Chapter 7

“Nick, even though we are both really getting tired, and we should probably think about taking a few days off to rest, I need you in me tonight. We haven't had sex once since we moved into the house, and I need you.” Rhys whispered huskily as they walked hand in hand into the house.

“I'd love nothing more than that myself Rhys, just as long as you do me as well. I've missed having you buried in me too.” Nick smiled warmly.

They made it to their bedroom, and proceeded to strip each other down. A pair of very wet night diapers were the final thing to fall to the floor, and they did so with a rather loud sounding splat.

They crawled into bed together, and embraced as only true lovers can, and kissed each other deeply, tenderly. For the longest time neither of them even moved a single muscle, other than their lips. Slowly though, their passion started to rise, and their hands started to caress lightly. They started on each others shoulders, and then slowly they made their way down, until they were petting each others asses.

As one they moved towards the core of their boyfriend, each working their hand towards the hot moist hole that only minutes before had been covered by a soggy diaper. Together they reached inside the damp clefts and probed for the hole buried deep inside. Both with soft sighs, sighed into the others mouth, as their lover, their brother gained entry inside. So far they were still working lube free, just using each others sweat and ass juices to gain the entry, but that wouldn't be enough for as far as they wanted to go, so Rhys broke their kiss, rolled over, and grabbed the lube.

“Here you go baby, lube up and slip in.” Rhys whispered.

“I'd love to baby.” Nick said, taking the offered lube as Rhys laid there on his back, and pulled his knees up and out to present himself for penetration.

Nick took a few moments to work two lube covered fingers into Rhys' impossibly small hole, to prepare him further. When he felt that Rhys was good, he used his other hand and lubed his pulsing erection. As he moved into position to enter his lover, his fingers slipped from the loosened hole, and his hard meat replaced them. With a smooth, gentle push, Nick popped inside, and then slid all the way in. He had not intended to do that, he had only wanted to get inside, and then stop to let Rhys get accustomed to it again, but Rhys was so relaxed and ready, that he was nice and open. They both moaned lowly from the entrance though, however neither was caused because of pain, both were feeling nothing but the most intense pleasure.

“Oh god, you feel so good inside me Nick, do it, do me, please, and do it slowly, really make love to me.” Rhys sighed.

“You feel so good wrapped around me, I can't believe how tight you are, yet how soft and warm you are inside. I'm gonna make sweet tender love to my baby.” Nick said softly, and then started a nice slow motion.

For only five or six minutes Nick lasted, but the entire time he kept the pace nice and slow, going in all the way as far as he could, and then coming out as far as he could without popping out. However, neither one was able to last that long, they just hadn't had enough release lately, so they were both fully charged, and well before they wanted to, they came. They both grunted loudly as the twin orgasms slammed through their bodies, Nick spraying a nice thick creamy load of cum deep inside of Rhys, and Rhys just having an ultra intense dry ejaculation.

“Oh my god, I can't believe how wonderful that was.” Rhys sighed out easily five minutes later, after coming down from the great cum.

“Tell me about it. I love you baby. Give me a few minutes to regain the use of all my muscles, and then we can trade places. I want you in me now.” Nick panted out.

“I thought you'd never ask. Just lay back, relax, and enjoy.” Rhys smiled warmly.

Nick did as he was told, and Rhys started by petting all over Nick's body, and then hit all the same places again, this time with his tongue. He was becoming quite the foreplay artist, something that they both seemed to enjoy. Gee, I wonder why!

When Nick was good and ready for the next part to start, Rhys pushed his legs open a bit more, dove his face right towards Nick's pulsing erection and sucked it in, and while he was doing that, his hand was busy with the lube, preparing Nick for entry. Rhys didn't just get Nick lubed and then jump in though, no, he had other ideas. He kept sucking and fingering, fingering and sucking, until he had four fingers working deep inside of Nick, and Nick was nearing orgasm again. Rhys continued this torture until Nick exploded once again, this time in his eagerly sucking mouth, all the while his fingers never once stopped.

As soon as Rhys had sucked every last single drop that he could from Nick, and Nick was frantically trying to push Rhys' mouth away, because it was just too intense, Rhys let go with a smile, and a little cum on his lips. He promptly swiped his tongue across his lips, and then crawled up Nick's still heaving body, his young little erection also heading for its favorite hiding place. By the time Rhys reached Nick's nipples, and was sucking on them, his dick was at the entrance to Nick's wide open hole, and slipping in. Rhys started a slow sensual massage of Nick's prostate with the tip of his dick, it just barely reached, but it did, and that was all that counted. They were both moaning lowly, panting a little, enjoying it so much, wishing that it could go on for forever, but knowing that it had to end. And end it did, but it took an amazing amount of time. Finally though, they both gave up their final orgasms of the night, and then collapsed.

“Oh god baby, I'm not sure what you did to me, but I know I liked it. Wow, was that ever good.” Nick half sighed, half panted.

“You're very welcome my loving big baby brother, and I loved doing it for you, and having you do it for me as well. Let me go get our diapers and jammies, and then we can get ready for bed.” Rhys smiled warmly.

“Mmhm.” Was all that Nick could say. He was still coming down.

Rhys hopped out of bed, ran to their closet and grabbed everything that they would need, and then came back and got Nick ready for bed. Once Nick was done, he got Rhys all ready as well, and then they passed out in each others arms.


Over the course of the next few weeks, the boys continued to do more and more work on the farm, mostly just getting it really finished. Even though it would take some time to get it all done, and get used to doing everything, but they were doing very well. All the animals loved them now, they each had their own name, and came when they were called. They mostly just roamed the property during the day, and went to sleep in the barn at night.

The cows and goats were milking themselves whenever they needed it, and the boys always had fresh milk to use. So far, all their excess was taken to the local soup kitchen, because the boys had not had a chance to try their hand at the cheese, soap, or other various thing making, they were just too busy with other things to worry about that, but they had been making their own butter, because it was easy to do. They both figured that the rest might just be a winter chore.

They had had Tanner over a couple weekends again, and each time, Tanner had a great time, working with the boys, talking with them all about each other, learning all about each other, and he truly appreciated being able to talk to someone who knew what he was going through. They all had a great deal of fun as well, but for the most part, never even left the property.

Almost once or twice a week the boys would find something that they had forgotten about, something that they needed, or something that they just wanted, and would have to go out and buy even more things yet. It started to get to the point that they wondered if it would ever stop. Not to mention they wondered how most farmers managed to do it, especially start up farmers, because most things that they bought for the farm were quite expensive.

