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And now we continue the story...

Fields of War



Chapter 4

Light in the Darkness

Joey...that's his name...Joseph McCoy. "Who's name?" the voice asks from the dark, deep and booming in my ears. That voice...I know that voice. I can't quite remember where I've heard it or who it belongs to, but I know that voice. Again it comes booming out of the darkness, "I'm going to ask you one more time, Captain...who's name?" I answer, "The boy I saved...during the attack when the mortars came. How did you know what I was thinking?"

"The time for your questions will come later." The voice booms again from nowhere...irritated...demanding. "For now, I have some of my own. What do you intend to do with this boy? Do you plan on taking him as your lover like you did the last boy? What happens when he comes of age and is ready to join the fight? He will go off and leave you heart broken just as the last boy did. Tell me...is he really worth it? To have him to love for such a short time before he's sent off to the fields of war? What happens when he dies in the fields as the last boy did?"

Suddenly angered I yell, "No! This time will be different! I want to leave the war...to retire, and to take Joey with me! I want to be done with the endless fighting! Look what it's done to me. Most likely I will live out the rest of my days an invalid to never walk again. What more can this war...or you take from me? I have nothing left to offer! I don't want Joey to live the same life that I have! Always fighting! Never knowing if he will live to take his next breath! Always living in fear of the enemy wondering when and where they will strike next! I WANT HIM TO LIVE IN PEACE!"

"YOU DO NOT SHOUT AT ME!" the voice booms back at me rattling my body to the very bones inside it. "You want to retire? Do you think anyone retires from the fight? No...they don't! They fight until they breathe their last breath. That's what they're born into and that's all they know! I don't care about your...condition. You can be fixed and put back on your feet again to fight beside your brothers as they have fought beside you! Don't you want to strike back at those who destroyed our camp? Those who killed our people? Isn't that what we do? This attack can not go unanswered!"

Our camp? Our people? Now I know that voice. It's my commanding officer, Colonel Lockman. But, I've never heard him speak like this before...to me or anyone else, and he sure as hell isn't some kind of clairvoyant that can read my mind. He of all people should know the hell that we go through day after day. Surely he understands why a soldier under his command would want out of the fight, especially one that is wounded as bad as I am. But, what I can't figure out why he wants me to stay and fight. Surely he must have other soldiers more capable than what I will probably end up being. I have to try to talk some sense to him...to make him understand.


"...the boy?" I hear the Colonel ask as I come out my thoughts. "I'm sorry I didn't hear you...Colonel." I reply. "Ah, so you've discovered who I am have you? I asked do you love the boy?" Colonel Lockman asks with and edge of patronization in his voice. "Yes I have figured out who you are. As far as Joey is concerned...yes...yes I do love him." I answer. "A man that has fought for so long, in so many fields, against so many enemies suddenly falls in love with a boy...again? Didn't you learn your lesson the last time? And now you want to take yourself and him away from the war? To live in peace, as you say? Tell me, where would you go?" the Colonel asks in the same patronizing voice. Still feeling the fires of my anger coursing through me I answer defiantly, "I don't know if it exists yet, but if it does we will stay in the neutral zone. We will stay there and live in peace and sanity instead of the mud and smoke and fear that the fields bring. Haven't I fought enough enemies in enough fields to earn the right to live in peace? Haven't I always done everything I was asked or ordered to do? Why do Joey and I have to die to get out of the fields!?"

"You do not presume the right to anything and you certainly do not ask me questions. Have you forgotten I am your commanding officer? You do as I say. You say you love this boy, but love has no place in the fields. It takes a man's focus off of his duty and therefore makes him weak. The only thing that matters in the fields is the fighting, and maybe someday, winning the war. But, I will give you one chance to show me how much you love your precious Joey. If you succeed in persuading me into believing that you love him enough to leave the war then I will let you go with my blessing. If, however you do not, then you will be ordered to return to the fields after your wounds have healed. If you fail to do so, you will be considered a deserter and that is a crime punishable by death."

