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Chapter 7

The weekend proved to be wonderful for Travis. He and Max were inseparable; they seemed even closer than Mitch and Ginger. He ate everything Martha offered and was in wonder that anyone would cook such special meals and treats for him.

Martha kept constant watch on Travis and made sure he had everything he might desire. Mitch introduced him to PS2 games and they were soon deeply engrossed in them.

Lee managed to get Travis to take the home school placement test. He didn't notice that the test was being given by the 'Philip' program that Mitch used. When the results printed, Lee was surprised at how high Travis had scored. He was only a year behind. It was a miracle, since his captors had certainly never sent him to school. The only explanation was the TV he had watched as his 'babysitter.' Lee was very pleased because he figured that Travis would catch up to Mitch quickly.

The boys (and dogs) spent most of their time in the bedroom; since Travis could be more comfortable on the bed then he was in the wheelchair. Martha would come and carefully lift him into the chair and Mitch would 'drive' his brother into the dining room for meals. For about an hour after the meal, Travis would stay in the chair in the den.

Bedtime Saturday night, Mitch took the dogs out; Martha helped Travis change into his PJ's. It wasn't long until Mitch and both dogs were back. Martha lifted Travis, and Mitch pulled back the covers. Mitch quickly stripped to his briefs and hopped into bed. Lee then came in with the medications for Travis. He made a great show of being unable to tell them apart. In reality he had no problem at all. Just a look in the eyes was all it took, Mitch's were warm and loving, and Travis's were cold, mistrusting and scared.

After giving Travis the pills to take, Lee went and gave Mitch a big hug and kiss, while Travis got a gentle hug and a quick kiss on the forehead from Martha. The adults changed sides of the bed.

Lee saw Travis tense up. He sat on the edge of the bed. "Travis, I would like to give you a big hug and kiss like I did Mitch, but you are not ready to accept that at this point, so I will wait. I do love you and I promise to never do anything to hurt you if I can help it. I hope that you will work on trusting me. I promise to try to be patient, okay?"

Lee held out his hand and cautiously Travis shook it.

Lee then turned to Mitch, "Be aware tonight and let Max out if he wants."

"Okay, Dad. Goodnight, I love you," Mitch replied.

"I love you two, too," Lee said and turned out the light.

The boys lay there for what seemed like a long time, finally Travis whispered, "You awake?"


"Can I ask you somethin?"


"It's personal, so if you tell me to fuck off, I'll understand."

"It's okay, bro. Ask."

"Well, ah, you let them cut your dick like they did mine, why?"

"'cause you needed it."

"I don't understand. I mean... you let them take part of your dick to help me. You knew how much it would hurt 'cause you felt mine. I just can't figure why you did it. What was in it for you?"

"Jeez, Travis, I didn't do it to get anything. You needed it; I love you, so I did it. I'd do it again, too. Besides, it's all healed now and still works, and still feels good when I play with it, just a little different."

"You play with your dick, too?"

"Well, ah, yeah. Duh. It feels real good."

"They told me I was bad 'cause I did. They beat me and put their things in my butt 'cause I was bad."

"You weren't bad. I talked to Dad about it…"

"You told him?" Travis was very alarmed.

"Chill, bro. Yeah, I told him about me. He said I didn't do anything wrong. He said they were adults and should have been protecting me not doing those kinds of things."

Travis began to cry; Mitch snuggled up to him and comforted him until both boys were lost in sleep.

Sunday morning the boys woke up to the smell of bacon cooking. Mitch got up and put on a pair of PJ's and then dashed into the bathroom. He returned and had the urinal jug and helped Travis then went and emptied it. Martha soon came and moved Travis to the wheelchair.

Martha had fixed hotcakes and bacon. There were several syrups and jellies to put on the hotcakes, and orange juice, to drink. The adults also had coffee. The boys ate until they were about to explode. Then Lee sent Mitch off for his shower and he wheeled Travis into the den.

"So, Travis, how did you do last night?"


"Good. Was it too crowded with you and Mitch and the dogs all in the one bed? If you would be more comfortable in separate beds we could do that."

"NO! I mean no, I liked sleeping with Mitch. I felt so good this morning. I feel like I was able to heal more last night. My feet feel okay; they don't hurt like they did yesterday."

