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Chapter 18

Dang Yoo woke up at his usual time, six thirty. He lifted his head off his desk and blinked at his screen saver. That was such a strange dream, and now his neck and back were sore from sleeping bent over the desk. He tried to remember some of the things that were included in the dream. There was that 'special needs' bedroom, elevators, huge suite for the twins, offices, dual kitchen, pool in the basement, and the master bedroom suite, with nursery.

He stretched and went to get up and glanced at his blueprint printer, there was a stack of blueprints there. He crossed the room and picked up the plans. "Man, these are perfect."

'Thank you.'

Dang Yoo jumped, dropping the blueprints. "Who?"

'No, he's on first, I'm 'Philip'.'

"I wasn't dreaming?" Dang said in wonder.

'Not until your head hit the desk. You give those a look and ask me any questions. I'm making sure Samuel will be free to begin construction next week.' Philip informed Dang.

"Next week? No way can I get everything done by then."

'If Ty Pennington can do a complete makeover in one week, we can certainly get started in one week. Do you think we need the crew from 'This Old House'?'

"You are kidding, right? There is no old house. I need coffee; I'm talking to my computer like it understands me." Dang moved to get up but before he got out of the chair...

'Actually, you are talking to me through your computer. I am 'Philip', an AI, living in the Haven Enterprises Mainframe Computer. I am based on the 'James' Technology from Watkins Enterprises in England. My personality and memories are of the late Philip Richards, who was the biological father of the twins.'

Dang shook his head, "You stay right there, I'm going to brew some coffee."

In the kitchen Dang called Lee's cell phone. On the third ring, a sleepy voiced Lee answered. "Lee, Dang Yoo, what's with this 'Philip' character?"

"Huh? 'Philip'?" Lee muttered.

In the background, 'Yes?'

Lee covered the phone, "You been bothering Mr. Wong?"

'It was no bother at all.'

"Bad boy, 'Philip', Bad boy." Lee uncovered the phone, "Dang, I'm sorry, I never thought he would do something like that."

"So, he is real?" Dang asked.

"Oh, yeah, and quite used to getting his own way. I hope he hasn't messed up anything." Lee apologized.

"As a matter of fact, he did a really nice job. I don't understand one room he was very insistent about, and he added a few extra bedrooms, a nursery off the master bedroom suite and an entire third floor." Dang explained.

"Nursery!?!" Lee nearly screamed into the phone.

"Bye, Lee, I'll bring the plans by later." Dang hung up, poured a cup of coffee and went back to review the plans with his new assistant.

Linda, snuggled up to Lee, "Hmmm, after last night, I think a nursery is an excellent idea."

Lee's thoughts were soon on other things and the likelihood of needing that nursery increased.


After breakfast, Mitch and Travis went off with the guest twins. Martha and Nick went off to the mall, Lee and Linda went into the family room to wait for Dang Yoo, and Jimmy and Andy went off to the library to be alone.

Jimmy checked quickly to be sure they were alone. "So what did you want to talk about?"

"Jimmy, I get so distracted when we're in bed and I thought maybe we need to talk when we aren't like doing it, you know?" Andy managed to get out.

"Sure Andy, Yeah, when we're doing stuff talking ain't what I want to do. So what'cha want to talk about?"

"Well, I kinda want to tell you some things and see what you think."

"Okay, Andy, I'm listening."

"Well, first I want to say that I'm really liking the stuff we do. I like making you feel good and of course I really like you making me feel good too. I, ah, I'm probably saying this all wrong; I like it better with you than anybody. I did some stuff with the guys... like before, and it was exciting and felt kind of naughty and I worried a lot about it, like guilty... that what I was doing was wrong. With you, it's so different. After talking with our Dads, it's like, well, like it's supposed to be. I don't have that guilty kind of feeling after or when I think about it." Andy took a deep breath. "Did that make any sense?"

