Fathers and Sons II

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I have to admit I was scared as hell at getting fucked but since my dad was the one that busted my cherry when we were in Florida on vacation now I love having a cock in my ass. I also love having my cock in someone else's ass, preferably a boy between ten and twelve years old, just because I love the hairless factor of a boy.

When we were in Florida and hooked up with Brian Walters and his son Ryan and then Cal and Chris Myers dad always enforced the condom rule. Bottom line no unprotected sex whether it was male and female or male and male regardless of age and everyone had to be consenting to the sex action even if you were a minor. I still am, well I'm not old enough to drink anyway, but the legal age of consent in my state is sixteen.

Dad did break his condom rule one time with me. We were in his bed both lying on our sides, him behind me spooning me with his six inches of cut cock in my ass, his balls banging against my ass. I thought he was going to pull out of my ass before he came because we ran out of condoms, but the moment got to him so he came in my butt. It is a very strange feeling having been filled up with cum, trying to walk around with cum dripping down my legs. Two days later it still felt like I had cum in my ass.

My cousin Jeremy was coming to stay with us for a few days. Jeremy is my dad's godson and just turned eleven. We haven't seen him in about six years because they live in Oregon. My Uncle John from my mother's side had to travel to Europe on business on short notice so dad agreed to take care of Jeremy. Uncle John arranged for a stopover flight so dad and I could pick Jeremy up at the airport before Uncle John had to get on the next flight. Uncle John also made arrangements for Jeremy to be out of school for the time he was gone.

I guess Jeremy and I have things in common but not much. The only real thing we have in common is that neither of us have mothers. My mom died when I was eleven. Jeremy's mom decided she would be better off without a family so she just left to join some kind of commune in Israel, what I never understood and still don't; we or they aren't Jewish but I guess she converted or is just a total nut job; she bolted when Jeremy was five.

The first time I met Aunt Peg I was five at their wedding, everyone was wearing togas including me. I was the ring boy, well more like the wreath boy, instead of rings on the pillow I carried two thorny head bands and my father was right behind me carrying a sword. There weren't many people at the wedding so my mom acted as the maid or matron of honor following my dad with a pan of water. Behind her was a little girl carrying oil, followed by Peg's mom carrying towels. The ceremony started by washing the feet of those to be wed as an act of cleansing. Well when everyone is in a toga with nothing underneath when someone bends over to wash the feet not much is left to the imagination not even to a five year old. I didn't know what it was or what it was for but the girls didn't have what I had I knew that much. Not like I really had any idea what my thingy was for either other than to pee from, I know what is good for now.

I was instructed to kneel next to Uncle John and the girl was to kneel by soon to be Aunt Peg, both of us facing them but to the crowd as well. Now that I think of it we were forty-five degrees to the strange couple. I remember having my knees closed but the minister if you can call him that made me open my legs and so did the girl. I didn't know what a boner was then but all the men had them. All I could think of was I wished I was wearing undies, or even a fig leaf or something, this is wrong but they are the adults and adults are suppose to know what is right and wrong. This is who we learn from, adults have to be right. So there I sat listening to some language that I had no idea what they were saying. I found out much later in life it was Latin, go figure.

Anyway the ceremony went on with each person washing the feet of Uncle John and Aunt Peg, all kneeling and looking right up the togas in front of them and mine and the girl's. I don't remember her name. It was obvious that it was Aunt Peg's show because the `Minister' kept talking in whatever language and Aunt Peg barked orders like a Military Drill Sergeant, I didn't know what that was either at the time. Dad knelt in front of the two with the sword pointing upwards between them and the minister kept talking gibberish, Uncle John and Aunt Peg both wrapped their hands around the blade and interlocked hands cutting themselves and bleeding down the sword. As the blood run down the minister put the thorn wreaths on their heads and pushed down causing more blood. Then the oil was poured over both their heads and hands. Aunt Peg's mom wrapped a towel around the hands still on the sword and tied it tight.

After the ceremony the two kids, me and the girl, were led outside and to be watched by `An Uncle', while everyone inside celebrated with the happy couple. I had no idea what the party was about or what went on but Jeremy was born two months after the wedlock. I have a pretty good idea now what went on. I didn't even know she was pregnant but what does a five year old know, I just thought she was fat.

The `Uncle' read a story to me and the girl; she wasn't much older than I was. We had to sit on his lap outside the building in a big chair. We had to hold the book so his hands were free to roam our bodies. We tried to read the story but didn't understand all the words. If we didn't know a word we would have to point to it and he helped us figure out what the word was. Otherwise his hands were up and under both of our little togas feeling everything he could get his hands on; and he had his hands on everything. I can't say that I didn't like the feeling but it wasn't like when dad gave me a bath either, it was rougher, he pinched my nut sac and made me cry out, now I know the difference, he wasn't gentle and caring, he just wanted what he could get.

I thought I came from an F'ed up family, well I guess I do, but there we were waiting for Uncle John and Jeremy to deplane. Uncle John got dad and I passes through security so we could pick Jeremy up at the gate instead of waiting for him at the baggage claim area because he didn't have a lot of time between flights and didn't want Jeremy to have to fend for himself in a busy airport.

OMG talk about a geek, his pants are too short on him, his glasses, I don't even know how to describe them, black frames and square lenses, not the cool looking ones, what did dad describe the style as, military birth control glasses as dad put it any man that wears them will never get laid, well an eleven year old was wearing them now, just like Uncle John, the only thing they were missing was the white tape in the middle of the glasses and the loud speaker to announce the dork squad is deplaning at gate seventy-one from Portland.