"Well, that's wonderful. The bed stays. I'm going to get you a dresser and Mitch and I will go get you fixed up with clothes. Do you like the stuff Mitch wears or do you want something different?"

"Mitch's clothes are nice."

"Just let him know if there is anything special you want and we'll get it for you."

Travis was at a loss for words. He had never, in his whole life, had anyone do anything nice for him, without there being a price. He kind of wanted to know what the price was going to be, but he would pay it to stay with Mitch so it really didn't matter.

Mitch called from the back, "Daaaaddddddd!"

"I'll go see what he wants. Here's the remote, see if there is anything to watch." Lee left and headed back to Mitch.

Mitch was still in his bathroom. Lee entered and was shocked by what he saw. Mitch's ankles and feet were very red. "Dad, can you rub some of that lotion on my feet and could I have a pain pill. I think I did too much for Travis last night. Please don't tell him, he won't understand."

"Well, I don't either." Lee got the lotion and applied it, and then he gave Mitch a pain pill. "Do you have control of this or does it just happen?"

"I usually know, but last night we were cuddled together, and I guess that made things different."

"Okay, just be careful, son. You know we want Travis to get better but I don't want you suffering. I love you, Mitch."

Mitch hugged Lee. "I love you, too, Dad. Don't worry, Travis is coming around, he'll love you too."

"I sure hope so, little guy."

We returned to the den, Travis was watching a show about wildlife, Max was lying at his feet and Martha was still finishing up in the kitchen. When the show was over the boys went back to their room. Martha and Lee discussed what it was going to be like with the twins here. They also discussed what they needed to get as far as furniture for the twins and Andy also. Lee remembered that Andy already had clothes and probably a house too. He called Linda and she was going to check and see just where all the household belongings had been stored. Andy had lived in Haven Estates a nice development in the next county.

All too soon after lunch it was time to take Travis back to the rehabilitation center. They got Travis settled and were ready to leave. Andy was not in his bed and his wheelchair was empty. Lee let Martha and Mitch stay with Travis and he went looking for Andy. He found him in the visitation room. Mike Little and Matt were there too. Matt and Andy were having a good conversation, so Lee went over to say hello to Mike.

"Hello, Mike. I'm glad to see you came to visit. Andy looks better than I've seen him."

"Thanks, Lee. If you hadn't said anything at the meeting, we never would have known. I called the boys, and they came to visit yesterday. I got a call back from each boy and the reports got better as the day progressed. I waited until everyone else had visited before Matt and I came. That poor guy has been through it. His mom passed away when he was little, and then for his Dad to die on Andy's sixteenth birthday…"

"Damn, that's rough. You always miss your parents. What happened, do you know?"

"Andy had been begging for a motorcycle for his birthday. He had done some practice driving with a friend, and his Dad had supervised. So his dad bought him a new midrange bike. It was nicer than the one Andy had asked for. Since his birthday was on a Saturday, he had to wait until Monday to go take the driver's exam. Anyway, his Dad wanted him to take him for a ride. They hadn't gone far, when he lost control and they went down. Andy had on his helmet, and that saved his life. His Dad died instantly. An eyewitness said that Andy had swerved to miss a kid chasing a ball, and the cycle hit some loose sand on the road. It was an accident, but Andy blames himself."

"Whew, that's a lot to deal with. I guess I'd better talk to the Dr. Billings about it."

"You may want to talk with the new Sheriff over there. He took the report and confirmed the events."

"Okay, thanks that should help a lot. He is looking better. Visitors seem to agree with him. Who are his closest friends?"

"Well, in Scouts, it would be my son Matt and the SPL, Senior Patrol Leader, Nick Stokly."

"Okay, that's good, after he gets settled; I'll have to make sure he keeps in touch. Please thank all the Scouts for visiting; they really did a good turn for Andy."

"I'll relay the message. See you Thursday night at the Cubs."

After the Littles left, Andy stood and walked towards his room. Lee caught up with him. "Hey, Andy, You're walking pretty well. I'm glad to see you up, and walking."

"Oh, you're Travis's foster father. Thanks for telling Mr. Little where I was."

"No problem. I'm getting a room ready for you. Linda Thompson is looking into where your things have been stored. I'll try to have your clothes and other stuff there for you."

Andy stopped and looked at Lee. "Don't bother, I don't deserve that stuff."



