Chapter 3

"Good morning handsome, how did you sleep?" Nick asked as soon as Rhys woke up, which was only a few minutes after he himself had.

"Good morning beautiful, I slept really good. I'm really wet though, so I better get changed soon before I start leaking." Rhys said, and Nick's hand automatically went down to give his brother the squeeze test, and sure enough, he was soaked, damn near to saturation point.

"Wow, you really are soaked. I've never gotten a diaper that close to leaking before. We best be getting up and getting you changed then, and I may as well get changed at the same time."

"Why don't we just both go grab a shower as soon as our diapers are off, and then we can get dressed, and then maybe go out for breakfast. I'd really like it if you dressed me up as really pretty Shayna today as well." Rhys smiled warmly.

"Okay, that sounds really good to me." Nick smiled.

"I'll get you first." Rhys said, throwing back the covers and hopping up onto his knees.

He first quickly worked Nick out of his cute footed sleeper, and then released the tapes holding the wet diaper on. Rhys removed the wet diaper, balled it up, and then threw it towards the garbage can in the bedroom, missing of course, because he was far from a good athlete, hell he would barely rate a poor, he was lower than that.

Once Nick was fully naked, Rhys grabbed onto Nick's still soft dick and started fondling it. Nick groaned out at what Rhys was doing, but did not say anything. He knew it was useless, and he had to admit, a good morning stroke would certainly improve his day. Within barely seconds, Nick was fully hard, but this was only the start, because Rhys had other ideas. Once Nick was hard, Rhys laid down, and moved in with his mouth. Slowly at first he started to tongue the already pulsing meat, and then slowly he slipped it into his mouth.

Nick was now panting out his love for his brother, and the feelings he was creating in him right then. Slowly Rhys took more and more of Nick into his mouth, sucking and tonguing the whole way. Amazingly enough, when Nick reached the back of his mouth, Rhys did not gag, somehow he instinctively knew to swallow, so he did, and Nick entered his throat.

"Fuck me!" Nick gasped when he realized what had just happened, his moaning and groaning increasing even more than they had already been.

Rhys increased his actions, extracting until just the head of Nick's dick was in his mouth, and then all the way back down until Nick entered his throat. He started a nice moderate rhythm, all the way out, and then all the way back in. Nick's panting and gasping was starting to increase to peak levels, his body was vibrating even more, and Rhys knew that he was getting very close, so backed off until just the head was in his mouth. Rhys increased his suction and increased his tongue action right to the head, causing Nick's body to arch, he let out a wail to wake the dead, and then erupted. This time, much more prepared for it, Rhys lost not one single drop of the sweet fluid that was spurting into his mouth. He greedily tasted and then swallowed each and every one of them. Eventually Nick was drained, his dick stopped pulsing, his body slumped back down, and his breathing was coming in ragged breaths. Slowly Rhys allowed Nick's dick to escape his mouth, and then he crawled up Nick's still heaving body, kissing him all the way up, until their lips met.

"Wow, what did you do to me?"

"Sucked you until you squirted in my mouth, and it was so good. I'm glad you enjoyed it." Rhys grinned happily.

"Enjoyed is not quite as good as I was thinking about. What I meant though, was how did you suck me all the way like that?"

"Don't know, just could. I didn't even think about it, just did it, and it felt really good to me too." Rhys smiled.

"Wow, it was awesome."


"Now it's my turn to make you feel just as good, so lay down baby and let me take care of you."

Rhys just laid down with a bright smile plastered on his face, as Nick started removing his pajamas and soaked diaper. As soon as Rhys was bared, Nick wasted no time in engulfing the hard throbbing little meat that Rhys had. Not only did he take the little flesh spike into his mouth all the way, but he also sucked in the cute little balls as well. Rhys made his feelings for this known with the loud moan of pure pleasure that he let out. Even though they both would have loved for this to have lasted longer, sadly it was not to be. Rhys had gotten very close not that long ago, when he was sucking on Nick, and now with the intense pleasure that Nick was causing in his young body, it was just too much. So within barely two minutes of Nick starting, Rhys exploded in another fantastic orgasm in Nick's mouth, still dry of course.

"Oh wow, that was good." Rhys gasped out a few minutes later when he came down.