"Hey there they are Jeremy. Hi Frank, hi Jamie, Frank I'm so glad you can take care of Jeremy. I don't know what else I would have done with him. I hate to say hello and goodbye but I need to run to catch the next flight it boards in thirty minutes. I hope my luggage makes it. Frank I know I said this trip was for a few days but that might change".

My dad said "Good to see you John, Jeremy can stay with us as long as necessary. Maybe you can stay for more than a second when you come back. It's been a long time since we have seen you guys".

John said "You're right Frank it has been a long time. I'm sorry I do have to run. Jeremy you be a good boy and obey Uncle Frank and Jamie. I will be back as soon as I can. Jamie you're looking good I hope everything is working out for you".

"Thanks Uncle John". He shook our hands and headed for the concourse to catch his plane to Germany. Jeremy stood there looking at us and started to move from one foot to the other. I said "Dude if you have to take a wiz say something the bathroom is just around the corner. I'm going to need a piss call before we get back in the car".

Dad said "So am I, grab his bag Jamie".

Dad took one urinal and I took the one two over to the left hoping Jeremy would feel safer between us and take the one in the middle. Nope, he danced around ready to piss himself waiting for a stall to become free. He waited too long and had a wet spot in the front of his pants when he came out of the stall, not just a dribble spot either. I gave him my ball cap so we could get out of the airport. Dad and I figured Jeremy only had the one bag as a carry on, wrong again we had to wait thirty minutes to collect his other two bags. He was only staying for a few days; he had enough baggage to move in with us. Dad looked at me but didn't say anything. I lugged the two suitcases and dad had the small duffel bag over his shoulder leading the way to the car. Jeremy kept the ball cap in front of him until we got to the car.

Once we got in the car dad said "Jeremy is everything alright at home, you have a lot of luggage to stay a couple of days". Dad pulled his airline tickets and looked at them. Dad looked at me and said "Open ended return". Jeremy burst into tears in the back seat. Dad paid the parking fee and I crawled over the console to the back seat. Dad could see me in the rear view mirror and gave me the look of help him.

I said "Jeremy switch seats with me or take the middle, I can't sit behind dad his seat is too far back". It's not like we are big but neither is the car. Dad is five seven and I am five six, the Corolla just doesn't have any leg room in the back. Jeremy moved over to the middle and fastened the center belt. I said "What's wrong?"

Jeremy said through his tears "Dad is going to look for mom. I think he dumped me like she did. What's wrong with me?" I hugged him and he put his head on my shoulder sobbing.

Dad said "Jeremy it's not your fault and there is nothing wrong with you, you will stay with us as long as it takes". We didn't say much after that on the way home Jeremy just looked out the window kind of in a daze.

When we got home we lugged his stuff into my room. "Jeremy you can have the top bunk or the bottom bunk it doesn't matter to me".

"Which one do you usually sleep in Jamie, I don't want to kick you out of your bed".

I said "Alright I normally sleep on the lower bunk. I cleared a drawer out for you but I think we may need something else if you are going to be staying for a while".

Dad ordered a pizza for dinner. Dad said "Jeremy we have some time before the pizza gets here, do you want to clean up, you have been on a plane all day. Oh I should mention that Jamie and I go around the house pretty casually, I don't want to upset you or make you uncomfortable. The choice is up to you".

"What do you mean Uncle Frank?"

"Jamie and I are usually naked around the house. Like I said though I will leave that up to you. If you are uncomfortable with that then we will keep our clothes on while you are here".

Jeremy didn't say anything he just looked at us. He grabbed a pair of pajamas and went into the bathroom and closed the door.

I quietly said "I think you freaked him out dad, I was thinking in the car, if Jeremy got rid of those glasses he wouldn't look like such a nerd, maybe even contact lenses what do you think. Hopefully all his clothes aren't like what he has on flood waters".

Dad said "We can ask him, I can take him to my office, give him an eye exam. I'm sure I can find a pair of glasses that are on the reduced price list that will make him look better".

I said "Take Uncle John with you if and when he comes back, he needs a new pair of glasses too".

Jeremy came out of the bathroom, barefoot with yellow and blue long sleeve cotton pajamas, not something I would wear, his sandy blond hair wet and combed to one side. I was right get rid of the glasses and he wouldn't look that bad. Jeremy is five foot one, about seventy-five pounds, hazel eyes. I know he is circumcised but not seeing him in six years made me wonder what was hidden in the pajamas. I'm sure dad was wondering the same thing.

I said "There is hamper in the closet, I don't think we have to worry about what are yours and mine, and they will get washed together anyway".

Dad said "Come on that's the pizza".

After dinner Jeremy wasn't in much of a mood to do anything so he just sat on the top bunk with a book until he fell asleep. I took a shower and put on a pair of shorts so Jeremy wouldn't freak out I tucked him into the bed and then I crashed below him. At some point, I'm not sure if he was scared or lonely but he ended up in the lower bunk with me, between me and the wall. I pulled the covers back so he could get under the covers with me. He went right back to sleep I laid there listening to his breathing. He was on his side facing the wall. I put my hand on his side feeling the cotton fabric of the pjs. I moved my hand down to his ass and I could feel his underwear underneath the bottoms. I thought to myself he is going to be a tough one to crack, not only pajamas but underwear too. I felt sorry for him after all his father just dumped him I could imagine the pain he felt.

I woke up before him. Of course I had a raging piss hard on, what sixteen year old doesn't. I got up and took a piss but my hard on wouldn't go down. I got back in bed next to Jeremy. He rolled over on his back and I could see a tent in the front of his pajamas.

Jeremy said "I'm sorry Jamie I just didn't want to sleep alone last night. I hope you're not mad at me".

I said "No worries little cousin, you can sleep down here with me if you want". I took a chance "Jeremy do you jerk off? I have a boner and I have to or I will explode".