"That 'stuff' is yours. If you don't want it, that's fine, I'll get you clothes and the things you need. I just heard some of the story of what you have been through. I understand what you are going through…"

"Oh, sure, right. You can't possibly know anything about it."

"I've lost my parents, I was run over by a drunk, and my back is wired together, I spent five months in rehab." Lee watched the boy's face, "Yeah, I don't know exactly, but I do know."

"Sorry, I didn't know. Why are you taking a loser like me in?"

"Well, from what I've heard, you aren't a loser. Second, I can't teach anymore, so I signed up as a foster parent, because I wanted to help if I could."

They arrived at the room, and Travis greeted Andy, then Mitch and Martha chimed in. All too soon, it was time to leave.

The week seemed to fly by. Lee and Mitch went shopping for the furniture they needed. At the Scout shop, Lee purchased a Webelos uniform for Travis and a Scout uniform Andy. They looked up the rank for Andy, so Lee could get that sewn on and ready for him.

Martha took Mitch, and they did the clothes shopping. By Friday afternoon, everything was ready. Max was the only problem; he wanted to go with them. They managed to get out without the dogs, and were on their way.

Mitch went to the room while Lee and Martha had a meeting with the staff who explained all the care and special needs each boy would have. The physical therapist would be visiting them the next day to set up a schedule with them. They were given supplies that they might need, and then they went to collect the boys. Travis was excited about getting out again. Andy stood and waited without much emotion.

Soon they were all in the van headed for home. Travis was asking about Max, and what Aunt Martha was cooking for dinner. Mitch and Aunt Martha were busy trying to answer as fast as he asked the questions. Lee kept an eye on Andy, who was just sitting; staring out the window.

As they approached the front door, Ginger and Max could be heard barking their welcome. Andy held back even more. When the door opened two dogs wriggled out, and one was all over Mitch and the other larger dog had its paws on the wheelchair and was licking Travis, who was giggling and scratching the dog. Lee was laughing until he spotted Andy. It was pretty clear that Andy was scared of dogs.

Lee approached Andy, "Easy, Andy. We'll wait till they are inside. They don't usually act like that. I guess they're just glad to have their boys back. Did you ever have a pet?"

"A hamster once, but he bit me when ever I tried to pick him up, and my neighbor had a cat that would walk between my legs and trip me. The asshole, oops, sorry, the guy down the street has a big mean pit bull that barks all the time, and scares the sh.... scares us."

"So I'm gonna guess you aren't real fond of pets."

"Yeah, well, when I was little this stray puppy came around, and I really loved it, but Mom said, I couldn't keep it, and I cried for a long time, when they came and took him away. I was so mad at her, I told her I wished..." Andy choked up.

Lee gave him a hug and waited for him.

"I told her I wished they would come and take her away. And then she died... and... was taken away..."

Lee just held the sobbing boy. When Andy recovered, some, they went inside and Lee gave him a tour of the house. They ended in Andy's room. "Andy, this is your room. The door over there is the bathroom, and that is your closet. I'm going back to the den, so look around and settle in. Come out whenever you want. Dinner will be at six thirty." Lee left Andy to himself.

Andy walked around the room, looking at stuff. The desk had a shelf with home-school books on it, and pens and pencils in the drawers. When he opened the dresser drawers, there were clothes in them, his size. In one drawer was underwear, and there were both briefs and boxers. He wondered how Mr. Harris knew he used both, Briefs for Scouts and other active things and boxers the rest of the time, for more freedom. Then he realized, 'of course he didn't know which, so he bought both. Why would he do something so nice?' Then Andy opened the closet, there was his Scout uniform. Why did he get his uniform and nothing else? Wait there wasn't a burn hole by the Troop Number. Andy pulled out the uniform, it was brand new. All the patches were on it. A Merit Badge Sash was draped over the hanger. He took it off and looked, all his Merit Badges were there. A tear formed and ran down his cheek. He went back and sat on the bed. So much work to do this, why? He couldn't believe it. He had all the Merit Badges, even his favorite, Weather, which he had not sewn on well, and had lost.

He hugged the sash and quietly cried. They were sewn on perfectly straight, and all the rows were neat. How could they care for him enough to do this? As he cried, he didn't notice the door from the bathroom open slightly. Max looked at the crying boy. He came over to Andy, and licked his hand. Andy looked at Max through tear blurred eyes, "Hey, doggy," he said and patted Max on the head. Max looked up and whined then jumped up on the bed and laid down so his head was in Andy's lap.

