Chapter 4

The following morning the boys both woke up at almost the exact time time, they smiled warmly to each other as they woke, and then leaned in to each other for a gentle good morning kiss.

"Good morning baby boy, how did you sleep?" Nick asked.

"Nu uh, baby girl this morning I think, but I slept great. How about you?"

"Okay, we can both put dresses on today, but I slept awesome too."

"Come on, let's get up, I'm already hungry."

"For good reason too, did you see the time, it's already nine twenty."

"Wow, we've never slept past seven before."

"Exactly, so that would be the reason why we're both hungry." Nick smiled.

They kissed once more and then hopped out of bed, both their very wet diapers showing through their tight sleepers. They went to the kitchen area and got themselves a nice easy breakfast, and then sat down to eat.

"So, I was thinking...."

"Did it hurt?" Rhys asked with a giggle.

"Not normally, thanks." Nick grinned back. "Anyways, I was thinking that we should find a couple good book stores first, and load up on a whole bunch of books, and then we should probably go grocery shopping. We're starting to get a little low on some of the supplies."

"Okay." Rhys said brightly.

Once they were finished eating, they went and cleaned themselves up a bit, and then got dressed for the day. They were both in cute little skirts and blouses with panty hose over their diapers. They did each others wigs and makeup, then got into a nice pair of shoes, and headed out. Thankfully they were secluded enough where they were that no one would really notice the fact that two boys came in yesterday, and two girls were now leaving. They also did not have to worry about anyone seeing them in the truck, because the windows were smoked lightly.

They searched around the city that they found themselves in for a while, until they found a large book store. They each went to a different area of the store, each looking for books that they needed or wanted. Nick went to the area on how to raise animals, and Rhys to the area on how to grow gardens. It was a good thing that they both had a cart, because they both piled in a number of books on both the subjects, but Nick had three times as many as Rhys had, but for good reason. Once they were both finished in those sections, they met up and showed each other all the books that they had picked out. Rhys had about fifteen books all on different forms of plant growing, how to care for them, how to breed them, how to pollinate them, and there were even two different books on fruit bearing trees. Nick had close to fifty books though, one book on every type of animal that they figured that they would have, they had discussed this already as well, and then he had a number of different books on how to care for them, feeding practices, breeding, pretty much every book that they had on the subject, he got.

While they were there they decided that they may as well look around and see if there were any other books that they wanted, either for their farm, or for pleasure reading. They found about another five books each, mostly pleasure, but they did each pick out a book that taught them something interesting. It was a good thing that both boys enjoyed reading a great deal, and did so very well as well. The lady behind the till seemed a little surprised that two young ladies were in picking up such a quantity of books, and on such interesting topics. She was curious enough to ask, so the boys told her that they were heading west to start a farm, so had to learn all there was to know about it. She was more than a little surprised, but didn't say it.

Their next stop was a grocery store close by, where they stocked up on all their groceries again. From there they headed out to lunch, because between the two stores they had spent over four hours, so they were getting hungry again. After lunch, they just wandered around town and looked around, not really for anything in particular, but they both saw quite a few things that they liked, some of which was written down into their books for the house, some stuff being bought to take with them for whatever reason, and other things just for their wish lists. By the time dinner time rolled around, they were ready to head back to their portable home for the night and have dinner.

For the rest of the night, and after they had had dinner, the two of them just sat around in their diapers, reading, each having picked a book to read, and listening to music on the stereo. They read well past what they had come to accept as their bedtime, and by the time that they both realized it, they were almost both asleep and leaking.

They bookmarked their pages, went and changed each other and got jammied, and then crawled into bed. They kissed and cuddled for a few minutes, whispered I love you, and then passed out for the night.

They stayed in that park for the next three days, just really relaxing and having some fun. They visited a few different places throughout the city during the day, and read by night, then went to bed, relieved pressure, and then slept.

The next six weeks that they took to get to their new home went in much the same way. While Nick drove during the day, Rhys would do schoolwork, then during the evenings they sat around and read whatever book that they had picked out, and every few days they would stop somewhere for a few days and rest.

Tom had come back with all the requested changes three days later, and the boys were very happy with it, but still asked for four other things to be changed. Then when that one came back, the boys were happy with it, so told Tom to go ahead and blueprint it, and send it to them when they called with where to send it.

During the nearly two months that it took the two boys to wind their way across the country, they had seen a lot, done a lot, learned a lot, played a lot, and learned each others bodies a lot more. It was a very nice trip for sure, but they would both be happy to no longer have to drive, because it was kind of a pain in the ass to have to sit all day, every day like that, literally. They had each finished seven books by the time they made it, and Rhys was now technically finished the grade that he had started on, and was starting in on the next grade.

"Wow, there's not much here at all is there?" Rhys commented as they pulled up to their new property. All there was was a power pole and a driveway that went in no more than fifty feet, and came to a small clearing, it would probably not even be large enough for the trailer.

"No, it was a treed lot up against a mountain, so no big surprise there. Let's go find a park to park at, and then we have to make some phone calls."


They had went straight to their new property when they made it into town, so they still had the trailer with them. They looked around for a while until they found a trailer park that they liked, it was their fourth that they looked at, and they paid to stay a month, because they figured that that would be at least how long it took for them to get the trailer to their new place, if there was a spot yet for it at that time, but they would worry about that at that time.

They got the trailer all parked, unhitched, leveled, and set up. It was by then well past their dinner time, and they were both very hungry, so they headed out to a restaurant for dinner. By the time that they had a nice dinner and got back to the trailer, they realized that it was much to late to call Jim and Tom, because they were three hours ahead of them, therefore it was getting quite late there, so they decided to just call it a night, and call in the morning.

The following morning the boys woke again at roughly the same time, Nick only just a moment before Rhys. They kissed each other good morning, and then snaked their hands inside of each others soggy diapers and gave each other a hand. The funny thing was that so far not one word had been spoken, yet they did it at the same time. Once they both had a nice orgasm, and Rhys licked the mess out of his hand, because he had caught Nick's eruption, they got up and went for breakfast.

"Good morning Jim, how's it goin?"

"Good Nick, and you guys?"

"Great. We arrived last night, so just thought that we would tell you. I would ask that you keep our stuff for a while longer though until we have a safe place to put it all."

"Of course, no problem there at all. So how was the last week since we talked last?"

"Really nice. Nothing much new, but the drive through BC sure was nice."