With a snap of the Colonel's fingers, I see a light in the darkness. At first, it's just a small speck but it grows larger and larger as if I'm traveling towards it, but yet I don't feel myself moving. I can hear water running and...humming? Yes... child's voice humming that gets louder as the light gets closer. It isn't long before I recognize the humming voice belongs to Joey, and as the light gets closer to me I can see he's in the shower tent of our old camp and that he's alone. As I enter the tent with him I stand there watching him. His body shining as the water runs off of him. His back is to me so he isn't aware that I'm in the tent with him yet. I just stand and admire the beauty of his body. His arms have just a hint of muscle as he soaps up his hair with his long and dainty fingers. After he rinses it, I can see his hair, black as a crow's feather slicked back by the water. Following the soap down from his head I see his smooth kissable neck as it travels down to his broad shoulders. His back as it tapers from the broadness of his shoulders to his slim waist. Under this are the small compact twin half globes that makes up his bubble butt, so small and cute. As my eyes travel lower, I see the sturdiness of his legs, so smooth... so strong and muscular from so many days of running and playing with his friends. His feet so broad and long, almost look out of place compared to the rest of his body, but yet cute and dainty at the same time. He turns around washing his face but I don't need to see it to know it's as beautiful as the rest of him because I've dreamt of it so many nights. His eyebrows perfectly arched on his forehead neither too thin nor too bushy but just the right amount of hair. Under those are his deep blue eyes always sparkling with boyish mischief surrounded by beautiful long black eyelashes that any woman or girl would love to have. His nose is a cute little button on his face with a sprinkling of freckles across the bridge and onto both cheeks which dimple when he smiles. His lips are full and as red as the finest red wine, and so kissable. All of this is framed by his boyishly round head coming down to a subtle point that is his chin. His chest is well defined for a boy his age. Already, his pectoral muscles are starting to develop, as well as those in his abdomen region. Just as his back does, his chest and stomach taper down from his shoulders to his waist. Below that is his flaccid one inch cut boy cock resting on his cute little balls. Void of any hair and his balls have yet to drop given his young age. His thighs show as much muscle tone in the front as they do in the back as they taper down beyond his knees to his feet.

As I continue to admire him I notice he's done washing his front and is now once more turned away from me and struggling to wash his back. As I walk forward to help him, I notice I am as naked as he is, and for a brief moment I wonder if I was naked the entire time I was speaking with the Colonel. Drawn to him as a moth is to a flame I walk up behind my boy and put my hands on his shoulders. I can feel him jump slightly and gasp because I have startled him, and when he swiftly turns around I can see his eyes are opened wide and filled with fear. "I'm sorry baby boy I didn't mean to startle you." I say in a soothing voice trying to calm him. I feel him relax under my hands as he looks up at me and smiles so warmly it melts my heart. The days, weeks, months and years spent in the field that have made me an unfeeling unloving tool of death melt away and at this moment the only thing that matters is Joey...here...now...with me. I pick him up and take him in my arms holding him close. Looking deep into his beautiful eyes I know I don't need to ask if he wants me as bad as I want him...no words need to be spoken for me to know the answer. I lean forward and kiss him passionately probing his lips with my tongue until he opens them and lets me explore the heat of his mouth. Wrapping his arms and legs around me he squeezes me closer to him and moans, and I continue my assault on his tongue with mine as they dance together. As if to give emphasis to what I already knew I feel his little boy member swell and harden between us. By now the water has grown cold, and I feel my boy shiver in my arms. Not knowing if it's from the temperature of the water or the passion we are both feeling at this moment, I reach behind Joey and turn off the water. Breaking the kiss I look into his deep blue eyes and say, "I love you Joey." I watch as a single tear falls down his face and wait for those words I have longed to hear so many nights. With barely more than a whisper Joey says, "I love you too Rick, I always have. I know you need me as much as I need you, and I want you to make love to me." I look at him shocked knowing there is no way I could ever do that without hurting him. Seeing the look of worry on my face Joey smiles and once again melts my heart. He says, "Don't worry I've been preparing myself for this moment. I've wanted you since the first time I saw you and I don't want anything to ruin it." It was Joey's turn to kiss me. Slowly at first, I could tell he wanted this to last as long as possible. Letting him take the lead I wait until I feel his tongue on my lips. Slowly I open my mouth and suck his tongue into it. Once again, they dance together as the embers of our passion burn slowly between us. Breaking the kiss I ask him, "Are you sure?" Joey looks me straight in the eyes and says, "I've never been more sure about anything in my life."