"Oh, doggy!" Andy lamented, and hugged Max, who wagged his tail in response. "You, know, I'm a killer? I killed my Mom, when I was ten. I wished her gone, and six months later she was real sick and died. I wanted a puppy, and she said look at his paws, he's going to be huge, and she had him taken away, and I said I wished she was taken away. Then she got real sick and I told God I didn't mean it, but it was too late. Now I wanted that stupid motorcycle, and the first time I ride it, I crash and kill my Dad. Please don't let me love you! Everything I love dies!" Max lay still while Andy released his sorrow.

Andy absentmindedly stroked Max's head; he looked down at the back of Max's neck, and saw the tiny shape of a white star, which was made up of only a few hairs. It was barely visible, since it was mostly covered by the bushy brown fur that dominated his coat there. Andy gasped. "I can't believe it. You're my, Max. You're my puppy. Oh, Max, I can't believe it's you. You are so much bigger. Mom said you would get big. I missed you so much. I can't believe it. First, I find out that my friends were all worried about me, but didn't know where I was, so they couldn't come see me, then I'm taken in by a family that cares about me, and doesn't hate me for killing my family, and now, I find out that they have you here, and you still like me too. How can this be happening?"

Travis, who had been, looking for Max, said from the bathroom door, "Don't worry Andy, weird stuff like this happens here all the time. I mean what are the chances of me and Mitch ending up together, about a gazillion to one? How did you know his name?"

Andy answered, "He told me when he was a puppy." Max sat up and started licking Andy all over. Soon Andy was giggling and Max intensified his attach. Travis wheeled up to the bed to pull Max off of Andy and ended up getting the same treatment. Finally Max was tired out and got down and returned to the other bedroom. Travis and Andy just looked at each other.

Mitch stuck his head into the room, "Are you two going to come eat?"

Mitch, Lee and Aunt Martha were sitting at the table by the time Travis was wheeled into the dining room by Andy. Lee was happy to see the two boys had softened a little towards each other. Max was right with them and seemed awfully happy with himself.

Dinner was a pot roast that had been cooking all day in the crock pot and some of Aunt Martha's biscuits. Desert, a fresh apple pie, was cooking as they ate. Andy was in boy heaven, good food and lots of it.

"This sure is good. Wish I could cook like this." Andy remarked, as he filled his plate for the third time.

Martha beamed like a lighthouse, "It's not hard, Andy. I'd be glad to teach you."

"Oh that would be sweet! Yeah, ah, yes ma'am, I would really like that."

"Us too!" the twins echoed together.

After eating, the boys went into the den and Mitch challenged Andy to a PS2 game. Travis watched and cheered them both on. Andy was amazed that Mitch was actually winning. Luckily Aunt Martha called them back for pie and ice cream.

After that, Mitch and Travis returned to their room, Andy went and sat in the den. Lee and Martha joined him. Andy tensed but they didn't start asking him a bunch of questions. He relaxed and they watched a couple of shows. Andy started to get sleepy and told the adults goodnight and went back to his room. He got undressed and took off his prosthesis then hopped into the bathroom. Travis and Mitch were there brushing their teeth.

"Hi, Andy, we'll be out of your way in a minute. Want me to turn the shower on for you?" Mitch offered.

Andy just nodded, and stood there, rather self consciously, naked, while Mitch adjusted the water in the shower. Andy was relieved that there were handrails in the shower. It was a nice big shower, with a bench and a nozzle that was removable and had a lower mount too. This was better than the one in rehab. Andy really enjoyed the shower. When he turned off the water he found Mitch had left a big fluffy towel for him to dry off.

Soon he was in bed, and turned out the light. He lay there thinking about how his life had changed, today. It was almost like having a Mom and Dad and two little brothers. And his Max! 'My God,' he thought, 'how wonderful is that, Max is here, and he remembers me.' He was almost asleep when a weight landed on the bed. Max had come to sleep with him after Travis and Mitch were asleep. As he drifted into sleep he could have sworn a warm deep voice said, 'Yes, I am your Max, Andy, and I will always love you. I first became aware of who I was, when you picked me up that first day, and kissed my nose. We loved each other the moment we met, but Travis is my boy now, and he needs me even more than you do. I love him very much, and I will protect him with my life, if need be, but I will protect the rest of this family too. Don't ever forget that this is your family now.' Andy patted Max gently on his beautiful head and snuggled close to him, and drifted off to the first good nights sleep he had been able to have since the accident.

