, is worth, what five million dollars. You just made me five and a half billion dollars, do you honestly think that we need this little tiny amount of money?"

"No, when you explain it like that, I don't suppose that you would, but that was hardly the point. I will accept the gift though, because I know that you are just as stubborn as your father was, so I'd never hear the end of it, but when you get your new house done, you call me, and I will ship everything out to you, and I will pay for it all, no arguments."

"I can live with that deal. So I guess that this means that we don't have to sign those papers that say that you can do all the business dealings for me? Not that you really didn't anyways, just I am the one signing them all."

"That's right, but that is why you have lawyers, to do all this shitty work for you, and then you just sign where you're told to. Speaking of which, sign everywhere that there is an x. If you have any questions about what you're signing, feel free to ask. They are for the most part just standard selling documents, nothing much different about them, but I did make a few changes, but I already told you about them."

"Thanks, I will ask if I need anything, but reading legal mumbo jumbo is not that hard for me."

Nick took almost four hours to go through all the papers, he read each and every one of them, and then signed them off, and then Jim witnessed them all. Rhys had gone into the kitchen around lunch time and made them all some sandwiches, and they all snacked on them while the two men did the legal stuff, because Rhys found it quite boring, but he stayed there.

"Well boys, I guess that this is it. When are you going to head out then?"

"Yes, I guess it is. We will probably head out tomorrow then, or maybe the day after, depending on how fast the school can get us the stuff we need for Se....Rhys to start. Crap, today is Friday, so that means that we will likely have to wait until Monday or Tuesday now to start on our journey. You will also need to draw up the papers to transfer the house and the limo to your name, just bring them by and we can both sign them."

"Right, will do. I will do that this evening, and bring them by tomorrow then, if I can." Jim said, and then he left.

"Well baby girl, I think that this calls for a celebration, so let's go out for dinner."

"Okay, but you have to stay dressed as a girl as well, and don't argue, because with that scarf around your neck like that, you can't even see that bumpy thingy."

"Hah, I wasn't gonna argue, I was going to go out just like this anyways. Come on, let's go."

They headed out, and went to a restaurant that Nick knew of. It was a pretty pricey place, about a hundred dollars a meal, but this was a celebration. They went and had a very nice meal together, talking and laughing for a long time. Nick had to constantly remind himself though that he was supposed to be speaking like a girl, but it was a good thing that he still had a fairly high voice, or else it would have been even more difficult. After their very good meal, they headed home for the night.

"Nick, I want to kiss you please?" Rhys asked when they got home.

"Okay, but just like a brotherly kiss, because that is what we are now."

"Okay." Rhys answered, but that was not what he was thinking.

When Nick bent down, and Rhys reached up, he wrapped his arms around Nick's neck, and hung on, hugging Nick tightly, and gave the older boy the most passionate kiss his small body could muster. At first Nick struggled, he tried with all his might to not fall for the kiss, he tried to keep his dick from taking control, but his head lost. Before too long the two boys' tongues were dancing in each others mouths like those of long lost lovers.

All lost in the feelings that Rhys was causing him, Nick picked the young boy up and carried him to what had become their bedroom and laid them down on the bed. Never once did they break their passionate lip lock. They were kissing so softy, so tenderly, that Nick was totally lost. The love that he had felt creeping up, trying to take hold over the past week, had finally taken hold, and he knew that he had no more power to stop it, or slow it down. They were in love, and now they were about to make love to each other. Rhys was the first to break the kiss, he smiled brightly at Nick, but then dove his head into the crease of Nick's neck and started kissing there as well. Nick moaned from this. He had never felt anything like this before, and it was almost too much, he was already getting close to his first cum.

Rhys spent only a few moments there, and then worked his way down, stroking Nick through the fabric of the soft dress that he was wearing. When Rhys made his way all the way down to where it was he was heading, he lifted Nick's dress up and dove under it. He now had Nick's tights and diaper to contend with, so took care of the tights first. Easing them down just enough to expose all of Nick's wet tented diaper, Rhys started stroking the meat buried inside, through the thick wet material. The combination growl and groan that Nick made, from what Rhys was doing to him, almost surprised the younger boy. By now though, he knew that it was pure pleasure that Nick was feeling. He had played with his penis enough over the past few days now to know better.

