Chapter 5


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Chapter 5

In the middle of the night, I was shocked awake by the screams I had not heard in several weeks. There were also whines and yaps from a confused Ginger. Before I could get up, I was covered by a crying boy.

"Dad! We have to get to the hospital! He needs us there, NOW!"

"Okay, we'll call and see..."

"No, we have to go, he's in trouble and I need to be there, Dad. Please, hurry, come on."

I struggled out of bed and pulled on some clothes. "Mitch you have to get dressed."

"Oh, okay, sure." Mitch flew back to his room.

I finished dressing and brushed my teeth. When I came out, Martha was there too, straightening Mitch's clothes. "Well, come on, Lee, we need to get this young man to his brother."

I looked at my clock as we were leaving, 2:47, cripes! When we left the house, Max was barking like crazy. We were soon on the road to the hospital. Mitch kept asking me to hurry. I was going as fast as I felt was safe. There are lots of parking spaces in a hospital parking lot at three o'clock in the morning.

When the elevator opened on the ICU floor, Mitch took off. I looked at Martha. "You'd better follow him, Lee." So I was off, too.

Pandemonium reigned in the ICU. When I got suited up and entered, there were nurses crowded around John/Travis's bed. He was screaming, and one Nurse was yelling back at him for calling her a Bitch.

"He's calling my name, MITCH." My son pushed through and grabbed a hand and the boy instantly relaxed. Everyone froze; the change was so dramatic.

"Don't leave me, Mitch, please. I can't see! Water, please."

"I'm here now; Everything is going to be okay. There were some cuts on you face, and the bandages cover your eyes. When they take those off, you will see just fine. The nurse has a glass of water with a straw, take little sips at first." Mitch looked up at the nurse, "See, I remember what you told me when I woke up."

The head nurse turned and looked at Mitch then at me, "Where did you come from? We haven't had a chance to call; we haven't even called the doctor yet."

"Mitch woke us up and insisted we rush here." I told her.

"Well, I'm sure glad he did." She turned to the nurse who thought she was a bitch, "Gladys please call Dr. Hastings, she is in the ER tonight."

One of the other nurse's voices cut through the ICU "Oh, God, his foot!" She was holding up the bloody top sheet, looking at the boy's left foot. "The graft has been torn away."

Unfortunately, I had a ring side view and it was far from pleasant. I did manage to not vomit. Mitch could only see the sheet from his side of the bed and that was a very good thing.

Dr. Hastings burst through the doors and began examining her patient. When she pulled the bandage down and shined the light in his eyes...

"Shit, what the fuck you doin', that hurts!"

Mitch said, "Shh, don't talk to the doctor like that. She's good, just a little snotty sometimes."

Dr. Hastings stopped and looked at Mitch. "Snotty?"

"Sorry, but well..."

The nurses were trying to keep straight faces. Finally Dr. Hastings smiled, "I guess it could have been worse. I'm sorry John; I didn't realize you were awake."

"Who's John?"

"Ah, that's the name we have. What is you name?" the Doc asked.

"Travis Sean MacIntire."

I was kind of prepared for that, well, no I wasn't. Mitch has been calling him Travis, and there is no way he could know, he knew we had to get here, and he was right, he told me about the circumcision and rectal surgery, and no one had told him. This is really weird.

Dr. Hastings was looking at the foot. "We need to redo that graft. I guess we'll have to use pig tissue, since we don't have available donor skin."

"I'll donate, I'm a match." Mitch said.

"I wish it was that easy. You would have to be a close relative to be a match." Dr. Hastings said.

I jumped in, "Doctor, please check and see. There is something very special about these two. I'd hate to miss a chance, and I've got to live with them."

Dr. Hastings studied me, then nodded. 'Nurse, take a blood sample from both of them and send it to the lab for compatibility tests, STAT."

Mitch hardly flinched when they drew the blood, and he refused to let go of Travis. A bandage was wrapped around the damaged foot.

About a half an hour later, the lab report returned and Dr. Hastings, got upset. She called the lab herself, "Wake up down there; you did the same sample twice. There are twelve markers and these match all twelve. Okay I'll draw another sample and bring them down. These boys are NOT identical twins."