"I bet. I've been there a few times, but didn't really get to travel that much, just flew in, did your dads business, and then flew back out for the most part."

"You really should one of these days, it's worth it."

"Yeah, maybe when I retire. So have you called Tom yet?"

"No, he's our next call."

"That's good. He showed me the plans to your new house, and I told him that it was his best work yet. You boys will have one hell of a house when it's done."

"Yeah, it is his best work, and we can't wait to see it all done. You'll definitely have to come out and see it when it is."

"For sure. Well kiddo, I have to get going, so you have a good day, and keep in touch."

"Will do, and you too, bye." Nick said and they hung up.

"Hi Tom, how are you today?"

"Good Nick, and you?"

"Really good. So we're here now, so if you could please courier the blueprints out, that would be great" Nick asked ,and told Tom the address and their lot number.

"No problem. I will send it off today, it is all packed and ready to go, all I needed was the address. I would very much like to ask that as soon as you have it all built that you call me, because I would very much like to come out and see it. Everyone is telling me that it is my best work yet, and I think that I have to agree."

"Yes, so do we, and you better believe that you will be expected to come and see the house when it's done. Well, I better go, I have to call a logging company, a contractor, a landscape company, and I have no idea how many other people."

"Okay Nick, you guys have fun, and keep in touch, bye."

"We will, and you too, and you keep in touch too, bye."

So for the next several hours the boys poured through the phone book and websites, finding reputable companies to do the work for them. They finally found a contractor in the area that did the type of buildings that they wanted, and seemed really good by all the work that he had done. He agreed to come and meet the boys in the morning. A local logging company was also coming out to meet them the next afternoon, and they found a landscape company, but they would be called later on. They also found the addresses to a couple places that did livestock auctions, and they copied that information down for later use as well.

The next morning the boys were at their property about half an hour early to meet Gavin, their new contractor. They had just come from the city hall, where they got the full plans for the property, they included a full topographical map, and the last survey information. Luckily Nick knew how to read both, because Rhys had no idea what the hell he was looking at. Nick went over it with Rhys though, showing him what everything meant, and where he felt that the best locations for the house and barn would be. When it was explained to Rhys, he understood and agreed. Just as they had done that, a truck pulled up.

"Hello, you must be Gavin? I am Nick, and this is my little brother Rhys." Nick introduced them, not even screwing up on Rhys' name any more, it was now normal for them both.

"Good to meet you Nick and Rhys. I must say, you are a fare bit younger than I expected you to be."

"It's good to meet you too sir." Rhys said and shook the mans hand.

"It's good to meet you Gavin, but while I am young, I can assure you that I am in complete and total charge of this project. After our parents died, it was left to me to take care of Rhys here, and we decided to move across the country. If you are worried about being paid, I can assure you that we will have no problems at all paying you for your work, however, we expect nothing but the absolute best."

"I like a man that takes charge, and while I am sad to hear that your parents died, it does not sound as if it has hurt you any. I also appreciate that you get right to the heart of the matter."

"It hurt far more than you can imagine to lose them, but we decided that we had to move on, it's been six months. My parents were very good business people, and they taught us well, so trust me, I know how to get what I want and need, and I have no problem paying for it. You will find that at times I will be an annoying pain in your ass, because for every step, I will want to inspect the work myself, and I will need reports on everything. I must also insist that all people working on this project be trustworthy, hard workers, and be informed that at absolutely no time is there to ever be any smoking inside our house, even during construction."

"I know how it feels to have to move on after a loss, I lost my wife of twenty five years last year, and while that did hurt, I knew I had to move on. I can tell though that your parents taught you well, because you speak well, very much in charge. I can agree to the rest of the terms as well, and you will find that my whole crew is non smoking, so there will be no problems there. Also almost all of my crew have been with me for five or more years, the newest person having been with us for only a year, and that's my own son. I trust my guys fully."

"Good, glad to hear it."

"So, I see you have some maps here, which are handy, but I do not see the blueprints yet, are they here?"

"No, at this time we do not have them, but they are on their way, and should be here today or tomorrow some time. As soon as we get them, I will call you, so you can come and pick them up. We are staying at the Ogo Pogo trailer park for now, until we can move our trailer here. So, this is what we were thinking for the placement of the house, right here on this rise, and then on this rise over here I think the barn and work shop. The garage will go next to the house, and there will be a covered walkway in between them. I have a logging company coming in today to clear a whole bunch of the trees from the interior of the property, but we have decided to leave all the trees on the exterior of the property for shade and privacy. A large rustic wood fence will surround the entire property, and a nice iron gate will be put in at the entrance here. Now, your website said that you are well versed in using the ICF(Intra Concrete Form) systems, and that you are certified for high efficiency building practices, and those are a few of the things that you will be needing on this build."

"Okay, all that looks and sounds good so far. We are fully certified in every high efficiency building practice there is, the only one in the area that I am aware of, and we have done a number of jobs like that in the past."

"I know, hence the reason that you are here. We did a lot of research before I called you. And I like the way you talk to me, the only reason that you are still here."

"A man who does his research, very good." Gavin smiled.

"Thanks, it has served our family well in the past to always know everything there is to know about someone before we employ them. Your company is one of the few that has been in business for twenty or more straight years, and has never had a lawsuit brought against you for poor building practices, and that's impressive. Now, your electricians, are they fully qualified to install and work with wind and solar generators, because we are installing those as well?"

"Yes, my head electrician took a course on that about two years ago, and he is teaching the others all about it whenever he gets a chance. Nice systems, had one of the solar panels put in at my place last year by him, and my power bill went down like thirty percent. They're great in this area, because we get so much sunshine year round."

"Hence the reason that we are putting at least three of them in, as well as two wind generators. We have a lot to power, no point in trying to get it all from the power company and pay their outrageous prices. Now, your heating and ventilation guys, I trust that they are also fully qualified to do in floor hot water heat, geo thermal heat pumps, high efficiency air conditioning and heating systems, air purification systems, and all that?"

"Oh yes, I have the best crew in the province doing those. They actually do jobs as far away as Vancouver when needed, and my head guy is an instructor for that at the local college, he teaches two days a week."

"You really should add that to your website, it's a great selling feature if your guys are that qualified. Okay, how about water extraction and purification?"

