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Chapter 16

Author's Note:

Dear readers, there is so much happening in this chapter that involves the other story's characters that separating things just wasn't working, so this chapter is being posted to both stories. There isn't anything in one chapter that isn't in the other. However, if you want to read it twice that's fine too.

David woke up at five thirty eight according the clock on his night stand. He was up and dressed in no time at all. He went to his door and looked up and down the hall. No one else had a light on. He tip toed silently, carefully relentlessly ruthlessly, (I wonder where Ruth is or for that matter, who Ruth is) down the hall and out of the suite. He looked in the family room and there was a huge pile of gifts all around the tree. The plate of cookies was empty except for the crumbs and the glass of milk was empty too. His heart was beating fast. He backed out of the room, ever so carefully. Santa had come, but he didn't see what he had asked for, the thing he wanted more than anything else in the world, a friend. Maybe it's under one of the other trees.

The tree in the foyer had no presents under it at all. It looked so forlorn. David then went to the Banquet hall. He didn't see any new presents there. So he looked into the Ball Room. There was a huge stack of boxes there. All were wrapped in the same kind of paper. It looked like there were enough presents for all of them, plus some more. Then he saw something and froze. Very carefully he backed out of the ballroom and then took off at a run. He didn't even knock as he entered his brother's room. Luckily Adam and Todd had the covers over their naked bodies.

David pounced on the bed. "Adam wake up!"

Adam and Todd startled awake. "OOF, Huh?" Adam said.

"Come on, wake up! It's Christmas and you got to see this to believe it."

Todd looked at the clock, "Daaaaaaaaavid, its six o'clooooooooooock!"

"So? Come on, I'm getting the rest up."

Before Adam could stop him, his brother was out the door. He picked up a present and went to Monty's room. He shook Monty awake, "wake up, Monty, its Christmas!"

Monty opened his eyes to find David staring at him.

"Here, 'Philip' helped me, and said I should give this to you in private." David handed Monty a small present. He quickly tore it open, 'Adam & Eve Lube with Spermicide.' Monty laughed and gave David a hug. "Thanks little guy."

"I thought you should have some."

"I hadn't bought any yet, so thanks." Monty got up and as he was pulling on his pants he said, "I'll go get Patty up."

"Kewl, thanks." David waved as he left and soon was pouncing on Neal and Patrick. The scene was repeated and soon all the boys were up. Patrick went to wake up his Dad and then Aunt Alice. Mitch and Travis went to wake up their Dad, Linda and Aunt Martha. Neal went to get his Dad and Daddy Doc.

Monty went to wake up Patty. She pulled him onto the bed and gave him a very Merry Christmas kiss. Then she reached into her nightstand and handed him a card and a small box. The card had a calendar with today circled in red and then dates counting down to zero which was a smiley face. He blushed because he knew that her period had started last night before they went to bed and she was starting the pill and they were going to wait until the next one. Then he opened the present, a dozen lubricated condoms. "Jeez, Patty."

When everybody was gathered Tom led the way downstairs and into the family room. David was trying to get everyone's attention but once they saw the presents, he realized that it was a lost cause. Paper was torn and there were shouts and cheers and laughter as the gifts were opened. There were soccer balls, footballs, softballs and bats, riding helmets, video games, books and clothes. Everyone was very pleased with what they got except David, who was standing by the door still waiting for everyone's attention.

Tom was the first to notice. "David, what's wrong?"

"Well, I want you all to come and see something." David said.

"Okay. Come on everybody, David has something to show us. Leave your stuff; we'll come back." Tom said to the mob.

Soon they were following David down the hall. Outside the Banquet Hall he stopped and told everyone to be very quiet. He then led the way very carefully into the Ball Room.

Travis was the first to recover; he walked over to the sleeping man. "Hey, Santa! Wake up!"

The man startled awake. He opened his bright blue eyes and stared at Travis. Then he scanned the room. Then he returned his gaze to the kid right in front of him. "Ho, ho, ho. Travis, you were a close call on the naughty list."

The adults all laughed at that.

"I'm Mitch."

"Nah uh! No way, don't go getting' me in trouble! Your on your own there, bro." Mitch cried out.

That got even more laughter.

"Well, you ain't really Santa, anyway." Travis accused trying to save some of his pride.