She saw Mitch and me staring at her, so she explained, "There was some mix-up with the last sample. Some how they got mixed or something, so I'm taking another set."

She drew the blood and marked it carefully. On the way out she asked Gladys to pull Mitch's chart.

Now that things had calmed down, I approached the bed. "Hello, Travis, I'm Lee Harris, Mitch's foster Dad, and yours too, for now." This was not good Travis tensed up and his heart monitor beeped faster.

"He's a good guy, really. You can trust him, really. He doesn't do that stuff, at all, honest." Mitch calmed him right down.

"Okay, Mitch, if you say so. I know you told me before, but I have trouble being near adults. They have all done such bad things to me." Travis replied.

"Yeah, I know. I was scared at first too. It took me quite a while to realize that Dad wasn't going to do that stuff to me, or let anyone else hurt me either." Mitch told him.

"Mitch, I'm so glad you are here with me. I feel like I have known you all my life, and I am so glad that we can be together. I really wish I could see you. I almost think I know what you look like, but I have a hard time picturing you, I keep getting your image mixed up, cause I keep seeing myself in the mirror instead, maybe I'm still dreaming. I know they have a lot of painkillers pumping in me 'cause I can't even feel my feet. I saw you when I was sleeping before, and then I would get you confused with my reflection again. It is so weird."

That was weird, but Mitch accepted it and they lowered their voices and I couldn't eavesdrop any more, so I went out to let Martha know what was happening. She decided to go look in on Travis herself.

As she approached the bed Mitch said, "Hey, Travis, this is Aunt Martha, she is real nice, too. She really loves me, and she makes the greatest pies."

"Hello, Travis, I'm so glad to meet you. We'll be ready to have you home as soon as can be. What do you like to eat?"

"Ah, anything's okay. Mitch has told me all about how good you cook. I'm sure I'll like the same things he does." Travis said.

"Well, in that case young man, we will get along marvelously! I have yet to find anything Mitch won't eat, except Helga's cookies. When you come home, I will fix you a feast." Martha patted his free hand and withdrew.

"I like her, Mitch. I felt warm and secure when she touched me. I don't know if it's the drugs or what." Travis said.

Dr. Hastings came back like a tornado. She grabbed Mitch's and Travis's records, and approached the bed. One of the nurses called Lee.

"John, ah sorry, Travis, could you answer some questions?" Dr. Hastings asked.

"I guess."

"Where are your parents?"

"I ain't got none."

"Where are you from?"

"I was in a group home, east of Pittsburgh till two years ago. Two guys in a van kidnapped me. We traveled around some, then ended up here."

"How old are you?"

"Almost nine."

"What is your birthday?"

"December 2"

"Do you have any siblings?"

"Any what?"

"Brothers and sisters."


I arrived while the doctor was asking questions.

"Mr. Harris, I don't understand this, but the boys are a match on every HLA typing we've done. I'm having an OR prepped. We need to discuss this; they are preparing the consent forms. We should be able to do a similar procedure to the previous one. Has Mitchell been circumcised? "Dr. Hastings asked.

"No, ma'am." I replied.

"Well, that is the easiest method for donation tissue. It heals quickest, and has fewest long-term problems. If you would explain that to him I will remove the bandages from J.., Travis's face, so the anesthesiologist can work more easily. I see by Dr. Turnman's notes he was planning to remove them today anyway, hopefully, before he had regained consciousness."

I got Mitch to let go of Travis and we moved off to the side. "Well son, it seems you and Travis are a match. Dr. Hastings is getting Travis ready. They want to do a circumcision on you, to get the skin needed to fix Travis's foot. What that means is they will remove the foreskin, that's the extra skin that covers the end of you penis. It is a quick thing and you won't feel much and you will heal in a couple of weeks or so." I told him.

"Okay Dad, what ever Travis needs." Mitch told me.

By the time we were finished talking, they had Travis on his way to Pre-op. So Mitch and I returned to the room where Martha was waiting. I quickly filled her in on what was going to happen. Martha took Mitch up in her lap and held him, letting him know how special he was.

Dr. Turnman came in after a while. "Hi Mitch, you certainly are a brave young man. I'm going to be doing the procedure on you. Do you have any questions?"

"Ah, well," Mitch was blushing, and squirming to get off Martha's lap.

