Chapter 5

It is now almost exactly three months to the day that Gavin and his crew started construction, and the whole place was looking amazing. They had at most one more days worth of work to do, and the final things were all in the barn, the final set up. In fact Mitch had already been called and he and his crew had already started in on the decorating. The crew that had been hired to come in and do the basement were almost finished, the landscaper that the boys had found, and hired, had come in and done their work already, and it looked incredible. The boys were finished the land clearing, and cutting and chipping of all that waste, it was coming together perfectly. The large well had been drilled, and the water was pumping at a hundred gallons a minute with their high output pump system that they had got, so there was more than enough to supply their entire farm. The solar panels and the wind generators were out in the middle of the land, where they would receive the largest amount of sun and wind, but boy were the wind towers tall. They wanted to be able to catch the higher power wind up above the trees, so their towers were higher than the trees. Even the massive fence around the property was completed, and it was really nice. The cobblestone driveway was also finished, and it was very nice as well.

"I can't believe how beautiful it looks." Rhys said as they came, it was the same thing one of them said each day they came, because they were still staying in the trailer park for now.

"Yeah, and it's almost done. Hopefully Mitch is done by the end of the week, like he said he should be."

"Yeah, I sure hope so too. I almost want to go in and look, but I want it to be a surprise as well. It's been so hard not to go in and look though."

"I know, same here, but I think we made the right choice to let them all complete the whole thing before we go in, even though it's killing me too." Nick smiled. They had told the guys that they wanted to wait and see it when it was completed, they wanted to wait for the surprise.

"So, have you called Jim to ask him to ship the stuff out? I think that we're pretty much ready for it all." Rhys asked.

"No, come to think of it, I hadn't. We've been so busy lately that I had forgotten to. I will call him right now then." Nick smiled and started dialing.

They had finished the land clearing almost a month ago, so for the last month they had both been very busy tilling all the land, smoothing and leveling it out. They had taken a good portion of the excess dirt from the excavation, as well as all the wood chips, and spread that out as well. They both felt that if they wanted animals, that this would be best, that way they would have no animals getting hurt because of holes. They had also spread a lot of good hearty mixed grass seeds, plus they also mixed heather and clover in with it, for the animals to eat when they were out in the fields. For the first few months the animals that they did get would just have to be in the barn or the corral, because the land would not be ready for them anyways, but by the time that it was, it would probably be winter anyways, but it wasn't.

"Hey Jim, hows it goin?"

"Nick, great, and you?"

"We're doing awesome. The house is almost complete, we have the land ready to fence, all the buildings are done, or very close to, and the decorator is in doing all that right now. We can't wait to see our house for the first time, on the inside."

"That's great, but why haven't you looked inside yet?"

"We decided to hold off and wait for the surprise, but it's been killing us, especially this last week."

"I bet, but there's no way I could have done it, I would have been in there the whole time. So, I bet that you're calling to ask me to ship your stuff out now, huh?"

"You bet. You may as well just throw everything into the Humvee and just put all the cars on a carrier, and ship it all out that way. It'll probably be easier and cheaper."

"I was already thinking of doing just that anyways, but we both know that I am not worried about the cost in the least. I will get it arranged, and have them get you your stuff as soon as possible then, but it will probably take a week or more."

"That's not a problem. Had I have been thinking, I would have called you a week ago when the garage was completed, but we've been so busy between getting the land ready, and learning everything that we need to know to pull this off, that it just slipped my mind. So how are things going out there?"

"Everything's going really good. We landed a few good big clients recently, so business is good. Well, I should probably get going, I want to call the place to ship your stuff before they close, so have a good day."

"You too, bye." Nick said and they hung up.

"They'll be here in about a week." Nick told Rhys.

"Cool. So, what should we do today, since we've finished the land preparation and seeding?"

"Don't know. Want to see if we can find someone to come in and put up a nice big greenhouse for us to go next to the huge garden we left clear? And then maybe we can get the stuff to start all the fencing, but only put in the fence around the garden for now."

"Okay, that sounds great. Let's go."

