Chapter 6

The following morning, the boys both slept in quite late, it was almost ten before they arose. They smiled brightly at each other, then kissed and cuddled for a bit, not even talking.

"How do you feel this morning baby, your little baby bum doesn't hurt at all does it?" Nick asked softly.

"I feel great, I feel so loved, and my bum doesn't hurt at all."

"Good, because I never want to hurt you at all."

"I know, and I love you because of that, but even if it did hurt a bit, it feels so good once we start, so who cares about a little pain. I think I'm getting more than a little hungry, so let's go get us some breakfast, and then we can come and get all dressed up and go shopping." Rhys smiled.

"Okay, but I still never want to hurt you." Nick smiled as well.

"I know, come on baby." Rhys said. He had rolled out of bed and had extended his hand to Nick.

They headed to the kitchen and started making themselves a good hearty breakfast, and then sat down to eat. Once they were finished that, they went back to their bedroom, and straight into their closet to start getting all dressed up. They first put each other into their really thick night diapers, normally they wore thinner daytime ones, but under their dresses, no one would notice, and they were even more comfortable. Next they slipped into some panties and nylons, Rhys' had a cute frilly bum, then they each picked out the others dress, and got them on. Next they both sat in front of their makeup mirrors and applied their makeup, then put their wigs on. Finally they put on some jewelry, some nice shoes, grabbed their purses, and then headed out.

When they got to the mall that they were going to, they realized they were still half an hour early for opening, because the stores in the area did not open until noon on Sundays, something that they were still not used to, because in Toronto, almost all the stores were open every day the same hours. But this was a tiny town compared to there, so they had to get used to that. They just walked around the mall for a while, just looking through the windows of all the stores, waiting for them to open, and when they finally did, they went in and started looking at things closer. They spent a few hours in the mall, and by the time that they left, they each had twelve new outfits, a couple new wigs, some new makeup, because they were running low, and a few other assorted things that little baby girls could not live without.

"I can't believe how much we bought today." Rhys gushed. "I can't wait to try it all on at home."

"Me too." Nick smiled.

When they pulled up to their driveway though, they noticed a semi truck with a fully loaded car carrier there waiting for them.

"Cool, the cars are here, but we're dressed up as girls, he might not let us sign for them." Nick said.

"That's easy, we'll just tell him that Nick is probably at the barn or something, and did not hear the intercom, and then you can make to go back there, but head into the house and get changed real quick, but don't forget to wash off your makeup." Rhys smiled.

"Good thinking." Nick smiled, so that was what they did. The guy said that he would get parked near the garage then, and wait for Nick to come to sign for it all.

Nick quickly rushed into the house and did as Rhys suggested, just throwing on a pair of grubby sweat pants over his diaper, and a grubby tee shirt on as well, to make it really look like he had been out at the barn. He gave his face a quick wash, but left his hair messy from removing the wig, to make it more realistic yet, and he did look like he had been out working in the barn too.

"Hi there, my name is Nick, I hear you have all my cars ready for me."

"That's right sir. All I need is to see your ID, then I will start unloading all the cars, and once they are all offloaded, you can sign for them as being received and in good condition. I will have to remove the protective covers before you will be able to see anything of course, because we put those on to protect the cars during moving." The guy said. Each of the cars had a stick on thick plastic sheet attached on almost all parts of the car, so as to protect them, it was blue in color.

"Sounds good to me." Nick said, giving the guy his ID.

"This all looks good, but it's a good thing that the guy who paid to ship all this warned me that you were real young, because I wouldn't have believed that you had a car like that up there." He pointed to the Lotus.

"Yeah, it's our favorite, but believe me, it's all ours. All of this is, it's just us two here, and we just finished building it all in fact."

"Nice. Well, this will take me a little while, but you guys are welcome to watch if you wish."

"Thanks, we will. Neither of us have ever seen how these damned things work before, and I personally have always wondered." Nick smiled.

"Me too."

It took the guy almost an hour to remove all the cars from the trailer, and as they came off, the boys started removing the protective film, but watching as the man worked the truck to get all the vehicles off. Once he was finished unloading everything, he went and helped the boys to remove the last of the film.

"Well guys, that's it. If everything is in order, please sign here." The guy said, handing over a clipboard with the required paper on it, the pen was also there.

"Sure, I saw absolutely nothing wrong with any of them." Nick said and signed his name on the appropriate line.

"Thanks very much, have a good day, and enjoy your cars."

"Thanks, we will, and this is for you, above and beyond for doing such a great job." Nick said, handing the guy a small stack of bills. There was only five hundred dollars, but it was all in twenties.

"Gee, thanks. Not too often I get tipped, so thank you very much."

"You're very welcome, and thanks for bringing our dads babies to us safe and sound, they're pretty much all we have left of him." Nick smiled warmly, saying that no longer hurt quite as much as it had, just made him feel happy and loved.

"You're welcome, glad to do it for you." The guy said and then hopped back in his truck and headed out. Both boys noticed that he had a tear in his eye from what Nick had said.

"Oh, tell me we can go for a ride in the Lotus, please?" Rhys almost got on his knees and begged.

"Oh, I don't know. For a ride in that car, I am going to need at least two minutes worth of kissing, do you think you can handle that?"

"Where would you like me to kiss?" Rhys asked with the most insane grin on his face that Nick had ever seen, then they both broke out laughing.

"My god, you are a horny little baby girl, aren't you, but I was referring to kissing my lips. Although anywhere else might be fun.......tonight."

"Cool, it's a date then, and remember, I get to take your virginity tonight as well."

"Oh don't worry, I haven't forgotten, and I'm just as excited as you are about that, now come over here and kiss me baby." Nick smiled.

They kissed for at least four minutes, their tongues in a duel to the death, they intertwined and fought each other passionately.

"Wow, what a kiss." Nick gasped when they finally broke apart, they were both gasping for breath, because they had forgotten to breathe properly.

"Yeah, can't wait until our next one."

"Me neither. Well, I don't know about you, but if I don't get a diaper change soon, I am going to explode, so let's go get changed, and then you should probably change clothes as well, we can just go as boys for the rest of the day."

"Okay, if you insist." Rhys smiled warmly,

"I do baby, I do. Come on."

They headed to their bedroom and undressed each other, then removed each others very nearly saturated diapers, to find that they were both still almost totally hard. Rhys even started sinking down to his knees to take care of Nick's rising problem.

"Uh uh baby, save it for tonight, it'll be so much better if we can hold off for a while longer."

"Aw nuts. Fine then, but you better get that gorgeous piece of baby boy meat covered up, and soon, before I can't stop myself." Rhys said in such a low husky voice, that it actually surprised Nick.

"I think I had better. Come on baby." Nick grinned, and then quickly diapered Rhys, having to bend, rather painfully, Rhys' erection down, so that he could tape his diaper on. Nick then laid down and Rhys diapered him, but Nick had to warn him twice to not play any more than necessary. Rhys scowled at this of course, but Nick giggled. For such a young boy, Rhys sure knew what he wanted, and it seemed he wanted it deep.

As soon as they were dressed and ready to go, the boys ran back outside and hopped in the car. When Nick started the car up, Rhys started giggling like a little school girl, and then when they took off, he started giggling even more.

