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Chapter 13

Note to readers: This chapter contains characters from another story, HAVEN II which is also written by me and posted on this website. I am trying to keep the continuity of both stories and to explain the events enough in each story so that is not required to read both. However, the story will be richer if you are following both.


Andy was given a quick tour on the way to his room by Neal, Patrick and Jimmy. His room was cool and he even had a private bathroom. As Neal and Pat left they told him that breakfast was at seven every morning. Jimmy held back.

Andy noticed him still standing there. He thought for a minute then said, "You're Jimmy, right?"

A huge smile brightened Jimmy's face. "Wow, you remembered."

Andy grinned, "I've always been able to remember names pretty well. I've seen you guys at Scouts. It is really nice of your Dad to let us stay here." Andy then thought of how he had found his new Dad and brothers and now this whole new family, "I just realized something; I've been pretty lucky, I've been homeless twice this year, and found really neat people each time."

"Yeah, I got away from my old man and was hitching around for a year, then Neal and Dad found me and brought me here to live." Jimmy said.

"You hitched for a year? Damn, how'd you do that? I mean you had to buy food and...Oh, man, I'm sorry." Andy realized what Jimmy had been forced to do for that year on the road.

"Its okay, Andy, everybody here knows and it doesn't bother them or me." Jimmy said.

"Wow that is amazing. I mean they took you in and knew about that. I mean if my first Dad knew I did anything with a guy, he would have had a fit and who knows what he would have done." Andy said.

"Yeah, my real old man used to beat the shit out of me, and after he killed my Mom, he made me do stuff to him. I got even with the bastard, though." Jimmy said.

"Your father did stuff to you? What did you do?" Andy asked.

"Well, he made me suck him a lot, then one night he beat me up, then fucked me." Jimmy said, matter of factly.

"Jeez, man I...What did you do to get even?"

"I'm gettin' ta that. After I woke up, I packed a few things and went in and crushed the bastard’s nuts, then ran like hell. The Arkansas Murder Detective said they had to cut his balls off and the prisoners were fucking him but good."

"Wow. Remind me not to mess with you." Andy was impressed that Jimmy had had the guts to do that and to run on his own. He was quite a guy even for being so young. Andy was thinking that Jimmy was really older than his eleven years.

"I might not mind."

"Huh?" Andy was trying to place that comment with the last thing he had said.

"Never mind. We got you some clothes and stuff, in the dresser and closet. Dad said to let him know if you need anything special and he will see to it. My room is right next door, if you want anything." Jimmy managed to say in one breath.

Andy looked in a couple of drawers then opened the closet door. There was a brand new Scout uniform. "You guys did that? Oh, man." He went and opened his suitcase. "Look, I hid this cause they would have made fun of me." Andy's merit badge sash unrolled from his hand. "Dad got all the badges and sewed them on straight and everything, now you guys replaced my uniform, again. Man." Andy sat on the bed and cried. Scouts meant so much to him. He was going to be an Eagle Scout. He knew his First Dad would be so proud of him for that and his new Dad would be too. Looked like Scouts was as important here too. Wow.

Jimmy went and hugged Andy, "Its okay. You've been through so much. I'm happy you can be with us for awhile."

Andy hugged Jimmy back. Somehow he felt it was right. Just then Max bounded into the room and jumped onto the bed. He licked both boys before they could release each other. Jimmy giggled, "I think he likes me."

Andy thought he felt approval from Max, weird, but there nonetheless. 'I do like him and he will be good for you, too.' Max thought to Andy.

Jack then bounced in and up on the bed and did a lick attack on Andy. Monty, who was walking carefully, so as to not cause too much movement of a certain body part, stuck his head in the door, "Jack! Off, Andy!"

Jimmy didn't realize that he said, aloud, "God, I'd love too."

Andy heard that but was to busy trying to dodge Jack's rapid fire tongue to make any response.

Once Monty picked up Jack, Andy recovered. "You're Monty, right?"

"Oh, God! Yes, I did it thirteen times and no I didn't use lube." Monty walked out without another word.

"What? Did what thirteen times? Lube? Jimmy, what is he talking about?" Andy asked.

