Fourth of July Fireworks

By Stephen Scott

Author's Note: Billy, the narrator, uses the word "dick" because that's the slang kids used when I was a boy. Some of the details that follow indicate this story as taking place in the mid-1970s, long before AIDS. I'm not advocating un-safe sex.

If you like this story, drop me a note at A no-prize if you know to whom that name refers to!

My best friend Timmy and I loved fireworks, so we always looked forward to July 4th. One year, the fireworks were very, very different.

We always rode our bikes downtown early so we could get a good spot to watch the parade from. The year we were both 14, though, Timmy woke up late and by the time we got started the street was packed. We tried our best to find a break in the crowd we could get through, but people were packed so tight along the curb we finally gave up.

"Damn it!" Timmy said as we stood by our bikes. "Why'd I have to wake up late, today of all days! It's gonna start soon."

"Yeah. I know," I said, putting my arm around his shoulder and trying in vain to see over the heads of the tall adults on the street. I turned around and scanned the buildings. "Don't worry about it. Maybe we can figure out something..."

"What, you mean like get into one of these buildings and go upstairs?"


It didn't look promising. The merchants and office managers all locked up their places before coming out to view the parade. It sure as hell wasn't worth risking breaking into one of them.

I was just about to give up when I noticed a pair of good-looking young sailors standing in front of the building on my left. One was blond; the other had curly black hair. They looked over at us and grinned. I smiled back, at little uncertainly. They sauntered over.

"Hey, kid," said the blond. "Looks like you didn't do any better than we did."

"Naw," Timmy said. "There's no place to stand so we can see anything."

"You know," the brunet one said, "I think I may have seen something promising over there." He gestured with his head up the block.

"Oh, yeah?" I said, puzzled.

"You know that abandoned building we passed?" he said to his friend. "I think the lock may have been broken." He turned back to us. "Wanna see? Maybe we can get up a floor or two."

I knew it was trespassing, but I also figured no one would notice, since everyone's attention was on the parade ground.

I looked at Timmy. He shrugged.

"Sure," I said. "Why not?"

The sailors exchanged a quick look, which I didn't understand. Then they turned and started to walk off. Timmy and I got on our bikes and followed.

I had a funny feeling about all this, but I couldn't figure out why. It wasn't that I was afraid of them. I mean, not like I thought they were gonna try to kill us or anything. It was something else--something that made my feel like I had butterflies in my stomach.

I was aware that the guys were handsome and well-built. Their muscular butts rolled in their tight white pants as they moved up the street. Watching them caused a warm feeling to flow through my crotch. I looked at Timmy out of the corner of my eye; he was staring after the sailors as if mesmerized. The feeling in my crotch became a definite tingle.

The sailors stopped in front of an old hardware store I remembered passing on the way down. It had been closed for a long time. We caught up with the guys and, sure enough, the hasp on the lock was busted off. I looked into the window at the dark interior. Probably some teenagers had broken in looking for something to steal, or a dark place to smoke some weed, or maybe just have sex.

Sex. Shit.

I had never had sex with anyone. As close as we were, Timmy and I had never done the mutual masturbation thing. When I jacked off, I did it alone. But like most teenagers, I sometimes had a 24-hour hard-on. I wanted to get laid. I just wasn't sure with whom. I listened to the guys in the locker room at school and on the bus, and all their yakking about pussy and tits left me cold. I couldn't quite get what it was about girls they kept going on about. I sometimes sneaked a few quick glances at other guys' butts, especially in the locker room. I wasn't sure why, but it did give me a little thrill of pleasure.

"Hey, kid," the blond said, looking at me and ending my reverie. "Maybe you better stash those bikes out back. Don't want anyone to notice `em."

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Sure. C'mon, Timmy."

We pedaled back behind the store. There was an empty lot, and it didn't look like anyone would notice our bikes. Still, just to be safe, we shoved them under a pile of limbs and brush and covered them up before walking back around to the front.

When we got there the blond guy held out his hand.

"Well, we know this is Timmy," he said, gesturing at my friend, "and I'm Mike."

I shook his hand.


"Nice ta meetchya, Billy."

Timmy shook his hand too. Then the brunet held out his hand.