Jimmy nodded and whispered in awe, "Yeah, Andy, I love you too. I think I'm IN love with you. It's more than the love I feel for Neal or the others. I did stuff before to get food to live. I learned to make men have pleasure; I did what I had to do. Some of it was fun and I liked doing it. Like blow jobs, I liked the feelings and taste, but what I really liked was that I felt like for those few minutes, I had power, I was in control. It's not like that with you. What I like about doing it with you is giving you the pleasure, I love giving you the feelings, of surrendering the power to you."

The boys hugged for a while. Jimmy then said, "I used to think I needed to have you do it to me, but it's different now. I was feeling a need to have that but now, well, I'd like to do it with you. I'll enjoy giving you the pleasure, but for the first time, I don't feel like I have to. Crazy, huh?"


While waiting for Dang Yoo, Lee and Linda talked more with John and Becky about the program John had started. "I hope when I retire, I can do this kind of thing but include the homeless kids. There are so many of them and they end up in Juvenile Facilities because eventually they have to break the law to survive, and there they learn how to be criminals. There should be a way to help them rebuild their lives from the ashes."

"Ah, the Phoenix. That's kind of what Tom has done. He has literally rescued each of the boys and girls here. Luckily, our local judge is understanding and will support what he is doing. I mean a gay man adopting boys would never happen most places." Linda said.

"Yeah, money talks," Becky commented.

"Oh, no, it's not that. You see, I have pictures of the Judge naked." Linda stated, matter of factly. She broke out laughing at their shocked expressions. "He's my brother. I've got those cute baby bath pictures of him and I don't let him forget it."

John and Becky sighed with relief then joined the laughter.

Linda considered for a moment then said, "When you do retire, let me know. I sure could use a program like that, and I think I know someone who will support it financially."

Dang Yoo arrived a little later and had a tube full of the drawings 'Philip' had done. They decided to use the library and were just in time to see a grinning Andy and Jimmy leaving.

Lee kept saying the place was too big. Dang said he had tried to cut it back but couldn't. Linda really liked some of the features, and told Lee she liked it, if they could afford it.

"I was told in no uncertain terms to do it this way for the twins. I think the rest of you are just along for the ride." Dang told them.

"'Philip'? Is that your work?" Lee growled.

'They are my boys, and they need to have the best of everything.'

"Now you listen to me 'Philip', You may have been their biological father, but we are now their parents. You need to clear these things with us first. I will not have two spoiled brats in my home. Is that perfectly clear." Linda's no nonsense tone defied contradiction.

Sheepishly the reply, 'Yes, Ma'am.' was heard in the room.

Dang looked around.

Lee chuckled, It takes some getting used to 'Philip', he can be a bit disconcerting in the beginning. He has a weird sense of humor and will often just do exactly what you ask, not what you meant at all."

"Disconcerting? Now there is an understatement if I ever heard one." Dang said.

"So when do you think we can get the building permits and get started," Lee asked.

'Philip' replied, 'I have taken the liberty to submit the plans and approval should be completed later today. The surveyor will be on site tomorrow to lay out the new foundation. I would recommend that a work party be organized to move the contents of the basement to the barn, and then to sort through it and keep or dispose of as the case may be.'

Dang shuddered, "Lee old friend, that is creepy."

"Better get used to it. He will be a close partner until this project is completed." Lee consoled his old friend.

'Mr. Wong, I will hardly be any trouble at all.'

"As long as I don't argue with you."

'Of course.'

Later at lunch, Lee asked for volunteers to go help clear the basement. He was surprised that so many offered. Mitch and Travis wanted to go, but decided to stay with the other twins, It seemed that Travis was worried about something. So after eating, those going changed into work clothes and headed over to Lee's place.

Andy's Scout leadership training really paid off as he organized work parties. He had Lee in the basement to direct clearing things out. Adam and Todd were with him. Linda was in the barn to sort and store what was brought in. David, Tym and Moe were her helpers. Monty, Patty and Andy were transportation back and forth. Andy had a flatbed trailer behind the small tractor and drove back and forth with loads.

They worked hard and by dusk they had emptied about half the basement. They agreed that they should be able to complete the task tomorrow.

They got home in time to shower before dinner. After dinner Andy asked to talk to Lee alone. "So, you and Jimmy have a problem?"

