Chapter 9

The winter months were now creeping upon the boys, and with that came special consideration for their animals. They were going to be fine though, because the barn was heated. Over the past few months they had gotten everything from their gardens out and processed, their freezers were almost entirely full, their cheese curer was full, because they had made even more cheddar and parmesan to put in there a few times, and now they were only growing their fresh food in the greenhouse. They had been careful to stagger their plantings, so that they always had fresh food, but not so much that they would not be able to eat it all. It was all starting to pay off.

It was also during this time that it was the anniversary of the death of Nick's parents. It was a long hard few days for Nick, but with Rhys there by his side, he did amazingly well. They did not have sex at all during that time, they just cuddled and talked a lot. They talked a lot about the past, they talked a lot about the future, they just talked.

The boys were getting more and more used to running the farm, the extra animals hardly seemed to affect their times at all now, because they had gotten better, so it now only took them three hours to do all their chores in the morning. The boys' love for each other also seemed to be growing, they truly loved each other with all their heart and soul, so too was the love of Tanner and Owen, and even their parents could see it. Even though the parents of the two boys knew that their sons were gay, and they had boyfriends, they never once let on, just let the boys go at their own pace, letting them decide to tell them when they were ready.

Now with the winter coming, the boys would be inside more often than they were used to, but they would still go out and play too. They had decided that they would make more and more cheese, except cheddar, because they already had close to a hundred pounds of cheddar in the curer. They would make and freeze others, as well as donate some of it to the soup kitchen. Owen and Tanner would also come and spend some time, as they had been in the past, and they would all have fun, and get to play a little more now as well.

“I think my parents suspect something is going on between Owen and I.” Tanner told the boys on one such weekend in November.

“And I'm pretty sure that mine do too. They're always asking me how we're doing, like they know we're a couple.” Owen said as well.

“I hate to tell you this guys, but whenever you're around each other, you glow, so they probably do know.” Nick said, wondering why the boys had not seen it sooner, because he and Rhys had known for a long time that the likelihood of the boys' parents knowing was quite high.

“You really think that they know we're gay then?” Tanner asked.

“They're your parents, I'd say that they have probably suspected for a long time, but now I'm betting that they know.” Nick answered honestly.

“And do you think that they are okay with it?” Owen asked.

“Do they let you guys spend the weekend at each others houses so often because they are not okay with it?” Rhys asked simply.

“Well, I guess so, but I just didn't think that my dad would be okay with it.” Owen said.

“Nah, if they really loved you, your parents would love you no matter what. We can tell though, they have known for a long time, and they do really love you guys. I think that they have just been letting you guys decide when and if to tell them, but you probably should tell them. I bet they're happy for you when you do decide to tell them.” Nick said gently, with a soft happy smile on his face.

“You think so?” Both boys asked.

“Yes, we do.” Nick and Rhys both said together.

So the next weekend the boys were once again at Nick and Rhys' house for the weekend, and they both had happy news.

“I told my parents this week that I'm gay, and that Tanner was my boyfriend. They just smiled at me and said they knew, and they were happy that I finally decided to tell them.” Owen smiled brightly.

“Mine said the same thing when I told them.” Tanner said brightly as well.

“See, we told you they would. How does it feel to have almost all your secrets off your chests?” Nick asked happily.

“I told them the other secrets as well, that I really love my diapers, and that sometimes I liked to dress up a little babyish, or girly, and they were okay with that. They just smiled and said that they had suspected that as well.”

“I told mine the same, and they said the same things as well.” Tanner smiled.

“And I bet you both feel so much more free now.” Nick said.

“Yeah, I do.” They both said together.

The boys got down to enjoying a nice weekend together after that. They played inside, they played outside in the snow, they rode horses, they played with the animals, they did their chores, and they all had a lot of fun. They were doing that a lot more these days, just being able to have some fun, because the summers were most certainly a farmers busiest time of the year, so winter was more their relaxing time, although they still had a lot to do even then.

Before too long, it was Christmas time, and they had a nice pleasant Christmas. Nick and Rhys spent Christmas day together, in just their diapers and jammies, and while they did pass each other a couple nice small gifts, there really was not much either of them needed or wanted. They mostly just stayed cuddled up together in front of their huge beautifully decorated Christmas tree, in front of a roaring fire. They even made love to each other there, twice, during Christmas day. It was very loving.

Tanner and Owen came and spent the next day with them, and they told each other of their nice Christmases with their families, and then they all passed each other their gifts. They all had a very nice day together, just sitting back and relaxing and talking, and even a little playing too.

Over the winter months, the boys got lots and lots done, as they had planned. They got lots more cheese made, they even made lots of goats milk soap, which was a lot more difficult than they had thought it would be, but they did it. During the winter Rhys also intensified his schoolwork, wanting to get as much done as possible while he had lots of time to do it. He was now working on the grade seven stuff, a full three years ahead of what he should have been. He even was acing every test that he took when he went into the education center, because they needed to make certain that he was doing the work, so all tests were done there. Rhys wanted to be done school by the time he was fourteen, so that he and Nick could really work on the farm, and not have to worry.