"Wow, this car is so awesome." Rhys said excitedly.

"It is, isn't it. I peed my diaper so much the first time dad let me drive it that I nearly leaked. It took two weeks of persuasion for me and mom to convince dad that I should get to drive it, and finally he agreed, but only if I wore a diaper, and he got to go with me."

"Why did he make you wear a diaper?"

"Same reason it was a good thing you were wearing one. When I get excited, I pee, like crazy. He knew that of course, but he also knew that I liked diapers, so he knew I would be more than happy to agree to it. Hell, even if I had have totally hated diapers, I would have gladly worn one to drive this car for the first time, still would. Just to drive this car, I would willingly become a diaper lover. Darn good thing I am already, huh?" Nick grinned.

"No kidding." Rhys squealed as Nick hit the highway and gunned the engine, and they took off, hitting the speed limit in only a second or two.

"Yippee." Rhys squealed and giggled again. "I can't wait until I'm old enough to drive this thing, it'll be so awesome."

"I'll be happy to teach you how to drive it, but you'll have to wear a diaper."

"You got it."

They drove into Penticton, and when they made it to town, they sure got some admiring looks. Most people would probably never have seen a Lotus before, and it was a beautiful car, so it drew its fair share of looks. In fact, one of the looks was from a police officer, and he noticed the young man behind the wheel of a very expensive car. So even though Nick was not speeding, in fact he was right on the speed limit, the cop decided that he should check it out. He pulled in behind, flashed his lights, and waited for the boys to pull over.

"What did we do, you weren't speeding were you?" Rhys asked, all in a panic.

"No, and calm down. We did nothing wrong. Chances are all that he saw was a young boy driving a very expensive car, and decided that he should check it out, because let's face it, how many kids my age do you know who has one of these babies?" Nick grinned.

"None, and you're probably right."

"Good afternoon officer, how can I help you today?" Nick asked after he rolled down the window when the officer arrived.

"I'll need to see your license and registration please?"

"Certainly, but the car is still registered to our old address in Ontario, we haven't had a chance to change it over yet, it just arrived to our new house today. Here you go." Nick said in a perfectly friendly manner.

"Thank you. I'm gonna have to ask you to stay here while I check this all out. Please leave the cars engine turned off."

"Not a problem sir, however, I am fully aware as to what you are doing, and you will find that I am the true and rightful owner of this car, but please, take all the time you need. If you'd like, you may also call my lawyer in Toronto, he will be happy to back our story up." Nick said politely and gave the officer the number, who did in fact write it down.

"Thanks, I just might do that, stay put please." He said and went back to his car.

Nick just turned the stereo up and they laid back and relaxed while the officer did his work. It was nearly fifteen minutes later that he came back, and he looked a little pale faced.

"Oh no, I hope Jim didn't threaten you too bad?" Nick asked the poor officer.

"Well, it would have been nice if you had have told me who you were, and that your lawyer belonged to the single largest corporate law firm in the country. He just politely informed me that if you were not breaking the law, then you were to be left alone at all times, because he would enjoy coming out here and removing my tonsils through my anal cavities." The officer chuckled.

"I'm sorry about that, he's a tad defensive of my family, we've made him a multi millionaire, so ever since the rest of our family died, his sole purpose in life is to protect me, but don't worry, his bark is normally worse than his bite. But just so you know, while all the businesses were mine, and the lawyers are mine, I sold off all the businesses to come and live a peaceful life out here, where hopefully very few people would know who I am, not that many would, but our name still holds a bit of weight to it. I trust you also found that all was in order, that the car is in fact mine and all that?"

"Yes sir, everything is in order, and I will pass on the instructions to the rest of the department that you are in fact the owner of this car."

"Please, lay off the sir, I'm what, half your age, and you are a police officer, it is me that is supposed to call you sir, just call me Nick, it's what I like."

"Your lawyer said I was to treat you as if you owned the town, and if the rumors are true as to how much all your families businesses sold for, I think that you could buy the whole town. Unless there is anything further I can help with today Nick, I will let you get on your way to where you were going."

"No, we are just normal kids, please, do not treat us any differently, and please do not tell anyone that we are who we are. We just want to live a nice quiet life out here, we don't want people bothering us twenty four seven. Just tell your department that we are wealthy and have a few really nice cars and like to go for pleasure rides in them every so often. Normally we would just be in the truck or the Humvee, but that also would pique your interests too I'm sure."

"No way, you have a Humvee, as in the original, not the new flashy pieces of crap?"

"You bet, flat two tone green and all, it's very near bullet proof, can drive through fire and water, that damn thing can even knock trees down, it's really fun, but a bitch to park." Nick grinned.

"I bet, I've always wanted one of those things, appeals to the kid in me I suppose." He smiled.

"Maybe one day you can get yourself one, but the original army ones are even more expensive than the new flashy models are, by two to three times in fact, not to mention more than a little difficult to buy. They can be found though. Well, I'm sure that you have better things to be doing other than standing around talking to us, and we really should move so that traffic can ease up a bit, because everyone keeps slowing down to gawk at us, thinking some dumb kid stole a car and is getting in serious trouble for it." Nick laughed.

"You're right, and sorry that I was one of them."

"No problem, it is your job to keep your eyes open for that very type of thing, so thanks, because if it hadn't have been me driving, then I would be very pleased with you now." Nick smiled warmly.

"Thanks, I never thought of it that way before. Well, you boys have a good day."

"Thanks, and you too."

The boys got back under way as soon as they could ease their way into traffic, and took off to no where in particular, Rhys commenting on how scared he was at first, and how wet he now was. Nick just smiled. They drove down by the lake, just taking in the beauty of it, they drove around town, looking to find everywhere, because they still had no idea where half the things were in town, and everywhere they went, they were looked at.

After nearly an hour of just driving around, they decided to head home for the rest of the day. When they got home, they went and stripped out of their wet diapers, went downstairs to the shower, cleaned up, and then went swimming. Once they were all swam out, they played mini golf and games for the rest of the day, stopping only to make and eat dinner. They had of course gotten diapered after getting cleaned up, because they were prone to just start peeing, even Rhys no longer felt it anymore.

"Okay baby, I think it's time for bed, and time to get rid of this useless virginity." Nick said happily.

"Okay." Rhys said brightly, and then grabbed Nick's hand and started pulling him upstairs.

When they reached their bedroom, Nick was unceremoniously pushed onto the bed, and his diaper viciously removed. With one hand on Nick's already pulsing erection, the other on his balls, Rhys dove his face into the moist crack and started eating Nick out. Rhys had dreamed of doing this to Nick for along time. He had read all about it, and even though it should sound disgusting, he thought it sounded highly erotic. Nick sure seemed to think that it was as well, because he started moaning and groaning so loud that they could probably hear him a mile away.

After eating Nick out for a while, Rhys grabbed the lube that he had purposely left on the end table, and started getting his fingers prepared for their first invasion of Nick's delicious bum. Rhys pulled his face out, Nick groaned out his disappointment, removed his hands from their play place, Nick again groaned out his disappointment, this time louder, but then Rhys attached himself to Nick's dick with his mouth as his small fingers sought entry into Nick's virginal ass, and all was good in Nick's world.

