First Day of Summer School

by Ashley Hardric 2016

Well, it's been a long time, but here's another figment from the perverted mind of Hardric. This is a work of fiction. That means it is not true. Didn't happen. However, some of the places named used to exist. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story. The author does not condone sex with boys; he only writes fantasies about it. Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won't catch any bad bugs unless I write them in. Enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to do so legally. Author accepts no responsibility for seminal damage to electronic devices, or pants.

**This story is the property of the author and may not be reproduced elsewhere (i.e. other than Nifty Archive) without his permission.**


First Day of Summer School

I hate this school.

I hate Summer school.

I hate ninth grade.

I hate being the skinniest kid.

I hate being lost.

I hate being ignored.

I hate being picked on.

I hate being shoved around.

I hate being gay.

I can't even find my locker, how am I ever going to find a boyfriend?

There's the bell for assembly. I don't have anyone to sit with. Maybe I can hide in the boys room. Maybe I can find a seat alone in the back.

"You look a little shell shocked, son. Let's find some seats; you can sit with me." The friendly voice penetrated my negative fog. It was coming from a teacher, a young teacher, with a smile on his face. I allowed myself to be guided by his arm around my shoulder and soon ended up making my way down a row of folding chairs with him. "Here's a couple," he said, and stopped, turning to face me before sitting down. Face to face with him, my heart started to race and I know my face turned beet red. He was drop dead gorgeous! And a very obvious package was evident under his thin dress pants. He sat down and I gawked. "Come on, sit," he said, patting the empty chair next to him. I sat, and just in time, because I was quickly sprouting a boner that would have been obvious from 50 yards away. We were sitting on small folding chairs, really packed in like sardines, hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder.

I looked at him -- well, his face -- and saw some slight amusement, and (I hoped) some sympathy. "I'm Mr. Hardric," he said. "And I'm guessing this is your first day."

I nodded. He went on, "And I'm guessing you have a name."

I nodded again. "So should I keep guessing, or are you going to tell me what it is?"
"Huh?" I managed, my voice barely a squeak. "Oh, I'm Matt. Mattie. I mean Matthew. Matthew Clark." He offered me his hand, and I took it, my small one engulfed in his. My God! It felt so good! I left it in his for several long seconds, which he did not resist. We did let go, though, and then I noticed that his package had grown and his dick was now lying across his leg, even more visible than when he was standing up. Mine, on the other hand, was hard as a rock, at full upright attention, barely hidden by my loose shorts.

Just then the National Anthem was announced, and we all stood. I managed to get myself and my dick upright without too much trouble, and then after we sang, there was a small commotion down the row because someone's foot got stepped on and some jostling ensued. I got pushed and nearly fell, but Mr. Hardric grabbed me around my waist and steadied me. And I let him, in fact, I leaned against him, and I felt his hardon against my side. Then we all got seated and settled, and I saw that his dick had grown fully hard. Without even thinking, I put my hand on it and wrapped my fingers around it. He put one hand on mine in silent encouragement, and the other he slid into my pants. He immediately found my hardon and touched mine as I had his. I had worn no underwear in a passive aggressive act of rebellion, and so there was no fabric between his fingers and my flesh. I nearly shot a load into his hot hand, but managed a bit of self control (for a change).

I'd only started squirting cum over the Summer, and now I could hardly jerk off often enough. I guess he did not put a lot of stock in self control, because he soon changed from holding to stroking, his thumb rubbing my head from the tip downward, where it's the most sensitive. I did not last long, that's for sure, before I erupted and shot a major load through his fingers and into my pants. It would make a huge wet spot but I was beyond caring. As I came down from the high of the cumshot, I realized that my hand was still wrapped around his dick, and I started stroking it. He stopped me, though, after a few seconds, and rearranged himself so that he was straight up. Then he took my hand and pushed it under his waistband and boxers, and I started over. His dick felt amazing: iron hard and soft as velvet. I wanted it in my mouth, but that could not happen just yet, so I settled for smoothing the slippery precum all over his head. Although not as quick as me, he did not take too long either, and presently shot his own load into his pants. He pulled my hand out of his pants, and gave it back to me to lick clean. I had caught a fair amount of his cum in my hand, and eagerly licked his juice.

