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Chapter 14

Author's Note:

Special thanks to Darryl, AKA Radio Rancher for his huge amount help in writing and editing this story.

After dinner Brian showed Travis and Mitch the games they had and the three of them had a great time. Mitch took an occasional turn but really enjoyed watching Travis and Brian together. He could sense how good Travis was feeling with Brian. Ginger came and curled up across his lap and he felt really content. When more kids showed up and the room was getting a little crowded they went down to Brian's bedroom. He had a 'Parcheesi' game and they sat on the Queen Size bed and had a great time. Tom and Lee found them there at around nine o'clock.

Tom smiled as he watched Brian. "I haven't seen him actually look that perfectly happy before. He was so upset when we thought you all had been lost."

"Travis is glowing too. He had so little before and now he has found a twin, and a big brother that loves him, and a friend he didn't even know he had." Lee was smiling too.

Tom knocked on the door frame and the three boys looked up. "Okay guys, time to finish up and get ready for bed. Tomorrow is the last day of school before the holiday so 'Philip' will get you up for breakfast."

Mitch felt sadness from Travis, so he looked at Lee and asked, "Dad, could we sleep over with Brian?"

Lee looked at Tom who nodded. "Well, just remember you have to go all the way back to your room to get dressed in the morning..."

"Dddaaaaadddddd!" Mitch and Travis said together.

"Maybe this 'Philip' person better get you up extra early." Lee laughed and went and gave both boys a hug and kiss. Travis didn't even tense up like he usually did. He must finally feel safe and trust Lee completely in his heart. Here this kid had just lost it all again and yet he felt safer, life was strange sometimes. Something caught Lee's eye and he looked up and saw the statue on the dresser, maybe Travis had everything he needed, love and family. Lee thought, 'Well, if it took losing my house to get here, it's a small price and I'm willing to pay it.'

Tom gave Brian a hug and kiss too. He patted Mitch and Travis and the men left and Tom closed the door. "I believe those boys are just the right medicine, for each other."

"I think you're right about that," Lee smiled glad to see his boys with a new friend.

They continued up the hall saying their good nights. Andy was in bed and reading. He gave Lee a big hug and motioned Tom over and hugged him too. He whispered, "Thank you for the uniform, I can't begin to tell you how much that means to me."

Tom hugged Andy back, "You're welcome."

Brian soon won the 'Parcheesi' game and Travis and Mitch pledged revenge the next time they played. "Maybe we could play 'Strip Parcheesi'" Brian said.

"No way goof-ball, that'd take all week!" Travis replied and a tickling match resulted. When they were done, Brian then asked, "You guys need to go get PJ’s or anything?"

The twins looked at each other and blushed. Travis said hesitantly, "We don't sleep in PJ’s." He then managed, "We could sleep in our briefs if that would make you feel better."

Brian's heart skipped a beat. He thought every one but him slept in pajamas or their underwear. Sheepishly he said, "Don't bother on my account I usually don't wear anything either." He had had to sleep almost dressed in Juvy because he never knew what would happen during the night. The more dressed you were the less you got picked on like being dumped outside. That only has to happen one time to you and you don't sleep naked anymore. Now he felt that sleeping that way was the best. No one here would do something like that to you. And besides, it felt so nice...

They started undressing and Mitch asked Brian to open the door a little so Ginger could find him. So Brian turned out the light, opened the door a crack, stripped off his briefs and climbed into bed. They soon had themselves arranged.

"Wow guys, this is so kewl. I kind of feel like I have two new best friends. Thanks." Brian said.

"Well, DUH! You do, silly" Mitch and Travis said, together.

Mitch on Brian's left side and Travis on his right both cuddled close and hugged and kissed Brian. Just before they drifted off, the door pushed open enough for Ginger and Max to come in. They jumped up on the bed and both sniffed the new bed-partner and seemed to approve as Max snuggled up to Travis and Ginger to Mitch.