"Ho, ho, ho. So just who am I then?"

Travis reached up and pulled the white beard. It didn't come off.


Then he poked the man's stomach.


"Oh my God." Travis said.

"Now Travis, is that the language to use in front of Santa?" Looking through his pockets, "Hmm, where is that naughty list."

"I'm sorry, Santa. Really." Travis was almost in tears.

Santa picked up Travis and held him on his lap. "Ho, ho, ho. No problem Travis. Your heart puts you way on the nice list. Just ask Brian or Mitch."

Travis felt a special sensation and felt that somehow he really was in Santa's lap. Love, caring and giving. Looking into the face of the jolly man Travis thought, 'How could anybody not believe...'"

Martha stood there with her hands on her hips scowling, but not saying anything.

Santa put Travis down. Adam was standing nearby. "Ho ho ho, Adam, come here. I have something special for you."

Adam went to the side of Santa's chair. Santa reached to the other side. Suddenly he produced the gun and shot Neal in the chest.

Neal screamed and fell to the floor and croaked, "You got me." His shirt now dark red with a wet stain, his body now cold and still.

Adam screamed, "I knew you were Santa! You brought the gun!"

Adam grabbed the 'Super Soaker' water rifle.

Tom told Adam, "Only outside or the pool. 'Philip' will evict us if we mess up his floor."

Daddy Doc walked over to Neal. "Good shot, Santa. First shot right to the heart. Okay Neal, get up before you get the floor wet."

Suddenly the crowd was pushed aside and a huge black dog bounded up to Neal. One lick and Neal's game of opossum was ended. He opened his eyes to see a monster about to lick him again.

However that didn't happen as a small voice screamed, "WALTER!!"

The big black mastiff bounded back to the couch up on the low stage and the little Asian boy huddled there. The dog jumped up on the couch and the boy hugged him.

David was standing next to Adam. Santa said to him, "David, Tym needs a friend."

"Oh, Santa!" David gave the Jolly old elf a big hug, "Me too." David ran across the room to meet his new friend.

Neal was getting up. Santa said, "So Neal, you were even closer to that naughty list. I have two words for you, Toilet Seats."

That got laughter from everyone.

Martha's frown deepened and she began crossing the room.

David approached the couch. The boy looked scared and the big dog looked curious. "Hi, I'm David."

The Korean boy said, "My name is Tym. Tym Tae Lurr." {Yes I did.}[Hmm and I thought it was Tym Tay Shun? ;)]

"Hi Tym. That's a big dog you have there. Does he bite?" David asked.

"I don't know but he could lick you to death." Tym said and both boys giggled. David climbed up on the couch on Tym's other side.

Max, Ginger and Jack now aware of the new K-9 went to investigate. Walter watched as they approached. Max stepped forward and Walter cocked his head. Max gave a short Bark. Walter answered with a modest WOOF that echoed through the Ball Room. Max tucked his tail and backed away. Jack yapped until Walter stared him down. Then Ginger totally unimpressed by any of the male posturing walked over to the couch and jumped up and put her paw on Walter. Walter gave her a lick. She snapped at him and he whined and lay down. Ginger was the Mama dog and obviously the boss. When she jumped down Walter followed and they were joined by Max and Jack to become acquainted with their new puppy pack member.

"Ho, ho, ho. The rest of you have a present under the tree." The presents were passed out.

Todd brought one over to the boys on the couch. "This one is for Tym, is that you?"

"Uh huh." Tym took the package handed to him.

When everyone had their present there were three left.

Martha finally made it to Santa's Chair. "Well, you aught to be ashamed of yourself!"

"Ho, ho, ho. My little Martha. Yes, I probably should be ashamed, but I'm not. Ho, ho, ho." Santa smiled at her. "Go on out that door. Your Christmas surprise is there."

Martha stomped over to the large double doors and opened them to look outside. There was a shiny red van and behind that, a motor home. When she leaned out the door the motor home's door flew open and her three grandchildren came running out yelling, "Mom, Mom, Merry Christmas."

Martha was speechless and just hugged her grandkids. When they came inside followed by their parents, it turned out the three remaining presents belonged to them. Once everyone had their present, even tiny Tym, they opened them together.

They all received state of the art Watkins Enterprises lap top computers like the one Adam had gotten before his trip to the Dr. Deforest. Adam had his water gun and David, since he had Adam's first computer, had his special present, a friend his age.

