"Fool For Love Part 5"

By Jeffy

All of the usual disclaimers apply. This story is entirely fictional. No house pets, rain forests or lab animals were harmed in the writing of this story. It is intended for adults only. You can send comments or constructive criticism to Jeffs71@Hotmail.com. Flames will be ignored so don't bother. This story has been copyrighted by the author. You may, of course, download it for your enjoyment, send it to your friends, even use it on your website as long as access to the site is free, it is not changed in any way and I'm credited as the author.

This story depicts minors and adults having unprotected, unsafe sex. Obviously, this is not real life and should be taken as such. Otherwise, enjoy!

"Home is where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in." - C. Vorkosigan

From part 4:

Just as I was drifting back off to sleep, I felt a small body slip quietly into bed. A small, smooth arm slipped itself around me as Alex snuggled close, sighed, and went to sleep.



I just held stock still as Alex did this, mostly in shock. By this time I had almost become used to him leaving me in the lurch (so to speak). As I dropped off to sleep I allowed myself to hope, just a little. Would he finally stay with me? I could only pray that he finally would.

I woke up in the morning nose to nose with Alex as he snored softly. His breath was warm on my face as I ever so slowly eased myself out of bed before my overfilled bladder exploded. After pissing like the proverbial racehorse, I just stood in the doorway of my room and watched Alex sleep. God, he was so cute! He'd turned over onto his back, with one arm outstretched above his head, still snoring. How in the world could such a cute little boy snore like that? As I stood and watched, I felt my heart melting even more and had to admit that I was now hopelessly in love with the willful little monster. The dim sunlight made a pattern across his bare chest, outlining the hollows of his ribs and tummy. I made a vow right there and then to put a little meat back on his bones.

He stirred, yawned, and smiled lazily up at me. I just couldn't help gently beginning to touch him as he grinned even more widely up at me. I literally wanted to touch him all over, to crawl inside his skin and be with him forever.

"Turn over, honey," I whispered to him. He smiled again and turned onto his belly. I can't put into words the incredible beauty that met my eyes as he lay there, butt sticking up slightly, the absolute vision of boyish perfection. His butt wasn't quite a bubble-butt, being a bit elongated and slim, but it was just perfect to me. I began stroking at his perfect, slim neck and shoulders, marveling at the smooth, soft feel and the incredible warmth. The marks of abuse on his back stood out in sharp contrast to the creamy white skin, but even those seemed to add to his beauty, not detract. He'd never again have to suffer like that if I had anything to say about it!

Have you ever noticed that some boys, especially blond ones, tend to be fuzzy little creatures? Alex had the cutest peach fuzz on the back of his neck and down onto the middle of his back. It reappeared in almost insubstantial form in the hollow of his lower back. He had that same fine layer of down on his upper cheeks, just where his hairline stopped and merged into his sideburns, and of course on his arms. His lower legs were also hairier than I thought a boy's should be, although you had to look hard in good light to even be aware it was there.

Alex moaned, not in urgency but just in contentment as I worked my way to his lower back, kissing and nibbling down his spine until I got to the top of his slim buns. His smell, that clean, undefinable boy smell was making me insane! I ever so gently began to stroke his buns, separating them slightly to stroke his crack. He wriggled in delight as stroked up and down that most sensitive part until I finally began to circle his hole. This produced the predictable result; he moaned more urgently and lifted his butt up, wanting more contact. I teased him shamelessly, not giving him the contact with my finger, until he finally began to buck his hips in pure frustration. He stopped and held absolutely still when he felt my tongue begin to work on his crack and hole, up, down, rim around, then start again. An act that should have been repulsive wasn't, not when Alex was getting such pleasure from it. I have no idea how long I worked his cute, pink little hole, the rich earthy smell just making me hornier and hornier. Finally, I had mercy on him and wanked his slim dick furiously as I stuck my tongue as far up his boyhole as it would go. Alex whined and bucked his hips, his dicklet throbbing strongly in my hand.