"Davey," he grinned.

Timmy and I shook his hand, then waited.

"Okay," Mike said. "Intros over, so let's go on in."

He looked around. Seeing no one, he held the door open and we went in fast, single-file.

It was dark, dusty and had a forlorn, useless look. Mike and Davey found the stairs and called to us. We followed them up the staircase, trying not to stare at their butts as they moved.

At the top of the second floor we went to the window. It was big, wide and had a perfect view of the street.

"All right!" Timmy whooped.

"Yeah!" I added, going to the window and enjoying the view. "This is perfect."

There was a big sofa under the window, and Davey sat down, relaxing.

"Not bad," he grinned. "Private. I like it."

"Yeah," Mike agreed.

I turned my head slightly and noticed him looking at me with a curious smile. I smiled back, weakly. The butterflies were back, and it felt like they had multiplied. When he stepped closer and I felt his warmth against my skin, the strange tingling in my loins gave way to the beginnings of an erection.

I blushed. I felt hot. The fuzz on my arms stood up. A cold sweat rivered down my back. My palms were damp. My hands shook. I shoved them into my jeans.

I had forgotten all about Timmy. He was sitting on the sofa next to Davey. Close to Davey. The dark sailor's hard-on was plainly obvious under his tight Navy pants, and Timmy's crotch had a definite bulge.

My dick got harder.

It was starting to press painfully tight against the front of my jeans.

I moved slowly backward, my butt coming to rest against Mike's crotch.

It was hard.

Mike gently pressed me back toward the window. I put my hands out and held them against the glass. Sweat was trickling from my underarms. My head felt dizzy.

My dick wanted out of my pants in the worst way.

Then Mike's hand went to my butt. I gasped softly and closed my eyes. It felt warm.

It felt good.

I opened my eyes and glanced at the sofa. Davey's hand was rubbing Timmy's crotch and Timmy had his hand on the sailor's lap.

This was definitely more interesting than any damn parade.

I pushed my butt back against Mike's palm. It fit like a glove.

With his other hand, he reached around and felt my crotch. The touch of his hand on my dick made me shiver. My dick jumped under his palm.

He nuzzled my neck, his breath sending chills down my back. His lips kissed me below the ear and I moaned again.

His hand was caressing my balls.

His fingers moved to the snap of my jeans. He popped it open and slowly lowered my zipper. My moved the flaps aside and rubbed his palm on my crotch.

When I moaned this time, it wasn't quiet.

I wasn't the only one making noise. A quick look at the sofa showed me that Timmy's jeans and underpants were down around his thighs and his dick was pointing up toward his belly. I had never seen it before, but it was pretty impressive for a kid his age.

It wasn't a patch on Davey's, though. His dick was poking out of his BVDs, and it had to be at least 7 inches.

Judging from what I had felt against my butt before, Mike had nothing to complain about either. And from the sound of things behind me, I was about to find out for myself. Mike had taken his palm from my crotch and a rustle of cloth told me that he had let his own dick out of hiding.

I didn't have time to think about that, though, because he was pulling down my pants in the back. He lowered them about halfway down my brief-covered butt and placed one I caught my breath as he placed one hand around my chest and the other snaked under the elastic band of my shorts.

His hand on my butt was like a jolt of electricity that started in my behind and exploded into my dick. No one other than my pediatrician had ever touched me back there, and I wanted more of it. I pushed my hips back and his fingers cupped my butt-cheeks.

"Feel good, Billy?"

"Oh, man," I whispered.

Groaning from the sofa caught my attention again and as Mike stroked my butt I looked over. Davey was bent over and was obviously sucking Timmy's dick. My buddy had his eyes closed and was humping his hips upward, his eyes closed in pleasure and his breath coming in gasps.

Mike brought my attention back fast when I felt his fingers slip between my cheeks and graze my butthole. I gasped and shoved my hips back again.

"Eager little fucker, aren't you?" he whispered huskily into my ear. His fingers lifted the front of my shirt and pinched my right nipple.

"Oh! Oh, man!" I moaned. I felt my nipple harden beneath his touch.

He tickled my butthole gently and I felt a surge of intense pleasure that made my dick jump under my shorts.