"Glad you enjoyed, even if it wasn't that long."

"Yeah, well I almost got the feeling when I was sucking you, so I think that I was real close already. Let's go get in the shower, and then get started on our day, because I am getting real hungry, but I want to see the trailer first."

"Okay." Nick said brightly, and they held hands as they walked to the bathroom.

The boys hopped in the shower, turned it as hot as they could stand it, Rhys really loving the hot water, and they washed each other tenderly. They took almost half an hour in the shower, and while they were both hard, neither of them did anything about it. Once they were clean and dry, they headed back to their bedroom to get ready for the day. They diapered each other, and then Nick dressed Rhys up in a nice pretty dress and tights. The dress was mauve in color, was very pretty, but not fancy, and the tights were white. His wig and makeup were applied, and then some nice black shoes were put on.

"Nick, why do you always put us in diapers? I mean I can understand the nights for sure, and during the day sure feels nice, but why?" Rhys asked as he was dressing Nick.

"Well, you just answered it, they just feel nice. I however probably can't even go without them any longer. I've been wearing them too long now, and I almost never even realize when I pee anymore, so I pretty much have to wear them. If you ever have a time that you don't want to wear them, just tell me, and we will not diaper you. Just because I love diapers, doesn't mean that you have to too. I would still suggest wearing them to bed though, because it is far more comfortable than waking up cold and wet."

"No, I really like wearing them too, they're comfortable and very handy, but what if someone sees them, won't we be called names?"

"Nah, we are brothers right, well to anyone that asks, and I doubt any would, we would just tell them that it is a genetic disorder, and that neither of has any urinary control, which I really don't anymore anyways."

"How can you lose control like that though?"

"Well, after my parents died, I just sort of shut down and stopped paying much attention to my body. I just wore diapers all the time, depended on them for going pee, and the occasional poop, and just got so used to wearing them, that my body decided that it did not need the control any more. The same will eventually happen to you if you let it. So, if you don't want that to happen, make sure to pay close attention, and keep holding your pee, and then go to the bathroom, just like normal."

"Oh, okay then, I don't care, so if I eventually have to wear them, then okay." Rhys smiled warmly.

"Cool. So shall we go look at the trailer then, and then get out of here and go get some breakfast?"

"Okay, lead the way."

Nick led them out to the garage again, and then behind the garage, where there was a large covered area, that you might call a carport, except it was much larger, and held the largest fifth wheel trailer that Rhys had ever seen or heard of. It was massive, it was gorgeous, and it looked brand new.

"Wow, this thing is gorgeous, and it looks brand new."

"Yeah, it is the biggest and best that you can get, and it is only just over a year old, it has only been taken out once, not long after it was bought, and that was only for a week. Come on inside. If you think the outside is nice, just wait until you see inside." Nick smiled warmly.

They opened the door and went inside, and like Nick said, the inside was even nicer yet. There were a total of five large slide outs, which were all out for storage, so it was very large inside. There was an actual living room up top, which included; a fireplace, two pullout sofas, coffee and end tables, a large plasma screen TV, a built in home theatre system, everything. The kitchen was also large and spacious; it had a cooking island, a large double sink, full sized oven and microwave, a small dish washer, a very large fridge, with ice maker, and tonnes of storage for everything. The dining room was next, and it had a large table that could easily seat six. Next was the bathroom, and it had a good sized bathtub and shower, and had plenty of space to move around. Across the hall from the bathroom was a large closet, and inside was a washer/dryer combo, so that they could even do laundry. And then finally in the very back was the master bedroom. It had a queen size bed with memory foam mattress, a large closet, dresser, end tables, and the room even had it's own large plasma TV and home theatre system. The outside of the trailer also had huge amounts of storage, had a generator, an outdoor home theatre system, with a smaller LCD TV and wireless rear speakers, a barbecue that attached to the exterior, even a small freezer, a huge bank of batteries, and two huge propane tanks. And even though he was unable to see them, on the roof was the domed cover of the automatic tracking satellite dish, and four high efficiency, high output solar battery chargers.

"Wow, this trailer is amazing, it's like home on the road." Rhys said in amazement, after Nick had showed and told him everything about the large RV.