It was in fact on one of such trips that the next interesting thing to happen to them did. They were finding that at times they were needing to lift heavy things quite high, into the barn hay loft for instance, but the tractors were not quite equipped to do this, so they were at the John Deere dealership once again inquiring about that.

“Hi there, good to see you again.” Nick said to the salesman who had originally sold them their equipment.

“Oh, hi Nick and Rhys, how is everything going, is everything working okay for you? I haven't heard from you guys since we dropped your stuff off, so I hope so.”

“Oh yeah, it's all working great, and we're even getting really good at using them, they're really a lot of fun to work with. What we need today, if you have it, is a proper forklift option for one or both of our tractors. Do you have any such thing?”

“Sorry, no I don't. At least nothing that attaches to your existing equipment, but as you know, we carry a few lines here. And while I have nothing that will attach to your tractors, I do have stand alone forklifts. Would that be of interest to you?”

“Hmm, okay, that might be an option. Are you aware of any attachments, even by another maker that would fit our tractors, that would do the same thing?”

“No, not that I am aware of, and certainly nothing that we carry here, sorry. You're of course more than welcome to go ahead and look around, and see if there is anything, and most other tractor accessories will attach no problem as well.”

“No worries, but we won't be going anywhere else, so if you don't have quite what we're looking for, take us to what you do have, and show us what you've got.” Nick said.


“Nick, you go ahead and go look at them, but only get one, we really don't each need one. I'm going to go check something out that I just saw.”

“Okay, you go ahead, but be careful remember.”

“Yes daddy.” Rhys grinned, and then skipped off. The two older boys just smiled.

Rhys had seen a slightly older boy walking around, looking around at all the tractors. He had seen him with his dad earlier, but now he was alone. What he saw that had piqued his interest though, was that it had looked as if he were also wearing a diaper, and his young partially active gaydar was going insane. So Rhys headed over in the direction that he had last seen the boy heading.

He followed the boy at a few paces behind for a while, just sorta pretending to look as well, but mostly watching, to see if his suspicions were correct, and when the boy climbed onto a tractor to look into it, that was all that Rhys needed, because sure enough, that was a diaper, same brand as his by the looks of it.

“Excuse me, could I talk to you for a second?” Rhys asked the boy as he climbed back down.

“Um, I suppose so.” The boy said, sounding almost scared of the younger boy.

“I don't mean to embarrass you any, but I suggest that you pull your pants up, if you don't want anyone to see your diaper when you reach for things.” Rhys said softly, so that only the boy would hear. His face fell, and tears started coming to his eyes though.

“Please don't make fun of me again. Everybody does, I hate it.” He said, full out crying now.

“Hey, no way would I make fun of you for that, I have to wear diapers as well. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that they were showing to anyone that was paying attention.” Rhys got closer and said more softly.


“I said, I have to wear diapers as well. I just wanted to make sure that you knew that they were showing to anyone that was paying attention.” Rhys said again.

“I heard what you said, I just couldn't believe it. It doesn't look like you're wearing a diaper, you can always see that I am.”

“No, actually you can't, unless you know what to look for. If you look close enough at me, you can tell that I am just as diapered as you are, but here, I'll show you.” Rhys said, and pulled the bigger boy out of the main aisle and in between a couple tractors. He then proceeded to pull his pants down a bit, and then pulled aside the diaper shirt he was wearing.

“See, told you I was wearing one as well. Both my brother and I are wearing one, because we have no bladder control, a little family issue if you will.”

“Wow, I thought I was the only one in town that had to wear diapers still. I'm the same though. My mom said that the sphincter muscle on my bladder is not there as it should be, but that they can't fix it for some reason. I have some rare blood disorder or something, so they can't do the surgery. They nearly killed me when I was three when they accidentally found that out. How come you're wearing a baby diaper shirt though?”

“Wow, that sucks, about the surgery and all, but the reason that I wear a diaper shirt is simple, it helps hide the diaper, so that when I reach for things, you can't see my diaper like I saw yours. In this case though, my seeing you will probably help, because now you know that you're not the only one, and I know another boy in town as well that has to wear diapers, because of an accident, but maybe we can all get together and I will let him tell you about that.”

“That would be cool, getting to know other kids that have to wear diapers.”

“Yes, I thought you'd see it my way. Now, can I ask you another really personal question, and I'd like you to answer it honestly please, because I'm certain that I'm correct?”

“Oh, um, okay, I guess you can ask.”

“Good, are you as gay as I think you are and I am?”

“, wait a minute, you're gay too?” The boy sort of stuttered at first, and then realized just what Rhys had said.

“Yes I am, and I take that as a yes from you as well. So, what's your name anyways, my name is Rhys?” Rhys introduced, sticking out his hand.

“My name's Owen, it's nice to meet you Rhys.” Owen smiled and shook the offered hand.

“Cool, nice to meet you Owen. I'm eight, you're about ten or eleven right?”

“Just turned eleven last week.” He said proudly.

“Cool, well happy birthday then.”


“So, you're here with your dad I take it, at least that man you're with sure looked like your dad?”

“That's right. I came with him to buy some new equipment for the farm.”

“Same here, we needed a forklift attachment for either mine or my brothers tractor, but they don't have them, so Nick, that's my brother, is just gonna buy an actual forklift.”

“You have your own tractor, wow, that's pretty cool.”

“Well, yeah I have my own tractor, I pretty much have to. It's just me and my brother running the farm, we have no more parents, they and the rest of our family was killed almost a year ago, so we bought the property and built a brand new farm.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that. Hey, wait a minute, do you own that property up by the hill that that huge wood fence was put up around a few months ago now. My dad said it was a thousand plus acres and would be great farm land, but he couldn't afford to buy it. We saw lots and lots of trucks going in and out.”

“It's no problem, we're over it now, and we have each other stll, but yeah, that's us, just on Peach Pit Road.”

“Wow, that's like so cool, I'm your next door neighbor then, well if you want to call about five kilometers away your next door neighbor.” Owen grinned.

“That's really cool. So you must live on the opposite side of us from town then, because there are no other farming style properties on that side before it hits the marsh?”


“That would explain why I had no idea that there was another farm there, we've never driven that way before. Hey listen, would you like to come and spend the weekend this weekend, we'll invite our other friend over as well, and we can all have some fun?”

