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Chapter 10

Author's Note: I apologize that it has taken so long to get this chapter posted. This story and my other stories, Haven and Haven2 (Not related to another story with Haven in the title) are crossing (not merging) and they needed to be on the same time line. I will be posting a chapter a week and alternating stories. Thank you for your patience and support.

The next few days went smoothly. Tuesday night Lee drove Andy to Scouts. Everyone was very excited to have him back. Lee tensed up a bit when one of the boys asked Andy about his artificial foot. The Andy that Lee had met in Rehab would have gone ballistic on the boy. The new Andy, however, sat in a chair, where everyone gathered around him and watched as he pulled up his pants leg and showed them his prosthesis. He undid the straps, took it off and let everyone see it up close, to show how it works. He explained how he had to learn to walk all over again; and how strange it was to not feel your foot touch the ground, kind of like walking around with one stilt on. Another boy asked if it hurt. "Sometimes I wake up and it hurts, like crazy, or my toes itch, but of course, I can't scratch them, because they aren't there," Andy said. "And, well, it reminds me how lucky I am."

"Lucky?!" a couple of boys replied.

"Yeah, lucky. You see, I lost a lot; my Dad, my Mom and my foot. But now, I have a really neat new Dad, and two incredibly cool brothers and a super Aunt, not to mention getting my dog back. They all love me and I love them. Guys, let me tell you, that is the luckiest thing that can happen to you."

Mr. Little came over to Lee, and said, softly, "Looks like we have a new and improved Andy, doesn't it? That was amazing. I'm glad he knows how lucky he is."

Lee responded, "Yeah, I'm so proud of him. But you know, I'm really the lucky one. I've got my three sons, (I can't find Uncle Charlie) they have problems, but as long as we love each other, we will get by just fine."

"You're a good man, Lee. I can tell you love your family, and they love you," Mike shook Lee's hand and moved on.

At the end of the meeting, Mike Little called everyone to attention, "I would like to introduce you to Jim Gordan."

"Hi, everyone. Thanks for giving me the time. I am involved with the school board problem at Haven. We are going to have a meeting Friday morning at ten o'clock, at Haven. We will tell you what is happening and what we are trying to do. If you are interested in possibly joining us in home schooling, or are already home schooling, please come and hear us out. That's Friday morning at ten, the manor house at Haven. Thank you."

After the closing of the meeting, several parents came and thanked Andy for answering their sons' questions. Andy beamed at all the attention.

On the way home, Lee said, "I was real proud of how you acted tonight, son."


"Yes. Frankly, I was a little bit concerned about how you were going to react when that boy asked you about your foot. What you did was absolutely wonderful. Those boys now know what you have to deal with, and that you aren't sensitive about it, so they can't use it to punch your buttons. All in all that was the perfect response."

"Gee, Dad, I hadn't thought about that. I think you are right about how I might have handled that, before you brought me home, but I'm okay now. Really I am. I love you Dad. You saved my life, you know. If I hadn't met you, I was planning to..."

Lee pulled off onto the shoulder of the road; he embraced Andy as he broke down. "I didn't know that, son. Thank you for trusting me enough to tell me. I promise I will always be here for you. I love you too, son. You are a very special person, and I am so glad that you didn't do something that would have been irreversible. You are part of our family, and we all love you."

After Andy settled back in his seat, they continued on home.

On Wednesday, Lee managed to get Andy and Mitch away, leaving Travis with Aunt Martha. Lee took both of them to the Mall. He gave the boys fifty dollars each, and told them that Travis's birthday was Saturday and to go find him something they figured he would like. Andy and Mitch were pretty excited, as they ran into the mall. {Ouch, my nose.} Tom followed; looking for something special for Travis.

When they met each other, an hour later, both boys had spent their money and Tom had a couple packages for him too. They stopped and bought some wrapping paper before heading home. Tom helped Mitch wrap the things he had bought. Tom was very proud of the boys; they had gotten Travis some gifts he would really like.

Thursday night at Cub Scouts, Tom Richards and Doctor Leo Turnman were surrounded by parents, wanting to know all about the home schooling project. Lee did his best to answer some of the questions that were being asked, since he was already home schooling the twins and Andy. At the end of the meeting, they announced there would be a home school meeting at ten o'clock the next morning, at Haven Manor.

Friday morning, Lee went to the home school parents meeting. When he got home he was really excited. "Boys, as you probably already know, over at Haven, they are starting a Home-Schooling program. It will be held in the mornings. Right now they are thinking small classes, lots of time to work independently, and instructors who will be available to help when there are questions. There will also be physical education; sports, swimming, horseback riding and more. Right now, the school is for those living at Haven and in Haven Estates, but they are definitely opening it up for any home schoolers in the area."