"That's exactly the point. My parents were not into camping, going into the wilderness, or anything silly like that, this was for family trips. It is supposed to be comfortable, and to have everything that home has to offer, just portable."

"That's so cool, I can't wait until we leave then. Well, let's go then."

"Okay, ever ridden in a Humvee before, because I think that's what we're gonna take today? It's bigger, so we'll be able to store more in it, and no fool in their right mind would try and break into the damned thing, even if they could. The entire thing is nearly bullet proof, and would take a very big baseball bat to break any of the windows in it."

"Wicked. Let's go then." Rhys said excitedly, so they went in the back door of the garage and hopped into the large vehicle and headed out.

Nick pointed them at the nearest all you can eat breakfast buffet, and they went. The drive was not long, and when they got there, they were seated right away. As soon as they were told they could, they headed to the tables and loaded up their plates with food. They enjoyed the great meal, and then headed out to go shopping.

Their first stop was to the place that had supplied Nick's dad with the satellite equipment in the first place, and Nick asked for what he wanted. The guy said that he had three different options for them, one was just the basic receiver with internet capability, the second was the high definition and higher speed internet, and the third was the same again, but with dual tuner and built in one terabyte hard drive, that was almost guaranteed to never run out of space, so that they could record almost anything that they wanted. Nick had asked if it would still record while they were on the road, after telling the guy what they had, so he told them that barring that they had power and signal, then they would have no problem. He did warn them that the recording quality may not always be great, because with them moving, there were naturally going to be obstacles that could block the signal from time to time, and Nick said he understood. He took one of those, as well as the same receiver without internet for the other the other TV. The guy sure seemed happy with selling well over a thousand dollars in satellite equipment.

Their next stop was a computer store, where they picked out two of the absolute top of the line notebook computers. They had a large seventeen inch wide screen, massive processors, huge amounts of ram and hard drives, wireless connectivity, everything that they could possibly need, and then some. Nick also grabbed their best wireless router, because that was the only thing that the satellite receiver did not do, was wirelessly broadcast, which Nick was disappointed with, but understood that it just was not available, yet. They also grabbed a bunch of new games and programs, including a typing tutor program for Rhys, and a few learning programs as well. Next was a good all in one printer that had everything that they needed, but was fairly compact, and they grabbed two extra sets of cartridges for it. They also each grabbed themselves the largest Ipod that they could find, and all the accessories that they would need for them. Again this salesman sure was happy to have over ten thousand dollars in computer sales.

Their next stop was the grocer that Nick used, and his first stop there was the managers office. He explained who he was, and what was happening, saying that he wanted his weekly order canceled now. Once that was taken care of, they started doing their grocery shopping. They would not need much, because they would take everything that they could from the house, but there were some things that they did need.

Next was a pharmacy, where they picked out two cases of diapers each, only the best and thickest for these boys for night, and their best daytime ones as well. They also grabbed a few tubs of diaper rash cream, a few large bottles of baby lotion, and a couple canisters of powder.

"Nick, can I get something that is sort of embarrassing?"

"What could be more embarrassing than buying all this Shayna?"

"Well, I sorta want some bottles, soothers, and other babyish type things." Rhys grinned.

"Cool, I'll get some as well."

So they toured the baby aisle further and each picked out a few different things. With a full buggy of things, they headed to the checkout. There were a number of people in the lines, and they all looked in amazement at what the boys had in their cart, but while they looked, and the boys knew they were, none of them said anything at all. The boys though showed no sign that this bothered them, and just continued talking as normal all the way to the checkout. Another few hundred dollars later, and they were off again.

They headed for lunch after the pharmacy, and then headed out to do more shopping. They shopped almost for the rest of the day, looked around at more things that they could add to the list of things for their new house, and took home even more stuff. When they finally made it home, they parked next to the trailer, and just offloaded everything right into there, seeing as how there was little point in putting any of it in the house. They would come out in the morning and set everything up and put it all away, but they were getting tired, so went inside after everything was loaded. Anything that was cold was of course stored in the fridge or freezer, but the rest was just piled by the door.

"Oh shit, I just all of a sudden remembered something more than a little important!" Nick said as they walked in the house.