Down the hall, Andy had just finished jerking off into his sock when there was a light tapping on the door. He quickly tossed the sock towards the corner where his dirty clothes were, pulled the covers up and then said, "Come in."

The door opened and Jimmy came in. "Hi."

"Hi, what's the problem, little guy?" Andy asked.

"I, ah...ah...well...ah..." Jimmy began.

Andy sat up and patted the bed next to him. Like a bolt Jimmy shed his robe and climbed into the bed next to Andy. "I was afraid you wouldn't like me today."

Andy felt so lost. Was it wrong to be in bed like this? Just what was he supposed to do? Jimmy obviously needed his attention, but just what was he supposed to do? The guidelines from school and Scouts seemed to say this is wrong, but there seemed to be a need Jimmy had and to reject him seemed worse than letting him stay. Sometimes life sucked there just didn't seem to be an easy good choice. Andy took a deep breath then answered, "Jimmy, whatever would make you think that? Of course I still like you. You haven't done anything I don't like."

"Really? Thanks." Jimmy then snuggled up to Andy and went right to sleep.

Andy lay awake for a long time, trying to figure all this out.

When Tom and Lee returned downstairs, Fred Clemets was there with Martha, Ed, and Alice. "Now that everyone is here, we need to discuss what we will do tomorrow. The game plan, as I see it, is for us to present our basic case, as quickly and straight forward as possible, and then they will present their motion to dismiss, and when the judge stops laughing, they will get on with the plea and a date for the trial will be set.

Tom asked, "Will we need to have Neal and Adam there tomorrow?"

"No, this is just legal posturing and saber rattling. You'll get plenty pissed at what they say. They'll be hoping to get you to mouth-off and support their case that you are just a hot head out for a buck." Fred answered.

Protests erupted from everyone in the room except Tom who was laughing. "Like the Grand Jury thing all over again. Hasn't their lawyer done any research?"

"Oh, I'm sure she has; it's just that her information might be somewhat dated. I'm not sure why but for some strange reason, you still show up as a struggling accountant in a computer search and not as sole owner of Haven Enterprises, at least until January first." Fred commented.

"That doesn't have anything to do with the case so why does it matter?" Tom asked.

"It shouldn't, but I'll bet it becomes the major issue. If she does know, it will be a matter of you throwing your weight around and trying to crush the little guys. That leads me to the real reason for the visit I need a signature so we can establish a foundation to help abused and abandoned children. I hope you don't mind, but I have already picked a name. I want to call it the Phoenix Foundation. Basically any monetary settlement will go there and must be spent to benefit children."

After some more discussion they all agreed this was a great plan and the evening ended.

Brian woke up to the most wonderful feeling he could ever remember having. He was surrounded by warmth and love. He was on his side and snuggled up to a warm body and had another spooned in behind him. This would have been a perfect paradise if he hadn't had to pee so bad. He laid there as long as he could and then had to squirm free and dash for the John. He of course woke Travis and Mitch and they joined him in a three-way pee.

Brian noticed that Mitch was circumcised. Well that was one way he could...Wait a second, that doesn't make sense...Travis was too, and he hadn't been before. "Travis what happened to your dick?"

Travis and Mitch giggled and blushed. "I needed skin grafts after the fire, so they used that. I needed more so they did Mitch too."

"Wow, you guys are something special." Brian said, totally impressed.

"You'd do the same." Travis said.

"Did it hurt?"

"I hardly noticed since other stuff was hurting worse and I was still unconscious while it healed." Travis said.

Mitch chimed in, "Trust me, it hurt plenty. But after a couple of days it wasn't too bad. I'd do it again for Travis; or you if I still had it."

"You guys need to talk to Moe. He's Muslim and they wanted to do that to him. That's why he ran away." Brian said.

"That's enough to make a Christian out'a ya." Travis giggled.

Mitch smiled, "I'll try to get him aside sometime."