“I'd really like that. I stopped going to school a couple years ago cuz all the teasing about my being a baby, but I miss playing with other kids.”

“You're not a baby, unless you want to be. I like to be sometimes, and I already have to wear the diapers anyways, so it's cool.” Rhys grinned.

“Really, that's so cool. My dad doesn't know, as far as I know, but my mom let's me have a bottle to drink out of sometimes when I ask, it's kinda nice.” Owen smiled warmly.

“Yeah, it is. Oh crap, that's Nick calling, I haveta go, but here's my number, call me, okay.” Rhys said, handing Owen a card.

“Wicked, I'll call tonight. I can't wait to tell my parents.”

“Cool, talk to you later then.” Rhys said and ran off.

“Hey there handsome, where had you gotten off to?” Nick asked as Rhys came up to him and the sales man, they were still talking by the forklifts.

“Just saw someone I wanted to talk to, I'll tell you about him later. So, what did you find?”

“We were looking at a few models, but we wanted to make sure that you could use this one here. It's their best one, it's a bit big, but I want for you to be able to use it as well, so we want you to try it out before we buy it.” Nick answered.

“Oh, okay then. Tell me how to use it, and I'll see what I can wreck.” Rhys grinned.

Both the others smiled, knowing full well that the likelihood of that happening was slim. The salesman hopped up and showed Rhys all the controls, and then Rhys started it and gave it a test run. He had to sit right at the edge of the seat to reach all the controls, but he was able to do it, barely.

“Okay, I don't like the looks of that, it's not safe. He can't possibly do up the seatbelt to be able to use the forklift, so he wouldn't be safe. So we'll go with the same series, but the smaller version. I'd like Rhys to try it though to be sure.”

“Not a problem, and I was going to suggest it as well, because no, it's not safe at all like that.

“Thanks guys.” Rhys said.

Rhys tried out the next one, and it was much better. The major differences were of course that it was physically a bit smaller, but the seat was more adjustable, it's lifting capacity was about twenty percent less, but it went to the same height, so that was good. Nick felt that the lift capacity would be more than good enough for what they needed, so they went with that model. They went inside, took care of the payment, set up the delivery, and then the boys headed out.

On the way home, Rhys told Nick all about his finding and meeting of Owen, and how he had hoped that Tanner and he would get along, and maybe eventually become boyfriends. Nick was amused at the tale, and agreed that it sounded like the two boys would be a good match.

That evening, Owen did call, and he and Rhys sat and talked on the phone for almost an hour, getting to know each other even better yet, and arranging for him to come over and spend the weekend. As soon as that was taken care of, Rhys called Tanner and arranged for him to come and spend the weekend as well, but not telling him of the surprise that awaited. He didn't want Tanner to chicken out at the last minute, and decide not to come, because he was still pretty skittish around other kids. Owen was also not told, for the same reason, he however did suspect that it would happen.

It was finally Friday afternoon, and both boys had been told that they would be picked up, so at three o'clock in the afternoon, Nick and Rhys hopped in the Humvee and headed out. They went to Owen's first to pick him up, because he was closest. When they pulled up the drive, Owen was sitting on the front porch waiting for them, a small duffel bag sitting there beside him. At first he did not even get up, thinking that this must be someone coming to see his parents, because his friends surely wouldn't have such a cool vehicle. It was not until Nick and Rhys hopped out, and Owen's mouth dropped, that he realized that that was the vehicle picking him up, so he jumped up and ran to them, forgetting his bag.

“Hey there Owen, you forgot your bag.” Rhys giggled.

“Oh, right, well I love your truck, it's way cool.” Owen said and then ran back and grabbed his bag. By then his parents were standing on the front porch as well.

Rhys and Nick both followed Owen back to the house, to meet his parents, and when Owen grabbed his bag, and quickly turned to run back to them, he smacked right into Nick, fell backwards, and landed on his heavily padded posterior. It was really quite comical, and they all started laughing.

“I do believe that our boy is a little excited to be going on his first sleepover, and with others who know what he's going through.” His dad chuckled, mostly to his mom.

“For sure. Well, you boys all have fun.” She said, after the boys and they had introduced themselves.

“Come on Owen, let's get going.” Nick smiled.

So they all went and hopped into the truck, both young boys sitting in the back seat, and Nick got them on their way to their next destination. It was explained to Owen that they were in fact picking up their other friend, that his name was Tanner, and that he was asked to stay well hidden in the back seat while they were there, because Tanner was still uncomfortable around other kids, for the same reason that Owen himself was. He said that he understood, and the drive to pick up Tanner was filled with the boys all talking.

When they arrived at Tanner's house, he too was waiting outside for them, and when they drove up, he ducked his head inside the house, yelled that he was going, and he was told to have a good weekend. He slammed the door, and then came out to the truck, before the boys even had a chance to get out.

“Hi guys, how's it goin?” Tanner asked as he whipped open the passenger side front door. “Where's Rhys?”

“He's in the back seat, go ahead and hop back there as well.” Nick grinned.

Tanner just nodded his head and closed the door, and opened the same side back door, and started to climb in. He was half way in when he realized that Rhys was not back there alone. He almost slipped and fell out, but Rhys was quick enough to grab him as he panicked.

“Wh-wh-wh-wh-who's that?”

“Tanner, this is Owen, we met him the other day, and he's just like us, in almost every way. He was invited to spend the weekend as well, and I know that both of you are nervous, because you are both scared of other kids finding out about your diapers. Neither of you have to worry about that though, because you both wear them. Now hop in so that we can get going. We need to go to the grocery store before we go home though, so let's get going.”

“Okay, um, hi Owen, nice to meet you.” Tanner said shyly as he was climbing in.

“Hi Tanner, nice to meet you too.” Owen said back shyly as well.

Once he was buckled up, Nick got them on their way. They went to the grocery store and loaded up on all the things that they would be needing for the next couple weeks, but especially the weekend. They were not there too terribly long, so were on their way back to the house quite quickly.

“Wow, would you look at that house.” Owen gasped.

“Wait until you see inside it, it's even nicer inside.” Tanner said.

“I can't wait.” Owen said.

“Okay, you guys can help us bring the groceries in please, and then we can all go and have some fun.” Nick called out as soon as he parked in front of the front door.

“Okay.” All three younger boys said.