"What, what's so important?" Rhys asked as he bumped into Nick from him stopping so suddenly.

"Have we received our house plans yet?"

"Um, no, but I still don't understand." Rhys said in confusion.

"Well, we were planning on leaving Monday, or Tuesday at the latest right, but Tom said it would be a couple weeks. It's only been a few days, so he won't have had time to finish the plans yet. We've just been so excited to leave, that I guess we forgot it."

"Oh, I see. Well why not call him and see if he could email the plans to us when he finishes, that way we can see it and ask for changes?"

"If it's even possible, but unless we want to stay longer, it might be our only option."

"Not really, I want to get as far from here as soon as possible. I can't be caught here."

"Yeah, same here. I'll go call him right now."


"Hi Tom, this is Nick, hows it goin?"

"It's going really well thanks, and you?"

"Great. All our plans were coming along smoothly, until I realized that we planned to leave Monday or Tuesday, but did not have our house plans."

"Ah, I see, a bit of a conundrum then huh?"

"Yeah, just a bit, so we were hoping we could work something out."

"Oh, and how do you plan that one?" Tom asked good naturedly, almost laughing.

"Not too sure, but maybe you could email us the plans, and then we can suggest any changes, and then send that back to you via email as well. Could that work out? We will have internet access at almost all times, so it would be fast and easy."

"Yes, that would work. Just give me your email address, and I will get it done. It won't be quite as good as the blueprints would be, because it will be smaller and harder to see some of the finer details, and I have lots of those, but if, when you do receive the full blueprints, you are not quite happy, it won't be difficult to make changes. I have done long distance planning before, and it's not really that difficult. We could easily courier back and forth if needed."

"Okay, that's great. We will email when it is ready, and then we can go from there, and then when we get there, we will have the plans waiting for us somewhere. Thanks so much Tom. So, how much longer do you figure anyways?"

"Ah, as patient as your dad was I see. He just couldn't let me do my work either." Tom said with a chuckle.

"Yeah, but my mom was worse. This waiting to leave though is starting to kill me, and if it weren't for having to wait for school stuff to get to us, we'd already be gone."

"Yeah, don't I know it. I once passed a deadline on something she was waiting for by four hours, and she was breathing down my neck. As for your question though, I am doing good, and need maybe three to four more days. I have the basic plans done, and am now just doing all the technical stuff. I have designed it very large and open, because I felt that for what you kids wanted, it would be the nicest, so I am using a lot of gluelam and steel beams to carry large loads, so I have to be very careful to do the math properly."

"That sounds great. You know that I won't have a problem spending the money to do this right, so if you want to double things up to really make it strong, by all means, please do so. In fact, why not just build the bloody thing like you would a bunker that you fully expect to stay standing for a thousand years."

"Sure, why not. I was actually thinking of doing a double main beam in the living room to carry the roof anyways, and then of course all the beams going to it all have to be the gluelam beams as well, because of the weight and span."

"Cool. So, just how big is this house going to be anyways?"

"So far, it is roughly twenty thousand square feet, so about fifty percent larger than your current house, but with fewer bedrooms. Wait until you see it, you'll pee your pants for sure. I think I just might be doing my best work on this." Tom gloated proudly.

"That'll be awesome, and we can't wait to see it, so thanks. Can't wait to get your email in a few days."

"No problem kid, you deserve it. Just remember to call me every so often, and make sure to call me if you need anything done, because I owe you and your family a lot."

"Thanks Tom, I will. Bye."

"Bye." Tom said and they hung up.

Nick quickly relayed the conversation that Rhys was unable to really catch fully, and then they went and got changed and sat around for the rest of the evening. They had dinner and watched a couple movies, and then headed to bed. They were both more than a little tired though, so just went straight to bed, not even changing their diapers, both feeling that they would hold up for the night.


The next morning, the two boys woke up at about the same time. They just laid there in their comfy bed, cuddling and talking quietly, until they both felt that they should get up and start the day. They stripped each other, then headed to the shower, where they cleaned each other gently. They then used their hands to bring each other to an orgasm, while they kissed softly, as the hot water cascaded down their bodies.

"I still can't believe how good that feels." Rhys said as they hopped out of the shower and started drying each other off.

