"Fool For Love Part 4"

By Jeffy

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This story depicts minors and adults having unprotected, unsafe sex. Obviously, this is not real life and should be taken as such. Otherwise, enjoy!

"Found someone you have, hmmmmm?" - - M. Yoda

Now that I knew myself for a total fool, did it help? Nooooo, of course not. I mean who but a total fool falls in love with someone who not only doesn't return his love, but steals from him too? And the worst part was that I couldn't even stay mad at the little bastard! I mean, here I was almost 40 years old, had a great job, nice apartment, good career, and all I wanted now was a certain skinny little kid to fall in love with me. The rest of the weekend passed numbingly as I tried to make sense of things to myself. Yeah, right! Monday arrived with no resolution.

The big event of my week was a party a friend had invited me to on Thursday. It was a big shindig for several Republican candidates who were running for county offices (even though I'm a lifelong Democrat). I felt that it might help me make some valuable contacts and besides, it was free. Well, the evening was just as dull as I'd feared it would be, so I decided to have a drink. And another. And another after that. You get the idea. I'm normally a non-drinker, and as a consequence I have very little capacity for liquor in any form. By the time the night was half over, I was good and blitzed. I was also far from a happy drunk at that point.

"Hey, Jeff, c'mon, I've got someone I want you to meet." That was my friend Jay, the one who'd invited me to the shindig in the first place.

"He's running for city council, a lawyer, and seems to be a real cummer in the party. He's also filthy rich! Wife left him last year, so he isn't running on the `family values' platform. I think he sent his kid off to school somewhere, too." Jay just went on, as if I cared at that point. We went over to the man, who seemed surrounded by people wanting to shake hands with him. Then I finally got a look at him.

My god! I just stopped and stared, my mouth hanging open. He was handsome, certainly, in his mid 40's, but that wasn't the reason for my staring. I saw in his face the adult echo of Alex's every feature! The eyebrows, cheekbones, the shape of the jaw, all just like those of my beloved boy! Standing there I knew, knew mind you, that this was my boy's father. Fresh, hot drunken anger boiled up in my veins, surging through my body. Somehow I managed to shake hands with him without the top of my head flying off. I sulked off to resume my drinking, getting drunker and angrier as the evening progressed.

Roger. Now I could put a name to the bastard who'd hurt my Alex. His name was Roger. As you can see, I was most definitely NOT thinking straight at that point, whether from the booze, the anger, or probably a combination of both.

At one point in the evening I found myself next to Roger, who seemed to be drinking lightly, and purred into his ear, "Seen Alex lately, Rog?"

He gave me a very startled look as I walked away, smug in the fact that I'd sunk that one deep. Roger was now drinking as heavily as I, slugging them back one after another. We kind of circled around each other for the rest of the evening, like two boxers who were afraid to get too close. It began to get very late.

My next clear recollection was one of waking up on the floor, wondering why I was sleeping there, and fully clothed to boot. Agggg! My head hurt, by body ached, and my mouth tasted like something crawled in there and died! I just sat there on the floor, holding my head, as it all came rushing back to me. Oh, shit! My loud, drunken, furious argument with Roger over Alex, coming to blows, being forcibly separated, then drinking myself totally stupid. Shit!

I heard a moan from the direction of the couch. Walking over there (very slowly) I saw Roger stirring, looking like hell, with a fat lip and a nice shiner. At least I'd gotten my licks in!

Just then Jay walked in.

"Well," he said to both of us, "the naughty schoolboys are awake, are they? You two were the hit of the evening! We hardly ever have fistfights at our political functions here." Jay, in case you haven't noticed, is an absolute master of sarcasm. I'd never been on the receiving end before and was now beginning to appreciate his oratory skills - kinda. Both Roger and I kind of stood there, just like the schoolboys Jay called us, and mumbled our apologies. Jay was having none of it.

"My party? You had to pick my first political function of the year to do this?" Jay was really getting into it, the veins in his forehead bulging nicely. "Have you seen this?" He brandished the local paper under our noses. The headline read, "FISTICUFFS AT LOCAL GOP FUNDRAISER". Thank God at least they didn't have a picture of Roger and me going at it. Roger just buried his face in his hands and moaned, no doubt seeing his fledgling political career going down in flames. My head hurt too much for me to care.

