Chapter 9


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Chapter 9

Lee woke up and looked at the clock, eight twenty seven. Wow, he had slept in. Soon he was sitting in the kitchen reading the paper drinking a cup of coffee. Andy came in next, "Good Morning. Mr...ah Dad."

Lee grinned at his newest son. "Good morning, son. Would you like some juice or something?"

"Ah, could I have some coffee?" Andy asked tentatively.

"Sure, you're old enough. Help yourself." Lee replied.

"Oh thanks, they wouldn't give me coffee in the hospital or rehab."

Andy got a mug, two spoons of sugar, coffee and then some milk. Lee thought back to when he used to drink it just like that. Now he put in half a bag of sweetener. The kid in Andy wanted smooth and sweet, the adult wanted body and caffeine. Lee made a note to remember that Andy wasn't a boy; he was becoming a man and should be treated as such.

"Andy, while we have a little time to ourselves, I'd like to talk."

"Sure, Dad. Man this coffee is good."

"Well this will probably be a sore subject but we need to talk about it."

Andy got the deer in the headlights look and just nodded.


Andy paled and shook his head. "I don't ever want to ride a cycle again."

"Good." Lee said and Andy relaxed. "How about a tractor, lawn mower, or family car?"

"Huh?" Andy nearly sprayed coffee across the table. "Like really drive?"

Lee smiled, "Yes, really drive."

"Ah, I don't know. I never really thought about that before." Andy said.

"Okay, here's the deal. I would like for you to be able to drive. I have some conditions; you work with Dr. Billings and when she says its okay you take a driver's course. When you pass that you drive me around for one hour, and then we go to DMV and get your license."

"Ah, I gotta drive you."

"Yes, Andy. I want you to face your biggest fear. I need to know you are okay if you are carrying the twins somewhere."

"I need to think on this."

"Oh, I'm sure you do. That's why you need to work with Dr. Billings, son. I know how hard that hour will be for you. I've had some psychology and I know that you need to face this so you can move on. I love you Andy."

Andy sat silently as tears ran down his face he just nodded. Lee got up and fixed himself another cup of coffee, handed Andy a box of Kleenex and began frying bacon for breakfast. In a couple of minutes a recovered Andy was helping to fix the eggs. {Yes, RR, they were broken.} Andy had two eggs for each of them in a big bowl, he added some whole milk, crumbled four pieces of bacon in added pepper and seasoned salt. He then went back to the refrigerator, he found some spring onions, mushrooms, and grated cheddar cheese. As Andy headed back across the kitchen, Mitch and Travis came in; cooking bacon is the world's most pleasant way to wake up. Aunt Martha pushed the twins out of her way to get to the coffee.

After she had a couple of sips she looked at Andy. "I thought you said you couldn't cook."

Andy blushed, "Well, Pop and I used to do this every Saturday and Sunday morning."

Lee gave him a hug and whispered to Andy, "He's proud of you."

Max barked and Andy smiled and said, "Yeah, I know that now."

Martha let the dogs out. She then directed the twins in setting the table and pouring juice for everyone. The eggs were a big hit and everyone told Andy how awesome they were. Since Lee and Andy cooked, Martha and the twins cleaned up.

When they were all together in the den Lee tried to get a decision on which DVD to watch. When they had it narrowed down to The Santa Clause or the original Miracle On Thirty Fourth Street, the phone rang. Lee answered.

"Harris Residence."

"Oh, hi Nick."

"Sure. Two would be fine."

"Ha, good work, I'll let them know."

"Okay, see you at two."

"Of course Martha will be here."


Everyone was looking at Lee. "What? Nick, Dr. Lisa, Linda and Lt. Brown will be here at two. We will do the interview thing. Mr. Regnad wanted me to tell you that Special Agent Dukman will be busy with the Judge this afternoon."

The boys nodded. Andy then said, "I think we need to watch The Old Movie first since it came out first."

No one disagreed or had a better solution so they watched. The twins really got pulled in and were so excited when all the mail was dumped on the judge. They thought the end was pretty Kewl once they figured it out.

When the movie was over, Martha sent the boys to clean their rooms so if anyone went back there "they wouldn't think there were apes living here." All three boys left making monkey sounds and scratching their arm pits like in the movie.

Lee observed, "We have created a monster."

Martha smiled lovingly after her boys, "Yeah, three of them. God, Lee, I love them so."

"Me too, Martha, me too."

After a lunch of leftovers, they all straightened the house and ran the vacuum cleaner. The house was in perfect order and would have passed inspection by the meanest Marine Drill Sergeant, before anyone arrived.