"Tell me about it, and I've been jacking off since I was your age."

"Having you do it for me though feels way better than when I did it myself. Not that I had much practice though."

"For sure."

The boys then headed to their bedroom and got themselves diapered and dressed for the day, both just wearing small shorts and shirts, which really showed off their diapered state, and then went for breakfast.

"Well, I guess that we should go and get everything in the trailer all set up. We have to put everything away, and then I have to hook up the satellite receivers, get the computers all set up, get the internet up and running and the email set up, and then get the printer set up as well."

"Cool. I can't wait until we get to go."

"Yeah, me too. Come on, let's go." Nick said excitedly, and they headed out.

The first thing that they did when they go to the trailer was to put everything away that they could. That did not take them that terribly long. So next was the lengthy chore of unpacking all their new electronics and getting them hooked up. The first to be done were the two new satellite receivers, because they had to be hooked up, and then called in and activated, so that took a while. Once that was done, the router was hooked up and then the computers were opened and set up. All the software was installed, after the internet and email were set up, and then they were done for now. Their Ipods came next, and they were loaded up with what they wanted for music. The only thing that they did not yet have was the stuff that needed to be packed out from the house, but that would wait until they were about to leave.

"Well, that was fun, but it took a long time. Let's go get some lunch now."

"Okay, sounds good to me." Rhys smiled.

They headed inside and got themselves some lunch ready to eat, and then sat down to eat together. For the rest of the day they sat around and did nothing much except watch TV. Nothing terribly exciting.

Monday came and went, and as much as they wanted it to be there, all the info had not arrived from the school, and Jim still had not shown up with the final papers to sign. When he was called to ask why, he explained that a minor emergency had popped up with the sale of one of the businesses, so until that was cleared up, the boys were going nowhere anyways. He did say that it should be cleared up by later that day, and that he would be there that afternoon, this being first thing in the morning of course.

Jim did show up later that day, just after they finished dinner, and they were both just sitting around in their soggy diapers, nothing else. They made the arrangements so that as soon as they made it to their new home, and it was built, that Jim would get everything shipped out.

Tuesday morning the documents arrived, stating that Rhys was now fully registered, all the paperwork was signed and there, and had all the websites and passwords that he would need to do all his school work.

"Awesome, we can finally get going!" Rhys jumped, spun, and squealed when it finally arrived.

"Yep, thankfully. Now all we need to do is get everything loaded into the trailer, get it all hitched up to the truck, and then we can get going." Nick smiled, because he too was raring to go.

"Let's go then." Rhys said excitedly.

"We should probably get changed and dressed first though, don't you think?"

"Probably, but who cares, no one will ever see us here again." Rhys grinned.

"True, but come on Shayna." Nick grinned.

"Yippee! Are you dressing up as Nicky today as well?" What they had decided that Nick's girly name should be, because it was easiest to remember.

"Sure, you can dress me up as well if you want to."

"Cool. Come on."

The boys went to their bedroom and stripped each other of their soggy diapers that they were still wearing, hopped in the shower for a quick wash, and then came back after drying off, and got each other all dressed up. Rhys was getting better at applying Nicky's makeup, but Nick still gave him instructions the whole time while he watched in the mirror. Finally they were both all finished getting dressed and made up. They put their shoes on, and then got started. Today they were just wearing simple skirts and blouses, because they would be working hard for the next couple to a few hours, and they did not want anything to get wrecked.

The first thing that they did was to go to the kitchen to start packing everything up in there. All they would be taking was all the food. They started packing it into the boxes that they had went out and got a few days ago for this chore. They dinged out the fridge and the freezer, and then started in on all the dry goods. Twelve boxes later they were finished the kitchen. They took all that out to the trailer on the dollies that they had, and started loading it all in.

Next were all the clothes and diaper supplies that were still in the house. A good portion of that stuff had been moved already, so now the rest just had to be. The makeup and wigs were also grabbed and put into a box, and then finally another seven boxes later they felt that they were done all that they could do. If they forgot anything, oh well, they would just buy it, they figured. So they took that all out to the trailer and got it all put away as well.

Rhys thought it amazing that even with all the stuff that they had put into the trailer over the past few days, that it did not show any at all. Everything was able to fit perfectly, and they still had more room yet.