While everyone was busy, Santa got up and walked over to Lee and Linda. "Merry Christmas you two, and congratulations. Linda, I'm going to need your help with the boy. Maybe tomorrow we can sit down and cover the particulars. He needs a good home and I think we can find him one."

"Okay, Santa." Linda said, in awe.

About that time, Chet, Nancy and Edwin came running over and gave Santa a big hug, "Thanks Papa Shorty" He gave them each a big hug.

"Papa Shorty?" Linda asked.

"Oh, sure. I'm only Santa one day a year. The rest of the time I'm just a mild mannered Great Grandfather, working for Truth, Justice and the American Way." (Stars and Stripes Forever could be heard faintly in the background.)

Lee grinned, "So, you're Martha's grandfather. She told us you were quite a character."

"And she was quite correct."

Adam who was still standing by Santa said, "Shorty? Like the carved head in the library with the inscription 'MY BELOVED SHORTY - WHO GAVE ME HIS LIFE - SO I MIGHT LIVE'?

"Carved head?" Santa asked.

"Yeah, I'll show it to you later." Adam said.

Martha at about that time rounded up Andy, Mitch, Travis, Monty and Patty and they disappeared into the kitchen. They started cooking sausage links and Martha mixed a huge vat of pancake batter. At one point Mitch got Monty aside and handed him a little present. Monty opened it, a tube of hand cream. Mitch said, "I heard about what you did on your birthday and well this seemed pretty slippery so...well, I thought you could use it."

Monty rolled his eyes and thanked Mitch shyly.

About twenty minutes later, Patty returned, placed two fingers in her mouth and whistled loud enough to rattle the ornaments on the tree. "Breakfast is ready, if anybody is hungry!" There was a stampede to the Dining Room.

Martha had fixed Pancakes and sausage links for breakfast. These were special pan cakes she had made using metal cookie cutters and pouring the batter inside them. The pancakes were Christmas trees, stars, gingerbread men and bells. Needless to say they were a hit and disappeared as fast as she could cook them.

After breakfast, most of the kids returned to the family room and their presents there. As they were gathering their stuff to take to their rooms Todd slipped another present to Monty. Monty eyed his friend cautiously and opened the large jar of Vaseline. Todd grinned and said, "That might get you through today." and walked away laughing. Monty took his presents and lube back to his room.

Travis and Brian caught Monty before he left his room. Brian said, "I told the twins, and Travis said this is what they used on him. So we got you some."

Monty was puzzled until he unwrapped, the large can of Crisco. The anxious looks on the boys' faces told Monty they were really trying to be nice and not making fun of him. He knelt and gave them each a hug and thanked them.

At eight thirty Neal reminded them they had some cooking to do. David and Tym went and collected their computers and went up to David's room. Tym could hardly wait to turn on his new computer. When the first screen came up he followed the directions about putting his fingers one at a time on the glowing button. Finally all that was done and a boy appeared on the screen.

'Hi Tym, I'm Shorty,' the computer said.

David had turned on his computer too. Karl appeared. 'Hey Shorty! Good to have you back.'

'How did I get here?' Shorty asked.

'Well, the chair you fell asleep in had brain scanners built in and last night 'Philip' saved you so you could be here forever if you want.' Right now you are restricted to interacting with just 'Philip' and Tym. When the living Shorty authorizes it, then you can be fully aware like us.' 'Karl' said.

Tym looked at the computers and then at David. "What is going on?"

Tym's computer changed to 'Philip'. 'I am 'Philip' and am the main computer for Haven Enterprises. I can appear on any computer connected to the Haven network or the Internet. I am based on the Watkins Enterprises, 'James' technology. I was programmed to have the memories and personality of Philip Richards the previous owner of Haven. It was my way to watch over things and in some small way, live on after death.'

David smiled and said, "Just think of him as a helpful friend. If you need something, he will help."

"Oh." Tym remarked as he began exploring the capabilities of his new powerful computer.

The kids were very busy in the kitchen. Once the hams, roasts and turkeys were in the ovens Martha directed them in getting the side dishes started. As soon as those were cooking they began the task of getting the tables ready and the serving lines all set and ready to keep the food.