Nick was the first to pull into the drive. When he arrived he had a laptop case and a large metal box, like a tool box. He said he would like to record the statements so if someone needed to review it they could and they wouldn't need to rely on notes. The boys agreed and Lee approved. Nick explained that they would interview the boys separately and would need the other to be out of hearing range.

Lee smiled, "You know Nick, that doesn't matter. Those two are in constant communication with each other; they don't have to be within hearing range."

"That's what Martha said too." Nick commented as he set up a camera and microphones. He then arranged the seating so the involved adults would be sitting in a semi circle in front of the boy they were interviewing.

Linda Thompson was the next to arrive. She wanted to talk to Lee before things got started. She had papers that needed signing and they took care of all that. Then she told Lee, "I have had an offer to take Andy off your hands, well actually three. The Scoutmaster and two other Scout families have made the offer to foster Andy. If he is too much for you and Martha I can move him."

"Don't you dare even think such a thing. I thought you loved me!" Lee said in a flash of shocked anger.

Linda paled, and whispered before she thought, "I do love you, Lee"

They both stood there staring at each other. Lee finally managed to say, "Stay for dinner, please, we need to talk."

"Yeah, we do. Oh God Lee I didn't mean to dump that on you like that."

"Linda, I'm not unhappy, we just need to talk. Okay?"

She nodded. Lee leaned forward and they kissed gently, their lips meeting for the very first time. Lee felt like the entire voltage output of the Hoover Dam coursed through his body. When they broke the kiss it was obvious that Linda felt the same. "Oh, God! I never felt anything like that before, Lee."

Lee just nodded, too shocked to form a coherent thought. {And so is TSL, Huh? TSL has no idea what they are talking about.}

Dr. Lisa Billings arrived just as Lee and Linda were making their way back to the den. Andy let her in and cornered her. They spoke in soft voices several minutes before going into the den also.

Lt. Brown, the arson investigator was the last to arrive and he had a notebook full of notes and a long list of questions. Lt. Brown asked if Mitch could be the first one interviewed. So Andy and Travis went out in the backyard to play with Max. Ginger refused to leave Mitch and sat alertly at his feet.

Nick began, "November 24, 2006, Fourteen twenty eastern standard time, Interview of Mitch Bartlett. Those present are; State Child Protective Services director for region 3, Mrs. Linda Thompson, child psychologist Dr. Lisa Billings, Lt. Brown, County Arson Investigator, Mr. Leeland Harris guardian of minor child, Mitchell Bartlett. Mitch please tell us about the night of October sixth."

Mitch took a deep breath, "I woke up, there were these popping sounds, then there was splashing kind of sound. I got out of bed and started to the door to my room."

Lt. Brown asked, "Can you remember if the door was open or closed?"

"Yes, sir, it was closed. I liked to listen to the radio and read before going to sleep so I always kept the door closed."

"Do you know what time it was?" Lt. Brown asked.

"Yes sir, It was one o'clock in the morning. 'Tech This' had just ended and 'Saturday Morning Confusion' was doing their introduction."

Nick said, "You listen to WTND too? They play some great stuff; I don't know anyone else that plays Firesign Theater."

Martha looked at Nick and Mitch and mumbled, "I think we are missing something."

Nick replied, "Don't get frantic, Martha."

Mitch added, "Boot to the head!"

Lt. Brown looked at them. "Are you two done?"

Mitch blushed and hung his head, "Yes, sir, sorry."

"So you have been awakened and it is one o'clock. You went right to the door?" Lt. Brown asked.

"No sir. I was almost to the door and I thought about how cold the floor in the bathroom was. So I went back to my bed and found my slippers. By the time I found the second one a hissing kind of sound started."

"How long did it take to find the slippers?"

"Ah, let me think, I looked around on the floor, then under the bed and had to move stuff around, I remember finding the USB cord for my laptop and camera. Ah, then I checked the dresser and finally found them in the closet."

"Thank you, Mitch, you can continue." Lt Brown said.

"When I finally got them on I started back to the door. Then there was this 'whoosh' kind of sound, It was real deep and started far away and came closer. Then fire shot out of the floor under the window, where the heat thingie was. They shot up almost to the ceiling then back and my bed was on fire. I went to the door and could feel heat. There was a streak of fire down the center of the hallway, burning the rug. I looked down the hall and flames were shooting out of Mommy's and Fathers room. It was getting hot and smoky. I decided to run. I went as fast as I could.

