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And now we continue the story...


Fields of War






Lesser of Two Evils



With a look of dread on his face Murray says, "I'm sorry Captain. I wish I had better news but I knew you would want the truth." Quickly, Murray looks away and towards the front of the wagon, and I can see his eyes in the moonlight and the tears that are starting to form there. I'm not surprised. He and I have been through a lot in the past, and we've fought side by side since Murray and I were old enough to join the fight. We've saved each other's skin in the fields more times than either of us could count, or would ever want to, and he's become like a brother to me. War has a funny way of doing that when you put your life in someone else's hands, and ask them to do the same, and I think it's finally hit him that I might not be able to return to the fields with him. Of course, I haven't told him or anyone else that even if my paralysis can be healed I want to retire. I'm still waiting for the right moment to tell anyone about that. Patiently, I wait for Murray to get himself composed, and as he tries to man up, he lets out an unsteady sigh, clears his throat and whispers, "What are you going to tell Joey?" Knowing that he would be heart broken if he knew, I whisper back, "I think Joey's been through enough already. It would be best if we keep this between us." Murray just nods and says, "I understand Captain." Knowing that he isn't one for such formalities, I knew that Murray's recent habit of calling me Captain is out of respect for our time together and the bond that the fields has formed between us, and I knew neither one of us would ever forget that bond.


Not wanting to dwell on the subject I ask Murray, "Do you think we'll be able to find our way through dead man's pass using just the compass?" He looks at me thoughtfully for a moment and says, "I don't really see how we have a choice. After the gunfight earlier I'm sure there will be more enemy looking for us. I have to agree with Anderson and say that our best bet is to keep moving. If we stop to camp that will just make it easier for them to find us and that's not an option I want to think about." Nodding in agreement I say, "Yeah, we're pretty much out in the middle of nowhere with our asses hanging out aren't we? At least we have the cover of night, and the fog once we make it to dead man's pass. I just hope whoever has the compass can see it." Murray lets out his trademark little chuckle and grins his trademark little half grin and says, "Damned if we do and damned if we don't. But in my opinion going through tonight is the lesser of two evils."


That's why I wanted to have this conversation with Murray. If he has one quality about him that makes him unique, it's that he isn't going to sugar coat it and tell me what he thinks I want to hear, just like he did when I asked him to watch my foot. As the wagon starts to slow, I hear Anderson say to Murray, "We're getting close to dead man's pass, and it's pretty damn foggy. I'm going to need an extra pair of eyes up here to help me get through it. Plus, I'm going to need an extra pair of hands to hold the compass and shoot anyone that might shoot at us." Reaching into a crate next to us, Murray grabs a rifle, checks it for ammo, and says, "I guess that's my cue to get back to work. I'll send Joey back here."


And, with a pat on my shoulder, Murray is up front and it isn't long before Joey finds his way back to me. "Miss me?" he asks with a grin on his face. Grinning back at him in spite of the news I had just received and the conversation I've just had with Murray I say, "Yes I did baby boy." Joey cocks his head to the side in a cute little way and furrows his eyebrows. "Why do you call me that? I'm not a baby you know?" he asks. Verbally disarmed by his cuteness and his cheerfulness, I blurt out, "Because that's what I called you in my dream." Not missing a beat Joey asks, "What dream?" If it had been daylight out I'm sure Joey would have seen the `oh shit' look on my face as I suddenly realized I've said too much. Not wanting to lie to him I say, "The dream I had before I woke up." At that Joey's face lights up and I know he's not going to leave this alone. "You dreamt about me? What was it about?" he asks barely able to contain his excitement. For a moment I close my eyes kicking myself for letting him get me in a corner like this. I know it's too late to get out of this now. The only hope I have is to try to tell him as little as possible about it, but at the same time not lie to him. "It was mostly a conversation between me and the Colonel." I say as I open my eyes again. "So what's that got to do with me?" Joey asks with a look of confusion on his face. Knowing that I'm already on the edge and that there is no turning back now I say, "It was more of an argument more than anything else. The Colonel wanted me to stay in the fields and fight and I told him I wanted to stay in the neutral zone and keep you with me." Watching Joey mentally digest this I brace myself for the question I know is coming. As he continues to work through his mind what I just said, Joey once again furrows his eyebrows and slowly asks, "So...if we stayed in the neutral zone that would mean that you...wouldn't go back to the fighting right?" All I could do is smile at how smart he is, and with a grin on my face I say, "That's my plan." Still concentrating on what I've said to him Joey asks, "So that means you would never go back to the fields? You would do that for me?" I would do anything for you baby boy. You have no idea. I think to myself as I answer, "Yes I would." Launching himself at me Joey once again wraps his arms around my neck and buries his head in my shoulder and says, "I love you Rick! I know I've said this already but I really do want us to be together forever." And with that I'm treated to another barrage of kisses from Joey, which at first, start out as innocent little pecks, but eventually become longer and more passionate. It isn't long before I feel his tongue on my lips and I gladly open my mouth to allow him access to my tongue. Tenderly we kiss each other as our love and passion grows stronger and hotter. Breaking our kiss Joey says panting, "I can't wait until we get to the hospital and they fix you. I have to have you." Before I can answer he goes in for another round of tongue dancing and with that the fog of dead man's pass surrounds us. Knowing that my boy is hot and bothered and that there is very little chance that Murray and Anderson can see us I suddenly have an idea that I know Joey is going to love, but first there are some things that need to be done first. Breaking our kiss I whisper into Joey's ear, "Take off your pants." With a little giggle Joey whispers back, "OK" and I more hear, rather than see, him remove them as he shuffles about. While he's doing this I try to reach out and touch him, but I'm reminded that my arms are strapped down to the stretcher I'm lying on, and that I'm going to need some help freeing them. When Joey is done with his pants I ask, "Can you un-strap my arms?" and in no time they're freed. I reach out and touch what I think is his leg and start to follow it to what feels like the inside of his thigh traveling up to his groin, and I'm right, because before long my fingers make contact with a very hard and rigid boy pole. I can hear Joey gasp as my hand makes contact with it and I start stroking it up and down, but I have other things in mind. I slide my hand back down his leg to his ankle and pull on it. Getting the hint, Joey moves towards me and much to my surprise and joy, I feel his breath on my neck his teeth on my earlobe as he gently nibbles at it, and it's my turn to gasp. Damn this boy is good I think to myself. Already he's found one of my biggest turn ons. In return, I lick and nibble on his ear before I whisper, "Lay on your back with your legs on my shoulders and your cock at my face." Again, I can hear him shuffle about and I raise myself up onto my elbows despite the pain screaming in my back. Before long I feel him get into position as I feel his legs on my shoulders. Knowing that my object of desire should be right in front of my face I stick out my tongue and slowly lean down in search of Joey's boy treasures, and it isn't long before my tongue comes into contact with what I think are his little boy balls and I suck one into my mouth. The gasp that Joey lets out tells me I've struck home. Slowly I roll his little boy nugget around in my mouth, and then I open my mouth wider to allow both of them in. Licking and sucking and rolling both balls in my mouth I can feel Joey starting to thrust his pelvis at me. Ever so gently I let go of his balls and start licking my way up to his rigid boy cock. Again Joey thrusts his hips at me and lets out a little moan and I use the tip of my tongue to slowly lick his pulsing boyhood from base to head. At the same time, I use this opportunity to slide my hands under Joey and grab those beautiful mounds that make up his bubble butt. Kneading them in my hands I relish in the supple softness of them and, unable to hold back any longer, I take his hardness in my mouth all the way to the base. Joey moans again and starts bucking his pelvis against my face, humping my mouth. I wait for him to calm down, and after a few seconds we establish a steady rhythm with me pulling back and thrusting forward with my head as he does the same with his hips. At first, we start out slow and I know this is because Joey wants to bask in the new feelings that I'm offering to him, but before long his hips begin to buck faster and harder as he thrusts his rigid boyhood in and out of my mouth. Joey wraps his legs around my neck and I can tell he's getting into it more and more. I know it shouldn't be long before I send him off to his first dry orgasm and I start sucking harder and faster as Joey tightens his grip on my neck with his legs and grabs my head with his hands. Wanting to give him even more pleasure, I take my index finger and start rubbing it around the ring of his anal passage. That's enough to send Joey over the edge, and as he grabs my head even harder, buries his cock in my mouth, and arches his back. I can feel his cock pulsing in my mouth as his orgasm rips through his little body. As the twitching in his cock subsides I can feel the grip Joey has on my neck and head relax and slowly he pulls his boyhood from my mouth.