The moan of pleasure that erupted from this simple action actually startled Rhys a little, he wasn't prepared for such a sound, but he thought it sounded hot. It also did not sound as if Nick were in any pain at all, so all was good there. Rhys then added more lube, and then inserted a third finger inside his lover. He knew that without a doubt only three of his fingers would be needed for this chore, but two probably would have cut it as well. Rhys could tell that Nick was getting dangerously close to cumming, so just decided that he may as well enjoy the tasty treat, so increased both his oral and hand actions, his other hand once again going for Nick's balls.

With a scream of pure ecstasy, Nick came so ferociously that Rhys almost had a hard time keeping up to it all, almost. He was getting far too good by now to lose one single precious drop of his elixir of life. Rhys stayed down there for a few minutes, just licking Nick's balls, until he felt that Nick had come down far enough for them to continue.

"Pull your knees up baby." Rhys whispered as he removed his diaper.

Nick complied wordlessly, exposing himself for the exquisite pleasures that awaited him. He knew that even though Rhys was not really that big, that he would still feel very good inside of him. How good though, Nick had not yet fully understood, but a few seconds later he sure did.

"Oh god, oh fuck, that feels so nice." Nick moaned out lowly.

"No shit, way better than I thought too." Rhys sighed.

No more words were said, none were needed, because their panting, moaning, and sighing said it all for them. There was no pain, there was only pure pleasure, for both of them. Rhys kept his motions nice and slow, really making love to his boyfriend and brother, and while he could feel his first orgasm of the night coming on, he knew that he was not going to let that stop him, even if just for a second. Not once did Rhys even speed up, his orgasm hit as hard as the average freight train hitting an unsuspecting cow, but he never once stopped, or even slowed, he just screwed his eyes up, bit his lip, and continued right on going.

Nick felt all this as well, could see it all happening, and the vision caused him to explode as well, the first shot still managing to paint Rhys' face, because he had just happened to be holding himself up at the time, and his face was angled down just right. Nick thought that it was the most erotic sight that he had ever seen in his life, and he had had some pretty erotic dreams.

Rhys just kept on going. His orgasm finished, and he slowed down even more, if possible. Both boys were now moaning and sighing with an even greater intensity. They both knew that there was no way they could go through that all over again and continue, so they both held it in for as long as they possibly could, just to prolong it one more second. But as hard as they tried to hold it off, they couldn't do it for long, and with a bellow, they both came at the same time again. With that final cum of the night, Rhys lost all strength and collapsed on top of his brother. They were both panting like they had done an entire triathlon in an hour, and won. They were both still miraculously awake, yet neither one was totally with it either. That took about ten minutes or so.

"Wow......Oh my god.........I never could be so...............good." Nick panted out finally, the first to say anything.

"Now you I felt.........last night." Rhys gasped out as well.

"That was incredible. We're completely and totally one now baby, nothing can ever, or will ever tear us apart. I love you so much." Nick said, finally getting his breath back, but was now almost crying he was so happy.

"Yes, we are, and yes, we will be. I love you too, with all my heart." Rhys said, leaning in for a nice tender kiss. They kissed for a few minutes, and then Rhys started moving down, kissing and licking off all the mess on Nick's body, including his dick. When Rhys licked off all the mess down there, Nick's dick never once even twitched, no response whatsoever, he was totally worn out.

Rhys then rolled over once Nick was clean. Nick got the idea right away, and began the kiss all over again, and then worked his way down. Rhys too was far too worn out as well, to even react to the stimulation of Nick cleaning his dick.

"We had better get diapered baby, before we both pass out and wet our nice new bed." Rhys whispered. Nick nodded and climbed out of bed on shaky legs and went to the closet to retrieve their diapers for the night.

Once they were ready, they cuddled up together, kissed each other goodnight, and then fell into a sexually satisfied sleep. Only the best way to fall asleep they both thought, and anyone who has fallen asleep that way, also knows it to be true.

The boys both awoke the next morning with radiant smiles towards each other, they kissed tenderly for a few minutes, and then climbed out of bed. Not one word had been said so far, there was no need. They held hands as they headed to the bathroom to brush the night moss off their teeth, and then went for breakfast.

"Well, this morning I guess we should go get the forms off the concrete and backfill all around it before the crew comes to put our greenhouse up." Nick said.

"For sure. When did the electrician and plumber say that they would be here?"

"Wednesday morning some time, and they were going to come together in the company truck, they said that they would have everything ready to do the job for us."

"Okay, so that gives the greenhouse two days to go up. The guy at the store said one to one and a half right? So that should leave us plenty of time. We can start digging the trench tomorrow as soon as they leave."

"Yeah, that's just what I was thinking too baby. We'll still need to go and buy the gates for the garden, but we can do that later. We'll also need to buy a whole bunch of seeds and or plants to plant. I don't think that it will be too late to plant yet."

"We should be able to keep plants in the greenhouse all year long anyways, with it being heated, so we can always have some fresh vegetables."


"Let's go baby."

So outside they went once they were dressed, and they got to work. They each started at one end, both moving the opposite direction as the other, so that they could get twice as much done. It was not really all that hard to do, but the stakes did prove a little tricky to pull back out. It seems that the boys really did pound them in well, but they managed just fine. They were almost finished that when the first of three trucks came in carrying their new greenhouse, a fourth carrying their dirt and all the pots, and the fifth loaded with all their shelves.

"Oh hey guys, you're here sooner than we thought you would be, and haven't backfilled it all yet." Nick greeted them.

"That probably won't bee too much of a problem, as long as you promise not to run over one of my guys, then we be all good." The foreman for the job said with a smile.

"Nah, we wouldn't run em over, but we might smack em with the backhoe if they get out of hand though." Rhys giggled.

"They're used to that, that's how I punish em too. I like you, you got a good sense of humor. So, I take it that this is the pad for the greenhouse then, so we'll get right to work. We need to finish today, because we have an emergency repair to do tomorrow, so we best be getting started." He laughed out and told the boys.

"Cool, have fun, and you certainly won't hear us complaining." Nick smiled. He liked the guy too.

"I bet not."

The boys removed their last couple boards and stakes, and then grabbed the tractors, fueled them up, let them warm up, and then started backfilling the perimeter. A couple of the guys actually watched with impressed looks on their face at how well Rhys handled his little tractor, even though it was the same size as the one they used themselves. Not once did the boys get in the way of the work that the guys were doing, and within only an hour they were done.

"I must say boys, you're really quite good with those tractors." The foreman came up and said when they came back to watch after parking the tractors.

"Thanks, we've had lots of practice in the past few months. At first we were clumsy and could barely control them, but two months of stump removal taught us both a lot. We cleared all the land after the loggers removed all the trees." Nick explained.

"That's pretty impressive. There's no way that I would get my nine year old into one of these things and expect him to not kill someone or something, and my tractor is the same model as your little one, just two years older."

"Why not, he'd have a blast, and he'd probably do really good? Just put him in it, teach him the controls, and point him at a few stumps, and I bet within a few days he too could do quite well. Just how many times has he asked if he could drive the tractor anyways?"

"More times than I could count I'm sure."

"Then why not let him? These things are damn near impossible to tip, and I know for a fact that because you use your tractor for business, you had to have the seat belts installed, plus with the roll cage, he'd be perfectly safe. Just put him somewhere where he can't possibly do any damage, and let him go for it."