After breakfast, the next morning, the kids went to class, Tom left for the Court and Lee left on an errand of his own.

Lee arrived at {This one's for you TSL,} F. Roy, D. Wong & Associates in Architecture office and went inside. To the receptionist he said, "I am Lee Harris, I have an appointment with Dang-Yoo."

"Oh, yes sir, Mr. Wong is expecting you." She buzzed and the second door down the hall opened and a tall third generation Chinese man emerged and greeted Lee.

"Well, it sure is Pi. How you been?" Mr Wong said.

"Pretty good Block-Head." the secretary gasped. "It sure was good talking to you yesterday." Lee responded, using the frat name in return for his old friend. His was Pi because he was a Math-Major. And the Architecture-Major was Block (as in building blocks) Head.

"Come on in my office and let me show you what I've come up with."

Lee was impressed. The office was large and very neat. As always Dang was organized almost to a fault. For the next two hours Lee and Dang-Yoo looked at plans and discussed features for Lee's new house; the number of bedrooms, the kitchen for Martha, an office for Linda and Nick and maybe for Lee. Play room for the kids, elevator so Lee could get everywhere even when his back was acting up. He wanted to build over the existing basement and even enlarging it but the bomb shelter was to be untouched.

Lee left with a CD of the plan ideas for Linda and the boys to approve. On the drive back to Haven, Lee was planning for a romantic dinner and date so he could propose to her properly. He was trying to come up with a good place to go, besides the Denny's down by the Interstate. Maybe New Year's would be a good time. He was back at Haven well before lunch.

Lee was waiting for the kids in the dining room when school let out. Tom was just in time to wish the kids that went home for lunch a Merry Christmas and then go into lunch. He spotted Adam and went over to him. "Adam I have something for you. Why don't you go put those away before eating?"

"Daaaddddd," then he looked at the box. "Oh, way KEWL! I'll be right back."

Adam went running out of the dining room and returned before everyone was through the line. He wasn't wearing his thick glasses. He ran up to Tom and gave him a big hug, these are so clear, Much better than with the glasses. Thanks Dad, I love you."

As lunch finished up Tom stood and wished everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Everyone cheered and Haven Home School was officially closed for Christmas.

Tom went to his office to see if there was anything that needed his attention. He hadn't been there very long when there was a knock at the door.

It had taken Andy all morning to build up the courage to do this. After standing there for what seemed like an hour he raised his hand and knocked on the door. He heard a "Come in," so Andy came in and sat, but then didn't say anything just blushed.

Finally Andy took a deep breath and said, "Mr. Richards, you know Jimmy better than I do..."

Tom nodded to encourage Andy.

"Well, sir, ah, I don't know how to talk about this..."

"I know it can be very difficult to talk to adults about sex and yes I know about Jimmy." Tom said.

"Okay, that's good. What am I supposed to do?" Andy pleaded.

"If you are asking me what I think you are, Andy that is a question only you can answer. All I can tell you is that Jimmy was very badly abused and after a time came to like and kind of need that kind of thing. He has done some things with the other boys. So I guess it depends a lot on how you feel about it."

"If we did do something together, what would happen?" Andy asked nervously.

"Well, that depends, as long as both of you are willing and no one is forcing anything then nothing. If someone is being forced then all Hell will break loose." Tom said.

"Oh, I would never force anything, sir."

Tom patted Andy on the knee, "I know that. You are here. But if you are feeling pressure from Jimmy, I want to know."

"Oh, no sir...I mean yes, ah...Well I mean I want to, but the age thing..."

"Ah, well, There again that depends on how you feel about it. Right now five years is a lot but as you get older that becomes less and less of an issue and even legally goes away after Jimmy is eighteen."

"Well thanks for talking with me, it really helped." Andy left much faster than he entered. So Mr. Richards wouldn't kill him or anything and he was pretty sure his new Dad would understand if he found out...Now he had to figure out how he felt, really and truly down deep.

