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Authors Note: Things have been pretty busy for me and writing has had to take a backseat for awhile. I am giving just a quick synopsis of events that have taken place in Haven2 Chapters 21-23 and in The Last Phoenix Chapters 1-8. You can find these stories on to catch up on more detail.

Chapter 21

Wednesday morning, Lee woke up eager to get the day started. The past ten days had been more like a dream than reality. His foster sons had become the owners of several large real estate holdings, one of which being the place where Travis had been held and mistreated. Another property they had acquired was local and was plenty big enough to relocate all the boys who were still living there to here. They had gone and rescued the boys and returned here to Haven, just in time for all the kids to be subpoenaed to appear in court yesterday. Luckily, the trial went quite well, was rather amusing and had entertained the boys quite well. Now that all that was done, he had a couple of days to get back to his business.

Linda grumbled when he got up and cheerfully said, "Good morning, Love."

He showered, shaved and dressed and was ready for the day. He was just finishing his first cup of coffee when others began filing into the banquet room. He noted that the Phoenix boys came into the room in their groups, or Squads, went quietly through the line and then sat quietly and ate. He felt relieved when his boys and the Richards boys arrived and there was more noise than just the sound of silverware on plates.

When everyone had finished eating, Lee stood up, and when he had the attention of all, he began, "Today, we are going to go back to school. Now, for those of you who are new here, we will need to place you in the correct classes. Some of you may feel a bit out of place at first, because you have been out of school for a long time. Try and bear with us, as we get it all worked out. We will periodically retest, and as you catch up you will be moved to a more advanced class."

Jason said, "What are you, the principal or something?"

The Haven youths shouted out, "DUH!! Yeah!!"

"Oh sorry," Jason said, meekly, and blushed.

There were the expected murmurs. Lee then continued, "I've watched all of you this past week, and I must say that you are all very smart and have been through a bit of Hell. Just because you may be behind in reading or math skills doesn't mean you are stupid or anything other than that you have been prevented from learning. Our job, now, is to get you caught up. So let's see all you new students back here in ten minutes with a couple of sharp pencils and we'll get you started. Mitch, could you wait here, please."

In less than the ten minutes all the Phoenix Boys were back. Lee called the six boys who were four and five years old and had Mitch take them to the Pre-School/Kindergarten. The rest, he had take test booklets and told them to answer as many of the questions as they could. The questions would go from easy to hard, so when you got stumped, just go on to the next section.

As the boys finished, Lee took their booklets and told them to go back to their squads until lunch time. The older boys were the last to finish up. At lunch, Lee told Linda, "Dear, this afternoon I'm going to go by the house and maybe the school site. Would you like to come with me?"

Linda replied, "Yes, I'd love to, sweetheart, but there is still too much paperwork for me to get done. Maybe this weekend we can go as a family."

"That would be great. Okay, I'll tell you all about it tonight." Lee gave Linda a quick kiss, which got hoots from the room full of boys. Soon Lee was on the road to his old house site.

When he arrived, the workmen were just returning from lunch. He went and checked the barn and everything in there was just as he had left it. As he approached the work site, Samuel spotted him. "Hi, Boss, good to have you back."

"Wow, this is a whole lot further along than I even dreamed it would be." Lee said.

"Hey, I'm just trying to keep up with the subcontractors. They know that if they do a good job and finish on time or early, they get to work on the school project. So far, we are about two weeks ahead of schedule, which ain't a bit bad, for only being on the job for a week." Samuel was grinning from ear to ear.

"Um, If it's not too late, I was thinking we might need a bigger garage. We will be adding a Handicap Van and have another driver, and of course, Nick and Martha." Lee said sheepishly.

"Got that covered. Dang was here this morning with a new improved plan. His partner, 'Philip', had redesigned the first floor and expanded the kitchen into the garage and has added a new garage behind the house with a connecting passageway to the house. The upstairs of the garage could easily be made into two efficiency apartments, or a nice two bedroom apartment." Samuel said.

"My poor friend. I'll have to speak to 'Philip' about being so pushy. Or maybe I'll let Linda have that pleasure." Lee grinned.

"Almost make me feel sorry for 'Philip', almost, but not quite." Samuel said, and they both laughed. "If the work keeps up at this pace, we could have you guys moving in, much earlier than we thought. It could be before the end of April."

"Wow, that would be super. What does that mean as far as the school facility goes?" Lee asked.