The boys hopped back into the truck and headed back out on their way into town. They knew where to go to get something like that done, because they had visited the place a few times already for the grass seeds and other assorted things for the farm. They arrived to the ranch and farm supply store a while later, and they went and talked to a guy about the greenhouse that they wanted. He went over all the different options that they had, and the boys both picked out a very nice one. It was thirty feet wide, a hundred and fifty feet long, came with automatic vents, could be outfitted with automatic watering systems, which they took, could be outfitted with infrared heat, which they also took, and it came with the fans and the sun lamps. They also asked about all the shelves and plant pots that they would need, and he again showed them their options. So they ordered everything that they would need for that as well, and even ordered a large load of good planting soil to be delivered when the greenhouse was set up. The boys were told that they would need to have a cement pad put down as well, but usually required no footings, they said that they would get it done.

They then went and looked at all the fencing options for the farm, and chose twelve foot long, standard round fence posts, and green chain link fences, because they would keep out most animals from their gardens, and they both felt were friendlier for their animals. They did choose an electric fence though, because they knew that cows would test the fences, but hated getting shocked. They made sure to get all the accessories that they would need to install the fences as well. And while they did not get anything else, they saw a few other things that they would like to get, eventually. The store loaded up everything that the boys said that they would be taking that day, and set for delivery the rest, that would all come on the same day as the greenhouse did, which was to be delivered and set up on the following Monday.

As soon as they left the store, Nick called the same concrete company that had done their buildings, and told them that in three days that he needed enough concrete poured to cover fifteen hundred square feet at eight inches thick. He ordered the same concrete that had been ordered for all their stuff, it had fibers in it that removed the need to lay rebar for structural stability. They said that it would not be a problem, and that they would be there first thing in the morning, but Nick was careful to arrange that he could call the day before and postpone if needed. Next they headed to a lumber yard, because they would need a lot of two by eights and two by twos delivered so that they could create the concrete forms.

The two by twos were of course going to be fashioned into stakes to hold the two by eights in place. The lumber yard said that they could deliver the lumber the following morning, which was agreeable to the boys. So off to their new home they headed. As soon as they got there, they went and staked out the area that they would need to prepare for the new greenhouse. Then they both climbed into their tractors, and started removing the top ten inches of the soil, getting them down to the more stable ground below it. The two of them worked together quickly to clear the land, and every so often Nick would get out and use the laser level to make sure that they were nice and level. Four hours later they were both satisfied that they had done a good job, and decided to call it a day, because there was not much else they could do. Then they realized that the truck was still loaded. Rhys was unable to really offer much help, because the stuff was just too heavy for him, but in all fairness, Nick could barely even move the roll of fencing, so Rhys did help there, and the two of them barely got it off the truck. They realized after that they should have used the tractor to do that. It was all piled next to where it would eventually be needed, but would be installed later.

Once all the hard labor was done, the boys headed back to what would soon no longer be their home. They had long ago decided to just stay at the trailer park, because they had everything there that they needed anyways, and no point in trying to hook up water and sewer at the house, when it would never get used again. When they got there, they both stripped down to their equally soggy diapers, and made and ate dinner. They had missed lunch again, so they were very hungry.

With all the work that the boys had been doing, and the few missed meals that they had a week, because they worked so hard they forgot, the weight losses were adding up for Nick, and he was no longer considered to be overweight. He still had a little weight to go, but he was getting there. He was also putting on lots of muscle definition, something that he had never had before. Rhys was also adding some nice definition to his little body, he had put on almost as much weight as Nick had lost, and he was looking much better for it as well. He was now far closer to the proper size that he should be, just more muscular than most eight year old boys were.

After dinner they cuddled up on the couch and did their work. Nick was getting pretty close to being finished all the books that he had bought, and would soon start on the ones that Rhys had bought, whereas Rhys still had a long ways to go on his, but his schoolwork was coming along very well. If he kept up the pace, he would be starting the next grade in only a further two months. Not bad, doing two whole grades in one year.

"Good morning boys, how are you today?"

"Great, and you?"

"Excellent. Well, we finished yesterday after you guys left, so it's all yours. If you'd like, I can take you on a tour of the outbuildings, because I know you still want to wait on the house yet?"

"That would be awesome."

"By the way, what's with the land you cleared yesterday anyways, I didn't get a chance to come over and ask?" Gavin asked as they started walking to the garage first, because it was the closest.

"We're going to be putting in the forms today to make a concrete pad for a large greenhouse."