Over the weekend, the boys got into a routine of sorts. Mitch would help Travis bathe and then he would get his shower. Andy would then use the bathroom, but he preferred showering at night. Max would always come and spend part of the night with Andy.

Monday Lee got the three boys started in their home school courses and all was going quite well until Max and Ginger started barking and then the door bell rang. Martha answered the door, it was Special Agent Dukman. He just pushed by Martha and went into the den.

Max saw a threat to his boys and attacked. He grabbed the sleeve of the agent's jacket.

Dukman screamed, "Get this fucking mutt off me, before I shoot it!"

Max obediently released the jacket and then clamped his powerful jaws on Dukman's family Jewels. The pitch of Dukman's scream climbed about three octaves. He froze, as Max adjusted his grip.

"I don't think you should have called him a mutt." Mitch commented.

Travis noted calmly, "I wonder if he could bite them off?"

Andy stood and faced the agent, "I don't know who you are but I think you should stand very...very still. Good boy, Max."

Martha returned from the kitchen, where she had made a couple of phone calls, armed with a marble rolling pin. "You make one false move and I'll put you out cold until next week. Good boy, Max."

Lee came down the hall carrying his shotgun and pumped a round into the chamber. "I do believe you have gotten some good advice Special Agent. What part of stay away from my boys did you not understand? If you don't have a warrant, you are in deep doo doo. Good boy, Max."

Max wagged his tail, growled, momentarily releasing his grip. When Dickman, (oops sorry), Dukman tried to move away Max quickly resumed his grip.

"GOOD BOY, MAX!" said Mitch, Travis, Andy, Martha and Lee.

About this time sirens and squealing tires were heard outside. Martha, still wielding her rolling pin, went and opened the door. There was a crowd of people emerging from cars. There were two county police cars, Dr, Billings, Linda Thompson and her brother were getting out of their cars. Martha waved everyone inside.

The two county deputies couldn't help it; they burst out laughing at the arrogant FBI agent's predicament. Max growled a greeting and adjusted his hold, eliciting a gasp from Dukman.

"God damn it, stop laughing and get this fuckin' mutt off me!"

Max tightened his grip enough to get a high pitched scream out of Dukman.

One Deputy said to the other, "Hey Sarg, look the dog likes old super agent here."

"Yup, see, dogs is never wrong." They broke up laughing again.

Dr. Billings, Linda and Linda's brother entered at this point. Linda's brother stepped forward. "Oh, Special Agent Dukman, What part of the restraining order issued to you, did you not understand?"

"No hick lawyer is gonna tell me, a FEDERAL Agent, what I can do. Want to make a Federal Case out of it?"

"Maybe, because this FEDERAL JUDGE sure as hell can. Sergeant, would you mind placing this man under arrest for; breaking and entering, violating a FEDERAL restraining order, OH YEAH, and contempt of court. If you want, you can transport him over to Eric, since that is where his superior will have to come to get his sorry ass out of my jail."

"Sure Judge, ah, what about the dog, sir?"

Mitch said, "I don't think he wants to let go yet."

Travis was giggling.

Lee said to the boys, "Any ideas on how to call him off?"

Dukman moaned.

The boys just looked at each other. Martha reached into her apron and pulled out a dog treat, "Max, good boy, come get your treat."

Max instantly released the agent and pranced over to Martha for his reward.

Dukman bent over with relief. Ginger saw her target and launched herself. She bit down and for several moments was hanging from the agents butt. Then with the body shake meant to kill prey there was a ripping sound and Ginger was back on the floor. In her mouth was black suit material from the seat of his pants and red striped material from his boxers.

Everyone stared, and then Judge Kepler said, in a flat voice, "Add indecent exposure."

Everyone dissolved into laughter again.

After the deputies had left, Andy asked, "Who was that ass hole?"

Lee said, "Andrew, watch the language Please, after all, there are ladies present!"

Andy blushed, "I'm sorry."

Dr. Lisa said, "That's alright, Andy, he is an ass hole."

Mitch, Travis and Martha replied as one, "Yes, he is."

Lee said, "I give up."