"Well for his Thirteenth Birthday a week ago Saturday, Patty helped him jack off thirteen times." Jimmy explained.

"Patty, a girl? Crap! What did her parents do? What did your Dad do?" Andy wanted to know. They seemed okay earlier.


"Nothing!" 'No that couldn't be right,' Andy thought. Adults just didn't let stuff like that pass.

"Well, they got 'The Talk.' 'Philip' made all of us listen, said we should learn something." Jimmy said.

"Did you?"

"Yeah, some new words and that we better not get caught pregnant. Like there's any chance of that."

"Sure. Wow! You guys have got it so good here!" Andy said.

"Yeah, and now you get to share it too." Jimmy gave Andy a quick hug and left.

Down the hall, the twins were unpacking and Brian was helping. Travis had packed all his birthday presents carefully. They were the first presents he could ever remember getting. Brian really liked the statue of the Herald and Companion. They put it on top of the dresser so it could be seen from anywhere in the room. The three boys hit it off great and Mitch was kind of surprised he didn't feel at all jealous of Brian. Here was a kid who was taking the attention of his twin and he just was happy that Travis had a friend. Mitch knew his brother loved him and so he could share.

The plane model kit Travis unpacked caught Brian's eye. "Hey I've seen this plane; Mr. Frank has a model of it in his office out in the stable. F4U Corsair, best fighter plane in World War II. This is cool. When you get it done you'll have to show Mr. Frank."

"Who is Mr. Frank?" The twins said in unison.

Brian giggled, "You guys are funny. Mr. Frank is the Stable Master. He takes care of the horses and gives us riding lessons. He is also our Physical Education teacher for home school."

Mitch said, "Oh, cool. Dad said we were going to start doing school here with you guys. This is so cool." It was going to be like regular school and more kids this was definitely going to be a good thing. Mitch was ready to make some new friends.

Neal stuck his head into the room, "Guys, ice cream and cookies in the dining room!"

The twins and Brian joined the stampede to the dining room. Once everyone was seated and digging, in Mr. Richards stood, getting everyone's attention. "I want to welcome our guests. You only get guest status when you first arrive. Tomorrow, you are on your own." There were jeers and "DAAADDDD"s and he waited for quiet again.

"Andy, Mitch and Travis, tomorrow is a school day and we will get you started. School is right after breakfast at eight o'clock. We do it quite differently here. Classes run until noon then lunch then there is study time where the teachers are available if you need help, or you can study together. At three, school is officially over and the rest of the day is yours. Dinner is at six o'clock and we expect clean faces and hands at the table." Mr. Richards explained.

Doc leaned over to Lee and whispered, "We expect it, but seldom get it."

"Dad, don't they have to follow 'The Rules'?" Neal asked.

Travis tensed, his captors had rules. He didn't want rules like that. Brian was smiling so maybe it was alright.

"Good point, Neal." Tom made an imaginary mark for Neal. "Why don't you tell them, since you remembered?"

"Sure. Keep your stuff reasonably neat and clean, help with chores; go to school and most important of all, never lie.” Neal beamed. "See I do remember them."

Dr. Leo said, rolling his eyes, "Yes, if you would only obey them."

Andy remembered how he was punished when he broke a rule, quiet time, loss of TV and computer, so he asked, "So, ah, what happens if you break a rule?"

Monty answered, "Well, it's kind of like Scouts. First you got to apologize, then make it right, then try again, the right way."

"Also like Scouts, we don't expect you to be perfect, just to honestly do your best." Mr. Richards explained. "An honest mistake is easily forgiven; a lie breaks the trust and takes a long time to rebuild."

"Love, and understanding are what we believe in. Help each other always and try to never hurt, even in a joke. If you have a question, ask. We will never get angry at you for asking a question." Dr. Turnman added.

Neal told a couple of stories on himself and how after putting Ben-Gay on some toilet seats, he had to clean every toilet in Haven, All 219 of them.

Andy thought that was pretty funny. He had a picture in his head of Neal scrubbing all those toilets. He wondered how long it took him to clean all those toilets.