"Oh yeah. I went out there and looked it over, and you boys did a great job with the tractors. It's nice and smooth, and good and level as well."


"No problem. I sort of figured that it was going to be a cement pad for something or other, that's why I checked it out for you. So, anyways, here's the garage."

"It looks great. Thanks." Nick said happily.

The garage was as large as had been planned, there were shelves along the two sides for storage. All the doors were good sturdy insulated doors, and it was nice and warm in there. Gavin explained that the heat was on to test it all out to make sure it was working properly.

Next came the workshop, because it was the next closest. It too had four of the same doors that the garage had, but larger, it too was warm inside, for the same reason. There were a set of shelves on each side, again for lots of storage, as well as a bench along the entire back wall, slat board above that, and tonnes of drawers beneath that.

"Thanks for the work bench, that wasn't in the plans, but it's a great idea."

"What's a workshop without a work bench. Consider it a gift." Gavin smiled.

"Thanks." Both boys said, and then they headed out to the barn last.

"Wow, will you look at this place. It's awesome." Rhys commented as they walked in.

There were lots and lots of stalls, each one with its own gate, they were customizable in size, and each one had its own water and feed stations. There was a channel in the floor running in front of all the stalls, on both sides, that ran outside, this was for mucking out the stalls. All they would have to do was scrape any animal waste into the channel, and then wash it outside to the pit that had been made for that as well. It was also nice and warm in there, showing that the heat worked in there as well. On either end of the large barn was a large staircase leading up to the hay loft. Up there they found a dozen different grain storage containers, each with a feed line coming out of it and routing to all the stalls. They could program them to deliver whichever feed they wanted, to whichever stall they wanted. Hay was the same, there was an automated system for that as well, but worked on a conveyor system. It was a very neat system. There were doors on either end of the hay loft leading out, so that the feed could easily be brought up. A hay lift had already been ordered for that as well. In both the main barn, and in the hay loft, there were nice large vents with fans in them to keep the air fresh. When they ordered these, they ordered them with the automatic sensors, so that they would open and close as necessary, so as to keep the barn nice and warm, but keep the air nice and fresh. There was an override built in so that if the ammonia or methane gas levels rose too high, the fans would all start extracting all air, and replacing it with fresh air. They were the very best in farm equipment. Back down in the barn they found the milking station. It was fully automated, and all the cows had to do was walk up to it, and it did the rest, so the cows pretty much milked themselves. There was a smaller version as well for goats, should they ever decide to get them as well.

"Wow Gavin, this all looks so perfect. Now I can't wait to get some animals for in here."

"I know, I can't believe that it turned out so well myself. This was actually the first barn that we ever did, but really, it was no different than a house, just a few new things to install. The guys all tell me that it was a snap to install though, and it has all been fully tested. The feed tanks are full, because we had to fill them to test them. Each one has a different type of feed, and each one is marked by the way, in case you hadn't noticed."

"I had noticed, but I just figured they were labeled so that we knew which feed to put in them, I guess it still is. Thank you so much. I want for you to come back this weekend some time, because Mitch is pretty sure that he will be finished by then, and I want you here to get your last check."

"Thanks. I will be here then, I want to see the finished project, as well as I'd love to come and take pictures for my website, because this house is my biggest and best yet. I took lots of pictures during the construction of course, but nothing since it was done."

"No problem, come and take as many pictures as you want." Nick smiled.

"Thanks, you boys have a good day."

"You too." They said and he headed out.

The boys just looked around in the barn for a while longer, until they heard the delivery truck that was delivering their lumber. They went out and greeted the guys and told them where to offload everything. The two by eights they asked to be offloaded by their greenhouse area, and the two by twos to the workshop. Once it was all offloaded, they figured that they better go get a chop saw and some hammers so that they could get to work.

They headed to the nearest store that would carry that type of thing, and picked out the biggest and best chop saw they had, two hammers, and a couple other things. They had already picked out all the nails that they needed from the lumber yard, so they were good there.

When they got back home, they headed to the shop to get started on making the stakes that they needed. They took about an hour to make all the stakes that they thought that they would need, and then headed out with all their stuff in the back of the truck, and got started. They worked together to get the entire thing put together and secured in place, so that as soon as the concrete trucks arrived the next day, they could just pour and do their work. It was finicky work, and they had to make adjustments here and there to make sure it was nice and square everywhere, but it was not hard work. The hardest job was pounding the stakes into the ground, but with the help of the five pound sledge hammer they bought, it was not too bad. It took them a little over four hours to complete this chore, and by that time they were both very tired, hungry, and sore, because they had been working hard to get it all done.