"No, the poor guy is already too busy as it is, no need to over work him any. As for water, I subcontract the well drilling out, because we just don't do enough wells for that, but my plumbers are excellent in installing any type of water systems at all. Now, because you are going to be running a farm, you are going to have to go with a much larger well and pump system than would be normal for a house, but I will make sure that that is all done for you, because as the contractor, that is my job."

"Thanks, I never thought about that one. Now, even though we do not have the blueprints yet, we do have a printout of the final draft of the design, would you like to see them to see what you just got yourself into?"


"Here you go." Nick said, flipping the map over and grabbing the papers that he had hidden under there, and passing them to Gavin.

"Wow" Gavin whistled out when he saw the main picture of the house, the front and side profiles.

"Wait until you see the rest of it." Rhys grinned.

Gavin took about ten minutes to thumb through the pages, looking at everything, not saying anything.

"Wow, I must say that this will be the single largest residential building that I have ever done. It's simply massive. Even your barn is not as big in total square feet. It looks like you are going to have some wicked spans for your living room ceiling though."

"Yeah, we know, it's going to be incredible. As for the living room roof, it does have huge spans, but Tom, he's our architect, is designing it using doubled up laminated beams. It will be super strong."

"Good. I will have to look at all the technical stuff when I get the full blueprints then. Now, am I mistaken here in assuming that this is in fact a theatre, games room, pool, and mini golf all in your basement?"

"No, you are not mistaken, and that will be what our basement is. Will you be able to do all that work yourself, or will you need someone to come in to do that?"

"The pool will be no problem, our plumbers are trained in pool installations as well, but the mini golf center I will have to call someone, because that will require a lot of specialized designing and fabricating that we are not equipped for. I know of a company though that does that, and they have done a number of them in around the area, you will approve their work I'm sure."

"Excellent. Now, time and payment, how would you like to work all that?"

"Well, time, that will depend on a lot of things. We need to get all the materials, the land has to be cleared, a road cut in, but we can do that, and then once we do start on the actual construction, it's just going to take time, because this is a massive build. We're looking at a minimum of three months, but we could be looking at four. I will get together a time line for you, it is what I use to schedule everything so that everything gets done in the proper order and on time. The money I will also have to get back to you on. A build this size is going to cost in around the two to three million dollar mark, but again, until I get all the details, it will be impossible to know. I will get you a full estimate when I get everything done."

"Okay, that sounds good to me. I will write you a million dollar check now to make sure you understand how important that this is to us. Just get me all the details as soon as you get them. We do have a small book of everything that we have researched and want installed in the house, so that will help you out. It includes everything from what furnace, to the solar panels, what roofing and windows, to even the light fixtures and appliances. There are over forty pages. It's taken us the better part of two months to come up with."

"That will certainly make my life easier, that's for sure. As for the check, it would be much appreciated, but I would have only asked for five hundred thousand down."

"I will still write it for that amount, and then once we have the final totals and are about half way through, I will give you another million, and then the remainder upon satisfactory completion. I have the contracts right here that you will have to sign as well, saying that you are doing this and taking my money to do so. I will also sign the contracts that I am certain that you have for me to sign."

"Wow, very well thought out. I have never had a client ever make me sign a contract. I will of course have to read it over before I sign it, and I would suggest the same to you, but I have a feeling that I would not need to tell you that."

"Thanks, I pride myself on being pretty smart, and you're right, I was going to read it first. As for the contract that you will be signing for me, it pretty much says just what I told you, and much of what we have talked about. I wrote it myself, and then had my lawyer go over it to make sure that it was fully legal and binding, it is, and he signed off on it already for me."

"You're what, eighteen, and you have a lawyer! Why, I don't even have one?"

"Well, the whole team of lawyers were my dads, so naturally they passed to me as well, but they mostly do other work now that I sold off all the businesses, but I still own their building, and my lawyer runs it all. As for you not having a lawyer, why on Earth not, you really should have, because a good business lawyer is worth their weight in gold."

"You own a law firm, and you sold off all of your families businesses and moved here, just how many businesses was that?"

"Well, there were the two factories overseas, the ten or so businesses that were in the States, and at least fifteen in and around the Toronto area, and a few more in the rest of Canada."

"Wow, no wonder you can afford to write me a million dollar check as if you buying a few small pieces of candy."

"You have no idea. Let's just say that our net worth has more zeros in it than you have ever seen." Nick grinned.

"Yikes. As for my not having a lawyer, well you touched on it earlier, I just have never needed one. Whenever I need anything legal drawn up, I go to a local place and just have them do it for me. I just tell them what I want and need, and they do it for me."

"That's a good point, and very good for you I guess. Well, shall we trade contracts then and get started on a nice business partnership."

"Why not." Gavin smiled, and then they traded contracts, Nick grabbing his from under the stack of maps and information.

They each spent almost half an hour going over the contracts, making sure that everything was in order. Gavin's was really just a very simple builders contract, no real protection in it for him, more just a standard one. Once they were both ready, they signed, and then shook hands.

"Now Gavin, the contracts you use really offer you no protection should someone decide not to pay you. Has that ever happened before?"

"Sadly yes, once a couple years ago. The guy still lives in the house that I built, and I have been paid less than half what I was supposed to have been, because he claimed bankruptcy, and from then on I couldn't touch him."

"Figured as much. I will rewrite you a new contract and get it signed off by my lawyer, and it will pretty much state that if someone doesn't pay, you will take their house and all their property for a total of ten percent higher than the price agreed upon. It will be at least another two pages long, and will cover a whole lot more as well. It will be a lot safer for you." Nick offered, and he did do that as well, and from then on, it was exactly what Gavin would use.

"I would appreciate that very much. Things like that don't often happen in this area, but you never know when it could happen, so thanks. Well, I think that that is everything that I need for now, but I would like to take the maps and survey data with me please, and then as soon as you get the blueprints, please give me a call."

"I got three copies of each, one for you, one for the logger, and one for us, so of course you can take one. I knew that you would both need them. I will call you as soon as I have the blueprints, so that you can get started., which, like I said, I hope to be later today or tomorrow."

"Excellent, thanks."

They again shook hands and Gavin headed out.

"I really liked him, he was nice." Rhys commented.

"Yeah, that's the reason that he will be building our new house, because he didn't treat us like some dumb kids just wasting his time. That would have been a very bad thing, but people do do that. Let's eat our lunch before the logging guy gets here, I'm getting hungry."

"Okay." Rhys said.