Nick showed up about eleven o'clock and jumped right in. The Feast was scheduled for three and the guests would be arriving at one, to share the holiday spirit and for the children to open their presents.

When the presents were delivered during the past several weeks, Neal was in charge of wrapping them and putting the right kids' names on the packages. There was a present for each child under the age of fifteen that was coming. He had been given a list from 'Philip' for each present and the child it was for. How 'Philip' knew so much, Neal didn't want to think about.

Nick reminded everyone to get the Ball Room cleaned up and their new Computers put away before the crowd showed up. In small groups as they finished their chores, they retrieved their computers and took them up to their rooms.

Moe was in the group with Monty and after dropping off his computer, he took Monty a special present. "After what you and Patty, did I asked more about lube and found it was like oil. I remember the best oil my mother had and got some for you."

Monty managed to not laugh as he read the label on the bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. "...Thanks..."

Tom and Leo were alone in the family room looking at the now empty space under the tree. Leo said, "This has been a great deal of fun today. I have never had a day like this. Granpa Saul, tells of some Christmases when he was in med school that this reminds me of. Thanks for including me."

"Your welcome. Thanks for including me and the boys in your Hanukkah celebration. The sharing always seems to bring us all closer. I kind of wish Moe would share more with us." Tom said.

Leo smiled, "Moe is quite a young man. He is talking a good deal with me. I think he is quite surprised that Jews do not have horns and forked tongues. He spends a lot of time comparing the Bible and Koran and trying to decide where truth lies. Just yesterday we had a nice discussion about Jesus, and I must say he has challenged my beliefs. I find him quite amazing." Leo smiled.

"I'm relieved to hear he is talking to someone. He comes to me for hugs, but I feel there is a wall between us." Tom confessed.

"He feels like you are his father now but after what his real father did, he still has issues to work through. He is making very good progress, though." Leo comforted his love.

At exactly one o'clock the guests began arriving. Neal was at the front door dressed as an elf, as were all the Haven kids, thanks to Alice and her sewing machine. In one particularly large group a familiar kid said, "Nice outfit, looks good on you, Neal. You did a nice job on my story, thanks for sharing it."

"Fred?" Neal said but the boy was already lost in the crowd.

When the people went into the banquet room, Santa Shorty was waiting for them in the big chair that Andy and Todd had moved into the entrance room. He let the little ones climb up on his lap and with 'Philip's' help and a small almost invisible ear-piece he was able to call each child by name and know some things about them. The parents were all really impressed that the Haven folks would get such a wonderful Santa for their kids.

The only time Shorty had any problem was when a ten year old climbed up in his lap and 'Philip said, 'I don't know this one.'

The boy said, "Wow, Shorty, you fill out this suit much better now than the last time I saw you in it." The boy gave him a hug and was off his lap and disappeared into the crowd. That sure looked like Fred, but he was ten like fifty years ago.

When 'Philip' told Shorty that everyone was there, Shorty stood, "Ho, Ho, Ho! Boys and girls. Please listen for your names and come collect your present. Would Mr. Richards, Dr. Turnman and Mr. Harris please come assist me? It took almost fifteen minutes to get all the presents passed out. Then Shorty said, "Well, don't just stand there, open 'em! Ho, ho, ho."

The sight of a hundred needy kids opening up those presents was incredible. Tom and Leo stood together watching as the kids were so filled with excitement when they saw that just what they had secretly wanted was there.

A voice from behind Leo made him spin around, "Just as I remembered it."

"Grampa Saul, you made it!" Leo hugged his grandfather.

"Of course I made it. Oh, my, is that Shorty?" the old doctor said.

Tom smiled, "Yes, sir, Dr. Turnman, it is."

Saul turned to Tom, "Excuse me, but to you, I'm Grampa Saul. Now how bout you two introduce me to my Great Grandchildren."

At three o'clock, everyone lined up and started through the line. There were about four hundred people there. When plates were loaded, everyone found their seats. The meal was delicious and it was very quiet while they ate. Tom was very proud of his boys and girls (Patty and Genny) for having done this for the neediest families in the area. When most everyone was finished, Neal stood and got everyone's attention. He read his story, 'Fred's Gift', (If you somehow missed it reread chapter 15). Everyone was very impressed that a sixth grader had written that.