Alex just lay there, dazed and sweating, as I gently turned him over onto his back. After all, I'd only done half of him so far. I positioned him like a doll, legs spread and arms above his head to expose his cute, hairless underarms. Just for variety's sake I began at his feet, licking and nibbling at his toes as he recovered from his sexual daze and began to giggle and squirm at my ministrations. He had the most perfect little boyfeet and toes! I felt like I could nibble on them all day! I worked my way upward, noticing the little hairs around his ankles (yes, even they were cute) on my way up to lick the insides of his thighs. I just loved licking and sucking on them, especially right where they joined his body just under his hairless little scrotum. Alex again moaned in frustration as I skipped his dick and balls and moved up to his lower tummy, so white and taut. Looking up I could count every rib; he was definitely way too skinny! Slowly, gently, I moved up and began licking his entire narrow chest, teasing and pinching his pink little nipples as I did. He really responded, loving every minute of it, as I sucked his left nipple, stroking his bare underarm. I just had to lick it! As I moved up and did so, I was struck by the taste and smell; not bad, just clean and a bit sweaty, the smell of pure boy! Alex had a stunned look on his face, as if he couldn't believe what was happening. I felt like we had all the time in the world, or even as if time had stopped for us right there and then. There was no hurry, no urgency; nothing in the universe existed for me except my boy.

After a timeless time I suddenly reached down and took Alex's dick and balls into my mouth, sucking gently. I felt it throb and pulse even as I did so and Alex had yet another dry orgasm. I gave his organs a good working over, sucking, manipulating, exploring every inch of his wonderful, hard little boyhood. It was small enough that I could give it all the attention that it deserved while still doing his marble sized balls at the same time. Alex, ever sensitive, moaned and jerked whenever I switched from licking around the head to sucking the whole thing deep, or working on his little pisshole. I felt like I wanted to suck Alex forever! He must have had like 4 or 5 dry orgasms before I finally inserted my finger into his little rosebud and brought him off like a Roman candle. He bucked and gyrated, eyes tightly shut, reduced to making little mewing noises just like a kitten until, spent, he collapsed on the bed. My own dick had exploded some time during this (I think when I stuck my finger up his sweet little hole) so we both just lay there and cuddled while our sweat (and my cum) dried on our bodies.

Suddenly, Alex giggled. "I gotta pee," he said cutely and grinned at me. His dick was still hard, and sticking straight out. Ah, to be young again! With that we both adjourned to the bathroom, to pee, shower and generally fool around. We couldn't keep our hands off each other the entire time as we touched, licked, and fondled each other. Finally, hunger won our over horniness as we ran to the kitchen and made the most decadently delicious omelet known to man, along with toast and bacon. We both sat (still nude) and devoured breakfast like the hungry termites in a cartoon. Even then, Alex was playing footsie under the table with me. After breakfast, we vegged out in front of the TV, stuffed to the gills and temporarily replete.

"Alex," I began, not sure what I would say. After all, how do you tell someone that you need them more than breathing, that your life is ashes without them, that you want them to stay with you forever?

"Alex," I began again, "I want you to consider staying. With me, uh, well, like permanently. I could adopt you officially and everything." Surely the most elegant proposal in the history of mankind!

Alex's eyes got all wide and his lower lip trembled. "Really, "he squeaked in a very small voice, "do you mean that?" I could only nod as my heart rose into my throat and my own tears started to spill over.

"But, look at me. I'm a mess. And a whore! Who'd want to adopt a dirty little whore? Besides, what would my father say?" He was trembling now, like a leaf in the wind.

"We are what we do, little one. If you no longer sell your body for money, you're not a whore. You're my Alex! And I want you, mess or not!" We were both crying now as I crushed him to my chest. He was my boy now, and nothing could ever change that! We sat there for quite a time, crying and rocking, until we finally had to separate and blow our respective noses, not to mention pee.

"Jeff, I've gotta go get some things. I'll be back in a bit, honest. I promise, but I gotta go do this." He looked up at me earnestly, silently begging me to let him go.

"OK, but hurry back." My heart thundered in my chest. Would he come back to me? I knew that I had to let him go do this, whatever it was, or else he would never truly trust me again. He waved to me as he walked out of the front door, a cheeky grin on his face. I'd just sit and wait, right there, for him to return.

So I sat. And sat. And sat. Throughout the afternoon, as it started to get dark, I sat. No Alex.

What a fool I was!

Inside me, a war was raging. Go after him, find him, he's in trouble, one side said. Fuck the ungrateful little prick, he's not coming back, forget him, the other side said. Finally, I could stand it no longer and I grabbed my car keys and went searching. I looked until I almost ran out of gas and my eyes were closing, with no success. I finally decided to give it up when I nodded off and then woke up just in time to avoid a head-on with a telephone pole. Defeated, I went home and collapsed in a heap on the couch. I was so empty inside I couldn't even cry.

I woke up the next morning, still on the couch feeling like shit. Still no Alex. Damn, damn, and damn! Life never quite turns out like you want. I went about my life like a zombie the next couple of weeks, looking for my boy into the wee hours each night. My work suffered and I lost weight as I missed meals looking for him. No luck, he seemed to have vanished from the face of the earth.