"You make a pretty good argument. I am clearing the land for our new house, so maybe I should let him. The problem is that of course if my wife found out, she'd probably castrate me."

"Ah women, can't reckon with em, can't take em out back and beat em, so why tell her. Tell your son that it's top secret, cuz mommy would kill you if she found out, and I bet he bites off his own tongue to prevent telling. Also, if he has a tendency to pee when he gets excited, like I do, then I suggest you put a diaper on him." Rhys grinned.

"You're probably right, but due to an accident when he was young, my son wears diapers all the time, like you both are right now."

"I know I'm right. We've both got a problem with our bladders, so can't hold it any. What happened to your son, if you don't mind my asking?"

"When he was five, he thought that he was Evil Knievel, and tried to jump his bike over a gully, and landed stomach down on a rock and literally exploded his bladder, damaged his spleen, and tore his stomach. They were able to repair all the damage, except his bladder. Basically it is now just a straight run from his kidneys to his penis, and he dribbles constantly."

"Wow, poor guy. How does he do with having to wear diapers all the time? We've both had it our entire lives, so never knew any different, but it was really hard in school, so that's why Rhys does home schooling. He didn't want to have to deal with it any more."

"He does just fine, but with how difficult it was to potty train the brat, I think that he just didn't want to give them up, because he liked them. Now I know he loves them, so he's fine. He had decided to go back to school, but in grade two he got in a bad fight, because some boys were calling him baby, and other crap like that, just being kids. After that he was so crushed that we could not get him to go back to school, but he never once complained about having to wear diapers, just about the other stupid kids making fun of him. So we decided to home school him as well."

"That's too bad. I got that type of treatment at school as well, but I was too shy and timid to do anything about it, so I just ignored them, didn't even pay attention to them, and eventually they just stopped." Nick said.

"What about you Rhys?"

"I kinda have a big mouth, so when people tried teasing me, I just told them where to go, how to get there, and to do it as quickly as they could." Rhys grinned.

"You sound like my son, you'd get along well." He laughed.

"Probably not. Other kids don't seem to like me much, but that's okay, and the ones that do like me, only like me because I have money, and I hate that. I'd rather have no friends at all."

"I could understand that, and there you have one of the drawbacks of money. Well, I should go back and help my guys out so that we can get out of here soon." He said, and then headed out.

"Why didn't you tell him to bring his son by? Having a kid your age to play with would be nice at times."

"Because I have everyone and everything I need in you, I don't need anyone else." Rhys smiled warmly.

"And I have that in you too baby, but we should get some more friends as well. We have this big wonderful house, but no one to share it with."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll ask for his number later then." Rhys smiled.

They went in for lunch at that time, and came back out to eat it on the porch while watching the guys do their work. They had gotten the frame up in pretty quick order, then the glass was started. This went much slower, mostly because the glass panes looked really heavy, and they had to be very careful with them. By the time they were getting ready to go make dinner, the glass was all installed, and all they had left to do was install the heaters, the fans, the controls for the vents, and finally the doors.

Nick had told them to just leave the shelves for them to install, and they were happy with that. It was almost bedtime by the time the guys were finished.

"Wow, that took you guys a long time, but it looks great, thanks." Nick said.

"Thanks. Yeah, it took longer than it normally would, because we were missing two from our crew today, but no big deal. We really wanted to get it all done though, so I'm glad that we did."

"Can I ask you a question?" Rhys asked.


"What's your sons name, and could I get your phone number. I think maybe I'd like to invite him over one day so that we can play."

"He'd really like that I think, another boy his age that understands him. His name is Tanner. Call tomorrow." He said, handing over a business card.

"Thanks." Rhys smiled warmly.

"And thanks to you. For a nine year old, he spends far too much time inside to be healthy, so getting him out would probably be good."

"Yeah, I was like that too, and weighed a considerable amount more than was healthy for me, but ever since we started building this place, I have lost almost all of it." Nick said.

"Tanner works out and swims every day, we insist on that, so he's not overweight at all, thankfully. I was an overweight kid myself, and I know how hard it was for me to lose it all. Well, the guys are ready to go, so I should leave you guys now. Have a good night, and hope to hear form you soon. I will tell Tanner all about you as well."

"Cool, have a good night." The boys said.

Once the guys were gone, the boys headed into the house, hopped into the shower for a quick cleaning, blow dried each others hair, and then hopped in bed and cuddled up together.

The next day the boys were out digging the channel for the electrical and water lines when the the electrician and plumber arrived. They hopped out of their tractors and met them, and they went over everything and what needed to be done. The boys had also decided to have the plumber install some sort of a pipe system that they could put sprinklers on for the garden as well. He suggested to just run it along the top of the fence, so that the sprinklers would be higher than the plants would be, and that he had sprinklers in the truck that would be suitable, so the boys told him to go for it. They sat back and watched the guys work for a while, and then went and did other work around the farm for a while.

"So, you want to go buy some animals for our farm tomorrow and or the next day?" Nick asked.

"For sure. What should we get? I want at least a couple horses, some cows and goats, some chickens, and maybe a few other things." Rhys said excitedly.

"We'll have to see when we get there to see what they have, and if they are healthy. So, are you going to call Tanner today?"

"True, and yeah, I was just waiting until later." Rhys said nervously.

"Hey, he won't be like the other kids, he won't make fun of you, you are both a lot alike remember."

"I know, but the kids at school were so mean to me, said I stunk, said I was ugly, said I was a half drowned rat, all of that."

"Well, even you have to admit that while it was mean of them to say it, it was kinda true. Now you're not though, right, and Tanner will be a lot like you, he will understand."

"Yeah, I now you're right. I'll go and call now."

"You go and do that baby, I'll just be in here working, but I want to go and buy some tools as well, can't have a workshop without tools." Nick smiled. He was just organizing the few tools that they did have.

Rhys ran into the house and grabbed the card, and dialed the phone.

"Hello, is Tanner there please?" Rhys asked the lady that answered.

"Yes he is, may I ask who's calling please?"

"My name is Rhys, and Tanner's dad told me I should call him today to see if he wanted to come over to play."

"Ah yes, he told us all about you. Just a minute and I'll go and get him for you. He's a bit nervous, he hasn't had a friend in a while."

"Tell him I'm the same way, and not to worry"

"Okay, thanks." She said and set the phone down. Rhys waited a few minutes, and then the line became active with the voice of a young boy.

"Hello, Tanner speaking."

"Hi Tanner, my name is Rhys, and your dad told me and my brother all about you yesterday. He said that you and I would get along because we are so much alike. I hear that you have to wear diapers as well, but probably love them as well. So do me and my brother. We just wear for different reasons though."

"Yeah, my dad told me all about you guys as well."

"Cool. Would you like to come over to my house today for a while, me and my brother could be there in about half an hour to pick you up?"

"I don't know. I'm sorta not used to going to friends houses anymore. I sorta lost all my friends when they found out I had to wear diapers. I got in a pretty bad fight because of it even."

"Yeah, other than the fighting, I was the same. Come on, say yes, what have you got to lose. If you don't like it here, we can bring you home right away, or you can call your mom."

"Okay, I guess I'll try it."