"Oh, Mike," I moaned.

He kissed my ear and nibbled on it gently. I went wild.

"Stay where you are," he said softly.

Before I knew what was happening Mike was on the floor, his back to the window. He slid across the floor between my legs and sat up. This put his face close to my crotch. He pulled my pants down around my ankles, then pushed down my underpants, setting my throbbing dick free.

It bobbed in front of his face and he took hold of it with one hand. It felt so good I threw my head back let out a groan. But that was nothing compared to the feeling in my groin when he flicked his tongue against the head of my dick. I'd never experienced anything so wonderful.

He lapped around and under the head and along the shaft, finally opening his mouth and taking it inside. The wet warmth of his mouth, the touch of his tongue, the way he clamped his lips down and began to move back and forth... it was incredible.

Too incredible. Before I could stop it, I came.

My balls drew up, my butthole spasmed and my dick shot a load of fresh boy-cream into Mike's mouth. When it was over, Mike slowly pulled off, licked the last drops from the head of my dick and sat back, looking up at me and smiling.

"Was it good, Billy?"

My eyes were closed and I was shaking. I opened my eyes, looked down and my voice came out in a rasp.

"Oh, God--it was fantastic! But I'm sorry I came so fast."

"Don't worry about it, baby. You're young--that hot little stick of yours'll be stiff again in no time."

Mike's dick was sticking up out of his skivvies. It was a good 6 and inches, and as I looked at it I found myself salivating.

"Mike, can I--um--could I... suck you?"

He grinned.

"Billy, I would love that."

He got onto his knees and then stood up. He put his hands on my shoulders and lowered me to the floor. His cock was throbbing a few inches from my lips.

I didn't hesitate for a second.

I imitated Mike, licking at the tip of his dick. There was a little drop of semen and it tasted salty. I licked it off, and then ran my tongue under the head and shaft before concentrating on the glans. I put my lips around it and suckled it. Mike moaned and put his hands on my head. He pushed forward with his hips and his dick started sliding into my mouth.

He was aware that this was my first time sucking cock, so he didn't force the whole thing down my throat. He let me go at my own pace, and I tried to relax enough to take more of his shaft inside my mouth. My bottom front teeth accidentally grazed the underside of his hard-on and he gasped. I was afraid I'd hurt him but he just sighed, "Oh, man--that's so hot, Billy!" His hands were stroking my hair in a sweet, gentle way. He ran his fingers through my brown locks and I felt as though I was in love.

His bushy pubic hair was under my nose and I could smell the musky, slightly sweaty odor. It turned me on. I felt my dick stirring back to life again.

After a few minutes of my inexpert but sincere cock-sucking, Mike pulled out of my mouth. He got down onto the floor with me and pulled me into his arms, kissing my lips passionately. He lifted my shirt off my head and attacked my nipples, kissing and licking and sucking on them while I squirmed in delight. He ran his tongue along my neck and kissed my hairless chest before sliding down my belly.

What happened next stunned me.

He turned me over onto my belly and pulled my hips up so my butt was in the air. Then he knelt behind me and, gripping my butt-cheeks, parted them before plunging his lips between them and kissing my hole. My eyes went wide and I gasped. It was the most incredible sensation I'd ever felt.

I couldn't believe he was nuzzling my butthole. If anyone had suggested to me before this moment that people even did such a thing, I would have said, "Ewwww!" and faked a puking sound. Now this hot man had his face buried between my butt-cheeks and was lapping away at my hole with his tongue and it felt so good my cock stood straight up again.

I pushed back, pressing my hole against his tongue, which was pressing against my pucker, the tip actually entering my butt. I groaned loudly as his tongue slithered inside me and he began to move in and out of my hole.

I couldn't believe how good it felt to have the sailor's tongue delving deep up my butthole. My head came off the floor and I bellowed, urging him on, not caring how loud I was. This was too damn good to be quiet about!

Mike was slowly pulling my dick, masturbating me. Between his hand on my dick and his tongue in my butt, I was delirious with sexual pleasure.

"Oh, Mike!" I moaned, shoving my hips back to get more of that hot, wet tongue up inside me. "Oh! Oh, yeah!"