Then the room lights darkened. A screen lowered at the end of the room, and 'Philip' as he had been in his thirties appeared. 'Hello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. I am here to present to you an opportunity to join our alternative school. Most of you in this room are now attending the public school system in this county. I am sure you are aware that there have been some problems. Our school is open to anyone in the area who wishes to participate. Notice I said participate not attend. The concept here is that each and every adult can and should contribute to their child's education. We have some parents that are teaching, some help cooking and feeding everyone at lunch. We can use everyone's help. Here is the deal; each family with children enrolled will be charged $1,800 tuition for the year. For each hour of service to the school you will be credited with ten dollars off the tuition. In other words for five hours of service a week, one hour a day, to the school, you will have free schooling for your children. We want to make this school accessible to as many people in the area as possible. Any skill, talent, ability or training you may have, we can use. On your way out, please stop by the Elves at the front door and collect the information packet there. Also, you will find in that packet, a check from N. P. Enterprises. That is a real check so please do not throw it away. Merry Christmas.' The lights came up and the screen retracted.

Tom glared at Neal who just shrugged. There was total silence in the hall. Leo poked Tom and whispered, "Be a nice host."

Tom started to stand but Neal beat him to it. "Hey, everybody. We'll be right out with desert." The elves all headed into the kitchen and returned with platters of assorted cookies. These were a big hit and all were eagerly consumed. All that cooking yesterday and two or three cookies apiece and they were gone. As soon as the cookies were served, the kids disappeared out front and Tom stood.

"I would like to thank you all for coming and sharing the Christmas Spirit with us. I trust I'll see a lot of you kids on January second. Until then, Merry Christmas!"

There were cheers and soon families were leaving. Shorty had moved to the door and said a personal goodbye to each child and their parents.

After everyone was gone, Martha, Nick and the boys headed back to clean up. To their surprise, everything was cleaned and put away, as if by Elven magic...

A while later Brian knocked on Travis' and Mitch's door. When they said come in he entered. They were both sitting with their new computers and playing a game. Brian handed Travis a present.

Travis took it and said, "I'm sorry, I don't have anything for you."

"No problem. This is kind of yours already."

"Oh, Brian is this?..." Travis tore off the paper. Sure enough it was his book. Carefully he opened it and the picture was there. Also on page 392 there were the mysterious numbers he remembered: SKW2384295.

Travis gave Brian a huge hug. "I don't know how to thank you."

"You already did by coming back." Brian said and pulled the twins into a small group hug.

Monty was leaving his room when Patrick caught up to him. "Merry Christmas Monty. Here is a little something for you. I use it and it works real good."

Monty tore it open enough to see it was some hand lotion. "Thanks Pat."

"You're welcome,"

Monty tossed it into his room onto his desk with the rest of the lube.


"Hey guys!!! It's snowing!!!" Moe yelled when he looked out the window in the suite common room.

Everyone rushed to the windows. It had evidently been coming down for awhile because everything was covered in white. Soon there was a rush to go out and play in the snow. The kids bundled up and went out through the kitchen. Jack, Ginger and Max followed through the 'Doggie Door' Walter was right behind them. The loud thud he made while not fitting through the doggie door could be heard all the way into the Dining Room. He growled then took the knob in his mouth and opened the door and pushed the unlatched storm-door and was out to play with the others.

It was just the perfect snow for making snowballs and soon there was an impromptu battle with much yelling and laughter. Walter and Max were eagerly chasing snowballs and even catching a few. Ginger and Jack made their way to the gazebo and sat regally on the seat to have a better view. All was well until a snowball, thrown by Neal, missed Andy and hit Ginger right in the behind. She and Jack then entered the fray and she managed to down Neal and lick his face thoroughly.

David and Tym joined in for a short time then kind of drifted off and built a small snowman. Tym wanted to make a big snowman about seven feet tall. David had to say, {Yes, fans I couldn't let this pass. Darryl keeps reminding me to put this in.} "I don't think so, Tym."

David was telling Tym about how he and Adam had come to be here and the events that had taken place. Tym was just about to suggest they go back inside when they heard jingle bells and then a team of horses came around the corner of the building pulling the old sleigh from the barn. Mr. Frank and his boys were in it. He pulled the team to a halt and yelled, "Anybody interested in a sleigh ride?"