"Cool. I already have your address, it was on your dads business card, so we'll be there soon. Make sure to bring shorts, unless you are not shy and would swim naked."

"Okay." Tanner said.

"See you in a few minutes then. Bye."


"Hey Nick, Tanner said he would come over, so I told him that we would pick him up. Let's take the Humvee, please?"

"Okay, I'll tell the guys that we'll be back soon, and then we can head right out." Nick smiled.


A few minutes later they were on their way to pick up Tanner. When they pulled into the drive, Tanner had obviously been watching for them, because he tore open the door and ran out, without shoes on, and stared at the massive vehicle with an open mouth.

"You must be Tanner, you look just like your dad." Rhys said, sticking out his hand.

"Yeah, I'm Tanner. You must be Rhys." Tanner said, shaking the offered hand, but still looking at the Humvee.

"That's right, and this is my brother Nick."

"Tanner, get in here and get your shoes on." His mom called out, but she had a nice smile on her face. The boys went with him to meet his mom.

"Hi boys. When will you have Tanner back home?"

"Not too sure ma'am, when would you like him home?" Nick asked after introducing himself.

"You can either bring him back before his bedtime, which is eight, or just keep the brat overnight if you wanted to. I certainly wouldn't complain." She smiled.

"We'll have to see how it goes. Well Tanner, is there anything that you wanted to bring with you, but don't worry about diapers, you're the same size as Rhys is, and we have plenty of his diapers for you to wear."

"No, I think I'm good. I can't believe that you guys own a Hummer."

"No, this is a Humvee, not the cheap knockoffs you see the others drive." Rhys explained.

"Wicked." Tanner said, and his mom closed the door, she knew it was pointless to ask him for a hug and a kiss, or to even say goodbye.

The boys took the drive back home, Tanner sitting in between them in the front seat. They talked the whole way, just getting to know each other. Tanner had told them all about the accident and how he had been in the hospital for more than a month, but didn't remember hardly any of it. The boys told him all about Nick's parents dying, but of course making it sound like it was their parents, how they were left everything, and how they decided to move out here, how they just finished building their house, and everything.

"Wow, will you look at the size of that house. And it's all yours?"

"Yes it is, but it's even bigger than it looks. Wait until you see inside." Rhys said.

"Well, why don't you boys go ahead and play, and I will continue my work out here." Nick suggested when they got out of the truck.

"No Nick, why don't you come play with us for a bit?" Rhys asked.

"No no, you don't need me there, go and have fun." Nick said, and then whispered into Rhys' ear. "Just go and have fun with another boy your age for the first time, you both need this, with no one else there."

"Okay. Come on Tanner, let me show you the house first."

"Okay." Tanner said, and then was dragged by the surprisingly stronger younger boy.

For almost an hour Rhys showed Tanner the house, and he was suitably impressed, as he should have been, but he absolutely loved the basement.

"So Rhys, can I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure, ask anything you want, but I don't promise that I can answer." Rhys answered with a smile.

"Okay, cool. So, you showed me all the rooms, but only one of them looks to have been used. Are you and Nick more than brothers, because I think that you're both gay?"

"Oh, I wasn't expecting that. You have to promise on your life that you'll never tell another soul, please, it would kill us if we were ever found out."

"I promise to never tell anyone. I'm gay too, I think I've always known. So you guys are brothers and have sex too? Does it hurt?"

"Thanks, and please remember that. Yes we are brothers, but no, it doesn't hurt. We only just had sex for our first real time though the other night, the night we got our house in fact. We've been sucking each other, and playing with each other for a long time now though."

"Wow, cool. I've always wanted to try that as well. I look at all sorts of pictures on my computer, and read all sorts of stories, it's so cool. What does it really feel like though?"

"I don't know, kinda hard to explain really. It's sorta like the whole world stops spinning, and all you feel is incredible happiness."

"Sounds nice. Would you guys do that to me as well?" Tanner asked hopefully.

"Sorry, no, we couldn't. We love each other only, but if you get out more, maybe you can find a boyfriend who understands. Maybe try and meet another boy in the area online, and get to know each other first."

"Oh, sorry I asked, but I've tried that. I just ended up with some pervy old man trying to hit on me, saying he was ten. Problem was the guy had no idea how good I was with computers, and I hacked his IP, found out who he was, that he had no kids, and had been charged with stalking of minors before. I told him that if he tried that again, and I found out about it, I would go to the police. Ever since then, I just stayed away from the chat rooms."

"That really sucks. I can attest to the fact that an older boy sure can be fun though, not that I ever thought I would be in love with my brother."

"True, and it would be nice to have someone with some experience."

"That's not necessarily true. I think with the amount I had read up on it, I knew more than Nick did." Rhys grinned.

"True. So, can we play some games?"

"Sure, come on."

They went and played games for a few hours, and only stopped when Nick came down and told them that lunch was ready. The boys were by then in only their soggy diapers, so Nick stripped down as well, and they all sat down to eat their late lunch.

"So, are the guys done hooking everything up?" Rhys asked.

"Yeah, that's why I came in to make lunch. Everything is working great."


"So what are you guys going to grow here?"

"No idea really. This is only a hobby farm, but we're going to have a nice garden and some animals. We're gonna go buy some tomorrow." Rhys answered.

"Wicked. I'd love to do that."

"Why don't you stay the night Tanner, and you can come with us in the morning to go and buy the animals?"

"Are you sure Nick?"

"I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't sure."

"Okay then."

"Nick, Tanner knows all about us as well, and he's gay too. He wanted to play with us, but I told him that that wasn't going to happen."

"Oh, okay, I hope you understand Tanner."

"I do, Rhys explained it real well. And don't worry, he also told me how important it was to not tell anyone about you guys, because you could get in really big trouble."

"Thanks, we appreciate it. You should go call your mom now then. Once you've done that, I think that we're gonna go shopping for some tools."

"Okay, I'll go call her right now." Tanner said, and then went to the phone desk and called his mom. She was more than happy to say yes, and he told the boys so.

"Okay then, let's go get dressed boys. Tanner, you can either wear what you wore when you came, or you can wear something of Rhys'."

"Hey Tanner, ever dreamed of wearing a dress before?" Rhys asked curiously.

"Um, n-n-no." Tanner blushed furiously.

"It's okay to say yes. When we go get dressed, you have to close your eyes, and we'll dress you up." Rhys grinned.

"Okay, but what are you going to do to me?"

"You'll see, but I think you'll like it." Rhys smiled warmly, and Nick had to agree. Only a forbidden desire causes that type of reaction.

The boys took Tanner to their room and into their closet, but had him close his eyes before they entered, and then his already wet diaper was stripped off, and a nice thick one was put on him instead. Next came a pair of frilly bum tights, and then a pretty little pale purple dress was slipped over his head. Next the boys worked quickly to do his makeup and wig, and then finally a pair of shoes was put on. Rhys then got himself dressed up the same way, but chose a pink dress. Nick just put a regular diaper and normal boy clothes on. Girls in pretty dresses did not go tool shopping he figured. Once Rhys was also dressed, he maneuvered Tanner to the mirrors, and gave the command.