Down stairs in the den, Lee was alone looking over the plans when Jimmy found him.

"Mr. Harris? You know Andy better than I do..."

Lee looked at Jimmy, "Yes, I would think that is true."

"Well I have a problem with Andy..." Jimmy meekly said.

"Oh God! What has he done!?!" Lee was shocked and alarmed. How could Andy have done something to this little guy?

"Nothing, really NOTHING, that's the problem." Jimmy exclaimed. {TSL, I can't believe you want the chapter to end here, Jeez.}[It made sense to me LOL]

Lee was completely baffled. "I'm really lost here, Jimmy. Maybe you'd better back up and explain just what is going on. Okay?"

"Well a couple years ago my old man beat my ma to death then he started beatin' me more and making me do sex stuff. Then one night, he did it to me and I hurt real bad. When I could move again, I hurt the bastard and ran away. I went to a truck stop and I rode with truckers for more than a year. They'd give me food and sometimes money and I'd...ah...you know do stuff. Well I got to kind of like it and even need it. I really miss some things, a lot, and I like Andy and..."Jimmy trailed off.

Lee blushed, this was new to him. It had been hard enough handling Mitch then Travis and the abuse they had endured and now here was another kid. How did Linda deal with this all the time? Now Andy was somehow involved with Jimmy. "I guess he's trying to figure all this out. Most guys do stuff with a friend but usually that friend is their age, and they have known each other for a long time. Has Andy told you to go away and not bother him?"

"No, he's too nice to do that."

"I've heard him tell Mitch and Travis to get out and leave him alone." Lee said.

"That's different, they're brothers."

Lee laughed and gave Jimmy a hug. "Well, little guy, I think you need to explain all this to Andy so he knows what you want and don't want. I think together you can come up with some solution. I promise I'll think about this too, and if anything comes up, I'll let you know." {Both of you, stop!}(Damn, I didn't even think it till you said to stop, Now that jumps right up in my mind, if you'll excuse the expression.)[I am not saying anything]

* * * At a rest stop in eastern Pennsylvania * * *

The bearded man parked his van well away from the other vehicles at the rest stop; he carefully searched the area before going inside to use the restroom. When he was returning several minutes later, there was a young kid trying to look in the window. He quickened his pace and grabbed the boy before he even knew he had been spotted.

The boy gasped, but didn't scream for help. The man turned him around and he was a wide eyed little oriental boy who was dirty, skinny and obviously very down on his luck.

"Please mister, I didn't hurt nothin'. I was just lookin', honest." The boy looked pathetic and was using the puppy dog look at full power.

"Ho, ho, ho." The man laughed, if you didn't know better you'd think...never mind. "That pathetic look doesn't work on this old man. What's your name, kid?"

"Tym." the boy whispered.

"Well, Tim..."

"No, Tym, T, Y, M." the boy corrected.

"Ah, that makes all the difference. Well, Tym, where are your parents?" the man asked.

Tym now began to struggle and yelled, "Walter!"

The man had too good a grip on the boy and try as he might, he couldn't squirm loose. Then the man looked up and a huge black beast was thundering across the picnic area right towards him; he calmly waited the approach then just as the huge black Neapolitan Mastiff was upon them the man said, "Good boy, Walter. Sit, Stay."

The 165 pound package of muscle and teeth stopped, and sat down and waited for his next command, like the anxious to please puppy, he was.

"I never seen him do that before. He never did what somebody else said." The boy had stopped struggling. This man had just neutralized his defense further resistance made no more sense to the boy. "My parents are gone to be with Buddha."

The man nodded, "And?"

"I ran away."

The man looked into Tym's eyes and then nodded. "Come on, let's get out of here." He stood, once again scanned the area, then pulled the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the van.

"Mister, my backpack, please." The boy pointed across the picnic area. Where a backpack sat on a picnic table.

The man said. "Walter, fetch."