"Well baby girl, I do believe that we are ready to leave this dump of a tiny ugly house, and go on to bigger and better things." Nick smiled.

"Man, if you think this is a dump of a tiny ugly house, then I'd hate to hear your thoughts on my old house." Rhys giggled.

"That's easy, that was the entrance to hell, what else could it have been!"

"Too true. Come on baby girl, let's get going."

So both, with wide smiles plastered on their faces, headed out the door, leaving the last key to the house on the kitchen counter, the rest having already been given to Jim, they locked the door, and headed out to the garage. Nick got the truck backed into place, and then got the trailer all hitched up, the slides already having been put in. They tested all the functions, and then finally when they were ready, hopped in and headed out.

Their first stop on their trip was the gas station, so that they could fill up all their tanks. There were the two diesel tanks in the truck, the large gas tank in the trailer for the generator, and the huge propane tank for everything else. Even though everything was probably still good, they filled up anyways. The generator and the fridge and freezer would all be going almost non stop now that they were not hooked up to power, so they would use that fuel as well for a good portion of the trip. They would of course park in parks that supplied water and power, whenever they stopped, but during the drive they needed power.

Their second stop was a restaurant, because they were both hungry, and neither one felt too terribly much like cooking.

After they ate a good meal, they headed out on their long trip across the country. For the next several days they zigzagged their way through their home province, just going wherever, seeing everything that they could see, doing all that they could do. They stopped in a park every night, had dinner, sat around for a bit, and then went to bed. Rhys found that he was able to get a lot of his schoolwork done as well during the drive, because surprisingly enough, their wireless router was able to easily broadcast into the truck while they were moving, and while the internet access did sometimes fluctuate, it really was not too bad.

Their first real stop of their trip came on their sixth day of traveling. They were at a very nice park near a river, and it was so nice there that they both decided that they needed a break. Nick had found it very tiring to drive every day like he had been, even if it was only for no more than six hours each day, and even if they did stop at least once a day to see some sight or another.

"So, how long should we stay and rest here?" Nick asked.

"I don't know, a few days maybe. I know you're getting tired with all the driving, and it is really nice here. There is probably lots that we can do here for a few days."

"Yep, that's for sure. Come on, let's get all set up."

They did not normally do a full setup, they would just leave the trailer hooked up to the truck, get it as level as possible, put the slideouts out, then make and eat dinner, and relax for the evening. Today though, they unhitched the truck, leveled the trailer fully, and setup everything the way that it was supposed to be. They both figured that it would be more comfortable this way for resting for a few days.

Within a couple hours they had everything all set up, and then got themselves a nice dinner. They sat down to eat, both enjoying the good meal.

"Have you checked your email lately, has Tom sent the plans yet, because he should have by now?" Rhys asked once they were finished.

"No, last time I checked was the day before yesterday, but I think I will check now. I hope he's got it already, it would be so cool."

So Nick went and started up his computer and within a couple minutes checked his email. The war whoop he gave told Rhys that it had in fact arrived, so he hurriedly went over to check.

"Wow, it finally arrived, let's see..........................It's kinda hard to see on the screen, can you print it out?" Rhys said excitedly.

"Yeah, it is hard to see, too bright. Let me print two copies of it all, there are like six pages here, so that way we can both sit down and study the drawings, and then we can bounce any change ideas off of each other."

"Cool, sounds good to me." Rhys smiled, so Nick sent it to the printer.

A few minutes later all twelve pages were printed, and they were sitting at the dining room table pouring over the pages. They had each grabbed a pencil, and as they looked, they made changes, but not many.

"Wow, this all looks so incredible, I can't believe that this is gonna be our house."

"Yeah, and I am used to living in nice houses, but this is incredible."

"I love how he did the basement. An actual theatre, and then the pool, games area, and mini golf all in the rest of the basement, like how cool is that. I don't want to change a thing down there at all, how about you"

"No, nothing down there at all, I love it too. I love the kitchen too, and the huge pantry is great, but the only change I wanted to make was to add more windows if possible. Do you want any changes in the kitchen?"