They all helped to take the groceries in the house and put them away, and then Nick went and parked the truck in the garage. When he came back inside, Rhys and Tanner were busy showing Owen the main level of the house, and he was very impressed with everything that he saw, and he too thought that the inside was far more beautiful than the outside was.

“Okay, who needs a diaper change?” Nick asked, and they all put their hands up.

“Okay, let's go to our room then and we can all get diapered.”

“I diaper myself.” Owen said.

“Not here you don't, we all help each other out, it's what friends do.” Rhys smiled.

“But no one ever sees me in just my diaper, and certainly never naked.” Owen almost gasped.

“We're all boys here, we're all gay, we're all the same, except maybe a little in size.” Rhys said honestly, this of course caused both new boys to blush furiously and then stutter, but they both realized that he had said all. The two new boys sort of looked at each other in a different light from then on.

“Come on, you'll be fine, trust us.” Nick said gently, and took his hand, guiding him to their bedroom.

“How come you two share this bedroom Nick and Rhys?” Owen asked.

“Well, you see, we're boyfriends as well, but you have to swear never to tell anyone please, because Nick could get in a lot of trouble since he is so much older than me.” Rhys said.

“Oh, I won't tell, I promise. Doesn't it hurt when his dick goes in your ass though, or have you guys fucked yet?”

“No, we have never done that, but we've made love, and it doesn't really hurt too bad, if you're gentle and prepare well.” Rhys said.

“And that word is not allowed here, it's a dirty word okay.” Nick said gently.

“Oh, sorry. I've sorta been reading a lot about gay sex, and a lot of people say that it really hurts a lot to start with.”

“I never felt any pain, because I started out with my own fingers and worked up from there. Nick never really felt too much pain, 'cuz I'm really not big enough to hurt him any, but he says it feels real good still.” Rhys smiled dreamily. “Have you put anything in your bum yet, and have you tried yet Tanner?”

“I tried to push my fingers in once when reading a story, and it felt really good, but it was really awkward.” Owen blushed.

“I have tried now, and got two fingers in there now, and it doesn't even really hurt, just feels really weird.” Tanner said with a cute blush as well.

“That's cool. When you're ready, do what I did and find something to put in there, it'll feel even better yet, and if possible, find someone to put their dick in there, way better yet.” Rhys said coyly, Nick knowing full well what his little brother was doing, but the two boys didn't seem to have a clue, at least not yet.

“Okay, Owen, you get to go first, and if you have to, close your eyes tightly. I promise that you'll be okay though.”

Owen just nodded and hopped up onto the bed, and he did close his eyes tightly. The three others got to work and quickly stripped him of all his clothes, then wiped him down with the diaper wipes, slipped a nice thick diaper under him, a good thick coating of cream was applied, and finally a nice sprinkle of powder was added, before his diaper was closed up.

“There you go, all done. That wasn't so bad, now was it?” Nick said.

“No, I guess not.”

“Next time don't be so scared and embarrassed, and don't worry if your little guy gets hard, because it's normal.” Nick smiled gently.

Tanner was told to climb up next, and he too was changed in the same way, and his little three and a half inch tool was nice and rigid all through the change. Rhys was up next, and then finally Nick, and they too were both hard.

“Nick, how come you have no pubic hair?” Owen asked curiously.

“Because I wear diapers. Trust me, when you start getting them, take them off any way possible, they will only get in the way, and they don't get properly clean, so they get very smelly and itchy otherwise. Trust me. I tried keeping mine until I was fifteen, then again I only got them when I was fourteen, and it got so bad that my mom had to insist I did, or she would stop changing me.” Nick smiled.

“Wow, thanks for the advice, but you let your mom change you when you were fifteen? I won't even let my mom see me in just my diaper, haven't in a few years.”

“Why though? It's not like she hasn't seen it all before! You and your dad probably look exactly the same down there, except you're smaller and have no hair, and she'll have seen it lots, in every state.”

“Ew yuck.”

“Oh stop it. They have sex too you know, otherwise explain how you're here. Just because they're getting older, doesn't mean that they don't have sex any more, and trust me, your mom will have seen you hard plenty of times as well.” Nick said, and if he had thought that Owen had blushed before, it was nothing to what he was doing now. The poor boy tried with all his might to string together a coherent sentence, but failed miserably.

“Come on, let's go play downstairs for a while.” Rhys said, trying to break the tension, but enjoying it as well, because both Tanner and Owen needed to hear it all.

“What, like this?” Owen was finally able to gasp.

“Of course. There is no one else here, and no one else can get in without us knowing it, and we've already seen it all anyways, so what's the big deal?” Rhys asked.

“But just going around in our diapers is wrong.”

“Of course it's not. You just think that because you are far too embarrassed, and I bet that it wasn't even your parents that said that, were they?”

“No, I guess they didn't, it just feels wrong.”

“But it isn't. Come on.” Rhys said and grabbed Owen's hand and pulled him from the room. Owen seemed surprised that the much younger and smaller boy was able to pull him so easily, even if he wasn't exactly resisting that much, but he was pulling. Finally he just gave up and followed the others.

“Holy shit, this is a wicked basement.” Owen gasped.

“Potty mouth, do we need to put a diaper on your head as well?” Rhys giggled.

“Huh, oh sorry, just sorta slipped.” Owen blushed.

“Come on, let's go play boys.” Nick called out, chuckling from Rhys' comment as well.

For the next couple hours the boys all played the different games down there, including a game of mini golf. They all had a blast playing down there. Once they were hungry enough to do so, they went upstairs and made and then ate some dinner. Once that was all done and cleaned up, they decided that because their diapers would hold up for quite a while yet, that they would save swimming until later, and that they would go and watch a movie or two.

The four of them went down to the theatre, and the two new boys were told to pick out a movie, so they each picked one out. They then sat one couple in each love seat in the top row, the two new boys not fully realizing or understanding it yet, but it was official, they were a couple now. They watched both movies back to back, and other than Nick hopping up in the intermission to get popcorn and drinks for them all, they did not move from there.

They all enjoyed sitting there with friends, watching movies and eating popcorn, and Owen seemed to be much more relaxed afterwards, from just sitting around in his diaper all evening.

“Who wants to go swimming now?” Rhys asked.

“It's getting pretty late though, so it won't be for too long.” Nick said.

“Cool, but I'll have to go get my shorts from my bag.” Owen said.

“No you won't, we don't wear anything when we swim in here, and we've all already seen you naked anyways, so there's not even any need to be embarrassed.” Rhys smiled.