The dog was off in a flash; the man lifted Tym into the passenger seat and buckled him in, adjusting the seat too. He then opened the sliding door to the back and Walter leaped in carrying the backpack.

The van pulled out and back onto the Interstate. Tym's rotten little life was about to end. {TSL, This is a great place to end a chapter! But even I am not that mean, today.}[Okay I surrender]

* * * Meanwhile in Nick Regnad's office * * *

"Oh, shit, that's not what I wanted to print. Grrrrr! This is what I want. (Click, click, click) Where is 'Philip' when you want him." Nick was grumbling to himself.

'I'm over here on the other computer. You know, the one hooked to the net. You just copied stuff on that one and don't have it on the network.'

"Don't start with me; this has not been my best day, Sparky."

'Sparky? Well! Click’ the screen went on the other computer went blue as 'Philip' left in a huff of anger...

"Jeez, a computer with temper." Nick hit another key, "Damn, no! I don't want to compare those; I know they aren't related...OH SHIT!!" Nick hit the print button.

* * * Meanwhile back at Haven Manor * * *

About three o'clock Nick and Lt. Brown and a woman no one recognized showed up to see Lee. He met them in the den.

Nick made the introduction. "Lee, this is Agent Effie Zimberlist, Junior Agent from the FBI."

Lee extended his hand and she shook it. A friendly firm shake. "Nice meeting you."

"Thank you. I wasn't sure about my reception after reading Special Agent Dukman's case notes."

Right on cue Ginger, Max and Jack came in the room. With wagging tails they greeted their new guest. Effie knelt down and petted each dog, she was accepted completely. Lee grinned, "Not at all Duknam like."

"Thank you, I think." Effie said. "Mr. Harris, first I want you to know this investigation is by no means over, with the death of Dr. Dummesel. I'm afraid the motive here is still not completely understood and may lead to a much bigger situation. Second, I'm trying to back track Special Agent Dukman, to figure out why he was inside your home."

Lee said, "He and I did not get along, and the boys immediately mistrusted him and even caught him in a senseless lie. Even the dogs growled and even attacked him on occasion. I have only seen them do that with one other person."

"Would that be Helga Sooker, by any chance?" Agent Zimberlist asked.

"Wow, that is some detective work." Lee said.

"Not really, she was 'dating' Dr. Dummesel and I'd seen other dogs react to her. May I ask how it is she and the dogs met?"

"When I knew I would be having a more severely burned second child fostered with me, I put an Ad in the local paper for a housekeeper/nanny. She answered the Ad and poor little Mitch took a bite of one of her awful cookies."

Nick and Lt. Brown both said, "Poor, Mitch." Ginger and Max whined.

"Do you have any theories on what S A Dukman was up to? She asked.

Lee thought and then said, "I really don't know what he was trying to do. He seemed bound and determined to interrogate the boys without an adult present."

"He was trying to question them?" she asked.

"No, he was trying to interrogate them. He talked to them like they criminals, trying to hide something and he was bullying them trying to get information that they obviously didn't know. I will admit that I do not tolerate bullies and he had stomped over that line almost every time we were in the same room. He was almost stalking them and even barged in, once, nearly screaming questions until Martha, the dogs or I put a stop to it." Lee said.

"His report of that incident was, understandably, different." Jr. Agent Zimberlist said.

"No doubt. I think he was trying to check my computer for the information he was looking for. I think he might have done something the day before when he was there, so he could get in after we left." Lee suggested.

"His reports indicated he was onto a large scale operation of some kind. He was asking for a larger budget." She commented.

"I'm not surprised he wanted more money. After all, he rented that huge Hummer." At Lee's comment Nick jumped up.

"Effie, that's where he had the case notes, we just got to find it." Nick said excitedly. "It had GPS, Come on we'll go to the dealership and get the coordinates."

Nick, Lt. Brown and Jr. Agent Zimberlist moved quickly and were gone.