Martha helped him down and said, "This is man talk, I'll go to the ladies room so you men can talk freely." She winked at me and left.

Dr. Turnman gave Mitch his full attention.

"Is it going to hurt?" Mitch asked, bravely.

"You won't feel too much. (Mitch gave him a doubtful look) I'm going to apply a topical anesthetic to numb the skin, and I will then inject a bit of anesthetic, then when everything is numb, I will begin the procedure and remove the foreskin. (Mitch's eyes widened slightly) Since you are nine, and not yet into puberty, I will try using the ring. This allows us to not have to use stitches which would have to be removed later. (Stitches? Eyes wider) It is the method we used on Travis, so hopefully it will work for you too. (Hopefully? DAAAAAAD!) This protects the Glans, and insures that the frenulum is preserved. That's important because a lot of pleasure comes from that area. I do not do what is referred as a tight circumcision. I like to leave enough there to insure free movement so later you will be able to pleasurably manipulate yourself. The removed foreskin will be taken to the lab to be processed for the graft. The incision site may need cauterization if the bleeding is severe, (From my dick! Eyes really wide) but usually this is minimal. The penis heals rather quickly. (I should hope so) The scabs will most likely be gone in just a week or two, and the ring falls off when everything is healed. For the first couple of days, an erection, stiffy, or boner, will be painful as it will try to stretch the wound, but after it has healed, you will be fine. You may even find you have erections more frequently because your glans is now exposed and stimulated more."

"TMI, Doc." Mitch said, his eyes at maximum wideness...

Dr. Turnman grinned, "If you don't want the answer, then don't ask the question. I can tell you, that compared to the pain you have had from the fire, this will be nothing."

"Thanks, that's what I wanted to know."

A nurse came in with two clipboards. The required paper work for both boys. I looked them over and began signing. Again, I did not sign DNR's and Organ Donation, papers. I pointed these out to Dr. Turnman, and I could tell he was most upset.

"Okay, Mitch, You say good-bye to your Dad and Aunt Martha, and I'll go get ready. The nurse will be in with a sedative, and then she will bring you down to the room where I'll be waiting." The doctor left, and went to the nurses' station. He was obviously having some words with one nurse there, and I could see that he was not very happy.

Martha came back and Mitch gave us big hugs. He was ready when the nurse brought him a pill. He took it, then an orderly with a gurney arrived and they wheeled Mitch away.

Martha and I sat and just looked at each other. Time passed extremely slowly. About an hour later they brought Mitch back to us, in a wheel chair. He had a really goofy grin on his face, and was giggling. The orderly parked the chair. "He's going to be like this for a couple more hours. When the sedative wears off, use some of this cream, to keep the incision site numb and pliable. He handed me a tube of something or other. It kinda looked like KY. The Doc said to tell you the surgery went great. Dr. Turnman will be assisting Dr. Hastings now. You sure are lucky to have her. She is a board certified ER doc, and plastic surgeon. This little guy here provided enough tissue that they are going to do more grafts so there will be a lot less scarring."

Wow, this was turning into quite a day. I looked at my watch and it was only nine thirty; of course we had already been up for seven hours. Mitch dozed off and we let him sleep. About eleven o'clock, Dr. Hastings came in. She did a double take, looking at Mitch. "Mr. Harris, Travis is out of surgery, and in recovery. He will remain there for several hours, and then he will be moved to a room in pediatrics. With the graft material that Mitch supplied us, we were able to repair the damage on Travis' foot and some of the areas that we had been unable to do before. He is one very lucky little guy. By all measures and logic, he should not have survived, and I want to prepare you for this. Try not to be too shocked. His looks are..."

"I understand, Doctor." I said.

"No! You don't! Believe me, you really don't. Just be ready for a shock when you see him. Especially Mitch; I'm afraid to think of what his reaction will be, when he sees... This is incredible." She shook her head and left us.

Martha began gathering her few things and I did too. A nurse came to wheel Mitch down to the entrance of the hospital. At the entrance, Martha waited with Mitch, while I went and brought the car around. We went through a drive through, and then headed home to eat.