He said "Well I rub it sometimes does that count?"

I said "Yeah sort of, if you rub it long enough then it feels really good right. It feels even better if someone else does it for you".

Jeremy said "Excuse me I have to use the bathroom". He climbed over me to get out of the bed. He had to feel my boner as he went over me. Jeremy closed the bathroom door behind him. He never came back to the bedroom; he went into the kitchen with dad getting ready to go to work. I pulled a towel out from under my bed and wacked off thinking about Jeremy. I got dressed for school and headed to the kitchen.

Dad said "Well Jeremy you have a couple of options, you can come to work with me if you want. Jamie gets home about three, I can ask Mrs. Miller to keep an eye on you, and she lives next door".

Jeremy said "I can stay by myself, dad leaves me alone all the time. I am just not supposed to leave the house when he is gone. I have my schoolwork with me to keep me busy".

Dad said "Okay, if you come to work with me I can give you an eye exam, maybe you can find a pair of glasses you like. We can even try contact lenses if you want but that is up to you".

Jeremy said "What's wrong with these glasses? I got them six months ago"

"Nothing is wrong with them Jeremy if you are happy with them then keep them. I just thought that you might like another pair as well. I do have quite a selection in the office, being an Optometrist does have its advantages, I have vendors always bringing in new styles for demo purposes if you see something you like then I will fit you for them. Same thing with contact lenses I wouldn't give you colored lenses because you have nice colored eyes now, many of my customers come in and want to change their eye color. Brown eyed people always seem to want to have blue eyes; contacts go in and bingo now you have blue eyes. You can bring your schoolwork with you to keep you busy. When Jamie gets off he can stop by the office and then you two can do whatever you want for the rest of the day. Here let me see your glasses so I can get an estimate on your prescription".

Jeremy handed over the birth control glasses to dad.

"Oh these aren't too bad I can have new lenses made today or maybe tomorrow, of course it is entirely up to you. If you want to be alone today that is fine, I will make the same rule your dad has, don't leave the house and don't open the door for anyone okay. When Jamie gets home then you can do whatever you want".

Jeremy put his glasses back on and looked at me "What do you think Jamie?"

I said "I'll be honest with you Jeremy I think you would look better and probably feel better with a different pair. I don't want to hurt your feelings anymore than they are but you change your appearance and it might change your outlook on the situation".

Jeremy said "Okay I guess I'll go with you Uncle Frank, see you later Jamie".

I headed out the front door to catch the bus, Jeremy wasn't looking my direction but dad was so I gave him a thumbs up for being tactful and persuasive at the same time.

I called dad before I left school to see if I should go pick Jeremy up at the office but the receptionist said that my dad had left early and wouldn't be back for the rest of the day, but left a message for me to get on the regular bus and would see me at home. I just goofed around on the computer for the afternoon, including pulling up the pictures from Florida with the fathers and sons standing by the camp site with Jack and Andy all naked. Angela turned out to be pretty cool after all; she took the picture of all us naked before we left. I was getting boned up again thinking about the vacation and wishing we could do it all over again when dad and Jeremy walked in the house just before dinner time. There was no way to hide my boner and I really didn't want to.

Dad and Jeremy were standing at my bedroom door. Dad said "Well I see you have been busy Jamie".

I turned to the door with my dick still in my hand. "Whoa Jeremy look at you. You are totally different".

He smiled. "Yeah, Uncle Frank did my new glasses then took me for a haircut and shopping, sort of a total makeover, what do you think?"

I said "I think you should burn your old clothes and loose your old glasses in the process, you look great, not like a dork anymore".

"Thanks, you were right this morning, I feel different, I feel good about myself, if dad dumped me so be it, then I don't want to look and act like him anymore. If he comes back then I still like the new Jeremy. Aren't you embarrassed?"

I said "No, dad has seen it before; you could have seen it this morning if you wanted to".

"Jamie put some clothes on and help with dinner".

Jeremy did look good, small wire framed glasses that fit his face and a normal style haircut over his ears, instead of a bowl cut parted to one side, he had a t-shirt on and jeans that weren't flood waters, not too tight on his frame, but not loose either.

At dinner I said "I talked to Principal Conner today at lunchtime. I told him about Jeremy and asked him if it would be alright for him to come to school with me. You would be hanging out with the high school kids but it might be better than being here alone. He asked me for how long and I told him that Jeremy should only be here a couple of days and has his schoolwork from home. Principal Conner was fine with you coming to school with me but if you stay longer than he said you would have to be enrolled in your own grade level. Dad you have to sign a release for Jeremy to ride the bus, I brought one home it's in my book bag".

"Thanks Jamie, I would like that".

I said "I have to warn you that I have PE class tomorrow, the coach is a stickler for showers, so that means you would have to shower with the rest of us".

Jeremy said "Uhm maybe I could wait in the library for you during PE or something".

We did our homework sitting at my desk. Dad came in to check on us and sign the release for Jeremy. The screen saver kicked in and my favorite photos scrolled by including the picture of us naked in Florida again.

"Uhm Jamie who were all those naked people with you and Uncle Frank on the computer?"

Dad said "Those are friends of ours that we met in Florida a couple of months ago. We had a very good time with them".

I said "This is Brian and Ryan Walters, Cal and Chris Myers, these are Jack and Andy Peters, their mom took the pictures".

Jeremy said "A good time, like sex and things is that what you meant about having someone else play with your wiener?"