“What, really, you swim naked? I don't know if I can do that.”

“Sure you can, we do it all the time, and it feels great.”

“Okay, I'll try it, but if I don't like it, I want to put my shorts on okay.” Owen said, making sure his out was well known. Owen agreed to what Rhys had said, they had already seen him naked, but they had also seen him in just diapers, so it couldn't be that bad.

The boys all headed out to the washroom and they stripped off their very wet diapers and hopped in the showers to clean off, and then went and swam for a little while. It was no more than half an hour that they swam for, before climbing out and slipping into the hot tub.

“So how was it, you didn't get out to get your shorts on, so you must have liked it, and you even were hard like we were most of the time?” Rhys grinned.

“It was neat, but you saw that?”

“Of course, water is transparent silly, and when I swam underwater a few times, I got to really check you out. You're quite big.” Rhys gushed.

“Thanks, I guess.”

“You're welcome. We all saw it too, so now you don't even have to be embarrassed about that. Maybe next time you'll actually climb out and dive into the water.” Rhys grinned.

“Baby steps Rhys, take it easy on him, he's not used to all this remember.” Nick said lightly.

“Baby steps, that's cute, considering what we all wear.” Rhys chuckled.

“That's not what I meant you brat.” Nick grinned.

“I know, but it was funny, and besides, I know, I'm just trying to break that stupid shell of Owen's, and it's working.” Rhys smiled, mostly at Owen, who blushed.

They sat in the hot tub a little while longer, just talking more, having a good time.

“Well babies, I think that it's about time that we headed up to bed. So everyone in the shower, and then upstairs after drying off.” Nick called out.

They all went and showered and dried off, and on the way upstairs Nick and Rhys shut everything down. When they got to the bedroom, the guests were diapered and jammied first, and then Nick and Rhys were diapered and jammied. Rhys went and grabbed four bottles of warm milk and brought them back, and everyone smiled and took their offered bottles, curled up on the large bed, and fell fast asleep.

“Good morning boys, how did you sleep?” Nick asked the following morning.

“Like babies.” Tanner giggled.

“We always do.” Rhys giggled as well.

“Come on brats, we need to get up, get some breakfast, and then we need to tend to the animals. We have pens to muck out, animals to clean and brush, and milk and eggs to collect.” Nick commanded.

It was their morning chores, pretty much their only chores for the animals, because with all the automated systems, everything else for the most part was taken care of for them. It had proven so far to be wonderful and flawless, but the boys were always checking to make sure it was working properly.

“Okay.” All three boys said brightly.

They got up, all their very soggy diapers looking very thick beneath their cute footed sleepers, and headed to the kitchen for some much needed sustenance. Once they were all well fed, they headed back to the bedroom, stripped each other of their night wear, donned nice thick dry diapers, then their work clothes, and then headed out to the barn.

Normally it took Nick and Rhys roughly two to two and a half hours to do all the chores, but with the added two helpers, one of which was very accustomed to doing this sort of work, and the other not afraid to get a little dirty, they were all done in just over an hour.

“Can we ride the horses Nick? We haven't ridden them in a few days.” Rhys asked.

“Sure. Owen, you guys have horses, so I'm sure you know how to ride, but how about you Tanner, can you ride a horse?”

Nick and Rhys had both never saddled or ridden a horse prior to buying them, so they ended up paying someone to come in and teach them the minor details that they could not possibly read about. Their horses trust of them made learning to ride a pretty easy chore though, and after only a few times, the boys were getting very good, and their trainer dismissed himself, telling the boys just to take the rest on their own, and to have fun. They now rode their horses at least a few times a week to give them good exercise, and just because it was fun.

“I have ridden before, but not for a while, so I should be good.”

“Good. Owen, I trust you know how to saddle a horse, so we will all saddle one horse at a time, and you Tanner just watch and learn, and help wherever, then on the fourth time, you get to try it all on your own.”

“Yep, I do.” Owen said.

“Okay.” Tanner said.

They each went and picked the horse that they wanted, and because they did have a lot more horses than they had riders, they always switched off as to which was ridden at any time. Then the three boys who knew what they were doing, showed Tanner how to properly saddle a horse, this had taken the longest for Nick and Rhys to learn, but Tanner seemed to get the hang of it pretty easily. On the fourth horse, he almost did it perfectly, and did have to ask for help in a few places, but he had done better than both Nick and Rhys had on their first try.

“Good job Tanner, now we ride.” Nick smiled.

“Thanks.” Tanner smiled widely and they all hopped up.

The younger boys all had to use a fence rail to climb up onto horses that were considerably taller than they were, but they all did it with practiced ease. All the other animals had been released from their pens already, so they were wandering around, but when the boys left the barn, the animals all followed them. It was kind of comical to see the boys leading a pack of animals like that. They rode down to the creek, and all the animals stopped and had a nice drink of the cool water, and then they crossed and showed the new boys all their property, even going into the trees some. They rode for a little over an hour before heading back to the barn.

Once they were back in the barn, the boys all dismounted their steeds, removed their saddles, and then gave them another wash and brush, giving them a nice rubdown at the same time. If horses could actually smile, they would have been, but they sure whinnied appreciatively during their brush and rubdown, sounding an awful lot like sighs of contentment.

“There you go boys and girls, go out and rest and play with the others, thanks for the ride.” Rhys said, patting each one on their necks, and they in turn nuzzled him with their noses, and then trotted out into the farm yard.

“Wow, your horses really like you guys, ours sure are not that affectionate with us.” Owen said in awe, watching the whole thing with an open mouth.

“We treat them real well, play with them, and treat them all with the respect that they deserve, and they pay us back just the same.” Nick shrugged.

“Yeah, but we treat our animals just as well, and they don't act nothing like that. It's kinda neat to see actually.”

“Do you ever just talk to them, be friendly to them?” Rhys asked.

“No, I don't guess I do.” Owen said, scrunching up his cute little nose in thought as he tried to recall if he had ever done so. “I am always nice to them though, give them nice rubdowns and brushings though, so I treat them good.” Owen said defensively.

“That's good at least. Try talking to them, be friends with them, maybe it will help. We've just sorta always done that with all our animals, and they all really like us.” Rhys smiled.

“Cool, maybe I will.”

“Well, we still have all the eggs and milk out here, so let's get it into the house, separate what we need out, and Owen and Tanner you can take what you guys will use home with you tomorrow from tomorrows takings, and then we will get dressed and take what we don't need down to the soup kitchen.” Nick said.