I had thought I would leave Martha and Mitch home this afternoon, but was I ever wrong. Mitch was going back; he left no room for any doubt. The drugs were wearing off, and he was able to concentrate, and he wanted to be there for Travis. For some reason this was extremely important for him. Martha opted to remain home and fix us a good dinner.

When Mitch and I got back to the hospital, we were given Travis's new room number, but he wasn't there yet. We went up to the room, and I was surprised, because it was a private room. We settled in, and worked on a science lesson I had brought for Mitch.

After about an hour, the door opened and a hospital bed was wheeled in. My initial response was, to tell Mitch to get off the bed. But Mitch had grabbed my hand.

"D, D, Dad! Look at him, It's, it's me!" Mitch gasped.

Travis opened his eyes at the sound of Mitch's voice. "Hi, bro." he slurred. Damn, these drugs, I can see, but I see me instead of you. Kewl."

"That ain't the drugs." Mitch told him. We look like twins." Mitch said.

"Well, fuck..." Travis drifted back to sleep.

"Dad, what's going on?"

"I really don't know son. I'm going to make a couple of calls. Whatever is happening is just way beyond weird. Will you stay here with him for a while?"

"Sure, Dad, I will do anything for him, I love him."

"I'm going to find a phone, where I won't disturb his rest. I'll see if I can get some answers. I just wish I knew where to get them."

I asked the nurse where I could find a phone to make some private calls. She took me into the staff break room. I called Linda first, gave her a few details, and said she needed to get here ASAP. Then I put in a call to Dr. Billings. I got her service and left a message for her to call and gave the hospital's number and Travis's room number. I wished I could remember that guy's name from Scouts. He mentioned a lawyer, and a private eye he used, that was real good. Maybe Linda would know.

I went back to the room, and Mitch was sitting on the edge of the bed talking softly to Travis. It was really strange, but all I could think of was 'those two had to be identical twins'. They were exact copies of each other. I thought; I needed to get DNA tests to confirm the twin idea. The biggest problem I had was that Mitch was about two months older than Travis now that is weird.

"So I watched what he did. He pulled the hood back, then put the thing over the end, and pushed the hood back over. Then he tied like a thread around it and took the scalpel and once around, and ZAP, it was done. I was so numb I didn't feel anything. I thought it would hurt bad. It bled a little, but they put something on it, and it stopped. Now that the stuff is wearing off, it hurts some, but not as bad as my arm did."

"I still don't feel shit. And this talking to a fuckin' mirror thing is wacked. I think I need to pee."

I handed Mitch the urinal bottle. He looked at me with pleading eyes. I took it back. "Travis, I'm Mr. Harris. It's good to see you."

Travis gave me a hard look. "Mitch says you're cool. So I'll give you a chance. But I'm watchin' ya."

"I'm sure you are. Now, for a while, you will need to pee in this." I held up the bottle.


"Well, the easiest way would be for you to turn on your side and then put your penis in the opening, and... go." I explained to him.

"OK, can Mitch help?" he asked shyly.

"If he wants. Travis, I won't make him, or you, do something you don't want to. Well, you do have to do school, but you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I just don't believe it." He grinned; he was really flying on the drugs.

Mitch gasped, and was about to say something. I looked at him and shook my head.

"I know you don't, Travis. From what the doctors have said, you have been abused pretty badly. They had to do surgery on your bottom because it was so torn up. You and Mitch are together now, and he will help. I will be glad to also, but how about this, I'll try not to, unless you ask me to, okay."

He looked at me with an intensity Mitch never had. "Okay, we'll try that."

Mitch helped him, and held the urinal.

"Oh, fuck, that hurts, shit."

"That will heal quickly, Travis, it's from having a catheter." I explained.

"A what?" both boys said.

"It's a tube, which they put in you, so you can pee when you're unconscious."

"They put it..." Mitch began.

"Up my dick!" Travis finished.

That was cute, finishing the other's sentence. "Yup, that's it exactly."

Just then a nurse came in and checked Travis's vital signs. By the time she was finished, Linda arrived. She looked back and forth between the two boys, and then said to me, "Lee, they're identical twins."

I burst out laughing, I couldn't help it really. I mean that wasn't the most intelligent thing for her to say. When I recovered, I said, "I had noticed, you know."

"How? I mean they have no connection, different backgrounds, We need to do some investigating."