Dad said "Yes Jeremy like I said earlier, I wanted you to know and I wanted to be truthful with you. Jamie and I have gay and bi-sexual tendencies. So does everyone in that photo. The choice is yours and we will not force you to do anything you don't want to. When we were in Florida Jamie managed to do something he was afraid of. I am very proud of him. I am proud of you too Jeremy, the new glasses, the haircut, the new clothes and not being afraid in the changing room".

I said "Changing room?"

"Uncle Frank convinced me that my multicolored underwear was more for a little boy than someone my age so we bought new white ones and dumped the old pair in the garbage as we left the store. I wasn't afraid to undress with him in the changing room with me. What did you do in Florida that you were afraid of?"

I said "I got fucked in the ass for the first time. All three men including dad, well dad was the first, I wanted to try but no one forced me. Ryan sucked my dick at the same time and his first time at swallowing cum, it was a great vacation. I hope you won't be afraid to undress around me. As you can see I'm not very shy, I used to be though".

"Maybe later".

Dad said "Maybe you two should get ready for bed".

Jeremy grabbed his yellow and blue pajamas and started to head for the bathroom. He stopped and made a decision. He pulled the t-shirt over his head, pulled his socks off and lowered his new jeans showing his white underwear with dad and me looking on. He pulled the pajama top over his head and then started to step into the bottoms over his underwear.

Dad said "Jeremy it may not be my place to say, but a boy should wear loose clothing to bed around your testicles. Your underwear will bunch up during the night and could stifle normal growth of your penis and testicles. That is why Jamie and I either sleep in loose fitting shorts or nothing at all".

Jeremy looked at both of us thinking about his options. He hooked the tightie whities and pushed them to the floor giving me my first look at his dick, well in six years anyway. He was still soft and about an inch and a half long and circumcised. The top of the pajamas rested right at the base of his dick but you could tell he had no hair around his dick. His balls were up tight to his body. He stepped into the pajama bottoms and his cute little dick disappeared from our view. Jeremy went to the bathroom and left the door open as he brushed his teeth. I followed him into the bathroom and took out my semi-hard on standing next to him to take a piss while he had the sink occupied.

"Jamie does your dickie always get hard?"
"All day every day little cousin, doesn't yours?"

"What about at school?"

"I get boners in gym class in the showers but I'm not the only one, most everyone in class does my friend Kerry is just as bad if not worse than me. Sometimes the jocks call us names like faggot but what can you do, Kerry and I are gay well at least partially anyway. Are you going to sleep on top tonight or down with me?"

"With you".

Jeremy cleared away from the sink so I could brush my teeth. He moved in front of the toilet and pulled his top up just a bit and lowered the pajama bottoms so he could take a wiz. He might not look like a nerd anymore but he still is one, his piss sprayed all over the seat. I had to jump back so I didn't get hit with it.

I got in bed with Jeremy. I thought about going to my dad's room for some fun but he doesn't like doing anything during a school night. Jeremy faced the wall again and I slid up behind him. He didn't seem to mind my hand on his ass as we slept.

Dad rousted us out of bed "Come on you two get the lead out of your butts, you have school and I have a busy day. Jamie when is PE today?" "Second period". "Okay you have to shower there, what about you Jeremy are you going to PE class with Jamie or are you going to the library?"

Jeremy trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes said "I think the library, at least for today".

Dad said "Then you need a shower, you didn't take one yesterday, and make it quick you boys don't have a lot of time". Dad didn't give Jeremy much of a chance he just pulled the pj top over his head and tossed it into the hamper. Dad reached for the bottoms and Jeremy's three and a half inch woody popped out of the pajamas, giving us both a nice view of his hairless body. Jeremy tried to cover himself with his hands but dad said "Come on don't be shy you have the same equipment we do just in a smaller size which is the right size for you, now go get a shower". My shorts and t-shirt ended up on top of the pajamas and I followed him to the bathroom with my six inch morning woody.

Jeremy was checking me out while the water got warm. I teased him "Do you like what you see, I sure do". He didn't answer me; he just got in the shower and closed the curtain. I said "Jeremy do me a favor today, well the next couple of days if you are coming to school with me".

"What's that Jamie?"

I said "I am going to introduce you to my friends, I will not say anything about Uncle John leaving you here, all I will say is you are staying with us maybe for a while because your dad is away on business".

"Okay, but what is the favor?"

I said "Don't piss on yourself; you don't look like a dork anymore, please try not to act like one. I don't know about your school but high school kids can be mean and I don't want to see you get hurt or upset or tormented. It is not like I'm big and tough and can beat the crap out of some of them. I will defend you if someone picks on you, which means both of us could get our asses kicked".

"Okay Jamie, I will stay here if you don't want me at your school".

"I didn't say that Jeremy, I said try not to give anyone a reason to torment you. Pissing your pants like at the airport it will get around the school like wild fire and everyone will hound you and me. I get enough harassment as it is and I have one more year to go before I graduate. If you have to take a piss raise your hand and ask to be excused".

"Okay Jamie, I will not embarrass you. I appreciate you doing this for me".

"Come on get out of the shower, we need to get dressed, something to eat and get to the bus".

Jeremy got out of the shower and didn't try to hide anything; we finished our routine, got dressed, some cereal and made the bus with five minutes to spare. I handed over the permission slip and everyone on the bus was trying to figure out who the new kid was. The standard banter went all around, one of the jocks said `Who's the little guy he looks a little small to be in high school he looks too small to even pop a pube yet'. I said "Ty this is my cousin Jeremy, he may be young but I bet he will do better on the geometry test today than you do". Of course that got the jock riled but nothing unusual, I could bring in a rock and it would have the same chance of passing the test as he did.

Principal Conner met us at first period to meet Jeremy and explain the rules. After the introductions "Jamie, I'll take Jeremy for a few minutes and show him around I don't want him to get lost. I'll bring him back before class is out". They came back about twenty minutes later just as Ms. Marlow was handing out the geometry test. Jeremy sat next to me and Kerry was sitting on the other side.