Mike reached under me and took hold of my rigid dick, sliding his hand up and down the shaft, almost in time with the movement of his tongue in and out of me. I was in heaven. Before today I could only wonder about my own sexual feelings. Now they were being confirmed, and in the most amazing way. Mike wasn't just opening up my butt--he was opening my eyes, and my senses, and my desires.

I'm a fag, I thought, and I love it!

Finally he pulled his lips away. I sagged a bit, wishing his butt-licking would go on forever. By now, my hole was extremely wet, inside and out, and when Mike slid a finger inside me, it slipped in easily. My butthole had opened like a rose petal.

As his finger moved in deeper my butt felt like it was on fire. Not painfully--not at all. More like the way your body feels when you sit in front of a roaring flame on a cold winter's day.

It felt like I had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Moving gently but with determination, Mike pressed his finger deep inside me. When he was fully imbedded, he moved around until he touched something that made my knees go weak and my dick ooze a glistening drop of spunk.

"It's your prostate, baby," he whispered. "Anyone ever tickle you there before?"

"No," I managed between gasps.

"Feel good, Billy?"
"It feels fantastic!"

He rubbed a fingertip over the head of my dick, spreading the slick fluid over it.

"I can tell--you're leakin' pre-cum like a faucet." He pushed in and out of my butthole and I pushed back for more. "You want a second finger, kid?"

"Yeah! Do it, Mike!"

He pulled out briefly, and my butt felt empty--like it needed that finger to make it feel complete. It was a short-lived sensation, because he quickly replaced one finger with two.

I could feel my butthole spreading open, stretching to allow his fingers to plunge inside. It felt so intensely pleasurable I started to hump back and forth on his fingers as he drew them out and shoved them back in, as deep as he could reach.

Despite my own pleasure, I looked over at the sofa again. Davey and Timmy were kissing, their bodies pressed tight. Davey's hands were on my friend's butt and he was spreading the cheeks apart with his fingers. Were they about to do what I wanted to and was still afraid to try?

My thoughts were interrupted when Mike started moving his finger in and out of my hole. God, it felt good.

After a few deep thrusts he whispered, "You like my fingers in your cute little ass, Billy?"


He licked my right butt-cheek. I moaned again.

"You want more, baby?"

"Yes. Please. Please..."

He turned me over onto my back and immediately plunged his fingers back in, before my butthole would contract fully. He renewed his efforts, his fingers moving in and out of my butt faster, going deeper each time they moved back inside me.

With his free hand, Mike pulled at my jeans, sliding them down to my ankles. I lifted my feet so he could gets them completely off. We repeated the shoe maneuver so he could pull my underpants free, and when I was fully naked from the waist down, Mike took gentle hold of my hard-on; his touch set my balls on fire. As he leaned over me, one set of fingers moving deep inside me, the other stroking my aching dick, I felt his big hard-on against my butt.

I was still unsure of myself. Did I really want...

I wasn't sure, but the thought made my butthole quiver.

A deep moan made me turn my head. The positions on the sofa were now reversed, and it was Timmy who was going down on Davey. I briefly wondered whether my friend had ever sucked dick before; he sure looked like he knew what he was doing. And Davey looked like he was in heaven. His eyes were clamped shut, he was groaning, and his hips were pistoning his dick in and out of Timmy's mouth.

Mike slowly pulled his fingers from my hole. Before I could feel any disappointment, though, he knelt behind me, spread my cheeks and stuck his tongue straight up my butt!

"Would you like me to put my dick inside you, Billy?"

"Yes! Yeah, Mike. Do it. Do it, man. I want it."

I'd heard a lot of snickering and joking about butt-fucking from older kids at school. It was all "Faggot this" and "Faggot that." And here I was, asking for it! Me, who had never even kissed a girl before, begging this hot sailor-boy to fuck my virgin butt!

Suddenly I wanted to get there before Timmy did.

I looked over at the sofa once more. Sure enough, Timmy was kneeling on the cushions, his own butt up in the air and Davey's face pressed between his cheeks. He was moaning and pushing his cute butt backward, and I could see his dick sticking out and throbbing. I'd never thought about Timmy's butt before, but it was nice. I thought after today I might see it again, up close.