His cum was so thick! Not like mine or Kenny's (the only other cum I've seen). His was almost like warm custard and it slid easily down my throat.

He whispered in my ear, "After assembly is morning break, and we can get cleaned up. Then I'll show you where things are." So after the end of the program, he led me down the to the shop wing to an unmarked door, which he unlocked. We went inside a small dimly lit room. "This is the darkroom," he told me. "I sponsor the photo club and this is where we do film and stuff. Especially stuff. Photo club is sort of a cover for a group of very special boys, like you, for instance. We meet up here where nobody can catch us. We have lots of fun together."

Then he pulled down my shorts, all the way down, and took off my shirt as well. I stood there naked, my dick hard again. Mr. Hardric took some tissues and started drying it off, and milking the leftover juices. Its full five inches were pointing up at 45 degrees. "You're gorgeous, you know. You really are. Gorgeous and hot." He switched from wiping to stroking, and in another couple of minutes, I shot another load, this time right into his hand. He gave me his hand to lick, and I did, and then he dropped his own pants and pulled off his polo shirt. Without clothes, he looked like a teenager. He had no body hair, and his pubes were shaved back almost to his dick. Which was hard again, held in now by a sheer white thong. He told me to unfasten it, and I did, and then knelt down in front of him. He did not have to tell me, I just did it. I kissed the tip of his rod and licked off the drops of precum that were oozing out. He was uncut, which I had only seen in pictures so far. I used my lips to push the foreskin back, before taking him into my mouth as much as I could.

I'd only ever sucked one dick before, that was Kenny the night before he and his family moved away. He's the same age as me, and his dick is about the same as mine. But Mr. Hardric's dick was huge! I could hardly get it into my mouth, but I did, and then sucked on it and licked it the best I could. Just like in the assembly, he came pretty quick, this time shooting his hot thick cream into my mouth instead of my hand. The first few shots overflowed my mouth before I could swallow any, and then he pulled out and continued to shoot, covering my cheeks, my chin, and my chest. After about 10 or 12 shots, he kept oozing cum that ran down the side of his dick, where I licked it off. He held my cummy face against his crotch for a little while, and then pulled me up and hugged me. Then he kissed me, and wow! He put his tongue into my mouth and we shared the taste of his cum on my tongue. It was fantastic and when we finally stopped, I was hard again.

This time he went down on his knees and took me into his mouth. If I thought the hand jobs earlier were hot, this part was scorching. I could not believe the heavenly feelings that came from his hot mouth on my hard dick. For the third time in an hour, I shot a load. Mine as I said was a lot thinner and not as much as his, and he easily swallowed everything I gave him, and then sucked me dry. It was overwhelming, and I just collapsed onto him, coming to a stop kind of in his lap and in his arms. I was still covered in cum, my dick was wet from his mouth, he was dripping leftover cum from his semi-soft dick, and I had never felt so good in my entire life.

After awhile, he shifted us a bit so he was more comfortable and kissed me. "I knew from the first moment I saw you at the assembly that you were going to be my special boy," he said. "It's what we call gaydar. And you sure are special. And hot." He hugged me tight again, and then said, "We have to clean up; break's almost over. I'll tell you how to get to your next classes, and you can meet me back here at lunch.

I floated through my next two classes in some sort of after-cum daze. My dick felt incredibly good, and the only thoughts going on in my head over and over were, "I can't believe I cummed three times! I can't believe I sucked off a teacher!"

I somehow found my class, still in a cummy daze, and still with wet shorts. We had to line up and get our books and assigned seats, and then do a worksheet. My seat was at the back of the third row. I got my stuff stashed under the seat and started to look at the worksheet. Soon, however, my attention wandered, and I started to look around. I was amazed to see a boy to my right actively jerking off, his hand in his pants and his hardon obvious. As I watched, he pulled his dick clear of his pants and shot off all over his belly. On my left, another boy was sporting a massive boner and a huge wet spot on his shorts as well. "WTF," I thought. "WTF?" Then a boy was called on to collect the worksheets, which I had barely started, and I noticed that he too had major wood and made no effort to hide it. He stopped at my desk, his dick pointing right at me under his nylon shorts, a precum spot starting to expand. I gave him a good long squeeze before he moved on to the next desk. I pondered all this through my next class. It must have been the craziest wet dream ever.