"Okay Tanner, go ahead and open your eyes now." Rhys whispered. He knew that Tanner had known what was happening, how could he not, he had just screwed his eyes up even tighter. It had made it a little more difficult to apply his makeup, but the boys had managed just fine.

Tanner opened his eyes, looked at himself for a few moments, and got a nice pretty smile on his face, and then saw Rhys, and his smile got larger,

"Wow, we're really pretty. How come you have girls dresses and stuff?"

"Thanks, we are, aren't we. We have dresses and makeup, because we like to dress up. Unless I am mistaken though, the only reason that Nick didn't dress up all pretty, was because he figured that girls probably didn't go to tool stores too often, and certainly never while dressed up."

"You are most certainly correct baby." Nick smiled.

"You call each other baby?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't we, we kind of are in a way, we wear and like diapers, and other things at times. Bbesides, we are lovers too, hasn't your mom or dad ever called the other baby?" Nick grinned.

"Oh yeah, I guess they have, but what do you mean by other things?"

"Well, we have bottles and soothers, baby style footed sleepers, things like that."

"No way, could I try those out tonight as well?" Tanner asked excitedly.

"See, you're a baby too." Rhys giggled.

"I can't help it." Tanner blushed cutely.

"And we don't want to help it." Rhys smiled.

"Come on girls, let's go. Oh, and Rhys' girls name is Shayna, what will yours be Tanner, because it's a real boys name, so we will have to call you something else?" Nick asked all of a sudden.

"Oh, that makes sense, hmm, let me think. Yeah, Haley, I like that, so call me Haley." Tanner smiled.

"I like that too, it's a pretty name." Rhys smiled.

Once that was all done, they all headed out to the garage. Nick had parked the truck after the boys had went into the house.

"Holy shit, look at all your cars." Tanner gasped.

"Hey, no swearing please." Nick said gently.

"Sorry. Can we drive in that one there, it looks so cool?" Tanner asked, pointing at the Lotus.

"Sorry no, it's a two seater, and there are three of us, so you'll have to pick something else. You can pretty much pick anything but that, or the Vette, for the same reason."

"Wicked. Let's just take the Humvee again then, because if you are going to be buying tools, it would probably be the best." Tanner said.

"Yeah, that or the truck would work, so the Humvee it is then." Nick smiled, and they all went and hopped in.

They headed out to the large tool store in town and went in. No one paid any notice to the two pretty young girls with the older boy, everyone just figuring some big mean brother was dragging his sisters to a tool store, probably in payment for dragging him to clothing stores. The boys all looked around for a little while, picking out different things. They each had a cart, and Nick had a pad of paper for the big items. They loaded each of the carts up with the small items, and then went up to the front.

"Hi there, I have all of this, as well as a few bigger items that I am going to ask to be delivered today or tomorrow if possible." Nick said when he got there.

"Do you have the list of the larger items?"

"Yes I do, here you go. I put down the item number, the item name, and the price as listed to make it easier for you."

"Thanks, that does make it easier."

The lady spent fifteen minutes ringing everything in, and then a further ten minutes ringing in the order and delivery service. For the size of the order she gave him free shipping and a few percent off, because it was a pretty big order. Nick said he appreciated it.

"Okay, that will be delivered the day after tomorrow, in the afternoon some time, but shouldn't be any later than about five pm. Will that be okay?"

"That will be perfect, thanks. Here's my card." Nick said, handing over his bank card. The sales lady no longer wondered if he was going to be able to pay it, because Nick gave her his platinum bank card, which she had only ever seen once, and when she asked about it, was told that it was only given to people with multiple zeros on the bank account, and had no limits. So she was not at all surprised when the entire sale went through without problem.

As soon as the sales and shipping receipts were printed, the boys took everything out to the truck, loaded it all up, returned the carts, and then headed back home.

"You boys go on in and do whatever you want for a bit, I am going to unload all of this and get it unpacked and put away." Nick told them.

"No, we'll stay and help." Rhys said after looking to tanner and getting a nod.

"Okay, but you'll have to go get changed into better clothes for working, and would you bring me a nice thick diaper out when you come please? I'll probably start leaking soon if I don't change." Nick asked.

"Sure, you got it. Want me to bring out a pair of sweat pants and a better shirt for you at the same time?" Rhys asked.

"Sure, if you don't mind baby, that would be better."

"Okay, be back in a few minutes." Rhys said and took Tanner's hand and dragged him towards the house.

"You two really do love each other, don't you?" Tanner asked.

"Yeah, we really do."

"I'm sorry I asked to get in the middle of that then, it wasn't right."

"No, that's okay, really. You didn't really know, but maybe somehow we can find you a nice cute, understanding boyfriend." Rhys smiled warmly.

"I'd like that." Tanner smiled back.

They got to the bedroom and got undressed down to just their diapers, and then Rhys found them both some sweat pants. Tanner was a bit taller than Rhys was, so his pants were a little on the short side, but that wouldn't matter. He then grabbed them each a tank top and they put them on. Both their nice thick diapers would hold up for a while yet, so they just left them on. Rhys then grabbed for Nick the things that he would need, and took them with them on the way out to the shop.

By the time the two of them reached the shop, Nick had already made a dent in the unpacking of all the tools, and had just been setting them all on the work bench for ease of unpacking and putting them away.

"Here you go Nick, do you want me to change you?"

"No thanks, I'll just lay on the back seat and change, it'll be more comfortable that way, but it'd be impossible for you to change me like that, so you two may as well start unloading things. Remember though to not lift too much."

"Okay, but you know I'd rather change you." Rhys grinned.

"I know, and I'd rather you did as well." Nick smiled and headed for the back seat of the truck.

The boys started unloading everything, and were joined a few minutes later by Nick. With the addition of two extra boys to help, the unloading now took no time at all, and soon they had it all in the shop. Next they started unpacking everything that needed it, and putting it away where Nick told them to. This chore took them only about an hour to accomplish, so now they needed something else to do.

"So, what should we do now, go play until dinner time?" Nick asked.

"Nah, we still have a couple hours before dinner, why don't we start putting together the shelves in the greenhouse, and see how much we can get done before dinner, because we really should start planting really soon." Rhys suggested.

"I'm up for that, if you two are both okay with it."

"Sure, I'm good. I sorta just sit around mostly doing nothing, so it feels nice to actually get up and do something." Tanner said.

"And you know I'm good, I suggested it." Rhys grinned.

"Okay then, let's go." Nick said, and they each grabbed whatever tools that they thought they might need for the chore.

Even though it was Tanner's dad that had built the thing, Tanner knew nothing about how to put these stands together, but Rhys found an instruction pamphlet, and found that they were extremely simple to do. They would have one shelf deep the entire length of the greenhouse on either side, and then two deep running down the center, but not the entire length, they would have openings every so often to get through them as well, creating paths. They actually ended up working for a little over three hours doing this, but they managed to get it all done, they were that simple to set up, no tools at all required for the job, they just snapped together.

"Well boys, we got lots more done than I thought we would, and it's later than I thought it was, so now I am very hungry and tired. So let's go get some dinner, then go swimming and soak in the hot tub, and then maybe we can play a bit as well." Nick suggested.

"Sounds good to me." Both Rhys and Tanner said at the same time.