"No, Dad, as a matter of fact we are doing really well right now. It's Donny, one of the twins. He has a real attitude problem. I think there is something going on, and I'm afraid it's going to blow up real soon. I caught him jacking this morning and he weirded out, then he's made a couple of comments about things being 'gay'. If he's a homophobe, we could have trouble. I'm worried that Mitch and Travis are sticking close to them and I don't want them caught in the middle. They're my brothers, and I want to protect them from harm."

"Well, Andy, We'll keep an eye on things. I think your brothers have pretty good heads on their shoulders, so just be ready to help if they ask."

"Okay, Dad, I'll be watching."

"Thanks son. I'll keep an eye open too."


Linda and Lee spent the evening looking at the blueprints. Lee wondered aloud, "This room here puzzles me. What in the world is all this special equipment? It kind of reminds me of the Physical Rehab. Room at the hospital I used after my back injury."

"Maybe 'Philip' thought you might need it again."

"But it is small, like for a kid." Lee scratched his head. "'Philip'? Do you know something we don't?"


Linda and Lee waited for more information which didn't follow. Linda in her sweetest voice, "Are you going to tell us?"


"Well, that certainly worked out well." Lee giggled and got an elbow in the ribs.


By the time they got up next morning, John and Becky Gregory had departed to take Dee back to school, leaving the twins to visit with Neal and the others at Haven. Everyone was, as usual, gathered for breakfast. Linda and Lee weren't really paying much attention to what was going on until one of the Gregory twins exploded at Todd and Adam.

"Oh my God, you two are acting like fagots! Holding hands like boyfriends!"

Silence fell.

The other twin elbowed his brother, then in a low voice said, "Donny, cool it. We're guests, and that was just rude."

"What? Are you a fag, too?" Donny said snidely, then stood knocking over his chair and stormed out of the dining room.

"Gee, that went well." Travis said to the silent room.

"Hey Danny, I think your brother might be just a tiny bit homophobic." Neal said.

Danny burst into tears.

Patrick quickly went to Danny and gave him a shoulder to cry on. "Smooth move, Neal. Danny's gay."

"Well, damn, how was I supposed to know?" Neal said.

Daddy Doc said to Tom, "We need to get that boy's Gaydar fixed."

Tom rolled his eyes, "You handle things here, I think I'd better go find our guest, and have a little talk." Tom got up and left the room.

Travis followed a little ways behind, while everyone else was focused on Danny.

Todd said, "Well, we weren't acting gay, for Pete's sake, we are gay."

"Is this like that School Board guy?" Moe asked.

"No, he was a jerk and had nothing to base his opinion on. Donny is coming from somewhere else." Neal said.

"What are we going to do? I don't like anybody picking on my brothers." David said.

Linda cleared her throat, "Boys, I've seen a lot of cases with abused kids, and if I'm not mistaken, and I don't think I am, we have one here. I would recommend that you don't push things with Donny, but give us some time to work things out with him. Danny, are you alright?"

"I guess...it really hurts, you know?"

"Come on sweetheart; let's go talk in private, okay?" Linda asked holding out her hand. Danny got up but didn't release his hold on Patrick.

Soon Linda and the two boys were sitting in the family room; Linda was in a chair facing the boys who were on the sofa close together. Patrick was holding Danny and offering what comfort he could.

"So, Danny, what is going on? Do you have any ideas?"

"No, ma'am, I mean, I don't KNOW what happened. He's been like... weird since like the summer before last. Then one morning we woke up and he was cuddled behind me and...well, he went weird and insisted that day that we get rid of the double bed and get twin beds. He stopped hugging me and wouldn't talk about it. I haven't figured out what I did wrong." Danny said through tears. "I'm afraid he hates me."

Patrick hugged Danny and held him while he cried. When he had regained control, Linda said, "In all likelihood, son, you didn't do anything wrong. I've found that in these cases it is usually something from outside the relationship that has happened. Can you think of anything that happened or was different about that time?"