They decided to go out for dinner and then go to the pool to relax in the hot tub again, because they both felt that they could use it. So after dinner, they stopped by the trailer and grabbed themselves what they needed, and then headed out. It was a good thing that the pool facilities had private rooms to change in, because both boys were in very soggy diapers, and while they did not necessarily care, they did not really want others to see them like that. They stayed relaxing in the hot tub until they were both almost asleep, so they figured that they had best go get changed and head to bed. So that was what they did, they didn't even play at all when they got there, just went straight to sleep.

"Hello again boys. Didn't figure that we would be back quite so soon after pouring so much concrete for you." The foreman of the concrete guys said after they arrived the next morning.

"Yeah, didn't really think that we would be seeing you so soon either, but we decided to put a nice big greenhouse in. Now, the center needs to be slightly higher then the rest, and then tapering down at all points until it is level with the two by eights. We want all the water to drain out of here and not pool anywhere." Nick said, this is what had been suggested to him by the guy who sold them the greenhouse.

"Okay, that's no problem at all. The dispatcher told us all this already anyways, so you must have told her too."

"I did, but I just always make sure that the message was properly received. So, how long do you figure that this will take?"

"That's always a wise move, but it should only take us a few hours to do everything. One thing the dispatcher did not tell us though, did you want a smooth surface, or a textured one? For a greenhouse I would suggest textured."

"Never even thought about it, but you're right, so go textured."

"Will do boss." He said and he went and joined his guys who were already getting set up.

The boys stayed and watched the whole thing, it was quite interesting. They had seen the concrete trucks come in and pour before, but were always too busy to go and watch, so this time they did. It took the guys just a little over the three hours the guy had told them it would, but by the time they were finished, it looked great.

"So, who did you get to prepare the ground and install the forms?" The foreman asked.

"We did that ourselves with our tractors, and we did the forms yesterday. Why, were they not done right?" Nick asked curiously.

"No, I was gonna get their name to congratulate them on making a proper form for once actually. This one did not shift on us at all, like they normally do to us, because hardly anyone secures them enough." He smiled.

"Well, thanks then I guess." Nick said.

"You're welcome."

"So, when will we be able to take the forms off then and backfill it all?"

"Give it two days, and you will be all good. When is the greenhouse being installed?"

"On Monday next week, so that gives it plenty of time to set, and get a good cure before they install it."

"Sounds good. It would be ready for the install the same day you took the forms off, but a few extra days are always good. Well boys, we should probably be heading out, so have a good day."

"You too, and thanks." They both said.

"Wow, this is gonna be so wicked when it's all done." Rhys commented.

"Yes, it sure is. The whole place looks so much different and better than it did before, that's for sure."

"For sure. So, can we order pizza, and get started on the fence posts?"

"Okay, that sounds good to me. We just won't be able to put the final posts in next to the greenhouse until later, but that can be where the gates are anyways, so we can get everything else done for sure."

"That's what I was thinking too. So you think two gates as well, one on either side?"

"Yeah, we may as well, and they have to big enough for at least your tractor to get in for tilling. We also need to cut a channel in the ground so that we can run the water lines out here. You could probably do that while I get started on the posts, or vice versa."

"No, I'll do the water line. How deep will it need to be you figure?"

"Better make it at least three feet, just to make sure that it does not freeze. We'll have to build something for where the pipe comes up and out of the ground and into the greenhouse, because it will need to be well insulated"

"Okay. We'll have to go get the pipes for that and call the plumber back in to hook it all up for us."

"Yeah, but we can worry about that in a few days."

"Then we should leave the ditch until then as well, so that no one gets hurt. We will have to bring the power in in the same ditch as well, so we'll need the proper power cable and the electrician. Maybe we should just have them both bring in what they need once they see the greenhouse."

"Good idea, Never thought about that. So, just fences for today then." Nick smiled.