So that was what they did. They worked together and made a quick filling dinner, and then ate it all. They stopped in the boys' bedroom and stripped down, then headed downstairs, nearly ran through the showers, and then just slipped right into the hot tub, none of them really wanting to swim any at all. They stayed in there for over half an hour, just talking quietly.

Once the boys were all relaxed, they climbed out of the hot tub, and went and had a nice long hot shower, then dried off. They all diapered each other from the stack of diapers that was always down there, and then they went and played mini golf and games until a little past their normal bedtime.

"Tanner, would you like to sleep with us tonight, or would you like to sleep in one of the bedrooms upstairs?" Rhys asked.

"I don't want to intrude on you guys, so I'll take a room upstairs, thanks." Tanner smiled.

"Oh, it's not a problem, you know what, just come and sleep with us. We'll all get into some nice thick soft footed sleepers, and we'll sleep like babies. And you know what, maybe we'll all even get a bottle of warm milk to go to sleep with." Rhys smiled.

"That does sound kinda nice." Tanner blushed cutely.

"Then that is what we'll do. You two go and get ready, and I'll go get the bottles." Nick said to the two boys.

"Okay." They both said and headed off to the bedroom.

Nick went to the kitchen and prepared three bottles of warm milk, and then headed to the bedroom as well. By the time he made it there, both boys were already jammied and ready for bed, and his cutest sleepers were laying on the bed ready for him. He handed the two boys their bottles, then slipped his sleeper on, and zipped it up. He grabbed his bottle and laid down next to his baby, who was in the middle, and around the nipples of their bottles, they said goodnight to each other, as Nick turned off the lights.

The three boys slept the night away, all curled up together, and all awoke at much the same time the following morning.

“Good morning Tanner, how did you sleep last night?” Nick asked.

“I slept really great, way better than I ever remember sleeping. I love these pajamas, and your bed is so soft and comfy cozy.” Tanner sighed.

“Yeah, they are, aren't they. I'll give you a pair of my pajamas if you want, I have lots.” Rhys said.

“I'd really like that, but I don't know what my parents would think about them, they are sorta babyish.”

“They already know that you love diapers, so that probably wouldn't be that big of a surprise to them I'm sure.” Nick said.

“What, they know, how?”

“Don't know how, you'd have to talk to your dad about that, and while he didn't say it outright, let's just say that he hinted at it more than a little.” Nick smiled.

“That's cool, I guess.” Tanner smiled.

“Come on, we should get up and get ready to go. I want to get to the livestock sales barns as early as we can, because it will probably take a while there.” Nick said and then climbed out of bed.

The three of them were well soaked, but none of them wanted to get changed yet, and their diapers would hold lots more yet anyways. They headed to the kitchen and got themselves some breakfast, and then sat down and ate, talking while they ate.

As soon as breakfast was cleaned up, they headed back to the bedroom, and Nick changed the boys, applying lots of cream and powder, and putting them both into their thicker diapers, and then Rhys did the same for Nick. They each put on a diaper shirt that Nick passed out, then a loose fitting pair of sweat pants, and finally a longer tee shirt.

Once they were all ready to go, they all headed to the garage and hopped in the Humvee again, and headed to the place that Nick wanted to go. They got there about half an hour after the place opened, but an hour and a half before the next auction was to begin. The first thing that he did was to go and register. It took a few minutes for him to convince the lady at the registration desk that he was in fact the owner of his farm, that he would be buying plenty of animals, and that he had more than enough money to cover it all. She finally registered him, gave him his number, and they headed out to go look at all the animals.

The boys were all excited to be there, and Nick and Rhys used all their limited knowledge that they had read to find the best animals that they could find.

“So boys, the auction is almost ready to start, what do you think that we should get?” Nick asked a little over an hour later. They had looked at many many different animals.

“I really liked the family of Palominos that the one guy had, they were very pretty, very nice, and the man with them was really nice as well, so I think they were treated well. He said that they were all bareback and saddle broken, except the foal, and they were great to ride. I say we buy all eight of them.” Rhys suggested happily.

“Okay, I really liked them and him too. Okay, what else?”

“Well, there were some milk cows that were good, but there were some from the one farmer who I really didn't like, so I wouldn't buy from him.” Tanner suggested.

“I think I know which one you are talking about, and I agree.” Nick said.

“Me too.” Rhys added.

“Okay, so there were twelve cows total, so that should be lots. There was a farmer selling a bunch of young laying hens, so I want to get a dozen or so of them, and there were some good milk goats as well, so I think we'll get a few of them as well, they're great to have on a farm anyways. Anything else?”

“That means that we're going to need a chicken coop. Not sure why we didn't have one built, we knew that we would probably buy them.” Rhys grinned.

“Not a big deal, we can buy one, and all we would have to do is put it together. But anything else that we should buy?”

“Can we buy some rabbits as well, they were so cute?” Rhys asked.

“Sure, we can buy a rabbit cage as well.”

“Okay, and I really liked the llamas as well, maybe we can get one or two of them as well.”

“Okay, we will see what we can get then. We should go get a good seat somewhere, and if you see anything during the auction that you want, just tell me, and we will get it as well.” Nick said, and they went to get themselves their seats.

For the next three hours the boys sat there watching the auction unfold, bidding on the animals that they wanted, and they won every one that they bid on, because Nick was not afraid to pay a good price for a good animal. They got all of the animals that they wanted, and a few extra, but of only the ones that they had already picked out, nothing more. As soon as the auction was over, they headed to the registration desk to settle all the payments, and arrange for the delivery of all the animals. They arranged to deliver everything on Friday, and once everything was paid in full, the boys headed out to a restaurant for lunch.

“That was pretty cool, but wow, you spent a lot of money there” Tanner commented as they climbed in the truck.

“I would have paid a million to get what we wanted, but that was good enough. After lunch we have to go back to the farm supply place and get a few things, as well as order the hay and straw that we will need now.” Nick said.

They got to the restaurant and ordered their food and talked happily the whole time. Once they were finished eating, they headed to the farm supply store and looked around. They did have chicken coop kits, five different models, so they chose the largest one, and they did have rabbit cages, so they chose the best one of those as well. They ordered all the feed that they would need, all the hay and straw that they would need, and set up a standing order for the delivery of feed and straw. They also went and looked at the saddles, and they picked out a few really nice ones, and all the accessories that they would need. They looked around for almost an hour longer and picked out even more things that they would need, all having fun. By the time that they were finished, they were all pushing fully loaded carts, and that did not include the coop or the cage. Those would both be delivered the following morning. It took almost half an hour to load everything that they could into the back of the Humvee, thankfully they had left the plants and the saddles to be delivered as well, because there was no way they would have fit as well.

“Well boys, we should probably go get Tanner changed and get him home for dinner.” Nick said.

“Aw, do we haveta?” Rhys smiled.

“Yes you brat, we haveta.” Nick smiled.

“Yeah, I suppose that I should too.” Tanner sighed, but he didn't have to be happy about it.

So that was what they did. They decided to offload everything first, then went in the house and all got changed, because they were all very wet, and then got redressed. Nick decided to just let Tanner keep the diaper shirt that he was wearing, because it hid his diapers better, and Rhys got for him his cutest sleeper. They headed out a few minutes later, and drove Tanner home.

“So, did you have fun?” Tanner's mom asked when they all came to the door.