Rhys decided that he wanted to look at, touch, and maybe even suck on Nick's hard dick, so he quickly released the tapes holding the diaper on, and pulled it down, leaving the rest underneath. When Rhys first grasped Nick's hard pole in his small hot fist, Nick let out the most animalistic loud growl yet. He was getting so close, but he so wanted to hold it off, just for a few more seconds. Rhys just laid there and watched it for a few seconds, and then grabbed the pulsing meat in his small hand, having to use the whole thing to wrap around it. He started slowly pumping it, just watching as Nick's shiny red head peeked out, and then hid back beneath the loose foreskin. Rhys did notice though that Nick's dick head was really wet and shiny, so he figured that this must be the precum that he had heard so much about, and wondered if it really was as sweet as he had heard that it was. So, with barely a thought involved at all, his tongue snaked out, and he moved forward slightly, then licked the head. Oh, the taste, how good was it, poor Rhys was hooked instantly, and went back for another swipe.

Rhys swiped his soft hot tongue over the head of Nick's dick five more times, savoring the sweet flavor of his big brother, boyfriend, whatever he was now, but it was driving poor Nick insane. If he thought that Rhys' hand had felt incredible, then his tongue was way beyond description, and then all of a sudden he was in Rhys' mouth, and it was just too much for his tortured mind to cope with, and two things happened at the exact same time. He came more than he had ever cum before, and passed out from the total sensory overload.

Rhys was enjoying the taste of Nick's precum so much, that he just kept going back for more, and Nick seemed to produce an awful lot, not that Rhys minded any, that's for sure. Rhys figured that if he was enjoying the taste just by licking the sweet liquid off, that sucking it out would be even better yet, so put all of Nick's dick head, and an inch or so of the shaft in his mouth, and started sucking and licking all at the same time.

All of a sudden he felt Nick's entire body go rigid and start vibrating like crazy, and he knew that he was having his orgasm. He knew about cum, and he knew that Nick would make it, but he had no idea that it would be quite as much as it was. The first shot surprised Rhys, so it went straight down his throat, he did not so much as get a little taste. He figured though that there would be more, so he kept sucking and licking, and was rewarded with another big shot. This time he was ready ready for it, so caught the entire second load in his mouth. Problem was it was almost too much for his little mouth, Nick had spewed out so much. He did very much enjoy the taste of this as well though, but knew that he had to swallow, because he could feel another burst coming. Seven more shots Nick had, each one just as powerful and copious as the previous one, Rhys was tasting and swallowing as fast as he could. Soon though, there was no more to be had. Rhys saved the last bit in his mouth, because he could tell that that was it, and he truly savored the taste.

"Wow, that was so great, how did it feel Nick?" Rhys asked, disengaging himself.

He could hear Nick's labored breathing, knew that he had to feel incredible, but there was no answer.

"Nick.........Hey Nick, how did it feel?"

Still no answer, so Rhys removed his out from under the dress, and looked up. What he saw when he unburied his head, was that Nick was passed out cold, but he sure did have a huge smile on his face. Rhys felt that he should probably get a clean diaper put onto his boyfriend, so hopped up and grabbed a clean dry one, and went and put it on Nick. It was tricky, because he was not very strong, and Nick was quite big, but he managed. Once Nick was well protected, Rhys crawled up and cuddled into his baby.

Slowly, almost half an hour later, Nick came too. He still felt as if he were vibrating from the massive cum, but he knew that he couldn't be, because he could feel that he was diapered again, and Rhys was laying there cuddled up to him. He felt so good, so content, so incredible even, that he almost did not want to move, but he desperately wanted to pay Rhys back for what he had done.

"Hi, you finally woke back up!"

"Yeah, you made me feel so good that you made me pass out. I can't believe how wonderful that was, and as much as I know we shouldn't, I want to do that for you as well."

"I'm glad it felt good for you, because I really liked doing that for you, but I'd really love you doing it for me as well." Rhys smiled brightly.

Nick just smiled brightly and started kissing Rhys again. A few minutes after they started kissing, Nick also broke the kiss and started kissing the crease of Rhys' neck, and then worked his way down. He also ducked his head under Rhys' dress, pulled his tights down, and then started stroking the cute little diapered bulge. Rhys started really moaning out loud for this, it felt so good. Then Nick released the tapes, folded the front of the diaper down and out of the way, and just looked at the cute little pulsing shaft. Rhys was just the right size for a little boy, he was not too long or fat, but boy was he hard, and Nick just looked at it in all it's engorged glory. Gently he took the small shaft in just his thumb and forefinger, and started gently stroking it. Rhys reacted with equal enthusiasm to this as well, and his moans increased in tempo and volume.

