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And now we continue the story...





Fields of war






Chapter 7


One of Nine


"...son? Captain Carlson? Wake up Captain Carlson." I hear the nurse say as she brings me to. "Where...where am I?" I ask as I open my eyes. For a few seconds, I've forgotten everything that's taken place the past couple of days and I don't recognize my surroundings causing panic to fill my body. Recognizing my distress the nurse quickly replies, "You're at the hospital in the neutral zone. You're in the recovery room. You've just had surgery on your back. How do you feel?" Relaxing a little as my brain starts working, I let out a little laugh and say, "Like I've been ran over by a team of horses." The nurse smiles at me and says, "That's the anesthesia, what you're feeling is normal. It should wear off shortly. I'll go get Doctor Stevenson. He's been waiting for you to wake up so he can talk to you. He'll be here in a few minutes. In the meantime just relax."


After the nurse has gone, I notice a few things as I continue to come out of my state of grogginess. First, I notice I'm lying on my back instead of on my stomach, which I guess was to be expected since I knew the debris would be removed. Still, on some basic level that I can't explain, it brings a sense of relief. Second, I notice that I can feel my legs for the first time in days. Not phantom pains, but really feel them. I also notice I can feel...other things. I grab my cock, and immediately feel the sensation of it being touched causing it to swell demanding attention. I know Joey will be as happy about this as I am. Not wanting to get caught with a raging hard on, I focus my attention on other things. I slowly flex my left ankle and I feel my foot move. Letting it relax, I bend my right leg at the knee until I see it rise under the sheet and blanket that's covering me. Feeling like a kid with a new toy, I go for broke, straighten both my legs, and lift them both until I see them rise. I let out a silent "Yes" and do a little fist pump before I let them rest on the gurney. Behind me I hear Doctor Stevenson let out a little chuckle before he says, "I see you're feeling better." I'm sure my face turned red because when the Doctor came around to the side of the gurney he just laughs harder and says with his genuine grin, "Don't worry, I came in at the fist pump." After a few moments, the Doctor becomes more serious and adds, "I guess I don't have to ask how you're feeling, but you should try to rest and let your back heal. The damage to your nerves has been repaired, as you've obviously figured out, but you still need to give the muscles in your back and legs time to get used to being moved again. After all, you haven't used them in a couple of days, and you might have to go through some light rehab." Suddenly I'm reminded of my conversation with Joey when I told him about my retirement plans. I've been putting this off as long as possible, but now it's here, and I know it's something I don't have complete control over. Seeing the troubled look on my face Doctor Stevenson asks, "What is it? Are you in pain?" Gathering my thoughts I pause trying to figure out the best way to pose my question. Finally finding the words I ask, "Doctor Stevenson, what is the medical protocol with injured military personnel that want to retire?" Scratching his head the Doctor pauses himself before saying, "Well, first we have to see how your rehab goes. But, to be honest I'm not really expecting any great difficulties in that area. After that, it's in the hands of your superiors. I wish I could give you a better answer, I really do, but unless a man is totally incapable of performing his military duties, nine times out of ten they put him back in the fields." Once again flashing his genuine smile, the Doctor tries to lighten the mood by saying, "But, for right now what we need to do is get you to a room. I understand your young friend has already been admitted and is waiting for you to join him." Letting out another one of his little chuckles the Doctor ads, "He's asked about you every ten minutes or so. He doesn't know yet that the surgery was a success. I thought you might want to tell him." On the way to Joey's room, I mentally digest what the Doctor has told me. `Nine times out of ten' the Doctor said. I guess that makes me one of nine... a statistic... a fucking number. Damn this fucking war.


As my gurney is wheeled into the room, I try not to let on that I've just received some potentially bad news, especially since I can see the look of concern on Joey's face. As I'm wheeled past his bed to mine, I put my anger aside as I give him a wink and a smile and raise my hand and give him a thumbs up signaling that the surgery was a success which immediately brings a smile to my boys face that would melt the hardest of hearts, including mine. In a flash Joey jumps off of his bed and runs to mine as the Doctor and a couple of nurses help me from the gurney to the bed. After I'm settled in, Doctor Stevenson gives us a knowing look before he winks at Joey and says, "You be gentle with him. He still needs to heal." This brings a chorus of giggles from the two nurses that helped the Doctor get me into my bed. Watching my boy lower his head trying to hide the fact that his face has gone red from blushing, I can't help but grin as Joey answers in a small innocent voice, "I promise I won't hurt him." Giving me a wink and a sly smile the Doctor says, "I'm sure you won't young man. The nurses and other staff members make their rounds on a two hour cycle, and if memory serves me correctly they've just finished. That means, unless you push the call button, you should have a couple of hours alone." With another broad genuine grin the Doctor adds, "I'm sure you two can find something to do to keep yourselves occupied." Then the doctor is out the door followed the two nurses.