"Yeah, more windows in there would be nice for sure, make it really bright and open. I was thinking of a larger island with seating on one side of it, and put the stove there as well, that was all I could think of for there. How about our bedroom and bathroom though? I was thinking by the bathtub that that should be one huge window, and have it looking out into a private garden, because he has that bedroom on the main floor. I think that would be beautiful, how about you?"

"Wow, nice idea, I am adding that to this drawing for sure, we will email this one back to him. I like the idea of the island as well, so I added that too. I think if we do a private garden and a larger window in the bathroom looking out into it, that we should do the same in the bedroom."

"Yeah, that would be wicked. Those closets are huge though, do we really need walk in closets that are the same size as my old living room was?"

"Sure, why not. We're gay, we're gonna need lots and lots of clothes, both boy and girl, and I think baby as well, that would be awesome." Nick grinned and blushed.

"No way, that would be so cool. Why not just make it one huge closet though, instead of two, we can share more easily that way, and we can design it even better. Put a dressing area in there as well, with big mirrors around it like you see on TV sometimes........and a makeup area, yeah, that would be neat too."

"Oh, now that's a good idea, then we can really play dress up, wicked. Okay, the other bedrooms all look really good, nice and bright, and he put six upstairs, each with their own bathroom and sitting area, skylights in each, I like that, nice big closets, yeah, the upstairs is great, I say we just leave that."

"Me too, I didn't think of anything that I wanted to change there either. I love the nice big staircase that he put in, both up and down, it's very nice. I also really like the living room with a the nice fireplace, I didn't think of anything to change there."

"Yeah me too, and I love the extra high ceiling and all the glass, that will look incredible when it's all done for sure. Dining room is nice, but I think that we should take the built in cabinet out and just get that in furniture, so that we will have the option of moving things around as we see fit."

"Sounds good to me. I like the little serving bar area though, that was a nice idea, I'd say make it not built in either, but it has a sink, so we probably can't really do that."

"Yeah, I liked that too, and with the sink in it, it will have to stay put, but why not build it with warming trays for serving food as well? So what do you think about the yard, how he has that planned out?"

"I like that idea as wel. I like the garden areas that he has planned, and then the entrance into the farm area is really nice as well. I even love the barn, it's going to be massive. It looks like he has grain and hay storage up there, and feed systems to get that to where the animals are, that will be kinda cool. I do have a question though, do you know anything about raising animals, cuz I don't?"

"Actually, come to think of it, not a clue. Guess we should probably buy some books and start learning, huh?" Nick grinned.

"Might not be such a bad idea. You could maybe even take a course at the university there all about it, that way you would know even more."

"That's not such a bad idea, I might just have to look into that. I wonder if you can get that type of course online as well?"

"Don't know, but you can check in a few minutes."

"Yeah, I think maybe I will. So how about the rest of the out buildings, any changes you want made to them?"

"No, I don't think so, but did you notice how Tom has the garage nearly twice as large as we actually need?"

"Yeah, I saw that, but that's okay, maybe we can find a few nice new cars to put in there eventually. The workshop should be great, we can put all sorts of things in there, our cars, tractors, or anything could also fit so that we can work on them in there. I will try and find a hoist system for that as well, make it easier. I think I will have to find some books on auto and tractor repair as well. We can find a book store around here tomorrow maybe, and pick out a whole bunch of books."

"Okay, that sounds good to me. I like how far that Tom has the house from the road, and the fence with the gate will be really nice as well. Let's just go for something a little less flashy than that fence and gate that he planned for though, maybe make it rough wood and iron, instead of the stucco faced brick and brass."

"Yeah, I like that idea too, I will write that as well." Nick smiled. "Well, anything else that you can think of to add or change before I send this all back to Tom?"

"No, I think that that is it. We can ask for other changes later once we get the next copy back though right, just in case one of us thinks of something else?"

"Yep, not a problem. Tom is really good about that, he wants it to be perfect, so he has no problems making changes. It once took my dad three months, and twelve design changes, before he was satisfied with an office that he was having built, and Tom not once complained. It might have something to do with the fact that he charged almost half a million dollars for all of that though." Nick grinned.

"Yikes, I wouldn't have complained either."

"Yeah, people have a tendency not to complain too much when you pay them well for their time. I wonder if he will even bother charging us at all, but I will give him a nice check regardless!"