"I met this guy at Scouts last week, I can't remember his name, but he has two adopted boys in second year Webelos and some older boys too. He said something about his lawyer, and the private eye he used. He also mentioned having your number on speed dial."

"Oh, that would be Tom. He needs me on speed dial. His lawyer carries adoption papers with him all the time. You remember the case with sheriff Fat Ass, last summer?"

"Oh God, I hadn't made the connection. That guy has really been through it. The paper really covered that story. I understand the new Sheriff cleaned house, and fired all but one deputy. Your brother was way too kind to that bastard. Fat Ass will be out in only thirty five years. He'll be what, eighty?" I said.

"About that, anyway, I'll call Fred and put him on it. Right now, I want to meet your new foster son," she said, and approached the bed.

"Travis, I'd like you to meet Mrs. Linda Thompson, she is an old friend, and the state Child Protective Services supervisor for this area." I said, by way of introduction.

Travis didn't look very happy. He just stared hostilely at Linda.

"Hi, Travis. I know you don't know any of us, and probably wouldn't trust us with a bag of... trash, but we have to get some information anyway. Can I ask you some questions?"

"Why, the fuck you even askin', you're going to anyway."

I was about to jump on him for the language and disrespect, but Linda beat me to it.

"I will allow that you are either in considerable pain, or so drugged you can't feel any pain, and therefore not entirely in control of you mouth. However I have done nothing to warrant you speaking to me in that manner."

"Ah, sorry."

"That's better. Now what can you tell us about yourself?" Linda asked.

"I don't remember much until I was about three. I had been in a couple of foster homes, and sent back, so I ended up in this group home place. I was there until about two years ago, when I was kidnapped by two ugly ass guys and they sold me for sex stuff. There was one dude who liked to hurt. He was real scary. Anyway, the two guys that had me would let him do what ever he wanted. The last time he was there, I tried to get him to stop, so I told him they had taken pictures of him, doing things to me. They really had taken the pictures. I saw one of 'em with a digital camera. He didn't use the flash, so I don't know how good the pictures came out, but he took pictures. The next night was when the fire happened." Travis was talking in a flat monotone, like he was totally detached. He continued, "When I smelled the smoke, I slipped out of the ropes they kept me tied with, and ran down the hall. The floor was burning, I mean the flames were actually coming through parts of the floor, and my feet hurt real bad, but I ran to the dinning room, and jumped through the window. I was naked, of course, but I had been holding my privates, to protect them from the fire, so they didn't get cut off by the glass. Then I ran into the woods. And I kept on running. I fell a lot, and would lay there for a while, then get back up and run again, till I fell down again. I don't know how long I did that, more than a day though I think; I remember it getting light then dark then light again."

Then he was silent. I looked up and Linda had tears on her cheeks, and sometime in there, Dr. Billings had arrived. She had obviously heard most if not all of that story.

Mitch looked up and saw Dr. Billings, "Hi, Doc Lisa, this is my new brother, Travis. He looks just like me, like a mirror, ain't that kewl?"

"Yes it is. Hello, Travis. I'm Dr. Lisa Billings, must of the kids I work with call me Doc Lisa. I'm glad you are awake now."

Travis looked at her, but made no response.

"I know you have been through a bad time, and I'd like to help you deal with some of it. But that really is for later. Right now, you need to heal and get better. By the way, you probably don't know this yet, but you got really lucky. This man here is a really good Dad, and he will take good care of you. If he ever does anything you don't like, and you don't feel you can talk to him about it, you can just tell me, and I'll deal with it. I promise."

I noticed she didn't ask; she made it a statement, and I knew she would indeed deal with it.

Dr. Hastings joined the crowd at this point. "Okay folks, enough for today. My patient needs rest. A lot has happened today, and rest is what he needs most right now. So everybody out."

"No, let Mitch stay," Travis pleaded.

"Just till you fall asleep, Okay?" she said, as she put a shot into his IV.

"Okay, I just feeeeelllllllllll sssssaaaaaffffffffeeeeeerrrrrrrr..." Travis trailed off and was asleep.

Dr. Hastings shooed us out into the hall. "Go home. He needs sleep. I gave him enough to knock him out till tomorrow morning."