“Okay.” All three boys said.

“We need to make more butter too Nick, and I want to keep some of the cream for dessert tonight as well.” Rhys said.

“And you don't have to give us any, we don't need it.” Tanner said and Owen nodded..

“Okay Rhys, we can do that, and sure you do guys, you won't need to take much. What were you thinking of for dessert tonight baby?”

“Fine.” They grinned.

“I want to make a pie or two, and make both ice cream and whipped cream for them.” Rhys grinned.

“Sounds good, but that means that we will need to go and buy an ice cream maker, because we don't have one of those yet.”

“We don't? I could have sworn I saw one in the pantry, it attaches to the mixer. At least I'm pretty sure that was what it was.” Rhys said.

“No clue. I still haven't figured out all the stuff that we have. Mitch bought all the available accessories for our mixer though, so if there is an ice cream maker for it, then we probably do have one.” Nick smiled and shrugged.

“You guys don't even know everything that you have in your kitchen? That's kinda weird.” Owen laughed.

“Our interior designer took care of all of that for us, and he got us the best of everything. We just told him the main things, he did the rest. Almost every day that we have been in our house we have found a surprise. It's kinda neat actually.” Nick smiled.

“Must be nice.” Both Owen and Tanner laughed at the same time.

“It is. Well, everyone grab an armful.” Nick smiled, and they all took the stuff up to the house.

When they got in, they put the stuff away for the time being, and then Rhys went into the large pantry and looked around for a few moments, and a few minutes later came out victoriously, holding the ice cream maker attachment for their mixer, still in the package.

“Ha, found it. I knew it was in there somewhere.”

“Let me see it please, so that I can read the instructions on it?” Nick asked.

Rhys passed the box over, and Nick pulled the manual out and started reading. It took him a few minutes to do so, then put the book down, and pulled out the item itself.

“Well, it says here that we have to freeze the bowl first for at least five hours, so if we throw it in the freezer now, it should be okay, and it says it only takes about half an hour to make the ice cream, so we should be good. There are even a few recipes in the book, but we'll need to hit the store to pick up a few things as well.”

“Cool.” Rhys said, and then grabbed the bowl, gave it a good wash out first, and then threw it in the freezer.

Nick got the mixer ready while Rhys was doing that, then grabbed the fresh cream, and got started on making their butter. He used the goats cream for this, because they both liked it, and they always had more goats milk and cream than they would use for anything else, well until they started making cheese.

“That's pretty cool that you guys make your own butter and everything, but do you make cheese or anything else as well?” Owen asked.

“Yeah, why buy it, when we can make it ourselves, and this way we know exactly what is going into our food. So far we have not made any cheese, but we have a few books on it, so we will soon. We have also wanted to start making our own bread and stuff, but we've still been pretty busy with getting the farm all set up.” Nick answered.

“Neat.” Tanner and Owen both said.

“Yeah, it's really neat to know that we are almost totally surviving off our own land. We both can't wait until our garden and greenhouse start producing food as well.” Rhys smiled.

Once the butter was on its way to being made, the boys all went into the bedroom and got each other changed and dressed into some nicer clothes for going out. Nick had only put the mixer onto a medium speed, that way the butter would take a little while, so that they could get dressed. When they got back from getting dressed, it was almost ready, so Nick turned the mixer up and finished it off. He then started rinsing it and kneading it under cold water, and when it was ready, he put it and some salt back in the bowl and put the beater on, instead of the whisk that had been in there, and mixed the butter well.

“What was that that you poured into the bowl and put in the fridge?” Tanner asked.

“That was the buttermilk. We use it for cooking, because it is great for that, especially baking, and when we get back and make dessert, that is what we'll use instead of milk.” Nick answered.

“Cool. That made a lot of butter though, how come you made so much?” Owen asked this time.

“We keep about a pound for us, and give the rest to the soup kitchen, but you two can take some home with you. We only make butter about once a week, but we just make as much as we can fit into the mixer to try and use up the cream a bit.” Nick answered again.

“Why don't we just take all of this to the soup kitchen today, and make another batch tomorrow, and then we can split it three ways between us. We still have enough until at least tomorrow afternoon, even with baking.” Rhys suggested.

“I'm good with that.” Nick answered.

“My mom would probably like that, she loves fresh butter.” Owen smiled.

“Mine would too.” Tanner said.

“Cool, then it's settled.” Rhys said.

They then grabbed all that they needed to take to the soup kitchen and headed out to the garage to head out. Everything was placed in the crates in the back of the Humvee, and the boys all climbed in and buckled up.

“Hi there, we have some more fresh milk, eggs, cream, and butter for you to use in your soup kitchen.” Nick said as the back door to the church opened.

“Hello again boys, and friends, it's so nice to see you again. Come on in. I must say it is very nice of you to do this for us, it really is nice to get nice food for those that need it. They all appreciate it.” The guy said, much the same thing he said every few days that the boys were there. Every time they went they had different things, and different quantities, but it was always received graciously.

“It's not a problem. Really. We can't possibly use all that our animals produce, and we don't need the money, so we give it to those who need it.” Nick smiled, saying the same thing that he said almost every time.

They went out and grabbed the rest of the stuff to bring in, and set it on the counter. Once it was all brought inside, they headed back out on their way, heading towards the grocery store. They went in there and bought the few things that they would need, Rhys grabbing what he wanted for the pies as well. It had surprised both boys a great deal when they found out that Rhys seemed almost a natural in the kitchen, and baked beautifully. Once they were done at the grocery store, they headed back to the house for the rest of the day.

“So, Owen, tell me, have you ever wondered what it would feel like to dress up as a girl?” Rhys asked suddenly when they walked in the front door, each of them carrying a bag of their groceries.

“Um, yeah.” He blushed.

“Cool, so have all of us, so I think you'll love this. When we get to the bedroom, you have to promise to keep your eyes closed until we tell you to open them, okay.” Rhys grinned happily.

“Um, okay, I guess so. You won't do anything bad to me though, will you?”

“Of course not, you're our friend, we would never do anything bad to you, unless you wanted us to.” Rhys said softly.

“Oh, okay.”