"So, who is he?" Andy asked again.

Lee answered, "He is an FBI agent who is supposed to be investigating the fires Mitch and Travis were in. He is grandstanding and trying to make himself look good."

"Not working very good for him, huh?" Andy observed, just like Dr. Phil. Everyone laughed again.

Dr. Billings collected Travis and Mitch and went back to their room to talk. Judge Kepler made a few calls then said he had to go to his office to talk to a federal prosecutor about Agent Dukman. He was surprised at first at how fast word had traveled but the prosecutor had other concerns, and the call was a coincidence. That left Andy and Linda to talk in the den; while Lee returned to his room and unloaded his twelve gage. He wondered if these were his grandpa's rock salt loads that he had used to protect his watermelon patch. Aunt Martha was in the kitchen, starting lunch and treating the dogs like the heroes they were. "Good boy, Max! Good girl, Ginger! I love you both to pieces! You were wonderful, both of you."

Linda said to Andy, "Other than this morning, how have things been going?"

"I'm getting along fine. Everybody is nice and everything."

"Oh dear, I could swear I heard a BUT, in there. What's the problem?"

"I don't deserve this. They don't know. He even got me a new Scout Uniform, and then Max..." Andy began to cry softly. Max ran in from the kitchen and jumped up on the couch next to Andy and licked his hand which was covering his face.

Linda watched as the dog soothed Andy, and somehow seemed to make some of the boy's pain go away. Andy hugged the big dog, and just held on. "Andy, sweetheart, you need to talk this out with somebody. I'll listen, Dr Lisa will listen, and I'm sure that Lee... ah, I mean Mr. Harris, and Aunt Martha will too.

"Oh no, I can't tell them. Then they would make me leave."

""No Andy, they wouldn't, not them. I've known Lee since we were kids. There isn't a better man around."

"Yeah, sure. That's why you aren't married to him."

Linda gasped.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Thompson. That was way out of line."

"Yes it was, actually, but the reason we didn't marry is that I was just plain stupid, and didn't see what I could have had."

They both kept quiet as Lee came back into the den. "Hmmm, two cats, and from what I can tell, the canary is missing."

"Nothing for you to be concerned about, Lee." Linda said.

"You are an evil woman, I know that was a lie, and it makes me very nervous."

"You, the man that produces a shotgun out of thin air?"

"Yeah, and if I had fired that thing, I'd have been in traction for a month of Sundays."

Andy looked at Lee, wondering 'if it would have been so bad, why had he been ready to do it? After all, none of us are his real sons. Could Linda be right about him?'

Mitch, Travis and Dr. Lisa came back in and they all reviewed what had taken place. When Dukman had come in, Lee had been in the bathroom, heard the commotion, grabbed the shotgun and ammo and headed to the den. Martha had gone to the kitchen and called 911 and Linda. Linda had stopped to see her brother, the judge, when the call came, so he decided to tag along. Dr. Billings had just been stopping by to see if everyone was okay. Max received more praise, and then Ginger, for her role. Framing her 'trophy' was seriously (sort of) discussed.

After lunch, Linda and Dr. Lisa left. At two thirty, the doorbell rang again. Lee answered the door; there was a young man he did not recognize. "Hello, my name is Al. I'm with Lewisson Prosthetics. I have a pair of shoes to deliver to a Travis Doe."

Lee remembered that they had told him special shoes had been ordered for Travis. "Welcome, Al. Come on in. Travis is in the den."

Al was all business. The shoes had special gel-foam molded inserts that would cradle and support Travis's healing feet. These were a temporary step, to give some comfort to Travis, until the skin that had been grafted could grow and toughen.

Travis stood and then grinned, "Hey, kewl, it doesn't hurt like the things in rehab. Thanks Al! Travis gave the technician a big hug. Lee felt a longing deep in his heart for that same hug."

Travis was on his feet again. Lee figured he would exercise plenty of muscles today, just by walking all over. They would start his exercises tomorrow. Lee watched the rest of the afternoon, and smiled, as Mitch and Travis played and even drew Andy in, a few times. Lee was grateful for his big mouth, because he now felt he was truly needed, and that he could really make a difference in these boys' lives.

End Note:

By the way, both dogs had a nice raw steak for dinner, with a good chewing bone. Good boy, Max. Good girl, Ginger.