"I couldn't see so I just ran. I was hot and I could feel my hair burn and my arm, too. I almost fell down the steps, the front door was open, and I ran outside. There were some firemen with a hose and they turned it on me and I woke up in the hospital."

Lt. Brown was writing. He looked over his notes, and then changed the subject, "There was a picture you picked out from a bunch that Special Agent Dukman showed you. Is this the man?" Lt Brown showed Mitch a picture.

"Yes sir, that's the creep." At Mitch's emotional words, Ginger growled.

"Let the record show that Mitch has identified Dr. Wirklih Scheisse Dummesel." Lt. Brown stated. "How do you know him, Mitch?"

"My Father had him over on Tuesday nights when Mom was at her meetings. They would have drinks and then go into Father's office. Then Father would call me in." Mitch looked over at Lee. Lee knew this was very difficult for the boy and smiled warmly at him. He then nodded to convey his was support and love. Mitch caught his breath and continued, "It was back in June that it started. Father caught me playing with my..."

Mitch glanced at Dr. Lisa, she whispered, "The proper word is penis."

Mitch's face turned several shades of red. "Yeah, I know, penis. He said I was bad. He spanked me and told me my real punishment would be Tuesday night. That was the first time I saw the creep. Father told me I had to do everything the creep told me to do. I had to take all my clothes off and then they both spanked me. The creep made me stand in front of him and he pulled the skin back off my penis and looked at it. That made it get hard, then told me to turn around. I had to bend over and he looked at that. Then something warm and wet was back there. Then he told me to dress and go to my room."

Mitch paused and looked at the adults. He had their complete attention. Lee and Martha were near tears, Linda and Dr, Lisa had a concerned look, Lt Brown was staring with wide eyes and Nick was nodding and giving Mitch a thumbs up.

"I thought it was over. The next Tuesday night I had to do it all again. This time the man said I had to call him, 'Daddy' or else be spanked. He made me look at his penis and touch it. It was grrrrross. He has a Nazi thing on it, too."

Nick sat up, "A swastika? Tattooed on his d...ah, penis?"

Mitch nodded, "Yeah, he made me kiss it and then lick his penis. It was smelly and gross; I didn't like it at all. Each Tuesday night he would make me do more. The last Tuesday night he made me suck it until the stuff came out, then he put a finger in my butt hole. It felt really weird. He told me next week he would do it for real and 'fuck my tight baby ass.' He would have, too. He liked it when he hurt me or Father, the more I screamed and cried the more he smiled. I'm sure glad my new Dad doesn't want to do that stuff. I love you Dad."

Nick asked, "Mitch, you said he hurt your father too. How did he hurt him?"

"I watched from the bathroom. Father had a little peep hole and the man spanked Father and then put his penis in Father's rear. Father screamed and cried at first but usually shot his stuff before the man pulled out and Father had to suck it clean. Eeeewwwww, that was soooo grroooosssss. I sure am glad I didn't have to do that yet."

Mitch was finished. The adults sat there in stunned silence. Lee finally said, "Any more questions?" No one responded. "Thank you Mitch. You can go now." Everyone nodded.

Mitch got up and he and Ginger went outside. Martha said, "That was terrible. The poor boy. I knew bad things had happened but to hear the boy tell about it was heart breaking."

Dr. Lisa said, "Mitch has come a long way. He can face his past now without the anger he used to have. Lee, having you for support has been the key. A real father, or as he says, Dad. Travis has come far, but has a lot further to go yet. Be prepared for some pretty rough language. I know he'll talk and he won't sugar coat anything. He has a lot of anger at what has been done to him and he should. The anger will help him get through."

At that point the kitchen door opened, Travis and Max came in. Everyone settled in as Travis took the seat Mitch had left. Lt. Brown did the introduction again. "Now Travis, can you tell us what you can remember about the fire."

"Well, they had finished with me that night and tied me back to my bed. I easily got loose like I always did. John was no Boy Scout and couldn't tie a knot worth a damn. Any way there was some argument and then about four or five popping sounds, kinda like on TV when they have that silencer thing on a gun. Then it was quiet. I figured I better keep quiet for a while. Then there was splashing and I smelled gasoline. Then there was a hissing kind of sound then fire shot out of the vents. I couldn't get out the window because the fuckers had boarded it up so I couldn't escape. I ran to the door and thank God they hadn't locked it yet. The hall floor was covered in burning gas. I hadn't heard a car, so I decided to run and jump through the back window to the dining room. It was closer anyway. I don't remember much after that except pain and running. I kept running, I fell a lot but would get back up and run some more. I remember it getting light and dark and light again. When I woke up I would move on. I was cold and I hurt all over, especially my feet. Then I got this warm kind of feeling and a little later made a connection with Mitch. I then woke up and these people were trying to do something and I yelled for Mitch."