Andy said, "Haven? I used to live in Haven Estates. I've met some of those guys, and at Scouts, too. This is like...kewl! They even visited me in rehab. They are mostly little guys, like eleven or so, I think. They made up the entire 'New-Boy' patrol, and a kid named Neal is their patrol leader. He's as kewl as you two guys." Andy said, indicating Travis and Mitch.

Martha nodded, "I think this is quite an excellent idea. The boys need contact with other boys. Lee, I think we should definitely participate."

All three boys agreed. Lee smiled, "Okay, then, I'll go get busy with the paperwork."

Saturday morning, Lee woke up Travis with a cold wet wash cloth across the face. There was, of course, screaming and thrashing and Lee's laughter.

Mitch, when he realized what had happened, went into hysterics. The laughter brought a groggy Andy hopping into the room. His laughter got Max and Ginger barking. When the commotion died down, Lee leaned over and kissed Travis on the forehead, "Happy Birthday, son."

"I am SO going to get you, Dad." Travis said, and everyone laughed.

Martha had fixed pancakes and Scrapple for breakfast. Travis had really raved about Scrapple, the first time Martha had fixed it. Andy however, didn't share that opinion, so she had fried some link sausages, too. After breakfast, they all went into the den, and had Travis open his presents.

Mitch had picked out three CD's he knew that Travis would like, and a model plane. It was a World War I biplane, and he got the proper paints too. Andy gave him a remote control 'Super Truck' and a bunch of batteries that he included.

Martha had a nice personal CD player and headphones. To Travis, she handed a stereo splitter and another set of headphones. That way, both Travis and Mitch could enjoy their 'music' and the adults could enjoy piece and quiet.

Lee waited until all the other presents had been opened. He had two presents for the Birthday Boy. The first was a statue of a white horse and white uniformed rider. It had a small plaque that read, 'The Herald' Travis just stared at it; his mouth fell open, finally he said, "Dad, this is from my dream. How.....?"

"Open this one, son." Lee said, and handed Travis another gift.

Travis tore the paper unceremoniously from the neatly wrapped package, and there were three books; 'Arrows Of The Queen', 'Arrow's Flight' and 'Arrow's Fall' by Mercedes Lackey. "Look at the horses and the white uniforms; they are from my dream."

"I saw the statue in the bookstore window, and just had to have it, when I talked to the clerk in the store, she said these were the books that introduce, ah... she called them Heralds, and Companions. The reading level may be a little bit high, but she said that an adult could read them out loud to you if they were too difficult. She said they were very exciting. With the dreams we've been having, I thought we should learn more."

Travis handed the first book, 'Arrows Of The Queen', to Lee and asked him to start reading. Before they realized it, it was lunch time, and Lee got to stop reading. Later, Martha asked Lee if he would like to invite Linda to join them for Travis's Birthday Dinner. He picked up the phone and dialed, Linda agreed.

At about four o'clock, Lee went and shaved and showered and put on some nice clothes. When he entered the den, the boys all noticed and made a few comments. Lee just smiled and said, "We are having a special dinner tonight."

Aunt Martha said, "And a certain lady guest, too." The boys really started in at that. "Oh? Said Travis, "Dad has a girl friend. Dad has a girl friend." In that typical sing song voice, so common to kids.

Lee looked over at Martha, who had also dressed up, and had some make up on. "And a certain gentleman guest, I presume."

The boys made wolf whistles at Martha; the door bell rang as they were really getting warmed up. Lee got up and went to the door. He returned with Nick Regnad, but before he got seated, Ginger perked up and Max 'woofed' so Lee returned to the door and opened it before Linda could even ring the bell.

When dinner was served, it was all Travis's favorites, pork chops, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and for desert banana splits. Not surprisingly, there were no leftovers.

Wednesday evening Lee took Linda out to dinner and to a movie. Martha invited Nick to come and help her 'baby-sit.' Lucky for her, none of the boys overheard that conversation.

After Lee left and Martha served another of her wonderful meals, the men retired to the den. Andy and Travis were really getting into the PS2 game they were playing, Martha was still in the kitchen making brownies. Nick asked Mitch if they could go back to his room and talk for a few minutes.

Nick sat on the bed so he was more on Mitch's eye level. "I wanted to talk to you about an investigation that I've been doing."

"Kewl, but I'm just a kid." Mitch pointed out.

"You happen to be the one I've been investigating." Nick said, smiling.

"M, Me?" Mitch stammered.

"Yeah, well, you and Travis, too. You two are obviously twins, and the question was how come you weren't together. I've traced you both back to a clinic that helps couples have babies. So that is where I've been researching. The person listed on your birth certificate as your father, doesn't check out as really being your father. This is not a simple case here. What I want to know, from you, is whether or not, you want to know what I find out?" Nick watched as Mitch processed the information.