I have had some questions in my e-mail, about Mitch and Travis. Allow me to answer some of them. The boys are indeed identical twins, (Not clones of someone else), they were born two months apart, I'm not on drugs, I promise. There is a nice logical explanation, which I am not going to give you right now. Suffice it to say that you will understand it when the time comes. I also, by the way, have not forgotten about the fires. I can assure you of that. Detective Nick Regnad is working hard right now, tracing clues even as you read this, unless of course he is having a pizza with everything, no anchovies. (What?)

I am not an expert on burns, (or Allen, for that matter) but Mitch and Travis are extremely lucky that they have each other, and have been able to divide the pain, and heal each other. As to the circumcision for grafting, I saw a documentary, some years ago, about burn victims. A couple of things stood out in my mind, a small amount of donor skin was processed into a net like graft that filled in, in just a week or so. There was a man who had been badly burned on his back (about 2/3 if I remember) and they did a circumcision and were able to cover his burn. They said his healing time was cut in half, and there was no chance of rejection, since it was an auto-graft. (His own tissue) {Gives a whole new meaning to stiff back} [Radio Rancher slaps Str8mayb on the back of his head.]

If you just can't wait for the next chapter; www.paddedroom.us has them as well as Haven and Haven2.

Well, Gentle readers, there are still more twists and turns coming.

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Editor's note:

This is a wonderful chapter. It looks like Travis is starting to get a little more comfortable, in more ways than one. Andy is finding out just how unusual it is to live around Travis and Mitch, not to mention Max and Ginger. Good dog Max. Good dog Ginger. Nice work you did on Dukman.

Don't worry; Dukman will pay for his misuse of authority. I promise you he will. He is in jail as this chapter was finished being written, but I bet he manages to get out again. I think it is best if villains get back out to try to do more damage and get what is coming to them in ways you would never think of. Oh wait, I'm thinking of ways to punish him good and proper. I will, however keep those ideas to myself till later, when I can discuss them with Str8mayb. Believe me when I tell you there are several things that we have thought of to make him pay. He and I will often sit down using a voice over IP program and discuss plot points. You would be amazed at how many times; we both come up with the same idea at almost exactly the same time.

Oh yes, I keep forgetting to mention it, but if you are interested in finding what is going on with a lot of the characters when they are not involved in the story, you might consider stopping into the short compound on the webpage known as http://jeffsfortboard.us Look for the Short Compound and take a look at what is going on in there. You will find fictional characters from many different stories, not all of which have anything what so ever to do with the clan, but hey they are friends with the characters from the CSU stories too. There are pictures of Mitch and Travis. If you have read Haven you will remember someone named Neal, well, there is a picture of him too. For some reason that none of us can figure out, when Neal is in the compound, he acts completely differently than he does in Haven. I don't understand it either. Come on and have some fun, but watch where you sit and watch out for problems right now they are having a Mammoth problem, which is not to say a huge or large problem but a problem with a Mammoth, a woolly one. And don't forget about the Dragon. He is nice though. Well so is the Mammoth, but I am worried about how Neal and some of the authors are treating Millie. (She is the Mammoth.)


AKA Radio Rancher.

Fort Chief Editor's Notes:

Another interesting chapter from the warped mind of Str8mayb or should he be called "Bent & Twisted" oh wait that name is already used by Multimapper. I am completely amazed at the depth and creativity of the authors I am privileged to work with, it is simply amazing the plot twists and turns they can come up with.

It is very touching to see how far Mitch will go to help his twin heal and how much love the whole family has to share. As to the dufus Dukman well he got off easily I think ;). This story continues to get better and better with each chapter and I believe it will have a long run. I am eagerly waiting to see more chapters in this wonderfully heartwarming story.

On another issue, although this story is fiction it does raise some very interesting societal issues. Lee's adoption of Mitch and Travis is a good case in point; in the real world, he couldn't adopt a cat or a dog, let alone two boys. It is a crying shame that there are tens of thousands of deserving children waiting for loving homes that are still institutionalized by archaic and outdated rules and regulations. The real shame, though, is the increasing number of children abused or killed in homes and institutions by approved Foster Parents or Heads of Institutions. The archaic and outdated regulations need to be changed. You shouldn't have to be a WASP Heterosexual Couple to adopt! In Lee's case, he takes care of his boys and his boys take care of him; and that is great.