As soon as the door swings shut Joey is in my bed and in my arms. Suddenly, I realize this is the first time I've truly held him since being wounded, and I don't want this moment to end. It just feels so right to have him so close to me. Our bodies seem to melt into each other. As it was in my dreams, nothing else matters except Joey...here...now...with me, but this time it's no dream and I couldn't be happier. This is what we've both been waiting for. I raise my head and my lips find his. Instantly I can feel the passion between us ignite causing my cock to become rock hard within seconds. Slowly, Joey runs his hand from my face, down my chest, across my stomach to find my hard manhood. He breaks our slow passionate kiss long enough to say, "I want that to be in me." I nod my approval, which brings a smile to his face but this one is different. This smile is a mixture of lust and passion...of somehow, experience well beyond that of a boy so young. Running my fingers through his hair I say, "I've been waiting for this as long as you have. You can have anything and everything my body has to offer." Instantly the passion that was ignited with a single kiss bursts into a flame consuming both of us. Immediately, Joey climbs on top of me. Kissing my mouth...nibbling on my neck...my ears...all of which causes me to want him that much more. Then he finds another of my biggest turn ons. Being shirtless from the surgery means that he has free, uninhibited access to my chest and he didn't let it go to waste. Moaning with pleasure I watch as my hot and horny lover licks my chest from one nipple to the other pausing long enough to gently nibble on each one. As his tongue play continues I notice he is getting lower and lower and is soon licking my stomach while at the same time using his hands to gain access to my cock. After he has taken care of unbuckling my belt and unsnapping my pants I watch as the horny little devil takes my zipper in his teeth and slowly slides it down all the while maintaining eye contact with me the entire time. As soon as my cock is in view I watch Joey take it in his hand and give it a couple of pumps and then he slowly he licks it from base to head, just as I did to him, sending shivers up and down my spine and shocks of pleasure through my body. Joey continues his assault on my cock as he flicks his tongue over the head before he takes in between his plump silky soft lips. Instantly I moan as the head of my cock is enveloped in the heat of his mouth. His tongue dancing continues on the sensitive underside as he twists and turns his lips sucking on the head as he would a lollipop. It takes all the willpower I can muster not to cum right then and there. Once again I run my fingers through his hair as I receive the best damn blow job of my life. After spending a few more minutes in the heaven that is Joey's mouth he pulls away with an audible "pop" and licks his way back up my body and makes his way to my ear. Licking, sucking and nibbling on it Joey grinds his body against mine and whispers, "Put it in my hole Rick. Make me your boy." With that, Joey grabs a tube off the stand between our two beds and says, "The Doctor brought this in earlier and said we might need it. He said it's lube." This raises some questions in my mind, but I'm too hot and horny right now to worry about it, especially since Joey has already squeezed a glob of lube onto his hand and is working my cock up and down. After he's done he pulls on my pants signaling he wants to take them off. I raise my hips and in no time at all I find myself naked in front of my boy, and it's my turn to strip Joey. First, I pull his shirt off. Just as it was in my dream his chest and abs are already starting to develop. Slowly, I run my hand over his silky smooth skin to his pants and unsnap them and lower the zipper. I slide them off to reveal the rest of Joey's flawless body. As impossible as it seems, seeing him naked for the first time, other than in my dreams, makes my cock even harder. Letting my passion take control I pull him on top of me and kiss him deep and hard. At the same Joey reaches behind himself and starts guiding my cock to his hole. Suddenly I stop him and say, "Wait. You haven't been prepared yet." Joey just smiles and says, "Don't worry. I've already taken care of it." No word known to man can describe the pleasure I feel as the head of my cock enters him. His heat, his tightness, it envelops my entire being as Joey slowly lowers himself onto my manhood, just he did in my dream. But this...this is so much better than any dream. This is real. This is happening. This is something that becomes more and more real as Joey takes more and more of my cock into his hot tight hole. As my manhood grazes his prostate, Joey lets out a loud moan and I watch as his boyhood starts to swell. Every single nerve of my body is on sensory overload as Joey ever so slowly rests his beautiful bubble butt on my lap. As if it couldn't get any better, Joey smiles his wicked lust filled smile as he starts bucking his hips in a slow sensuous rhythm, grinding his cute little ass against me, causing more and more shots of pleasure through my already overloaded body. Grabbing his hips, I match his rhythm with my own and slowly start sliding in and out of his sweet little body. After a few minutes I let go of his hips and find the lube and squeeze a small portion of it in my hand and wrap it around Joey's rock hard boy cock. Getting the idea he starts sliding his cock in and out of my hand while at the same time slides my cock in and out of his hole. We start out slow at first but things get more and more heated and as we both want more and more pleasure the rhythm of our love making increases. Faster and faster Joey fucks my fist and at the same time fucks himself onto my cock. Eyes closed and breathing erratic at best, I know Joey's getting just as close to his orgasm as I am to mine. Faster and harder we work ourselves into a frenzy until Joey stops and I can feel his hole clamp onto my cock and his boyhood twitch in my hand. The sudden tightness on my manhood sends me over the edge and shooting load after load into the tightest hottest hole I have ever had. I pull him to me and kiss him as deep and as hard as I can as I empty my balls into his hole. Breaking the kiss and panting I am only able to whisper as I say, "I love you Joey...more than you will ever know. You are the perfect boy for me." I watch as a single tear slowly trails down my precious boy's right cheek before he says, "I've been waiting for this moment since before you were hurt. I'm just sorry it caused you so much pain for us to finally be together."