Strangely enough, Roger and I continued to talk off and on and we even became friends of a sort, or at least comfortable with one another. As I learned more and more of him, I began to see how he'd been unable to emotionally open up to anyone, even his wife, just as his father had been. His business success had been nothing short of phenomenal, but like to many successful men he had only that. He bitched about his law firm partners and how self-centered they were (I prudently refrained from comment) and how his firm's business manager had quit abruptly. At this point we talked almost nightly as I brought him up to date on my Alex search (yeah, like there was a lot to tell him). As I hung up the phone, I looked at myself in the mirror. A ghost stared back at me, all hollow eyes and pale skin. This just wouldn't do; much more of this self-abuse and I'd be unable to help anyone. I decided to go to Tony's for some real food. I ate in and demolished several pieces of deep-dish pizza, along with some wonderful Stromboli. Finally full, I went hone, in a good mood for a change.

I stopped dead about 5 feet from my front stoop. Alex was sitting there, looking emaciated, hugging himself and crying, clutching a filthy bundle to his chest. I couldn't believe my eyes! Was it real? Frantically I rushed forward and took him in my arms. He was real! Strangely enough, he didn't seem to really notice me. He just kept rocking back and forth, clutching his bundle and repeating over and over, "I had to get my stuff, I had to, I had to." I looked at his eyes and saw that he was stoned to the max. God, he smelled as if he hadn't bathed in weeks! I carried him inside before I could think about it and laid him in my bathtub, figuring that I would clean him up first. He was so pale and skinny; he looked like the old films of the concentration camp survivors. I checked him over, noticing the track marks on both arms. Oh, my baby! I wanted to cry, to howl, to vent my anger on anything and everything but I knew I needed to keep it together if I was going to be of any use at all. It was then I noticed the lice crawling in his long, filthy, matted hair. I immediately came down with a bad case of the crawling heebie-jeebies. Shit, It was more than I could stand just to touch him! I left him in the tub, figuring that he wasn't going anywhere as stoned out of his mind as he was while I went to the corner store for some stuff to kill the lice. God, my skin still crawled!

Needless to say I drove like a madman there and back. I walked into the bathroom, pulling on the stupid yellow gloves that I use to clean the oven with and saw that in my absence he'd vomited all over himself. The stench was beyond belief. He was without a doubt the most wretched, pathetic creature I'd ever seen. I got my good scissors and cut him out of his clothes, stuffing them into a trash bag. Naked, he looked even more pathetic and skinny. I needed help.

"Roger," I said into the phone, "I've found Alex…."


The doctor came out of my bedroom and gave both Roger and me a baleful glare.

"He'll live," he said, "but it's close. Another few days and he wouldn't have made it. As it is I'd like to admit him to a pediatric care unit."

"Doc," Roger began.

"I know, I know. I'll leave you instructions on how to care for him. You, and he, are in for three days of pure hell! Have you ever seen anyone go through heroin withdrawal? Take it from me, it isn't pretty."

The doctor was obviously pissed that Roger refused to have him admitted. Roger walked him to my front door and shook his hand while I went in to look at Alex. I stared down at him, wondering how things had ever gotten to this point. We hadn't been able to do much with his poor hair (once we'd gotten the lice out) and in the end had just settled for giving him a buzz cut. I just felt numb, unable to feel much of anything when Roger came in and did the last thing I ever thought he'd do. He put his arms around me and began to sob into my shoulder, big wracking. sobs that came from the depths of his soul. I just held on and let him cry it out; for the life of me I couldn't thing of a thing to say at that moment. Maybe it was better that way, I don't know.

Finally, Roger's sobs let up and we went into the living room and spent a good part of the night killing an entire bottle of Stoli Razberi vodka. We drank it all and still sobriety dogged us into the night.

Finally, our attention turned to Alex's mysterious little bundle. I put it on the center of the table and cut it open. Inside I found a small framed picture of a pretty woman (Alex's mom, as it turned out), a small wooden box that looked familiar, some money, and a Raven .25 caliber automatic. Roger's eyebrows rose at this item, and even more as I ejected the magazine and safed the weapon, racking the slide and removing the round from the chamber. There were only two rounds in the mag (Winchester Silvertips, a good choice for a small auto) and it had been fired recently. I wondered whom Alex had shot with it. I knew I'd have to get rid of it, so I quickly broke it down and put the parts aside for later. Roger just whistled at my little display of firearms expertise.