She said "Jeremy would you like to try to take the test, it doesn't count and you don't have to but I would like to see you try anyhow. If you don't know the answers or can't finish just put your pencil down and stay quiet while the others finish the test".

"Okay Ms. Marlow I will try. Principal Conner said I can go to the library to study if the class work is too difficult for me".

"Very good Jeremy just do your best that goes for all of you. Open the test and begin, you have thirty minutes, pencils down at first bell, close the test and pass them forward".

We did the test and the first bell rang, I didn't finish the last two questions. Jeremy put the pencil down and passed his test forward with the others. There was five minutes to go to second bell. Ms. Marlow scanned through the tests and opened a few including mine and Jeremy's. I think she was trying to see if he cheated.

At second bell Ms. Marlow said "Class dismissed. Jamie and Jeremy please stay for one minute".

We went to her desk she said "Jeremy you didn't cheat did you?"

"No ma'am I did the best I could".

I said "He didn't cheat Ms. Marlow he is only eleven he did the best he could".

She said "I know, he got an A on the test, you have a B minus and you have been in my class all year".

Jeremy beamed a smile that lit up the room. I said "Did you look at Ty's test yet?"

"No why?"

"He was breaking Jeremy's chops on the bus it would be nice to break them back on the ride home".

Jeremy said "Jamie, you said not to embarrass you or get into trouble, what are you doing? I don't want either of us to get our butts kicked".

"This one will be worth getting pounded for cousin, someone five years younger walks in and smokes the class on a test you have never seen or studied. Ty Matson can stand to be taken down a peg or two. Ms. Marlow Jeremy might be staying with us for a while, his dad is away on business and we aren't sure when he is coming back. Principal Conner said if he was going to be here a while he would have to be enrolled in a grade for his age, that doesn't seem fair. I study hard and keep up pretty good grades and he just smoked me on the test".

Ms. Marlow scanned through the pile and opened Ty's test. "It isn't an A and that is all I will say. Dismissed boys you have class to get to".

I said "I bet it's not a B minus either, come on Jeremy I'll drop you off at the library. I have to get to PE before the coach makes me do extra laps for being late".

"I'm going with you Jamie".

"Are you sure? You don't have any gym clothes".

"Uncle Frank stuck them in my book bag just in case I changed my mind. Like he said this morning I might be smaller but the equipment is still the same. I don't feel bad about it anymore and I want to spend the day with you".

After gym I wasn't the only one waiting for Jeremy to get undressed. Kerry had his eyes glued to him waiting for a chance to see a nice hairless boy take a shower with a bunch of horny teenagers. Coach Watson caught on to the act and yelled at all of us to hit the showers. He said to Jeremy "Hold on a few moments son, you're a little young for this crowd so you can shower when the others leave". I started to object but I got the coach's standard remark that he uses on everyone `If I want shit from you Walters I will squeeze your head, now move'.

I shot off to the showers. Ty Matson was across from me "Hey Ty how did you do on the math test?" "Fuck you Walters" "Not in this lifetime. Oh by the way my eleven year old cousin Aced it". That just riled the jock even more.

Kerry moved showers so he could be next to me. His four inch hooded cock was pointing straight out as it always does, everyone just got used to him always having a boner, half the boys in the showers had a boner in some form or another.

Kerry whispered "Your cousin is cute; I was hoping to see him in the showers".

I said "You should have seen him the other day when we picked him up. Total dweeb, my dad did a miracle on him yesterday, new glasses, haircut and clothes now he's cute.

Kerry said "Have you seen him naked yet, what is he like?"

Kerry had his soapy hand on his cock our backs were to everyone else. I said "Yeah, circumcised and about three plus inches and completely hairless. I haven't touched him yet but he has slept in my bed for the last two nights. Both nights in pajamas but my hand was on his ass all night long both nights. I'm hoping by the weekend he gives in completely". Kerry shot his watery boy cum all over the showers in front of us. It doesn't take much to make the five foot five brown haired and brown eyed boy cum; just talking dirty to him will make him drop a load. Everyone cleared out of the showers, got dressed and left the lockers.

Jeremy said "I told the coach about the math test, he said if I get placed in high school instead of elementary school then no special treatments I will have to shower with the older boys I said that I could do that so if you have PE again this week then I will shower with you".

Kerry said "I can't wait until Friday, see ya man".

I thought he was going to cream in his pants. Jeremy and I went to History class with a note from the coach why we were late. The rest of the day Jeremy impressed the teachers. In science class in the afternoon Jeremy even helped Ty Matson with a problem which gained him respect from the jock. On the bus heading home Ty even said sorry to us for this morning. We spent the night telling dad about what happened in school.

Jeremy did his work and then used my books to do the same assignments that I had so he would have something to turn in for school tomorrow. Dad moved Jeremy from the chair so he could sit, he pulled Jeremy to his lap and was checking our homework and signed Jeremy's copy to say it was authentic work. Jeremy's eyes face and smile lit up the room. He liked being a cute egg head instead of a nerdy looking egg head.

Jeremy and I were both wearing comfortable gym shorts and an oversize t-shirts, actually Jeremy was wearing one of mine and I was wearing one of dads. Dad had on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. Dad slid his hand under Jeremy's shirt and started to rub his tummy I watched as dad's hand moved further under the t-shirt just touching him moving up his chest. My cock got rock hard it was hidden somewhat from my shirt but not by much. Jeremy didn't seem to mind, dad rubbed his boy nipples like it was perfectly normal.