Travis paused and made eye contact with each adult. Lt. Brown said, "You said they were through with you. Who exactly?"

"Well John and Mark, of course, then there was that Fatassed Bastard and the Skinny Mother Fucker." Travis told him.

"Any idea of their names?"

"Well they all called Fatass, Doc or Boss, and they called the skinny one, Slim, I think it 'cause he had a little dick."

Lt. Brown showed Travis the picture. "Is this one of the men?"

"Yeah, that's Fatass alright. I sure hope you can get him. He's bad."

"I think it is just a matter of time at this point. We should be able to get him." Lt. Brown told Travis. "Let the record show that Travis has also identified Dr. Wirklih Scheisse Dummesel."

Nick reached out and patted Travis on the knee. "You're doing great Travis."

Travis eyed Nick but didn't pull away, a fact that didn't escape Dr. Lisa.

Nick took over the questions since it looked like Lt. Brown was done. "Now Travis, I would like to go back and have you tell me what you can remember from your past. Do you remember your mother or father?"

"I don't know. I remember this woman, just little things, but I feel she was like afraid of me. I couldn't tell you any more than that; I don't even remember a face or anything. Then there was the place we called Juvy. I was little about three when I got there. I hated that place. They had all these fucking stupid rules we had to follow all the time. The older boys would knock us around and steal anything we littles had if they wanted it."

"Do you have any idea how old you were when you were sent there?" Nick asked.

"Of course I was three. I remember crying when I realized I was being left there. They took my stuff and gave me a bed in the 'Little' Dorm. My first night was pretty bad, but did improve as I learned the system and how to get around it. I liked to read and they didn't think I could yet, so I had to learn how to get books in and out of the school library. That was how I learned to get around through the vents. When I was six I was big enough to get out the drainage system and I would go out at night. I was almost seven when they grabbed me one day and brought me here. John and Mark were mean and liked to do things that hurt. They had me about a week when Doc came and he examined me and then he stuck his finger in me and said I would do anything he told me to do. Then he hurt me. He visited every day for a while then he started bringing the Skinny Mother Fucker about twice a week. When they finished making me do stuff, John and Mark got to. Sometimes I could hardly walk, but I finally got used to it. I still hated it, though."

About a six months before the fire Doc told me he had found another one and for me not to worry he would still visit his little boy. I was afraid for the other boy, but kind of glad if it meant that I didn't have to all that stuff as often. Then there was the night Doc came and he told John and Mark that they had to waste this family and to set the place on fire. He told them to use gasoline and do something in the heat vents. He told them it had to be done the next night at exactly one in the morning."

Travis was getting pretty upset but he took a few deep breaths, He looked at Lee and received a warm understanding and encouraging smile. Dr. Lisa gave him a nod and a thumbs up.

"When John and Mark got home they were pretty upset. Something about hearing the sirens before the house burst into flames. They figured maybe there was an alarm or something they didn't see. That was Mitch's house and family. I figured old Fatass had called and was hoping they would get caught and be locked up. Then Doc came and told them they messed up and a kid survived. Mark told him off and they got really angry. Doc left without doing anything but Mark was really rough on me that night. The next night Doc and Slim came back and everyone acted like nothing bad had happened. Then the night of the fire, Doc said the kid had disappeared out of the hospital and was in the Child Protective Services and not going to the juvenile facility he owned and could get at the kid easily like they did me. He was especially rough and kissed me at the end and said, 'goodbye, son.'"

Nick said, "Holy Crap! Now some of the puzzle pieces are falling into place. Anybody got questions?"

All the adults shook their heads and Travis raised his hand. "What Travis?" Lee asked.

"Well, What's for dinner? I'm Hungry."

They all laughed, Nick took out his cell phone and hit a speed-dial button, "Three large Pizzas with everything, no Anchovies." (What?)

Max and Travis went back outside and the adults discussed all they had learned this afternoon. Nick was also burning DVDs for Lt. Brown, Dr. Comings, Special agent Dukman, Linda Thompson, Judge Kelper, Lee and himself. What none of them realized was that there was a hacker in Nick's Computer also making a copy of the interviews.

The pizzas did not survive and were completely demolished and poor Max and Ginger had to have, Dog Food, for dinner. Poor Max, Poor Ginger.