They grabbed their packed lunches from the cab of the truck, sat on the tailgate and ate in silence. They each had a couple bites of their last sandwich left when the owner of the logging company pulled up in his truck. They both set their unfinished sandwiches down, hopped down, and went to meet him.

"Hello, you must be Malcolm, we talked on the phone yesterday." Nick greeted the older man.

"Yes, and you must be Nick then I take it, it's good to meet you."

"Thanks, and yes, my name is Nick, and this is my little brother Rhys."

"Good to meet you Rhys."

"Good to meet you too sir." Rhys said, and they shook hands.

"So, what can I do for you gentlemen today?" Gavin asked once the introductions were over.

"Well, you're a logger, and we just so happen to require your services. You see the thousand acre parcel of property behind me, it's ours, and we need the interior logged, and the exterior is to be cleaned up, any standing dead taken out, any sickly trees removed, anything that is dangerous should also be removed. We would like to keep at least two trucks worth of logs for ourselves for firewood, as well as any good hardwood, the rest you may sell as your profit. From what I understand, to log this property, which is mostly good pine, should net you a good haul, so I figured that that was fair for us both."

"Yes, that would be more than fair. I will of course have to see proof that the property is yours, because if I got caught logging this without permit, I would land in jail rather quickly." Malcolm grinned.

"Of course, we understand. I will show you that first, and then we will go over the maps, and I will show you what we want removed."

"Thanks. If there are any fruit trees in there, would you like to leave them standing as well. This area has many species of fruit trees native, including some of the nicest apple and peach trees there are. If you had not thought about it, then I suggest you leave them."

"Thanks, that would be appreciated. We will be planting some as well anyways, but if there are ones in there already, then even better yet. Here you go." Nick said and handed over the papers stating that he was in fact the owner.

"Well, this all looks to be in order then, so go ahead and show these maps to me."

"Okay, like I said, pretty much the entire interior is to be removed, and the exterior is to stay as much intact as possible. I have already highlighted your copy for the main property boundary, as well as the tree line. The driveway has also been highlighted, so you will need to cut that out as well. The road building will be taken care of by our contractor, so you won't really have to worry about that too much, other than the basic one you will need to cut in to do your work."

"Well, this certainly makes my life easier. The logs that you want to keep, any preference as to where and how we stack them?"

"I try to make peoples lives easier when possible, because in the long run it makes my life easier. I would like the logs to be sorted in two piles, good hardwood and firewood, and put them right here next to the driveway for easier access. Now, when will you be able to start, because you have to be finished before our contractor can start on our house?"

"I can probably get started on Monday no problem, if however something comes up, I will inform you."

"Okay, that would be great. How long will it take for you to do all this, and will you remove the stumps a well?"

"We will be looking at two weeks, plus stump removal on top of that if you really want me to. That would be an extra charge though, because that would be at least another two weeks, and the cost of the lumber would not cover all that I'm afraid."

"I can understand that, and thanks. Do not worry about the stumps, we will worry about that ourselves when the time comes. The contractor will have to dig in certain areas anyways, so a few stumps will not even slow them down any at all. The amount of time sounds good, but if you can get it done sooner than that, it would be greatly appreciated. The faster it is done, the bigger the bonus I will give to you, but if it takes over two weeks, then no bonus." Nick offered with a coy grin.

"Ah, a crafty little bugger are you! You know how to use money to get things done. I like that. I cannot promise anything, but I will certainly give it my best."

"Thanks, I appreciate it, and yes I do, our parents taught us well. So, your two weeks starts from Monday then. We will come by every couple days to check on your progress, and our address of where we are currently staying is at the top of your copy of the map."

"Thanks, I will look forward to seeing you both then. I suddenly have a lot to arrange, and in only a few days, so if you'll excuse me, I have to get going."

"We look forward to seeing you as well Malcolm, have a good day." Nick said, and he headed out.

"You really know how to get people to do what you want, don't you?" Rhys grinned.

"It's an art that my parents taught me from a young age, but I had never been able to do it so well before. Well, I think that that is all that was on our schedules for today, so should we go home and have some dinner soon?"

"Sure, let's go."

They headed back towards their temporary home, but stopped at a grocery store on the way, because they were needing a few things again. When they got there, they quickly made and ate dinner. After that they cuddled up on the couch and listened to music, while they continued to read.

The blueprints arrived the next morning, and the boys excitedly opened them up to check them all out. In there they found two copies, a note from Tom saying that he included one for them to keep as well as the one for the contractor. Once they finished ogling the incredible detailed drawings, they called Gavin and told him that the blueprints were in. He said that he would be there in half an hour or less.

"Hello again Gavin, how are you today, and how are things coming along?"

"Great, and you guys?"

"Great as well. A logging company will be in on Monday to start doing tree removal, and he will be two weeks or less doing that, and then it is all yours. You will have to remove any stumps in your way though, because we did not bother having him do it when you had to do a lot of digging anyways. We will slowly work at the rest once you guys start, well after we buy a couple tractors that is."

"Okay, that's not a problem at all. We work around that type of thing all the time."

"So, how are the plans coming along for everything on your end then?"

"Really good. If all goes as well as planned, we should be able to start in about three weeks. The deposit check cleared, so we're all good there, not that I was worried any. The permits have been ordered and are on their way, as much of the building components that I could order are ordered, and the rest is going to be ordered soon. All my guys have been notified, and the jobs that they are one should not interfere any at all. When I am not working, I subcontract my guys out sometimes, and a few of them are doing other jobs, but they should all be done this coming week."

"Good to hear. When will you be able to give me a time frame for all of this?"

"Well, now that I have the blueprints, I will be able to get that a lot more accurate, but going by the basic plans you gave to me, I was able to set up a preliminary time table, and it looks like three months, give or take a week."

"Okay, that sounds reasonable. So, if we were to give you three and a half months then, you should be done then?"

"Barring any unforeseen circumstances that may decide to pop up, I would say that that would be okay." Gavin agreed.

"Okay, then if you get it done before the three and a half moth time, then a bonus will be paid. The sooner it is done, the bigger the bonus, but if it is late, no bonus is paid."

"You really were trained by sharp business people weren't you?" Gavin grinned.

"You bet, the best."

"I can tell. I will do my absolute best for you boys then. By the way, all those pages of information really has made my life easy, you had location, cost, everything, and everything I checked was exactly accurate, to the regular retail cost, but from time to time I might be able to get things for better deals, so that is making doing up the estimates real easy. Now that I have these though, I can get down and really crunch the numbers."