Jeremy and I just kept playing the computer game as dad's hands roamed around; Jeremy was kicking my butt on the game because my mind was elsewhere and wishing it was my hand under the t-shirt. I squeezed my cock wishing this might go further. Dad's hand came down the shirt and crossed over the cotton material of the gym shorts and then went back under the t-shirt. I squeezed my cock again as Jeremy continued to kick my ass in the game. He was laughing; dad was cheering him on to kill me again and again racking up the points.

I couldn't take it any longer. "Oh my god Dad will you stop you're going to make me cum".

"What's the problem Jamie?"

"What's the problem you have your hand up Jeremy's shirt rubbing him and it's not me, either being rubbed or doing the rubbing, you're driving me crazy".

"Jeremy am I bothering you? All I am doing Jamie is watching Jeremy wipe you out in your own game that you are suppose to be some grand master at".

"Dad you know what I mean".

Dad said "I know you are a walking hormone and get excited at the simplest things. Jeremy would you like me to take my hand out?"

"No its okay, it feels kind of nice and warm".

Dad continued to rub Jeremy and got bolder and bolder with rubbing his shorts. I couldn't concentrate on the game anymore. The two of them were smiling knowing that I couldn't play the game. I finally just gave up.

Dad gave in to his tormenting me "Jamie, if you slide over here then I can put my hand inside your shirt too".

I slid my chair over to them so dad could get his hand inside my shirt so he had a boy in each hand. He pinched my nipples sending bolts of electricity through me. "Oh my god dad that feels so good, Dad I know its school night but I have to get off, if you keep doing that I am going to cum right here".

Dad said "Well Jeremy did get an A on a test that he didn't even study for, it is up to him entirely but I think he desires a reward not you come on you only got a B minus".

I pushed his hand towards my shorts but he passed over my hard cock and put his hands between my thighs but stopped before getting into my shorts. "Please".

Dad said "Well Jeremy it looks like Jamie is in bad shape, would you care to join us in some boy fun it feels like your tool could use some sharpening as well".

Dad grabbed both our dicks through our shorts.

Jeremy said "What are you going to do Uncle Frank?"

"Make you feel like you have never felt before. All you have to do is trust me and Jamie. We will not hurt you I promise".

"Okay Uncle Frank I trust you, Jamie too".

Dad said "Turn off the computer and come with me boys".

I powered down the computer. Jeremy stood up showing the tent in his shorts, dad got up showing his tent, and mine was obvious as well. Jeremy started to giggle "We all have boners".

Dad said "I will take care of those for you, my bed is much larger".

We followed him to his bed room. I said "Jeremy will you let me touch you as well?" He giggled "Yes". Dad pulled Jeremy's shirt off first then mine, his shorts then mine. Dad took his shirt and sweats off.

"Jeremy lay down on the bed you get next to him Jamie".

We both got on the bed next to each other. I held his hand as we waited for dad to start on us. Dad started with Jeremy's nipples in his mouth and moved all over his body with him wiggling and giggling all over the bed. We both had our legs spread apart. Dad took Jeremy's three and a half inch rigid boy tool into his mouth sending Jeremy into ecstasy and panting like mad. I reached over to his nipples and his chest rubbing all over him; I pinched his nipples as dad sucked him.

I said "Is this the first time Jeremy?" He squirmed and wiggled and hissed "Yes, don't stop". Dad continued to suck his hairless cock and would suck and lick his small balls. Jeremy arched his back, dad grabbed his waist and held him in his mouth as Jeremy climaxed. Jeremy dropped back to the bed panting like mad.

I said "Did he cum?" Dad took my nipples in his mouth biting down just lightly. I was wiggling around just as much as Jeremy and it isn't my first time. Dad released my nipple and said "No he had a dry orgasm, Jeremy play with Jamie's nipples like he did to you he will cum in a few seconds and you two need to get to bed".

Jeremy said "Wait, before you make him cum whose dick is bigger Jamie's or yours Uncle Frank?"

Dad leaned into me with his dick rubbing his against mine, his is just a little bit longer than mine and their about the same thickness. Jeremy was satisfied. "Okay" Dad backed up, he was right Jeremy still panting rolled to play with my nipples and dad took my dick in his mouth, he licked all around the tip and then up and down the shaft, he sucked each one of my balls into his mouth he came back to my dick and put his finger to my asshole. I was toast; I shot my wad into my father's mouth. He drank it like it was nectar of the gods.

I was panting just as much as Jeremy. I said "Do you want to fuck me?"

Dad hesitated then pulled a condom and the lube out of the nightstand drawer. I rolled over and got on my knees and elbows giving him full access to my ass. Dad eased his cock into my ass. I looked at Jeremy his boy cock was still hard as he watched I said "Jeremy get under me I can suck your dick at the same time".

He moved so his boy cock lined up with my mouth. I sucked his cock as dad fucked my ass. Dad was picking up the pace I was going to cum again, I love the feeling of his dick in my ass. Jeremy fucked my face at the same time. Jeremy's cock started to twitch in my mouth. Dad cried out as he climaxed in my butt and I shot another load on the sheets of dad's bed.

Dad pulled out of me breathing heavy. I released Jeremy and fell to my side. Dad just said "Good night boys, sleep well".

I said "Come on Jeremy lets go, I don't think you have to worry about putting pajamas on tonight".

He said "Nope I plan on burning them, Good night Uncle Frank I love you. I love you too Jamie".

We both took a piss and I spooned behind him with my dick between his legs. Next thing I remember was the alarm clock going off in the morning.

Jeremy rolled over on top of me and started to giggle. Our dicks were touching he said "I don't know if I can do what you and Uncle Frank did but I sure liked how it felt".