With his arms and legs still wrapped around me I kiss him deep and hard as I use my index finger of my right hand to follow the deep crevice between his twin globes to find his hole. Joey lets out a deep guttural groan as he feels my finger enter his passage vibrating my mouth back to my throat and starts humping my belly grinding his boy cock into me. To my surprise, I realize that somehow he has already lubed himself. Before I can ask why he's already lubed, he breaks the kiss and whispers in my ear, "I need you...now. Please make love to me and give me your seed. Make me your boy forever." With that he reaches back and grabs my rock hard cock and guides it to his hole. Sliding himself down my body he lets gravity do its work pulling my member closer and closer to his passage. His heat burns into my cock as I feel the head slip in and it's my turn to groan and I feel the tightness and fire inside him. I look at Joey's face as he lowers himself ever so slowly taking inch after inch of my cock into him. His eyes are closed and his mouth is open as he feels the ecstasy when my cock reaches his prostate. Before long he has taken all of me in him and Joey opens his eyes and I can see the haze of pleasure and lust that has overtaken him. Slowly he begins to buck his hip sending wave after wave of pleasure through me. Never have I felt so much pleasure. Not even with my last boy. The heat from his hole makes my cock feel as if it's going to burn at any moment. The tightness of the grip feels as if it will be pulled from my body if we go to fast. Joey gasps as his cock slips up and down on my belly, and at the same time my cock massages his prostate. His breathing becomes irregular as he feels pleasures that are totally new to his young body. As much as we both want this to go on forever, I know that neither one of us are going to last very long. Joey begins to buck faster and faster driving his boy pole deeper and deeper into my belly. At the same time he's riding my rock hard cock faster and deeper into him until I feel his body tense up and his hole grip me harder than any hole has ever before. Jerking Joey rides the high of his first dry orgasm whimpering and moaning as wave after wave of pleasure rips through his young body. Having his hole grip me as tight as it has I feel my balls starting to churn and I know it won't be long until I join my young lover in his post orgasmic bliss. Feeling my cock get ever harder and the head starting to expand Joey knows that I'm getting close and starts riding my cock faster and that sends me over the edge. My cock explodes as the waves of my own orgasm rushes through my body make me involuntarily jerk with each shot of my seed into Joey's tight hole. Riding the waves of my own orgasm I pull Joey to me and kiss him deep and hard as I continue to blast out shot after shot deep in him. As my orgasm subsides I break the kiss and Joey says with a huge smile on his face, "Now I'm your boy and no one else's." Now it's my turn to cry as I pull him to me and kiss him over and over never wanting this moment to end. Sitting down on the floor of the shower tent I cuddle with my new lover never wanting to let him go. As we sit there in our post orgasmic bliss whispering how much we love each other, I feel the water from the recently used shower head dripping on my shoulder. Drip...drip...drip...drip...

It's then that I realize it's Joey's tears on my shoulder and not the water from the shower head. It takes me a few moments to realize that we aren't in that shower tent anymore and that Joey is crying for some reason. I open my eyes and see that we are in the back of a wagon going somewhere, but I'm not sure where we are going yet. Feeling the pain in my back again I realize what just happened was just a dream. I can wait to find out what's going on and where we are headed later. Right now, my main concern is Joey, so I ask, "Joey why are you crying?" That just makes the poor boy cry even harder and I can feel my heart breaking into a million pieces for him. Trying my best to calm him down I say in my calmest voice, "Shhhh it's ok baby boy. Tell me what's wrong. I promise I will make it ok." Joey asks me something, but I can't understand him through all the sobbing so I ask, "What baby boy? I didn't understand you." Using pure willpower Joey gets himself to calm down some and in a whisper that I can barely hear he asks, "Do you love me Rick?" This is the moment of truth. This is no dream where I have to answer to a sadistic Colonel that wants me to stay in the fight. This is a real boy with real feelings that is looking to me to give him the love he so desperately needs. Knowing that if I rejected him and did as the Colonel in my dreams wanted would crush this boy forever I say, "More than you will ever know my sweet boy...more than you will ever know." I meant every word of it and I knew that Joey believed every word because he hugged my neck so tight it hurt, but that's ok. I would gladly go through any pain imaginable or not to make him happy. Over and over Joey repeats, "I love you too Rick. I love you with all my heart. I want us to be together forever and ever and ever." At this very moment my heart melts for my young boy and I know he will have me `forever and ever and ever' as Joey has just said in his own cute little way. In spite of the pain and not knowing where exactly we are or where we are going I had to smile. Pulling back and seeing me smile makes Joey smile in return and giggling like a couple of teenagers in love we kiss each other over and over, whispering how much we love each other, just like in my dream. At this moment, despite all the unknowns and the pain, I am the happiest man alive.


