Feel My Speedos

by Num1chevelle@aol.com

This story is imaginary, it contains sex between an adult male and a teen aged boy, if you don't like this type of story please leave, if it is illegal where you live leave now. All emails welcomed. This is my first time posting so let me know what you think.

Up and down the beach I paced for about an hour or so. I had seen him walk past as I sat in the sand and looked out at the ocean. I don't live around here, and I wonder if he does. He looks to be Hawaiian, but so do I. I grew up on the islands, but have since moved away and am only here visiting now. He is thin and has dark brown skin. His hair is either dark brown or black and he has light brown eyes. All he wears is a white t-shirt and a pair of purple Speedos. His long legs flow from the piece of fabric down to the ground. He is so sexy at about 14 years old. After I notice him walk down the path, which is right away, I follow him quite some distance behind. Every so often he looks back and sees me. I come to an inlet to a stream that goes through the golf course and stop to sit. He walks back and stands about ten feet from me looking at the inlet. This is really nothing very interesting to look at, so I think he is interested in something other than the water. We finally catch each others gaze.

"Hi" he says

"Hi there" I reply back, as he smiles. Such a beautiful smile he has. A long silence comes next. I am thinking that I need to say something in order to keep our conversation going, but he beats me to it.

"Nice board shorts" he states

"Oh, I just bought them in the hotel gift shop." I needed a new pair and these were the ones I picked up.

"Your Speedos look great on you!" I tell him

"Thanks." he says, "But I wear them cause they feel great"

I don't know what to say to that so I just smile at him. His expression stays so serious.

"Do you want to feel them?" He asks and moves closer to me.

As I sit there and he stands in front of me I am just above eye to cock level. He raises the front of his shirt so that all of his Speedos in front are now showing and also part of his dark tanned flat stomach. I see he has the making of a six pack as he pushes his hips towards me.

"Feel them" he says.

"Okay" I say, not needing to be told again. I extend my hand and rub the side of his Speedos on his hip.

"Nice" I say to him as I continue to rub.

"No" he says and I pull back thinking something has gone wrong

"No" he starts again "not on the side, they feel best up front right in the middle"

I look up at his face and his seductive eyes draw me in. I move my hand towards the outline of his boyhood and he gasps as I follow it from the base towards the head. It feels so nice, so hard, so smooth. I bring up my other hand and massage his nut sack through the material again making him gasp. I move my hands up to the top band on his Speedos and slowly pull them down. I start to see the beginnings of his small patch of pubic hair. I pull down more and finally his cock springs back and lands a `thwack' on his hard stomach. His cock has to be about 4" long and about the thickness of a quarter. His cock is circumcised and the head of his boycock flares out and comes back to a point at his pee hole. Just the kind I like, pointed heads not helmet heads. I don't know why, I just do. I use both hands and start to run them up and down his boycock. He moans for me and that makes me hotter. I move in closer with my face and smell that smell only a boy has. Not yet strong enough to be considered a man smell, and yet just right. I extend my tongue and lick the drop of pre that has formed at his pee slit, and he responds with a loud moan. Again the taste is just right, not yet too salty or sour but just the right hints of each and more sweet than anything. He now has his hands going through my hair and pushes his boy rod into my mouth and towards the back of my throat. T's just the right size to suck on all day and not get tired. I start pulling him by his tight butt cheeks towards me and he is pumping with his hips into my face. He is making these whimpering noises and higher pitched squeals as he fucks my face. His ass cheeks are so tight in my hands and I am kneading them like dough. O pull one hand back around towards the front and stick it in my mouth as I suck on him. Then I use that slick finger to work on his tight pink pucker. I am moving my finger around in circular motions around his hole, and he is moaning louder and louder. His legs start to get shaky and I know it's not long till I get what I am after. I pick up the pace on his boyhood and he is ramming his crotch into my face. Then he stops and stands motionless as he groans and lets spurt after spurt of his boy juice into my mouth. 4,5,6 shots and then dribbles onto my tongue. He then collapses forward onto me and I catch him and hold him in my arms. His breathing starts to slow down again and he looks up to me.

"Wow" is all he says

"Did you like that?" I ask

"Oh yeah" he replies "I've never cum like that before, never that much."

"Well I'm glad you did." I tell him

"Can I taste yours?" he asks me, as if I could say no to him.

I undo the tie in the front of my shorts and he is already pulling the Velcro apart. My cock is so hard and he says,

"I don't think that I can get all of it in my mouth."

"Just take in what you can baby." I encourage him

He leans forward and takes the head into his mouth. Then he starts to go down further onto my 7 inches, taking it in inch by inch. He gets about 5 inches into his mouth and starts to gag.

"Don't hurt yourself, that's great right there" I tell him

Then he starts a slow bobbing motion on my cock. Up and down about 3 inches.

"Come almost all the way up then down again" I instruct

He tries it and I moan with reassurance. It's feeling so good and I know that I can't last very much longer. He brings one hand up and grabs my balls into his hand. He starts to roll them in his hand and I lose it.

"I'm cumming" I yell and shoot 5 hard shots to the back of his throat. So much that some dribbles out the corners of his mouth, and drips down off his chin onto his leg. After a while I start to get soft and he pulls off.

"I like that" he says and smile at me.

"Thank you" I say "me too"

We both fix our clothes and I ask if I can take a few pictures of us together. He says sure and stands patiently as I fix the timer. Then I walk around and put my arm around his waste and pull towards me. Beep, beep, beep, beep, click. I take two more and then he states

"That's cool, what's your name?"

"Trevor" I tell him " what's yours?"

"Lucas" he says "how old are you?"

"19, and you?"

"I'll be 14 in three months, well I better go" he tells me "my mom will be home soon"

"Okay" I say

Before he takes off down the path he leans in and gives me a peck on the lips.

"Thanks again, bye" as he walks off.

"Bye baby." I say back to him as I watch his nice round ass in those tight purple Speedos.

A month later I get the pictures and live that day over again as I jack off. I explode just as big as that day. I wall always remember Lucas!

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