They went and fueled up their tractors, put the front loader bucket on, and attached the post hole diggers to the rear of their tractors. They then went and got started on the chore of putting fence posts in. They got all of the holes dug first, only digging them half as deep as they needed for now, and then started moving the posts to the holes. Once that was done, they got back into their tractors, and using their buckets started maneuvering them and pounding them into their holes, until they were in the correct depth. It took a long time to do all fifty posts that they needed to put in, they only stopped once for a while when their pizza was delivered, and they ate. It was getting late by the time that they were finished, and they both decided to go out for dinner again.

The next day they came in and started installing the chain link fencing, and while it was not hard to do, it was a pain in the ass, because the stuff was so flexible and wanted to keep shifting, plus it was miserable heavy for the boys. They managed just fine though, and by just a little after lunch time, they were finished all that they could do for the day. Once they were finished, they both thought that they should just take the next few days off and do nothing, because they were both getting too tired and sore again. So other than calling the plumber and electrician, and telling them of the jobs they needed done, they did nothing other than read or schoolwork until Saturday morning.

Saturday morning arrived, and with it came the phone call that they had been hoping to receive for a few days. It was Mitch, telling them that he was finished. The boys did a very quick cleanup and pack up of the trailer, got it hitched, went and settled the rest of their bill with the trailer park manager, and then headed out.

"Wow, that was fast boys, and even with the trailer." Mich chuckled.

"Well, what do you expect! We've been so excited about this for months, and we want to move into our new home, like now." Nick said happily.

"Well, let's not keep you anxious boys waiting any longer then. Come on in and check out your new house." Mitch smiled warmly at the boys.

And with that, they entered their new house like a whirlwind, but stopped almost as quickly when they got inside, and actually saw it for the first time. The foyer was just to the left of the living room, and while the foyer was very nice, what they saw in the living room stopped their breath. It was majestic, it was gorgeous, and they both started crying. It looked just so perfect, Mitch had found all of the things that they had wanted, did them in nice warm inviting colors, and he had found a number of other things to put in there as well, that just made it so much more cozy and warm.

Their next stop was the dining room, and it was just as nice. The table, chairs, and china cabinet and hutch were all a very rich color, and the walls were nice and light to balance it off. Again Mitch worked in all that they had wanted, and added a number of other things as well, it just looked so perfect.

Then the kitchen, but it was beyond words. It was huge, it was simply stunning. The fridge was just massive as well, a side by side, in stainless steel, the ice maker, the ovens, the microwave, and dishwasher were as well, and the cook top was shiny and black. The granite counter top and the tile back splash were just perfect, the cabinets were even nicer yet. They looked for a long time in the kitchen, they loved it. There were lots of drawers, and fewer cupboards, just like they had asked for. All the cookware and utensils that they had wanted were already in place, and everything was so nicely organized.

The downstairs bathroom was so elegant that it too was beyond words. It was large and open, was nice and bright and cheery, it was perfect.

They went to their bedroom next, and just stopped and stared again. In here Mitch had changed up their choice of furniture, went from the queen sized more simple bed, to a king sized four post, very tall canopy bed. The dresser and end tables all matched, they were all in a really deep cherry wood, and in the corner they found a nice surprise. They found their sitting area that they had planned, and it had the furniture that they wanted, but there was a very nice realistic looking gas fireplace, where they had not planned one, but they really liked it.

Next they went into their huge walk in closet, and were both very surprised with all the space that they had. There were shelves, bars, drawers, and cupboards everywhere. Their dressing area was incredible, and their makeup station was even better yet. The lighting in there was absolutely perfect for doing all that as well.

Then they walked into their bathroom. It was all the nicest marble that they had ever seen. The huge bay window by the bathtub let in so much nice light, the shower and bathtub were both massive, and Mitch had chosen very nice colors and accessories in there as well. The double mirrors above the double sinks were very nice as well.

They also stepped out into their private garden from the beautiful French doors, and were surprised with how beautiful and tranquil it was. There was a very nice fountain in the center, some stone benches surrounding it, a bird cage with some pretty birds in it, and lots and lots of flowering plants.

The office was also on the main level, and it was very nice as well. Mahogany shelves lined the entire room, except where the four large windows were, and in the middle were two matching desks with large comfy chairs. There were already a number of accessories in there, but for the most part, this room was pretty much as is. The boys would need to add what they wanted.