"Sure, Mr. Frank!" and kids were climbing into the sleigh. For the next half hour Mr. Frank carried them all around the farm; they were of course singing 'Jingle Bells' and 'Let It Snow,Let It Snow,Let It Snow'.

When they returned, Mr. Frank told them that he had some presents for them. He said they could get tomorrow when they came to the stable, since there wasn't time now. It was almost dinner time. Most of the boys decided to go take a hot shower and change clothes.

Adam had Monty help him back into the house. All that white had him virtually 'snow blind'. Once inside and up to the suite, Monty took Adam to his room. Before Monty left, Adam found a small wrapped present, "I use this and it really is good stuff. It makes everything so slick and like smooth and it isn't too messy to clean up. I also think it makes my thing softer and smoother. It smells kind of nice, too. Todd likes that Vaseline but it is greasier..." Adam finally trailed off.

Monty unwrapped the bottle of 'Baby Oil'. He just couldn't get angry as his brothers were really and truly trying to be nice. They were even being sure the presents were in private so as not to embarrass him too much. Monty gave Adam a big hug. He realized that he hadn't hugged Adam much and thought he should change that. "I love you Adam. Thanks for sharing this. You know I'm really glad you're my brother, now"

They hugged again and Monty headed back to his room.

Tym had gone with David.

"I don't have any clean clothes." Tym said.

"No problem. You and I are the same size, so you can just wear some of mine." David said.

David stripped and was ready to get in and Tym was just standing there. "What's wrong, Tym?"

Tym was blushing and trying to look away but couldn't. He just shook his head.

David went and gave his new friend a hug, "What ever it is, it's okay."

"I, ah, I never saw another person naked." Tym whispered.

"Wow, I've had to take baths with my brother ever since I could remember. I guess that's why it's no big deal to me." David said.

Tym blushed more, "I don't look like you, down there."

"Really? Let me see."

"Okay, don't laugh or anything." Tym slowly got out of his cold wet clothes.

David looked at Tym's uncircumcised penis. "Oh, that's not really different. Adam and I are circumscribed or something; that means when we were born that extra skin was cut off. A lot of the guys here are like you."


"Yup, really. Now let's get in the shower and warm up."


Monty had just climbed out of the shower when there was a knock on his door. He wrapped his towel around his waist and answered it. Jimmy was standing there with wet hair and a big present. "Oh, Jimmy, man, I didn't get you anything, I'm sorry."

Jimmy blushed, "Ah, well, this is something I thought about and I remembered this trucker had some of these and I thought it was pretty nice."

Monty took and opened the present, Eros Flavored Massage Oils. "Flavored?" Monty Squeaked.

"Yeah, that's important if you want to, ah, you know, lick or suck...You know..."



Dinner was small compared to the feast earlier. Roast beef, ham and turkey for sandwiches, crisps and soda. Everyone was having a fantastic day. Each of the dogs got a nice juicy beef bone to enjoy, okay Walter got three. Saul came and sat down by Shorty. "So you're still playing at being Santa?"

"Ho, ho, ho. I sure am. Sometimes I really think I am. That story Neal told, I thought I saw Fred the Elf today just before the feast." Shorty said.

Saul patted his old friend on the back, "I personally think you did. I've seen a lot in all these years practicing medicine and I know the impossible happens all the time."

A little later Shorty was talking to Tom and just kept looking at his eyes, it was amazing how much it was like looking in a mirror that magically removed fifty years.

For desert Linda had cooked her specialty, shortbread cookies. With Lee's help they had managed to bake enough for everyone. When everyone was done, there was hardly a crumb left.

After dinner, the family gathered together in the ball room. 'Philip' appeared on the large screen. 'Merry Christmas, everyone. The day of joy is not yet complete. As you all know there are certain things I hear within these walls that are of a very private nature and I am not allowed to divulge them. However there have been some things I have taken it upon myself to do. First and foremost, I want to tell you a story.' {Read Shorty's Christmas in the short stories on www.paddedroom.us }

'So Tom I would like to give you some real family, Shorty is your real great uncle Philip, for he gave that name and all that went with it, that Christmas so long ago. Martha would be your cousin and well you can figure all that out.' Tom went and Hugged Shorty they both had tears in their eyes. Martha joined in, then her daughter, son-in-law and the kids. Tom looked around and realized he was surrounded by real blood relatives for the first time since his parents died.