"Jay, you know I love you like a brother. Kill both of us if you want, but please, please don't shout." I was reduced to pleading with my buddy of many years. If he raised his voice again my head was gonna explode, just like in `Scanners'.

Jay took pity on us and left the room without a word, searing us with a laser-like glare. Roger and I just stared at one another, totally at a loss. Eventually, we adjourned to the nearest IHOP to work on our respective hangovers in earnest and ingest massive amounts of that heavenly beverage known as coffee. After about three cups, I began to feel that I just might survive.

I sat across the table from Roger, not knowing what to say. After all, you don't say things like, "By the way, you son is a great fuck!" I'm sure he also felt at a loss, but he decided to plunge right in.

"What do you know about Alex? Is he all right?" His voice was rough; his face, however, showed nothing of his emotions. This guy must be one helluva lawyer.

"He's living on the streets, of course. What did you expect? I'm trying to help him, but he seems to be resisting." I was shaking with rage now that I had the bastard in front of me. "How could you let him just run away? HOW?!?"

Other restaurant patrons were now looking at us as my voice rose. With an effort, I calmed down and forced myself to listen.

"How can I say this without sounding like a selfish asshole?"

"Don't worry, I already think you are one," I informed him.

He smiled a little at this, appreciating, at least, my honesty. "Don't mince words, do you? Well, my wife and myself, we never wanted kids. They just weren't part of the deal with her career, my law practice and everything. When she became pregnant, we both felt it was wrong to abort. Alex was the result."

I just sat there, stone faced, not wanting to believe anything even remotely good about this man.

He went on, "We both did the best we could, but it seemed like we were always busy. When my wife left, I plunged into my work and political career. I did the best I could. It wasn't good enough, I guess. I won't go into my childhood, save to say that I seem to have made the same mistakes that I hated my own father for. I do love my son, in my own way. I know you don't believe me, but it's true." He just sat there, looking down at the table as the waitress brought our food.

I was in turmoil now. I could see his sincerity, his pain, but still I wanted to hurt him for what he'd done to my Alex. We both picked at our food for a while, and then I just couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Don't you want him back? Aren't you even worried about him at all?" I was, truly, not nice people that morning.

"Of course I care, asshole! But after the fight we had when he ran away, I don't think he'd ever come back voluntarily. I said, well, I said..." He broke off, his eyes misting over, his façade cracking for the first time. It was over a minute before he could continue.

"Let's just say that I was an insensitive, overbearing prick and leave it at that. I know you won't find it hard to believe. Don't worry about hating me, everyone does." He seemed to find this amusing as he dug into his breakfast, chuckling a bit.

We talked for a long time, lingering over breakfast first, then coffee as we both came to a sort of agreement. He would give me legal custody of Alex and I would do my level best to get him off the streets and to protect him. Even as I agreed to this arrangement, I knew that I had the tough part of it. Getting Alex to trust anyone, especially an adult male, would definitely be an uphill battle.

As luck would have it, Alex showed up on my doorstep that very weekend. As soon as I heard the knock on the door at about 7 PM on Friday, I knew it would be Alex. I ran to open it, only to find Alex leaning drunkenly against the doorframe, dressed in cheap, polyester-looking clothes. One look into his eyes told me he was either drunk, high, or most likely both. Oh, my baby! I cringed as he walked inside, his movements too fast and jerky, like someone who can't slow down. He bounced around my apartment breaking things and talking a mile a minute (while making no sense) until, in desperation, I wrapped him in an old sheet and held him close (when I was a kid we had a Siamese tom cat, and we always had to wrap him in a towel for the vet to get near him. Dad always said that if the cat were a human, he'd carry a straight razor. I thought the same technique might work on Alex).

Finally, Alex calmed a bit, shaking and moaning in my arms as he came down off his high. Then he moaned one word, "BATHROOM!"