"Great, just call when you have everything, and then we can sign the rest of the papers." Nick said, because they had only signed the papers saying so far that a deposit was made to start proceedings, but the next ones were the ones with the actual numbers in them.

"Will do. You boys have a good day."

"You too." The boys said, and Gavin headed out.

"Well, we're going to need some tractors soon, feel like going tractor shopping?" Nick grinned.


So they headed out to the nearest John Deere dealer and started looking around.

"Good afternoon gentlemen, how can I be of service today?" They were asked as a guy not much older than Nick approached.

"We're looking for a few different tractors for a hobby farm that we are setting up. We need one good bigger duty tractor for doing things like digging good sized holes, post hole digging, stump removal, all that sort of thing. We need a good general duty farm tractor with three point PTO and an assortment of different attachments. We will need a good garden tractor for the yard, also with a few attachments. And a couple of those really handy truck like units that have a small bed for carrying things like feed, but are small like a golf cart."

"Okay, I think I got all that, let me just go over it to make sure I have it all, and then we can go and pick out what you want." He asked and then repeated the list.

"Yep, that sounds about right."

"Great, let me show you the Gators first, they are the little utility vehicle you were talking about. These are great little beasts, they go anywhere, do almost anything, and have lots of cool things that you can attach to them." He said and showed them those. Nick and Rhys talked it over and picked two of them out, and looked at all the accessories for them. They picked out a few things for them.

"Okay, now for a good tractor for almost all of your needs, and I would just go with one of these instead of one of these and one of the smaller general purpose ones, because this one will do everything that the others can do as well, but more, and more powerful."

"Okay, I think we can go for that, but we would need two of them, one for each of us."

"Okay, each of you, as in you two?"

"Yes, that's correct, we are the only two that will be working the farm, so we both need to have tractors to work." Nick explained.

"Oh, it's just that the tractor that I was going to show to you would be much too large for this young man to operate, he will never be able to reach all the controls, so I would suggest one of the smaller tractors for him then."

"Okay, set us up with what we need, you're the expert here. Speaking of which, will you be able to teach us how to use these things?"

"When we deliver them, there will be a guy there to show you everything, if you want it, and by the sounds of it, you do, so we will arrange it no problem. It's a standard service that we offer."

"Great, thanks. Let's see the next tractor then please?"

"Okay, this here is the smaller one I suggested, it is the 4000 series, and has virtually every attachment that you could need for a small farm. It is big enough and durable enough to do most any job you need, but small enough that the young man can operate it."

"It's awesome, I'll take it." Rhys said.

"Sounds like he likes that one. Show us the accessories for it then please?" Nick grinned.

He then took them to the accessories for the tractor and they picked out twelve different ones. It came with the front bucket, but they chose a back hoe attachment, a bush mower, a tiller, a blade, cab cover, air conditioner and heater, hay fork, post hole digger, seat belts, the deluxe night light set, and a few other items.

"Okay, so that's Rhys' tractor all set, so go ahead and show us mine please?" Nick asked.

"Okay, for you, I suggest this model. They are bigger, heavier, more powerful, and you can get almost any attachment that you can dream of for it."

"Okay, I like the looks of that one, so go ahead and set me up with all the same attachments as Rhys', just bigger. And then all we need is just a smaller garden tractor for doing lawns and stuff like that. I think that it really only has to be a mower, so your best one of those as well please."

"And we'll need a leaf blower/vac, a weed eater, a medium sized hand tiller, a chain saw or two, go two in different sizes, and a couple trailers for the tractors." Rhys added.

"We don't carry the smaller items in the John Deere line, but we do have a small line of the best stuff there is for that stuff. Would you like for me to show you that as well as the garden tractor?"

"Sure, show the way please?" Rhys asked.

He went and showed them all the rest of the stuff, and they picked out the ones that they wanted.

"Okay, I think that that will be enough for now, but we will be back if we need anything else. Now, because we are purchasing about a million dollars worth of equipment here, I would request that you get us the best deal possible, we are only a small startup farm?" Nick asked.

"I will see what I can do." The sales man smiled.

He went and got the sale rung through, gave the boys their total, and then Nick wrote the check for it.

"Okay, we won't be ready for the delivery of this equipment for about two weeks, so that gives plenty of time for the check to clear, and for you to arrange to get everything in stock. Please make sure to arrange someone to be there to show us everything that we will need to know."

"Okay, that sounds good. It will take at least two weeks to get everything in as you ordered anyways, but we will call when it all comes in, and then we can arrange everything from there. Would you like to take any of the small stuff today with you though?"

"No, we have no place to put that, so please just deliver it with the rest of the stuff, thanks."

"Not a problem sir. Thanks, and have a good day guys."

"And thank you for all your help."

The boys headed out and went to lunch after that, because it was well past lunch time. They had spent almost four hours there, but it was a cool shopping trip.

When the boys got home, they stripped down to their very wet diapers, and sat down to read for a while before bed. As they were getting ready for bed, they sucked each other, to relieve some pressure, and just because it felt so good.

The next morning Nick called the interior designer that they had chosen, because they wanted to get him started on buying everything that would be needed for their house, as well as start planning the colors and fabrics. He said that he could be there in the early afternoon, because he had an appointment somewhere else as well that morning. So the boys waited patiently around for him, both doing work, Rhys his schoolwork, and Nick was cleaning up and then reading.

"Good afternoon, you must be Mitchell, pleased to meet you." Nick said, sticking his hand out.

"Yes, and you must be Nick, but please, call me Mitch."

"Okay, Mitch it is, and yes, I am Nick, and this is my little brother Rhys."

"Nice to meet you too Rhys." Mitch said, sticking his hand out and shaking both boys' hands.

"Come on in and we can start going over what we would like." Nick said and they went and sat at the table. "We loved all the work of yours that we saw on your website, so we called around to a few of them, and they were all very happy as well. Well, we are in the beginning phases of construction of our new hobby farm, and we want the house to be tastefully decorated in the old farmhouse style, a little new, a little old, or old looking preferably, but antiques are nice too. We have a number of pages of items that we like, all you have to do for those is buy them in the right colors and things like that. You will be in charge of the painters and everything about the decoration."

"Okay, let me see the pages of the items that you want first, and then we can go from there?"