Danny concentrated then began, "When school got out, we started going with Dad to the 'Center' and that weirdo cop wanted to be with Donny all the time. He stayed away from me, for some reason, which I thought was strange...and then Donny started freaking with the whole gay thing...I think I'm gay, and he says this stuff and well, it's like he's hitting me in the stomach each time...and well, I love him so much and yet I'm also starting to hate him, too." Danny was in tears with huge sobs. Patrick was hugging him and Linda moved to sit on Danny's other side. She wrapped her arms around both boys and let them cry and get the emotions out.

When Danny had recovered somewhat, Linda began softly, "First, Danny, try to remember that you LOVE your brother, and hate his actions. Do not get that confused, what ever you do. Hate is a very dangerous emotion, When you hate a person, that hate will hurt you more than the person you direct it at. Your whole being becomes consumed by the hate that you feel and all rational thought fades into the background. That is how prejudice gets started. I am sure there is more to this than we know, and I think we need to be ready to hear Donny out. I'll bet he really loves you and all this is his way of protecting you from whatever it is. He is wrong, because it is actually hurting you, but we need to help him see that and to help him deal with the real problem."

Danny liked the idea of helping Donny and after recovering for a couple of minutes, he and Patrick went off to look for the others. Linda found Lee in their room, dressing to go back to the house site. "Well, Love, I will get ready too, right after I give Lisa a call. She's got her regular visit tomorrow and I think she'd better be ready to deal with Donny."

"Great idea, Honey. He sure seems to be touchy. I'm surprised, since his Dad wasn't all upset about Tom and Leo. I mean they didn't make a big deal of it, but they were holding hands last night and I'm sure John saw. The whole thing is weird." Lee said, pulling on his boots and lacing them up.

Soon there was a nice sized work detail at the fire site. Linda and Martha were in the barn, again, sorting and classifying the things being carried in. Nick and Lee were down in the basement handing things up to the waiting kids.

Nick was fascinated by a bunch of metal cases in one area. Most were locked and they were quite heavy. "Lee, any idea what is in these?"

"Grandpa said those were his treasure. I have no idea just what was in them. I wonder if the fire ruined whatever he put in those." Lee commented.

Nick picked up the top box and inspected it, "No I don't think so, this one looks just fine. Man, combination locks, I can't use my lock picks on those. I wonder how much a locksmith will cost?" Nick said.

"Mr. Harris? Can I try?" Adam was there in his Darth outfit.

"Sure, just don't use the 'darkside'." Lee handed the box up to Adam.

Adam giggled and turned away from the sun, and sat on a box which was sitting there. He took the helmet off and held the box up to his ear and turned the dial a few times and the latch released. "Here you go."

Nick accepted the box, "That was downright amazing. I may use this kid in the future."

"I don't work cheap." Adam stated, laughing as he put the helmet back on and adjusted the visor.

The adults laughed and then Lee opened the box. Adam looking down said, "Hey, cool, old books."

Lee picked one up carefully, "Oh my God, Poor Richards Almanack, If I'm not mistaken these are the real deal." {Note to editors: Franklin spelled it with the k.} (Note from one editor: Okay I won't change it.)[Me neither]

"Lee, I can't even guess how much that is worth. That box is full of them. Put that back in there. We need to get these to a safe place. Considering all the heat in that fire, I'm amazed that as much stuff survived down here as it did." Nick was nearly breathless.

"Grandpa loved Franklin and talked about him a lot. I had no idea he collected anything, much less the original printings of 'The Almanack'." Lee carefully replaced the old almanac and closed the lid of the box. "I think we should load these locked boxes in the van and take them back to Haven. Then we can open them and see exactly what we have."

By the time they had all the boxes out of the cellar, it was obvious that they were not going to get them all in the van. Nick suggested they call Samuel and see if he could run over with his pickup and help out. Lee agreed and called Haven for Samuel's number. 'Philip' answered and forwarded the call.

"Hi, Samuel, this is Lee Harris."

"Fine thanks, listen, I was wondering if you could come over and help us transport some boxes from here to Haven. If you could possibly come now, we could probably get done and be back in time for lunch."

"Good, I'll see you...now? You are turning in here...How???"