The boys had both discussed going onto post secondary school, but neither felt that they really needed to, there was nothing that either of them really wanted to do, other than just run their farm, and they were already doing very well there, even if they were not making any money whatsoever. They were both perfectly happy doing just what they were doing, right where they were doing it.

The next few months went by with nothing much new happening, the boys had gotten into a nice rhythm with their work, and they were doing well with it. Their animals were flourishing, doing all very well. Their vet came in every couple months or so to check on them all, but none of them had even the slightest problems at all. The boys were still having Owen and Tanner over nearly every other weekend, and as per usual, they all had a lot of fun when they were together. Winter was slowly slipping away, the snow was melting, the days were just a little warmer, the nights just a little later, and before they knew it, it was the anniversary of the day that they met.

“Do you know what day it is today baby?” Nick asked that morning when they woke up.

“Yes I do baby, today is the anniversary of the day I was really born.” Rhys smiled warmly, and reached in for a nice gentle kiss.

“Yes, it is the day that I was born again as well, the day that fate decided that two people should not die, the day that fate decided to push us together. I love you now more than I did then, and I will love you more every day from here on out.”

“And I love you too. I want to tell Owen and Tanner about us, our true story. I think that they deserve to know, they are great friends, and I know that they would never tell another person ever.”

“I was wondering when you would decide to ask if you could. We will tell them together when they come today, okay.”

“Thanks baby. Make love to me before they come though please?” Rhys asked softly.

“I'd like that very much baby.” Nick smiled warmly.

Nick rolled Rhys over onto his back, gave him a deep, tender, soul searching kiss. While they were kissing deeply, Nick was removing Rhys' diaper, pulling the front down, and snaking his hand inside for the target. Rhys opened his legs wider, and then lifted them up and put them on Nick's shoulders. Nick gently probed the moist hole, just very slowly working his fingers inside, slowly opening his little lover up. Rhys reached down and released the tapes holding Nick's diaper on, and it fell onto the bed, clearing the way for Rhys' hands. One hand grasped a hold of Nick's erection, the other grabbed his balls, and together they slowly toyed with them. Both boys were getting even hotter by the second, and both knew they were not going to last too much longer, so without a word spoken, Nick removed his four fingers, Rhys released his hold, and Nick moved forward, slipping all the way inside. The only lube that had been used for this entrance was the natural lube that Rhys' own bum made, and it felt great for both boys. Sadly Nick just barely made it all the way in before they both exploded in an incredible orgasm.

“Don't you dare take it out baby, keep going, make love to me again, and again, and again please.” Rhys panted.

“Okay baby, god this feels so good.” Nick panted, starting to thrust, not totally finished the first orgasm.

“Feels good for me as well.” Rhys sighed out, enjoying the slow thrusting immensely.

For a further ten minutes they made love to each other, and then exploded again. Rhys urged Nick on again, telling him to go for a third orgasm. Nick wasn't so certain that he could stand the friction any more to the head of his ultra sensitive dick any more, but he did it anyways. Fifteen minutes later they were both cumming again.

Totally wasted this time, and not able to continue in the least, Nick collapsed to the side. Rhys pushed him over so that he was totally on his back, and then crawled in. He laid his head in Nick's lap, and then started lapping at the poor battered balls, licking and sucking them, as his fingers found their home in Nick's hot ass.

Nick was almost totally out of it still, his mind still not completely comprehending what Rhys was doing. He was on auto pilot, his body just doing what it was being told to do, so that was how his legs ended up coming to be spread wide and bent slightly. When Rhys crawled in and inserted his little boner into Nick's hot hole, he moaned lowly from that, joined of course by Rhys' own low moan.

Rhys lasted an amazing amount of time before he came, because he had cum every time that Nick had as well, but then Nick was cumming again at that moment anyways, because he too had risen high enough to cum again. Rhys didn't stop though, he kept right on going, through a further two cums. It was by far their most intense love making that they had ever experienced. They were both nearly raw, they were both completely soft, and neither one of them was certain that they were going to be able to walk at all.

It took fifteen minutes at least after their final session for them to even be able to move enough to think of getting out of bed. When Rhys was finally able to do so, he crawled out, grabbed their diapers and work clothes, and then came back and got his baby ready for the day.

“Baby, I don't know what to say about what we just did, because nothing compares to what you just did to us.” Nick sighed when he was finally dressed, their first real words since near the beginning, over an hour before that.

“I know, it was awesome, wasn't it.” Rhys smiled brightly.

“And then some. I hope we don't have to go anywhere today, because if anyone sees you, they will know what we've been up to, because only one thing causes that glow.” Nick grinned.

“Same with you.”