When everyone was through laughing, Mr. Richards said he expected them in bed in about an hour. Lee nodded to his boys indicating it meant them too. All the kids went back to their suite, some to their rooms and some to play games in the common room.

The adults drifted off too. Tom and Leo said their good nights and headed for some alone time together. Lee and Linda found a cozy corner in the den and Martha and Nick went to the game room.

Lee and Linda snuggled together. "I'm sorry you were so worried. My cell phone isn't holding a charge and I'm going to buy a new one. I really did miss you. I've always loved you and now..."

"Wait just a minute buster!" Linda pulled back enough to look into Lee's eyes. "Say that again."

"I'm buying a new cell phone." Lee was of course slapped up side the head.

"No, the other part." Linda demanded.

"Oh, that I always loved you? Well I have, since we were about nine years old. I remember you being all upset about me being in the bomb shelter and you couldn't find me...and then I was stuck and you didn't hear me pounding on the door because you had gone to get Gram..." Lee smiled, "When the door opened and you hugged me...Wow, I was tingly all over."

"Me too. So why did you let that Thompson creep marry me?"

"I hoped you loved him like I loved you and that he loved you too, enough to change his ways. If I had told you then, would you have believed me, or hated me for trying to break you up?"

"I could have never hated you. But I was so mad at you for caring about everybody and not making me the center of attention. I was being very selfish and he pounced on that, he just wanted a trophy. If he had been like his cousin, always helping people, like you. He warned me and I didn't believe him. I should give him a call."

"I figured if I was going to be able to keep you in my life it would have to be as a friend or not at all. I had to have you as much as I could. After my accident I had pretty much given up. Then you came and made me a Dad. Did you know that has been a dream of mine since, like forever?" Lee had tears in his eyes.

"Yeah, I knew. Remember we had planned all that in middle school, three boys and two girls, a German Shepard, a two story house with seven bedrooms..." Linda was teary now too.

"Think it would be big enough now?"

Linda stared into Lee's eyes, a view she could enjoy forever, "No way. You already got three boys, two dogs and an Aunt Bea. We will need seven bedrooms for the kids, a huge master suite for us, an In-Law Apartment for Martha and probably quarters for a grounds keeper..."

"Ah, okay, boss. I'll see what I can do."

"Oh and an elevator so you can get around, you and stairs don't mix and I don't want any excuses as to why you can't change a diaper." Linda grinned, poking Lee in the ribs.

He put an end to that with a kiss, and oh what a kiss...

Later that night, Andy woke up in a sweat. He had wood that was harder than Oak. He had been dreaming about Jimmy; all those comments Jimmy had made that were like an invitation. He was remembering his experiences with Matt and Nick when they were first exploring and even later. They were still doing the jacking each other off thing when he got hurt. As he lay there trying to decide whether to jack off in a sock or to go in the bathroom he heard a noise through the wall. He listened real close and it sounded like Jimmy was crying.

Andy got up and pulled on his cargo shorts and strapped on his foot. He carefully moved out of his room, next door. Sure enough, those were sobs. He tried the door and it was open. He went in and sat on the bed and gently rubbed Jimmy's back.

Jimmy froze, then turned slowly to see who had caught him crying like a baby. "Andy." He started crying all over again.

Andy reached down and pulled Jimmy to him in a warm hug. Something had the little guy all upset. He rocked him back and forth until he settled down and regained his composure. "Hey little guy, It's going to be okay. You want to talk about it?"

"You won't understand," Jimmy sobbed.

Andy just held him for a long time hoping he would explain some more, finally he said, "If I don't understand, you could explain it."

"I'm just a worthless faggot." Jimmy spat out and dissolved into tears again.

"That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard." Andy told him calmly. Jimmy was just eleven. Yeah he had had a real rough time, but that wasn't his fault. He wasn't worthless, and who cares about the gay thing. Everybody talks but he bet a whole lot of those same guys were messing around with their buddies.

"But, you...I mean...you didn't...oh crap." Jimmy felt like the world was turning up-side-down.

"Jimmy, I'm lost here, and I don't even have a compass. Want to give me a hint I can understand? Please." Andy asked. He wanted to help but he really wasn't sure where the little guy was coming from.