He opened the little wooden box, and whistled again. He held up the contents for me to see.

"My great-grandfather's watch," I whispered past the lump in my throat. So that was what he'd gone to get! Roger put it in front of me on the table, where I just stared at it. It wasn't worth the sacrifice Alex had made for it. For the very first time, the exquisite workmanship and history of my heirloom watch stirred nothing in me at all.

As it turned out, the doc was right on the money; the next three days were pure hell!

Alex woke up early on the first day, shaking, but rational. He offered no clues on where he'd been since he left my house on that night. Needless to say, he wasn't in the best of moods as we tried to get him to eat and drink enough, offering him all the candy he wanted. Toward the end of that first day, he just lay in bed, shivering and sweating. Day two was even worse as Alex swore at us, begged us to get him drugs, threw things at us (luckily his aim was lousy) and generally did a good "Exorcist" impression. Day three, well, I won't say much about it except to say that both Roger and I were seriously frightened. We got precious little sleep during this time.

On the morning of the fourth day, Alex looked up at me and smiled. He had huge, dark circles under his eyes and stank like you can't imagine, and still he was the most wonderful thing I'd ever seen in my life! I changed the bedclothes while Roger got some breakfast ready (cooking was not one his talents). Alex ate a few bites and then drifted off into a more natural sleep, still smiling.

I called in sick that day, as I had for the past three. My conversation with my boss did not go well. "Fuck, shit, damn it all!" I raged as I ripped the phone off the kitchen wall and smashed it on the floor. It smashed quite satisfactorily, but I still didn't feel any better.

"Problem?" Roger inquired, looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"No. My boss just fired me for missing so much work. The bastard! I'll sue him! Know a good lawyer?" I said this last with acid humor, which must have amused Roger since he snorted laughter in my direction.

"Well, now you're free to take that other offer. Mine, since I need a new business manager for my law firm. I've checked around and you have a great reputation in your industry and you've got an MBA, right?"

I nodded dumbly. I had a reputation? I hadn't been aware of it.

Roger went on, "Once Alex is well enough, just come down to the firm and we'll get you settled. You're on the payroll as of right now." He wrote a figure on a napkin which was large enough to make my head spin. "That's your annual salary, before bonuses and overrides." He flipped open his cellular phone and began talking.

Shit, before bonuses? It was more than triple my old salary, and bonus was an unknown concept at my old firm. I couldn't quite grasp it all.

Roger finished on the phone and shot me a probing look, saying "Don't worry, you'll earn every penny of that." Somehow, I believed him.


Time began to pass. Alex recovered his strength, slowly at first, then more quickly as his natural good health began to take hold. His physical recovery assured, I began to go into my new office for half days while Alex was in therapy, either physical or emotional. He was as cooperative in his physical therapy as he was uncooperative in his other therapy. It wasn't that he was defiant or anything, he was just so damn passive! If asked to do something, he did it without question or complaint. If not prompted, he would just sit and stare into space. I'd had many long talks with his therapists, and they'd told me that due to his drug abuse and near-starvation, he might never reach his full growth and that he'd open up emotionally when he was ready to do so, not before. I wondered when the dam would burst.

Mean while, we'd moved into a big new house and he kept his room totally spotless, everything perfectly in it's place. It just wasn't natural for a boy! I dug into work, finding things in predictable disarray after the abrupt departure of a key manager as Alex's therapy sessions were reduced to three times per week. I began bringing him to the office, where he'd sit and read or roam the Internet quietly, never bothering anyone. I was worried about him seeing Roger, but even that didn't a reaction from the boy, even though I could tell that it was like a dagger in Roger's heart. I could only be there to support him when he chose to open up.

Meanwhile, I began to smell something rotten at the firm. It was obvious from day one that they spent money like water, and had done so for a long time. They just didn't have the cash reserves that I would have expected for a firm that size. I dug deeper. Much of their assets were in non-liquid form, tied up in various funds. Too many of them appeared dubious. Something definitely stunk! And then, I noticed something printed in very small letters on their last year's financial statements: "unaudited".

My blood ran cold. What I was looking at here went way beyond neglect and might well be criminal! I was now certain that those funds and stocks would be worthless, or virtually so. I barged into Roger's office and brought him up to date on the situation.

"What?!?" He exploded.

"We don't have enough cash to get through the next 30 days. And I'm sure your former business manager is someplace where he can't be extradited. Here, let me show you." I spread the various documents on his desk and watched his face pale as he read them.

"We're fucked," was his summation.