Samuel pulled up next to the stack of metal boxes. He jumped down and shook Lee's hand. "I just couldn't resist. I got a call from the surveyor this morning and he wanted to come and start laying out the foundation today. I figured that would let my crew start digging and putting in the forms tomorrow and we could get the concrete poured as soon as we get a decently warm day."

"Ah Samuel, isn't this moving kind of fast?" Lee asked.

"Haven Enterprises moves mountains to provide for its own, and you guys qualify. Besides 'Philip' has let it be known that each subcontractor is being evaluated for suitability on the new school project and another project he isn't telling anyone about." Samuel looked towards the road as a blue truck pulled in the drive and the surveying crew got out of the stretch cab. "You guys load up the truck, I need to talk to these guys." Samuel went over to the surveyors and Lee, Nick, Adam and Todd began loading the truck.

By ten o'clock, they were all done and headed back to Haven. They left word for Samuel to have the boxes unloaded in the stable until they could find a good place to work with them.


Todd and Adam went to their room to clean up, and Donny and Travis were waiting for them. Adam tensed up and Todd got ready to fight. Travis spoke first, "Hey guys, Donny has a few things to say, and we'd like you to give him a chance, okay? Please?"

Adam nodded and looked at Donny. Donny, for his part, looked terrified, He felt like he was facing Han Solo and Darth Vader. "Ah, Darth, ah, I mean Adam and Todd, I'm sorry."

Adam took off his helmet and walked over to the closet and put it on the shelf, then he turned as he removed the black gloves, "For what, Donny? Just what are you sorry for?"

Travis intervened, "Adam...."

"No, Travis, Donny went off on us for no reason, and I want to know just what he is sorry for." Adam replied.

Donny put a hand on Travis so he wouldn't respond. "It's okay Travis, I deserve that. Adam, I'm sorry for everything. I've had this guy making me do stuff, and figured I had to be a faggot and well, I guess I just lost it. Mr. Richards says I didn't do nothing wrong, but what I said to you was."

Adam crossed the room and held out his hand, "Friends?"

Donny looked at Adam's pale hand, "You sure you want to be friends with a fag?"

Todd joined them, "Man, are you nuts? He's my boyfriend, he'd better like them."

"Yo...yo...your boyfriend...you mean you...oh man." Donny sagged in defeat. "Shit."

Adam gave Donny a hug. "It's okay, Donny. The only thing I'm upset about is you using the word faggot. It's not nice. Gay is better."

Donny was hugging Adam back and sobbing, "Oh man. Can you forgive me? I really have screwed up."

Todd patted his back, "Yeah, we forgive you. You need to work all this stuff out. You should talk to Dr. Lisa when she comes tomorrow. She is really good at listening, and can help you figure out what you need to do and stuff."

Adam released Donny and his stomach growled. "Hey, it's time for lunch. He made a dash for the door followed closely by the other three who were laughing and poking each other all the way to the dining room.

Donny apologized to everyone at lunch, and tried to catch Danny but he was slowed down by so many thanking him for the apology that Danny was gone. Donny told Travis he needed some time to think, and he retreated to his room.

Tom, Leo, Martha, Nick, Lee and Linda all gathered in the family room. Lee explained what he had found, and the number of boxes there were. He asked Tom if there was any area he could use to investigate the contents of the boxes. They decided that a couple of rooms on the second floor would be best, that way the kids wouldn't get into things once school began. Nick was concerned about the possible value of the things in the boxes until 'Philip' offered to maintain an upgraded security zone to protect the items.

So the afternoon was spent rearranging the rooms and then carrying the cases up and stacking them in one room. Adam spent the time in the library with his laptop, searching for information on preserving old books and documents. 'Philip' offered to help, but Adam said he wanted to do this himself. 'Philip' monitored his work to be sure he was doing what he was supposed to.

By dinner time, all the cases had been secured in the room, and Adam had ordered a bunch of supplies for the preservation of the things in the boxes. Dinner itself was pretty subdued. It was like everyone was waiting for another explosion. Danny sat as far away from Donny as he could. When dinner was over, the boys disappeared in different directions.