Nick also decided that he so wanted to taste Rhys' little morsel, so reached out with his tongue, and licked the tip as it was bared, and poor Rhys nearly screamed out. Rhys had gotten very close earlier to actually exploding as well, but it faded away when Nick passed out, so he still had a ways to climb before that. If Nick kept it up though, Rhys knew that there was no way that he would be able to last long at all.

Without really thinking of doing it, after a few swipes with his tongue, Nick engulfed all of Rhys' tiny little erection. He very much enjoyed the hot hardness in his mouth, it felt like that was where it belonged. He slowly bobbed up and down, sucking and licking the entire way. The cries of pleasure coming out of Rhys now were in a fevered pitch, and Nick knew that he was not going to last terribly long.

Rhys almost went into his immature little orgasm the second that Nick took him in his hot wet mouth as well, but he managed to hold off, but it was becoming increasingly more difficult. He was getting so close, his little body was getting so tense, he was vibrating all over, his tightly shut eyes were still seeing fantastic colors he had never seen before, and then all of a sudden, his world exploded with pure pleasure. He screamed as the most powerful orgasm of his young life raced through his entire body.

Nick felt Rhys tense up, and then he felt him start to vibrate, so he was not surprised that Rhys' little dick started pulsing, trying to ejaculate the seed he was still much too young to produce. For almost a whole minute Rhys went through his very powerful young orgasm, his entire body bucking and vibrating, and then he slumped down.

Rhys had not passed out when his orgasm started, nor when it finished, but he was unable to move, he was still unable to even open his eyes. His chest was heaving from the exertion of breathing, trying to supply his entire body with as much oxygen as it needed. It took almost ten minutes for him to come down enough to be able to move again.

"How was that baby, it sure felt great on my end?"

No answer, so Nick pulled his head out of hiding, and looked up. He suspected that Rhys had also passed out, because it sure looked like he had. Nick smiled brightly and got up, and went and grabbed a clean diaper for Rhys. He lovingly rediapered his little brother, or boyfriend, he just wasn't really certain any more, and then went and cuddled up to him.

"Finally woke up did you?" Nick smiled.

"I never actually fell asleep, I just couldn't move, man that felt awesome." Rhys gushed out.

"Wow, but I'm glad you liked it, because I sure liked it as well. Let's get into our jammies, and then we should go get you registered for school."

"Okay, but I'm not sure I can really move yet."

"I will get you ready first then, I will go grab everything." Nick said and hopped out of bed happily. He went and retrieved everything needed, mainly their pajamas, and came back and got Rhys all jammied.

Rhys was finally able to really get up by then, so got up and jammied Nick as well, and then they padded out to the computer and logged on. They went back to the home school website that they had bookmarked, and started the registration process. Nick just scanned all the required documents and sent them in the email registration information at the same time, he figured that it would really be a lot easier in the long run.

"I think we need to talk about what happened earlier, let's go sit down and talk, okay." Nick said once they were done the school stuff.

"Why don't we just go lay down in bed and talk, and then we can go to sleep, because I'm getting pretty tired."

"Okay, that sounds good to me as well." Nick answered, and they headed to bed, shutting everything down as they went.

"So, what was it you wanted to talk about? You're not gonna try and say that what we did was bad or wrong, and that we should never do it again I hope?" Rhys asked, laying it all out on the line as soon as they were cuddled up together, facing each other.

"Well, in a way, yes. What we did was illegal, even though it felt incredible. You're ten years younger than me, only eight years old, I'm eighteen, and more than old enough to go to jail for a very long time for what we did earlier. Yes, it felt incredible, yes, I've dreamed of doing that for years, yes, I would love to do it again and again and again, but the simple fact is, if anyone were to find out, we would be separated, and I would go to jail."

"I would tell anyone that asked that I was the one to start it, because I was, and I would never let them separate us like that, but no one ever has to find out. Nick, I love you, I want to do that more and more with you. I loved doing it for you, and I loved you doing it for me as well, and no matter what some stupid law says, I will do it again, even if I have to do you while you sleep." Rhys grinned.

"Look, Rhys, this is really hard for me, I love you, so much it almost hurts, but we just can't. I can't be separated from you like that, I can't go to jail. People have ways of finding out, even if we never tell a soul about what we do, we could still be found out about, and we cannot let that happen. I loved what we did as well, it felt so much better than I ever imagined that it would or could, but we just cannot do it again. You have to promise me that you won't try it again, or we will have to sleep in different rooms."