"Well, the concrete people will be finished here in less than a week, and will be ready to begin the foundations for the school complex. I'd like to meet with you and Dang to discuss the designs. It looks good to me, but as the new principal, we need your final approval. I know Dang had a few problems and would like you to verify the design for practicality and safety." Samuel said. "My interior crew is almost finished at The Phoenix House and it looks like the downstairs will be ready for occupancy, when they get done."

"I don't know how you are getting so much done so fast. When do you think the boys will be able to move into The Phoenix House?"

"My plan is to take them the catalog for Furniture Haven and let the boys order their furniture, and then this weekend, they can paint their rooms and probably move in by the end of next week." Samuel grinned again. "It's going to be fun watching those little guys with the paint."

"Personally, I think you're nuts to try that."

"Well, I think it will make them feel like they have done something to make the place theirs. I think a little spilled paint will be a minor thing compared to the results. My crew has volunteered their weekend to supervise." Samuel nodded, "They're good men, or they wouldn't be working for me."

"Maybe I should let my four work on their rooms." Lee thought aloud.

"Why not wait and see how it works out for Phoenix."

"Yeah, good idea. So, is there anything to see at the school site?"

"Not yet, really. We just have the initial survey, but someone has moved the flags so it isn't a true layout. I imagine with the site being right across from the Public School, it's kind or rubbing their nose in it, so to speak." Samuel shook his head.

"So, you mean someone is trying to sabotage the project?" Lee asked.

"Or it might just be kids messing around. 'Philip' has ordered an advanced high resolution low light and infrared surveillance camera system set up for the site, so he can keep an eye on things." Samuel said.

"Oh, I'd better let him know if it's kids, to let me handle it. He's just too grumpy to handle them. He'll scare the crap out of them, which would be the second option, but I would like to have the first crack at them. After all, they might end up attending the school and they shouldn't be too terrified, just a little terrified." Lee laughed, thinking about 'Philip' visiting some High School Jock at midnight, taking over his computer. Samuel was having a similar image and they laughed together.

Samuel then showed Lee around the site and Lee was very impressed with the basement, complete with the half size pool and hot tub. There was a new reinforced steel door to the shelter, on the far side of the basement. The elevator shaft was already started. It would go from here in the basement, all the way to the attic, five stories in all. There was also a state of the art fire fighting system and only 'Fire' Proof or Fire Retardant Materials were being used in the house. Even the framing was being done with steel 2X4s and the floor joists were steel as well. There was going to be a spiral ramp behind the elevator so that Lou or Lee could exit safely if all the power was out and they couldn't use the elevator, which was unlikely, since 'Philip' had insisted that they have a massive generator installed, for back up power. The floor plan was huge compared to the old house, and on top of that were two more stories. Of course, the first floor was mostly offices and the living room and kitchen.

"Samuel? You said 'Philip' enlarged the kitchen? I thought it was plenty big for Martha." Lee asked.

Samuel laughed, "Yeah, but it wasn't big enough for both Martha and Nick. Besides, he insisted on gas ovens and stove, and she wanted electric; they wanted different refrigerators and freezers, and totally different appliances. The original kitchen was designed for them both to use. The new kitchen is actually two kitchens and a breakfast 'nook' large enough to feed all of you plus some, quite comfortably. It's almost like 'Philip' is expecting a larger family."

"Now you are scaring me. I wonder what he knows, and what he just hopes for. Linda is late, and thinks she is pregnant."

"Lee, so soon, you just got married!"

"Yeah, well you know how it goes, and well, there is a chance she's a month and a half. We kind of got carried away and well..." Lee was red as a beet.

"My, my, my. The School Principal and CPS Director, tisk, tisk tisk."

"Jeez©, we're human."

"And horny, evidently."

"I waited for a long, long, time."

Samuel's eyes got big, "Jeez©, man, you deserved it. You should have had a little talk with Doc Leo."

Lee gave Samuel 'the look' and they both laughed.

Lee spent more time just wandering around and took an easy walk in the woods over the shelter. He found the ventilation shaft and made a mental note that they needed to update all the facilities down there. When the sun was nearing the horizon, he headed back to Haven and dinner. The inner boy would not be denied.

