Finding Heaven on the Beach

By Rob Loveboy

Edits by Anon



“How about that one there?” Chris Monroe pointed.


“A little young, but hell, he is cute!!” replied James Caldwell.


The two men in their mid forties were basking on a beach in Mexico on holidays boy-watching and determined to take one back to their villa not five-hundred feet away. It was the purpose of their vacation to have as many boys as they could get, and they never had to leave the beach. Huckster-boys selling cheap jewelry to tourists were plentiful, and from what a mutual friend told them, available and cheap.


Finally, a cute kid of about eleven came over to Chris and James wearing only a thin muscle shirt that had seen better days and a thin pair of shorts much too small for him. “You Like?” the kid said, holding colorful bracelets and necklaces. The boy continuously scanned the beach for the Policia, who continually patrolled the beach to keep the annoying huckster kids away from the tourists.


“NIce stuff, but you are prettier, “agradable, pero usted es más agradable!” Chris said in lousy spanish. “Se llega a nuestra casa por dinero?” Chris asked if the boy would come to their villa for money.


The kid looked at him seriously and replied in spanish, “I will come back.” The boy ran into the trees as two cops were coming their way.


The cops nodded to Chris and James and kept walking down the beach. The kid reappeared when it was safe, but still looked around nervously and asked what he had to do for the money.


“Take off your clothes and dance for us.” Chris showed the boy a twenty-dollar US bill.


“Si senor” he replied, staring at the money.


The boy followed Chris and James, who were nervous as hell yet hard as rocks, into their villa! Chris sat on the bed and pulled the boy’s t-shirt over his head, looped his thumbs in the elastic waistband and slid the shorts down revealing a two-inch, uncut boy-cock that he fondled, causing the kid to giggle.


His name was Francisco and he was eleven almost twelve, he said when asked.


Francisco got nervous when Chris and James removed their bathing suits, standing naked in front of the boy. James produced another twenty and handed it to Francisco who put it in the pocket of his shorts along with the other twenty, and smiled.


The men placed Francisco in the center of the bed and laid at either side of him, taking his hands and placing them around their cocks, while their hands caressed the smooth, lean body and velvety genitals. Chris went down on the boy, who was erect in no time.


James got between the boy's legs and lifted them to lick the hole that his cock was going to be in before too long. Both men were amazed at Francisco’s cooperation thus far and how easy it was to find a boy.


Francisco wasn’t thrilled about being fucked; he screamed bloody murder, adding to James’ desire to fuck him mercilessly. Chris squatted over the kid and forced his cock in Francisco’s mouth and jerked off, knowing there was no way in hell the kid would offer a decent blowjob, and no time to teach him.


The men had dinner at the hotel that evening, having let Francisco go forty-dollars richer, and telling him to bring a friend and earn ten-dollars if he did. It wasn’t easy communicating, but they were sure Francisco understood.


They were in their underwear finishing off a bottle of wine, surprised to hear a knock on the door late that night. Francisco had a kid of about seven with him. “Mi primo Juan!” the boy said proudly introducing his cousin and holding out his hand for his finder's fee, as promised.


Francisco left his cousin with the men after being paid, even though Chris and James weren’t sure they wanted the kid.


“Much too young, Chris. Don’t you think?” said James warily studying the kid. “I’ll break him in half, for Christ sakes!”


“Might as well have a little bit of fun with him.” Chris said, pulling down the boy’s shorts and feeling the cocklet out of curiosity. Chris wondered if Francisco had briefed the boy who stood naked with a dumb grin on his face, allowing Chris to fondle him without complaint.


“Suck him, see if you can at least get him hard.” James said, sitting at the table pouring himself another glass of wine, unsure what to do with the kid - send him on his way, or play with him for the night.


Juan did get an erection resembling a small gherkin-pickle but much larger than Chris anticipated. He had absolutely no previous experience with boys that young to know any better. Juan’s little soft sack contained marble-size testicles that he licked and sucked both in his mouth.


Chris moved behind the boy and licked his hole. Wetting a finger, he entered the tight rectum, causing Juan to flinch. He wondered if he could get his cock inside something that tight. Anus’ were very pliable, but it would be like sticking his cock in a coke bottle.


“Listen, we came here to have fun, right?” James tried to justify. “He’s here and seemingly willing, so who cares how old he is? Let’s have fun with him. It’s not as if he’s going to run out the door and find a cop. Even if he did, they wouldn’t believe him?”


Chris picked Juan up, placed him on the bed and continued to suck his cock and balls. James urged the boy, who had a good idea as to the basics of sucking cock thanks to Chris, to do the same to him.


Juan didn’t want the fat cock in his mouth. However, James was persistent and squeezed the boy’s nose until he opened his mouth. “Chupar!” he said angrily.


James ignored the scraping of Juan’s teeth, he didn’t expect anything less. It was the erotica of having his cock in a seven year-old’s mouth! There would be no bragging rights back home … well, maybe to certain trusted people he could gloat to.


Chris had taken over finger-fuckcing the kid while he sucked cock and balls together in his mouth getting a great kick out of it. I found it humorously kinky that he and James were having sex with a seven year-old boy. He knew it was just a matter of time before James relented and fucked the kid.


Sure enough, as predicted, James was lubing his cock smiling at Chris who smiled back at him. James held Juan’s legs high and wide while Chris had the honor of directing James’ cock to the bullseye.


James pushed until his head was inside the boy. “Fuck, is he ever tight!” he said while Chris held the boy down mashed under his chest.


Juan was crying, “No senor!” from under Chris. “Pan, pan!” 


James ignored the kid’s pleas, and sweat was pouring off his head onto Juan’s belly after a while. He was determined to bury his cock to the root with his pubic hair mashed against the kid’s groin and cum deep inside him. It was a long and laborious effort; his cock began to hurt from the resistance. Suddenly, the remaining four inches bottomed out. James began to fuck Juan, retracting and forging ahead until he came, collapsing on top of Chris, who was somehow still blowing the boy.


“Wow, was that a fuck or was that a fuck!” James said rolling off Juan and noticing the specs of blood on his slick, greased cock. “Put his shorts on and send him on his way.”


“James, it’s three in the morning. I want a blowjob first and we’ll toss him out after.”


Chris lifted the boy easily between his spread legs and James forced his head down. Juan got the message probably thankful not having James’ cock up his bum. Chris came in a matter of minutes.


The two men went to sleep, with Juan asleep between them. Giving each of the men a blowjob in the morning, they sent him off with a belly full of cum and forty-dollars.


“Let’s look for something a lot older today, okay?” Chris said tongue in cheek.


James laughed and said, “Something that can at least cum!”


With no shortage of boys in their bed for the remainder of the week, it was one hell of a vacation, with fond memories and swearing to return the following year for their sex vacation!




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