"Here you go. We have included the websites or stores that we found the items at, and the original retail prices. If of course you can find the items locally, please do so, or if you can get them for a better price, then of course feel free to do so as well. If you feel that something needs to be changed to a different style to suit the design you have in mind, then go ahead, but please do not change too much from what we have chosen, because those are what we have found that we liked."

"Okay, that will make my job a lot easier, and I will try not to change it too much then. Give me just a few minutes to go over this list." Mitch said, taking the offered papers.

Nick and Rhys sat there for fifteen minutes, patiently waiting for Mitch to go over everything.

"This is very nice, and very expensive as well, can you boys afford all this?"

"Oh yes, trust me there. The house that we are building is going to come in around the three to four million dollar mark, the property we bought, we paid two million for, the contractor has already been given a one million dollar down payment, and that is what we will be giving you as a down payment as well, because we have almost that much in furniture and accessories there already. You will need to get us all set up though, and I will want an estimate back in a few days or so with the expected cost. Today, when you agree to take on the job, I will have you sign a contract, and then give you the first check."

"Oh, okay then, just making sure."

"We're used to it, don't worry. Most people just aren't used to an eighteen year old with more money than he can use, but we do have, and we know how to use it wisely as well. Now, if you are in agreement, then we should go ahead and get the paperwork out of the way, and then we can show you the blueprints so that you can get down to planning everything."

"Yes, I think that I can agree to everything so far, but I will want to read this contract of yours first."

"I would expect nothing less. It is a basic contract that says that you are working for me, and that you will do everything in your power to give us the glorious house that we are envisioning, and that you will be paid your final amount upon satisfactory completion. But please, go ahead and read it, and when you are ready, sign. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask. I wrote the contract, so I am fully familiar with it."

"Thanks." Mitch said as he accepted the contract. He took about fifteen minutes to read through all the details, and then he smiled and signed it without question.

"Excellent, so now we can get started on the fun stuff." Nick smiled as well, taking the signed copy for himself.

"Yes, so let's see these grand plans, and then we can get down to planning."

"Here you go." Rhys said, rolling the blueprints out for them all, but setting it so that Mitch had the main view.

"Wow, this is impressive already, and it's only the profiles of the house."

"Yeah, wait until you see the rest. You don't have to worry about the exterior though, because we have already chosen what we want out there, the interior is all you."

"Wow, very nice." Mitch said as he flipped the page.

For the next four hours the three of them went over every room, the boys telling him what it was that they wanted to see, what effects that they were looking for in each room. Mitch was pretty much given the control though for the colors, they just told him how they wanted each room to feel, and what type of furniture that they wanted in each room. Mitch found himself very impressed with how the boys handled themselves all throughout the preliminary design process.

"Okay boys, I think that that will take care of everything for now. I will keep in touch with you to let you know where I am at any given time, and find out when the house is ready for me to come in and start. I should have the estimate for you in about four or five days as well, but the starting one million should be great for now."

"Okay, thanks." Both boys said, and Mitch took his leave.

"Almost everything is taken care of now, and it's going to look awesome. I can't wait."

"Me neither." Rhys grinned.

The boys then got themselves some dinner, and then sat down to eat. After dinner they once again curled up on the couch and read for the rest of the evening.

The next few days really nothing much happened at all. The boys mostly stayed in, both getting a lot of reading done. They were learning a lot about farming, and it was very interesting as well. Tuesday morning the boys headed to their property, to see if the logging had started yet, and they were pleased to see that it was. They now had a rudimentary road cut through the center of the property, to the center, and they watched as two full logging trucks came out.

They asked one of the guys if Malcolm was there, and if so, where they could find him. The guy said that he would just call him, and grabbed a two way radio and called the boss out. Ten minutes later Malcolm came out and met the boys.

"Hey Malcolm, it looks like everything is going good here. You must have gotten started yesterday as you planned, because you already have a lot more done than I thought that you would." Nick commented.

"Hey guys. Yeah, we got an early start yesterday and worked to get the main driveway cut out, and now we are working in the center, and working our way out. We have already pulled four trucks out, fully loaded. I figure that we have another twenty or so, plus the logs that you boys want. I walked a good portion of the property yesterday, and I did not see anything in a good hardwood that would be worth anything though. There are quite a few fruit trees in there though, as well as a couple nut trees."

"Oh well, if they are not worth keeping, then just put them with our firewood, they will at least burn nicely. Anything so far that you need to report, how is it going in there?"

"No, nothing to report at this time, it is going really well. The land is pretty smooth, pretty easy to work, so far. We will know more as we get further into it."

"Okay, then we will leave you to your work and get out of your hair then. We will stop by in a few days."

"Okay, see you then."

"Bye." They all said.

The boys took off again and headed back to their trailer for the rest of the day and for the next few. They stopped back at the property every few days to see how it was coming, and they were happy to see that it was progressing nicely every time that they stopped in. It was a week and a half later that Malcolm told the boys that they were finished. The boys went in to look around, and they were very happy with what they saw. The entire exterior perimeter looked great, and scattered throughout were a number of trees, they were supposedly the fruit trees. It was certainly a lot larger than they had expected.

"Well Malcolm, you got it done half a week early, and very well done as well. I see the pile of logs you left us would be well over two trucks full as well, thanks. I trust that you will have made a nice sum out of this?"

"Yes, we had twenty eight loads of logs come out, and at a little over a thousand dollars a load, we will have made out not too bad at all, thanks." He smiled.

"Good to hear. Now, because you finished half a week early, I believe that I told you that you would receive a bonus, so please share this with all the guys that worked the job." Nick said, handing over a check.

"Twenty thousand dollars, are you sure about this? That's a really large bonus when the logs will have covered all the wages and then some." Malcolm gasped.

"Yes, we're sure. That was what Rhys figured that we should give to you for a job so well done. We knew yesterday that you would be finished today. We asked a couple of the guys."

"Well, thanks guys, my guys will certainly appreciate this a great deal."

"And thank you as well. Now that you are done, our house can be started on, and we can tell the tractor dealer to go ahead and deliver whenever they are ready."

"You're very welcome boys." Malcolm said, and then headed out.

"I'm gonna call the tractor dealer right now and tell them that we are ready for them." Nick said, and grabbed his phone to do so.

He talked to the guy who sold them everything, and he said that the final shipment of their stuff was expected later that day, so they should be able to bring it all out the following day, and there would be at least four trucks.