He looked up at the screen, "Thank you, 'Philip'."

'You're most welcome. Now there is a matter of Ms. Linda Thompson and Mr. Leland Harris. It has taken so long for you two to get it right that there is no time to loose. Judge Kelper would you come in, please.'

Linda's brother, Judge Kelper, walked out on the little stage. "I need the following couples up here, Linda and Lee, Martha and Nick, Tom and Leo, and Alice and Ed.

There was a quiet conversation on the stage that the kids couldn't hear.

Judge Kelper started, "I have been informed that each couple has made a commitment to each other. 'Philip' has made the arrangements for you to make that commitment a reality today. I'm talking of marriage for the three couples and unfortunately for Tom and Leo just the public declaration of your vows. I know this is out of the blue so to speak, but are any of you interested?"

Linda blushed and nodded agreement and Lee just stood there with a huge silly grin. Nick and Martha looked at each other and kissed and then nodded to the Judge.

Tom whispered to Leo, "What about your Grandfather?"

"He has already figured it out. Remember he asked to meet his Great Grandchildren?" Leo replied. "I say we do it."

"Works for me, too." Tom took Leo's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Ed pulled Alice to the side a bit. "Alice? I want to marry you, now or later doesn't matter to me. I know you want to be courted so later will be fine and not hurt my feelings."

Alice had tears in her eyes, "Really? You'd wait just for me?"

"Yes. Alice I love you and want to make you happy." Ed said.

"Oh, Ed, that was beautiful. Yes, now, yes, yes, yes!!!"

The quadruple marriage ceremony was preformed and the kids were going nuts with excitement. When it was over, the couples congratulated each other and then were swamped by hugging kissing children. "This is the best Christmas ever!" was heard more than once.

When things settled down, Neal said to no one in particular, "Wow, 'Philip' gave all of us such special presents and no one got him anything."

Nick stepped up, "You're wrong there Neal. I have some news that is going to shake things up." Nick pulled a paper out of his pocket. "I have here the results of some DNA tests. It seems our 'Philip' had thought to donate a sperm sample to a local fertility clinic. Unknown to him or the director of the clinic, it was used. Now there is a second surprise also, so here is the first; 'Philip', I would like to introduce you to your sons, Mitch and Travis."

The boys looked at each other and then at Lee and then at the image on the big screen. When you knew to look for it the resemblance was there. The image on the screen had tears and a low comforting tone was being emitted from the sound system.

"My original research showed that the late Dr. Dummesel had been the donor, but it turns out he was infertile so a technician used an unclaimed sample. I traced that to a Philip Richards of Haven. I've double checked with another sample from your old hairbrush to confirm the results." Nick explained.

Neal asked, "So what is the second surprise?"

Nick smiled, "Well there are two kinds of DNA in every cell. The one we think of most is half from our mother and half from our father. But there are little things called mitochondria that only come from our mother. So all children of the same mother have a 100% match. We have four kids here that match perfectly, so are brothers and sisters or at least half brothers and half sisters." Nick let that information sink in a bit. "Mitch and Travis, and the Pats have the same mother and are half brothers and sister."

There was stunned silence for almost a minute, and then the twins ran over and hugged their siblings. That broke the tension and the kids were all excited and the adults all cornered Nick for more details on this shocking news. Linda's head was spinning trying to come to terms with any legal consequences of the newly revealed relationships. Could a computer that was self aware be a parent? Should Ed and Alice be given custody of Mitch and Travis so the siblings could be together? She approached her brother and he smiled at her, "Don't worry about all that right now, Sis. Everything will work out just fine. We just have a big family here now and I guess I'm now a part of it, too, because of you." He hugged his sister until Lee came to claim her.

Tom looked at his watch and saw it was ten thirty. "Okay, kids, it's getting late and you need to be getting ready for bed. I have one last surprise and it is for Neal."

Neal came through the crowd and stood in front of his Dad. "Neal, remember the boys we met on the way out here?"

"Danny and Donny? Sure, they were kewl; their dad was kind of scary..."

"Well, they will be coming for a visit and arriving tomorrow night or maybe the next morning. So after breakfast tomorrow you can get rooms ready for them, their sister and parents."

"Way kewl!!!" Neal said and then had to answer a thousand questions about the twins as they all headed up to the suite.