"Well put," I told him. "Who oversaw this bozo? Or rather, who didn't while he was skipping out with all your money?" I knew the answer already, since Roger was Senior Partner.

His face went a shade paler. "What can we do?"

"Well, for starters we need a complete audit, by a reputable firm. Then we need to bring in the SEC, District Attorney's office, and God knows who else. And we need to stop spending money hand over fist, not to mention increasing revenues. Did you know you have a partner who hasn't generated a single billable hour this quarter?" Now I was hitting my stride.

The ghost of a smile played around his lips. "I may have chosen better than I knew," he murmured. "What do you need?" And just like that I had Carte Blanche to make any changes I thought necessary.

The next two weeks were a numbing succession of meetings with banks, auditors, Feds, cops, you name it. I was the model of business decorum throughout, politely answering all questions put to me. When I couldn't get someone to agree by force of reason, I used pure persistence on them, wearing them down until they saw things my way (this worked especially well with the bankers, for some reason). One thing I did enjoy was dressing down the firm's partners, though. They were used to getting away with murder, spending big and charging everything to the company. Well, that ended as of now! About the only good thing was that my legal guardianship of Alex was proceeding smoothly; it helped to know several high powered attorneys, it seemed. After one mind-numbing, seemingly endless meeting, I overheard Roger talking with one of the bank presidents.

"Thank you for your support. I'm grateful." Roger had been on a strict diet of humble pie recently. Oh well, at least he was getting better at it.

"Don't be. If it were just you, we'd be happy to let you crash and burn, even if it did cost us. Your new business manager convinced us that it is in our best interest to bail you out. Thank him, not me. If he's ever seeking employment, we'd hire him in a heartbeat." The guy turned and left without so much as a goodbye handshake, leaving Roger standing there open-mouthed. I left, smiling, before he realized that I was there. It was nice to be appreciated!

The next day, I noticed workmen re-doing the sign on the glass doors, in gold leaf yet! When I approached Roger on it, he just grinned at me, startling me severely. If there is anything I mistrust more than a grinning Roger, I have yet to see it.

Roger led me to the front doors, where to my stunned surprise the workmen were adding my name! It seemed that the partner with no billable hours was out, and I was in. Roger grinned wider than ever, pleased that he'd been able to surprise me.

"But, but, I'm not even a lawyer," I stammered, "how can I be a partner in a law firm?"

"Well," a still grinning Roger said," there's nothing that really says you have to be. And, well, we all figured that we owed you. Besides, that toad Finkelstein needed to get the boot. You get his office, by the way."

God! That office was bigger than my old apartment, and had a private bathroom to top it all off! I watched, stunned, as my grinning administrative assistant began to move boxes into my new office. It seemed that she was in on the love-fest, too. I was just too stunned to take it all in.

That night I decided to splurge on dinner. Alex and I had salmon, sautéed in garlic and butter, with a little white wine, served over angel hair pasta with fresh green beans on the side. We had cheesecake for dessert. Alex especially enjoyed it, taking two helpings of everything. He looked so much better and was filling out normally. The emaciated look was long gone.

After dinner, he just sat on my lap, burping a little as we digested that excellent dinner. Abruptly, I told him, "C'mon, let's go skating. That would be scooting, in your case!" He groaned at the bad joke as he grabbed his scooter and we headed over to the Imagination Station to skate (and scoot) off dinner.

Now, let me tell you a little about my abilities on Rollerblades. I can keep upright and move forward, but that's about it. I don't quite flail about wildly any more, but small children and old people regularly pass me on their own `blades, grinning. Alex, of course, had natural grace and balance as he scooted around me. I had everything but ass pads on, and indeed would have worn those if I could find a store that sold `em! Alex had his helmet and wrist pads.

Finally, I had enough of the indignity and grabbed Alex off of his scooter as he passed me. We rolled over and over in the sweet grass, with me tickling his ribs and him laughing like a fool the whole time. Quite a number of passers-by looked at us, shook their heads, and grinned. We went home in high spirits.

Once inside, Alex closed up again. Damn, I could see it happening right before my eyes. I pulled him onto my lap and held him close.

"Please baby, please tell me what's going on inside your head. Please, please! Have you been having bad dreams?" I'd noticed that he looked tired lately.

"I only have one bad dream any more. It's where I do something bad and you send me away. I have it every night.' A single tear fell from his eye and began to run down his cheek as my heart broke. So that was it! It was raw fear! He thought he had to be perfect or else I'd send him away.

Deciding quickly, I led him to the center of the living room. "Take off your shoes and drop them in the middle of the room," I told him. He did so. He bent to pick them up and I told him, "Leave them there."