"Good news baby, they should be here tomorrow some time." Nick said excitedly.

"Cool. I can't wait until we get to try the tractors out."

"Me neither. We should probably go buy one of those tidy tanks and get it filled with diesel for all the tractors."

"Yeah, but will it fit in the back with the trailer hitch back there?" Rhys asked curiously.

"No clue, guess we'll have to find out. We can just ask to get the largest one that will fit back there if there are more than one option."

"Okay." Rhys said, and they took off to go and do that.

It took a while to find a place that sold them, and they asked for what it was they wanted. They also asked that it be electric powered to pump the fuel. The guy that they were talking to said that he had the perfect one for them, and showed them the tank. They thought that it looked good, so they bought it, and it was loaded into the truck and hooked up to the power. They headed out and hit a gas station and filled it and the truck up. The nice thing was that the truck was also diesel, so they would have an extra five hundred liters of fuel capacity now for when they traveled as well, because they could just use that.

After they were done that, they headed out to lunch and had a good lunch, and then made the call to Gavin, saying that the land was cleared, and that they could start as soon as they were ready to do so. Gavin was happy to hear this, saying that he was almost ready himself, and would start on Monday of the following week almost for sure.

The next morning the boys were waiting at the property first thing in the morning for their delivery of tractors. Rhys had his computer and was doing schoolwork, and Nick had the book that he was reading, and they sat in the truck and waited patiently for the tractors to arrive. Yeah right, patience were the last things the boys had then. It was almost noon when their delivery arrived, and it was a lot of equipment for sure.

"Hi guys, good to see you again. I decided to come out with the guys and deliver this all myself." Their salesman said.

"Good to see you again. Wow, that is a lot of stuff, isn't it?" Nick said.

"Yeah, it is. I have also been trained on how to use all this stuff, so while the main trainer is teaching you Nick, I will train Rhys, that way we can get it all done even faster."

"Sounds good to me. We have a fuel tank on the truck fully loaded, so if we need fuel for anything, we will have it."

"We always fill the tanks for the customers before we deliver them, so we should be good there."

"Okay, that's very nice."

For the next hour they watched as all their new equipment was offloaded from the trucks and set where they were told to do so. It was all being set down next to the pile of logs, except the smaller hand tools, which were put in the bed of the truck, because they would take those and store them at the trailer for now. Finally everything was offloaded, and then they got down to learning how to use it all. That took the better part of three hours, but the tractors were really quite easy to use, and the attachments were really easy to attach and detach. All the tractors had automatic systems for that, so all they had to do was drive up to it and the tractor did most of the rest. They still had to attach the hydraulic lines and stuff, but that was really easy as well. They both had a blast learning how to drive and use the tractors.

"Well, now that the guys are gone, I say that we go get some dinner and then go home for the night, but tomorrow morning I want to come back and get started on stump removal." Nick said.

"Okay, that sounds good to me. I guess our vacation is pretty much over now, so now we get to work during the days huh?"

"Yes, but you still have to do your schoolwork during the day as well."

"No, I think that I will do that in the evenings, when we're at home, and you're reading." Rhys said.

"Okay, that would probably work out as well. As long as you get at least three good hours of schoolwork done very day then you should be good. You are already quite far ahead."

"Yep." Rhys said happily and they headed out to dinner. They just hit a nice restaurant nearby.

When they got back to the trailer, they remembered all the stuff in the bed of the truck, and begrudgingly offloaded that and put it all in the storage compartments under the trailer. They were both getting tired, and they wanted to go in and play a bit. And play they did. They sucked each other gently for almost half an hour, before they were both almost too worn out, then they diapered each other, and went to sleep in just their diapers.

The next morning the boys woke up and excitedly got out of bed. They both wanted to get doing right away to play with their new tractors.

"Can we just get breakfast on the way, and order pizza for lunch? I want to get going right away." Rhys asked as soon as they were in clean diapers and dressed for the day.

"Okay, that sounds good to me." Nick said happily.

So they headed out and hit the drive through at a place on the way, and ate their meal as they drove. When they got there, they both attached the backhoe and buckets to their tractors, and then got to work. They each started on a different stump, both around the area that the house would end up being. They wanted the house and the barn area cleared first, so that they would be able to make the corrals and the gardens for around them.

"Wow, this is fun, and this tractor is so easy to use." Rhys said enthusiastically when they broke for lunch. The pizza had just been delivered.

"Yeah, I thought that it would be a lot harder to do than it has been, but it's really easy, and fun too." Nick smiled, and stated eating.

"It's gonna take a long time though to get all the stumps up, but what are we gonna do with all the stumps when we have them up?" Rhys asked, because the stumps that they had removed so far had just been put into a pile in the corner.

"It will take a couple weeks probably to get it all done, and I have no idea what we can do with them. I guess we could just cut them down as much as possible and split it for firewood as well, and then for all the small bits we could get a large wood chipper and just mulch the rest. Then with that we can spread it on the fields when we till them, so that it gets used."

"Okay, that sounds like a good idea, man we have a lot of work to do. I didn't think that we would have this much work to do."

"Yeah, it's going to be. We could just hire someone to come in and do this all for us though."

"No, we should do this, we can both do it together, and there's no need to pay someone else to do it when we have everything that we need to do it ourselves. Besides, I want to be able to say that we did some of the work on our place ourselves."

"Those are good points."

"It'll be good for us too, I'll probably get a bit bigger, and you'll probably lose some weight, I know you want to."

"True, but I have already lost some weight. With all the exercise that we have been getting, I have lost a bit of weight already."

"What exercise, we've hardly done anything?"

"They say that sex is the best exercise there is, and I think I agree." Nick grinned and blushed.

"Cool, then we can get even more exercise tonight."

"Okay." Nick said brightly.

They finished their lunch and then got back to work on the stump removal. They worked right until just before dinner time, and then called it a day. Their pile of stumps already reaching an impressive size, yet they had barely touched the amount of stumps that they had to remove.

"I think that we're going to have to start on the cutting down of all that either tomorrow or the following day, so that it does not get to be too huge a pile." Nick commented as they were standing there looking at the rather large pile.

"You're probably right. We can go and find the largest wood chipper we can find tomorrow then before we come. Will we split the wood right away as well?"

"Yeah, we should, so we'll buy some axes and stuff as well I guess."

"Okay. Probably better that way, so that way we don't end up with too much of that to do either." Rhys said.