"Feel better?" I ask as I run my hand under Joey's shirt and over his tummy and chest, kissing his spent member. "That...was...awesome." Joey replies between breaths. "Glad you liked it" I say with a grin of satisfaction on my face knowing that I have just made my boy happy. Joey almost brings me to tears as he says, "Liked it? I loved it! Especially since it was you doing it." Swallowing hard I say with an unsteady voice, "I love you baby boy." Feeling Joey move his legs off of my shoulders I wonder what he's doing, but it isn't long before I see the blurry outline of his hand in the fog as he searches for my face. I reach out and take his hand in mine and lead it to where he wants it to be. Not long after his other hand joins the first and he cups my face in them as he leans forward and treats me to another long passionate kiss before he says, "I love you too Rick. I want to make you feel as good as you just made me feel." Taking his hands in mine I say, "When I'm better you can do whatever you want with me, I promise." Laying his head on my shoulder, Joey lets out a sigh of satisfaction and once again I can feel his hot breath on my neck "Good, because I want you to make love to me." Joey whispers in my ear. Instantly I'm taken back to the shower room in my dreams. My hard cock sliding in and out of his fiery tight hole. Oh, what I would give to do that now. To feel his body move with mine as I make slow passionate love to him. But this is reality, and there are a lot of things that need to be worked out before that dream can come true, and not all of those things will be under my control. Not wanting to burden my boy with the details that still needed to be worked out with my current paralysis, and retirement plans I say, "That sounds good to me little man." Picking up on the change I've made for my little nick name for Joey he says, "'Little man.' I like that better than baby boy." And with that, Joey locates his pants, pulls them back on, and pulls a blanket over both of us before he cuddles up to me and kisses me goodnight. Using my arm closest to him, I pull him close to me, and rub his back. Before long, he's fallen asleep, exhausted from the sex that we've just had. For me, sleep doesn't come so quickly. There are a lot of details that have to be worked out before everything that I've told Joey can come true, and if it doesn't work out I know he will be heart broken and will probably never trust me again. Living and fighting in the fields has taught us that not everything works out no matter how much we want, or plan for things to go our way. Most times, uncertainty is the only thing we have to look forward to, but this is different. This is on a much more personal level, and now the things I've said and done to Joey can't be unsaid or undone. I truthfully love him with all my heart and I want more than anything for him to be happy, but I've also got to consider the corner I've gotten myself in. I have to struggle with the reality that I might not walk again, which in turn, effects everything below my waist including being able to perform and give Joey the love that he wants. And, of course there is the reality that if I am able to regain the use of my legs, that I could be ordered to return to the fields no matter how bad I want to retire. As Murray had put it, maybe prophetically, I have to figure out which is the lesser of the two evils. As the fog continues to surround us I eventually fall into an uneasy sleep as I continue to be torn between the unknown of what might happen and what I've promised to Joey.