Then I led him to his room. Take off your shirt, and throw it in the corner." He did so, looking at me like I had totally flipped out.

"Hmmm, take off your left sock. We should probably do something artistic here, so fling it under the bed." He did, still giving me that `have-you-lost- your-fucking-mind'? look.

I led him to the formal living room by the hand, to the curio cabinet. Opening it, I removed a small, fragile glass statuette of a clown and handed it to him. Larry, and old friend of mine, had given it to me for my birthday some time back. Alex held it gingerly. This would be the hard part. I reached out and trickled his ribs without warning, causing him to drop the clown, which shattered on the hardwood floor. "NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, causing him to flinch violently. I marched him over to the broom closet and handed him the broom and dustpan, then settled down to wait in the den, wondering if I'd just fucked up massively. After a few minutes he came in timidly. I pulled him onto my lap and held the quaking boy close.

"All cleaned up?" He just nodded wordlessly. "Well, let's see, you've made a mess in the living room, your room, and broken something very expensive. And how were you punished? You had to clean it up."

I looked into his eyes. "I don't care what you do, I'll never send you away, never!" At this point I broke down, unable to go on. Alex buried his face in my chest and sobbed, mostly in relief I think. We both cried for a long time. It was well worth it if I could put his mind at ease.

And besides, I'd always hated that ugly little glass clown!

Alex and I talked way into the night, completely giving, holding back nothing. I found out that he'd gone back for his stuff and his pimp had grabbed him and drugged him up. He hadn't been able to get away for weeks, which was why I couldn't find him.

"I'll shoot the bastard!' I raged.

Alex looked sheepish. "Too late, I already did!" he blurted. He covered his mouth with both hands as I stared at him complete surprise. It took me over a minute to utter a word.

"Did you kill him?" I looked deeply into his eyes. If he had, at least I knew where he could get a good lawyer to defend him.

"Uh, no, I don't think so. Can you kill someone by shooting them in the nuts? Are the police gonna come and arrest me?" He had obviously been afraid that this would happen, too.

I stared in shock, then began to howl in laughter. I laughed until tears ran down my face and my ribs ached, Alex joining in after a moment. We laughed to hard that we actually fell off of the chair onto the floor. I'd disposed of the gun long since, throwing the various pieces into different bodies of water after making sure that no fingerprints remained on them (hey, I'm not stupid, and my fingerprints are on file). I was pretty sure he hadn't committed murder (too small a caliber) but I'd bet the pimp's nuts would never be the same.

"Oh baby, you're so brave. I think you're OK, if the police haven't shown up by now there's nothing to worry about. But you didn't have to go back for that stuff! You're more important to me than any of that. Even the watch!" I hugged him close. "Which, I thought you sold, by the way."

"I couldn't sell it. It's too beautiful!" He burrowed down into my arms, seemingly content as I just rocked him.

Finally, he spoke up with yet another concern, "What should I call you? Jeff doesn't seem right, and I can't call you `Dad'." I could tell that this was another thing that had been bothering him for a while.

"Well, how about `Pop'?" He just made a yucky face. "No, huh? Well then, how about just `Da' rather than `Dad' if you're more comfortable with it."

He thought it over for a bit. "Da, I kinda like that. You're my Da." He was trying it out to see how it fit. I got a lump in my throat at the sound of it.

That night we slept together, and Alex had no bad dreams. We didn't do anything sexual at all. I just think he needed some physical reassurance and I was happy to give it to him. The morning was a different story.

I woke up in the nicest possible way. With Alex rubbing his small, smooth boner against mine. Alex just grinned at me.

"Shoot, I wanted to see if I could make you cum without waking you up!" He kept going as he said this, not missing a beat.

"You almost did, kiddo, another minute and I would've. If you don't stop that, I will soon enough!" I managed to gasp out this last part, trying with all my might to hold back.

He did stop, but only long enough to lay flat on my stomach and kiss me soundly. We both had fairly gross morning breath, but who cared? I wasn't about to suggest that we get up and go brush our teeth. I sensed that he was testing being out of the emotional limbo he'd been in so long, and I wasn't about to deny him anything in my power to give.

Finished kissing at last (ah, heaven! When did his little tongue get so long?) he moved on down to my right nipple, running his hands over my hairy chest. As always, it was driving me nuts! I wanted to grab him, throw him down on the bed and fuck his brains out, but I had the feeling that we'd get around to that soon enough. For now, I gently cradled him in my arms and the little man do whatever he wanted.