"So, you're telling me that my Daddy wasn't really my Daddy?" Mitch asked, sadly.

"Oh, no, he was your Daddy. He loved you completely. He didn't know that someone else's sperm fertilized the egg that became you and Travis. If he had lived, you would be a very well loved boy." Nick reassured Mitch.

"Okay, That's what I always thought. About telling us, yeah, I think we do need to know. For Travis' sake, more than me, but still... I knew my Mommy, and I try to tell Travis all about her. She was a good Mommy except for father..."

"You mean your stepfather, who set you up?" Nick clarified.

"Yeah, that ass-hole. She just didn't think he could do any bad things, but he did." Mitch said, sadly. "Somehow he had her fooled; she thought the ass-hold cold walk on water, for Christ sake."

"I know, little guy, I know. You had a pretty rough time there, but you have a new Dad now, and he is a really good man." Nick said.

"Yeah, you're right, he's the best. Aunt Martha is too." Mitch considered things for a few moments, "You better be good to her. Max and Ginger would get you worse than ole 'Dickman' if you're not."

Nick laughed, "Don't worry, she'd have me beaten to death with that marble rolling pin of hers before they could even give a growl. But seriously, I really do love her a lot, and think she feels the same for me. I'm hoping, for the first time in my life, that we might be headed into something permanent."

"Really? That is so KEWL!" Mitch's eyes lit up.

"Now, not a word about that. And make sure Travis keeps his trap shut too. Will you please? That's personal and not public knowledge." Nick admonished his little friend.

"Awww," Mitch faked a pout that made them both laugh. Does that mean we should call you Uncle Nick?"

"I would be very honored if you would. I always wanted nephews to spoil." Nick told Mitch.

"Kewl, Uncle Nick, now you got three."

They were both smiling when they returned to the den, without being missed.

After the brownies had been inhaled, the boys went back to their rooms. Nick and Martha spent some wonderful quality time on the couch, until Nick had to leave. He sure hated to go, but there was a lot to do the next day, and Nick knew that he needed to get some sleep.

Lee got home just before Midnight and Martha was still up, Nick had been gone all of about ten minutes. Lee and Martha talked, and told each other how wonderful their night had been. Both of them went to bed, and dreamed of Loves found at last.

Thursday night, Nick came to dinner, again, and was going to spend the evening with Martha, while Lee and the boys went to the Cub Scout meeting. This was the Christmas Party meeting, and families were invited. Mitch and Travis were disappointed that Martha and Nick weren't going, but Andy told them to cool it, the two love birds wanted some time alone together, before she left on the Christmas trip.

They got there a little early, to help get everything set up. Travis had gone with Andy to get some more folding tables, and so Mitch was standing there by himself, when a large group came in.

A Second year Webelos broke away from the group and rushed towards Mitch, "Travis? Man, how in the world? It's me, Brian."

Mitch just looked at the kid, then he said, "Ah, My name is Mitch."

"Really? You look just exactly like a kid I used to know. His name was Travis." Brian explained.

There was a crash behind Mitch, and Brian's jaw dropped open, "There's two of you. What the..."

Mitch giggled.

"B, B, Brian? How? What?" Suddenly Brian had Travis wrapped all around him. Then the two boys were laughing, talking at the same time, and Travis pulled Mitch into it. Lee and Tom, Brian's Dad, converged to find out what was happening. Neal, Brian's older brother, was already there, trying to get them to slow down.

Neal finally had the gist of things, so he told the adults, "Travis was at Juvy with Brian, but he disappeared just before I got there. We had kind of figured he had been killed, since all his stuff was still there."

Tom and Lee looked at their boys, and then back at each other. Tom said, "I guess we'd better get together, soon, so they can really catch up with old times."

Lee replied, "I think that would be wonderful. I'll let you know when we get back from our Christmas trip."

"Okay, sure, that sounds great," Tom replied.

The next morning the dogs started growling, and then the doorbell rang. Lee opened the door to greet Special Agent Dukman standing there. "I'd like to talk to the boys. Can you cage the vicious dogs, or something?"

"I don't think so. As long as you behave, and do what we ask, they will too. The rules still apply, Don't forget, if they don't want to, they don't have to, unless, of course, you have a court order." Lee led him into the living room, and then went to talk to the boys.

A few minutes later, Lee and the twins returned, with the dogs protectively at their sides.

Dukman began, "Thank you, boys, for talking to me. Just let me say I can understand some of how you feel. My best friend, when I was growing up, was abused, much as you two were..."