"Yeah me too, and don't worry about sucking a dick it's not everyone's style. Dad is bi-sexual, I think I'm gay but I'm not sure, I have never been with a girl sexually anyhow. I can suck dick pretty good but I prefer younger boys like you, hairless and little or no cum. I choke when I try to swallow too much cum like dads. I have sucked Kerry's dick and has sucked mine. He would love to suck yours if you let him. He climaxed in the shower yesterday when I told him how big your dick was that was all it takes. If you shower with us on Friday he will definitely blow his wad in the shower. Speaking of showers lets go, do you want to take one together?" "Yeah".

Thursday Jeremy turned in all the homework assignments including his own sixth grade level and the high school junior's level to the teachers in each of my classes which surprised them to no end. By the end of the day Principal Conner wanted to have Jeremy tested for advanced placement programs. He said he wouldn't place Jeremy in high school level because of his age but he would agree to skip him a grade or two into the seventh or eight grades. But all that was still in the air.

As soon as we got home from school our clothes went into the laundry and nothing replaced them. When dad got home he did the same thing. Dad said "Last night was a rare treat boys so no fooling around like that again on school nights".

I started to laugh and said "Okay what about afterschool then? Tell me you didn't sleep like a log last night, we did". Jeremy got the giggles again. I said "Besides do you really want to waste all my boy cum into a towel?"

Dad said "Yep and you get to do the laundry because of it".

Friday at school Jeremy came to PE again and stripped for the showers with the teens. He walked in with me and took the shower next to me, showing off his hairless body and his small cock compared to all the others around him. Even the guys that usually don't get boners in the shower started to plump up. Kerry was true to form and as soon as he saw Jeremy naked and hard he pumped his four inches maybe three times before he shot his load on the shower room wall. Even the jock Ty Matson boned up showing off his eight inch dick. Not a single faggot joke or comment was made just twenty five teenagers checking out all the packages around them, some bigger, some with more hair, most of them circumcised with a few naturals mixed in. Most were average in size like me somewhere in the five or six inches range. Other than Kerry with his four inches there were a couple of boys in that range as well. The only one that tips the scales on the large size is Jerry Tippens; he is a big, tall black kid with six inches hanging when he is soft with big hairy balls hanging behind his meat. Jimmy Phelps looked around the corner to make sure coach wasn't coming and waved the ok sign. Randy Phillips was next to Tippens and said "Come on Tippy everyone else is boned up, show us what you got".

Everyone calls him `Tippy' because he could knock an ox over if he ever hit you, which he really enjoys on the football field. If I played football and had to go against him he would squash me like a bug. He is six foot three and two hundred pounds at least, me I'm five foot six and weigh one hundred twenty-two pounds. Tippy played along with the quiet game in the showers on a Friday afternoon and started to stroke his meat. All eyes turned to watch him bone up. His monster stretched straight from his body everyone was in awe. Phillips asked "How big Tippy?" "Eleven and a half on a good day".

"Coach just came through the door".

Everyone's cocks started to deflate immediately, and everyone finished the shower quickly. He barked at us as usual "You girls having fun in there, you still have another class, get your asses out of my shower, get dressed and get out of my locker room". No one could hide the boners and no one tried. Coach has been teaching here for twenty something years so he has seen it all before. We all dressed and stuffed our now semi-hard cocks away and headed for the last class of the day and then the weekend. I knew I was going to have a great weekend.

We were milling around waiting for our bus and no one was within ear shot, I decided to make it an even better weekend. "Kerry do you want to come over to our house this weekend?"

He said "I don't have anything else going on what do you have in mind?"

I said "Jeremy it's your call but Kerry wants to touch you as bad as I did; I told you he would cum as soon as he saw you naked. Kerry your little brother is about Jeremy's age, does he mess around like we do?"

Kerry said "Ricky is twelve, he doesn't do what you and I do but he plays with himself, we jerk off together sometimes. Sometimes we steal dad's porno mags. One time we swiped a mag and doing our thing looking at a guy and a girl fucking on one page and two guys fucking on the other page. We both blew at the same time and didn't make the wad of tissues in time so we both dropped cum on the mag. When we finished we closed the mag and put it back in dad's secret stash that we aren't suppose to know about. Well at dinner dad brought out the mag and said `Who has been looking at this the pages are stuck together. I don't want you boys to be looking at pornography'. Ricky and I pointed at each other at the same time and said `He did it'. Dad couldn't get mad at us and we all busted out laughing".

I said "Jeremy is relatively new to the experimentation and it sounds like your dad goes both ways like my dad does. Maybe if we can hook your dad up with mine, not like a date but that could work as well. I was thinking more like the adults go out and do what ever they want and leave the kids home and we can do what we want, what do you think Jeremy?"

Jeremy said "I'm not sure how far I'll go but I sure enjoyed the other night so I'm willing to try".

Kerry said "What happened the other night?"

I said "Dad sucked us both off then fucked me while I sucked Jeremy off again. There's the bus, call me later, I call my dad when we get home".

Kerry said "You're killing me man, your dad actually fucked you? Did it hurt?"

I said "Yes and the first time yes. Now I love it, you'll love it too once you get use to it. My dad was very gentle with me the first time, oh if your dad is going to be fucking anyone my dad has a strict use a condom rule, that goes for you as well so you better tell your dad what to expect so you can get the right size condom, mine would fall off your little dick".

"You're an asshole Walters".

"Yep Simmons, that's why you like me, and if you're really nice to me this weekend I'll even let you stick that small thing of yours in it. Call me later".