"I'd forgotten you're so hairy! Do you think I'll have as much?" Alex asked as he paused long enough to remove a chest hair from his mouth. Without even waiting for an answer, he grinned at me and moved on to my left nipple, giving it the same treatment. I began to lose myself in the sensations until I became aware that he had stopped sucking and was kissing his way down to my rock hard dick. He stopped along the way to tickle my bellybutton (with a wicked grin), making me double up in laughter. Eventually, he moved down and began gently stroking my dick, clearly in no hurry. My hands clenched in the sheets as he rubbed my pre-cum over the head with his thumb and then began to suck, oh so slowly! I felt every stroke of his textured tongue as he began to steadily go down further, pausing every so often to give it a good all over licking. This kid knew his way around a man's body, that's for sure!

He began stroking my balls with his other hand, rolling them around like eggs in his palm. Uh oh, I knew that the explosion was on the way as I felt my balls begin to draw up, but my boy had other ideas. Just as I was ready to cum, he rudely yanked them back down again, not hard but firmly. I was totally unprepared for it.

"Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaa!" Was my comment as I arched my back in utter surprise and shock. Damn, I needed to cum, and now! Alex would have none of it as he got a tie from my closet, (not one that I liked, fortunately) mock-tied my hands above my head and put a pillow over my eyes. His wicked grin didn't waver the whole time. Oh, I could have gotten out of it almost without effort, but the message was clear: Alex wanted to have his way with me, and I would let him.

Alex continued working my now swollen member, pulling me back from the brink twice more, much to my chagrin. I just squirmed and moaned under his ministrations, wanting, needing to cum! Finally Alex had mercy on me and just squeezed my balls gently as I started to cum in huge, long spurts. I lost track of time and space, conscious of only the stars in my head and the geyser erupting from my dick. I hadn't come like that since I was about 13 or so. Finally, spent, I collapsed in a puddle on the bed, sweating hard. Alex cuddled on my chest and waited patiently for me to come back to earth. Finally, I was able to speak.

"Alex, baby, that was like soooo incredible! God how I love you!" I held him close.

He just grinned up at me, looking like the cat who'd gotten into the cream. "I wanted to see if what you told me was true," he said, "that it's more fun to give pleasure. You're right! I didn't believe it before, but seeing you moan and groan like that was cool!" He giggled cutely.

"Honey, don't move! If I don't wizz I'm gonna die. Don't move!" That said, I suited action to words and ran into the bathroom where I took the wizz of my life. I stood there. I looked at the tiles, hmmm, nice pattern! I stood there some more. Finally, my piss slowed to the shivers. I cleaned myself off and went back into the bedroom, where Alex was sprawled on the bed in a seductive pose.

He stated the obvious. "I want you to fuck me!" I melted as I looked into his eyes and my aching dick started to get hard again.

I went over to the bed and told my boy, "No, I'll never `fuck' you. I want you to make love to you my boy, sweet love." I gathered him up in my arms.

"Same thing," he told me.

"No, it's not, not at all," I told him. I began to lick, nibble, and kiss my way down his neck, again noting the almost-there downy fuzz on his cheeks. He cooed, wrapping himself up in my arms as I continued downward, determined to give him the time of his life. I kissed down his slim chest, down his perfect little pecs (much more beautiful than Arnold's) as I worked all around his left nipple, coming close but not actually touching it, going in a circular motion. Alex was moaning and squirming on the bed, his slim legs kicking. Those moans were music to my ears as I finally had pity on him and taking his nipple into my mouth, sucked hard. He arched his back and shuddered, moaning the entire time. I'm not sure if he orgasmed at the time (I think he might have). As he panted a little, I arranged him on his back as I kissed down to his tummy, sticking my tongue into his little innie bellybutton (hey, fair's fair, he did it to me), causing more giggling and squirming. Finally, I was at his hard little organ.

As always I marveled at it, the absolute perfection of it, the way it stuck straight out from his body and had that little upward curve to it, just as mine did. I had intended to suck it for him, but I found myself wanting to watch him cum so I just explored and jacked it gently, lovingly. I worked my thumb around the head as he suddenly arched his back and had a massive dry orgasm, bucking and squirming. His cute little face was screwed up in absolute pleasure. I stroked his chest as he came back down to earth, aware that his little member was probably too sensitive to be touched right now.