A few minutes later the boys were in the bedroom, or more specifically in the closet, and the boys were busy getting Owen all prettied up. They first laid him on the floor, removed all his clothes, his wet diaper, then put on a nice thick diaper, and frilly bum tights. The tights just barely fit the larger boy. Next he was stood up and a dress was put onto him. Again the dress just barely fit the bigger boy, and instead of going down to his calves, as it should have, it went to his knees, so it was a good thing that it was an adjustable in the back, to accommodate for growth, because they used it, and even still it just barely fit around his chest. Finally his hair and makeup were done, and then he was set aside until the others got themselves all done up. They helped each other out, and Owen just stood there with his eyes closed for the twenty minutes that this took. Even if he had tried to peek, he was facing a wall of clothes with no mirror, so he wouldn't have seen a thing anyways.

“Okay, here you go, open your eyes and see how you look.” Rhys said after taking the boy and standing him by the mirrors, the other three standing behind him.

Owen was of course smart enough to know what had been done to him, so he did not look surprised at all when he opened his eyes. He took in the sight of himself looking pretty for quite a few minutes, and then looked at the other three, and his smile grew. He was pretty sure that they too had dressed up, because it sure took them long enough, but he was happy that they had as well.

“Wow, we sure do look pretty. I can't even imagine what my mom and dad would say if they saw me like this though.” He grinned.

“Same here.” Tanner said.

“Well, if they even recognized you at all, it would be a surprise. Your moms though, they would probably say, oh goody, I have a little girl, and your dads, well they would be shocked to say the least.” Nick grinned widely.

“How do you know that?” Owen asked.

“Well, our dad was not shocked to see us dressed as girls when we dressed up with our sisters, he knew I was gay anyways, and mom pretty much said just that, oh, another cute little girl.” Nick smiled, because for him, it was the total truth, but Rhys was just naturally added in there. His original little brother though had not dressed up as a girl, at least not before he had died, or that he had known of.

“You guys must have had neat parents, it must really hurt at times.” Owen said sadly for them.

“They really were the greatest, and it hurts so much sometimes, but it's getting better. We have each other still, and we know that life really does have to move on. It's what they would have wanted.” Rhys answered this time, but it was true. Nick had told him everything that there was to know about their parents, and Rhys really did think of them as that, because his parents certainly were not worth thinking about.

“Yeah, I guess you're right, hopefully I will never have to worry about that.” Tanner said.

“Sadly every person will have to deal with grief at some point. Something that we realized far sooner than we would have wanted, is that everyone, no matter who, dies at some point. The thing that you have to remember though is to live in the now, live life to its fullest, and tell those around you that you love them, but more importantly, show that you do. We were at least lucky in that respect, we all knew that we loved each other a great deal. Even though our parents were very busy people with the businesses, they always took the time to be with us, do stuff with us, show us that they loved us. Sometimes we even went to the office with them, just to be near, and spend more time together.” Nick said lovingly.

“That's nice. At least you knew they loved you, and they likewise. I know that my parents love me, but I hope that they know that I love them as much.” Tanner said.

“Same here.” Owen said, both boys wondering about that, and vowing to change that.

“Well, enough of the sad sappy stuff, let's go get some baking done, and figure out what we should make for dinner.” Nick said.

So that was what they went and did. They all helped to make two different pies, but got a nice prime rib roast into the oven for their dinner first. The boys still had it in the fridge, so that was what they put in. They decided to have mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, mixed veggies, and gravy with it. By the time that the pies were finished baking, it was starting to smell very good in the house. The boys all sat around the table in the kitchen, laughing and talking for a while, playing cards as they did, until dinner was very nearly ready. The rest of the dinner was done up, the ice cream was started, it would be made while they were eating, and then they all sat down to their feast fit for kings. It was then topped off with delicious pie and fresh whipped cream or ice cream, well both in all cases.

“Wow, I can't believe how good that dinner was. I've never ate so good and so much in my life.” Owen groaned, leaning back and patting his belly.

“Me neither.” Tanner moaned out, but Rhys and Nick agreed with them though in many ways, because they certainly did not eat like that most of the time.

After their feast was finished, and cleaned up, the boys all went downstairs and played games for the rest of the night.

“Um guys, do you think that Tanner and I can share one of the bedrooms upstairs tonight?” Owen asked with a cute blush after they had all decided that it was bedtime. The two of them had been talking and giggling an awful lot while they were playing, and they had decided that they might like to be a little closer.

“Of course you can, and this way maybe I will rape my big baby brother.” Rhys grinned, both boys blushed.

“Thanks, I think.” Tanner said, still blushing.

“Come on upstairs girls, and we will give you what you need for bed, you can get each other ready tonight I think.” Nick smiled warmly, he knew exactly what had been going on, and had even heard them talking a little earlier, so he was very happy for them. It had worked out.

When they got to the bedroom, the boys were each passed a diaper and a pair of pajamas, and told that they could use whichever bedroom that they wanted to. They again blushed cutely, but said thanks, and headed out. Nick and Rhys got down to some loving as soon as the boys left the room, they stripped off their dresses and tights, removed their wigs, and then washed the makeup off of each other, and still in their soggy diapers, they headed to the bed.

As soon as they were laying in bed, they started kissing tenderly, their hands caressing everywhere that they could reach, but both seeming to gravitate towards each others diapers. As soon as their hands made it to their diapered destinations, they began gently rubbing each other through the soft squishy material of their boyfriends diaper. They were both painfully hard, and they were breathing heavily into each other, both enjoying this a great deal.

Rhys was the one to finally break their kiss, and once he was released, he pushed Nick so that he was laying on his back, and then crawled on top of his lover, until their diapers were pressed together, each just barely able to feel the others erections inside. Once he was positioned how he wanted to be, Rhys started a humping motion, doing something new, even for them, and they ground their soggy diapered fronts together. They both found that while it felt incredibly good, that there was not very much pressure, so they knew that they would last a great amount of time this way. This, they both thought, would be very nice.

It took nearly half an hour of their gentle grinding for them to cum, and when they did, it was soft and loving, just like the love making had been, and they both moaned lowly. Given their size difference, they had not been able to kiss a lot, but they had managed a little here and there, but as soon as their first cums ended, they were kissing softly again.

For their next orgasm, they removed each others diapers, and Nick went first this time, and laid down between Rhys' legs. Using only his tongue, Nick bathed Rhys' entire groin, paying ungodly amounts of time on his cute little balls, and then even more time on his cute little boy popsicle. Never once though did Nick take Rhys completely into his mouth, he just worked slowly and tenderly to bring Rhys as much pleasure as he possibly could, without letting him cum. It took over half an hour for Rhys' powerful orgasm to build, and of course Nick could feel this happening, so took Rhys fully into his mouth for the first time, and sucked him greedily. With a squeal of the utmost pleasure, Rhys came, and came hard.

