A Fond Encounter
by Sub-Orbital
November 1997

Please note: Some may find the content of the following material offensive and if graphic descriptions of young gay male encounters offend - please do not read any further - thankyou.

The events portrayed in the following text are mostly fictional and are not to be taken as pertaining to the author.

I think, on reflection, I knew I had been gay since about 11. My attempts to find people to be 'gay' with, however, were not always the highlights of my formative years.

One of my fondest memories was a relationship I formed with a boy named Adam. He was 15 and I recall being 18. After a series of failures and the usual misread signals from friends, I discovered Adam was 'on the same wavelength' (or so I thought) as myself. This was through 'sleep-overs' - where he showed scant regard for his privacy and a series of play fights that would end in rather close encounters of the flesh kind (!).

His parents were doing the usual 'took a few years to discover they hate each other' routine and so were divorcing and as a result, he would flit from friend to friends homes. Due to his behaviour, this was not for long and he spent some months in care homes learning the trade of a rebel.

He would often seek me out to spend time away from his peers, who would encourage his worst side. I think he came to me because he was safe, able to relax a little and spend my money ( a topic to be explored later ).

Adam was a lean, muscular lad, and had , what I call, a 'streetwise' body i.e. muscular because it had to be, lean due to diet and had a smell unique to boys of that age. He had blond hair which was always shaved to the scalp on the sides and with his baggy clothes and cap, looked like a typical 'hip-hopper'. He had a typical English complexion - pale, but he had dark freckles and very noticeable blue eyes.

His arms were shaped and looked strong for someone so young and when he laughed, you could see his neck was firm and was attached to a fine frame. Almost on purpose, he would wear his clothes so you could see parts of his glorious body. Mostly, his boxer shorts would be left peeking out just below his navel, as his jeans clung to his slender hips. In the summer, a vest would appear and a tiny amount of armpit hair could be seen at the right angle. His legs were, again, muscular with thick hair at the bottom, thinning towards his thighs.

Our first encounter was an exploration session - my room having a double bed and not much room for anything else, so sharing a bed was par for the course. He always let me hug him before anything below his waist was touched and eventually, I built upon this. The occasional touch of my arm or elbow on his groin whilst hugging him always went unmentioned and never expanded on, until one great day.

After having the usual Friday night of driving round in my car, eating junk food and pretending to enjoy some of his friend's company, he asked if he could stay over. With no hesitation, I thankfully drove home and via some beer retired for the night.

He played on the Playstation for some time - immediately removing his shirt, due to it being 'too hot' and the light from the television as I looked at his back had me aroused in seconds. After he hit his boredom threshold on the machine, I heard him 'pop' his belt, a noise which had always given me a rush. As his jeans hit the floor ( I was already in bed due to being 'tired') I could see dark cotton boxers, the type that cling and show a lot more than the thick cotton ones.

He climbed into bed and immediately huddled closer to me. Our activities were never shared with his peers for obvious reasons and as a result, he would often feel able to show affection and receive it - knowing neither of us would discuss this.

This night, he asked me to rub his back as it was 'sore' and I couldn't wait to do so. I gave what I thought to be a massage and I could feel him respond to my touches with small sighs and movements that indicated pleasure. I worked my way down his back and got to the awkward point : lower or not? With 50% beer and 50% 'well you can always get a new friend!' in my body, I moved my hands to the top of his buttocks.

He shuddered a little, but allowed me to put my explorative fingers on top of his boxers, just below his black elastic waistband. I noticed at this point that the boxers were old and well worn ( like his trainers ) and that there was a rip on the left side ( I always got him underwear from this point). I remember asking if he was 'o.k.' and got a muted sigh and nod of a head. This was all that was said for a while. I moved my hands down his buttocks and felt my adrenaline levels rise, as too did my breathing rate.

I made it to the bottom of his shorts with soft, slight touches and then began to lightly stroke the top of the backs of his legs. I took a deep breath and grabbed each leg and ran my hands from the top to the bottom of his thighs. His body twitched and his legs opened to about 30 degrees. His scrotum was giving off a strong heat and with his previous responses and the gamble that he would say nothing, I moved my right hand between his legs and brushed his balls. He reacted by lifting his hip a little as if to encourage me. My head was spinning at this point and I worried that he would run off in the morning, but the pleasure of the situation soon had me concentrating on the body infront of me again.