Their next stop was upstairs, where they checked out the six bedrooms up there, and they were all pretty much the same, all very nice and ornate, very tastefully decorated.

And then their most anticipated stop of all, the basement. When they got there, it was like they had walked into a fantasy. In fact they had, well sort of. They were in a jungle, there were jungle trees, vines, and animals everywhere, all around their new mini golf section. Mixed inside the mini golf were an assortment of different arcade style games, it was really cool. Over to the other side they found their bar area, pool and air hockey tables, a few other things, including a cool card table and a large TV and three different game systems hooked up to it. In the bar they found a fridge, a microwave, a warming plate, a hot dog cooker, a popcorn maker, and lots of storage for everything else. There was even an old fashioned soda machine, that Mitch said actually worked, it dispensed six different beverages, but only one was pop. The pool they found in the middle of the jungle golf center, and there were jungle streams running into it in three different places, and they could even hear a waterfall somewhere, which was probably feeding one or more of the streams. The hot tub was also there, and both were made to look like stone pools that you might find in a jungle somewhere. It all looked so incredible. They headed to the theatre next, and in here Mitch also changed from what the boys had originally thought of, but they liked what he chose far better. He had went with twelve love seats, all with recliners, and beside each one was an end table. There were three on each of the four levels that had been built up, so that everyone could see, no matter where they sat. On the wall, he again changed from what the boys had wanted, and now there was the largest plasma TV that there was available, but he kept the rest of the electronics the same.

"Oh Mitch, we just don't know how to thank you. You made it look so perfect." Nick said with happy tears running down his cheeks. Rhys just couldn't talk at the moment, he was so happy.

"You're very welcome boys, it's been a pleasure to do this all for you. It's not often that I get almost complete control to be as artistic as I want, so I had fun. As you saw, I changed a few things here and there, but always went just as nice, but bigger or better. I'm really happy that you both like it so much, and I hope that you both love it for many years to come."

"Believe me, we will love this for many many years. And why wouldn't people let you have some fun and design your way. You're the professional, people should let you do what you're obviously very good at. For instance, there are some pretty bold and dangerous color or furniture choices that you put in that we never would have chosen, but they look so nice all put together."

"Thanks, and at least you see why my job can be frustrating at times." Mitch smiled.

"I bet. Well, now all we have to do is take care of the final payment. Did everything come in under the budget you set, or do you need extra?"

"No, everything was within the budget, so we're all good there, so the final payment is as agreed upon." Mitch said.

"Okay, so here you go." Nick said as he finished writing the check and passed it over.

"Um, I don't mean to complain, but there is an extra twenty thousand dollars on this check."

"I know, consider it your bonus for doing such a wonderful job and being done earlier than you had expected. Share that all amongst your crew and tell them we think they all did a great job."

"Thank you, but that really wasn't necessary."

"I know that, but I always treat those that treat me well, very well. While we probably will not require your services in the future, we will certainly remember should we ever need a designer again."

"Thanks. Well boys, I think that I am going to leave you with your beautiful house now."

"You're welcome Mitch, and really, thanks so much, it really is so much nicer than we ever dreamed." Rhys said this time.

"Enjoy." Mitch said, and then headed out.

For the next hour the boys just looked around at everything, touched everything, opened everything, tested everything that they could. They were more than a little surprised by the doorbell going off, so went to see who it was.

"Oh, hi Gavin. You actually surprised us, we forgot that you were coming today." Nick said as he opened the door.

"A little preoccupied I take it? So Mich got it all done then?"

"Yeah, yes he did, and it's beautiful. Come on in, take a look around and take as many pictures as you want." Nick smiled.

"Thanks. Wow, it really is very nice, isn't it."


"Okay, before I start the tour, I have the book of all the manuals and instructions here for you. There is also a paper for you to write down any problems that come up. I want you to call me right away if you notice anything that is not quite right, so that I or one of my guys can come out and fix it right away. I don't foresee anything, but sometimes little things pop up. As you already know there is a five year warranty on everything that we did, but I fully expect this house to stay standing for a couple hundred years."

"Thanks, that's much appreciated. So far we haven't seen anything that we are concerned about at all. Everything looks just perfect."

So for the next couple hours the three of them toured the house. Gavin filled up an entire two gig memory card on his camera, and while he was doing that, he was explaining everything to the boys. The boys were still in total awe at how everything looked. It would take them more than a few days to get used to the fact that this was in fact home, and that it really was as nice as they thought it was.