Something strange happened at dinner. Tom and Leo weren't there and Linda told Lee that it was something about a special guest, Fred {the lawyer not the Elf} had brought to dinner.[Guess who's coming to dinner?©]

After dinner, there was a meeting with all the kids present. Dr. Turnman and three of the Phoenix boys did an awesome presentation on HIV and AIDS. The youngest boy was born HIV+ and now he had AIDS, because the assholes at Juvy had simply stopped giving him his HAART drugs. Another boy from there had HIV and was warning them that it could have happened to each of the older boys too, and to be safe, they should all let Dr. Turnman test them and help them. The oldest one, Jason, who's mouth often ran faster than his brain, did a very nice job of telling the guys and girls (Patty and Genny were there too).[To read the rest of the meeting and find out what Jason said you will have to read "The Last Phoenix" Chapter Nine which may or may not be posted soon.]

When the meeting was over, it was as quiet as a morgue. Everyone left and went to their own rooms. Lee and Linda hadn't been in their room for very long when there was a knock on their door, it was Andy. "Mom, Dad, could you come down to Mitch, Travis and Lou's room. Travis is pretty upset, and we kind of need to talk."

Nothing like a kid asking his parents for help, to get them mobilized. Soon they were all in the room. Lou was on the bed between Travis and Mitch, Andy was sitting between Lee and Linda on Lou's bed.

Travis started off, "Um, so how many of the guys at Juvy are infected? Could we have stopped it sooner? What about the little guys? We're all pretty scared."

Linda replied, "Slow down, please. First of all, you guys are in no way responsible for what happened in that terrible place. I believe that 'Philip' acquired that place at the earliest possible time, and I don't see how we could possibly have acted any faster than we did. This situation had all already taken place and it is way beyond our control. As to how many are infected, we don't know yet. All the boys have now been tested, but the results are not back yet. As I understand it, it only is a concern for the boys who are ten and older. Travis, you were not abused in that way while you were there at juvy, but we do have concerns about the guys that were abusing you here. That School Board animal may have been a threat to you. I hope you got away before he was infected. But unfortunately, we don't know yet. So far, all the tests have been negative, which the doc says is a real good sign."

"Wait, you and Dad knew about this?" Travis accused.

Lee replied, "No, we didn't know anyone had been infected, but we knew there was that possibility with the way you had all been mistreated. We didn't think you needed to be worried by all this, unless there was a problem. Now, the situation with the Phoenix Boys is quite serious. We know there was AIDS present there, and we are very concerned that there may be more than those two, who are infected. Neither one of those boys is at fault, though, for being infected and I don't think if any others are positive that it is their fault either. We just need to be sure that everyone knows and can take the proper precautions."

Andy looked at his new parents, "Like condoms, you mean."

Linda blushed and Lee answered, "Yes, condoms help of course, but you need to understand that they are not 100% effective. A small hole is all it takes to let the virus through. Doing no sex stuff, of course, is the safest, but it is pretty unrealistic to expect that from you guys. So the next best thing is to teach you all the facts and how to best protect yourselves. Condoms are one of the tools to use."

Travis commented, "That doctor guy insisted everybody use a condom."

"Thank God for that," Linda said.

Mitch reached across Lou to hug Travis.

That seemed to end the discussion for the evening. And Lee, Linda and Andy returned to their rooms. Jimmy was waiting for Andy, "Where you been?"

"We kind of had a family meeting. Travis was worried because of what he had been through, and what we heard at the meeting." Andy said.

"Yeah, me too. All those men doing it to me, and they didn't always use a wrapper. Do you think I have AIDS, like Aaron?" Jimmy asked.

"I sure hope not. Look, I know Uncle Tommy and Daddy Doc have had you tested, so maybe we need to talk to them." Andy said.

"Would you come with me? I'm scared, Andy."

Andy gave Jimmy a big hug, and ignoring the butterflies in his stomach said, "Sure, let's go."

A few minutes later, they found Tom in the 'Game Room' watching a rerun. Jimmy sat down next to Tom and leaned into his side. "Daddy, ah, well, I'm scared."

Tom put his arm around Jimmy and felt how tense he was. He looked up at Andy who was standing there looking uncomfortable. "Andy, please sit. What ever is bothering Jimmy must be pretty serious? Can you help me out here a little?"

"Yeah, well, he's worried about AIDS. He knows all those men, like did him and didn't use protection and well after the AIDS talk tonight, he's scared. I am too, kinda."

Jimmy started sobbing and managed to get out, "Daddy, I don't want to die, now."

That stunned Tom and Andy, and caused tears to start for them too. Tom wrapped his arms around Jimmy and pulled his sobbing body onto his lap. "Whoa there, Son, who said anything about dieing?"

"If I gots AIDS..."