After dinner Dr. Lisa talked with the twins in their room. Lt. Brown left after checking Lee's smoke alarms. Nick and Martha sat together on the sofa and talked. Andy, Lee and Linda sat at the kitchen table talking.

"Mrs. Thompson, where is the stuff that was in my house?" Andy asked.

"Well Andy it was packed up and put in storage until you decided what was to be done with it. The clothing and personal effects were stored separately from the furniture, so you can get them any time you want." Linda replied.

"Okay, that's good. Maybe after Christmas I'll retrieve the stuff and go through it. I think I'll be able to then. I'm doing a lot better now." Andy replied.

"Yes, I noticed that yesterday at dinner. I know some people think dreams are just the subconscious making things up, but I've seen too many that are truly life altering events. I think some dreams are windows that let us see truth. It sounds like you have had one of those." Linda said.

Andy crossed the room and hugged Linda, "Thanks. I was worried about what you and the other adults would think of me having a dream like that. I've never had one like it before. The thing with Max was just bizarre."

Lee said, "I'll agree with that, especially when you consider that I've dreamed about him doing that and Travis shared your dream from the other perspective."

"Yeah, that was real strange. Ah, can I ask you two a question?" Andy asked.

Lee grinned, "I think you just did."

"Huh? Oh, yeah, funny. Ah, well just what is going to happen to me now?"

Linda answered, "That kind of depends on you. Mr. Harris has told me he would like for you to stay. I have no problem with that. Dr. Billings has asked me that also because it seems that Mitch and Travis are worried about you. So I guess the big question is what do you want to happen?"

Andy was choking up, "I could really stay? Oh, God that would be wonderful. That's what I want. I miss my Papa but this feels like home to me already. Both of them said I had found a good Dad. Would you mind if I stayed and could I call you Dad like Mitch and Travis?"

Lee stood and went to Andy. Andy stood and they embraced in a wonderful hug. Linda joined them in a group hug. Max's wagging tail could be heard thumping the floor.

"You know, Andy, I've been in seventh heaven all day because you have been calling me Dad. That makes me very happy that you can call me that. Yes, call me Dad. You are part of this family and can stay as long as you want."

Back in Mitch's and Travis's room Dr. Lisa was praising the twins on how well they had handled the interviews. Mitch then asked, "Dr. Lisa, why are Travis and I different now?"

"How do you mean Different?"

Travis said, "We can share thoughts and Mitch makes himself hurt to take away my pain. That just hasn't happened before."

"Well, to be honest, I don't have a real good answer for that. There have been cases of twins, particularity Identical Twins that have reported some of these things. I don't recall of ever reading about separated then united twins having this, ah, power. It is obviously real, both of you have healed far faster and more completely than anyone hoped. The theory has been that the time in the womb, the brains developing together in such close proximity, well, you two throw that one right out the window. You didn't do anything like this before getting together, did you?"

The boys looked at each other.

"Boys? Come on tell me, please."

Mitch: I always felt

Travis: That I wasn't alone

Mitch: That I was missing a part of myself

Travis: I've found that part, now.

Mitch: I remember being quite scared when I was like three, for no reason.

Travis: That's when I was taken to Juvy.

"Well, boys, you have something very special. You are so lucky to have found each other." Dr. Lisa told them. "I was a little worried about you having to talk about the abuse but you did great, and the fires were so scary and you did fine there too. Do either of you have any feeling about that?"

The boys just looked at her and shook their heads.

Meanwhile in the den, Nick and Martha were sitting together on the sofa, holding hands. "Martha, I know this may seem rushed but I have never felt like this before."

"Nick, it is a bit rushed, but I have had these feelings before and they resulted in a happy twenty three year long marriage. It isn't too late for us; we just need to think everything through."

"Oh, Martha, I never thought I was going to find my soul mate, but now I have. I wish I could be with you all the time."

"I know Nick, and we will be, eventually. Right now though, we need to concentrate on the safety of the boys and the rest will fall into place."

Nick pulled Martha to him and they shared a long sweet kiss.

* * * In a large mansion in the next county * * *

"You know I don't like those fucking cookies, get them out of my sight."

"Okay, Doc. Sorry. Come back to bed and ride me again, nice and rough this time. Made my tits bounce."

"I'll make 'em bounce, alright. I just got to figure how to get those two little fuckers. They escaped before but I'll get 'em. Wonder if I should fuck them one more time for luck. Ha, ha, ha."

"A little closer love so I can suck you hard."

"Mmmmm, swallow it all whore. Another fire, this time I'll do it myself, and nobody gets out. Get on all fours like the dog you are, I'm going to do your ass."

End Note:

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