"No, I won't do it. Nick, I love you, I want to play with you, have sex, and nothing will stop me. I lived a life of hatred before we met, and now I feel so much love, and it's all for you." Rhys said heatedly, tears coming to his eyes.

"Please Rhys, we just can't do it again. I love you more than life itself, but the risks are just too much, I can't lose you, and I will if we do that again." Nick said sadly, tears now pouring down his cheeks.

"If you loved me as much as you say, you'd want to do that again, make each other feel so good like that. Fuck the law, like my dad said, I hated him, but he was right in this case. Sometimes the government just doesn't know anything. No one can stop me from loving you the way I do. I want to have sex with you, and you want to have sex with me, so we will just do it, and no one will ever find out." Rhys said even more hotly now, tears pouring down even more.

"It's because I love you so much, that we have to hold off though, don't you get it. If the police ever found out, we would be separated, and that would kill me, I would have nothing left to hold me together. It is all you that is keeping me alive."

"I do get it, it is you that doesn't get it. If the police ever found out and tore us apart, I would die as well, but we can't worry about that, and if by chance it did happen, there would be a very high chance that neither one of us would even survive through the trial. Now, kiss me like you love me, and stop worrying, because we can't worry about what could possibly happen, even if it is just the tiniest fraction of a percent that it could. I'm not worried about it, and neither should you." Rhys said, and before Nick could respond, Rhys pressed his lips to Nick's, and kissed him deeply. Nick did participate in the kiss, actively, he was worn down. He knew that there was almost no chance of them ever being found out about, but he had to try.

"I love you baby brother." Nick whispered when they parted, tears pouring down his cheeks, but this time they were tears of happiness.

"I love you too baby brother. What does this mean for us though, can we be brothers and boyfriends all at the same time?"

"I don't know, it will be difficult I'm sure, because I have to watch out for you and everything, and when we're out in public, you have to be my brother, but inside, when we're together, we can be boyfriends."

"Okay, that sounds nice. You won't boss me around though like my parents did, just because you're in charge?"

"No, we're boyfriends too, so that would not be right. We can just discuss things, and decide together what we should do. There may be times when you have to listen to me I suppose, because we both know what kind of trouble little boys can get into, but if we talk it out, then there shouldn't be any problems." Nick smiled.

"That sounds good to me as well. I'd like being talked to, have my opinions be listened to, it would be very nice."

"I know what you mean. I hated it when I was a kid and no one bothered to really talk to me. My parents were really good about not doing that with us kids, they always let us have our say, let us negotiate things, let us help make the decisions, but others would never do that with us."

"I really do love you Nick."

"And I love you too, but for the life of me, I can't understand how or why."

"Does it really matter?" Rhys pointed out.

"No, I don't suppose that it does. We should probably get to sleep though, because we have a lot of shopping to do tomorrow, if we are to be ready for our upcoming trip."

"Okay, but what do we have to buy?"

"Well, we are both going to need new notebook computers, because we can't take the desktops, and those are all I have. We are also going to need a new satellite receiver with internet access. The trailer already has one of those automatic tracking satellite systems, so we just need to hook up the receiver, get it set up, and then we will be all good. We're also going to need to buy more diapers, because you are getting low, and I am about half done mine. Then we need to go grocery shopping, as well, while I am there, I have to cancel the grocery order. And then we have to get anything else that we want to get."

"Oh okay, that sounds fine. Why do we need two notebook computers though, one would be enough?"

"Because you are going to need one for your schoolwork, and this way I can do things at the same time while you are doing your work."

"Okay, but aren't they kind of expensive?"

"Sure, and the ones we buy will be the most expensive ones on the market, but we could probably afford to buy every notebook computer in the city, and hardly even touch our money. You will get used to having money. I don't know what it's like to live without it, but with it you can buy what you want and need, and not have to worry."

"Okay, I guess so, but I just don't want to waste money just because we have it to waste."

"Trust me, that was something that was deeply ingrained into our heads, never waste anything. If you want or need something, get it, but if you won't use it more than once, don't bother."

"That's good. Can I see the trailer tomorrow before we go, so that I know what we need to get as well?"

"Of course you can. It is pretty much fully stocked at all times with everything we need, except food, so all we have to do normally is load the food and go."

"That's a good idea. Well, ni-night baby." Rhys said with an evident yawn.

"Good night baby, love you."

"Love you too." Rhys whispered, and they curled up and passed out.