Joey then becomes serious and asks, "Do you think they will be able to fix you?" Confused by his question I ask, "They? Who are they?" I hear a familiar voice from behind Joey as Murray speaks up and says, "I think I can answer that." I laugh and say, "Murray! You crazy son of a bitch what the hell are you doing here?" Joey sits up beside me so I can see Murray with his goofy little half grin on his face, and we all share a little laugh. "Oh, you know, I had nothing better to do then to risk my life getting you and Joey to the hospital in the neutral zone." Murray says with a little chuckle. Confused by his answer I ask, "Me and Joey? The neutral zone? What...?" It's then that Murray and Joey fill me in on what's happened since I was knocked unconscious back at our base camp. Shocked beyond belief I say, "Wow, so you mean to tell me that the neutral zone actually exists? I thought it was just a fairy tale." Murray just chuckles at me and says, "Nope, it's real and we're going there to get you Joey and me fixed up." Seeing the patch on Murray's shoulder I had already figured out why he needed to get to the hospital, but I didn't know why Joey needed to get there. Looking him over like a concerned parent, I realize that his arm is in a splint. Realizing my sweet boy is hurt I say with a lump in my throat, "I am so sorry baby boy. It breaks my heart to see you hurt." With tears in his eyes Joey says, "I'll be ok until we get there. I'm more worried about you than I am about me." For the first time Joey looks down instead of looking me straight in the eyes while he speaks to me and says, "The medic back at camp...Fredricks...he said you might be paralyzed." Softly Joey begins to sob again. "Come here baby boy." I say and he scoots close to me. "I know you're worried about me, but I need you to be strong ok?" Joey slowly nods his head still sobbing. With my heart breaking for him even more I say, "Don't you get yourself all upset over me. I'm going to be fine. I'm sure the doctors can fix me up in no time, but right now we have to work on getting there. We need to take this one step at a time, ok?" Again sobbing Joey nods his head. I say, "Ok good. Now what's our next step?" With a quivering voice Joey says, "Getting through dead man's pass." Trying my best to cheer him up I say, "And I understand that it was my smart baby boy that figured out how to get through it safely, right?" Seeing a slight little smile starting to form on his face Joey says, "Yeah, I figured it out. Do you really think I'm smart?" Grinning at him, trying to lift his spirits, I say, "Well you outsmarted two grown men didn't you?" At this Joey, has no choice but to let out a little laugh and says, "You should have seen them Rick. Scratching their heads trying to figure it out. I outsmarted both of them with such a simple solution. I couldn't believe they didn't figure out something so simple." By now, Joey has a huge grin of satisfaction on his face. All I can do is grin back at him and say, "That's my baby boy." Again Joey wraps his arms around my already aching neck and squeezes me as tight as he can, but it's ok. It's a good kind of hurt. As he pulls away I look at him more serious and ask, "Can you do me a favor baby boy?" Joey simply answers, "Anything Rick!" Smiling again at his cheerfulness I say, "Can you go up and sit with Anderson for a little bit? I need to talk to Murray about something, ok?" With that Joey was up in the seat with Anderson talking away about this and that like little boys do.


"What's up Captain?" Murray asks. Whispering so Joey won't hear I say, "I need you to get down by my feet and watch them. I'm going to try to move my left foot and I want you to tell me if it moves." Realizing the seriousness of the situation I can see Murray gulp down a knot in his throat. "You got it Captain." he says. As I watch him move down to my feet I close my eyes, take in a deep breath, and say a silent prayer for this to work. Letting out my breath I ask, "You ready Murray?" With a heavy tone Murray responds, "Ready when you are." Never in my life have I ever thought I would want something as simple as my foot to move, and hoping that my prayer worked I close my eyes and `willed' my foot to move. Opening my eyes, I see Murray moving back up so we can be eye to eye as he tells me what happened. By the look on his face I know that he doesn't have good news.