"You hate me now, don't you?" Jimmy asked, dejectedly.

"No. Why would I hate you? We just met tonight, really, other than seeing each other at Scouts." Andy said. There was something real big going on inside this guy. He really hoped he could help in some way.

"Did Matt tell you?" Jimmy's heart was breaking thinking Matt had told about him.

"Matt? Matt Little? He hasn't said anything. What could he say bad about you?" Andy asked.

"Oh shit. I can't tell you, Andy." Jimmy felt tears start again.

"Okay. How about I go lock the door and then sleep here. Would that help?" Andy offered. Maybe if he has lots of time he can open up and we can get to the bottom of this.

"Really? Yeah, would you?"

In answer, Andy got up, clicked the lock and came back to the bed. He sat on the bed and removed his foot then got under the covers with Jimmy.

"You sleep in your pants?" Jimmy asked.

"Well, not usually, but I don't have any underwear on." Andy admitted.

"So? Neither do I" Jimmy said.

"Pjs?" Andy said hopefully


"Nothing?" Andy kind of squeaked. Oh, God was he in bed with a naked kid?

"Yup." Jimmy replied.

Andy felt his wood return with a vengeance, and it really wasn't comfortable in the coarse confines covering his cute crotch, causing cramps in his cock he couldn't conceal completely. Cautiously circumventing certain catastrophe he covertly cradled his concealed cargo causing considerable consternation when he was unable to completely correct the concern. {Cripes! Coming up with a continuing cascade of continuous cute c-words crapped-out.} (Congratulations, I couldn't have come close to coming up with the capacious continuing crate of captivating conversation consisting of carefully concocted c- words, myself) {I considered canceling continuous cute consonant cascades contained in the current chapter but certainly couldn't.}

"Andy? Why don't you cast off those cargoes completely then come'ere and get comfy."

"Cripes!" Andy said, quickly removing the offending garment. Then he lay back down with the covers tenting quite dramatically. Think of math, think of washing dishes, Oh God...

In the dim light, Jimmy was checking it out. "Oh man, Andy. That sure looks nice."

"Jimmy," Andy whined. Please just go to sleep. Go to sleep.

"Well it does, and I've seen a lot of 'em." Jimmy shifted closer. "Course if I could touch it, I could tell better."

"Oh God, Jimmy. What am I supposed to do? I mean I'm like sixteen, and you're eleven. We shouldn't, should we?" Andy was really confused by logical thoughts and raging hormones and a very demanding pole. Five years difference, oh man. This was a mistake; he could get in such trouble. He couldn't leave, that would break Jimmy's heart.

"It's okay, as long as neither one of us forces the other to do anything." Jimmy said.

"I wouldn't force you to do anything." Andy said, and turned to face Jimmy. How could he think I would force anything, I'm trying not to let anything happen, even though they both wanted it to, Andy thought.

Jimmy moved into Andy's arms and cuddled close. Andy felt Jimmy's little boner against his stomach and felt his against Jimmy's thigh. Andy's pulse quickened.

Jimmy whispered, "You going to do me?"

Andy's head was swimming and his cock ached with desire, but he whispered back, "No. It's not that I don't want to, you can tell that, but we just met, and I just don't feel that now is the right time." Andy gave Jimmy a hug and kissed his forehead.

Jimmy tightened his hug, then finally relaxed and drifted off to sleep.

Andy lay awake for some time, trying to figure out just what had happened and what he should do now. When he finally drifted off to sleep, no solution had come to mind.

At six twelve, a buzz sounded, like an alarm clock, or a huge bumble bee, and woke the boys. They were soon aware that wet dreams had them kind of stuck on each other, so to speak. (Looks like a solution found them) Andy kissed Jimmy and then Jimmy kissed Andy. Reluctantly, Andy got up, grabbing his cargo pants and putting on his foot and then slipped back to his room. In the shower, Andy had to jerk off again to be able to face the day.