As my heart breaks for Joey I wrap him in my arms, kiss the top of his head and say, "Don't you ever feel like this is your fault because it isn't. None of it. I pulled you out from under that tent because I love you. I've dreamt of you so many nights, but I had to be sure that you wanted this as much as I do. And now that I know, I want us to be together forever and ever and ever, just like you said when I woke up." Joey lets out a little giggle as my reference to his cute little remark has the desired effect I am hoping for and he starts to cheer up some. Slowly he pulls himself free of my arms and slides my cock out of his hole. As we clean ourselves up and get dressed I can see that his mood is starting to improve. But, I also know I have to tell him what I've been putting off. I hate ruining the mood, but I don't want to hide anything from him either. As we both climb back into my bed, I work through my mind the best way to start the conversation. Joey looks at me and he can tell I'm struggling with something in my head. Looking me straight in the eye he asks, "What is it Rick?" As I struggle to keep my emotions, and my anger at bay as much as possible I run my fingers through his silky soft hair and say, "Do you remember when I said that my plans are to retire from the fields?" Furrowing his eyebrows Joey asks, "Yeah...what about it?" Still struggling to find the words I say, "I don't want you to feel as if I lied to you about that because I would never do that to you. But, the truth of the matter is I don't have complete control over that decision. I've asked the Doctor about it and he said that they might send me back to the fields. I'm going to try my best to fight it, but I can't guarantee that things are going to work out the way we want them to." As I finish I brace myself for what I'm sure will be a lot of crying and yelling on Joey's part. Of course, I wouldn't blame him, but he shocks the hell out of me as he shows maturity way beyond his years and says, "I know that you can't control every decision that's made that effects you. I mean, after living in the fields my entire life I know the only thing we can count on is uncertainty. I'm not mad at you, but if they do put you back in the fields I can't promise that I won't worry about you because I love you, and I know you love me and would never do anything to hurt me." I let out a slow unsteady sigh as the words my boy has just spoken weighs heavily on my mind and heart. Before I can process my emotions and thoughts there is a light knock on our door before one of the nurses pokes her head in and says, "Captain, someone is here to see you. It would be best if you speak to him alone. Is it ok if I take Joey to the cafeteria?" I nod my approval and Joey gives me a strange look to which I can only shrug as I have no idea what this is all about. I give him a hug and kiss before he climbs out of my bed and follows the nurse out of my room.


Two minutes later a man walks into my room carrying a file. Instantly I rise to my feet and snap my arm into a salute as I recognize the medals on his uniform that signify his rank as Colonel. Returning my salute the Colonel says, "As you were Captain. Please, sit down." I do as I'm told and sit on the edge of my bed as the Colonel pulls up a chair and opens the file he has brought with him. Stating in a no nonsense straight forward manner the Colonel says, "I'm Colonel Davis. I'm here because I understand your camp was destroyed, and many people were killed. Among the deceased we discovered Colonel Lockman. Since you officially no longer have a commanding officer, you have been assigned to my unit." As the Colonel continues to speak the first thought that comes to my mind is `Oh shit, here we go.'