Lee was a bit stunned to be left alone so abruptly. He shrugged and went back to the elaborate plans he was making for New Years Eve and asking Linda to marry him.

* * * later, in a small cabin style motel, well off the interstate * * *

The man walked into the office. "You allow animals?"

The clerk looked up from his paper and gasped at who he thinks he sees standing there, "Sure, twenty bucks more, ah per pet."

"I want the end one and the one next to it."

"What, you plannin' on killin' somebody or somethin'?"

"It don't matter to ya none, now does it? I need at least eight more towels, and lots of shampoo, oh yeah, lots of shampoo. There is a lot of fur to clean. The one cabin will need some extra cleanup when I get through. Probably won't be pretty." The man pulled out a roll of cash and paid for the rooms and extra for pets. No more questions were asked as the clerk grinned at the generous payment.

"Clean up won't be a problem, sir. My old lady will take care of it."

"You do have wireless Internet like it says in the AAA book, don't ya?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, I have my laptop and I need to talk to the Boss."

The man pulled the van down to the end cabin. He got out, opened the room, searched it carefully, found nothing suspicious, smiled impishly, and then returned to the van. He opened the door and unbuckled the unconscious Tym and carried him into the room. Walter followed closely behind the man, carrying the backpack. Once the door was closed the man looked back and forth between the dog and the boy. Walter looked back at him and gave him a doggy grin, and slobbered on the backpack.

"Well Walter, I don't know which one of you two stinks worse."

"WOOF!" Walter replied, as his tail wagged, causing a breeze in the room.

The boy groaned and struggled back to consciousness. He slowly opened his eyes and saw the man staring down at him. The man grinned and said, "Okay kid, you stink. Get naked and then into the bathroom."

"But you'll see me..."

"I'm going to do a lot more than that. Now move!"

Tym got up and quickly pealed out of his dirty messy clothes and dashed into the bathroom. The man and dog followed. The man filled the tub with water and set the kid in it to soak. "I'm going out to the van, here is the soap see what you can do with it. Try and get a few layers of that dirt off."

The man made a couple of trips carrying in his suitcase and laptop computer. He got a T-shirt out of his luggage, and headed back into the bathroom. Walter was laying on the floor watching the boy play in the water. The man wasn't surprised at the brown shade of the water. He reached down and pushed the kid's head under the water. Walter whined. "Don't worry Walter; I didn't drown him, yet. I want to see what he looks like first."

Sputtering the kid said, "Hey! Why did you do that?"

The man then squirted shampoo on his head and began working up a good lather. "Close your eyes, Tym, this stings if it gets in them." Then he dunked the kid again. "Okay now, stand up."

The man then scrubbed the kid thoroughly, removing the worst part of the filth. "When was the last time you had a bath? There is only one other time I ever saw a kid as dirty as you. Close your eyes." He rinsed the kid off and pulled the plug to drain the filthy water.

Tym started to climb out.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"Ain't I done?"

"Not by a long shot." Luckily this shower had a nozzle on a hose. After adjusting it, the man again scrubbed the boy, managing to find every ticklish spot. By the time Tym was clean, the man was almost as wet as he was.

"Now you can get out, and here is a towel."

When the boy was reasonably dry, the man put the Santa T-shirt on the kid. "That was s'posed to be for my great nephew, but I think you need it more."

"Okay Walter, how are we going to do this? I don't suppose you will just get in the tub?"

To his surprise, Walter did just that. The dog loved his bath and behaved perfectly.

When finished, the man would have sworn the dog was smiling, until he received a huge doggy kiss. The tub was indeed a horrible mess. Like totally disgusting. Walter's coat was beautiful; the highlights sparkled when the light hit them. The dog was downright gorgeous.

When the man and dog went into the other room, Tym had crawled into bed and was fast asleep once more.

"Walter, guard, until I get back." Walter woofed then jumped onto the bed and rested his head on the boy's legs. The man then left and headed back down the road to the Interstate.

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