“Yeah, but on a nine year old it looks out of place. Remember, almost all parents think that their children are far too pure and innocent to be doing what we do. Fact of the matter of course is that a good portion of those kids are so far from pure and innocent, that it would kill their parents, but it really shows on you right now.”

“True. Well, get me dressed baby, and then we have to go get our chores done.”

Rhys was dressed quickly, and then they got started on their chores. It took the normal amount of time for them to complete their chores, and just as they were finishing up, both Tanner and Owen arrived, Owen having come with Tanner, because Tanner and his mom picked Owen up on the way. The boys all went and had some fun riding the horses, and then playing outside for most of the day. It was still quite cool outside, but it was warm enough to have a nice day. They had lunch and dinner together, and then after dinner they all went down to swim and relax in the hot tub. And that was where they were, in the hot tub, when Rhys decided to spill his and Nick's little secret.

“Guys, we want to tell you a bit of a story, a secret story if you will, it's about us, but you have to swear to never tell a single other person please.” Rhys said.

“I swear to never tell.” They both said together.

“Thanks guys. We know you'd never tell, but you have to know how important this is, because what we are about to tell you is almost as illegal as us having sex. I'm not entirely who you think I am. My name is actually Sean, or at least it used to be. It was legally changed to Rhys just before we moved out here. You see, one year ago today Nick and I met, we're not really brothers you see. We've known each other for exactly one year today. Fate seemed to push us together, because we both met in the middle of the night, on the same dark train bridge, over the same fast flowing river, both fully intending to jump off of it and hopefully quickly end our miserable existences.”

“Oh my god.” Both boys gasped quietly at that, but said nothing else.

“Yeah. You see, my parents hated my guts, treated me worse than a rabid dog, I slept in the corner on a small mat in the kitchen, in the draft, with one small little blanket. I always wet the bed, but didn't get diapers to help. I was barely fed, and most often I had to sit at the table and watch them eat, but I wasn't allowed to say or do anything. I wasn't allowed to shower or bath at home, because that took too much money, so I bathed in a small pool in the river, therefore I always stunk. I rarely had clothes that fit me, because they just found whatever was in the bargain bin at the thrift store, buy a bag for a dollar type deal, and most often I only had one set of clothes to wear. They blamed me for everything, they blamed me for their addiction to drugs and booze, they blamed me for their never having a job or money, they said I was the reason they were so poor. So I decided to just end it all. Nick's story though is exactly how you have heard it. His little brother Rhys though was with the rest of his family when they all died, so our lawyer just sorta resurrected him, and I became Nick's little brother. That was the main reason that we had to move, and we decided to move clear across the country, because no one there could ever know that I was alive. I hope you understand the reason why we lied to you, and I hope you understand how important it is to keep quiet about this.” Rhys said, and both boys were shocked.

“Well, um, I'm really sorry that that happened to you, and I'll never tell another person, ever, don't worry there. But why tell us at all? We never had to know, it really isn't important. I take it that everything is done so well that if anyone were to ever look, they would find that Rhys really is your brother?” Owen asked a few minutes later, just letting everything be absorbed.

“And I'll never tell either. You guys really met on your way to jump off a bridge into a river to kill yourselves?” Tanner asked.

“Yeah, we had both just hit the lowest of lows, and it just wasn't worth living any more. What Rhys didn't tell you though, was that I was very guilty about not being dead along with my parents. You see, right before they all left and died, we had had a fight, and I said some not so nice things, so I felt as if I had deserved to die. It was pretty bad. It is true though, we did meet in the middle of a train bridge, in fact we actually smacked right smack into each other. It was so dark that night that you couldn't see a thing in front of you. Thinking back now, it was pretty comical how we met, but we fell in love right from that moment I think. As for why we'd even bother telling you at all, well because you're our friends, and you deserved to know. This of course changes nothing, Rhys is still Rhys, and always will be, and he's still my little brother legally, and yes, it would take more than a lot of digging to ever uncover the full truth.” Nick said this time.

“Thank you for trusting us with this then I guess, and I guess happy anniversary.” Owen grinned.

“Yeah, what he said.” Tanner smiled warmly.

“Thanks guys, it really means a lot to us that you are here with us.”

“We owe you guys a whole lot though. It was you that brought us together, and now we're boyfriends, and that's all because of you.” Tanner said happily.

“We know, and we're happy for you two as well. Well, let's go get diapered and watch a movie for the rest of the night.” Nick said.

So that was what they did. From then on, the four of them were the best of friends, life long friends in fact. Owen and Tanner both moved in with Nick and Rhys when they decided it was time, and they all lived in that wonderful large home for many a great year. They continued to raise animals, until they were all too old to care for them, and then their sons and grandchildren took over for them. They had all adopted young throw away boys, and all the boys were gay and diaper lovers as well, but that was of no big surprise. All four of the boys all stayed loving their diapers just as much, never once regretting the fact that they wore them. Every year they celebrated the day that fate had struck, the day that two boys lives began.