Mike lifted me from the floor and stood me up again in front of the window. I resumed my previous position, hands pressed against the glass.

"I'm gonna lube you up, baby. Make you good and relaxed."

The sailor spread my butt wide with his hands and shoved his face back between my cheeks. He licked my hole some more, getting it good and slick before fingering me again.

I couldn't do anything but moan and press my butt back toward his busy, expert fingers. Finally, he stood and pressed up against me, his big hard dick nestled between my butt-cheeks.

It felt huge.

Could I rally handle this?

"You ready, baby?"

"I--I think so..."

He leaned in, licking my ear.

"Does it... hurt, Mike?"

"Don't worry, Billy," he whispered reassuringly. "I won't hurt you. I would never hurt you, sweet boy."

He spat on his hand and spread the saliva over his dick.

I looked over at Timmy and Davey. My friend was now on his back with his legs over the dark sailor's shoulders. Davey was busily fingering Timmy's butthole. We were ahead.

I don't know why I thought of this as a race. All I knew was, I wanted Mike's dick up my butt, and fast.

I soon got my wish.

Mike was positioning his dickhead at my lubed-up boy-hole. He fed the tip of it into my slick, open butt. It felt wonderful, and my butthole clenched and relaxed on it, making my sailor-man gasp softly.

"I'll go slow, baby. It'll feel great. You'll see."

His words were reassuring, but I was still nervous. Something that big and that hard going into a little pucker like mine... it was unimaginable to me.

Mike was as good as his word. He slowly, gently pressed forward, the tip of his dick followed by the head, millimeter by millimeter. It was an odd feeling, but it made my dick throb, and he was moving so slowly it didn't hurt at all.

"This is the hard part, baby," he purred. "The widest part of the head. Just relax. Relax."

"Okay," I muttered, not at all sure of myself.

I concentrated on relaxing my butthole muscles, and the head began to move forward. It was a little uncomfortable, but Mike was being so slow and gentle there was no pain. In almost no time, I felt the head slip in, my butthole clamping on it, drawing it inside me, almost like it was sucking Mike's dick into my butt.

I sighed. He was right. It felt great.

Mike kissed my shoulder.

"That's the toughest part, baby. The rest is easy."

As if to prove it, Mike fed the rest of his long shaft into my hole. I felt it slide upward, the head now scraping my prostate, which made me cry out in pleasure.

"You okay, Billy?" he asked, concerned.

I tried to catch my breath. My voice was ragged with desire.

"Oh, Mike! Oh, man--it feels so good!"

There was a loud gasp from the sofa and I saw that Davey had just plunged his own dick up Timmy's butt. My friend's eyes were clamped shut, his mouth open, and a look of ecstasy on his face. I guessed I probably looked pretty much the same.

Mike nuzzled my neck.

"You take it like a pro, baby. If I didn't know better, I'd think this wasn't your first time."

My only answer was to push my butt back against his crotch. I felt his thick bush between my cheeks. Damn! He was all the way inside me!

Mike reached around and grabbed my dick. I groaned, and he started to stroke my shaft in a rhythm with what he was doing to my (no-longer-virgin!) butt. He moved his dick in and out, up and back, now pulling almost all the way out until only the head was still inside my hole, teasing me mercilessly, then plunging back in.

The world became a blur of erotic pleasure. I moved my hips back and forth in tandem with his thrusts. My dick was oozing, my balls were tight and roiling in my sac, my butt was full of Mike, and I wasn't aware of anything else except the sounds in the room: slick, wet noises from our fucking (and that of Timmy and Davey) and the gasps and groans, moans and sighs of four males deep in sexual heat.

It was astounding. I was dizzy. That morning when I woke up I had been a virgin, not even entirely sure of his own sexuality. Only a few hours later I was standing in an abandoned building, completely naked, a hot sailor's dick rammed up my butthole and my second orgasm of the day about to blow.

Mike's hand around my shaft was bringing me close to climax. My breath was coming out in gasps and Mike's thrusting was becoming more intense; his dick went deeper, his movements were faster. His grip on my dick was tighter and I knew he was close to coming.