Tom sighed, "You don't, Love. Believe me, we've been checking. Each time Daddy Doc takes a blood test, he has it checked, just in case and so far no HIV. We checked that the first day you were here, and then again back in October. We have a very decent chance that you are fine. Also remember what Glenn said about being HIV+ and taking the drugs to help keep you from going into AIDS. So, you aren't even there. We just need you guys to be smart and to know how to protect yourselves and the ones you love."

Andy sighed in relief. "Uncle Tommy, I did some stuff with some friends and well one dude and I exchanged BJs. Should I be tested?"

"Was it the first time for both of you?" Tom asked.

"Yeah!!, I mean, it took us a while to figure out that you don't blow when you give a blow job, and we didn't shoot our stuff or anything." Andy confessed.

Jimmy giggled some, at Andy's confession.

Tom smiled at Andy, "No son, you are just fine. How old were you?"

"Ten, I think; it was on a backyard camp out. It was a neighbor friend and I. We did some stuff together, and I hated it when he moved away." Andy said.

"Daddy, if I want ta do stuff, do they got condoms for little guys like me?"

"You know kiddo, I don't know, but I'll sure find out for you. Have you shot stuff yet?"

"Jeez©, Dad, I'm only eleven, and I don't have no hair or nothin'."

"Hey, just checking. There are some, if Andy needs them."

Andy squeaked, "There are?"

Tom grinned, "Yeah, under the sink in the bathroom there is a box and in the storeroom where the toilet paper and clean towels and all are kept are a supply to replace the box. Daddy Doc and I make sure there are always plenty around."

Andy was red as a beet, "Wow, Uncle Tommy, you are really a kewl dude. Thanks."

Tom gave Jimmy a squeeze, "You okay now?"

"Uh huh, thanks Daddy."

"I'm sorry you got so scared, but I'm very thankful you knew you could come to me with the problem. Daddy Doc and I have decided that we need to be sure all you guys know this stuff and are not afraid because you don't know."

"I love you, Daddy." Jimmy gave Tom a kiss on the cheek then climbed down and took Andy's hand and they left the room.

Andy said as they walked back towards their rooms, "You better now?"

"I guess, Can I sleep in your room tonight?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah, I think that's a great idea."

They got ready for bed and Jimmy curled up next to Andy with his head on Andy's shoulder.

"Andy, how come I feel different with you?"

"Different? How different?"

"Well, It's like love, but it's different. I mean, I love my brothers, and Neal is real special, but it's different with you. I've done stuff with some of the guys and like we all love each other, but you... I love Dad and Daddy Doc but it's different," Jimmy tried to explain.

Andy's heart was beating faster, "I don't know how to explain this, Jimmy. I know exactly how you feel, 'cause I feel it too, about you. We are kind of just getting to know each other and all, but what we have between us is a special kind of love. I think it might even be like my Dad and Mom and Your Dad and Daddy Doc. It's kind of weird in some ways, because we are like really different in age now. I know five years is a long time right now, and it makes things difficult, when you get to be 18, then I'll be 23 and that doesn't sound so bad, and by the time you are out of college at 22, I'll be 27 and that's not bad at all. So these next few years are going to be tough, but if we really do want to make it work, I think we can."

Andy waited for a reply until he realized his life partner was sound asleep, he followed him into the dream world. {That can be dangerous with these guys.}


After the emotions of the evening, Lou, who didn't understand, but felt the strain, wanted to be comforted by his brothers. He was cuddled between Mitch and Travis. Travis whispered to Mitch, "Lou is so kewl. Did you see the drawing he made of Mom?"

"He did that? Wow, I thought one of the older Phoenix guys had done that and given it to him. It looks like a real artist did it." Mitch replied.

"Hey, our brother IS a real artist. He just never could show anybody before." Travis said.

"It's amazing, he's so talented, nobody has shown him how to do it; he just does. And have you noticed how fast he is picking up speech? I know we can kind of join with him and help, but he is so fast. I bet he's talking real good soon. Just today, I've gone from being Mih to Mith and you were Ta and just now, Tavs."

"Wow, bro I had missed that, but now that you mention it, you're right. I wonder how he got so smart. It ain't natural," Travis said.

A certain nosy computer began working on that idea and searching the records that had been recovered from one of Dummesel's labs.

Mitch yawned and said "Good night, Bro, I love you."

"Love you too." Travis replied, and lay there snuggled against Lou, as Mitch drifted off to dreamland.