They headed back home to their trailer, made and ate dinner, did some more work or reading, and then got a little exercise before passing out.

The next morning they did go and buy the things that they needed, and then went and got started on cutting up all the junk wood. They worked long and hard all day, accidentally working through lunch, but by the time that they were done, they were only half way through the pile. They did get a lot of good firewood out of it though, and all the junk was then sent through the chipper. They already had good piles of firewood and mulch by the time they called it a day.

"Oh man, am I ever going to hurt tomorrow. I had no idea that that was going to be so hard." Rhys said.

"Yeah, me too. God am I ever starving though, let's go out for dinner."

"Okay. So, I think that tomorrow we'll have to just add to the pile, because I doubt that I can do another day like today so soon."

"Yeah, same here. We'll have to start getting used to it though, and maybe soon we will be able to catch up. We'll probably have to do a good couple or a few days to catch up in a week or two when we're both more used to this."

"Yeah, but if it does not all get done at the same time, it won't really be a big deal, because we'll have lots of time to get it all done."

"Yep. Let's go."

So they headed out and went for dinner. They just had a quick dinner, and then headed back to the trailer for more work yet, but at least it was more relaxed work. The next few days they worked like that. They would pull stumps one day, and then try and make a dent in the large pile that they were accumulating. They got lots and lots of work done though. So by the time that Gavin and his crew arrived on Monday, they had made a fair dent in the stump removal.

"Good morning boys. It looks like you have been busy, you've gotten a fair bit done already."

"Good morning to you, and thanks. We want to have all this finished soon, so that we can start getting the land ready as well. So, I guess that you guys will pretty much be starting on the foundations for everything? I imagine that you would just do them all at the same time."

"That's right. I feel that there is little point in calling the concrete trucks and concrete pumpers more than the three times that we already have to. Once to get the foundations poured, once to fill all the wall cavities, and then the last time for the floors. So today we just have a lot of digging to start with. I take it that we can pile any stumps over with the ones that you already have piled?"

"Yes you may, and all the dirt you can pile somewhere out of the way as well, probably in around that area as well, and what you don't reuse, we will,"

"Thanks, that will save having to haul it out, because a lot of it won't be put back in. Especially considering the size of the hole that we have to dig for your basement, since it is fully underground."

"Yeah. Well, we should get back to work, and I know that you need to do the same. Oh, and by the way, when will you be working on the driveway?" Nick asked, because right now it was just loose dirt, not exactly ideal for a road of any sort, and certainly would not nicely hold the paving stones that were going to adorn the entire half a kilometer long driveway.

"Once the guys are finished with the digging of the foundations, they will get started on the driveways, that way we can all work more efficiently. For now this is fine, unless we go and get a stupid rain storm, in which case it could turn a nasty muddy mess, but oh well if it does. Well, you boys continue your fun."

"That should work well, thanks, and you too."

So they all got to work. The funny thing was that Nick's tractor was nicer than the one that Gavin's excavation crew was using, and was quite a bit older, but the guy was a true expert in its use, because he started making very fast work of digging. There were another two tractors a well, and while they were smaller, their operators obviously knew very well how to use them as well.

The boys got back to their work of trying to reduce the size of the pile, so they were both busy with chain saws. Nick with the big one, Rhys with the little one. They had both been a little scared of them when they had started, but by now they were both quite used to the noisy machines. It was a good thing that they had thought to buy eye and ear protectors though, because of that, and the sawdust they threw. They worked until it was getting close to lunch time,and Nick decided to call in a large order of pizza for them and all the guys that were working today.

An hour later the pizza arrived, and Nick called everyone over to eat. They at first tried to say no, but Nick pointed out that even as big as he was, there was no way that he could eat twelve pizzas, so they had to help. They all chuckled and agreed, and then they all sat down to eat.

After lunch they all got back to work, and the boys sharpened their saws, like they had to go and ask someone how to do, and were shown, and then they headed back to their large pile, that was being added to. They all worked for the rest of the day, and then all headed home for the night.

The next several days went like this, they went to work in the morning, worked a good long day, and then went home and did more work there, cuddled up, kissed, gave each other a blowjob or a hand, a couple nights both, and then slept. The foundations were poured on Friday of that week, and they did all four, one right after the other. For all the foundations they actually needed twelve concrete trucks, because the shop was the smallest structure, and it was rather large. The stump removal and cleanup was coming along nicely, their firewood pile and their chips pile were both growing rapidly. The boys both decided to take the weekend off as well, because they were both getting more than a little tired and sore. They both decided that other than some reading, that they would do no work, and would try and go and have some fun.

They both had a nice relaxing weekend, they went and had fun and played some, but mostly they relaxed. Their nicest place that they went for the weekend had to be the local indoor pool facilities, where they both stayed almost entirely in the hot tub all the time that they were there.

The next week they all got right back to work, and continued right on going. Nick and Rhys were getting stumps up at about a rate of about forty a day, but were still managing to only get about twenty to twenty five of them processed per day. So three days this week they dedicated solely to that chore, the first three, and they did manage to catch up too. The construction crew was busy on putting the house, barn, shop, and garage together using the foam blocks, it looked about as easy as building a Lego house, except these blocks were roughly a thousand time larger, and would eventually have a concrete core. The boys found that they had to go and watch the guys doing this, because it looked super easy and neat. Gavin came and explained all that his guys were doing, and how they worked, both boys appreciated this a great deal.

By the end of the week, the guys were a little more than half way done, and Gavin was hoping to have it all done by the following Thursday, so that they could get the concrete trucks in the next day to pump the concrete to fill the blocks. Even though the boys thought that it was going really fast, and would surely be finished long before the three months, Gavin had to burst their bubble, and tell them that yes, this part went pretty quick, but it would still be a tight schedule, because the hardest parts were yet to come.

Gavin went on to explain that before the floors could be poured, that they still had to run all the water lines to run the glycol mix for the in floor heating systems, and that was going to take some time, and then there was all the rest, the roof, the doors and windows, all the electrical, the home automation stuff, all the plumbing, and all the rest of the HVAC stuff, and all that before they could even think about doing the drywall, which naturally was one of the last things to do, and finally once all that was done, then the flooring could be done, and with the amount of hard wood and tiles that they had going into the house, that could take more than a week all by itself. And all of this had to be done in each of the four buildings. The house would of course get the most of it, but all the others had plenty themselves.