At breakfast, Lee noticed Martha was unusually quiet. At first, he thought maybe she was unhappy because someone else was doing the cooking. But what, about scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, could you be unhappy with? Then, as he watched, she stared at her plate, no, not her plate, her hand, and the diamond ring on it. "What?!" His voice broke, as he said that.

Everyone turned and looked at Lee.

"Sorry." Lee blushed a bit, "Martha, is that..."

"Yes!" Martha was so relieved that, finally, someone had noticed. "Nick proposed last night, and I said, yes!" Martha showed everyone her ring. Alice, Linda and Pat (with boobs) were all making a big deal about it. The boys looked on, thinking, 'girls!'

Lee was thinking that Nick had the right idea. He should propose to Martha, too. No, no, that's not right. He should propose to Linda, yeah, that's it!

After the breakfast had been demolished, the kids went to their classrooms to get ready for the day. Lee and Linda went into the den and they were joined by Dr. Turnman. Linda asked, "So, Leo, are you just a pediatrician or do you see us old folks too?"

Leo laughed, "I'm the only Doc in the county, and I see everybody. I'm even the county coroner."

"Well, I hope I don't need you in that capacity, but I do need a check-up." She said.

"I'm free now if you want."

Lee laughed, "A free doctor? Wow."

"For pretty ladies, sure. I'll make it up by charging you double!" Now Leo got to laugh.

Linda took the Doctor's arm and led him out of the room, "I'll be back, I have a date with a very handsome man." They all laughed and Lee found a magazine to look at. (A copy of "Reader's Digest" for March 1959. Well, he was waiting for the doctor, what do you expect?)

In the Dr.'s exam room Linda said, "Leo, it's been so long but I think Lee and I are close to being intimate and I would like protection."

"Okay, let's do this the right way. First a physical, when was the last one you had?"

"It was before the divorce, almost eight years ago, I had just turned twenty." Linda admitted.

"Well this is long overdue." Dr. Turnman did a through exam and took a few samples for lab tests and he was done. "So, now the big question, do you want to have children of you own?"

"Oh, yes, certainly." Linda replied blushing. "Five, three boys and two girls"

"Ah, well, when do you think you want to start this family." he asked.

"Very soon, I hope."

"Well, that narrows our options. The pill will take a month to become fully effective, and may decrease fertility when you stop taking it for awhile. The diaphragm may be our best choice. You just need to insert it before and leave it in six hours after. Always use the spermicide. Lee is a very lucky man. Congratulations." Leo gave Linda a hug and they then returned to the den.

They had only been there a couple of minutes when Sheriff Eric Henry came in. "Hi Doc.'Philip' said you'd be in here. He's never wrong. Look I need you to put on your coroner's hat. Our prisoner tried, successfully, to kill himself and burned down the jail. I need a cause of death; I can't tell exactly what killed the son-of-a-bitch."

"Like how many ways could he have done it?"

"Well, hanging, strangulation, electrocution, blunt force trauma, smoke inhalation, to name a few."

"Abraham and Moses, he sure didn't leave much to chance did he."

"Too bad we can't put C.O.D.-Stupid."{Okay you old farts, its Cause Of Death not Cash On Delivery. Wait, how did I know that? Oh yeah, I'm an old fart, and watch CSI and even Quincy.}

Lee spoke up, "Well, I for one am glad he is dead. Now my boys are safe."

'They are perfectly safe here with me.' 'Philip' said petulantly, as he appeared on the plasma screen. 'I have several defense programs, and within these walls, everyone is perfectly safe.'

Sheriff Henry looked at the screen, "Ah, 'Philip' what about Mr. Gunther?"

'Well, my outside defenses have not been activated, but I assure you, inside was perfectly safe.'

"He shot out the windows!"

'And where are those bullets? Of the six he fired into the house, none have been recovered, because I vaporized them within two inches of their point of entry.' Was 'Philip' bragging? [In Walter Brennen's voice, 'No brag, just fact.']

All three adults were impressed. Eric asked, "Does Tom have any idea you can do that?"


Linda giggled, "'Philip', I think you should tell him. After all, I think the outside defenses should be activated."

'Thank you for asking,' the screen morphed into William T. Riker, 'I have made it so.' the screen then went blank.