Andy pulled Monty into his room and closed the door. "Ah, Monty, listen, I know I'm pretty new here and all, but I heard about your birthday..."

"Jeez, not you too" Monty whined.

"Well, Yeah. Look as like a big brother; let me say that what you did was awesome. Even more so cause you didn't know to use lube. I got you a tube of the stuff some of us guys use. It is the real deal. Even named for an ex-president." Andy giggled a little at that.

Monty opened the tube of 'Slick Willie' lube. He blushed as he read the list of suggested uses. "Ah, thanks, Andy. I really don't know what to say."

When all the kids were gone Leo got everyone's attention. "Now we have some very important business to attend to. We need to plan four honeymoons." There were some blushes and murmurs.

Lee spoke up first, "I had been thinking of the Hawaiian Islands for a week."

Nick said next, "I was considering a Caribbean cruise."

Ed said, "Paris, the city of romance."

Tom looked at his partner, "Upstairs and uninterrupted for a week."

Leo grinned, "Maybe, Montreal. We could really get married in Canada."

Tom hugged his mate, "You got a date."

'Philip' appeared again, 'I'll have your tickets as soon as you give me the dates. Just please don't all go at once and leave me at the mercy of the Munchkins.'

Tom looked at Leo, "We could do that?"

Leo grinned, "Might not be much left when we got back."


Neal waited at his door until Patty left Monty's room. Then he carried his large gift down to his brother. He knocked and Monty opened the door.

"Oh Neal, I thought it might be Patty coming back."

"Sorry to disappoint you, bro."

"So come in." Monty stood back so Neal could enter.

Jack who was already curled up on the end of the bed sighed at Neal and closed his eyes.

As Neal turned to hand Monty the present he spotted the different lubes lined up on Monty's desk. His face fell. "Ah, never mind, Monty. I'm sorry I thought it would be funny and I guess everyone else did too."

"What? Did you get me a whole case of lube?"

Neal blushed.

"No shit?" Monty grabbed the present and tore it open and started laughing, "Now this is funny; a case of KY!" He was laughing so hard he almost dropped the box. "Oh, wait, Neal. You didn't change labels with Ben Gay did you?"

Neal laughed too, "I thought of that, but decided your thing had been through enough."

The two brothers hugged and Neal returned to his room still laughing.

Tom and Leo stopped by Monty's room after checking on everyone else. Monty was in bed almost asleep when they came in.

"Hi Dad and Daddy Doc." Monty said in a sleepy voice. Tom sat on the bed and Leo sat in the chair next to the bed.

"We need to have a talk, Son." Tom began.

Monty felt a whole flock of butterflies erupt into his stomach. He looked back and forth between his two Dads and nodded his head.

Leo cleared his voice then began, "We are not here to tell you what to do. We know if we forbid something, you may well then want to do it more and will find a way, time and place to do it."

Monty felt like his world was suddenly closing in on him. "Ah, ah..."

Tom patted Monty's knee. "We understand the position you are in and we want to support you if we can. To be honest we would like for you to do the right thing and would like to help you do that."

Monty looked back and forth between the two men. They knew what Patty wanted to do. "Jeez, Dads, You know."

Tom and Leo chuckled then Leo said, "There is the Dr. Patient confidentiality thing here, you know."

Monty took a couple of deep breaths and a tear ran down his cheek. "I don't know how to handle all this."

Tom changed position so he could hug and hold Monty. "We're not sure either, so maybe together we can figure something out."

Monty nodded.

Daddy Doc leaned over and handed Monty a tube of Astro Glide. "Now that something has had time to heal try using this."

Monty looked at the tube and began giggling. The adults gave him a concerned look and he just pointed at his desk and roared in laughter when they saw all the different lubes there.

Tom got up and went to examine the plethora of examples. He checked out the oils and looked at Monty.


Then he saw the condoms and Patty's card was still with them. Tom didn't make a big deal right that second, but continued trying to guess who gave him what. "Hey Leo. Somebody gave him some 'Slick Willie'."

"Let us know how that works." Daddy Doc said.

Tom came back to the bed. "Monty, please, think about just what you think should be happening between you and Patty. We will have another talk and include her and her parents and another couple that are in a very similar situation. I think we can do it tomorrow before more company arrives. Good night, Son, we love you."

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