After about half an hour, Travis slid out of bed, careful not to wake his sleeping brothers and retrieved his mysterious book. He turned on the light at the desk and again looked at the book. It was one of those fancy old books; it had a dark red leather cover, with gold print that was still bright, the print in the book was some foreign language. There, on page 392, was the series of numbers and letters. Finally, he looked again at the picture that was stuck in the book. He looked at the back of it, and realized there was writing in faded ink on the back. After studying it and holding it closer to the light, he took out a pencil, and slowly and carefully traced over the writing, when he then looked he was able to clearly read:

Tatiana Litvoskaya Brondnovich


May 28, 1932

Travis turned on his laptop, 'Philip' appeared. "Hey 'Philip'? Can you find out about people?" Travis whispered.

'Yes, I can.'

Travis typed in the name on the back of the picture, and the city and date. "I think she might be my grandmother or something. Let me know if you find out anything. Thanks, 'Philip'. Good night."

'Good night, little one. I'll check on it for you and let you know what I find out.'


Linda and Lee snuggled together in bed, Lee told her about the rapid progress at the house. Linda was excited, "So we might be there before the baby comes?"

"Samuel, was thinking it would be just a couple of months, the way things are going. The subcontractors are hustling their butts off, on our project to prove they are worthy of a piece of the School Project. I'm amazed at just how fast everything is falling into place." Lee said.

"I guess I'd better get an Ad in the journals, for a new case worker for the area." Linda said.

Lee hugged her, "Yeah, you'll need some help, especially when the baby comes."

"I need it sooner than that. I realized the other day that I can no longer be the case manager for our boys, conflict of interest. It's going to be hard to find someone out here who has the training for the job." Linda lamented.

After several seconds of silence, the TV in their room came on and words appeared on the screen.


Linda groaned and buried her head in her pillow. Lee laughed, "He's not going away, you know?"

She mumbled something that Lee couldn't understand.

"Go ahead, 'Philip'; you've ruined the mood anyway." That got Lee poked in the ribs.

'I just thought there was an obvious solution to the problem, right here.'

When he didn't continue, Linda sat up and glared at the TV, Finally she said, through gritted teeth, "And that would be?"

'Becky Gregory ... Good night.' the screen turned off.

Linda fell back flat on the bed. "God, I really hate it when he's right. She IS the perfect one, and we need someone to oversee the facility at The Phoenix House, and she, again, is the prefect one. I wonder if her state license is current?"

'YES', flashed up on the TV, then faded away.

"Thank you 'Philip, good night." Lee turned back to his wife, "Now where were we..."

Tom and Leo were absent again for breakfast. When Linda had finished her meal, she picked up the papers she had brought with her and went up to John and Becky's room. When she entered, they both were dressed and lying on the bed, doing exercises that the physical therapist at the hospital had recommended for them. When they saw her standing there, they stopped.

"Oh, please don't stop on my account," Linda said.

John smiled, "I'll stop on anyone's account. We were just finishing up anyway. What can we do for you this fine morning?"

"I want to offer your wonderful lovely wife a job." Linda began.

"Look out Becky, she's complimenting, already."

"Shut up, John, she's doing just fine. Now what kind of Job?"

Linda grinned, "I am going to need help. I need someone to cover some of the cases, and we need a case worker for the Phoenix boys. Since you will be with them almost 24/7, who better?"

"I suppose that makes sense, I just hate to have to do all that paperwork again."

"Well, we have the computer forms now, and 'Philip' can certainly help."

Behind Linda 'Shorty' appeared on the screen nodding yes and holding his finger to his lips, showing that he could do the forms, and not to tell Linda about him.

"Okay, so what cases did you have in mind, besides these forty-something?"

Linda looked very serious, "My sons, until Lee and I can officially adopt them."

"Ah yes, that could be a problem. But if John is the supervisor of The Phoenix House, wouldn't I be in Conflict of interest?" Becky asked.

"Not as long as we state the relationship in the contract and you understand I will be auditing quarterly." Linda said.

"That sounds reasonable. When do I start?" Becky asked.

Linda handed her the papers she was carrying. "As soon as you get all this filled out. I do have the records for each of the boys and the records from that place. I'll tell you now, though, those records from there are terrible. There is a lot of information missing on these guys that we need completed."

"You're making this sound like a full time job." Becky said, jokingly.

"Oh without a doubt. And in a few months, I may be out of commission for awhile." Linda told her new employee.