Lee shook his head, "He sure takes some getting used to."

The others agreed. Sheriff Henry then went up to meet with Tom, Linda had to go to her office, and Leo headed to the hospital morgue. That left Lee to amuse himself. He seemed drawn to the Sr. High class. They were working on some Algebra and the lady trying to teach was struggling badly. He entered the room, "Ah, excuse me, would you mind if I explained that? I was a Math teacher."

"Oh, God bless you, Mr.?"

"Oh, sorry, I'm Mr. Harris."

Andy called out, "Don't believe him, and check his ID."

The teacher said, "I don't care who he is, if he can explain this. Maybe I'll be lucky and he will be a direct descendant of Vlad The Impaler."

"Sorry, just Jack the Ripper."

"That'll do."

Lee had a great time. All too soon it was time to break for lunch. Mrs. Armuss escorted Lee to lunch and introduced him to the other teachers. He was soon relating his experiences in Public Schools and how he thought it should be done.

After lunch Linda returned for some papers she had been working on and forgot to take earlier. It would also give her time to stop back at the pharmacy and pick up a special prescription. Tom found Lee, Linda and Martha in the den. The rest of the house seemed unnaturally quiet. "Sure is quiet around here." Tom commented.

"The twins and the little guys, David and Moe, I think, went upstairs and the rest disappeared towards the other section of the house." Lee told Tom.

Tom asked, "'Phillip', are you watching them?"

'Of course, sir." and in Scotty's voice, "They're no tribble a'tawl.'

In a great Jack Benny voice Tom said, holding his hand under his chin, "Now, cut that out!"

Everyone laughed.

He turned to the adults and said, "I was going to run over to the mall and do my last minute shopping, would any of you like to come along?"

Linda said she had better get back to her office. Martha and Lee agreed to go.

Lee went first to the cell phone kiosk and bought a family plan with six phones. Then he was off to the jewelers.

"How may I help you sir?" a nice young lady asked, as he stood at the counter.

Removing a worn slip of paper from his wallet, he said, "Many years ago, I purchased a ring from this store, and it turned out that it wasn't needed then. I returned it on consignment, and well, I sort of forgot all about it. I was wondering if by chance..."

"I don't know about anything like that; let me get Mr. Pratt to assist you." She left and went into the back and returned with a man who looked to be in his sixties, at least.

"Hello, young man, I'm Felix Pratt. Can I see your ticket please?"

Lee handed him the ticket he had carried for the last ten years. "Ah, good, I can read the number. I'll be back in a moment."

Lee said to the young clerk, "I think he is the guy that waited on me ten years ago, when I bought the ring."

"Oh, yes sir, I'm sure that's who it would have been; Granddad owns the store, and ten years ago, he ran it mostly by himself."

Mr. Pratt returned, smiling broadly, with a burgundy ring box in his hand, and handed it to Lee.

It couldn't be. Lee's mouth fell open. He opened the box and amazingly, the ring was there, the diamond as bright as when he bought it. "I...I...I don't understand."

"When somebody brings a ring back and has never used it, I either buy it back or hold it. You asked me to put it on consignment, and you said you would take whatever I got for it. Well, it didn't sell. They never do, actually, especially if I keep them locked in the safe, which I almost always do." He grinned at Lee and chuckled.

"I don't quite know what to say. I was going to buy a ring today, so..."

"Well, now it looks like you don't have to. Is it for a different girl?" Mr. Pratt asked.

"No sir, we have just found each other again after all this time, and I'm not letting her go again, EVER."

"Well, go give it to her. That is a fine ring, you had very good taste. Here's my card, if she has to have it sized."

"Thank you, Mr. Pratt. I'm deeply in your debt."

"Just live happily ever after."

Lee grinned and left with his ring in his pocket. Wow, he had paid nine hundred for that ring ten years ago, and figured a one karat pear-cut diamond would be two or three times that now.

At five o'clock, Moe, David and the twins joined the rest of the kids in the banquet room. They had set up the tables like they did at thanksgiving. The big tree there, had what looked like a hundred or more presents below it. There was a tag with a name on each present. The kids were putting name cards around at each place at the table.