We didn't quite make it in time. He started spewing as we were about five feet from the toilet. God, what a stench! I held his head as my boy attempted to throw up every meal he'd ever eaten and then some as he dry retched for quite some time. Eventually, I held him, pale and shaking, in my arms. For the life of me I don't know which one of us was crying harder. I gently put his shaking body into the tub, then stripped and got in with him since I was almost as covered in vomit as he was. He sat, unresisting, as I soaped and rinsed his thin, pale body several times until I thought he just might possibly be clean, then I quickly did the same for myself. After that, I dried him thoroughly and put him in my bed as I warmed up some soup and made him drink two doses of Pepto-Bismol. After feeding him and settling him in my bed, I went and cleaned the bathroom. What a job it was, too! As I washed and mopped, I reflected on how much I must love Alex in order to put up with all of this. Finally done, I adjourned to the living room to watch some TV while Alex slept the deep sleep of the heavily drugged.

After a couple of hours, I saw Alex's buns disappear into the bathroom and heard his loud moan of relief as he peed like a racehorse. After that, sleepy and blinking, he dragged himself and the (new) comforter from my bed in and sat on my lap, wrapping us both in the comforter. I just snuggled him close, stroking his hair.

"Hi," he said after a minute.

I had to chuckle. "Hi yourself. You know, you really shouldn't be drinking at your age."

"I'm new at it. I'll get better," he informed me loftily.

I couldn't help it. I started to laugh like it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard, and after a moment Alex joined in. We laughed until the tears ran down our faces and our ribs hurt. Then Alex gave me a serious, probing look and quite deliberately began playing with my flaccid dick. It didn't stay flaccid for long as he worked it expertly, getting me hard in no time. The feel of his smooth, warm little fingers on my body had the usual result, that being one of mounting excitement. I was also keenly aware that this was the first time Alex had initiated any sort of sexual contact with me.

Alex continued to have his way with me, the silence broken only by my gasps of pleasure. Finally, when I was just on the verge of cumming, Alex gave my dick a hard yank to forestall the pending eruption. By this time I was almost crazy with lust! I grabbed Alex and held him close, trapping his arms by his sides and boring in for the deepest, wettest, most passionate kiss in the history of humanity. He struggled a bit at first, then went totally limp in my arms as I pressed the kiss home. I swirled my tongue around, exploring his entire mouth, then stuck it as far down Alex's throat as it would reach. This got a squeak and a shudder out of him. Then, to my surprise, he began dry-humping me furiously, as he had one of his patented dry orgasms. I was amazed that I'd been able to make him cum just from kissing him.

I just stared as the sweaty boy collapsed on my chest. Before long he was cuddling up to me as closely as he could, making my dick strain again. God how I wanted him at that moment! I just let my hands explore his exhausted body, running my fingers over his chest, gently tweaking the nipples, then up around his shoulders and down his bare back and his spine. So fine, so soft, so warm under my hands. I became aware of just how thin he had become as I could feel every rib and vertebra. Finally, I could resist no longer as I began to stroke his semi-hard little boydick and balls. His dick rapidly became hard (ah, youth!) under my gentle ministrations. It was, I thought for the umpteenth time, just gorgeous! Very thin, about 3" long, with a nice upward curve just like mine, it was so soft, hard, and warm in my hand all at the same time.

Alex interrupted my reverie. "Squeeze it," He requested.

I took his hot little boner in my hand and squeezed gently.

"Harder," he begged. I squeezed harder.

"Harder!" I did, with a little trepidation. I didn't want to hurt him.

"C'mon, harder, harder!" Finally I squeezed hard on his dick, praying I didn't really hurt him.

"Oooo, yeah!" Alex cooed aloud, squirming a little in my grasp. I knew instinctively he didn't want me to let go yet. Finally, he relaxed a bit and I resumed gently stroking his dick. I was unable to resist his silent plea as he got up on his knees and presented that cute little appendage for sucking. At first I just licked it up and down, pausing only to lick and suck on his balls, which were as small as marbles in his soft, warm scrotum. His warm, clean boy smell made my head swim in excitement. I let my fingertip stray around to his butt and began stroking up and down the crack until I found his boyhole, which I began stroking in a circular pattern.

This proved to be too much for my boy as he was torn between thrusting backward to get more penetration of his anus or thrusting forward got get more of his cock in my mouth. Decisions, decisions! Finally I decided for him as I sunk my middle finger deep into him and simultaneously took his entire boydick into my mouth, adding his balls for good measure. Alex was almost insane with need by now, holding my head and moaning. Now I had him right where I wanted him! After only about two dozen strokes he squeaked and came in my mouth, his dick jerking wildly for what seemed like forever in dry orgasm.