"Well, now that I think we're all satisfied with everything, I guess that this means it's time to pay you your final payment. Were you under budget, or did you need to spend any extra?" Nick asked.

"We went over, but only by a thousand dollars, so no big deal." Gavin said.

"Okay, gimme a minute to write you the final check then." Nick said, and started writing. A few moments later, he was handing over the check.

"This total is not right Nick." Gavin said after he looked at as he was about to put it away.

"No, it's correct. There is an extra thousand on there for the overage, no need for you to pay it, and the other fifty thousand is your bonus for finishing it early, and to higher than expected results. Everything looks absolutely perfect, and you deserve it. Share it amongst you and your crew, they deserve it as well."

"Well, thanks guys, but this is a pretty large bonus though, don't you think?"

"No, you had twenty four people on your crew, plus yourself, so that gives each of you a two thousand dollar bonus. Now, that is the only check I am writing, so you have to take it." Nick grinned.

"Oh, thanks. Well, I should head out. We will not be needing back in, all our equipment is out of here, so you may feel free to close the gates now."

"Yeah, and we should probably head out and do a good grocery shopping now, because we are almost out, and we have only been buying small amounts."

"Okay boys, see you later, and don't forget to call if anything pops up okay."

"Will do. Have a good day."

Within only a few minutes the boys were also heading out, but before they did, they activated the gate, tested it out, and then headed out to the warehouse grocery store. They each grabbed a cart and started filling them up with everything that they wanted and needed. The store also carried a number of other things there for the house, and they picked out a few things as well to add to the house, because Mitch left them lots of room to customize even more. After spending a little over a thousand dollars, the boys headed out. They stopped at a few other places, including a restaurant for some much needed dinner.

"Do you think that we can dress up as baby girls tomorrow and go shopping? We haven't gotten to dress up since we started building, because of all the guys." Rhys asked on their way home.

"Sure, that sounds good to me too. What did you want to go shopping for?" Nick smiled.

"More girls clothes for both of us. The dresses that we had for me are getting too small, and yours are getting too big, plus we need lots to fill up our closet." Rhys grinned.

"Okay." Nick said brightly.

When they got home, they unloaded all the groceries into the house, and then parked the truck in the garage, went in the house, stripped down to their diapers, and started a very nice meal in their brand new beautiful kitchen. For that night though they only sat at the bar counter to eat their dinner.

After dinner was eaten and cleaned up from, they went downstairs and just played for an hour, and then sat in the hot tub for a bit, after getting showered off. They both thought it nice that they could just lay back and relax in there with no clothes on at all.

"Nick, I want you to take me up to our bedroom? I want to try something new tonight that I have been reading about, and I think that you'll really like it."

"Okay baby, we can do that. What did you have in mind?" Nick asked, going almost instantly hard from the mention of playing around.

"You'll just have to wait and see baby, but you'll have to close your eyes when we get there, because it'll be a surprise." Rhys grinned.

"Okay, I like surprises, but I doubt anything could surprise me more than what seeing our house today did."

"Oh, I seriously doubt that." Rhys muttered under his breath, and gave a killer smile to Nick. Nick heard Rhys mutter something, but not quite what.

They held hands all the way up to their bedroom, their erections leading the way. It was kinda cute and hot all at the same time.

"Okay, lay down on the bed, close your eyes, and don't open them." Rhys instructed.

Nick just silently complied to the order and did as he was told. Rhys made a detour to where he had put a special something earlier, and with a smile, grabbed the lube. It had been tricky finding it without Nick noticing, and even harder still to hide it in the bedroom earlier when they were in there, but he had managed it.

Rhys climbed onto the bed, crawled in between Nick's slightly open legs, pushing them further apart, and started licking the pulsing erection of his brother. As he was preparing Nick's boner for what he had in mind, his own hand was behind himself, working a lube covered two fingers into his little anal entrance. Over the past few weeks Rhys had been slowly working his hole like the stories he had read said he should, and by now he could easily work four of his small fingers into his own opening. This too had been tricky to do without Nick noticing, because they hardly ever were apart. Not to mention the few times that Nick heard Rhys moaning in the bathroom, but he just played it off as a difficult poop. It had all paid off though, all the stretching, and even the little bit of pain that he went through, because before too long, Rhys knew that he was ready to become a non virgin, and he was more than ready for it.