After dinner, Samuel came to see Lee and Linda. "The site is all marked and will be ready to start construction. The concrete company has contacted me with a plan to be able to pour even in freezing temperatures. It is new technology and they want to try it out. They will do it here at no charge and guarantee to redo it at no additional charge if it doesn't work. I told them I would check with you."

Lee looked puzzled, "I thought it had to be at least forty degrees for the concrete to set. How do they get around that?"

"Pretty clever actually, they insulate the forms with foam, and then use heated sand in the bottom and heated mix. The whole thing is set before it cools. The theory is sound, but I've never seen it used before."

Linda asked, "If it doesn't work, what do we lose?"

"Well, Ma'am, if it doesn't set, then we have to clear it out of the forms and repour when it warms up. If it works, we could have your house built in less than a month. If it doesn't work, we probably won't be able to get started until March."

Lee said, "Well then that makes it pretty much a no-brainer. Give them the okay."

"Great, I'll get my crew on it tomorrow. The foundation isn't a problem but the pool in the basement will take some real digging. Oh, how do you want the entrance to the shelter handled? We can install a vault door like the one that was there, or go with a more standard door, maybe a steel door." Samuel asked.

Lee considered "I'm really not sure on that. Check with Dang Yoo and see what he thinks. I don't think a vault door is required. I also will want to look into some remodeling in the shelter. If I remember correctly, there wasn't a bathroom in there, and I think that might be a good addition. There isn't a rush on that, since it is crammed full of stuff right now. Also the ventilation system in there needs to be overhauled if not replaced completely."

"Okay, that sounds reasonable. Since that is separate from the main house, we can work on it independently from the other. I'm really excited about this project. Truth be told, I hope all this works so we can start on the school ASAP." Samuel said.

"What school?" Lee and Linda said together.

At that point, as if on cue, Tom and Leo entered the room. "The Haven Academy, of course. As a matter of fact, I'm looking for a principal. I need a person who cares for kids, has a background in Classroom and Home Schooling, who will be available to work with 'Philip' and me without freaking out about a computer having a say in the education process, someone who can think outside the box and will work to insure they, the students, will get the best education in the country, or the world, for that matter." Tom said.

Lee noticed that everyone was looking at him, "Me?!?"

"The job is yours, if you'll have it." Tom said.

Lee looked at Linda, "I don't know what to say. What do you think?"

Linda met his gaze, "Well...You always wanted a job like that, you are completely qualified for it and there isn't another person who could do the job half as well as you can. So say 'Yes' dufus."

"Yes, dufus." He giggled. Everyone laughed.

Tom shook Lee's hand. "Welcome aboard, dufus. Your first job will be working with the architect, Dang Yoo Wong, on the design. We have the site all selected, right across the road from the current school complex. We will have a bigger and much better system, and I'm hoping to be the first Private School to shut down a County School System. We can concentrate on the kids and not all this Federal mind bogglingly stupid crap that the public schools have to put up with just to keep their funding. They can't pull out funding from us because they aren't giving us any. It will be an interesting few years. I personally think you are just the man to lead the charge."

Linda hugged Lee, "I do too."


At bed time, Andy and Jimmy were cuddled together. Jimmy sighed, "I feel sorry for Donny. He has really had a tough time. He has been keeping the secret for a long time and it has really hurt his and Danny's relationship. I hope they can make up."

Andy replied, "Yeah, they need to work things out. I think they still love each other and now that this is out in the open, they can deal with it. I'm going to try to talk to Donny again tomorrow. I think he might be thinking about suicide, and I want to straighten him out on that. I've been there and maybe that will help."

"You were going to kill yourself?" Jimmy asked, fear in his voice.

"Yeah, back in rehab. I was trying to figure out how to do it that day that Dad had all the Scouts come and visit. That made me think about all those I would leave behind. I really had some soul searching to do and those visits saved me. Later, I found a poem on the same site as 'Goos' it's called 'The Ones You Left Behind' by The Story Lover.

The Ones You Left Behind

©2004 - 2007 By The Story Lover

All Rights Reserved


You thought you were doing the right thing

You thought things couldn't get better

You thought no one cared

You were wrong many people cared

People you knew, people you hadn't met and people who weren't even born yet.