Mitch cut him off, "Don't try to pull that crap on us. You really must think we are stupid. Well, we aren't. The trouble with lies, is you've got to remember what lie you told, the last time. See we know what you said back then, and your stories don't match, so put a sock in it and get out of here." Max bared his teeth, and Ginger snarled.

Lee said, "You know, Dukman, I don't think they believe you. I sure don't know what game you are playing, but I think you just struck out. It isn't working here. Maybe you better cut your losses and leave."

The growling, salivating dogs with their teeth bared, escorted Dukman out the front door. Lee watched with amusement as Max barked and the FBI agent ran for his car as fast as he could, and burned rubber getting away. "Good, boy Max. Good girl Ginger." Lee thought to himself, 'That ass hole is up to something; I just wish I knew what.'

That afternoon, Lee, the boys and dogs, went to cut the perfect Christmas tree. Lee led the way, carrying the bow saw. It had been kept in very good condition. As soon as they saw the beautiful Blue Spruce, they knew it was the one. Lee instructed Mitch and Travis to hold the branches back. The dogs were having a wonderful time chasing each other. Andy was so excited that he grabbed the saw in the wrong place, and the sharp teeth cut his index finger. He cursed and squeezed it, causing blood to flow, cleaning the wound. Mitch and Travis released the branches and they each put their hands on Andy. Ginger barked and came running, with Max close behind.

Andy looked back at his hand and his finger wasn't bleeding, it didn't even hurt. In fact, there was no sign of the cut. "What did you guys just do?" Andy asked.

"We just made the hurt go away," Travis said, matter-of-factly, as they each rubbed their own, now somewhat sore fingers.

Ginger soon made a point of licking their fingers, and they both soon forgot all about the hurt, and they were ready to go back to cutting the tree. Andy made short work of sawing the tree. As they brought it home, Lee commented, "I thought you guys only did the healing thing with each other."

Travis turned and looked at his Dad, "Works for anybody we love. Your back is better lately, isn't it?"

That gave Lee some food for thought.

Martha came out to see the tree, and agreed that it was perfect. And she had prepared a bucket of water for the tree to help keep it fresh.

At dinner that night, Linda and Nick joined them to make it a farewell celebration. Nick asked, "So, what time are you leaving?"

Lee replied, "I was thinking we would try to get an early start, and stop for breakfast somewhere down the road."

"That sounds like a good plan. It's quite a long drive. Are you going all the way there in one trip, or will you be spending the night, somewhere along the way?"

"I'll play it by ear, but what with bringing the tree with us, and all, I'd kind of like to get there, as soon as possible."

Linda asked, "Are you taking the Buick or the van? The Buick would be better support for your back."

"The boys would have more room, in the van." Lee replied.

They went round the table a couple of times, with each giving opinions on which vehicle they should take. By the time dinner was finished, however, no decision had yet been made, as to which vehicle they would take.

Lee had the boys bring their things into the den, before they went to bed. Andy offered to help load the vehicle, but Lee said he would handle it himself. He said he was sure he could handle it if he went about it slow and easy.

Lee grinned and said, "I spent a couple of summers in Green Bay when I was a kid, so I am quite the Packer."

* * Before dawn * *

He approached the back of the house, and listened at the window.

'Shit,' he thought, they were up already, 'Damn, damn, damn,' He, carefully, so as not to make any noise, began his task. Twenty minutes later, the doors were secured so they couldn't be opened. Even the 'doggy door' in back. The gas had been poured all around the house, and splashed up as high as he could. He went back to his vehicle and brought the case with the fire bombs in it around to the back. Lighting the first Molotov Cocktail, he laughed gleefully as he threw it though the first window. "That aught to take care of the little buggers." Another one lit, and thrown, "And those God Damn dogs, too."

Fire was already leaping out the back bedroom, and den windows; the fire spread very quickly along the back of the old clapboard house. The arsonist grabbed another Molotov Cocktail and headed toward the front of the house. He was thankful for old farm houses and how quickly they burned. There were already flames visible through the front windows of the house. It wasn't really necessary, he knew, but he prepared to throw another fire bomb. The one he was holding was cracked, and the flame from it, quickly covered his hand, which was drenched in the fuel that had leaked from it, before he could throw the burning bottle through the living room window. He managed to smother the flames that were burning his coat and searing the flesh of his hand, but he was in serious pain. He returned quickly to his vehicle, and turned on the scanner. He watched the house burn almost to the ground before he was satisfied that no one could have gotten out. When the roof fell in, he started his engine, and drove off the property, not even thinking about the crate of fire bombs he didn't use, and had left behind. Perhaps he had something else on his mind, like his third degree burns and the flesh peeling away from his hand.

To Be Continued...

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