It took nearly ten minutes for Rhys to come down, long enough or Nick to also back off sufficiently from the orgasm that had been building in his balls as well, and then they traded places. Rhys did to Nick exactly what had been done to him, but Nick was only able to last twenty minutes.

“Wow baby, that was really nice. Where did you get the idea of grinding our diapers together like that?” Nick asked softly after they had kissed a few minutes.

“Read about it the other night, and thought that it sounded enjoyable, turns out that was not what that was at all, it was fantastic.” Rhys sighed.

“I'll say.” Nick also sighed.

“And what about the tongue bath you gave me, where did you hear about that?”

“Read about that as well.” Nick smiled warmly.

“Mmmm, it was real nice too. So, it worked huh.”

“Yeah, it was, and it did, but then we were sure it would, or we would not have brought them together.” Nick said, knowing exactly what it was that Rhys was referring to.

“For sure. They both seem a lot happier now, just like us. I just hope their parents either don't notice or don't care.”

“Yeah, but if they do notice, oh well, but it sounds as if they will be okay with it, but Tanner's dad already knows about him anyways, I'm certain of it.”

“Yeah, me too. Well baby, we'd better get babied, before I fall asleep and pee the bed.”

“Yeah, we'd better.” Nick smiled, and they did just that. With final kisses goodnight, minutes later, they were sound asleep.


The two blushing boys made their way upstairs, and by unspoken agreement, they just went into the first room that they came to. They both looked shyly at each other, not saying anything, not doing anything, just looking at each other, blushing cutely. As if controlled by a third party, they slowly moved towards each other until their lips met in a tender kiss. It was very soft, very nice, and when they broke, both boys were smiling.

"Um, can I undress you?" Owen asked shyly.

"Please. Then can I undress you?"


They then proceeded to undress each other, one after the other, and then cleaned each others makeup off in the bathroom. Once they were all cleaned up, they headed back to the bedroom in just their soggy diapers.

"Can you change my diaper please?" Tanner asked.

"Okay. Can you change mine as well please?"


Tanner laid down first, his bum right to the edge of the nice big bed, is legs dangling down. Owen moved in and slowly removed the four tapes holding the diaper on, and then rolled it down. Hidden inside, to no surprise of Owen, was a cute little erection. Both boys blushed again, but both knew what they were there to do, both wanting it a great deal. Owen first took the hard pulsing young boner in his fingers and stroked Tanner gently, but slowly moved so that his mouth was within mere millimeters of the pulsing erection. On a down stroke, just as the shiny red head appeared, Owen's tongue escaped his mouth, as if by accident, and licked the very tip, thus causing Tanner to moan in pleasure even more than he had already been doing.

Slowly Owen took Tanner into his mouth, sucking gently, licking softly, being very careful of his teeth. For both of their first time, it sure did feel great, but sadly it did not last all that long. Tanner started gasping and panting more, he was vibrating all over, and then it hit him, his first orgasm brought on by someone other than himself, and it was so much better than he had ever had before.

"Wow, that was awesome, thanks." Tanner gasped out a few moments later, while Owen was taping him into a fresh diaper.

"You're welcome. I enjoyed it too, it felt real nice." Owen smiled warmly.

Minutes later they had traded places, and this time it was Tanner doing all the work. He did everything that Owen had done, taking almost the exact same amount of time to do it, and in about the same amount of time it took for Tanner to cum, it took for Owen as well. Even though Owen was far closer to puberty, he was still totally dry, would be for almost two years more, but it felt great to both of them none the less.

As Owen was coming down, Tanner was taping him into a nice dry diaper, then they both jammied each other up. They laid in the bed and kissed for a little while, just enjoying the feeling of each other, and then with whispered good nights, they both passed out.

The next morning Rhys and Nick woke up first, and they laid in bed just kissing and cuddling for a while, just enjoying the warmth of holding each other so lovingly. They had a whispered conversation, mostly centered around the boys upstairs, and what it was that they might have gotten up to the night before, but both surmising, correctly, what they had done. They decided to get up and get some nice filling breakfast ready for them all, and shortly after they started cooking, the delicious smells of cooking bacon had permeated the sleeping boys stomachs and woke them up. They both entered the kitchen, looking as if their noses were leading them.

"Good morning you two lovebirds. You look so much better this morning, you're almost glowing. It looks like you two got to know each other nicely last night." Rhys said happily.

"Good morning, yeah, we did, it was very nice." Owen sighed, but both boys did blush.

"I bet it was. So are you two boyfriends yet, or are you just holding off on that for now?" Nick asked, and they looked to each other and smiled warmly.

"Oh, boyfriends for sure." Tanner smiled huge.

"I'm happy for you two." Rhys sighed happily.

"Me too." Nick added.

They sat down to breakfast a short time later, and then cleaned that up. Once that was done, they headed to the boys' bedroom to get changed and dressed to go do their chores. The chores were done just as quickly as they had been done the previous morning, and they all had fun doing it again. Once they were done, the milk, cream, and eggs were all collected and taken into the house. Nick got another full batch of butter going, while Rhys and the other two put everything away, but keeping out what Owen and Tanner would take with them. Both boys still protested, saying it was too much, but they were soundly ignored.

A short time later the butter was done and packaged, the boys were all cleaned up and dressed, and they had decided that it was time for the boys to go home. So they went to the garage and hopped in the Humvee and headed out.

"Thanks guys so much for the great weekend, I really had fun." Tanner smiled warmly as they pulled into his driveway, he was being dropped off first.

"It was our pleasure. We're just glad that you had fun, and that we were able to find you a nice boyfriend." Nick smiled warmly back.

"Yeah, thank you for that as well. Owen, I'll call you tonight." Tanner said, and then they reached in for a nice tender kiss together. Tanner hopped out of the truck, and headed into the house, then the boys took off.

Owen was next to be dropped off, and he too said the same thing, and both boys wished him a good night and then headed home.

"I'm so glad that that worked out so well." Rhys said happily as they were driving away.

"Me too. Hopefully they will be as happy as we are together, for a long time to come."

The boys made the short trip back home from Owen's house, and then went and sat back and relaxed for the rest of the evening, both getting some reading done.