You thought no one would miss you

You thought you hadn't made a difference

You were wrong you will be missed

Your smirking smiles, the sparkle in your eye

The grin you thought no one could see

You will be missed by the son, the daughter you never had

The son or daughter who asks Mommy can Daddy see my poem?

Daddy, can Uncle or Aunt see me play?

The child on the street who lived for your smile

The parents whose lives now have a hole in it that may never fill

The Boyfriend or Girlfriend you will never meet

These people care and many more

The help is there just ask for it

The help may take some time but it will come

The friend you need may be on their way.

Just reach out for help it will come.

You made a difference to many lives you just couldn't see

Sometimes we are too blind to see those who need our help.

Just give us a chance reach out your hand,

Help will be there it may be slow, but give us a chance

The ones you left behind send you their love

The ones you left behind will shed many a tear

The ones you left behind will ne'er forget

Remember someone always cares they may be near or far but someone cares.

So remember before you go, think of the ones you leave behind!

Andy recited the poem from memory and he and Jimmy cried themselves to sleep.

Authors Notes:

Whew! That poem, it is extremely powerful and will tear you up every time. It was reprinted here by permission of the author (As a matter of fact he put it there.)

Now Lee has been busy, and has found some treasure in his basement, I wonder what is in all those other locked boxes. Maybe we will find out in the next chapter, or maybe I'll be evil and make you wait for awhile. Of course, there is that weird number in Travis's book too. Oh wait that's another story, so we won't get into that. I think Lee will be a great principal, and having the new private school right across from the public school will be very interesting. {Note To Self: Don't piss off Tom and 'Philip'}

Thanks again to Cracker Writer for the use of 'James' and Watkins enterprises. Maybe 'Philip' should meet his brother 'James' sometime. If you are interested in 'James' he is in 'Love At First Bite' (a chef not a vampire, by the way.) on www.crackerwriter.us

Well I hope you enjoyed this chapter, let me know how you liked it.


P.S. - TSL made me write this: The above quoted concrete method is totally fictional. I.E. It is a figment of my wild imagination please do not try this at home.

Editor's Notes:

Well, we certainly have some interesting things to think about in this chapter, don't we? If you are reading Haven, you may have already seen some of the situations that have arisen. Danny and Donny still have a few issues to work out, but somehow I am sure their love for each other will help them find a way to overcome all the hurt. There will be plenty of help if they still have problems, and I am sure things will be fine eventually. That so called policeman that hurt Donny needs to have a taste of his own medicine. I have a feeling, though, that he might just have to taste something a little less pleasing than what he might think. There just might be something else that he will like even less than what he will have to taste. We will probably see in the near future. I think that the things that were found in Lee's basement are going to be pretty darn interesting. What with finding those valuable Alminacks that maybe Lee will have a real Franklin Mint, so to speak. I hope that Str8mayb didn't intend to use that line in the story. I just couldn't help say that.

Keep watching for more adventures. I already know there are more stories in Str8mayb's head, and some of them are at least in part in a computer or two. You really do need to encourage him to continue writing.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher

Fort Chief Editor's Notes:

The Haven Magic strikes again by proving that Unconditional Love can heal many wounds. Danny and Donny still have a long way to go but they are on the right track. It is going to be interesting to see how Dang Yoo and 'Phillip' continue to get along. Has 'Phillip' met his match in Linda or has Linda met her match in 'Phillip' only time will tell.

On the issue of Teen Suicide and specifically Gay Teen Suicide unfortunately this is a major issue that everyone needs to be aware of. Teen Suicides seem to be on the rise for many reasons and according to the information I have seen GBLT's have a suicide rate of Two to Four times higher than other teens. Remember all teens need a loving and caring environment during those crucial years.

I wrote my poem "The Ones You Left Behind" after hearing about a young acquaintance of mine who almost committed suicide when his lover was almost killed by his lover's sperm donor. It was an attempt to open people's eyes about the damage suicide does to those left behind. If this poem can stop one suicide then I will be very glad.

The Story Lover