Through the gap between his leg and boxers, I could feel his balls were loose and very warm, I also remember a musty sweet smell from that area. He was not as hairy around his scrotum as I had thought, but his balls felt 'adult' and were well detached from his body - hanging slightly due to the angle of his body. He was lying on his stomach with his right leg raised slightly allowing me access to his scrotum and after a few minutes of exploring his balls, I gently took my right hand and tugged at his right hip - my way of saying turn over! He responded by rolling on to his back.

There was a deathly quiet in my room, only the sound of my 'go to sleep C.D.' playing in the background, as I assessed the situation - 15 yr. old in my bed, sexually aroused, giving me access to his penis ! I stroked his stomach - flat, tight and with that smell again. I began the same ritual, exploring slowly . The top of his boxers became the turning point for me. Once on to those, no turning back. His cock was trying to escape from them anyway so I peeled his boxers over his hips and he raised his arse up to remove them - intuition or habit ? I'm not sure! Once passed the awkward 'getting the legs out' stage, I could feel the nearness of something warm and large.

I let my hand wander his shaft, He was about 6 to 7 inches in length and had a large foreskin - possibly the softest skin I have ever felt. Each touch would provoke a small twitch from his penis and I moved down to the base at this point. There was a small ring of hair around his, by now pulsing, cock. The pubic hair was just getting to reasonable length, but was sparse.

Adam remained silent during all of my touching - his breathing betraying how he really felt : deep and fast with brief sighs breaking his silence.

I retracted his foreskin after some ‘petting’, and it glided back - revealing a huge head. His foreskin travelled down almost the whole length of his cock and it stiffened as I pulled it back to the base. He appeared aroused when this happened - pushing a little with his pelvis. His cock raised through my hand - an artificial vagina in his imagination, I thought to myself. ( He always portrayed the active hetro male to his peers).

He put his right hand on my shoulder at this point - my head on his chest looking down at his cock. I continued to make his head glide in and out of his foreskin and eventually he lubricated this movement with a small amount of ‘pre-cum’.

Adam uttered some memorable words at this point : ‘suck it’ and that was all that was said! His hand raised and put gentle pressure on my head to go down to meet his cock. He uttered the words as if he was experienced at getting blow jobs ( maybe not from men).

I lowered my head and his hips raised to meet my mouth - an experience I was eager for so did not resist. The feeling of being told what to do by a 15 yr. old was thrilling. I licked his head gently and at this point, his hips flattened to the bed and his cock thickened. He made a slight moan as I licked down his shaft and then put my whole mouth around his cock. He then pushed very hard into my mouth, I could feel my gag reflex, but soon adjusted to the size of his cock in my mouth.

My hand remained around his cock as he thrust his shaft through my hand and pushed his cock into my mouth and with every thrust, he would make a slight ‘chewing’ noise ( like he was chewing gum ) - a strange noise, but I was not in a position to ask him why !

On several occasions, I would take my mouth off and lick his head, moving down towards his balls, but he would prompt me by pushing his shaft back into my mouth - indicating that head was far more important to him.

Continuing my sucking, he began to tilt his body to the right and he placed his left hand firmly on my head and began to press my mouth deep on to his fully retracted cock. ‘That’s it’, he uttered as he peaked and his hips slowed for a brief moment. His cock throbbed and he pushed it as deep as he could into my mouth. His sperm tasted salty, but most was pushed down my throat, giving me little time to savour.

He immediately turned over, but allowed me to continue hugging him through the night, I got little sleep as I though about Adam’s performance and guessing if he would do it again or leave me.

In the morning, he continued his usual conversation and left as if nothing happened. He would continue this relationship, but he began to use me for money and would ask for clothes and cash to ‘sneak off’ and play around with girls. He took advantage of me for three years, but I let him - as the pay off was great!

I shall continue to expand on my relationship with Adam and others soon…..

Kind regards to you all - stay safe.