Suddenly he bellowed, rammed in deep and his body went rigid. That was it. I came.

My dick shot, the cum splattering the window. My butthole spasmed around Mike's dick and he bit my neck as he pumped me full of his hot man-cream.

When he was done he fell back, pulling me with him, still attached to his dick. He lay on his back and I followed as his dick slid out of me. He rolled me over and kissed me deeply, his hands cupping my butt. I could feel the cum on our bodies mixing together.

The world began to move back into my consciousness. I heard moans and shouts from the sofa and looked over to see Timmy, his head thrown back, a grimace on his lips, his teeth bared, getting deeply fucked by the dark sailor, whose face was also a map of powerful erotic emotion. Suddenly Timmy's dick started spurting out cum and Davey hunched upward behind him. He roared as he came up my friend's hairless butthole.

They fell forward and Davey kissed Timmy's shoulder, rubbing his arms as they slowly recovered.

Timmy's eyes opened and he caught my gaze. He grinned.

"Man!" he sighed. "That was ... awesome!"

"You guys are the best," Davey murmured.

Mike nuzzled my neck.

"Sweet, sweet boys."

"I--I'll never forget you, Mike," I whispered, my eyes filling with tears.

"Your first is always the most memorable," Davey said, smiling.

We lay together, bathed in sweat, deep into the happy after-glow. Finally, Mike moved me off him, gently, and stood up. I was aware for the first time that he had never taken off his pants. He stuffed his spent, damp dick back into his trousers and fastened them.

Davey rolled off of Timmy, his dick sliding out of my friend's butthole with a squishy plop. He kissed Timmy's shoulder and retrieved his clothing.

I took my cue and dressed myself. Timmy did the same.

Suddenly we became aware of the sound of music from outside. I ran to the window.

"Hey! The parade's starting!"

I was joined by Mike, Davey and Timmy. We watched as the parade went by. It was neat seeing it from above like this, and I slid into Mike's arms, leaning against him. Timmy slipped into Davey's arms as well, and we watched silently as the parade continued.

When it was over, there was a long silence.

Mike kissed my neck again and said, "I hate to say this, baby, but we've gotta get going."

"Yeah," Davey sighed, rubbing Timmy's shoulders. "We only got a day's liberty and that," he checked his watch, "is about to end."

We filed downstairs and out of the building, after checking to see that no one was around. We went to the backyard to retrieve our bikes, and the two sailors watched silently as Timmy and I pulled them out of their camouflage.

When we were astride our bikes, they came over to us and both kissed us on the lips. My heart felt weird--like I was losing something precious.

"So, uh, you guys come into this port often?" I asked, my eyes cast downward.

Mike put his hand under my chin and lifted my eyes to his.

"I doubt it, baby. We've never been here before and probably won't again."


"Hey. It's okay. You'll always be special to me, Billy. I won't forget you. And you--there'll be lots of others after me. Just keep me in your heart as a sweet memory. Okay?"

"Yeah," I agreed, not very convincingly. "Okay."

Davey was apparently having a similar conversation with Timmy. I glanced over, but quickly turned my attention

Mike kissed my lips softly.

"Just stay as sweet as you are, baby." He turned to his buddy. "Hey--tick tock, Davey."

Davey kissed Timmy and the two hunky guys turned and walked off. When they got to the alley they turned back and waved at us, smiling.

We waved back, and they were gone.

Timmy and I walked our bikes out of the yard and down the street, not saying anything for several blocks. Finally, on the stretch of road that led to our street, I stopped him.



"How long have you--I mean, when did you know--"

"You mean, about bein' gay? I dunno. A while. How about you?"

"Same thing."


We walked a while in silence.

"Hey, Billy?"


"Do you think sometime we could--you know..."

I placed my hand on his cute butt.

"Just try and stop me, baby."

He looked at me and grinned. I grinned back. Our friendship was definitely taking an interesting turn. In fact, to my amazement, my twice-crowed cock was starting to stir again in my jeans.

"Hey--you wanna go down to the fairgrounds and watch the fireworks?"

I smiled at him.

"Nah. I've already seen them this afternoon."

He laughed.

"Yeah. Me, too."