At the lunch bell, I found my way back to the darkroom. The door was locked, so I knocked. A soft reply came through the door, "Who is it?"

"Mattie," I replied, also softly.

"Is there anyone else in the hall?"

"No, just me," I whispered back. The door lock clicked, and I opened the door. The room was nearly dark.

"Close the door and push the lock button in." As soon as I did, the lights came on and Mr. Hardric, naked and hard, pulled me into a major bear hug, his hard dick pressing against my stomach. In about two and a half seconds I was hard as well. "I brought some sandwiches, but we're going to start with dessert. And meet some new friends."

At that, two naked boys stepped into view from around the corner. One was big and really, really muscular. The other was just the opposite: even smaller and skinnier than me. But the big guy had a tiny dick, maybe three inches hard, no body or facial hair, and hardly any pubic hair. The little kid had a humongous dick: nearly as thick as his skinny leg, and hanging almost down to his knees, and a thick bush, as well as facial and armpit hair. "Matt, meet Tiny and Biggs," Mr. H said.

"Zee plezurrr ees all mine. I am Antonio Leonardo da Vinci de Annotini. Zey call me Tiny," the big dude said, offering me his hand. I took it, and Mr. H said, "Tiny is our exchange student from Italy. The other boy spoke. "Hey Matt, I'm Zbignew Brzgszinski. You can call me Biggs." He too offered me his hand, and we shook, and then he pulled my shorts down. He gestured toward his own dick. "If you want to see it get hard, all you have to do is give it a lick and a kiss."

So I did, and sure enough, his massive dick started to swell. First it got fatter and firmer, and then it started to rise. It got to horizontal, and Biggs said, "It needs another kiss." So I gave it,, and again it started to rise. It got to about 45 degrees, and Biggs said, "Maybe you could push the foreskin back with your mouth." And again, I complied. There was some precum oozing out now, and I licked it off after I pushed the foreskin back with my lips. His dick then practically jumped the rest of the way to vertical and slapped against his stomach, reaching up beyond his breastbone. The boy must have had 14 inches rising up from his crotch. He was breathing hard and sweating, and precum was flowing steadily from the tip.

"Now that the formalities are finished, let's have dessert," Mr. Hardric declared. "Today on the menu is Daisy Chain. Mattie, you lie on the Matt, here on your side. Tiny, you lie so Mattie has his head at your crotch." And so on until he had us all positioned, each with his head at a dick. "And now gentlemen, go to it!" With that, he commenced sucking on the dick in front of his head, and so did we. I had Tiny, and up close I could see that he had more pubic hairs than I had first thought, although they were very pale and quite fine.

I was able to take his dick and his balls into my mouth all at once, so I did. I sucked on them all, and then released his dick to concentrate on his balls. He was squirming with delight when I took his small dick into my mouth separately. Like Mr. H and Biggs, he was uncut, and I used my tongue to push back his foreskin. Then I licked and sucked for all I was worth, until he spasmed and I felt a jet of hot cum hit my tongue. That was all, but several dry pulses followed before he came down. "I'm cumming!" I heard Biggs yell, and we all turned to watch him erupt, shooting spurt after spurt of cum. He hit Mr. H, his sucker, and Mr. H's face and chest, and over him onto the mat, again and again, probably 15 or 20 shots of thick creamy cum. And then I cummed, pumping and pumping and pumping into whoever's mouth was on my dick. After we had all shot, Mr. H. said it was time for the rest of lunch; he had brought sandwiches from Mr. Hero. We all got up and moved into the little room next door, where there was a small table and two chairs.

"Mattie, you sit on my lap," Mr. H. instructed. "And Biggs, you sit on Tiny's." With us all settled, he passed around the bag of burgers and subs and fries and pop, and we all ate and drank. After all the sex, we were ravenous. And thirsty! All that cumming required a lot of liquid. Once we had satisfied our teenage hungers, we turned our attention once again to other important matters: our hardons. I was stroking Mr. H's hardon, and he was stroking mine. And then suddenly Tiny lifted Biggs up with his muscular arms and set him back down on his dick. I think Biggs liked it, because he was squirming in obvious pleasure, rubbing Tiny's dick inside his butt until with a major thrust, Tiny came. And then they rolled onto the floor, and Biggs plunged his massive cock into Tiny, and both started grunting and moaning and grinding into each other until Biggs made a mighty push and buried his entire cock into Tiny, right up to his copious pubes, and then pulsed into him, just as forcefully as he had when Mr. H sucked him off.