"Linda, are you telling me what I think you are? Does Lee know?" Becky asked.

"Yes, and Yes."

John looked at Linda, raised his eyebrow, "I sure hope the baby is overdue or these guys are going to give you and Lee a hard time."

Linda blushed and smiled, "Andy already is. Mitch and Travis haven't figured what it means, yet."

Becky took the papers over to the desk and began filling them out. Linda and John compared notes on their impressions of the boys. When Becky finally finished, Linda took the papers and left to go get then processed.

Author's notes:

There has been so much happening in the other stories that FIRE was kind of getting left behind, and so here is a bit to keep things going. I'm anxious to get everybody back where they belong, so I can move each story on where they need to go. Here in FIRE, we still have the mystery of Travis' book and there are some things about Lou, we are to discover, just a hint of how special he is, so far. Nick and Martha have some important challenges yet to come. Andy and Jimmy are going to have to deal with not seeing each other so much, when they move to their new home.

Also, soon there will be a new story, which right now I'm thinking of calling, 'The Troop', which will cover the Scout happenings, since all three stories will be in the same Scout Pack and Troop. That way, I can just refer to the story, and only have to write it once and not three times (And you only have to read it once or three times if you want.

So there is still lots of story to come, so, as always, let me know your thoughts.

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Goodness gracious, I think there were some really important things in this chapter, admittedly, some of them have been covered elsewhere, but there were definitely some things mentioned here, that were new. If nothing else, we found out some details that we didn't know before.

Thank goodness, it looks like the boys scraped by, so to speak, in terms of being infected with HIV and AIDS. It was really neat to see how well Lou is doing and learning. He is indeed, a very special person.

I want to make certain that you realize that you will be missing things if you don't read all the stories. Each story has some cross over information, of course, so you will find out some things by just reading one or two of them, but there is definitely information that only appears in a specific story. As an example, the details of what is happening with Travis' book. You will have to read FIRE to find that out. There will be details about the Haven people that will only be mentioned in Haven. I am pretty sure that there won't be any mention in Fire, of any of the goings on in Quest, for instance. {Until the boys find it on the Internet.}

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Fort Chief Editor's Notes:

Where to start that is the question or is it? Actually it is Soap Box Time again; I am sure that quite a few people out there who have their heads buried in the sand or in a bodily orifice are going to be scandalized by what has been said in this chapter and in "Haven" and "The Last Phoenix" well TOUGH!

Too many misguided individuals have the impression that 'Sex Education' is about teaching children and teenagers about SEX when that is not its objective at all! Far too many parents preach the opinion that 'Sex Education' belongs at home and in their hands and not at school. That is all fine and good if they will do the job; unfortunately too many parents refuse, for various reasons, to teach their children anything at all about Sex.

I do agree that as stated in this chapter that 'Abstinence' is the only true way to prevent Pregnancy and the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's), that isn't always going to happen. The failure to provide objective and fact filled education regarding Pregnancy and STD's leaves the young people of today to get their information elsewhere!

The information regarding the causes of Pregnancy and STD's flowing through the School Yards, Locker Rooms, Cafeterias and Coffee Shops is inadequate to say the least and woefully inaccurate at best! {Even accurate, up to date, information is hard to find on the Internet.} Many of the youth of today are living with many myths and misconceptions regarding these issues. Among some of the things they believe are the following: You can't get pregnant with all of your clothes on; You can't get pregnant if you are both virgins and one of the all time favourites; You can't get pregnant if the boy or girl keeps one foot on the ground.

Coupled with the lack of a good 'Sex Education Course' based on science and facts the myths and misconceptions only lead to unwanted Teen Pregnancies and STD's. If teenagers are properly armed with information on the causes and preventive measures along with abstinence there will be a lot less unwanted Teen Pregnancies and STD's. Okay I am climbing off my Soap Box now. {The author hands TSL a cold drink, that looks like iced tea with a sprig of mint, and a dark chocolate bar.}

It is very nice to see the way Lou is improving and the way all of the boys both new and old are pulling together into a wonderful family and helping to take care of each other.

Lee should let 'Philip' scare the beejeezus out of who ever is vandalizing the new school project. The Lee will find them far more amenable to work with after that.

I may take up a 'Pool' to see who is going to win 'Philip' or Linda any takers? {Lee, Mitch, Travis & Shorty for Linda: Neal, Tym, Adam and David for 'Philip': Tom, Leo and Str8mayb wisely say nothing.}

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