He cuddled in my lap, content, while I extracted my finger from his butt. Now the only problem was that I was hornier than ever while Alex was satisfied or so I thought. After a couple of minutes he recovered and, seeing the drool of pre-cum leaking from my now slightly softened dick, took matters into his own hands. Or, rather, into his own mouth. He happily slurped up the fluid leaking from my dick and proceeded to deliver the slowest, most excruciatingly erotic blowjob I've ever received. The worst (best?) part of it was that he went oh so slowly the entire time, never varying his speed or stroke so that it became an effort not to cum in his lovely, hot, wet, sucking, licking...well you get the idea. If I'd died then and there the undertaker never would have been able to get the smile off my face.

I was in a haze of lust as Alex sat back with a string of pre-cum connecting his lips and my dick. He sat up, took a deep breath, then lined up his anus with my dick and started to press it home. I came out of my daze just as the head of my dick reached his little pucker.

"No! Wait, just a sec, I'll get a rubber and lube. Don't move!" I gently lifted Alex and sat him on the couch as I raced to the bedroom and yanked my end table drawer open, took out a box of condoms and my tube of KY. I think I may have broken the land speed record on the way back into the living room! Alex was quietly crying.

"Honey, what's wrong?" I took him into my arms, holding him close.

"I thought you loved me," he sobbed, "I really really thought you did."

"I do, I do little one!"

"Then why do you need that stuff?" He pointed to the box of condoms in my hand.

"Because it wouldn't be safe without it. You know that, probably better than I do." I uncapped the KY and began working his pucker with one finger, getting him good and relaxed. Alex immediately stopped sniffling and got into it, rocking his hips back and forth and raising his butt up off of the couch. After a minute or two, I began using two fingers and more lube. By this time Alex was arching his back and tossing his head from side to side, moaning. When he gets going, there's no stopping him! My stroking of his prostate as I worked my fingers in and out had the desired effect, namely that of bring him almost to orgasm.

I stopped, sensing that any more would bring him off, then quickly rolled the condom down over my rock-hard dick, then I lifted him close to me and in one firm stroke sunk myself into his waiting ass. He squeaked once in surprise, then pressed himself down hard and had a massive dry orgasm. He moaned, shook, and quaked as his anal muscles tightened on my throbbing dick and I clenched my teeth to keep from cumming. We sat there for some timeless time, just holding each other as Alex began to come down from his orgasmic high.

"Wow! That was excellent! And it hardly hurt going in!" Alex was ecstatic, grinning and beginning to rock back and forth again on my lap. Ah, youth!

"That's because I loosened you up first. And also because I wasn't concerned with my own pleasure, only with yours." Even as I said it I knew it was true. Bringing Alex pleasure was better at that moment than receiving it was. Alex looked at me like I was nuts, then dismissed it, humping me like mad. Of course I responded, humping him back like mad and running my hands al over his sweaty, smooth skin, tweaking his small nipples (which he loved) and playing with his thin, little dick.

We rocked back and forth, both sweating and moaning like mad, one mind in two bodies, until I could hold on no longer and exploded in an orgasm that registered about 9.7 on the Richter Scale. Alex orgasmed along with me, cumming so hard he couldn't even utter a squeak. Have you ever heard an orgasm described as "earth shaking"? This one was! I swear I felt the world shake around me as I saw sparkles and swirls of multicolored light. When I finally re-entered my body, Alex was totally limp in my arms. I separated us, then tenderly cleaned him up and put him in bed, where I joined him after taking the longest piss of my life and getting cleaned up. What had just happened transcended sex.

Some time during the night, I awakened and rolled over, reaching out an arm to hug my boy. My arm hit only the sheets as I did so. No Alex, only a bit of lingering warmth. I rolled back over and fought the tears back. I thought something very special had happened earlier; apparently I was wrong.

What a fool I was!

Just as I was drifting back off to sleep, I felt a small body slip quietly into bed. A small, smooth arm slipped itself around me as Alex snuggled close, sighed, and went to sleep.

To be continued...