Watching this pushed me over the edge again, and I shot another load onto my stomach, onto Mr. H, and onto the floor. Mr. H. was shooting as well, pumping his hot cream onto me and himself. We were all panting and trying to catch our breaths.

Our satisfaction was interrupted by the end of lunch warning bell, and we had to get ourselves presentable for class once again. Mr. H. checked my schedule and told me I'd be in his English class tomorrow. And it turned out that Tiny had the same class as me next, and Biggs had the next one with me too. So we wiped ourselves off and went to afternoon classes.

My next class was gym, which I hate. I'm weak and uncoordinated and I suck at sports. But this year, Tiny is in my class, so maybe it won't be so bad. He said he'd "take care" of me. In middle school, first day of gym is just getting lockers and uniforms. Here it was different. We were told to line up alphabetically, and then we would be given a basket for clothes and shoes, and assigned a locker. Then the teacher blew his whistle.

"Listen up, little girls! In a little while the doctor will be here to check you for signs of life, and hernias. He's running a bit late, so we'll get the locker baskets out of the way first. When you get to the front of the line, you will take a basket, scan your ID card, and proceed to remove all your clothes and your shoes. Place them in the basket, shoes first, and then place the basket in the locker that matches the number on your basket. The combination of the lock is on the basket, so memorize it before you lock the door. Then you may go into the gym and amuse yourselves until the doctor gets here.

So Tiny and I got our baskets, put our clothes in them, and locked them up after writing our combinations on our hands. Then we wandered out to the gym with a bunch of naked boys. When everyone had no clothes on, it was amazing to see just how many other skinny boys there were! Some were actually skinnier than me, and a bunch had smaller dicks than me.

The other amazing thing was how many boys were engaging in very casual and very sexual touching and stroking. There were pairs and threesomes, some blowjobs in progress, and a couple of larger groups that looked like circle jerks. A lot of boys had hardons. A LOT.

Just then a tall slender boy who looked like a champion swimmer ran up to us and threw his arms around both me and Tiny, his hardon pointing straight out. "Hey, this must be Mattie! Tiny texted me about you. I'm Nicky. Welcome to Brush High School! Also known as Hormone High. Do you want a blow job?" By the time he got to "blow job," all of our dicks were totally hard. Without waiting for an answer, he looked at me. "Over there is the blow job bench. If you want to give a blow job, you sit on the bench. If you want to get blown, you stand there until someone comes and sits. There's a hand job bench over there," he nodded toward another corner, "and the fuck bench is inside the locker room, next to the towel racks. Come on, I'm in the mood to suck some dick."

My overall haze of bewilderment continued to slow my response time, and I kind of stood there with my mouth open.

"Come ON," Nicky urged, grabbing my dick and giving me a tug. "The bench is open now. We won't have to wait at all."

Before I could completely comprehend the situation, Tiny and I were standing at the blowjob bench and Nicky was sitting in front of us. "I can take both of you at once, I think, since Tiny is not very big and Mattie is just ordinary." He pulled both our dicks together into his mouth and commenced some major sucking and licking. It was fantastic! Tiny and I both came at the same time, and just as we were coming down from that, the teacher blew his whistle.

"Is it always like this?" I asked Nicky as we walked over to the teacher. I stepped on a glob of cum and slipped, and Nicky caught me before I fell. He held me for some long, lovely moments even after I regained my footing, and I held his dick.

"No," he answered. "Only on days when there are no girls around. Today the boys have the entire gym because of doctor checks. Usually everyone is straight and 'normal.' "

"All right boys! Give me your attention. The doctor is here to help us determine if any of your are actually dead, or just faking it. We are tracking your development, and you will be measured for height, weight, chest and bicep size, penis length and girth, and testicular volume. Front, side and back pictures will be taken as well. You will be checked again at the end of the year, and then the next three years as well. Now, line up in four groups. Height and weight will be here, chest and bicep size here, penis and testicles here, and pictures here. At each station your ID card will be scanned so that all the data can be tracked.