Finally, it was time to love my boy the way he wanted. I got the lube out and lifted his leg, exposing his clean, pink little hole. It smelled rich and earthy, not funky in the least. I made sure he was very well lubricated, working first one then two, and lastly three fingers into him as he remained still in my arms, trusting and content. Without giving him time to tense up, I lined up my now-dripping dick and pushed the head into him, not stopping until he had about three inches inside. I saw a brief flash of pain cross his face, which then settled into a gentle smile. Without separating, I rolled onto my back with him on top. He smiled even more widely, and began to gradually press down.

"Hey, wait, you forgot to use a rubber!" Alex stopped pressing down as he protested.

"No, I didn't forget. We both got a clean bill of health from our doctors. Just don't do this with anybody else!" I grabbed his slim hips and began to once again guide him down as he smiled even more widely.

"You do love me, you do, you really do!" Alex just kept repeating it over and over. Before too long I was completely inside him and we began moving in unison. No words were necessary between us. We tried a number of positions as we made love that morning; all of them were wonderful! Alex loved it where he was on his back with his feet over my shoulders, and I have to say that I particularly enjoyed it too. He must have had at least half a dozen orgasms, his anus pulsing around my manhood as we lost ourselves in our lovemaking. Time ceased to exist until I found myself firmly pumping into his hot, wet anus as he thrust a pillow under his hips. No turning back now! Just as I was about to come, Alex did, his anus almost strangling my dick! That was too much for me to stand as I felt the second mind-blowing orgasm of the morning begin.

Afterward, I just held him on my chest as our sweat dried. He looked so incredibly content!

"You're right," he whispered, "there is a difference."


I won't say that adopting Alex was all sugar and cream. There are times that he just seems determined to test the limits of my sanity, and others when he's like an angel come to earth. I guess that's what having kids is all about. I'd never really seen myself settling down and living the family life, but you'd have to kill me to separate us.

Life as a partner in a law firm has it's up and downs, but mostly ups. I did eventually get my J.D. to go with my MBA, mostly as a matter of form. After all, someone has to bring those towering egos back down to earth!

Roger was very successful in both the law practice and state politics. Strangely enough, he and Alex get along just fine; I don't pretend to understand their relationship, but apparently it works for them. Rog just remarried (don't ask, a blond bimbo with tits out to…well, you get the idea) and wants to have kids, vowing that he'll do better. Somehow, I believe him.

Some time after Alex's adoption was finalized, I saw Detective Glenn at the Imagination Station. I was taking a breather while Alex played (god, to have that kind of energy again!). Detective Glenn spotted me on the bench and sat down next to me. Nearby, two beautiful little blond-haired boys played. They looked to be about two or three years old and were just cute as all hell.

"Jeff, good to see you again. Things going OK?" He was trying to be subtle, but I could tell he had a point to make.

"Just fine, thanks, and you?" I was giving him nothing.

"Great, thanks." He just sat there for a minute.

"That your boy?" He pointed to Alex.

I was instantly on my guard. "Yes, I just adopted Alex. Those your twins?" I pointed to the twins, who were currently trying to climb up onto the tire swing.

He just nodded, as if something had clicked into place for him. For the first time in ages I looked down at the scars on my forearms.

"I know you saw it in the papers some time back, but we busted a big kiddy porn pusher and pimp right here in town. He was just a kid too, really, 20 years old. We had a noise complaint and when we broke in, well, you wouldn't believe some if the things we found! Turned out he was making the noise! Someone had shot him right in the nuts! Anyway, we found tons of child porn. Some of the pictures looked a lot like your Alex. The pimp will never fuck anything ever again, by the way. In addition to getting both nuts, a round went right through the head of his dick and I understand that quite a bit of it had to be amputated. Based on what I saw, he'll probably get about a thousand years in prison." He didn't sound at all unhappy about the pimp's fate, and I seconded that opinion wholeheartedly.

I held my breath, heart thudding in my chest. "And did you find the shooter?"

He barked laughter. "No, and we're not looking too hard! Except maybe to pin a medal on him!"

I chuckled, relieved beyond words. "And if you did find the guy, what would you do?"

"Well, I'd probably congratulate him on both his aim and impeccable sense of justice. If I could find him, that is." He got up abruptly and collected his sons, smiling and waving goodbye.

I know he thinks that I did it, and believe me I wasn't about to correct him. It did relieve one of my big worries, which was that the pimp would come after my boy again and I'd have to kill the poor bastard.

Just then Alex smiled and waved to me as he chatted with a dark-haired boy about his age, apparently a newfound friend. I smiled and waved back.

I was still a fool! A happy fool!


Sorry that I took so long to finish this one, but I do hope that it was worth the wait. Any and all feedback will be appreciated. Happy New Year to all!