Kerry called after seven, the fix was in. Dad and Barry Simmons agreed to the plan and were going out for a few drinks to see what or who they could find or just to get to know each other better. Kerry and Ricky had sleeping bags under their arms, a six count box of small sized condoms and smiles on their faces. Dad told us to be careful and that they might be back later or they would see us in the morning. I grabbed two sleeping bags and unrolled them and unzipped them and put them on the living room floor. Jeremy grabbed pillows of our bunk beds, and I grabbed a roll of paper towels and a garbage can.

Kerry rolled their sleeping bags out for more padding and pulled out a handful of magazines and tossed them around the sleeping bags. "Dad said we could have these, there are plenty of pussy pics, guys on girls, girl on girl and guys fucking and sucking each other".

I said "Ricky I know Kerry wants to fool around with Jeremy for starters, can I mess around with you?" He nodded his head.

Kerry is a little smaller than me at five foot five, a hundred twenty pounds, hazel eyes and reddish blond hair. Ricky was standing next to him and is a smaller version of Kerry, four foot eleven, eighty pounds.

I pulled my shirt over my head and everyone started to strip, shoes got kicked off, the shirts and socks, pants and underwear. All four of us were looking at each other. Ricky's dick is like Kerry's hooded and about three inches long and not very thick. Ricky has no hair on his body; Kerry reached for Jeremy's three and a half circumcised dick. I reached for Ricky's and played with the foreskin to reveal his pink tip.

Ricky said "Kerry said that you guys have sucked each others dicks before, I have never sucked a dick before".

Jeremy said "Neither have I, I got sucked for the first time on Wednesday night, we can either learn together or just don't do it they can't force us".

I said "He's right; we can't or won't force you this is just for fun. A word of advice though keep your teeth out of the way, use your tongue and your lips. I'll show you lay down on the sleeping bags".

Kerry said "Get next to him Jeremy I have waited all day for this".

We sucked the younger boys like pros we were getting just as much pleasure out of the blow jobs as they were. Ricky held my head in position as he fucked my face. He didn't last very long and squirted a tiny bit of cum in my mouth. Jeremy lasted longer and gave Kerry a dry orgasm in his mouth.

Jeremy grabbed my dick and started to jerk it. "I'm going to try to suck it don't cum in my mouth" Jeremy started to lick my dick.

Ricky said "That goes for you too brother, don't cum in my mouth". We both agreed and they sucked and licked our dicks.

Kerry has no stamina at all and warned Ricky that he was about to cum, Ricky pumped his brother over the garbage can and Kerry shot his first load of the evening. I lasted much longer enjoying the sensations before I warned Jeremy and he pumped my first load into the garbage can as well.

We moved in to a square sucking the dick of the boy of the next side of the square Kerry had my dick in his mouth I had Jeremy, Jeremy had Ricky and Ricky had Kerry again. We rolled around and around on the sleeping bags changing from boy to boy Kerry took my cum in his mouth and I took his. His is watery and thin so I can manage his cum especially after he has cum a few times already. After our second climax we took a break for munchies and sodas. We put in a movie to watch for a while. I sat on the sleeping bags leaning against the couch. Ricky sat between my legs leaning back against me, Kerry sat next to me and Jeremy mimicked Ricky. I played with his nipples, his dick and his balls as we watched the movie. Jeremy was getting the same attention.

Jeremy picked up one of the magazines and flipped through it we all were making comments about the size of her tits or his dick or how big her pussy is. We all laughed at one picture of woman with a huge pussy we said we would have to strap boards to our asses so we didn't fall in if we fucked her.

I said "How do you think our dads are making out?"

Kerry said "Dad said he was going to take your father to a place called `Feathers' it is supposed to be a night club that caters to everyone, straight, gay, lesbian or bi-sexual. Knowing dad he will want a mixture of all of it".

I said "Yeah my dad is the same way".

Jeremy started crying "At least you guys have a dad, not like mine that dumped me to go to Europe then to Israel to look for my mom who dumped me six years ago". Jeremy got up off the floor and went into the bedroom and curled up into a fetal position and cried his heart out. I went in to hold him.

"No leave me alone Jamie, I need to be alone right now".

"Okay Jeremy, I'll leave you alone. I'm sorry I opened my big mouth. I'm sorry I hurt you". I closed the bedroom door behind me.

"What's the matter?"

"My big mouth and my stupid ideas I should have known better than to scheme this plan up at school. Jeremy has been here less than a week and we haven't heard anything from his father, no call, no email, nothing. My Uncle John is an ass".

Jeremy came out of the bedroom wiping his face "I'm sorry guys I just had to get that out of my system. I'm okay now, it just hurts inside sometimes".

I said "Would you like to fuck me? That might make you feel better".

Jeremy coughed out a laugh "You're right it might make me feel better bend over".

He put on a condom even though he can't cum yet to follow the rules, I was going to let him do it without one but he insisted. He lubed up his dick and pushed inside me.

"Oh my god Jamie this might be even better than the blow jobs".

When Jeremy finished Ricky took his place but my legs started to hurt so I laid on the sleeping bags with pillows under my ass so they could get to me. Kerry sucked me off while Ricky fucked me. Kerry took his turn after that.

I said "I don't know about you guys but I'm wiped out. I am sleeping in my bed. Someone can join me if you want the top bunk is open unless Jeremy wants it".

They grabbed the pillows and followed me into the bed room. Ricky slept with me and Jeremy and Kerry had the top.

We woke up to the car doors closing in the morning. Two smiling men looking at four naked boys. Dad fucked me and so did Barry Simmons. After they left I went back to bed and slept most of the day.

By Monday we still didn't hear from Uncle John so dad drove us to school and had Jeremy tested for advanced placement. The school decided to put him in the seventh grade to finish out this year and he will start the eighth grade next year if he is still here.

Fathers and Sons II

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