At six o'clock, 'Philip' told them to get washed up as the adults were on the way home, and dinner would be in just a few more minutes.

When the shoppers entered the dining room, all the kids were waiting. Tom said, "Daddy Doc will be along soon. Moe that is quite an impressive display. I'm sure Daddy Doc will be surprised when he sees it."

Martha poked him in the ribs, and then added, "Very touching to do something like that. I hardly know you, and I am overwhelmed with the love that shows."

The Twins piped up in unison, "We helped."

Lee praised, "Wow, that is very touching. I'm proud of you guys too."

David raised his hand, "Me, too! I helped!"

"Well, I'm glad you did, too." Tom told the excited David. Tom thought how these Boys just soaked up even the slightest praise. He was certainly happy to supply it.

The others were looking on, totally lost. Lee noticed the blank looks, "It seems that Moe here, planned a surprise for Dr. Turnman. Haven Manor has a fully lighted menorah in every front window."

Andy still looked blank, "A what?"

Jimmy poked him, "A menorah, it's a Jewish candle holder they use for Hanukkah."

Andy still wasn't enlightened, "What's Hanukkah?"

Martha stepped into the conversation, "Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday which within the last twenty or more years, possibly a lot longer, has been rather amplified and turned into a sort of Jewish Christmas, as far as the commercial aspect is concerned, and Dr. Turnman is Jewish, so Moe made this surprise for him."

"Oh, okay. I never knew a Jew before." Andy said.

Lee said, "Didn't know a Muslim either."

"A Muslim? Who?" Andy asked.

"Me." Moe told him, with a little giggle.

"Way kewl." Andy said, and went back to eating.

When Daddy Doc arrived, he went right to Moe and gave him a big hug. "That is one impressive surprise. I could see it as I came down the road. Thank you, Moe. It means the world to me that you would do that."

Moe blushed, "I had help. David, Mitch and Travis, oh, and Dad bought them, of course."

"Thanks guys, that is really neat. But Moe, it was your idea, and I really love it." Daddy Doc hugged his little buddy.

* * * At some distant location * * *

The man had everything loaded into the minivan. He checked to be sure everything was secure and wouldn't shift as he drove. He had such a long drive. He would start tomorrow so he could meet the agreed upon deadline. He hadn't felt such pressure in years, and the old excitement was there. He even had the rifle securely in place. He felt like he was thirty again, the thrill of seeing those surprised looks on their faces as they realized who he really was and what he was going to do. He stroked the beard concealing his face and carefully parked the van in the garage and out of sight of prying eyes. He didn't want anyone to suspect. He hoped the others were going to arrive so they could pull this off. In his younger days he could have made sure, but not now. This would probably be his last operation of this sort, so he wanted it to work flawlessly. If his plan went to term, so to speak, he would make them all cry. He laughed as he locked the garage, "Merry Christmas, Ho, ho, ho."

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Well poor Andy. Jimmy is in hot pursuit and Andy can't figure which way to run. Martha is very pleased and it looks like Lee is getting ready to ask Linda 'The Big Question'. I wonder if she'll say yes? Duh! I'm glad Mitch isn't being a butt with Travis and Brian. I wonder if that will end up being a threesome? What is with that last paragraph? I sometimes scare myself.

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Well that was quite a chapter. I am impressed. Who was that Bearded Individual? Was it alitera-C what Eye am talking about. You are always supposed to capitalize Eye, when it stands alone. Eye am pretty sure that is right. Eye will ask my I doctor friend. To find out for sure. Aye am sure he will tell me. {U R ½ right, the other is left}


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I can't believe it another ^&^&^)(&*^ Cliffhanger! Things are getting very interesting for all concerned. It will be interesting to see what happens between Andy and Jimmy as well as Brian, Travis and Mitch. The joining of the two stories opens up lots of different opportunities. I think it a very good thing that Lee was exposed to Haven Home School as he now has another reason to live. So as one of my favorite 'nephews' is known to say "Sometimes bad things gotta happen so good things can" another great chapter from Str8mayb other than the CLIFFHANGER!

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