So for the next half hour, we were measured, poked, prodded, and photographed, and our balls pulled while we turned our heads and coughed. Most of us stayed hard, although some went halfway soft. A boy behind me in the penis line was rubbing his dick up and down my ass crack, and jerking me off with his hand. We both came just before it was our turn to be measured, so we were both a bit wet. The doctor noticed, for sure, and wiped us both off before taking the measurements. The warning bell rang, and the teacher told us to get dressed, after going under the shower if we needed to wash off cum.

After school I returned to the darkroom as instructed. The door was slightly ajar this time, so I pushed it open and went in. The room was dark, but as soon as the door closed, lights came on and I found myself facing four naked boys. Before I could even react, Mr. Hardric wrapped his arms around me from behind, and said, "Boys, meet the newest member of our Fag-o Club. This is Mattie. Or Mat. Or Matthew. Let's give him a Fag-o Club welcome!" With that, he pulled my shirt over my head, and someone pulled down my shorts, and I was naked again, for the fourth or fifth time that day. And, of course, hard. As were the others.

Two boys whom I knew slightly from church began kissing and licking me, starting at the top and moving slowly downward. Both sucked on my nipples for a bit, which was a distinctly odd sensation. Nice, but odd. They moved further downward and around my dick, caressing my thighs but avoiding the balls. Meanwhile, another tongue or two had been working on my butthole, another odd but nice sensation. Finally, Mr. Hardric took firm hold of my dick and started stroking it, rubbing saliva and precum around the head. In very short order I erupted, shooting my seventh or eighth load of the day, squirting my thin cum against two or three boys.

"His butt looks awesome," one boy said. "He's so hot. Can I fuck him?"

"You have to ask him," Mr. Hardric said. "You know the rules."

"Have you ever been fucked, Mattie?" the boy asked me.

"No!" I said. "I've never done anything much, before today."

"Do you want to try?" he asked.

"Well, I don't know... will it hurt?" I said.

"We'll take it easy on you, get you stretched and lubed. And I'm not very big yet, so I don't think it will hurt much. But you're going to like it."

"And our rules are that if you get fucked, then you can do the same to your fucker. Fuckee becomes fucker, basically," the other boy chimed in.

"Well, I'm not sure..."

"C'mon Mattie. Give it a try."

I took a deep breath. I'd had more sex today than in my entire life so for, so why not? "OK, I'll do it."

Mr. Hardric said I should lie face down across his lap, so I did, his hardon pressing against my side. He directed the other two boys to my head, where they presented me with both their cocks to suck. They weren't all that big, and I was able to take them both in my mouth. I felt more licking and probing at my butthole, which I was starting to like a lot.

So I sucked and licked while I was being licked, and we were having quite a wet sloppy time together. Suddenly I felt a new sensation in my butt: something was pushing inside me, going further and further in. And then a wave of wonderfulness washed over me, and I almost passed out, it felt so good. And then another, and another. And then I don't know what I did, exactly, but the two cocks in my mouth both started pulsing and my mouth was filling up with cum, thin like mine, and I was swallowing some, and some was leaking out of my mouth and going up my nose and then I felt a bigger push in my butt and a body was lying on top of me and then I felt it pull back and push in again and then again and again and each time it felt better than the last and I could hardly stand it, it felt so good and then someone grabbed my dick and while my ass was kinda like glowing with pleasure, my dick started cumming and cumming and cumming and Mr. Hardric was cumming too and I guess there was cum all over me and the other boys and Mr. Hardric, and we all collapsed in one huge sweaty, cummy pile over Mr. Hardric, and lay there, gasping for breath, the dick in my butt still there.

Afterward, I was walking home slowly, still in a warm fuzzy place mentally, my shorts all cummy, and a wet warmness coming from my butt and my dick. I was trying to remember how many times I cummed. There was the assembly, and then the morning break, and lunch, and fago club. I guess it was eight or nine. Incredible. Then someone called my name.

"Mattie! Matt! Wait up, Mattie!" Ryan, my new fago club mate and recent fuck buddy caught up to me and threw his arm around my shoulders. "We're going the same way, I guess. Where do you live?"
"Next to Greenview," I told him. "You?"