Mitch came and took my hand, and then I said to the rest, "Let's go over to my place. I'll call Martha and see if she can do dinner or we'll order some pizzas."

Martha was delighted to have more for dinner, which surprised me. Soon we were sitting down to a wonderful feast of fried chicken with stuffing, mashed potatoes and home made gravy, corn on the cob, cranberry sauce, and those wonderful homemade biscuits. Oh God in heaven, thank you for this angel you sent to us.

After dinner we cleared the table, put the dishes in the dishwasher, and put together what we knew about Travis.... and Mitch too. Linda took the lists and said she would get it to the lawyer, Mr. Fred Clemets, and he would get the Private Eye working on the case. Dr. Billings took Mitch aside and they talked for quite awhile. When it was time, Martha brought Mitch over to us, and he gave hugs all around, and I got a special kiss and a heart warming, "I love you, Dad." from him, then he went to his room, with Martha putting her arm around his shoulder, to tuck him in for the night. That woman is so far beyond wonderful, that I can't believe it sometimes.

Dr. Billings said she was convinced, beyond any doubt, that Mitch and Travis were identical twins. She told us that there was a link between the boys that has only been proven in identical twins. Mitch had just told her that several times he had felt things, and thought they had happened to him, but they hadn't. Dr. Billings said she would like to spend a morning every week with the boys.

I said, "Wow that would be great, but I can't afford it, and I don't think Medicaid will cover all that."

Before Linda could comment, Dr. Billings said, "That's not what I meant. I want to watch these two boys. I want them to be a pet project if you will. There will be no charges involved, Lee. Your two boys are very, very special. Also if their connection is what it seems, they will need the counseling."

Linda shook her head, "Lisa, I don't know how you do it. You're already working with Tom and his crew, and now you're going to help Mitch and Travis."

"Well, unless Tom finds more to take in, I'm basically just working with Todd, now. It is amazing what some parents do to their own children. Todd's father was a monster, scarier than in any horror movie. Mitch has some pretty bad things to work through, but he tells me that Travis has gone through far worse."

"So, you think there is a real connection between the boys, too?" I asked.

"There certainly seems to be. Mitch has told us things that have proven completely correct." Lisa was not one to be fooled, and I agreed with her. There was certainly something very special about my boys.

Soon everyone left, and Martha and I watched the news, and then went to bed.

Out of the fog Max took shape, then he blurred, changed, and the fog cleared. There, where max had been, stood a magnificent white horse. Well, not a real horse. This horse had intelligent blue eyes, silver hooves, and a rider dressed in spotless white clothes. It was Mitch, no, it was Travis. Mitch came and stood by the horse and rider and he had Ginger. But Ginger's eyes were strange, they had no pupil in them; they looked like a star field as seen on a clear country night. The boys smiled at me.

I woke up in a sweat.

At about five in the morning, I heard Ginger get down from Mitch's bed, so I got up to let her out. In the kitchen, after letting Ginger out, I made a pot of coffee. I finished my first cup, and Ginger wanted back in. I remembered my dream, and looked at her eyes. Whew, normal puppy eyes, not quite as compelling as Mitch's eyes, but still compelling. Max was standing on the porch, and I swear, he smiled at me and winked. I went and poured another cup of coffee.

End Note:

Those who are Mercedes Lackey fans will understand Lee's dream. If not, don't worry, I'll explain later. Honest, Mitch, I will. Now, it's interesting to have identical twins born two months apart, with different parents, huh? Well there's more, so don't stop reading. Let me know if you think you know how that was done, and who did it. <Evil laughter>

Hi, I want to get my brother home where we can be together. I've always felt like I was missing a part of myself, and now I know it was Travis. I have an email address too, so you can complain about mean authors to Thanks, Mitch

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I know that Travis will need to have a lot of tender loving care, and Mitch, Lee, and, of course, Aunt Martha, are just the ones to give it to him, oh yes, there is at least one more loving soul that will help to heal Travis' pain, but you will have to wait for that to happen just like Travis will have to wait. He will need extensive physical therapy before he can come home, so we all have to wait. And.......Why do I think something really nasty is going to happen when that FBI creep starts hanging around? There is something about him that just plain creeps me out. Maybe I will send him a box of very special cookies. I have a recipe <Evil Grin>

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