Nick spent another ten or so minutes writing all the changes down into a new email, so that it all made sense, and then he sent it off. The boys then found the website for the University of the Okanagan and went there. The university did offer an agricultural course, it was two years long, but had a waiting list of three years.

"Oh well, by then we will probably have read everything anyways, so no point in bothering. I could probably buy my way in, but we will let some other person who really deserves to be there go instead. This is just a hobby farm, so if we make a few mistakes along the way, no big deal, it won't mean we go hungry." Nick said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Good idea. We can just start with a few animals, and then as we learn more we can work up from there. Do you think that we could put in a really nice garden somewhere as well? I've always wanted to try gardening."

"Sounds good to me as well, and sure we can, I think that I would like that as well. We can even get a large greenhouse set up."


"So, you wanna watch a movie?" Nick asked, now that they were all finished everything on their to do list for the night.

"No, not tonight. I would like to go to bed early tonight, and then we can play around for a bit. We have not sucked each other in a couple days, so I'd really like to do that again."

"Okay, that sounds nice." Nick smiled brightly.

So they headed to their bedroom, after locking everything up and shutting everything down, and then stripped each other of their soggy diapers, because that was all that they were wearing.

Without a word Rhys laid down on his back, his proud little boner pointing almost straight up and pulsing, showing its desire to have some pleasure as well. Nick wasted no time in crawling up onto the bed and taking the tasty little treat into his mouth and tenderly suckling it. Very slowly he teased Rhys, very tenderly he orally made love to the little boy, and they both enjoyed every second of it. They were both moaning lowly, the moans from Nick adding even more intensity to the act.

Before too long though, the orgasm that had been building in Rhys just had to escape, and as it did, he squeaked and squealed so cutely. Instead of stopping though, Nick just continued right on with the same slow motions, tenderly sucking his little baby brother lover. This was almost way too much for poor Rhys though. His poor little penis was so tender that it hurt so bad, but felt so good. He wanted it to stop, he wanted it to go on for forever, he wanted the pain, he wanted the release, he wanted everything, and he wanted nothing more. Then with the loudest yell yet from the little boy, his second orgasm was upon him.

With the two massive orgasms back to back like that though, Rhys went into complete and total sensory overload and passed out. Nick was fully aware of what he had done, and he had sort of been planning for it to happen. He was hoping that the same thing would happen to him when Rhys awoke from his impromptu nap. It took fully ten minutes for Rhys to wake up, and another three or four before he was lucid enough to do anything.

"Wow, that was way awesome." He finally gasped out.

"Yeah, it was, it sounded so hot, and your dick sure pulsed like crazy the second time, it was awesome." Nick grinned.

"Lay down so that I can do you now." Rhys grinned and said excitedly.

Rhys also wasted no time in getting to work. He sucked Nick right to the root, and started slowly working his big baby brother lover just the same way that Nick had worked him only a short time before. Once again they were both moaning, and Nick had to agree that it sure did feel great. Given just how close Nick had come earlier to exploding, it was no surprise that he was unable to last for very long, but Rhys sure enjoyed the cum that sprayed into his greedily sucking mouth.

He did not stop though, he just kept right on going, sucking Nick just the same as if he had not cum at all. Nick was now panting even harder than before, feeling all the feelings that Rhys had felt not too long ago himself, and with a scream that threatened to be heard a mile away, Nick unleashed the single largest load of his entire life. It was too much for Rhys though, and although he tried, some escaped from around his lips. He did not let that go to waste though, because as soon as Nick was finished shooting, his tongue darted out around the dick still in his mouth, and lapped up the spillage.

Did Nick pass out as well, oh hell yeah, he was out like a light. It took him fifteen minutes though to come back, and then a further five to become fully aware.

"Oh my god, I never had a cum that burned like that before, it had to have been huge."

"Yeah, it was, and I almost lost some of it, but I licked it up." Rhys grinned.

"Well, should we get diapered and jammied and then watch some TV?"

"Sounds good to me."

So that was what they did. They watched only two half hour shows before Rhys passed out, and Nick felt that he was not far behind, so turned off the TV, curled up into his baby, and they slept until morning.