"Me too. What street? I'm on Maywood." As we walked, he moved his hand to my waist, and then under my shirt. His hand on my skin felt wonderful.

"Golfway. We must be right around the corner from each other."

"Cool. Isn't fago club awesome? It was so fun today!"

"Awesome doesn't even come close." I slid my hand around his waist as well, and under his shirt. I was getting hard again.

"You wanna do it again? I know a place we can go."

"You serious?" I was totally hard now, and my heart was racing.

"There's a maintenance shed behind the school that's never locked. There's a bench inside we can use." His hand was now on my ass, his finger at my hole. "You're still wet -- what a surprise! -- so we won't need any more lube."

We walked behind the school yard and found the shed. As he said, inside was a padded bench, probably for the landscape crew at break time. In seconds we were both naked again, holding each other's hardons. He gently pushed me down on the bench, this time on my back, and instructed me to lift my legs up. Then he got on top of me and without any hesitation pushed his dick deep into my ass. The good feeling spread through my body and he pulled out and pushed in again. And then again and again, over and over, pounding in and out. I was delirious with pleasure, and then he came, his dick throbbing in me, his hot cum filling me up.

He sort of dropped onto me, his dick still in my ass, and we lay that way for awhile. Then he pushed himself up and off me, and declared "Your turn. Get up so I can lie on the bench."

So I did and he did, changing places with each other. I straddled him and lined myself up and then plunged into him as he had just done to me. He was as hot and tight and wet as he'd been an hour ago, and it was fantastic. I fucked him like there was no tomorrow, as if I hadn't just had an all day cumfest. It may not have been the best cum of the day, but it was right up in the top ten (ha!). I blasted into him again and again and then -- just as he had -- I lay on top of him, our two chests heaving, our bodies covered with sweat. I think we kissed for awhile, and I guess we fell asleep for a few minutes, and then it was time to get home. We go up and put our clothes on, and went back down the street toward our houses. Fresh cum was leaking out of both our asses, but I for one did not care.

At home, I walked in the back door, keeping my leaking ass out of sight of my mom. "How'd it go today, Honey?" she asked.

"It was pretty OK, I guess," I replied. "I met a few kids, and I'm gonna join f-- Photo Club. I'm really tired, though; it was a long day. I'm gonna grab a shower and take a quick nap before supper." I went upstairs to my room and pulled off my tee shirt. I looked at my half naked self in the mirror, checking out my chest, arms, and cummy shorts. They were splotched with wet spots and cum stains. I pulled them off and looked at my dick. It was soft for the time being, and a bit damp. Some leftover cum was still oozing out. My sparse pubes were stuck together with dried cum. "Damn!" I thought. "The other boys said I was hot. Maybe I'm not such a loser after all." I turned sideways and flexed my arm, and saw for the first time a bit of muscle, and a slight definition where my pecs where supposed to be. I gave my dick a squeeze and it plumped up to about half hard. So with a considerable increase in my self esteem, I headed into the shower.

I soaped myself up and washed the cum off, thinking back on the most sexual day of my life. Tiny and his muscles, skinny Biggs and his huge dick, Mr. H's smooth chest... By the time I rinsed off, I was hard again.

I got out, dried off, and went back to my room, where I lay down naked on my bed, continuing to think about my day, casually stroking my dick. Blowjobs and handjobs, and fucking! Especially fucking, with my fuck buddy Ryan. Nearly asleep, I cummed again, shooting this time onto my naked stomach.

The next thing I knew, the room was dark except for my desk lamp. There was a plate with a couple sandwiches and some chips, and a glass of milk. Everything was quiet. The clock read 11:30! Suddenly I realized that I was starved, and I wolfed down the food and the milk. Then I went back to the bathroom to pee, and returned to bed. I set the alarm and lay down again. For the first night in quite awhile, I did not feel the need to jerk off.

I love Summer school!

I love ninth grade.

I love being skinny and hot.

I love finding fago club.

I love fucking.

I love being fucked.

I love sucking dick.

I love being sucked off.

I love being gay.

Who cares if I can't find my locker? I have a gay teacher and five new gay boyfriends!


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