Nick was already panting from the slow sensuous licking that Rhys was giving to him, not having a clue as to what was about to happen. Had he have known, he would have put a stop to it. He knew that he was not terribly large, but he knew that he was much too big for Rhys' cute little bum. If only he had known how sorely wrong he was there. It seems that Rhys' little bum was built for intrusion, and he loved the feeling of having something in there.

Once he felt that they were both ready, Rhys crawled up Nick's prone body, kissing and licking all the way, got himself into position, and then sat back and down onto Nick's hardon. They both moaned deeply from this, and then all of a sudden Nick must have realized what was happening, because his eyes popped open rapidly, and he got a scared look on his face. Rhys though had a look of pure pleasure on his face as he sat down totally on his brother.

"Rhys, what are you doing.........oh god that feels can't be doing this...........oh god that feels so're going to hurt yourself...........oh fuck meeeeeeeeeee." Nick gasped out as Rhys started riding him slowly.

"Oh no, it doesn't hurt at all, it feels so good having you so deep inside me. Way deeper than my fingers can go...............Oh yeah, that feels so good, keep thrusting into me like that." Rhys moaned, because Nick's natural rutting instinct had taken over, and he had started thrusting up as Rhys was coming down.

"Oh man, I've dreamed of this day for so long, I just never expected it to feel this good." Nick panted out.

"Same here." Rhys gasped.

"Oh god, I'm cumming already.........I can't stop it..........Oh here it cooooooooomes." Nick screamed out.

"Me toooooooooooooo." Rhys also screamed out.

With that, both boys collapsed down, Rhys on top of Nick's heaving chest. They stayed that way, still awake, but still in the throes of their powerful orgasms, for a full ten minutes. Nick was still mostly hard, and he was still buried deeply inside the velvet soft, oh so hot cavern that was his little brothers bum.

When they were both down, and their breathing somewhat back to normal again, Rhys noticed that Nick was still mostly hard, so started all over again. This time he went even slower still. He started moaning right away, but Nick made a sound that was a cross between a moan and a hiss.

"Oh god, what are you doing to me?" Nick gasped out.

"I'm still horny, and you were still hard, so we're going again." Rhys said simply, not breaking his stride at all.

"Oh man, it still feels so good inside of you." Nick moaned.

Rhys didn't bother saying anything, he was enjoying the feelings too much now to talk, so he just leaned forward enough so that he could kiss Nick, and while they slowly made love, they kissed as well, just as slowly, just as tenderly. They both managed to hold their orgasms off for a further ten minutes before they were both blasting off to orbit. Again they both collapsed, again they stayed that way for many minutes.

"Please don't start again, I don't know if I can take another time?" Nick asked when they both came down.

"Don't worry, I wasn't going to, besides, you're soft now anyways, so I probably couldn't. Man, I knew my fingers felt so good in there, and I knew your dinky was going to feel even better yet, but that felt even better than I thought it was going to." Rhys sighed out.

"Yeah, I agree. When did you have time to start preparing your ass though for that, because you had to have been doing it for a while to be able to take me like that, completely pain free?"

"For the last month. Remember all those times that you heard me moaning in the bathroom, well I sorta told a lie when I said that I was just having a big poop, because I was actually getting my bum ready for you."

"Oh, okay, but where did you get the lube from?"

"Remember when we found your parents stash of sexy toys, well there was some in there, so I found the box, because I knew that we had brought it with us, and I hid it away, so that I could use it. It was really hard doing all that without you seeing though, but I managed. I have been wanting to surprise you like this for a while, and I wanted it to be our first night in our new bed." Rhys smiled.

"Wow. Thank you so much. Tomorrow night it is your turn though to take my virginity, because I don't think I could stay awake tonight to play any more. In fact, we should probably get diapered and jammied, and get to bed before we do pass out." Nick said, almost starting to yawn.

"I'm glad you see it my way too, because I was hoping that you'd let me bum you too. Come on baby brother, let's get ready for bed."

The boys got themselves all ready for bed, and then crawled into bed, curled up, kissed, and whispered goodnight and I love you, to each other, and then they were out. Both very satisfied boys.