“Yeah, it was so great, thanks for making me go.” Tanner smiled, because his parents had pretty much told him that he had to go and get out of the house, that he couldn't keep moping around for the rest of his life because some kids were mean.

“I'm glad to hear that. What's in the bag?”

“Some pajamas that Rhys gave to me, I really liked his, so he told me I could have a pair of his.”

“That was very nice of you Rhys. Let me see them?”

“Well mom, they're kinda babyish, but here you go.” Tanner warned.

“I think they're adorable, and if you like them, then that's fine.” She smiled at her son.

“Thanks mommy. Nick also gave me this under shirt, it's just like a babies diaper shirt, it hides my diapers better.”

“That's a really good idea actually. I never thought that you would allow that though, so I never bothered to look for anything like that. Where do you get clothes like that Nick?”

“We buy all these clothes online, they're not exactly something you would find in the average store.” Nick answered and gave her the address.

“Wicked, thanks Nick, I can't wait to go check it out now.” Tanner said excitedly.

“No problem, but be warned that their stuff is quite expensive, because it is good quality, and all custom made.”

“Thanks, I'll remember that.” Tanner's mom said.

“Well, we should get going I think.” Nick said.

“Thanks guys, so much for everything. I really had fun.” Tanner said sincerely.

“You're very welcome, and you're welcome to come back any time.” Nick smiled.

“Thanks, bye.” Both Tanner and his mom said.

“We really do need to find a way to get Tanner a nice boyfriend.” Rhys said as they were driving away.

“Don't know how we would go about doing that, especially finding a diaper lover for him as well.” Nick grinned.

“We'll figure something out, I hope.”

They headed home and they just went right to the barn and started putting everything away that they had bought earlier. This took them right through until dinner time. After dinner they both got down to their work that they had neglected for the past few days, Nick his reading, and Rhys his schoolwork. They worked right up until bedtime, and then went to bed and just gave each other a hand while kissing softly.

The following day the stuff that was to be delivered was delivered, and they spent the entire day putting everything together and or away. The chicken coop of course took the most amount of time. They also had to receive the order for the all the large tools that they bought. There was not that much, just a good sized air compressor, a table saw, a dust extraction system, a good all around wire feed welder, an oxy/acetylene torch tank set, and a couple other things.

It was a long and tiring afternoon for the boys, and by the time they crawled their very soggy, leaking diaper bums into the house, they were wiped. They made and ate sandwiches and soup for dinner, and then went downstairs and sat in the hot tub for nearly an hour.

The next few days also went by not too bad, but not quite as busy. They had started getting all the plant pots into the greenhouse, loading them with soil, and then got started on planting. Their outdoor garden got corn, peas, potatoes, and a few other assorted larger plants, whereas their greenhouse got the tomatoes, cucumbers, three different types of lettuce, and a bunch of the other smaller plants.

The best thing to happen though, was early Friday afternoon, when all the trucks bringing their new animals started arriving. They seemed to come in a convoy, there were so many of them. They all went to the barn, and they all started offloading all the animals to their new homes, the boys telling them where they were all supposed to go.

“Know what I just realized?” Nick said.

“No, what?”

“Well, we've been so busy working on all the little projects around here, that we sorta forgot a rather large project that needed done, all the fences.” Nick grinned.

“Yeah, that might be a bit of an issue, but for now can't we just leave them in the barn, or just let them roam the property freely. We have the gate at the entrance, and no animal can get out that, there's the huge fence, again, no way an animal is gonna get through that, so we only have to be careful when we open the gate to get out.” Rhys suggested.

“I'd feel better if we at least blocked it off, so that they can't even get to the main gate. I think that we'll just put up one straight fence and block off the back portion of the property and they can just roam freely back there. We'll have to leave the animals in their pens for a few days while we do that, and it would probably be better to let them get used to us anyways.”

“What about the cows and goats that need to be milked?”

“They can just walk right to the milking areas themselves, and the machines will take care of the rest. We can just close the barn doors and let them roam the barn as they please. Not too sure how the hell we're supposed to train them to go there to milk themselves, but I saw a manual somewhere for that contraption, I really should have read it already. Oh well. It can't be that hard, cows are not exactly the smartest of animals, and I think goats are even worse.”

“Will the milk be ready for drinking right away?”

“As soon as they start pumping, it should be. The literature on it said that it automatically pasteurizes the milk, separates the cream for us, and then stores it in the different tanks. All we should have to do is empty the tanks daily and run the cleaning cycle on the entire system, and it's automated as well.”

“Cool, I can't wait to taste fresh milk. We'll have to buy some jars or something to keep it in, but what will we do with the excess?”

“Mostly just feed the excess to the animals, especially the pigs, or we could give any extra to the local soup kitchen, I'm sure they could always use extra.” Nick shrugged.

“That would probably be the best idea, that way we're helping others as well.” Rhys smiled.


After all the animals were unloaded and put into their new homes, the boys went and met each of them, getting to know their new animals, letting them get to know their new owners. The horses took to the boys right away, and were very friendly, the goats just tried to eat their clothes, the pigs just ignored them, and the cows just sort of stood there. The rabbits were really cute and fuzzy, but they were skittish, so the boys had a hard time calming them down enough to hold and pet them. The llamas though were probably the funniest. They would come up to the boys, sniff them, snort a bit, then wander off, and then come back and do that again and again. Finally after ten minutes of just standing there patiently waiting for them, the llamas came over and allowed the boys to pet them. They became instant friends.

The boys went and programmed the feed systems so that the proper amount and type of feed would be delivered to each of the pens, turned on all their water, and brought some straw in for each of them to lay on. Within an hour or two, all the animals seemed to really like their new homes. All their pens were nice and large, giving them plenty of room to move, the floor was heated, so they were very comfortable, something the horses all relished very soon, as they rolled on the floor, and their new owners seemed to be very nice. Animals may not always be smart, but they sure can tell a nice owner from a not so nice one, and believe me, they do not respond at all well to the not so nice ones.

The next few days again went by in a blur of working hard, and getting very little rest. It took almost every minute of three days to put up one long fence that cut their property essentially in half. All the posts were in, the chain link fence attached, three gates put in, all the electric fence was installed on that, as well as the perimeter fence, and all the animals that could be out, were, and they all seemed to really like the freedom.

Nick had gone into the house the night that the animals arrived and looked for the book on the milking machine and read up on it all, and found that the thing really was fully automated, he hardly had to touch the damn thing. He also found out how to train the animals to just go there to milk themselves, and it was really easy, because when the animals got full, they would naturally want to relieve the pressure. It took only one day to train the cows and the goats to milk themselves, and from then on, they had lots of fresh milk.

The boys found some time on Saturday afternoon to go out shopping, and picked up a bunch of one gallon glass jars to store their milk in, and Rhys also stopped in a book store to pick out a few things, while Nick was in another store looking at other things. He had found four different books on how to make cheese, two books on other dairy uses, and even a book that told him how to make goats milk soap, so he picked those all up. Nick thought that the books were a great idea.

They finished their fencing chore late Monday afternoon, and although very tired, they were both getting more than a little ready for some much needed sexual relief. They had not even really played together at all, except for the odd hand job, or maybe a little oral action, since they had moved into the house.